Conflict of Interest Between Chris Priestman & Lana Polanksy

May 13th, 2016
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  1. Chris Priestman supports Lana Polansky on Patreon [http://archive.is/Lo58N]
  2. Blog in which Chris tells his readers to support Lana Polansky on Patreon [http://archive.is/jxHFH]
  4. Article by Lana Polansky in which she promotes Chris Priestman without mentioning that he supports her on Patreon. However, it does mention that they are friends. [http://archive.is/Nzm1C]
  5. "There is no “working outside the system” even if we work adjacent to or opposed to existing major establishments. It’s vitally important to have people like Chris Priestman writing about small, experimental games at Kill Screen or Austin Walker writing about retail games in an alternative way for Paste. I have to be realistic about this—my aim should not be one of a particular status for myself or my friends, a certain egotism of artistic purity."
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