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Kyanna and George meeting.

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  1. Digger - Yesterday at 12:18 PM
  2. George stretches,  his goggles askew as he murmurs...He'd recently had his breakup with Aria and it was weighing on his brain too much. He was in the little laboratory underground, small pods set up here and there with prototypes of various Joe types... The entrance to his lair was pretty easily accessed when you get down to it, as he wasn't in full lockdown mode yet.
  3. He ruffled his blond hair, trying to adjust it...unkempt as he took a can of soda and drank it down.
  4. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 12:24 PM
  5. Before stepping in, Kyanna rested her hands on the entrance casing and popped her head inside it, trying to see if anyone was present. "Hello..?"
  6. Digger - Yesterday at 12:28 PM
  7. George looks over, he fixes his coat...even fixing his goggles. "Oh hey! Come on in, you're a new face...What's your name, miss?" He said, stretching. "Gotta admit, there's worse ways to wake up then a cute stranger." A smile as he walked over.
  8. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 12:31 PM
  9. "Hello! Yes, I am new here. My name is Kyanna" She answered with a smile and analyzed this person. He look like an engineer. She thought and continued. "Are you George?"(edited)
  10. Digger - Yesterday at 12:34 PM
  11. "Yes ma'am." The unofficial mayor of the town said, taking the soda and gesturing her closer. "What can I do for you today? Hopefully Traverse is looking welcoming, I've been hoping to get new people in...We really need all the people we can get, you know?"
  12. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 12:38 PM
  13. "Well" Kyanna scratched her head. "Kantara sent me here to talk to you, so you could help me to learn if I have any power or something!" Because my combat training before here was a disaster. She thought to herself, preferring to not comment this part.
  14. Millie Sentinal - Yesterday at 12:47 PM
  15. (Er, no, she sent you here for a ship.)
  16. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 12:47 PM
  17. (That too)
  18. (I'm considering Kyanna didn't unleash any power on that battle Nate made)(edited)
  19. Digger - Yesterday at 12:48 PM
  20. George rubs his chin. "I see...Ah, I got something to figure that out actually. Kantara...Huh." He seemed to be considering something...Has Kantia been around lately? He better focus. "Come on along, Kyanna. " He goes and snaps his finger, she can see a gauntlet flying from the back of the laboratory and latch onto his hand.
  21. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 12:48 PM
  22. (So she wouldn't know if she have power or not yet)
  23. (Unless you tell me Kantara wouldn't say to her check that up too, then I can rewrite it)
  24. Kyanna began to follow him, looking at the gauntlet flying with a curious expression. "Oooh! Cool!" She said. I'm starting to think this will be fun!
  25. Digger - Yesterday at 1:54 PM
  26. (gomen! Went to get fuds~) He adjusts the gauntlet and fixes it, a beam of light emitting from it..The man staring intently. "Stay still, alright? This'll do a really full body scan of you...Might tickle a bit."
  27. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 1:57 PM
  28. "Eh? Oh, right!" She stood still holding her staff, staring intently at the gauntlet.
  29. Digger - Yesterday at 3:20 PM
  30. "Not directly into it!" He said, making sure she didn't do that. The beam of light started going over her body, scanning gently over her...It was a light fuzz over her skin as it passed through, before she saw George tapping on the gauntlet's interface. "Interesting...Hm." He kills the beam, and tries it. [Mushroom!] The gauntlet said, making a hard light mushroom
  31. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 3:22 PM
  32. "WAH!" Kyanna stared surprised. He discovered the origin of my goddess! She thought. And... Materialized it? She looked at the mushroom with a confused expression. "What's that?" Kyanna asked turning her eyes to George.
  33. Digger - Yesterday at 3:27 PM
  34. "It's a replica, created with a mixture of hard light and mystical reinforcement." George grinned, proud of it and giving a wink. "A Beaumont special technique, and Beaumont's my name. In any case, I got data on your abilities from this...I can list it out a tiny bit, and the data I have here lets me mimic it." A nod
  35. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 3:32 PM
  36. Kyanna heard attentively, though she didn't understand the first part very well. "So basically you can repeat the powers I have?" That was amazing, she was amused. But then thinking a little bit, she furrowed her eyebrows. "And my power is summoning mushrooms?" Not that she would complain about a power given by her goddess, but summoning mushrooms? Couldn't the power be a little more useful?
  37. Digger - Yesterday at 3:43 PM
  38. "It's more than that, but this one's the easiest. It seems here that..." He scrolls through it...
  39. "Ah, here." He selects another power. [Life Cure!] The gauntlet puts out a bunch of green leaves, a soothing feeling there..
