DX - Twin Shadows, Part 3

Jan 8th, 2016
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  1. [10:11] <Cherem> when we last left our heroes, they had just been rudely disturbed by a sedan through the window. It was a cold Japanese evening, the sun long gone, when the safehouse of Himoto Tarou, (ex)Yakuza midboss and target of multiple interests, was attacked by a group of Hunters, who declared themselves to be taking Himoto. Shown the err of their ways by the group, they fled, and you find yourselves in the midst of a ruined house, and there are lights flicking on up and down the street: impacts and gunshots will do that.
  2. [10:14] <Cherem> Within the house, Himoto has seen fit to go to the second floor during your rapid drubbing of the Yakuza men, but the question of his fate is still up in the air amongst you.
  3. [10:15] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Well, what's the plan now, Tarrou?" Ian lowers his still red hot gun, nearly bending from the stress. A stern glance thrown at the Yakuza to emphasize his point. Except that he's apparently upstairs now, so Ian goes up to join him.
  4. [10:17] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka is right behind Ian, smiling sweetly.
  5. [10:17] <Cherem> Himoto steps away from the upper story's window, and you catch a glimpse of a pistol in his off-hand. "The plan? The plan's gone to shit. If they came hunting for me, that means my scheme's been unravelled." He sits down on the side of the bed, hard, "Who in my family would know? This is..." The seemingly cool, collected Himoto is gritting his teeth.
  6. [10:21] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian kneels closer to him and offers him a hand to stand up. "Well, now is your last chance to allow us to help you and fix your issue before something happens to those you care."
  7. [10:22] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Well crap," Junko mutters. Even she can see what is likely approaching police cruisers. Better make sure everyone is accounted for. Stepping out through the new hole in the wall Junko calls out, "Akebashi-san?"
  8. [10:24] <Cherem> The Yakuza guard seems to have... well, vanished, actually. Strange, considering that from what you know, the Akebashi are stern protectors of whoever is deemed "their charge".
  9. [10:25] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Akebashi-san?" she calls out one more time, looking around.
  10. [10:25] <Cherem> Himoto shoots Ian a look, and offers his gun, flipping it around in his pinkie-less hand and offering the handle to the UGN mafioso.
  11. [10:25] <Cherem> "You will take me to your UGN. If you need me that badly, I will speak with /your superior/."
  12. [10:29] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Well gee." Ian pulls him up and helps him downstairs. "Seems like he agreed to follow us to the UGN, at least."
  13. [10:29] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "The scent of progress!"
  14. [10:30] <Cherem> Nothing. The mute ronin is gone.
  15. [10:30] <Cherem> Himoto follows you down, "I suppose we will take the van." He adjusts his jacket, "This is a disgrace. I had everything laid out."
  16. [10:30] <The_Espada_> "a step forward" Dragoon says as he eats ramen near the destroyed table.
  17. [10:33] <@Ian_Goodwill> "As I said, if my goofs of bosses at the UGN got wind of your plans, then there probably was something that went wrong somewhere in it." Ian brings him to the van and sighs, shaking his head. "We're here to help. We're your only friends now."
  18. [10:35] <Cherem> Admittedly the UGN didn't know he was planning on fleeing
  19. [10:35] <Cherem> Just that he hates Overed
  20. [10:36] <Cherem> Himoto grits his teeth but doesn't rebuke Ian, electing instead to clamber into the van without protest.
  21. [10:37] <Cherem> The van starts up easy, and it's without much suspicion that you make tracks: there are sirens in the distance, but you'll be gone before they arrive.
  22. [10:39] <Cherem> You arrive at the UGN's quarters at the University without much hassle: asshole drivers on the road aside, there's nobody who seems to have followed you. There are plenty of guards, men in black with earpieces who wave you in when you arrive. Standard fare, considering what's happened.
  23. [10:41] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian drags in their suspect, giving the agents a nod as he flashes his badge to them. He seems to have changed into some kind of armor plate in the van, for some reason.
