PMD Guides

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  1. Spinda's Cafe guide:
  2. Sky Peak Bazaar guide:
  3. Level 1 dungeon guide:
  4. Level 1 pokemon guide (WIP):
  5. EoS Destiny Tower guide:
  6. Damage calculation:
  7. Move list:
  8. Natural Gift Guide:
  9. Super Mystery Dungeon FAQ
  10. SMD Treasure Locations
  11. SMD Sacred Ruins pokemon guide
  12. SMD Abilities guide:
  13. SMD How to Get Custom Starters Guide:
  14. Rescue Team Boss HP list
  15. Sky Boss HP list
  16. Recruiting guide
  17. Rescue Team Buried Items+Tips
  18. Adventure Squad Translation Guide  (has items/menus/some moves)
  19. PMD Beginner's Guide:
  20. Wish Cave Manipulation Guide:
  23. Wonder Mail S generator for filthy no-good cheaters:
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