Aug 18th, 2019
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  1. Subject: CCTV recording of a 24 year old man smoking a marijuana cigar ("blunt") outside of his Sacramento, California apartment on 9 Feb 2018. At the time of the footage and at present, consumption of recreational marijuana is legal in the state of California but remains illegal under federal law as per the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.
  3. Interference Point: After the man finishes smoking and puts out the marijuana cigar by pressing it against the concrete.
  5. Result: A single SCP-3922-A instance armed with an M16 rifle approaches the man, addressing him as "Mr. Smith." After the man expresses alarm, the instance explains that it is only there to inform the man that smoking marijuana is a violation of federal law and to dispose of his cigar in the nearby dumpster. When the man replies that consumption is legal under state law, the instance hands him a small piece of paper and explains that the Three Moons Initiative is currently "conflicted as to what action to take in this circumstance" and that he will not face legal consequences as a result. The instance then reminds the man that littering is illegal under California law and to always dispose of his discarded smoking materials in proper trash receptacles after extinguishing them before walking away.
  7. Note: Conflicting laws appear to produce an uncertain and/or confused response from SCP-3922-A.
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