  24. [10:42] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka moves along, waving to random agents like a celebrity and flashing the badge as needed.
  25. [10:43] <Cherem> The agents give them some leeway, occasionally there's a light to the badge and the face, nothing too out of the ordinary.
  26. [10:44] <Cherem> Dragoon is given a few hard looks, but nobody stops them. Too late in the evening for that.
  27. [10:45] <Cherem> Greyhound is waiting for you in what is apparantly his office: it's a taciturn, somewhat boring setup: there have been extra chairs pulled in, but the walls are empty save for a few... calligraphy prints. There's several bookshelves with books sporting long, painfully obscure, archaic titles, nothing of interest.
  28. [10:46] <Cherem> Behind a black desk, Greyhound is sitting in a swivel chair. He stands when Himoto enters the room, nodding at the rest of you. "An exciting evening, I take it."
  29. [10:46] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian stands behind their suspect as he pulls a chair for him. "Evening, Greyhound." He politely adds. "My new handler." He specifies to the others.
  30. [10:49] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Sir." Shizuka nods to Greyhound.
  31. [10:49] <The_Espada_> Dragoon continues to eat ramen.
  32. [10:50] <Tsuboki_Junko> Even Junko manages a respectful nod.
  33. [10:50] <Cherem> Greyhound returns that with a sort of half-wave, giving Jamie and Dragoon a bit of a queer look, before waving his hand to offer them seats. "Ah, Himoto-san. I have been made aware of your-"
  34. [10:51] <Cherem> Himoto cuts him off mid-sentence, and mid-bow, "Look. I don't know what kind of thing You People are running, but you've made my night hell, you know?"
  35. [10:53] <Cherem> Greyhound doesn't even hesitate, sitting down and looking up at the (standing) Himoto with an even, gravelly stare.
  36. [10:54] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian keeps his arms crossed as he stands against the wall. "I mean, I told him we're just trying to help, but he insists on keeping you late to office."
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  42. [14:17] <Cherem> Greyhound rubs his forehead, and presses on his keyboard, "I can see. Frankly, Himoto-san, this mixup is out of our jurisdiction. We don't handle organized crime spats, like the one you seem to have found yourself in." Greyhound steeples his hands, "Please, do sit. We may be here some time."
  43. [14:20] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian points Himoto to the chair as he keeps his posture against the wall, giving him an expecting look. "Greyhound, just out of curioty, do Hunters ring any bell for you? They were the ones hunting him down."
  44. [14:24] <Cherem> Greyhound is about to speak before Himoto turns, "They're a group of YOUR kind that police the rest of us hard-working businessmen."
  45. [14:25] <Cherem> Greyhound closes his eyes slowly, and you can see his nostrils suck in a very, very deep breath. You, Ian, can actually HEAR the threads of his patience starting to snap.
  46. [14:26] <@Ian_Goodwill> "An hour at most, Himoto, then we're out of your hair for good." Ian makes a 'woosh' motion. "You'll never hear of us again."
  47. [14:29] <Cherem> "I should hope not," Himoto sniffs derisivly, "I've nothing more to do with you. I have to look out for my family, make sure they make it out of this mess you've put me in."
  48. [14:30] <Cherem> Greyhound raises an eyebrow, looking at Ian and Shizuka: looks like he wants the full situation.
  49. [14:32] <@Ian_Goodwill> "He tries to fake his own kidnapping. We try to stop it and now he's blaming us for the Yakuza to catch on. We just want to be sure he understands we're on 'his' side, Greyhound. Get him to be nicer so we can handle this. Doesn't want to speak with us, though. Only our superiors."
  50. [14:34] <Cherem> Himoto nods, "If he had the decency to play dead at least, I would be out of the country day after tomorrow."
  51. [14:35] <Cherem> Greyhound listens carefully, nodding a little, "I see. Well, as I AM your superior," he shoots Himoto a look, "I suppose, one might say, your life is in my hands." There's no smile, but his eyes seem to smirk. "Himoto-san," he sits back, "We can still have you out of the country, and we can even help you with your family situation. Of course, if it is worth our organization's time and effort."
