Drunk Anon and Scared Pone

Mar 11th, 2017
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  1. >You listen to the rain hitting the pavement, reminiscing of your old job.
  2. >You are Sprinkle Medley, a pegasus who used to work the weather.
  3. >’Used to’ is the key phrase.
  4. >That was before you left Equestria.
  5. >Before everypony did.
  6. >Not that anypony wanted to.
  7. >Rattling the chain attached to your collar and flexing your restrained wings only serve to reinforce that fact.
  8. >You don't know why they came, only that they did.
  9. >They dragged most of the ponies you knew from their homes, screaming and crying.
  10. >Not that you were any better.
  11. >You probably cried more than some of the foals.
  12. >You 𝑠𝑑𝑖𝑙𝑙 cried sometimes.
  13. >Quiet sobs echoing through your cage.
  14. >Waiting in the kennel was unbearable.
  15. >You'd only been here a few weeks but had heard the stories.
  16. >The other ponies would whisper them at night.
  17. >If you weren't sold to a human, you'd never been seen again.
  18. >Nobody knew what happened to those ponies.
  19. >That didn't stop some of the others from theorizing.
  20. >Some thought you were simply transferred to another kennel.
  21. >The few said they were just being shipped to humans who lived far away.
  22. >The unknown fate of the of those ponies was terrifying.
  23. >Despite that, most would rather disappear.
  24. >There was only one pony in the kennel when you all first arrived.
  25. >Lyrica Lilac.
  26. >She told stories.
  27. >She told stories of those who had abducted you.
  28. >The 'Humans'.
  29. >Her stories were horrible.
  30. >So bad that you couldn't sit through most of them.
  31. >Those stories were the reason you still cried.
  32. >Humans forcing themselves on ponies.
  33. >Humans working ponies to death.
  34. >Humans whipping ponies.
  35. >Humans beating ponies.
  36. >The stories went on and on.
  37. >Eventually you all woke up one morning to find her gone.
  38. >Nopony knew where she went but nopony had forgotten her.
  39. >So you all waited.
  40. >Waited to be picked up and face abuse.
  41. >Waited to disappear and face the unknown.
  42. >You wanted to disappear.
  43. ~~~~
  44. >You were eating your hay when he arrived.
  45. >He stumbled in, led by the kennel's owner.
  46. >"Sooo, what do you got here?"
  47. >He spun around and allowed a quick glimpse of his crimson face.
  48. >The owner placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him.
  49. >"Anon. Stop. Anon, you're drunk."
  50. >They stepped out your range of vision, a crash ringing out.
  51. >"Anon! Don't fucking damage the merchandise!"
  52. >The owner's shout echoes in your ears.
  53. >He must have hit a pony!
  54. >That's what the crash was.
  55. >The owner only ever called everypony merchandise and he said that this human damaged the merchandise.
  56. >As the sound of shuffling hooves and rattling chains fill the room, you shrink into the back of your cage.
  57. >The two humans shuffle around, presumably staring at each pony.
  58. >"How about this one? She's cute."
  59. >You hear a hiccup come from their direction, but otherwise the room is silent.
  60. >"Nah. She's a little baby horse. I don't want to get a baby horse."
  61. >Their footsteps begin to draw closer.
  62. >"Well, I keep the mares over here."
  63. >Your breathing begins to speed up.
  64. >Their small talk gets closer and closer.
  65. >The hiccuping sounds like it's only a few feet away.
  66. >"I was thinking, maybe one with wings? They always look cute. Like little birdies."
  67. >Your breaths become more and more rapid.
  68. >A cute mare?
  69. >He must be looking for a bed slave.
  70. >B-but you're a pegasus mare!
  71. >You can't get chosen.
  72. >You've never even been with a stallion, let alone...
  73. >You try to push those thoughts out of your mind.
  74. >"I think you mean a pegasus."
  75. >You try to calm down, but they keep getting closer.
  76. >"Wait. Shut up, Goldberg."
  77. >Their footsteps stop.
  78. >But you can't stop hyperventilating, your worst nightmares replaying through your head.
  79. >"Anon, I'm not talking"
  80. >"I get that. What's that sound?"
  81. >The footsteps move closer.
  82. >You give up on trying to be calm, squishing yourself as far into the cage as you can.
  83. >"I dunno sounds like one of the mares' freaking out."
  84. >You close your eyes, unwilling to tempt fate.
  85. >"Give me the keys, I wanna see this one."
  86. >You hear the rattling of keys.
  87. >Please.
  88. >"You sure? She's pretty spooked."
  89. >Please.
  90. >"Yeah, yeah. I'm greeaat with animals, Goldie."
  91. >You hear fiddling with the lock.
  92. >Pl-
  93. >You hear and feel your chain being unlocked.
  94. >You feel a hand on your flank.
  95. >You freeze in terror.
  96. >You stop shaking, stop breathing.
  97. >You feel yourself being pulled out, picked up.
  98. >The warmth of hairy arms contrasts with their normal environment of cold metal.
  99. >You feel yourself begin to slip away, hyperventilation and now the holding of your breath beginning to take its toll.
