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  1. DQIX J Routing
  2. My data repository:
  4. Main changes are:
  5.     - More efficient inventory management
  6.     - Different shopping & money spending. Lots of money is given to the player, and there's freedom on which order to spend
  7.     - Cleaning up strategies for no safeties/backups for deaths
  8.     - Less leveling in the endgame
  9.     - Manips for J version
  11. Fastest times:
  12. Tarahiro - 6:37 (no video)
  13. Concerto - 6:41 (no video)
  14. Etoile - 6:46 (no video)
  15. Concerto - 6:47 (nico lb approved) (no video)
  16. Steel - 6:56 (nico lb approved) (no video)
  17. Steel - 7:13 (video)
  19. Nico LB:
  21. Fastest time with a video is Steel's 7:13. To further complicate things, some of the above speedrun times use manips, some don't. Tarahiro's notably doesn't (according to his report). So, it's all kind of a mess, but these sub 7 hour times are very fast. The idea is to get a clean video of the fastest time.
  23. Also if it wasn't clear, J version is way, way faster than US version. Menus don't lag and the text scrolls much quicker. Battles are mostly the same.
  25. Manips:
  26. There's two kinds of manips. Really, they're only used for metal slime hunting.
  27.     - A Table - This influences which enemies spawn on the map. Simply by getting a specific item and opening the map menu, a RNG value
  28.     is set to the same thing every time. This is used to have metal slime formations appear. It's a very simple manipulation, you
  29.     literally just open a menu.
  30.     - B Table (aka Hoimi Table) - This influences enemies appear in battle. Without this manip, metal slimes can show up with other
  31.     enemies, and it can be very dangerous. If they appear alone though, it's usually not dangerous. This table is both hard to keep    
  32.     track of during the run, and can be slow to make changes to the table.
  34. A Table manip influences which enemies appear on the map, and B Table manip influences which enemies appear in battle. Nothing about how each battle plays out is manipulated (this is C Table, if you're curious I can explain). So you can still lose quite a bit of time to metals if they run away, but at least you can mitigate time loss by having them 1) appear on the map and 2) appearing alone.
  36. Because Tarahiro's supposed fastest time does not use B Table manip, I'm undecided on using it or not. It is cumbersome to use and there's mild time loss associated with setting it up, but cuts tons of time loss out from uncooperative metal slimes with allies. Optimally you just get lucky and don't use it. On the other hand, there's mild skepticism with no videos, and part of me would like to get the best time with resources available.
  38. Other skips:
  39. Semi recently, someone found a way to bypass some story triggers ( The technique is using the stylus to menu, which causes the character model to drift further than using buttons to menu while moving. It unfortunately has few applications, due to a combination of where event triggers happen and how large of an activation area for the event is. In the few cases the player can do it, there's no harm in trying to get it. No skips I've looked into yet skip any fights.
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