Dadonequus Discord Part 281

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  1. >So there you both were. In your room. Scootaloo was still pretty amazed, just like last time, how neat it was to jump into water and come out in a room.
  2. >"I wish I had a way to go back home anytime I want. That'd be so cool!" Scootaloo said as she hopped off your bed and looked upon your closed floor door.
  3. "I guess, It is pretty convenien-Scootaloo wait!"
  4. >You stop Scootaloo has she opens the floor door. She stops, but she hadn't planned to delve any deeper anyway. "What?"
  5. "There's no stairs there, you gotta be careful. You have to use a special way to get down"
  6. >"Well, Yeah. I can see that.I wasn't just gonna go down like that" Scootaloo looks down at the stairless drop to the living room. "...So how do we get down there exactly?"
  7. "Easy, you just need to focus on "Stairs". Like, just focus and imagine there are stairs and you'll be able to walk down just fine. It took me a little bit to get used to it. But it actually is pretty easy. Here, let me go first. And then you try"
  8. >Scootaloo steps aside as you focus and head down the gravity stairs.
  9. >You give a warm smile and look upwards as you call to Scootaloo
  10. "Ok, Scoots, your turn"
  11. >But, no answer. Instead you feel tap at the back of your neck that sends shivers down your spine.
  12. "HOLY G-GEEZ, C-Chrysalis?!"
  13. >You look back to see who tapped you with a hoof. But it...was Scootaloo?
  14. "S-Scoots? H-how did you get down here so fast?"
  15. >"Duh, I just followed you and used my wings to hover down here. I can't fly yet, but I can at least sorta float now." Scootaloo gave you a smug smirk "Gotcha good, huh?"
  16. "tch, no!...I was just...."
  17. >"Yeeeah...I got you. You were like "C-c-c-chrysalis?!"" Scootaloo makes a face to imitate yours when you got startled, then chuckles "It was pretty funny"
  18. >.....uugghhhhh
  19. >You just peer into Scootaloo's eyes with a hard stare
  20. "Do you get off on messing with me like that?"
  21. >"Get off?...uhhh, does that mean like...find it funny?"
  23. >Ahh shit, she didn't understand the meaning of the phrase.Ugh, sometimes you forget you also have to keep a certain level of cleanliness in your own speech.
  24. ".....uhhh..Yeah"
  25. >"Then yeah...Come on Anon, it's not like I'm being mean. It's just a joke, you're still cool. You don't need to act so seriously...geez.." Scootaloo pokes your side to try to elicit a smile, but you didn't feel very ticklish at the moment "Where did your funny bone go?"
  26. >You sigh, Maybe you were being too serious. Then again, at this needed to be.
  27. "Scoots look, we need to be serious here. We're going down to see Chrysalis. And one mistake and this could turn super sour super fast."
  28. >"Hey, I got it Anon. I know how to be serious" Scootaloo points to herself with pride as she stands with bravado and courageousness "Just watch this." Scootaloo then gives you a very stoic face, and yet, it was nearly menacing "Listen here Bug Breath, we have a feeling you were lying to us and even made Scrappy lie. Because come on. When do you NOT have something evil planned? I'm calling you out!" Scootaloo then gives you a cheerful smile "See?"
  30. >Hmmm, that was kinda good.
  31. "Yeah, that's ok. But don't insult her, and don't be too demanding. We also gotta make sure not to piss her off. Trust me, we won't get anywhere if she gets angry"
  32. >"Mnnnngh." Scootaloo did kind of want to tick her off just to tick her off. But she also considered the weight of the situation and how it could affect her friends. Including Scrappy. Although, she was still ignorant of the dangers of meeting her period. "Fine, I guess. She really doesn't deserve to be talked too as if everything about her was nice either y'know."
  33. "I know, but this is something that heroes have to do sometimes. Sometimes, they gotta do what they don't want to do"
  34. >"Yeah I know, I've heard Rainbow Dash say that...sooo" Scootaloo looked around "Where is the hive place anyway?"