  100. >In the distance you hear a voice.
  101. >"She won't look at me?"
  102. >You feel something make contact with your nose, shocking back into reality.
  103. >Air fills your lungs, a welcome reunion.
  104. >You stare up into the face of your oppressor.
  105. >He smiles, practically a spotlight glaring down upon you.
  106. >Unable to maintain your nerve, you break away.
  107. >"So how much will she set me back?"
  108. >You heard him damage the merchandise before.
  109. >You don't want to get hit.
  110. >Tears slowly begin dripping onto the floor, your sobs silent.
  111. >"Well, let me talk to her first."
  112. >The owner sets you down on the floor.
  113. >"But wait, is she-"
  114. >He practically shoves Anon into the front of the shop, cutting him off.
  115. >When he turns around, you stare at the floor.
  116. >He doesn't like it when you look him in the eyes.
  117. >You're still crying anyway.
  118. >He doesn't like that.
  119. >When he gets close enough, he pulls your head up by your mane.
  120. >"You better not fuck this up."
  121. >His beady eyes stare directly into your tear-filled ones.
  122. >"Stop crying and put on a smile, got it?"
  123. "Y-yes."
  124. >He straightens his tie and glances at you for a second.
  125. >"Yes, what?"
  126. >The anger in his voice is barely restrained.
  127. >You suck it up, wiping away your tears with a wing.
  128. "Yes, master."
  129. >"Good, good, good. Let's not keep Anon waiting."
  130. >He hooks a fabric leash to your collar and walks you through to the front.
  131. >You're in a daze, all the old stories running through your head.
  132. >"You sure you're good to drive home, Anon?"
  133. >You just need to be strong.
  134. >"Yeah, yeah. I live five minutes away. You get the payment?"
  135. >The register makes a few odd noises.
  136. >"Yep. That all you need?"
  137. >The owner hands your leash to Anon.
  138. >Just don't cry.
  139. >Anon, your new owner, makes an odd waving motion with one hand.
  140. >"Got any of those little collar making machines?"
  141. >Don't speak unless spoken to.
  142. >Your old owner points to a big machine in the corner.
  143. >"Just be sure to use cash, card reader's been fucked for a while."
  144. >And remember to smile.
  145. >You feel your leash begin to tug at your neck as your master heads over to the machine.
  146. >You hear a few beeps and can't help but glance up at the machine.
  147. >"What's your name? Goldie didn't tell me?"
  148. >He's still staring at the screen.
  149. >Could he be talking to you?
  150. >He hiccups and turns to meet your gaze.
  151. >"Look, I just want to know what your name is."
  152. >This must be a test.
  153. >You know that some humans like to rename their ponies, he must be looking for you to mess up.
  154. "I-I'm whatever you want to call me, Master."
  155. >You end it with a genuine smile.
  156. >You won't fall for these games.
  157. >He hiccups again and slams his head into the machine.
  158. >"First."
  159. >He raises a finger, his head still pressed against the machine.
  160. >"I'm too goddamn drunk to do this. What name were you born with?"
  161. >"Second."
  162. >He raises a second finger on the same hand.
  163. >"I'm not 'master'. Call me whatever you want, as long as it isn't late for dinner."
  164. >He laughs hysterically at that for at least a minute.
  165. >After catching his breath, he pushes his head off the machine.
  166. >"Okay, that joke obviously doesn't transcend culture. So, what's your name?"
  167. >He stares at you, waiting for an answer.
  168. >You break away from his gaze before responding.
  169. "S-Sprinkle Medley, S-Sir."
  170. >You just can't look him in the eyes.
  171. >Staring at the floor, all you can hear is a series of beeps and the grinding of gears.
  172. >"Look up at me for a second."
  173. >So he's still looking for a reason to beat you.
  174. >At least he's looking for a reason.
  175. >That way you might have a chance.
  176. >Trying not hesitate any longer, you look up at him.
  177. >Not his eyes.
  178. >You can't look at those.
  179. >You stare at his rosy cheeks as he clips something to the lower loop on your collar.
  180. >He pulls on it, forcing you to lean down as he fiddles with it.
  181. >He tries to pull it away from your collar, to no avail.
  182. >"I guess you can't see it then. It says 'Sprinkle Medley'."
  183. >It most certainly doesn't.
  184. >He's probably got something horrible printed on there.
  185. "T-Thank you, M-Master"
  186. >You still can't seem to talk right.
  187. >Lyrica's stories just keep going through your head.
  188. >He brings his palm to his face and sighs.
  189. >"We're gonna go now."
  190. >He starts walking again, but this time you know better than to get dragged along.
  191. >You follow right alongside him.
  192. >Say what you want, but you're a fast learner.
  193. >He walks up to his car and opens two of the doors.
  194. >He turns towards you and you look away.
  195. >Something about that gaze just unsettles you.
  196. >Yeah, that's it.
  197. >You aren't scared.
  198. >Humans are just unsettling.
  199. >That's it.
  200. >You just can't help yourself.
  201. >He hiccups again, steadying himself against the car.
