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Apr 20th, 2019
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  1. [01:16 AM] Deserved Ascension: been a while
  2. [01:16 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: Hey, that was fast. I don't have logs with me, wanna play a scene anyway?
  3. [01:17 AM] Deserved Ascension: Sure
  4. [01:17 AM] Deserved Ascension: I have been looking for you
  5. [01:17 AM] Deserved Ascension: Actually
  6. [01:17 AM] Deserved Ascension: And yes we can
  7. [01:17 AM] Deserved Ascension: Lets just consider that you have been in my service for a while
  8. [01:17 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: You're sweet. Do you want to post a starter, since you approached?
  9. [01:18 AM] Deserved Ascension: and you are doing whatever you want. Probably started a harem/breeding facility/something like that and I join in the fun
  10. [01:18 AM] Deserved Ascension: oww I love posting second. Unless it is not too much for you to do
  11. [01:18 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: A small scale tentacle nest?
  12. [01:19 AM] Deserved Ascension: Whatever you feel. But you can think bigger
  13. [01:19 AM] Deserved Ascension: You can take over a town with powers I gave you
  14. [01:19 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: F-List etiquette is usually whoever approaches writed a starter. Otherwise parasites would go around begging everyone to start for them...
  15. [01:19 AM] Deserved Ascension: And make it some kind of a lair where its inhabitant get fucked constantly or they fuck each other
  16. [01:19 AM] Deserved Ascension: or food for the tentacles
  17. [01:20 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: I like this idea. I got something in that vein...
  18. [01:20 AM] Deserved Ascension: Then paint me a picture of your place
  19. [01:20 AM] Deserved Ascension: I can start us off
  20. [01:21 AM] Deserved Ascension: also I enjoy the fucked up shit in my partners head
  21. [01:21 AM] Deserved Ascension: I dont consider that being a parasite
  22. [01:21 AM] Deserved Ascension: no offense
  23. [01:23 AM] Deserved Ascension: you there?
  24. [01:24 AM] * Marzel Dane Kleinan booked an appointment with her new mistress/mother figurehead, Sithis the Unnamed, now that she'd taken up residence in the mayor's office of a suburb outside of the city. She had a personal secretary who she forced to wear the expected office attire, minus panties, in case she needed to double as a breeder with the other girls. Marzel had personally infested the entire town, starting with a wombful of tentacles she nurtured into a full blown epidemic. Given the mission to rape in Mother's name as much as she could, she accomplished just that by doing her usual thing. Now the males had been converted into zombified soldiers with worms in their skulls, while the women were in charge of all reproduction, an even split between studs with huge, mutated clits, and carriers who had their wombs filled with spawn day in and day out.
  25. [01:25 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: (Typing with thumbs is hard. Mercy.)
  26. [01:25 AM] Deserved Ascension: ( no worries dear )
  27. [01:34 AM] * Deserved Ascension was bored, leisurely lying on her bed as a young succubus sucked her big cock passionately, stroking her own mere 9 inch cock furiously as the musk drove her crazy. She received the telepathic invitation from her daughter. She gets up, collars the young succubus in training and opens up a portal. She sees that her daughter is disguised as a human, she transforms herself into a voluptuous form in a black gown, her FF tits bulge out encouraging anyone who lays eyes on it to suckle. Her big bulge is well hidden in the dress. The succubus turns into a small bitch which seems twitchy, as if to be in heat. She steps in her daughter's bedroom, looking for her
  28. [01:39 AM] Deserved Ascension: this is how her form looks like, not the clothes
  29. [01:40 AM] * Marzel Dane Kleinan was bouncing said secretary in her lap when Mother and her bitch came in, who was still wearing her uniform, only a few buttons on her blouse undone. Enough for a nipple to occasionally be seen, one which didn't look...normal. Like tiny pink shapes were still clinging to them. The fair-skinned brunette human had a bulge in her up to her sternum, and a beach ball belly full to the brim with live tentacles spawn waiting to be birthed.
  31. Marzel was in the middle of talking dirty to her own bitch while yanking on her tie, "Come on bitch, just a little more so I can baptize your kids! This'll be your biggest batch of cock-parasites yet!" Marzel's cum was notorious in town for causing clit growth, until it categorically became cock growth. It was no surprise her cum caused similar turnouts in tentacle spawn.