  52. [14:37] <Cherem> Himoto does not look happy about it, but he turns to the rest of you, "You are all part of this then." He gives special attention to Dragoon and Jamie, seemingly nonplussed by Dragoon's ramen.
  53. [14:38] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Greyhound here says a single word, and we're off to deal with your current problems while he handles the paperwork! Isn't bureaucracy a miracle?" Ian teases Greyhound as a smirk grows across his lips. "No, really, I think you should be consider I stopped Jamie from doing her thing. Makes things simpler for everyone."
  54. [14:39] <@Ian_Goodwill> "...The organisation Jamie works for being the ones who apparently were hired by him to get him out of the country. Small world, uh?"
  55. [14:39] <Jamie_Knapp> "Honestly, yeah it does. Though we'll probably get flak for this."
  56. [14:39] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Yes. This way we get to make society as a whole a safer place to be." Shizuka says with a smile.
  57. [14:40] <The_Espada_> "Could be worse i suppose.." Dragoon offers the others some food.
  58. [14:41] <Cherem> Himoto listens, and you can see the vein in his forehead starting to throb. "Aaargh. Fine." He looks at the chair he's so adamantly refused to accept and sits, slouching. "My family is my first concern. They will have been targetted, if they are not already taken."
  59. [14:51] <Cherem> Greyhound frowns, "Middleman, Shadow Blossom, You will attend to his family. Beast king, I ask you accompany them. Now, you two," Greyhound rubs his chin, "Playback and Dragoon, I ask you to accompany them. This would still be within your guidelines or escorting Himoto-san out of the country, yes?"
  60. [14:52] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian then taps Himoto's shoulder and grins to him. "Well, you've heard the man. What's the adress so we can take our leave?"
  61. [14:53] * Jamie_Knapp srugs. "I've already written this mission off so sure, I'll help."
  62. [14:53] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka bows. "They'll be in good hands, Himoto-san. The organization is here to help."
  63. [14:53] <The_Espada_> "I got nothin i got to do till tommorow so fine."
  64. [14:56] <Cherem> Himoto sighs, "I suppose you managed to keep those other psycopaths away from me. Be careful with my family, my wife is fragile and my son is headstrong." He waves his hand, turning to Greyhound, "Oh. Address." He rattles off a name and a number of... what is probably a nicer area.
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  66. [14:59] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian takes it and nods to Greyhound. "Handled before the morning, Boss." He clicks his tongue at greyhound as he does a finger pistol motion to him.
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  68. [15:01] <Cherem> Greyhound nods, "Best of luck. Dismissed. Now, Himoto-san, we must discuss these overed in your business..." You can hear him start the fun part of the conversation.
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  71. [15:02] <Cherem> ==== SCENE ====
  72. [15:04] <Cherem> And it's back into the vna (or alternative transporation) with you, leaving the UGN behind to find Himoto's home and retrieve his family. It looks like one hell of a drive: the neighborhood is nowhere near the university, and runs along the river away from the city proper. A nice place neighborhood, most like.
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  74. [15:10] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "This place is so serene. It's almost like when I try to find my center.
  75. [15:10] <Cherem> And as you pull into the neighborhood, it is indeed. Unlike the last one, the houses are lined with wooden walls, and there's traces of bamboo and pine trees in what appear to be backyards. The cars that you can see are nice brands, and the streets themselves are well-lit. Not bad for a mafioso. His house finally comes into view, as you can see the roof barely poking above the tall wooden walls. The ost noticeable part about it is the veritable fleet of cars parked outside it, must be a party.
  76. [15:13] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian, behind the wheels, is cautious as he pulls over next to the house. He then activates his bat ears, just to see if he can passively catch anything.
  77. [15:15] <The_Espada_> Dragoon makes a pistol appear in his hand.
  78. [15:16] <Cherem> Indeed he can: there seems to be not a party, but a meeting. Men talking about Himoto's disappearance in low tones, even lower that 'this is what happens when you let old guard play new games'. There's a solid amount of people in there.