  35. >You walk over to the trap door and open it, revealing cave steps that lead into Chrysalis's lair.
  36. "Right down here"
  37. >"Woah, so it leads into an actual cave? Weird." Scootaloo said as she looked down into the dank,dark, and dreary abyss below.
  38. "Yep, not scared, are you? You can always turn back"
  39. >"What? pfft, no. I was just surprised it leads into a cave" Scootaloo ,feeling challenged, steps on ahead. "C'mon already, let's get this over with!"
  40. >...damn, welp. You should have expected she would just press forward. You remembered her camping trip with her and three of the mane six. Always acting brave, and lost sleep over it due to being scared.
  41. >You both start going down the steps together. Leaving the safe confines of the living room into the creepy darkness of the caverns below.
  42. >"She's actually ok with living down in here?" Scootaloo asks
  43. "Sorta, she hates being forced to live here but this basement is where she's most comfortable."
  44. >"Huh...weird. So, she can't really hurt us right? Like, even if she even really wanted to?" Scootaloo asked, a faint hint of fear in her voice
  45. "Nope, if she tried. She'd just rocket off in the other direction."
  47. >"Ha!" Scootaloo hopped down a few steps and looked forward with bravery "This will totally be a cinch then!"
  48. >But before you could try to Warn Scootaloo to not get too cocky, you both start hearing shuffling sounds ahead. With low moans and small voices saying "Foooood"
  49. >Scootaloo immediately darts behind you and looks over you. "W-what's that?"
  50. >At first you didn't know, but as you saw some glassy bluish eyes peering up from below. You started to realize what's going on.
  51. "...It's just the changelings. Look, Scoots. Don't get scared..i-"
  52. >"Scared? Ha! I'm not scared..." She said as she still stuck behind you, looking over you with frightened eyes as she tried to put on a brave face "What do they want anyway?"
  53. "I think they are sensing some raw emotion"
  54. >You know for the most part, they leave you alone on Chrysalis's command, also because you knew how to fill your heart with deep depression bullshit and pure hatred. Scootaloo on the other hand.
  55. "In other words, food. Scoots, before we go any further. You're gonna have to think of something that makes you angry and sad. And keep it in your head. They can smell the love and excitement off of you"
  56. >"O-oh...erm. I-I guess I can do that...let me think...erm.." Then Scootaloo thought of something, but just thinking it, along with the ever slight drain she was feeling as you both stood near the entrance to the hive, made her actually feel rather down. "..mnnnn...I really hate it when ponies make fun of the fact that I can't fly..or get compared to something like a chicken."
  57. >You look back at her, you could see the genuine hurt in her face. But, you could see the glow of the changelings backing off, the sounds lowering.
  58. "I'm sorry Scoots. But you're just going to have to keep that thought burning through your head right now. Try not to let it bother you too much, but as long as it makes you sad. You should be fine."
  60. >"I'll be, even though they can't hurt me. They can still eat love?" Scootaloo asked with a notable drop in enthusiasm in her voice.
  61. "Yeah, and since you're a visitor, they won't hesitate"
  62. >And saying those very words. It made you feel unsure about your decision to bring her down here.
  63. "Scoots, are you sure you don't want to go back? There's no shame in backing out"
  64. >"Well...they can't feed off me if I just keep thinking bad stuff right?" Scootaloo asks you
  65. "Well yeah but-"
  66. >"Then I'm going. If they can't hurt me or eat my love, then they can't do squat to me. We've got em' right where we want em'" Scootaloo said with confidence as she started to go ahead of you, stepping down the final steps. Dammit! You rush up to her quickly as step in front of her.
  67. "Scoots, I'm serious, We should head back"
  68. >"We already got this far Anon, Can't you trust me? I said I got this" Scootaloo says as she steps ahead of you into the lair of Queen Chrysalis.
  69. >...she wasn't listening. Goddammit Scoots.
  70. >You could hear the changelings start to stir again.
