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  1. To begin, Crisis of the Confederation/Confederation at Crisis/Crisis at Confederation is a recently revived total conversion mod for Crusader Kings 2. The mod's development began in 2013, petered out in 2015, and has recently returned under a new team (with one old developer). The mod forgoes the usual historical or fantastical trappings of CK2 mods in favour of a sci-fi hodge podge drawing from Dune, Foundation, Fading Suns, Mobile Suit Gundam, Warhammer 40k, the Arthurian cycle, and a touch of Star Trek. Future development will likely lengthen the list. Elaboration on the lore will be in the following dev diaries.
  2. With that out of the way, allow me to introduce the team. The ones that aren't on Reddit can be found on the Discord (see below).
  3. Cjay - Lead Developer
  4. LordKeeper - Artist for the original team, and now the new team.
  5. u/Alexmaths - Developer
  6. u/zombaxx - Developer
  7. u/CaC-TheGoldenGun - Developer/Dev Diary Writer
  8. Ballisticwaffles - Writer
  9. Krunch - Writer
  10. Dr. Evil - Writer
  11. And you, possibly - We accept applications, see our Discord.
  12. Right now, development is focused on bringing the mod back up to par with the current state of Vanilla CK2, which means making once-functional-but-now-busted mechanics work again and drawing the full potential out of all the new toys years of development has given us. These additions will be rather minor for the most part, and I won't pen up a dev diary just to say 'we have employment decisions back in'. Instead, you can expect the upcoming dev diaries to look something like this:
  13. 1. The Crisis of the Confederation, The Great Depression, and the Collapse stage of the Anarchy.
  14. 2. The Warlord stage of the Anarchy (part 1), elaborating on the Terran Imperialists, Terran Federalists, Terran Republicans, Terran Marxists, and Astrists. May also include a rework/expansion of the Pilgrimage and the soon-to-be renamed Sect Adoptionist.
  15. 3. Final stage of the Anarchy, covering the possible endings and what happens afterwards. If they're ready by then, this will also include the Imperial Cult and Terran Centralism.
  16. 4. Miscellaneous additions, like Wonders and Artifacts.
  17. 5. TBD
  18. That's all for now. To those of you who have been waiting for this mod to come back, we apologize for the wait. To those who are only just encountering it now, I hope you like it.
  19. - Our Discord, where we answer questions and openly blather about future content additions.
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