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  1. Guest_Zimzao has joined the chat
  2. Guest_0cute0 has joined the chat
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  5. Guest_sanderman549 has joined the chat
  6. Guest_0cute0: no mods
  7. Guest_0cute0: I mean the mods here allow the men
  8. Guest_jianto798: you out
  9. Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: they boot the girls only
  10. Guest_sanderman549Guest_sanderman549 has left the chat
  11. Guest_lili1090: I just don't feel comfortable with guys here when I'm myself
  12. Guest_lili1090: Whatever
  13. Guest_jianto798Guest_jianto798 : cute. why you invite me here
  14. Guest_lili1090Guest_lili1090 has left the chat
  15. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: shayn is mod
  16. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: and she is here
  17. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: but she doesn't boot men
  18. Guest_ZimzaoGuest_Zimzao : Ik
  19. Guest_ZimzaoGuest_Zimzao : 🌼
  20. Guest_jianto798Guest_jianto798 has left the chat
  21. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: doughed is mod too
  22. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : no
  23. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: but she boot the girls only
  24. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : shay is afk
  25. Guest_ZimzaoGuest_Zimzao : 😏❤️
  26. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: shaylove and doughed are mods here
  27. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : no, i'm just an ass
  28. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : not a mod
  29. Guest_0cute0: they see the girls only
  30. Guest_0cute0: smart mods :)
  31. Guest_ZimzaoGuest_Zimzao has left the chat
  32. Guest_Sexyanna4525 has joined the chat
  33. Guest_doughed: you with those two boys 0cute0 ?
  34. Guest_Sexyanna4525: hi
  35. Guest_0cute0: ?
  36. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: wym ?
  37. Guest_xville has joined the chat
  38. Guest_doughed: simple question
  39. Guest_xvilleGuest_xville : Wat
  40. Guest_0cute0: you with them ?
  41. Guest_doughed: xville no males
  42. Guest_doughed: please leave
  43. Guest_0cute0: why don't u do your job ?
  44. Guest_xville: Then y gall invite me
  45. Guest_doughed: i am not a mod here
  46. Guest_0cute0: shay is mod
  47. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: and you're mod
  48. Guest_xville: I'm not a mod tf
  49. Guest_doughed: not this room, in others yes
  50. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: she invites them
  51. Guest_xville: ?????
  52. Guest_0cute0: you or shay invited them
  53. Guest_xville has left the chat
  54. Guest_doughed: xville ........................... just leave
  55. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: beg him more
  56. Guest_doughed: i don't invite males
  57. Guest_0cute0: so shayny dancing and inviting mods
  58. Guest_0cute0: males
  59. Guest_LDKDante has joined the chat
  60. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : so who are you ? Mina ? or some other person with a noob account ?
  61. Guest_0cute0: who is mina
  62. Guest_LDKDante: Who are you 0cute0?
  63. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : LDKDante did she invite you here ?
  64. Guest_0cute0: shaylove invited him
  65. Guest_dixx2 has joined the chat
  66. Guest_0cute0: does shaylove invited u ?
  67. Guest_doughed: i was talking to LDKDante not you
  68. Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: or dough ?
  69. Guest_dixx2: Hii
  70. Guest_0cute0: I'm asking him too
  71. Guest_LDKDanteGuest_LDKDante : yes she did
  72. Guest_glizzy126 has joined the chat
  73. Guest_0cute0: because HER means all
  74. Guest_LDKDante : 0cute0 did
  75. Guest_dixx2: Why am invited here
  76. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: humm
  77. Guest_0cute0: so you're with her
  78. Guest_LDKDante: no
  79. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : thank you , thats all i needed to know
  80. Guest_0cute0: who can whisper here is shay
  81. Guest_LDKDante: i dont know who she is
  82. Guest_glizzy126Guest_glizzy126 has left the chat
  83. Guest_0cute0: so say u don't know
  84. Guest_LDKDanteGuest_LDKDante has left the chat
  85. Guest_doughed: 0cuteo is trying to cause drama thats all
  86. Guest_Kendrah10 has joined the chat
  87. Guest_dixx2Guest_dixx2 : My role here?
  88. Guest_dixx2: 😯😯
  89. Guest_doughed: i'll send a copy of the chat to the owner
  90. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: dixxx does doughed invited u ?