  71. "If you're gonna step out like that at least remember to keep what I said in mind. They can smell you again."
  72. >Scootaloo stops, and looks around. She didn't see anything until she looked up and gulped. Seeing the eyes of Changelings clinging on the ceiling. "...r-right.."
  73. >She just sat there, seemingly petrified, looking straight up, was it finally sinking in as to where she actually was?
  75. "Scoots?....."
  76. >"I'm fine Anon...I'm doing what you said. I'm thinking really depressing thoughts." She was doing her best anyway, the changelings didn't make a move, they just, observed. Scootaloo stood and walked forward as bravely as she could "C'mon, or are you the one who's scared?" She was being aggressive, she was feigning bravery.
  77. >You don't say a word as you sped up your step to stay ahead of her. Now you were getting annoyed. And yet, something did strike you as frightful...but what?
  78. "...Just let me start this little dialogue, huh? And just follow my lead"
  79. >"No problem, you know her better than I do anyway. That's why I got your back. We can do this" Scootaloo said, slowly looking around, afraid she might get jumped.
  80. >Finally, you both approached Chrysalis's throne, behind it....her Ferrari was parked. Chrysalis herself resting on her throne after a day of driving like a fucking nutcase.
  81. >Though now, the throne itself had been replaced. It's been made longer, larger, and more accommodating for resting. It even had another seat similar next to it. And a cup ho...oh god. She had a new throne converted to be like the seats of a car, but enlarged.
  82. >"Psst, Anon" Scootaloo whispered "What's that weird thing behind her weird chair? It looks like a huge boxcar"
  83. "Don't ask, it'd take too long to explain"
  84. >You whisper back.
  85. >And as you both approached, Chrysalis's eyes slowly open as she slowly gazes upon the both of you. With noticable surprise.
  87. >"Well well well, how interesting." Chrysalis sat up right slowly as she gazed directly at Scootaloo "Anon, you brought a friend. Tell me, what's the occasion? It must be something important" Chrysalis then gazed upon you, there wasn't a smile on her face as she spoke, in fact, she seemed somewhat annoyed. "Considering you seemed to have told her enough to keep her love locked up inside, amazing, she must be thinking of something truly depressing to keep my children from feeding."
  88. >You take a breath, and then give Chrysalis a stern look.
  89. "She's here with me because I told her how you said you weren't planning anything evil, which the cpatain had also told her. Essentially, we think you lied to the captain to make sure he didn't let anything slip because anything YOU have to say is probably a lie. I well...."
  90. >You act falsely embarrassed.
  91. "I should have guessed you would have lied to me. You usually do about things like this."
  92. >"Yeah, how can you lie to Scrappy like that? What are you planning bug breath?" Scootaloo let's out. She sounded pretty angry. Whatever she was keeping in mind to stay negative, it must have also made her upset.
  93. >AHH SHIT!
  94. >You tense up, ready to get Scootaloo out of there immediately. But Chrysalis doesn't act. She merely makes a rather sour face. "Bug Breath? Hmmm" She then looks upon you again "Anon, I'll let that slide. But I would suggest your friend watch her tongue while in my presence. Or something might just happen to it. But..." Chrysalis hops off her throne and walks over to her ferrari as she slides her hoof along the upper edge of it. "I have to admit, she was right about me, I did in fact lie. Oopsie, I was caught by the dumb detectives of Ponyville. So then, what exactly was your next move after finding me out?" Chrysalis then looks to Scootaloo with a sinister grin "I mean, to bring a filly down here just for a silly simple lie. It must be my birthday, So rarely these days I get to make a pony suffer so much"
  96. >Scootaloo rolls her eyes at her "Oh please, I know you can't hurt me. So stop acting so tough! We came for answers!"
