Anon - Anon Goes to Narnia

Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. >You, Annoymous, were dying. You can feel the life draining out of you inside of the changeling cocoon.
  2. >“Get out of here! Leave me!” you yell.
  3. >“No.”
  4. >Her voice echoes like the sound of god himself.
  5. >You watch helplessly as Sunset Shimmer, in all of her Alicorn glory, stands her ground in front of the enemies.
  6. >Between you and her are Queen Chrysalis and what was introduced to you and Sunset as her daughter.
  7. >“The more your love feeds your strength, the more I and my daughter grow in strength! You cannot win!”
  8. >Sunset takes a step forward, sending Queen Chrysalis and the young queen beside her back against their wills.
  9. >The world around you for a hundred yards is vaporized as her body starts to glow solid white.
  10. >You squint, pounding on the clearish green shell of the cocoon begging her to let them go and to leave.
  11. >Suddenly the younger queen steps back and looks at you, fear in her eyes.
  12. >She turns back towards her mother and with all of her power shoots a bolt of greenish energy at her.
  13. >Its catches her off guard, sending her off the ledge they had standing on, her unconscious body hitting the ground.
  14. >The world returns back to normal and Sunset slowly returns back to her normal self.
  15. >The queen cuts the cocoon open and you slide out in a pool of slime.
  16. >Your happy to be free of the thing, but you were not looking forward to die in a pile of slime.
  17. >That smelled.
  18. >Really badly.
  19. >“Leave him alone!”
  20. >You slowly, and painfully, looked towards the sky to see Sunset flying above you and the young queen.
  21. >The young queen, being about half the size of Queen Chrysalis, stood her ground.
  22. >Her horn sparked with power, but she was obviously shaking from fear.
  23. >You reached out and grabbed her left leg.
  24. >She looked at you again with the same fear on her face.
  25. >“Its ok. Its over.”
  26. >You passed out in a pool of blood and slime. At least the smell was gone.
  28. >You had been at CHS for about two weeks now, watching and learning as much as you could about your new surroundings.
  29. >Everything was different then your other world. Pretty much all of it was better.
  30. >Back in your old world you were one of almost 7 billion humans spending your whole life doing nothing.
  31. >Here, everything kinda just happened. And everybody was super naïve and kind.
  32. >It was like a mix of Pleasantville, but not so creepy, and one of the slice of life animes you used to watch with your brother.
  33. >You money, phone, and everything you were wearing was also instantly changed to conform with the world around you.
  34. >You were literally wearing the same set of clothes everyday.
  35. >Also the $400 dollars in your bank account somehow turned into 400k bits.
  36. >You found a nice little place to rent around the corner and got a job at the school as a janitor.
  37. >These kids were pretty clean and organized, so most of the time you just tried to flirt with Vice Principal Luna.
  38. >That wasn’t going so well.
  39. >“Excuse me.”
  40. >You turned around and came face to face with Sunset Shimmer and a new kid you didn‘t recognize.
  41. >“Mr. Anonymous, I want to you meet…”
  42. >You didn’t care who the new kid was but you shook his hand and told him to have a great day.
  43. >They walked away and headed towards the Freshman classrooms on the other side of the school.
  44. >From what you could gather, it was almost summer time and Sunset and her friends were about to graduate and go their separate ways.
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