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I like you

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  1.  I like you.
  2. I like you a lot.
  3. I need you.
  4. I need you so much.
  5. I love you
  6. I love you with all my heart.
  7. But all this didn't matter
  8. Because you were dead from the start.
  9. And i can't save you
  10. No matter what.
  11. It hurts
  12. It hurts that i can't do anything.
  13. It feels like a rusty nail
  14. piercing through my veins.
  15. Why is it that you must die in vain?
  16. The intense pain
  17. It still lingers in my brain.
  18. I just want to see
  19. You smile with glee.
  20. So forgive me,
  21. Natsuki.
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