  79. [15:16] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie puts out her hand. "We're here to save them, remember? Keep calm on the trigger finger unlesss they engage."
  80. [15:17] <The_Espada_> "I know
  81. [15:20] <Cherem> Outside, there's a few men, dressed in black suits (but lacking ties). Sunglasses at night, they're carrying rounded wooden stakes the length of their arm, jammed in their pockets, at their waists, easy to grab and swing with.
  82. [15:20] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian steps out of the car and slams the door close, keeping weapons concealed for now. His suit actually looks like a regular one, but if one pays clear attention to it, they can see small joints near the eblowes and wrist. "They're not going to welcome us no matter what, I feel."
  83. [15:22] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I agree with Ian-chan. I hope we can be delicate." Shizuka steps out of the car as well.
  84. [15:24] <The_Espada_> "Hmmm should we go in through the back then?"
  85. [15:27] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Not a bad idea, Dragoon." Ian glances at the others, especially Junko. "Though stealth isn't your cup of tea much, is it?"
  86. [15:29] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko shrugs. "Well not when I'm in my battle form."
  87. [15:36] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Why not just try and ask, then? I don't know if you're good with them, Junko, but it's worth a try, no?"
  88. [15:37] <Tsuboki_Junko> She nods a bit and looks toward Shizuka.
  89. [15:37] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I suppose we could tell them we're here to pay our respects."
  90. [15:39] <@Ian_Goodwill> "That or to offer your security as a gesture, whatever works."
  91. [15:40] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I like that. Shall we?"
  92. [15:41] <Tsuboki_Junko> "One sec. Anyone got a face mask? I don't wanna be recognized."
  93. [15:43] <The_Espada_> Dragoon make a face mask appear and tosses it over."that good?"
  94. [15:43] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Hey, it's me, masked girl, I heard your leader disappeared tonight, can we come in to see his family?" Ian teases Junko as he hands her one. Why does he have that so readily available?
  95. [15:45] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Hey, these are big with sukeban, and that's not how we're getting in." She puts on the mask and turns to Shizuka, adjusting her hair.
  96. [15:45] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka imagines Junko wearing panties as a mask. Then she shrugs and makes for the door at a leisurely pace.
  97. [15:48] <Cherem> As you approach, the guards finally take note of you: the first goes for his arm-staff, grabbing it hear the top, "Who are you?"
  98. [15:48] <Cherem> The other looks pretty bored, and doesn't go for his weapon as easily.
  99. [15:50] <Tsuboki_Junko> "We're here ta see Hitomo-san," Junko says in more delinquent dialect. "Hisui and Aida. We wanna join up."
  100. [15:52] <Cherem> The jumpy one looks at the bored one, who kind of shrugs, "I suppose we're going to have some new spaces. That's not for us to decide though." The bored one returns his tool to his belt, "Now's sort a weird time too, I guess-"
  101. [15:54] <Cherem> The jumpy one sighs, "It's a bad time. But, should we go get Maki-sama?"
  102. [15:54] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka bows by reflex. "All the more reason to get in a few people who can take orders and help bring things back to normal."
  103. [15:55] <Cherem> At that, the bored one perks up, "She's right. Might as well, what's the worst that could happen?" With that he turns and walks in, "I'll go ask the boss. You two wait out here."
  104. [15:58] <Cherem> At that he disappears inside, and you catch what sounds like a somber discussion. The Jumpy guard remains outside, glancing around, "How did you know to come here anyways? Himoto-sama is super paranoid about this kind of thing."
  105. [16:00] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Known 'im for a while though 'is kid. Never hurts havin' a biker gang for certain errands."
  106. [16:03] <Cherem> At that the man nods, "Oh, yeah, Himoto-bo." He smirks a little, "Makes sense, he's always been nipping at his dad's heels. I guess this is the next best step up. Word to the wise though," and his voice drops painfully low, "It's better to not be too tight with them right now."
