Not all those who wander are lost

MishMan Aug 17th, 2019 74 Never
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  1. A strange man wanders post apocalyptic america in search of folklore.The apocalypse is India and Pakistan going to war on February 26 2019.The man has a crippled arm from the stroke and recounts his life to an astonished apprentice.A man who toppled two governments for what he perceived to be the greater good,Founded a religion,stepped down from power once a crisis passed,barely escaped execution multiple times,lost the only woman he loved,Savior of millions and damner of millions,warlord,thief,dissident and  most surprisingly until the world started falling apart failure even by neckbeard standards.
  3. “I remember that awful Saturday and i’m sure you all remember it as well.We were ripped from our cocoons of pleasure and security by events we could not influence,events we could not control. Millions suffered as we did in those years,but we were stronger we could not save the rest of the world for no man could but we clawed back civilization in this fair town while those at our gates besieging us have been reduced to sub human beasts! Many will say our situation is as hopeless as that day but I say bullshit! We have a chance if we have the courage to seize it! I would rather that stroke have made me a vegetable those years past than see this fair home be snuffed out and if I have to pay it with my life so be it.I ask you all do you want to be heroes of a new age! (Cheers) Than let’s go fucking write it in the enemies blood!”
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