  202. >"Just hop in the back, I only live a few minutes from here"
  203. >Looks like this is the last you'll ever see of the kennel.
  204. >You want to glance back at it, but fear that would invite him to punish you.
  205. "Y-Yes, master"
  206. >He sighs as you both climb into the car.
  207. >"You okay beck there? I dunno if ponies can use seat belts or not."
  208. >Looks like he's changed tactics.
  209. >Now he's trying to earn your sympathy.
  210. >Lyrica told you about this.
  211. "Yes, m-master. I'm fine."
  212. >She said they liked to make you feel comfortable before abusing you.
  213. >She said that that made it worse when they did go through with it.
  214. >So you just won't play this game.
  215. >"Oooooookay, then."
  216. >He turns away from you, starting the car.
  217. >As he pulls away from the kennel, you steal one last glance.
  218. >You won't miss it.
  219. >Still, that doesn't stop you from worrying about everypony else.
  220. >The car turns, the kennel disappearing from your view.
  221. >You just need to be strong.
  222. >As you bounce around the car, lacking a seat belt, you try not to cry.
  223. >It's made harder by the fact that your master keeps swerving around and making sharp turns.
  224. >Every time he does that, you're slammed into the door.
  225. >He doesn't even notice, so you just suffer in silence.
  226. >You don't want to bring any attention to it, for fear of what consequences complaining could bring.
  227. >Luckily he wasn't lying about how close he lived.
  228. >After a few minutes, you pull into a cracked and grassy driveway.
  229. >Suddenly, the lights in the car go out.
  230. >You can't see anything, but you hear a car door open.
  231. >Is he going to leave you in the car?
  232. >You back into the door, your eyes still unadjusted to the darkness.
  233. >Still backing up, you hear the opening of the door.
  234. >For a second there's no seat beneath you.
  235. >No ground either.
  236. >Then that second is over.
  237. >"Got ya"
  238. >You recognize the limbs wrapping around your barrel as your master's.
  239. >Guess he didn't want you hurting yourself when he could do that himself.
  240. "T-Thank you, master."
  241. >You wouldn't want to be beaten for something as simple as not thanking him.
  242. >"No problemo."
  243. >You feel him start to move.
  244. >You know better than to struggle.
  245. >"So can you see in the dark? You backed right out of the car there."
  246. >He can see?
  247. "My s-sight hasn't adjusted, m-master."
  248. >"Hmm"
  249. >He hiccups, probably storing that info for later use against you.
  250. >"I guess humans adjust faster."
  251. >Your eyesight finally begins to return, a brown door forming before you.
  252. >He puts you down and attempts to unlock the door.
  253. >He uses both hands to do it, missing the lock several times.
  254. >While he continues to miss, you stare across the weed-ridden lawn.
  255. >Could you escape?
  256. >He's too busy fumbling with the lock to hold onto your leash.
  257. >Maybe you could.
  258. >You carefully raise one hoof off the stoop.
  259. >Then you're suddenly dragged backwards, into the house.
  260. >You gasp, your breath returning once you're inside.
  261. >It was only a matter of time before it truly began.
  262. >He closes the door, dashing your hopes at escape.
  263. >"You don't want to be outside at night. S'not a good neighborhood."
  264. >Of course that's what he wants you to think.
  265. >That way you would never try to escape.
  266. "Y-Yes, master. I'll k-keep that in mind."
  267. >He flicks at a switch, blinding you.
  268. >You try to cover your eyes with your wings, but they're still belted down.
  269. >"Aw shit. Sorry about that, Medley."
  270. >The light goes away, but you can't see again.
  271. >This must be how it starts.
  272. >Little 'accidents'
  273. >It's only going to get worse from here.
  274. >You feel tears begin to prick at corners of your eyes.
  275. >No.
  276. >You must stay strong.
  277. >Crying will only encourage him.
  278. >He must want you blind for what's coming next.
  279. >Oblivious to your struggles, your master begins to tug on your leash.
  280. >"C'mon. I'll guide you."
  281. >Is he going to bring you down into some dungeon?
  282. >You walk forward, following the pull of the leash.
  283. >Are you going to have to sleep in the backyard?
  284. >You stop for a moment and hear a door being unlocked.
  285. >As you torture yourself worrying, your vision starts to return.
  286. >You almost wish it hadn't.
  287. >A queen size bed takes up the majority of your vision.
  288. >The rest of your vision is taken up by your undressing master.
  289. >He strips down to his undergarment and then turns back to you.
  290. >It has only been a day.
  291. >He grabs you by the barrel.
  292. >You're paralyzed with fear.
  293. >"Up you go!"
  294. >It's too soon.
  295. >He hiccups before setting you down on the bed.
  296. >You weren't ready for this.
  297. >He slides in next to you.
  298. >You haven't been with a stallion yet.
  299. >The covers are pulled over the both of you.
  300. >Why couldn't he just beat you?
  301. >He pulls you close to his chest.
  302. >You prepare yourself for what comes next.
  303. >He leans in close to your ear.
  304. >You're ready.
  305. >"Good night, Medley."
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