  107. [16:05] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Thanks for the tip." Shizuka smiles.
  108. [16:06] <Cherem> At that, the door swings back open, and the guard comes back out, "Alright. Maki-sama is good to see you. He's inside, just follow me."
  109. [16:07] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian is by the van, on the lookout for new threats or turns of situation.
  110. [16:08] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie is next to him, seems she's taken up smoking.
  111. [16:08] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka goes inside.
  112. [16:08] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko follows, hands in his pockets and posture changed.
  113. [16:09] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Mmh, am I that much of a bad influence, Jamie?" He decides to talk to her in English for once.
  114. [16:09] <Cherem> Inside, there's a line of shoes neatly placed to the side: the house itself is old-fashioned japanese, with several sliding doors already leading off. As soon as you enter, you're aware there's plenty of people in here, talking in low tones. The guard himself is careful to not step on the threshold, leading you down the hall.
  115. [16:09] <Jamie_Knapp> "Good way to look nonchalant, plus it eases the stress, or so I'm told."
  116. [16:10] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian takes a smoke out as well, giving Jamie a nod of approval. "You smoke, Dragoon?" He offers his pack to him.
  117. [16:11] <Cherem> As you follow, you manage to catch a glimpse of the woman you've been made aware is Himoto's wife: a woman with long black hair tied up, she's dressed in a navy blue kimono. when you enter, she gives you a barely percievable nod: not out of recognition, but as a courtesy. She's leading another woman, probably some kind of hire or help, who is bearing a tray of sake.
  118. [16:12] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka admires the decor, nodding to Himoto's wife and making a mental note of her attire.
  119. [16:13] <The_Espada_> "No thanks."
  120. [16:13] <Cherem> Your escort bows deeply to her as she passes, stepping aside to let her by. "Maki-sama is in the garden ahead," he calls back after the wife has passed, "He's speaking with the temporary head of the Akebashi clan."
  121. [16:15] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko casts a meaningful look toward Shizuka.
  122. [16:15] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Won't kill you, y'know. Pretty sure Overeds are immune to cancer." He keeps sucking on the butt of the cigarette he's having, giving him a shrug.
  123. [16:16] <The_Espada_> Dragoon shrugs"Pretty sure i would get the shit beat outta me if i did."
  124. [16:16] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Best we wait here for now until they
  125. [16:17] <Kirishima_Shizuka> 're finished, right?"
  126. [16:17] <Jamie_Knapp> "You? How? Why?"
  127. [16:18] <The_Espada_> "dont worry about it too much its just me exaggerating someones anger."
  128. [16:18] <Cherem> The guard nods a little, "Yeah. Akebashi-shi is pretty intimidating. You wouldn't guess it looking at him, but he was supposed to be one of the finest swordsmen in Japan at one point. Maybe not the finest, but-"
  129. [16:19] <Jamie_Knapp> "Oh? Your girlfriend worrying about you?"
  130. [16:19] <Cherem> And at that the door rolls open, and you are face-to-face with the most severe looking old man ever.
  131. [16:19] <The_Espada_> "No a friend im helping out."
  132. [16:20] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka drops into a deep bow, holding it a few seconds.
  133. [16:20] <Cherem> His hair is white with a few streaks of black, his face wizened with age, and his eyes are the color of a moonless night. "Ah. I wagered I heard a familiar voice." He gives both women a piercing, deadly look, "To think that one of your men was speaking such of me. We may have to reconsider our agreement, Maki- /san/."
  134. [16:21] <Cherem> He's dressed in a dark red kimono as well, and you can see his features reflected in both the man who escorted Himoto earlier that day, and your old comrade, Junko. A very stern, quietly burning anger in his eyes.
  135. [16:22] <Cherem> Behind him is Maki, seeming to be a taller, broad man with a goatee and close-shaven hair, he's a monster of a man, and you can see him occasionally crack his knuckles, "You. Back to your post. He will be punished severely, Akebashi-sensei. Both for disturbing us, and the grave insult.
  136. [16:22] <Tsuboki_Junko> Crap...