  91. Guest_dixx2: You invited me
  92. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : no, you invited him
  93. Guest_dixx2: We are not even friends how do you find me?
  94. Guest_0cute0: I think u know that my room the jaded is the best
  95. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: so fuck u and fuck barbarellao
  96. Guest_doughed: i see
  97. Guest_doughed: gypsy
  98. Guest_dixx2Guest_dixx2 has left the chat
  99. Guest_0cute0: and I see yousmartmod inviting men
  100. Guest_0cute0: u and shaylove
  101. Guest_doughed: thats pathetic
  102. Guest_0cute0: and shaylove boot the girls only
  103. Guest_doughed: the proof is in the chat
  104. Guest_doughed: all guys said you did it
  105. Guest_Meikoshady300 has joined the chat
  106. Guest_Kendrah10Guest_Kendrah10 : What happened
  107. Guest_Meikoshady300: Um hi
  108. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : so now i can add your name to a few groups to get your rooms eptied
  109. Guest_doughed: congrats
  110. Guest_Meikoshady300: Ok
  111. Guest_doughed: 0cute0 is fypsyblazing
  112. Guest_doughed: gypsy
  113. Guest_doughed: trying to caus drama
  114. Guest_Meikoshady300 has left the chat
  115. Guest_Meikoshady300 has joined the chat
  116. Guest_doughed: wb
  117. Guest_doughed: ok chat saved, no for a screen shot
  118. Guest_doughed: now
  119. Guest_Partyin2017Guest_Partyin2017 has joined the chat
  120. Guest_davondortch84 has joined the chat
  121. Guest_hjpeterson123 has joined the chat
  122. MsHoneybee9891MsHoneybee9891 has joined the chat
  123. Guest_hjpeterson123: Hello
  124. Guest_Partyin2017: hi
  125. Guest_Meikoshady300: Hi
  126. Guest_jianto798 has joined the chat
  127. Guest_hjpeterson123: What's up
  128. Guest_Meikoshady300: Nothing much you
  129. MsHoneybee9891: Hello
  130. Guest_hjpeterson123Guest_hjpeterson123 : Same
  131. Guest_Meikoshady300: Oh cool
  132. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: boring
  133. Guest_hjpeterson123: Shay looks like a queen standing over there
  134. Guest_Meikoshady300: Ok
  135. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : yeah, now that you been caught
  136. Guest_0cute0: boring
  137. Guest_Meikoshady300: Yeah she looks better then me
  138. Guest_Partyin2017Guest_Partyin2017 has left the chat
  139. Guest_0cute0: boring
  140. Guest_jianto798: same
  141. Guest_Kendrah10: Right , shay so sexy lol
  142. Guest_0cute0: that light hurts your eyes
  143. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: boring
  144. Guest_davondortch84 has left the chat
  145. Guest_0cute0: unfriendly room
  146. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 : Geez thanks for damaging my self esteem more
  147. Guest_0cute0: boring
  148. Guest_jianto798Guest_jianto798 has left the chat
  149. Guest_0cute0: that light occurs headache
  150. Guest_doughed: pay no mind to 0cute0 . she is a fake account
  151. Guest_BobbieBurst1Guest_BobbieBurst1 has joined the chat
  152. Guest_0cute0: boring
  153. Guest_doughed: trying to cause drama
  154. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 : Ok
  155. Guest_hjpeterson123 has left the chat
  156. Guest_Sosinna1Guest_Sosinna1 has joined the chat
  157. Guest_doughed: she has been inviting guys in
  158. Guest_Kendrah10: Ok
  159. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : shay is afk so she hasn't been booted yet
  160. Guest_0cute0: because camilia told everybody my real name andmy step sister name
  161. Guest_0cute0: boring
  162. Guest_BobbieBurst1Guest_BobbieBurst1 : hey I'm back :)
  163. Guest_Meikoshady300: Ok
  164. Guest_Kendrah10Guest_Kendrah10 : What's afk
  165. Guest_hjpeterson123 has joined the chat
  166. Guest_0cute0: boring
  167. Guest_Kendrah10Guest_Kendrah10 : Someone come here
  168. Guest_Meikoshady300: Nope
  169. Guest_Sexyanna4525 has left the chat
  170. Guest_liltrapanese has joined the chat
  171. Guest_0cute0: no men
  172. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: no nudity
  173. Guest_0cute0: no drama
  174. Guest_0cute0: no dirty talk but for mods only
  175. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: no sex but formods only
