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  1. Some people should just get hit by a car/bus or whatever. Come on, don't think I don't know what you've been saying behind my back. Trying to act all good infront of me, telling me stuffs which could probably kill me. Don't you know how much it irks me? Let me tell you, asking your friends to help you will never do you any good. You're just digging your own grave, nobody's standing on your side. I treated you as a friend, but what the hell is this? And now you're asking me to trust you again. Ha, fuck you. Seriously, I wish I didn't knew you. Sorry no, I wish you didn't even exist in this world.
  3. Oh yes, I'm still acting friendly and nice to you. Aren't you glad? But if you ever fuck my ass, I'll let you suck my cum. To hell with you.
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