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  1. <form action="tambah.php" method="POST">
  2.     NIS <input type="text" name="nis"><br>
  3.     Nama Lengkap <input type="text" name="nama_lengkap"><br>
  4.     Jenis Kelamin<br>
  5.     <input type="radio" name="jenis_kelamin" value="L"> Laki-Laki<br>
  6.     <input type="radio" name="jenis_kelamin" value="P"> Perempuan<br>
  7.     Kelas<br>
  8.     <select name="kelas">
  9.         <option value="XI-RPL1">XI-RPL1</option>
  10.         <option value="XI-RPL2">XI-RPL2</option>
  11.         <option value="XI-RPL3">XI-RPL3</option>
  12.     </select><br>
  13.     Jurusan <input type="text" name="jurusan"><br>
  14.     <input type="submit" value="Simpan">
  15. </form>
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