  176. Guest_0cute0: room rules
  177. Guest_doughed: give it up princess
  178. Guest_0cute0: no sex but for mods only
  179. Guest_Kendrah10Guest_Kendrah10 WhisperAdd Friend: Who said ??
  180. Guest_Meikoshady300: Im not nude or causeing drama
  181. Guest_doughed: your not winning
  182. Guest_0cute0: no touching but for mods only
  183. Guest_0cute0: no nudity but for mods only
  184. Guest_hjpeterson123 has left the chat
  185. Guest_doughed: 0cute0 is trolling
  186. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : ignore
  187. Guest_Meikoshady300: Ok
  188. Guest_Kendrah10Guest_Kendrah10 : She annoying 🙄
  189. Guest_Meikoshady300: Oh
  190. Guest_doughed: guess i should at least speed beat her ass
  191. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 : Oh ok
  192. Guest_0cute0: u touching me makes me bilingual
  193. Guest_doughed: no your dad fucking you up your as does
  194. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : ass
  195. Guest_Kendrah10 has left the chat
  196. Guest_Sosinna1Guest_Sosinna1 has left the chat
  197. Guest_doughed: and to think. i have chased guys from your room
  198. Guest_Meikoshady300: Wow lol
  199. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : and here you are trolling
  200. Guest_liltrapanese has left the chat
  201. Guest_doughed: petty ass shit
  202. Guest_sansmck has joined the chat
  203. MsHoneybee9891: 👀👀
  204. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: chimero, savory , and other 2 mods in my room
  205. Guest_Meikoshady300: Whoa what
  206. Guest_doughed: so what ? when mods are not there who boots ?
  207. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 has left the chat
  208. Guest_doughed: i have gone in and chased guys out
  209. Guest_0cute0: theyare there
  210. MsHoneybee9891 has left the chat
  211. Guest_BobbieBurst1 has left the chat
  212. Guest_PrincessBreBabbiGuest_PrincessBreBabbi has joined the chat
  213. Guest_0cute0: boring
  214. Guest_doughed: well now it's going to get empty
  215. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: boring
  216. Guest_doughed: all the info i have will be shared with other owners
  217. Guest_doughed: ofer 50 of them
  218. Guest_doughed: over
  219. Guest_PrincessBreBabbi has left the chat
  220. Guest_sansmck has left the chat
  221. Guest_0cute0: you know hydra ?
  222. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : this is what being petty gets you
  223. Guest_swerve0 has joined the chat
  224. Guest_doughed: so, you are going to just keep at it ?
  225. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : thats sad really
  226. Guest_swerve0 has left the chat
  227. mattrcmattrc has joined the chat
  228. Guest_doughed: but, you are givving me more names for my block list
  229. Guest_Meikoshady300 has joined the chat
  230. Guest_Sheka17Guest_Sheka17 has joined the chat
  231. mattrc: who invited me here?
  232. Guest_doughed: mattrc please leave
  233. Guest_LDKDanteGuest_LDKDante has joined the chat
  234. Guest_Meikoshady300: Ok
  235. mattrcmattrc : why was i invited?
