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TCS '19 v1.1 Changelist

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Nov 29th, 2018
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  1. Club:
  2. - Tweaked containers so the skin should resize better when Zoomed
  4. Inbox:
  5. - Changed slight insets on inbox panel
  6. - Zoomed graphics ammended for Inbox Panel when using Aero Skin.
  7. - Fixed 'inner' graphics on personal news when using Aero Skin.
  10. Player Overview:
  11. - Fixed Bug with translations on Player Overview.
  12. - Added two new comparison widgets to small selectors.
  13. - Added Player Status information to Personal Details widget (Contraced to X, On Loan at Y, etc)
  14. - Added Label to International Records on Personal Details widget.
  15. - Adjusted attributes container height on Player Overview Popup.
  16. - Adjusted container classes and heights on Player Training, and Dynamics page.
  17. - Added custom made Medical Report widget to the Attributes container.
  18. - Fixed bug when editing player attributes with the IGE, when using the attributes boxes mod.
  19. - Added custom made Transfer Status widget to small selector.
  21. General UI:
  22. - Complete overhaul with graphics for Aero Skin.
  23. - Added two Background Selectors
  24. - Base & WTS Skin, gives users the ability to choose between the default background and teams 'primary' background.
  25. -- Credit to Bossland (YACS Skin) for the code used for the Primary Background.
  26. --- Aero, functions like a regular background selector.
  27. - Increased size of bottom container for competition draws.
  28. - Skin should adapt better to zoom and/or smaller resolutions.
  29. - Changed appearance of menu dropdowns.
  30. - Added Background Selector to titlebar.
  31. - Fixed bug with picking buttons.
  32. - Fixed bug with text on manager home screen when unemployed
  33. - Added tcs-style container to medical centre to bring the panel inline with rest of skin.
  34. - Fixed bug on tactics screen with player instructions when using Aero Skin.
  35. - Fixed bug on tactics screen with image borders.
  36. - Fixed bug with font recolouring on the Main Menu when using teams who use white as their primary colour.
  37. - Fixed bug on the upcoming fixtures panel when using teams who use white as their primary colour.
  40. Match:
  41. - Fixed bunch of transparency bugs in Aero Skin
  42. - Added ticket to match preview.
  43. - Tweaks to in between highlights panel
  44. -- Graphics overhauled
  45. -- Added ability to compeletely hide formation or player stats on both sides
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