May 17th, 2021
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  1. "The name's Chris. CHRIS REDFIELD!"
  3. *Masculine Narrator: That's right, you are -THE- Chris Redfield, decorated member of S.T.A.R.S., destroyer of terrorism and savior to all mankind! Your mission is to subdue the biological threat in this backburg village and find a way to continue strengthening the Redfield bloodline!*
  5. Polka looks around awkwardly. "Does anyone else hear that?"
  7. "Hear what?" Nene asks while building a snowman in the mud.
  9. "That voice, it was just like..."
  11. "You hear the voices too?! Oh thank god, I thought I was drinking too much, you know," Lamy says while pulling out a flask and taking a swig. "The doctor says hallucinations are a sign of alcohol poisoning, but if you're hearing them too then I must be fine."
  13. Polka stares at her, dumbfounded.
  15. "Well ladies," You flex your MASSIVE BICEPS, "It's time for you to surrender. We're going to turn this village into a second Mall of America, and we can't have any weirdos running around our parking lot."
  17. "You think we're just going to let you have your way with us, Mr. Chris?" Botan smiles, bloodlust and fangs on full display. "Get him, girls!"
  19. Nene and Lamy rush at you while you're striking an intimidating back double triceps pose. "AHA! Only cowards would attack from behind!" You swing your arms wide, sending Lamy flying. As she lands gently in a haystack she succumbs to the side-effects of alcohol abuse and passes out, snoring heavily. "That's one down!" You shout, readying another awe-inspiring display of the Redfield form.
  21. Polka stands with her jaw agape at the madness on display, she looks over at Botan, who is engrossed in laughing evilly. She wonders how she got into this damn circus.
  23. "Argh!! I can't believe it, to find such a foe in this unnamed country of dubious culture!" You flex as... hard... as... you... can...
  25. "Let me show you how we do it in Nene-land!" In an impressive display of bear themed musculature she lashes out with a fantastic side chest! How can she be so strong? Is it whey protein!?
  27. "So this is your evil plan? Creating genetic freaks to take over the world!?" You struggle with your words in the face of such an adversary. You can feel the judges boredom weighing down upon you... You have to do it, you have to use -THAT- "Leon, forgive me, I may not live to see your marriage to Claire, but know that I, Chris Redfield, wil-"
  29. BONK. You black out. Polka stands over you holding a shovel. She looks up at her sister. "Nene. Stop that. Grab him and let's bury him with the other intruders." She begins walking away, mumbling "Don't forget Lamy, too. She'll catch another cold sleeping out here."
  31. You Died
  33. Polka had to come back for Botan, who was still laughing.
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