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  1. <photofantic> Is there a christian developers channel on freenode?
  2. <WhatTheDilly> i think that qualifies as the weirdest thing i've heard asked today lol
  3. <photofantic> Ideally CoE
  4. <jcotton> 1) what is CoE?
  5. <jcotton> 2) wat
  6. <photofantic> Church of England
  7. <Nasp> Soo hot
  8. <jcotton> how would that differ from a regular dev channel?
  9. <Nasp> Church hahaha
  10. <photofantic> Do you know what the Christian developers irc or discord link is?4
  11. <photofantic> jcotton: the motivation behind our actions differs to the godless
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