  40. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 4:34 PM
  41. Kyanna stared curious. "That one feel more like a power!" I wonder what this one does. "I guess that means I have more than a power." She was starting to get a little hyped.
  42. Digger - Yesterday at 4:36 PM
  43. Seems so.. [Purifying Wind!] The gauntlet said, and a gust of pure breeze seemed to blow over Kyanna... and finnally, he switched over to the last one. "Oooh...an actually pretty nice ability." George grinned. [Light!] It created an orb of pure light, and George let it charge...the orb seeming to intensify before he launched it...and it started richocheting everywhere.
  44. He tackles Kyanna down to duck and cover
  45. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 4:39 PM
  46. Kyanna's eyes followed the orb richocheting everywhere, as she fell from the tackle, like she was a cat staring at a laser dot. "Whaaaa! Make it stop! It will hit us!" She looked with a mix of amusement and scare. "That one power look a little dangerous!" She let out a giggle.(edited)
  47. Just what kind of gifts you just gave me, Fungaria?
  48. Digger - Yesterday at 4:42 PM
  49. He gets up, looking as the ball of light is killed. "Okay, that...wasn't what I expected." George said, sitting on the ground and adjusting his goggles. Huh, she had an okay spread of stuff, didn't she? "That's everything it looks like, still more than I got." He said, rubbing the back of his head...
  50. A smile, but also kind of bitter.
  51. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 4:47 PM
  52. Kyanna stood up, shaking the dust out of her dress. "Sorry for the mess." She looked around, she knew she wasn't at fault, but since it was her power she felt the need to apologize. "That was awesome though!" Her eyed sparkled, and she looked at the gauntlet. "This thing is also awesome!" She jumped a bit in excitement.
  53. Millie Sentinal - Yesterday at 4:47 PM
  54. (Chunni)
  55. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 4:48 PM
  56. (Yap)
  57. Digger - Yesterday at 4:52 PM
  58. "Thanks." George said, a proud and maybe even arrogant grin. A wink as he said "It's only natural for me, ya know? The entire town's the way it is right now because I set up shop and told everyone I'd use whatever I had to protect this place. I only have my mind, but...it's pretty strong, isn't it?" A chuckle from him...confidence in his abilities, whatever meager they were.
  59. "Still, I guess it's good I made this." He looked down.
  60. All he could ever do was borrow other people's power...
  61. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 5:06 PM
  62. Kyanna was with a bright smile. "Waah! No wonder Kantara said to me meet you, you are amazing! Getting the responsibility of protecting your people with such confidence!" She pointed her staff towars George. "You are what my goddess call the example of courage!" She blurted it out, though at that point she didn't mind if he knew it or not.
  63. Digger - Yesterday at 5:26 PM
  64. George blinks and puts his goggles onto his eyes, blushing a tiny bit and rubbing the back of his head. "Eh, I wouldn't call it courage, I just build robots and defenses for the town, really. All I do is give people the belief they can live here and not feel unsafe."(edited)
  65. Millie Sentinal - Yesterday at 5:27 PM
  66. (And not be safe?)
  67. Digger - Yesterday at 5:29 PM
  68. *and feel safe
  69. ((I kinda mental crosswired))
  70. (it helps I'm doing another RP at the same time xox)
  71. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 5:29 PM
  72. "But I think stepping in and taking the responsibility of keeping everyone safe is courage. Just accept you have courage." Kyanna rolled her eyes and looked at her staff. "Hmm, so. How exactly I have to do to unleash what you just showed me?"
  73. Digger - Yesterday at 5:46 PM
  74. "I...don't know. I'm not a magician or anything, just a technician. You'll have to try and discover the powers on your own, though I don't know how you'd start. You have a goddess, right? You mentioned?" George said, folding his arms
  75. "Have you tried asking her?"
  76. "Praying, I mean?"
  77. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 5:56 PM
  78. A cold sweat appeared on her forehead. Eep, I said too much... She sighed in defeat and nodded. "Yes I have been praying to her, but... She didn't answer me in this world yet." She thought a bit, maybe she needed to chant something?
  80. "I will try something." She nodded to herself and took a stance, with her staff in front of her. Kyanna closed her eyes, trying to concentrate her energies on the tip of her staff. "To banish the evil from this world, and to seal your word in this ages of doom-" A small light sphere started to form there. "-Please, lend your divine power to your mortal cleric." She opened her eyes, and looked at the sphere charging more and more force. Her eyes sparkled. "I did it!" And she looked at it... Wait, now how do I stop? It just keep charging. Uh oh.(edited)
  81. Digger - Yesterday at 6:03 PM
  82. George blinked. He quickly placed something onto his belt and turned it on, a hexagonal barrier around his body. With great alacrity, he pulled Kyanna close enough for him to put something similar on her hip. "Alright, hang on...this...thing might go off."
