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  1. The Team BATO Visayas would like to send our sincere appreciation to all the parallel organizations that help us set up a credible visibility for Ronald "BATO" Dela Rosa during the 2 days HNP campaign trail in Cebu.
  3. In spite of limited resources and lack of mobilization, all parallel organizations was able to help mobilize our troops to project BATO a respectable image to Cebuano public.
  5. Your contribution will be properly noted in the post activity reports that we will be sending to Manila HQ as requested by BATO himself. However,
  6. we would acknowledge here some people that work double time to make the event successful.
  8. > Nigel Wenceslao & the Cebu Provincial Team who mobilize our postering team to merchandise the strategic corner of IEC to make do with 25 tarpaulins provided to us that are very visible to the public during the event.
  10. > Joy Bariga who lead the tribal band & provide giveaways to the public for 2 days. (Lingaw gyud si BATO)
  12. > Mam Cecil who source some logisticals for the foods/meals for our riders and tribal band.
  14. > SBM & R7 riders who provide escort to BATO
  16. > Mike Pato & 1AAAP who provide meals for the 200 riders
  18. > SBM Mascot with courtesy of Seth & Joharni, who provide entertainment at IEC participants and the caravan.
  20. > Joseph Verano who mobilized the youth that help the secretariat at the last minutes.
  22. > Moises Deiparine who mobilized his riders to assist the traffic at IEC
  24. > Siti & the Secretariat who sorted the mask of Super BATO in the office and distribute at IEC. (Dili nalang nako mention tanan kabalo namo kinsa mo)
  26. > All the parallel organizations who provide the warm bodies. (Daghan kaayo mo-ari nalang mo nako mention sa report 😁)
  28. To all who send their people even without mobilization big credit to all of you. 😁 and to those who promise but did not send the delegation due to whatever reason, salamat kaayo!  All our efforts will be properly acknowledge in our post activity reports.
  30. In the meantime, we will  take a break and breath some air until our next activity.  Exciting events is coming soon!
  32. Ed
  33. Team BATO Visayas
  34. Visayas Campaign Team
  35. Parallel Campaign
  37. Cc: Jojo, General, HQ, All
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