  32. [01:40 AM] Deserved Ascension: or probably like this
  33. [01:40 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: (UNF. I am smitten. I love her ♡ )
  34. [01:42 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: (Let's work towards making our posts shorter, once we get through more exposition)
  35. [01:46 AM] * Deserved Ascension smiles and looks at what she has been doing. Her loin cloth comes off as she sees what has been going on. Her cock gets flung out as it immediately becomes erect to a semi erect 16 inches. "There that feels somewhat manageable, my cock does not like when it is made shorter to manage apperances. Hey bitch, why dont you choke that whore of my daughter while she births some tentacles. Make her drink plenty of that cum as nutrition for her body", she says as she lets go of some of the transformation on her bitch, now looking like another secretary dressed similar to her daughters secretary only younger, wearing more sluttier outfit and a cock bulging out of her skirt
  36. [01:47 AM] Deserved Ascension: (sure, also I am feeling a bit switch today, I might love some mutual fucking today, if you are up for it)
  37. [01:47 AM] Marzel Dane Kleinan: (Absolutely, I'm always switchy)
  38. [01:47 AM] Deserved Ascension: (good girl)
  39. [01:53 AM] * Marzel Dane Kleinan concentrated a little while longer so she could cum, making her bitch groan as she was utterly overfilled. Her belly didn't get any bigger, Marzel's orgasm just made an excess of cum-drenched worms splatter all over the carpet. "Mmm, so glad you could join us mother! That sounds wonderful." Seeing pretenses were being dropped, and the fact that Marzel was a demon was a somewhat open secret already, she transformed and put her stuffed secretary on the floor on her knees, extricating her bumpy, infested demon cock in the process. It was shiny from tip to base with cum both fresh and dried, and plenty of girlslime too. Her secretary was a squirter. "Go ahead and give her a mouthful while she births, girl." Marzel's cock twitched as she smiled and stared at Mother's, every bit a giddy slut for musk just as much as the visiting pet.
  40. [01:59 AM] * Deserved Ascension looks hungrily at her newly transformed state, "So you seem to have found a new exciting form. Also that musk you have, you seem to have inherited some of my charm, her cock becomes bigger and bigger as she cant hold in her excitement. Her cock grows to a 24 inches long and 6 inches girth while she is still in her dress. She pants as the mother in her that wants her daughter to fuck her since the day Marzel had first erection is taking over her. She gets on all fours, her HH breasts lactating all of a suddent. "Go bigger my child, fuck me and make mommy proud"
  41. [02:05 AM] * Marzel Dane Kleinan expands her cock so she can nestle it between her F-cup tits and suck the head clean. "Mmmm...tasty batch...~" She so loved the flavour of the inner womb, and all the straggler spawn still clinging to her cock. Meanwhile the slut got up into a squatting position so she could rub her pussy while she was facefucked from above. Her cervix had been ruined by Marzel countless times, and she was addicted to the daily ritual of being unable to stop her eager spawn from falling and crawling their way out of her gaped pussy. It always made her cum.
  44. Marzel takes a break from autofellatio as she patrols around Mother. She stops behind her, staring down at that tantalizing pussy. "Oh? I'd love to, Mom," Marzel says with breathless intimacy. "Let's make some fucked-up grandkids for us to rape together~" She stops herself from licking up one last worm inching down her shaft and aims her titanic demon dong down at Mother's cunt, stopping short of thrusting it in. How cute would it be if Mother sank her hips back willingly against that huge rapetool?
  47. [02:14 AM] * Deserved Ascension feels crazy with all the lust filled scents filling up the air, making her grow weaker and weaker in her knees. She felt exactly like her own mother felt all those millions of years ago when she first fucked her ass. Sithis's cock slowly twitched and moved towards the bitch trying to birth all of the spawns. Her cock first devoured the spawns on the ground and then jammed itself into the bitch's pussy, going all the way to its womb and eating the juicy cock spawns from the source as moans with the massive cock invading her already filled womb. She smiles as her tits starts lactating and her big slimy tongue starts licking off the excess milk drenching her now JJ breasts. She felt her daughters cock as she started saying dirty sweet nothings to make her go crazier. She immediately responds to her daughters invitation by jamming her fat cock in with one go, letting her fuck as she pleases
  48. [02:17 AM] Deserved Ascension: ( who knew I am feeling like a subby bitch today)
  49. [02:19 AM] Deserved Ascension logged off
  50. [02:19 AM] Deserved Ascension logged on
  51. [02:19 AM] Deserved Ascension logged off
  52. [02:19 AM] Deserved Ascension logged on
  53. [02:20 AM] Deserved Ascension logged off
  54. [02:20 AM] Deserved Ascension logged on
  55. [02:20 AM] * Marzel Dane Kleinan was already getting busy leaning down so her boobs rested on Mother's back, reaching down to do her best to wrangle Mother's own tits and help give her a titfuck. This outcome of devouring the cock-parasites was fine, Marzel was certain they'd be put to good use. Already they were starting to spill out, looking like tiny dicks with a few suckers at the base, to adhere to a cissie's clit and begin teaching her new forms of pleasure. Who knew how they'd affect Mother's cock?
  58. While Marzel was certainly an amazon compared to the younger and average-physiqued humans also getting it on, she felt like little more than a big titted teenage girl compared to Mother. Though the infested tentacle slut had firm tits, overstuffed with worms that lived in her fuckable nipples, making her chest look disproportionately large on her otherwise normal body. "Ohhh...yesss Mother, fuck her pussy, rape her, steal that payload all for yourself~...or better yet, let's test them on your slut!" The birthing bitch couldn't complain while Mother's succubus slut had her cock all the way down her throat.
  61. [02:21 AM] Deserved Ascension logged off
  62. [02:21 AM] Deserved Ascension logged on
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