Mar 12th, 2018
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  3. This was previously a base digging first wave farming guide. The technique is outdated, fixed by the latest patch.
  5. Instead, here is the resource loop farming guide for anyone that didn't catch up yet. Credit goes to other people, I only tested this out and compiled it in one piece.
  8. Resources that spawn in single player are not tied in their respawns to any time limit (in-game or real-time), but instead respawn after you picked enough items from the entire map.
  10. Resources on both Afghan and Africa maps run on separate thresholds.
  12. To abuse this mechanic for non-stop farming, you can run a resource gathering loop to grab as many easily-accessible resources as possible in as short timeframe as possible, so the resources you grabbed first respawn at the end of the loop and you can start it all over again. This means hitting all of the teleporter outposts and cleaning them up from anything you can loot, including breakable objects. But that alone is not enough, so I'll include a couple locations for each map to complete the loop and get useful resources out of them as well.
  15. For efficient farming, you'll want to create a separate loadout (in base terminal) to go in as light as possible, as it will reduce the need to return to the base often.
  17. First of all, if you aren't a scout already, grab a multi-pickup perk. Loadouts save your class and selected perks as well. If you want to invest more into scout for efficient farming, endurance, fox-walk and dexterity are great, in that order.
  19. Secondly, you will need carry pouches, preferably medium and small and a melee weapon. I run blue machete with durablity perk and it lasts for Afghan+African loop with 45% left. Without durablity perk either of the loops will put machete below 50%.
  21. Other than that, having hypo sprays is not a bad idea, nothing else is required, but maybe clothes with dex/endurance. Run naked if you don't have them.
  23. AFGHAN LOOP - about 15 minutes.
  24. Hit all of the outposts in order, you can easily get away with carrying 2-3 outposts worth of loot in one go before you need to return to base. You will also need to hit two non-outpost places. First of all, Singularity Area 1, inside of the building. Make sure you get up on the second floor. That building will net you a total of 100 copper + some lead among other things. On your way back to the closest teleporter, you can run through the long building nearby and gather various things. Just do it quickly so you aren't grabbed by wanderers inside. Second area you need to check is Ruins 2, but you do not have to go through it all. When you run up from the nearest teleporter, gather stuff inside the open room on the outside (the one facing you), then on the boxes right near the entrance door. Get inside, watch out for Bomber (it won't follow you all the way in) and hit three small rooms right after the entrance corridor. You can go back after this. That will net you a hefty amount of lead and some meds among other things.
  26. After you finish those two areas and all the outposts, the first place you went for should respawn the loot.
  28. Afghan loop mostly gets you green and white resources, notably lead, copper and gunpowder.
  30. AFRICAN LOOP - 15-20 minutes
  31. Again, all of the outposts, but sneak in 4 places in-between. First are ruins right near the FoB for plenty of alcohol and some aluminium. You can also punch out zebras that hang out to the west of the FOB near scenic cliff. Second place is the spot where you thought the Frostbite. If you didn't yet, it's right at the mine teleporter, to the east. There are 2 larger buildings with 2 rooms each, surrounded by fence. Smaller buildings have nothing, so clear out the two large buildings. Be careful not to get boxed in by Wanderers - there are plenty in that area.
  33. Last two areas are a bit of a pain but net good resources. You will need to move in the direction of Code Talker Mansion. First spot is a small hut on top of a hill near the first bridge. There are plenty of grabbers there, so use Lures to uproot them and then quickly rush through and gather what you can, then scram. The other place is a teleportless outpost ahead. If you don't know where it is, hug the left map edge when going to the Mansion, it will be right past the narrow cliff passage. This one has plenty of blue and green stuff.
  35. African loop gives you plenty of blue and green resources, along with whites.
  38. Tip 1 - if you arrive at an outpost and some resources you expected didn't respawn, don't fret, it happens, just keep going.
  39. Tip 2 - if you arrive at an outpost and nothing respawned, try going back to base and dropping what you looted, then going back.
  40. Tip 3 - there are plenty of Grabbers in the jungle. Having Fox Walk will save you a lot of annoyance when going through it.
  41. Tip 4 - sprint-punch knocks out all the animals apart from bears. If you see an animal on your way, it might be worth it to knock them out and fulton for additional goodies.
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