  137. [16:23] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well it's sweet you have someone who cares that much. Hold onto em."
  138. [16:23] <Cherem> Akebashi seems to ignore him, leaning close to the girls in turn, "Ah. How curious." He stands back a bit, and you catch something in his eye for a moment. "These two, your underling said they were prospectives?"
  139. [16:24] <Cherem> Maki nods a little, "He said as much. Two hoodlums, looking for work." His voice is deep, gravelly, and fluxuating between somewhat placating when addressing Akebashi, and severe with you and his other hire.
  140. [16:24] <The_Espada_> "We'll see what tommorow holds."
  141. [16:26] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka stands at attention now, inwardly thinking something similar to Junko.
  142. [16:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko, despite her delinquent pose, does her best to look somewhat submissive to someone of a higher station.
  143. [16:29] <Cherem> "Hmph. Do you trust in my judgement, Maki-san?" Akebashi turns back to the Yakuza, who nods deeply. "Good. These two can be trusted." Akebashi returns his look to you both. "Look at them." One of his hands moves up, and in a flash that is clearly inhuman there's a long fan, rapping Junko's arm, "They're strong," he points the fan at Shizuka, "Respectful," And the fan disappears, "What your others are missing, yes?"
  144. [16:31] <Cherem> Maki gives the two of you an incredulous look, but nods a little, "Clearly. I seem to lack your eyes, Sensei, but these two-"
  145. [16:32] <Cherem> Akebashi turns his head just slightly, enough that the very corner of his eye stares directly at the Yakuza, who declines finishing his comment and instead clears his throat. "You two are sure you wish to join this family?"
  146. [16:33] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Absolutely," while she doesn't answer immediately she makes sure to say it with conviction.
  147. [16:33] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Certain of it."
  148. [16:35] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian frowns a bit as he hears so. "Mmh. Junko just swore allegiance to their leader. Funny."
  149. [16:35] <Cherem> "Hm. I suppose Akebashi skills stay in the family. But that can always be arranged. I do have a grandson," Akebashi continues, "But should you be working with Maki-san, I will have to come and visit. Our agreement will indeed play out." With that, Akebashi walks past without a bow, word of parting, anything.
  150. [16:35] <Jamie_Knapp> "Ironic, if you ask me."
  151. [16:36] <Cherem> Behind him, Maki waits until Akebashi turns the corner before turning to the two of you, "Alright. Who the hell are you two?"
  152. [16:37] <Cherem> Outside, the rest of you see another black car pull up. And out steps two men: one of them can't be older than Junko, the other... you saw him not two hours earlier, supposedly Himoto's trusted bodyguard.
  153. [16:38] <Jamie_Knapp> "Oh. Not good."
  154. [16:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Haaah?"
  155. [16:39] <Cherem> You can see Maki take a deep breath, standing as tall and as broad as he can, "Don't you play that game with me. If what the old man said is true, you would know better than to pick a fight here."
  156. [16:41] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian quickly picks up his cellphone and makes a quick call to one of his contacts. "I need info, now." He then records the event before him with his phone to send it to them.
  157. [16:41] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "You are correct. A fight isn't the intention. That would be suicidal and incredibly stupid." Shizuka says with a bow.
  158. [16:41] <Cherem> And then Akebashi comes into your view outside, "All is as expected. Eiji, they do indeed suspect Himoto fled. Our name is not besmirched." And into the car he goes.
  159. [16:42] <Cherem> The noiseless bodyguard nods at that, and if you look close he looks relieved, before getting into the car.
  160. [16:48] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Shit, I think Junko's cover might be blown." Ian seems rather surprised. "Doesn't she know anything about the situation?"
  161. [16:48] <Cherem> "Good." Maki rubs his forehead, "Thankfully, I do have an opening, and Akebashi-san has said as much that your being here will result in his training of my men. I cannot swear you in now, though. I am going to be taking hold of this particular branch."
  162. [16:48] <Jamie_Knapp> "I don't know anything about the situation."