  97. >Chrysalis again did not like Scootaloo's impertinent tone. "Cute...she doesn't understand the scope of the situation. That's fine. Since it seems I've clearly been outmatched. I'll tell you my plan. You see, a very dangerous changeling by the name of Thorax, a changeling who had defected secretly during a...failed operation, has been spotted by the Captain, which by the way, he will be reffered as in MY presence. I'm having the captain retrieve him tomorrow morning for either discipline or IMMEDIATE destruction. Depending on my mood." Chrysalis chuckles to herself "I don't want too much time taken from my driving. I want to make sure my skills are perfect for when I debut as Equestria's new ruler."
  98. >you move close to Scootaloo and whisper to her.
  99. "Yo hey, calm down ok?"
  100. >Scootaloo says nothing, she just stares angrily at Chrysalis.
  101. >You look upon her yourself. Sending Scrappy alone against someone so dangerous?
  102. "Why send the captain alone? If this changeling is so dangerous, wouldn't he massacre him considering the restrictions put on him"
  103. >you almost said Discord.
  104. >"Possibly" Chrysalis said, with no hint of care in her tone. Which angered Scootaloo.
  105. >"You're a monster! You'd send Scrappy by himself against a dangerous changeling?! What if he got hurt?!" Scootaloo barks.
  106. >Ahh shit, the changelings around started to gather now. They gathered as Chrysalis kept her cool this time. And even asked her. "Then what do you suggest my little pony?"
  107. >"...." Scootaloo was surprised she was actually asking her. She looked around and pointed to herself "Are you actually asking me?"
  108. >Chrysalis sighs and slowly threw her head back in aggravation "Yes...I'm asking you. Now out with it!"
  109. >"Oh...u-umm..Why not send Anon with him? He'd be able to help Scrappy with his-"
  111. >"....that name so annoys me" Chrysalis let's out a half annoyed, half amused chuckle. She so wanted to tell Scootaloo that Scrappy, the Captain, was not her friend. But kept it to herself. Totally ignorant to the truth that her captain did indeed like Scootaloo. "But go on, since you refuse to follow my rules."
  112. >Scootaloo had no care of whether she liked it or not. "Anon can partner up with him tomorrow, that way nothing bad will happen at all. Anon.." Scootaloo looks to you, her face giving you gentle worry as she asked "You'd go with him right? And make sure he stays safe?"
  113. >Oh come on Scoots. Don't do that. You were amazed she didn't seem at all woozy. Was she being fed upon? Or was she really holding on to those negative emotions.
  114. >Though, she already said forget school. So how could you say no?
  115. "Yeah, I'll...I'll go with him"
  116. >Chrysalis looks to you, then starts laughing. "What's this?! HAHAHA! Are you saying you are willingly going to help the captain tomorrow?"
  117. >You look to Chrysalis , already worried as to why she was laughing, surely it was just because it was something like "You're becoming closer and closer to becoming mine" or some shit. Y'know? Yeah, it was probably something like that. She was full of shit. Which gives you some bravado in your tone.
  118. "Yeah, what about it?"
  119. >" Oh nothing" Chrysalis giggles girlishly "I was just going to foalnap you and force you into helping him by calling in one of your debts. But now you're doing it for free. I'm such a lucky girl to have you as a friend, eh Anon? And I have our silly little friend to thank. So thank you Scootaloo, for being a wonderful little tool." Chrysalis cackles.
  121. >...wait....DAMMIT!
  122. >And as you facehoofed at your own stupidity. Scootaloo began to bark at Chrysalis again. "What's your problem you stupid bug! Why do you always have to be a jerk! Anon just wants you to be nice and good, is that so hard? Scrappy is the nicest changeling I ever met, and since he's nice, I know you can be nice too. But no! You have to be really mean for NO reason! Anon says you can change, but I don't see how. You still seem like the stupid bug who got blasted at the wedding. Anon was doing you a favor, and instead of appreciating it, you had to be all" Scootaloo does a mocking evil cackle "haha! I get to get you to do what I want for free because I can use you whenever I want"
  123. "Scoots!"
  124. >Ngh, what was she doing?!
