CC Tweaked AppStore Accept Apps List Downloader

Jan 21st, 2022 (edited)
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  1. --this script downloads list of accepted apps and their details
  2. local AppList = {{"Banking Client - banking_public1","Marlin","banking,wireless","allows easy transfer of currency through online means. runs on the banking_public1 format, which was established on 1/20/22. for more information please contact Marlin",0,"BCzDddZx",true},{"text editor","Marlin","file editing, Documentation","Allows easy access to text editing",0,"8C3BsY2J",{"texteditor","Client"}},{"Music Player","Marlin","file manipulation, audio","Allows the Playing of downloaded Music",0,"ptbDeZpf",{"MusicPlayer","Client"}}}
  3. local TopApps = {"Banking Client - banking_public1"}
  4. local Path = shell.resolveProgram("Client_AppStore")
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