  236. Guest_doughed: 0cute0 did
  237. Guest_0cute0: no
  238. mattrcmattrc : tf you dident
  239. Guest_0cute0: who invited u is doughed
  240. Guest_doughed: it will show in your inbox
  241. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: or shay
  242. mattrc has left the chat
  243. Guest_Bella3954 has joined the chat
  244. Guest_doughed: LDKDante please ingore 0cute0b's invites
  245. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : she is just using you a a troll tool
  246. Guest_Bella3954 has left the chat
  247. Guest_Meikoshady300: Im ugly
  248. Guest_mohammedrajehGuest_mohammedrajeh has joined the chat
  249. Guest_Meikoshady300: Play the music please
  250. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : boys , please leave
  251. EntityChrome has joined the chat
  252. Guest_Meikoshady300: Girls only
  253. Guest_Sheka17 has left the chat
  254. Guest_mohammedrajeh: hello
  255. EntityChrome: get sum dick in ya
  256. Guest_LDKDante: 0cute0
  257. Guest_LDKDante: why do you keep inviting me hre?
  258. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 : No thank you im lesbian
  259. Guest_mohammedrajeh: will some 1 invite me i didnt know this is a girls room only :)
  260. Guest_doughed: 0cute0 is trolling the room !! inviting guys
  261. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : boys please leave
  262. Guest_0cute0: shaylove invited you right ?
  263. Guest_Saleem26 has joined the chat
  264. Guest_LDKDante: lol
  265. Guest_Meikoshady300: Me i came by my self no one invited me
  266. Guest_doughed: you really are dumb 0cute0
  267. Guest_mohammedrajeh has left the chat
  268. EntityChrome: rite all the hirls gett there pussys out
  269. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 : Dude leave
  270. Guest_0cute0: chrome said the truth
  271. Guest_mommy289 has joined the chat
  272. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: chrome said that who invited him is shaylove
  273. Guest_doughed: no he is just a troll like you
  274. Guest_gwalker9823 has joined the chat
  275. Guest_0cute0: that's why she doesn't boot them
  276. Guest_doughed: she is afk
  277. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 : Plus he isn't a girl get the hell out
  278. Guest_0cute0: the roommod invites men lol
  279. Guest_0cute0: lol
  280. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: lol
  281. Guest_doughed: sad little girl
  282. Guest_mommy289 has left the chat
  283. Guest_doughed: i have all the proof of your shit
  284. Guest_0cute0: wow sex poses in no sex room
  285. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 : Ok
  286. Guest_Sheka17 has joined the chat
  287. Guest_0cute0: that's ahy she said this couch is for mods only
  288. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : 0cute0 aka gypsylzblazin is a troll .................. IGNORE HER
  289. Guest_Meikoshady300: Ok
  290. Guest_itsmadison88Guest_itsmadison88 has joined the chat
  291. Guest_doughed: DELETE her room from your favs
  292. Guest_doughed: block both her accounts
  293. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: give her more orders
  294. Guest_Sheka17: hiii
  295. Guest_0cute0: follow her instructions please
  296. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : 0cute0 aka gypsylzblazin is a troll .................. IGNORE HER, DELETE her room from your favs , block both her accounts