  83. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 6:06 PM
  84. The sphere started to fade like a bubble bursting in slow motion as it got into the hexagonal barrier. Kyanna let out a relief sigh. "I will need to practice that" She let out a nervous giggle.
  85. Digger - Yesterday at 6:21 PM
  86. "Seems like a pretty neat ability, if anything. So, was there anything else I could help with?" George said, patting Kyanna's shoulder with a grin...sorta punch-drunk from the near danger twice.
  87. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 6:21 PM
  88. (I will need to GM now, I will be back later)
  89. Chanlye Alexina - Yesterday at 11:56 PM
  90. Kyanna closed her eyes and smiled at the patting, she liked this kind of stuff. "Hmm." She thought for a bit. "Oh right! Kantara said I should get an one-use gummi ship from you, to take a trip to Radiant Garden."
  91. March 22, 2017
  92. Digger - Today at 2:39 PM
  93. George seemed a bit relieved she seemed to like the patting, a pat on her cheek before withdrawing his hand. "Ah, sure. I can get something like that going, not sure why one-use but...hey." He leads her a bit further into the garage. "Alright, maybe I can rig something up here.."
  94. Chanlye Alexina - Today at 2:59 PM
  95. She followed George looking around the place, searching for something interesting to look at until they got to the place they needed. Kyanna waited patiently (But curious) for him.
  96. Digger - Today at 3:04 PM
  97. There was a small pod, it...wow, that was more or less a dressing room in size. It was resting on a round pedestal and seemed to be on something that could be raised into the sky. "It's meant to be a more long term vessel but, it'll work for one trip guaranteed at least. If you can get SOMEONE to fix it up maybe it'll even be a gummi ship proper." He said, mentally remembering Cid and flinching
  98. Chanlye Alexina - Today at 3:43 PM
  99. She looked at it analyzing. "Uhm, and is it hard to travel with that?"
  100. Digger - Today at 4:45 PM
  101. George thought for a bit. "Eh, it'll find its way. It's autopilot, yeah?" An hand on her shoulder, showing off what it was capable of...Not much, but it was fast and small. "Not like me, yeah?"
  102. Chanlye Alexina - Today at 4:50 PM
  103. "What you mean not like you?" She frowned and looked at the thing. This won't stop working midway right? The autopilot actually works right?!. She held her hands together with a praying stance. Please Fungaria, keep my travel to Radiant Garden safe and protected from all Murphy's law!
  104. Digger - Today at 5:07 PM
  105. George smirks. "Just innuendo, it's something I do. Ah, I promise this thing'll get you to where you need to no worries. " George gave a thumbs up. "If anything, here." He points out the small disk tied to Kyanna's waist. "This'll protect you like it did earlier."
  106. "It makes a small 'personal space', with air and everything, for a few hours."
  107. "Barrier's pretty strong too."
  108. Chanlye Alexina - Today at 5:09 PM
  109. She blinked looking at it. "Oh, neat!" Kyanna smiled. "Thank you!" At least now it seems I won't die off if something goes wrong!
  110. Digger - Today at 5:10 PM
  111. "No problem, Kyanna. Just don't be a stranger, okay? It's kind of lonely here in the lab so having someone visit in is nice."
  112. Chanlye Alexina - Today at 5:11 PM
  113. She thumbed up. "No problem! There's no such thing like strangers, just potential future friends!"
  114. Digger - Today at 5:24 PM
  115. "Heh. You're a cute one." George said as he walked over to where he was working on the helmet for his power armor. "Anything else  I can help you with? " He said, trying to focus off of what was on his mind...
  116. Chanlye Alexina - Today at 5:29 PM
  117. She thought for a bit. "Actually, just one more thing. And it's nothing special." Kyanna remembered the words of Yjo talking about writing a copy of her holy book. "I need two journals, one to keep track of my discoveries and one to make a copy of my holy book." She scratched her head a little embarrassed, a cleric that lost her holy book seemed like a joke.(edited)
  118. Digger - Today at 5:34 PM
  119. George scratched his chin a bit and took out two notebooks from his desk, offering them up. "This should work, eh?" He said, stretching. "Everyone's here lucky I'm such a nice guy, eh?"
  120. Chanlye Alexina - Today at 5:38 PM
  121. She grabbed them. "Indeed!" Kyanna put the notebooks on her bag and looked at the door, and looked back at George. "Thanks again Mr. George! I will make sure to pay a visit to you and show everything that I discovered!" She opened her arms with a smile filled with hype and joy.
  122. Kyanna started to walk toward the lair's door. "Oh, and thanks for the anti-magical hexshield" She said giving a nickname to the barrier kit without any permission.
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