  163. [16:50] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Well, just be ready. Things are fishy."
  164. [16:50] <Jamie_Knapp> "Copy that good buddy."
  165. [16:51] <The_Espada_> "Roger"
  166. [16:51] <Cherem> "However, I do have something I need extra muscle on." Maki crosses his arms, "Himoto-san and her son are to be escorted to the Kou Ou regional headquarters, in Tokyo. You have bikes yes? We will require extra muscle, as they are in... a tenuous position."
  167. [16:53] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I can imagine, with the murmurs going on out there. We'd be happy to lend our support, especially if it eases the transition."
  168. [16:54] <Cherem> Outside, the Akebashi car pulls out, leaving behind the younger man. He looks both ways, before stepping inside the house.
  169. [16:54] <Jamie_Knapp> "Do we move, or what?
  170. [16:55] <Cherem> "Murmurs, eh? Those idiots..." Maki growls, rubbing his head, "In any case, be ready to leave in the hour. It will be somewhat of a drive, but they will be with you, as well as some of my men."
  171. [16:56] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Intercept him, neutralize the guards outside, no warding, we don't want to upset the people inside. No lethal shots." Ian then rushes at one of the guards with the intent of knocking him out.
  172. [16:57] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "We'll be ready. Is there anything else we should be aware of?"
  173. [17:00] <Cherem> "Several of Himoto-san's men were killed earlier today: be on the lookout for armed members of... an American mafia operating on our soil." Maki laughs a little, "Himoto wasn't willing to get with the times, and wanted to look outside for help. Tough luck on him, but we want to keep his family safe."
  174. [17:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Damn gaijin."
  175. [17:02] <Jamie_Knapp> "Wait, Ian, Junko and Shizuka have this covered. Let's hang back unless they absolutely need us. If we rush in now, we'll blow their cover and we might make any further incursions like this impossible."
  176. [17:02] <Cherem> "You're telling me," Maki sighs, "But times are changing. Himoto recognized that as much, he just went in the wrong way."
  177. [17:05] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Oh my. We'll keep our eyes open for suspicious gaijin, then."
  178. [17:06] <Cherem> "Yes. Now, go get ready. Himoto-san will be made aware of this at the last moment, so be prepared for that." Maki walks past the two of you with a nod, returning to the rest of the men inside.
  179. [17:06] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka bows as Maki leaves, rising after he passes a few steps by.
  180. [17:08] <Tsuboki_Junko> A grunt of relief and Junko is heading back the way they came in. "That went well."
  181. [17:08] <@Ian_Goodwill> "An hour of downtime, then. Junko and Shizuka are inside, and they were tasked with escorting Himoto's family. Guess we'll hijack their convoy."
  182. [17:08] <Jamie_Knapp> "See? I knew they had it figured out."
  183. [17:08] <@Ian_Goodwill> Ian then gives Jamie a glance. "If you don't mind, I can go get a chopper ready for their extraction. Pretty sure the UGN HQ has an helipad anyway..."
  184. [17:09] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Hey, Hisui-chan. Is it true that American mafia gaijin snort pasta smothered in a red sauce?"
  185. [17:09] <Jamie_Knapp> "You've got a chopper? Can I come?"
  186. [17:10] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Haaah? Where did you hear that? I heard it's white sauce."
  187. [17:10] <@Ian_Goodwill> "Uh, sure, if you want. I mean, if you're -really- sure." Ian then texts Junko. 'We're getting a chopper, you have the van.'
  188. [17:10] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "It was in a yaoi manga."
  189. [17:12] <Cherem> And indeed in an hour, some of the men begin leaving, but then you can hear the sound of heated argument between Maki and a young man. And it's finally ended when Himoto's wife speaks up, chastizing them both for acting in such a way while her husband, their leader, is missing.
  190. [17:15] <Cherem> And then, the outside team can catch sight of Himoto's son being escorted out to a sedan with the windows blacked out, followed by his mother. He looks just as pleasant as his father, with the tips of his hair lightly faded and dyed.
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