  297. Guest_doughed: there thats what i shall post in all the rooms i go to
  298. Guest_Meikoshady300Guest_Meikoshady300 : I blocked her
  299. Guest_0cute0: nice
  300. Guest_Meikoshady300 has left the chat
  301. EntityChromeEntityChrome : 0cute0 get ya tits out
  302. Guest_Irina205 has joined the chat
  303. Guest_JC938 has joined the chat
  304. Guest_Saleem26Guest_Saleem26 has left the chat
  305. Guest_Irina205 has left the chat
  306. Guest_Lilith288Guest_Lilith288 has joined the chat
  307. Guest_Sheka17 has left the chat
  308. Guest_JC938: hey
  309. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : don't bother boy
  310. Guest_JC938: what u mean
  311. Guest_doughed: this is a girls only room
  312. Guest_JC938: well a girl invited me so yea
  313. EntityChrome: i still dnt see no fannys
  314. Guest_doughed: but we have a troll here inviting boys
  315. Guest_sansmck has joined the chat
  316. Guest_JC938: who is that
  317. Guest_doughed: 0cute0
  318. Guest_0cute0: no
  319. Guest_0cute0: my name is small
  320. Guest_JC938: i will go then
  321. Guest_0cute0: who invited him is shaylove
  322. Guest_doughed: thanks for understanding
  323. Guest_0cute0: that's how he forget her nMe
  324. Guest_sansmck has left the chat
  325. Guest_JC938Guest_JC938 has left the chat
  326. Guest_doughed: chrome , can you please leave ?
  327. Guest_Lilith288 has left the chat
  328. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : LDK ?
  329. Guest_0cute0 has left the chat
  330. EntityChrome: get ya fanny out n ah will
  331. Guest_doughed: my avi is a donkey
  332. Guest_0cute0 has joined the chat
  333. EntityChrome: change it
  334. Guest_doughed: nope, but your inviter has left
  335. Guest_doughed: and back
  336. Guest_doughed: z
  337. Guest_doughed: sad
  338. Guest_gwalker9823Guest_gwalker9823 has left the chat
  339. Guest_doughed: and whats wrong gypsy ? are you blocked from this room on that account ?
  340. Guest_doughed: brb
  341. Guest_eltnen2Guest_eltnen2 has joined the chat
  342. EntityChrome: mmmm ur touching me
  343. Guest_LDKDante has left the chat
  344. Guest_midobeboGuest_midobebo WhisperAdd Friend has joined the chat
  345. Guest_midobebo: hello
  346. Guest_TodorokGuest_Todorok has joined the chat
  347. Guest_eltnen2 has left the chat
  348. Guest_Alison117 has joined the chat
  349. Guest_cecilyxoxo has joined the chat
  350. Guest_Alison117 has left the chat
  351. Guest_itsmadison88 has left the chat
  352. Guest_queenessie has joined the chat
  353. Guest_doughed: back
  354. Guest_cecilyxoxoGuest_cecilyxoxo has left the chat
  355. Guest_doughed: Todorok please leave
  356. Guest_0cute0: lol
  357. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: lmfao
  358. Guest_0cute0: lmao
  359. Guest_0cute0: lollll
  360. Guest_doughed: midobebo too
  361. Guest_0cute0: clap
  362. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: yay
  363. Guest_Todorok: No
  364. Guest_0cute0: lol she loves the dark
  365. Guest_queenessieGuest_queenessie has left the chat
  366. Guest_doughed: oh so your flower ??
  367. Guest_doughed: lol
  368. Guest_cookiee420 has joined the chat
  369. Guest_doughed: i see now
  370. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : thats even sadder
  371. Guest_0cute0: no I'm rose lol
  372. Guest_Todorok has left the chat
  373. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: I know who told everybody my name is kaimee lauber is you
  374. Guest_cookiee420 has left the chat
  375. Guest_doughed: never heard of the name lol
  376. Guest_0cute0: really ?
  377. Guest_0cute0: so who shared my Facebook account ?
  378. Guest_Bella3954Guest_Bella3954 has joined the chat
  379. Guest_doughed: hell if i know
  380. Guest_doughed: and btw. your room i seen but never even been in
  381. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: u can easily get it from Google by searching for : gypsyizblazin
  382. Guest_Bella3954 has left the chat
  383. MannyBakerx has joined the chat
  384. Guest_doughed: i wouldn't bother
  385. Guest_Nini388 has joined the chat
  386. Guest_FannybbGuest_Fannybb has joined the chat
  387. Guest_Drippy239 has joined the chat
  388. Guest_Spencergreen3145 has joined the chat
  389. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : even the mods in gypsy room say you're flower so .....