  125. >You looked at Chrysalis, who was looking very very displeased. "I'd suggest you shut up little filly, I can only be so patient"
  126. "Scoots, it's over. Let's ju-"
  127. >Scootaloo starts stepping towards her, still barking angrily. "Patient smatient! I haven't been down here ten minutes and you are being a humongous jerk! You don't want Anon to go with Scrappy to protect him and to make sure he'll be ok. You just want Anon there because it just gives you better chances that it'll go better. I bet you wouldn't care if Anon or Scrappy or even both of them got hurt or something!"
  128. >Chrysalis's eye twitched as her inner anger grew "....I'm warning you..." Chrysalis looked to you, with a fatally calm expression. "Anon, I'd suggest you take her away from here now..."
  129. >...was she...really being that patient?...dammit...fuck.
  130. "Scoots, we're done. Let's go. There's nothing more we can do"
  131. >You try to grab onto her, but she pushes off of you. She wanted to get what was on her chest off. She wanted to force Chrysalis to understand.
  133. >"Listen you big dumb bug! You're supposed to be Anon's friend! But you're so selfish and dumb that you only see everypony around you as things you can use to try to take over Equestria. You don't care about ANYPONY. You're so sad and pathetic! You have Anon, who WANTS to be your friend despite you being evil and you treat him badly just because you can. No wonder he's so stressed out. You're worse than a bad friend or an evil bug. You're worse than dirt! And you know what? You stink as a bad guy too, at least Discord and Tirek almost won. What did you get beat by? Oh yeah, that's right. The THING YOU EAT!" Scootaloo scoffed.
  134. >.......oh crap.
  135. >Chrysalis said nothing at first. She gave you a glance, then focused on Scootaloo.
  136. >You forcibly grab Scootaloo as the changelings begin to hiss at her.
  137. "Scoots, we gotta go and we gotta go now. Come on!"
  138. >You try pulling, but she slips her hoof away. "Hold on Anon, I'm actually winning. Who knows." She gives you a confident smile "I think I'm actually getting through to her!"
  139. >.....oh god Scoots....please...
  140. >You try grabbing at her again. But you are immediately pulled back as some of the changelings hold you down and cover your mouth. changing into rope and a scarf to keep you from doing anything.
  141. >Chrysalis then slowly approaches the confident filly. Her expression becoming cruel, with an evil smile on her face. "Excuse me, did I hear right? You think you actually got through to me? Is that what you inferred?"
  142. >"I mean..yeah. Come on, If Anon was really your friend. Then you realized that I'm right, right? You need to be nicer to him and everypony else. Maybe then, you could even get help from the princesses" Scootaloo tries to explain to her.
  143. >"Oh my, how wonderful, and I suppose they could help me go along the right path. Is that right?"
  144. >Scootaloo nods, she felt it was working "Yup. I'd think they might even forgive you, definitely"
  146. >"Ohhhh, really?" Chrysalis gives her a soft smile as she holds her hoof to her chest, acting as if she felt something warm "And you think, I could have friends too?"
  147. >Scootaloo felt like she had truly gotten through "Yeah! I'd take a bit. But yeah"
  148. >You struggled the best you could...dammit. DAMMIT. ITS A TRAP!
  149. >"How.........idiotic" Chrysalis states, much to Scootaloo's surprise. "In fact, let me tell you EXACTLY how things would would go..something like" Chrysalis then turns into Rainbow Dash, with an evil smile on her face "..this"
  150. >Scootaloo stepped back, feeling scared and frightened, she looked back for you, but the changelings had you in their grasp, hidden from sight.
  151. >"W-what?! R-rainbow Dash?" Scootaloo was confused, she had momentarily forgotten changelings could change shape.
  152. >"Howya doin' squirt." Chrysalis chuckled with that cute raspy RD laugh "Let me tell you something "cool". Let me tell you that once Queen Chrysalis rules Equestria, I'll be brought in front of her, and be tortured for her amusement as she makes me realize what a coward I am, how much of an idiot I am to oppose her"
  153. >Scootaloo became red with anger as she quickly realized that wasn't her idol "Shut up! You're not the real Rainbow Dash!"
