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  1. http://p4ste.tumblr.com
  2. This version of lighthouse have Voteban.
  3. To use this feature,
  5. Go to " Plugins "
  6. Under General Plugins
  7. You will see Change. Click it
  8. and now click on Simple AB and manual man and votebanenabled
  9. ( This is to add ab, unab, icq ban aw and unaw, VoteBan )
  10. Remember, Mbox is nothing. No need to check it.
  12. Heres a little guide from my other post
  14. How to use :
  16. Open LighthouseLauncher.exe
  17. Default profile.
  18. Signing on..
  19. Owner Sn = What sn will you be owning with )
  20. Ccom bot = Command bot. Owner sn wont display Help command kick.. etc.
  21. Ccom bot display the user command, do the banning etc.
  22. Yes u will need to sign on 2 bot.
  23. Ok Once you are sign on,
  24. Go to " Plugins "
  25. Under General Plugins
  26. You will see Change. Click it
  27. and now click on Simple AB and manual man
  28. ( This is to add ab, unab, icq ban aw and unaw )
  30. Ok now to join a chatroom, go to
  31. Click Chat
  32. Enter your room name
  33. Exchange : 4
  34. Instance : 4
  35. ( Always let your Owner sn in first so that you can own the room )
  36. Once owner is in, enter your command bot.
  37. Under status : Click on all the boxes.. It will help you out alot ;]
  39. Ok now Op yourself
  40. Click on Ops
  41. and enter your sn
  42. ( when you op yourself, make sure to give yourself perms. )
  43. * Click on default perm to set a default perm. So when you op someone,
  44. that user will get the default perm u set.
  46. How to make your Owner Unlaggable 100% Guarantee
  48. Click Plugins
  49. Under Owner Client Plugin,
  50. click Properties
  51. Uncheck Recieve Chat Packets.
  52. after that your done.
  54. Thing you will need to know :
  55. Setting dont Save
  56. Ccom bot can get leg out but not owner
  57. When you type Ban or kick alone Example : kick
  58. your ccom bot will scroll all the ban Failed and
  59. will ban/kick everyone who is not immune.
  60. Aw and Unaw dont work.
  61. Anything else you might need to know, just go to contact me and ask me for help.
  62. Welcome
  64.  sdfsdfsd (Sign Out)
  65. Inbox
  66. Edit Profile
  67. Invite
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