  390. Guest_doughed: if you are her then i sugest you block me from that room
  391. Guest_0cute0: I'm not coward to hide my name
  392. Guest_Nini388 has left the chat
  393. MannyBakerx has left the chat
  394. Guest_ShyanyGuest_Shyany has joined the chat
  395. Guest_0cute0: but block her too
  396. Guest_Spencergreen3145 has left the chat
  397. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: I already blocked her ass
  398. Guest_Shyany: Hi all
  399. Guest_camilla400 has joined the chat
  400. Guest_doughed: block who ? flower ?
  401. Guest_doughed: or gypsy ?
  402. Guest_FannybbGuest_Fannybb : Males are NOT ALLOWED in THIS Lesbian Room! YOU HAVE BEEN FLAGGED! The avatar card information has been sent to IMVU Customer Support for review, and necessary action will be taken if it does not comply with IMVU's Terms of Service.
  403. Guest_0cute0: I blocked flower
  404. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: and barbarella
  405. Guest_Fannybb has left the chat
  406. Guest_Shyany has left the chat
  407. Guest_doughed: but youare here so you did make a fake account to get in,
  408. Guest_doughed: caught in your own lie
  409. Guest_jennie310 has joined the chat
  410. Guest_Drippy239 has left the chat
  411. Guest_doughed: if you are gypsy . get on that account and go to your room, invite me in
  412. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: I'm not gypsy I'm hydra
  413. Guest_doughed: who is that ?
  414. Guest_ava341 has joined the chat
  415. Guest_jennie310Guest_jennie310 has left the chat
  416. Guest_doughed: don't say Evengers
  417. Guest_camilla400 has left the chat
  418. Guest_ava341: hi babes
  419. happybeauty has joined the chat
  420. Guest_BrookeMeisel has joined the chat
  421. MathewMerakiWolfbane has joined the chat
  422. Guest_ava341: By the way I call everyone babe
  423. Guest_cory257Guest_cory257 has joined the chat
  424. Guest_BrookeMeisel: What's up everyone
  425. Guest_cory257Guest_cory257 has left the chat
  426. Guest_DersiyamGuest_Dersiyam WhisperAdd Friend has joined the chat
  427. Guest_ava341: Shit knows
  428. Guest_Dersiyam has left the chat
  429. Guest_doughed: well ?????
  430. Guest_ava341 has left the chat
  431. MathewMerakiWolfbane: hello beauties
  432. Guest_doughed: don't bother dude
  433. Guest_LeniroseGuest_Lenirose WhisperAdd Friend has joined the chat
  434. happybeauty has left the chat
  435. Guest_doughed: 0cute0 who is hydra ?? full name ?
  436. MannyBakerxMannyBakerx has joined the chat
  437. Guest_doughed: or are you just going to continue this pettieness ?
  438. Guest_0cute0: u know camilia ?
  439. MathewMerakiWolfbane has left the chat
  440. Guest_BrookeMeisel has left the chat
  441. JewelsTheStar has joined the chat
  442. Guest_Lenirose: Me
  443. JewelsTheStar has left the chat
  444. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : seen the name a few times
  445. Guest_doughed: don't know her
  446. Guest_0cute0: caimiliacarneston
  447. Guest_0cute0Guest_0cute0 WhisperAdd Friend: it is barbarellao's alt account
  448. Guest_0cute0: she told flower that I fuck my sister Sarah olliton
  449. Guest_doughed: doesn't show in finder
  450. Guest_raeganjayyy has joined the chat
  451. Guest_0cute0: sarah colliton
  452. Guest_raeganjayyyGuest_raeganjayyy has left the chat
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  455. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : sorry i have plans to go to the beach, i have to leave, but this petty shit isn't helping anyone
  456. Guest_0cute0: lookat barbarellao profile don't you think she is arrogant ?
  457. Guest_doughedGuest_doughed : seen worse
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  459. Guest_doughed: but coming here and doing this , isn't going to help anything
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