  154. >"No, but I WANT you to see her face. To know how it'd be when I decide to drain her dry, when she becomes an emotionless husk from days and days and days of feeding. We'll single her out and feed off her until she can never recover. How does that sound?" Chrysalis smirked as she looked upon the changelings holding you, you could feel the grip of the one posing as a rope loosen. Why was he giving up?
  155. >"S-SHUT UP!" Scootaloo screamed, but she was starting to look a little pale.
  156. >Chrysalis laughed as her wings started to molt, her feathers falling off. "Oh no, wait wait! I got it! How about we just pluck and tear every feather off her wings..wouldn't that be grand"
  158. >"N-NGH, STOP IT! R-RAINBOW DASH W-WOULD STOP YOU F...for sure..ngh" Scootaloo began to wobble, she was feeling sickly.
  159. >"Oh yes, least you could take solace that she would now be as equally useless as you. Yes,a pegasus pony who can neither fly nor glide. WHAT A WASTE! HAHAHAHAHA! Who has EVER heard of any pegasi unable to fly. It's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. You care so much for such a meddlesome and useless horse. Well, perhaps not useless yet. I'd have to make her as useless as you are before I say that. Did you hear me little one? You're useless, it's funny. Why would such a pony like her waste her time on you? She can fly  to any point in Equestria in mere minutes to an hour? You, you can't even get ten feet off the ground."
  160. >Scootaloo could say nothing, she backed off, feeling cold and sick, letting out a small "H-help..r-rainbow dash..h-help..A-Anon"
  161. >"Hrn? Nothing else to say? Awww, you must be tired....and oh so very scared...Well then." Chrysalis nods, the Changelings holding you let you go, you get up, and angrily growl at Chrysalis. What the fuck did she do?! Did she..drain her? she got her emotions up..just to drain them.
  162. " bitch."
  163. >Chrysalis could see the anger in your eyes, she could taste it from your body. But she calmed herself as she returned to her throne to rest. "Don't be mad at me Anon. As your friend, I held my patience as much as I culd. But she simply couldn't show proper respect to her future queen and thus deserved punishment. In fact, I was so nice that I didn't even have a single ounce of her love."
  164. >You rushed over to Scootaloo, her breathing was slow, she was barely conscious as she slowly made a grab for your leg and tried to cuddle into it "....."
  165. "Then wha-"
  167. >"What happened? I didn't drain her Anon. But my children? Well, it is instinct. They did what they did because that's what they do. I don't see why you're arguing with me" Chrysalis lays square on her back as she turns her head towards you with a malicious smile "They are still feeding. Perhaps if somepony was more responsible...this wouldn't have happened. I did my best Anon, oh so sorry that you're friend was an idiot." Chrysalis arrogance subsided as she just began to relax with a sleepy expression on her face as she said sing songly "My children still feed as you sit here and wait, I wonder what would happen if things ended up toooo late, perhaps if one had been smarter, she would have avoided thiisss fate." Chrysalis let's out one last dark chuckle as she turns away from you "It was a nice visit Anon, we should do it again sometime. Remember...I did my best as your friend"
  168. >You didn't say anything. You took the hint. But dammit, she wanted Scoots to suffer. She...dammit..fuck it.
  169. >You quickly lower your face to scoop Scootaloo onto your back. You could feel her weakly grip you as you use all your strength to carry her back up into the living room. The changelings don't follow. Thank christ.
  170. >You even, through sheer will and worry. Carefully get her up along the gravity stairs by painfully crawling up them along your back as you held Scootaloo against your tummy. It was an odd position to be sure. But if you carried her along your back. She'd just fall straight down. She didn't have the strength to actually hold on.
  171. >Once in your room. You get her up onto your bed. She was cold, shaking, and whimpering.
  172. >.....Scoots...
  173. >...Was this your own fault? was...wasn't it?
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