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  2. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: Hello you sexy beast x3
  3. FuckFox420: uh hi
  4. FuckFox420: I see you're the second member of our hard core gaming clan for furries
  5. FuckFox420: so like... how do you enjoy our clan?
  6. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: it's sexy fun x3
  7. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: i haven't had any fun yet though lol x3
  8. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: i can't wait to have fun though x3
  9. FuckFox420: it's fun all the time~
  10. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: i know
  11. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII stretches
  12. FuckFox420: Well it's good to see some positive individuals on this gaming service!
  13. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: especially ones when they wanna have ;3
  14. FuckFox420: who doesnt?
  15. FuckFox420: I love having... stuff I guess.
  16. FuckFox420: I dunno, I have a PS3.
  17. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: lol
  18. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: u know wat else i mean by "fun " x3
  19. FuckFox420: I dunno... playing fun games like Blacklight and chatting shit up?
  20. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII motions using his fingers lmao
  21. FuckFox420: uh huh...
  22. FuckFox420: pattie cake?
  23. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: sorta :3
  24. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII wiggles his hips
  25. FuckFox420: Dancing... but how would one dance over the internet?
  26. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: xD
  27. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: i meant....
  28. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: starts with a y, ends with two f's x3 lmfao
  29. FuckFox420: Oh that...
  30. FuckFox420: Yeah I guess that's alright at points.
  31. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: x3
  32. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: know anyone that wants to party with me X3
  33. FuckFox420: not at the moment, sorry :(
  34. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: it's ok i gtg now :3
  35. FuckFox420: Aight.
  36. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: peace -kisses cheek-
  37. FuckFox420: It's a pleasure talking to you.
  38. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: later lol
  39. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII: same ;3
  40. (G^B^F^C ) AceofDukesXIII is now Offline.
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