GB and GBC Console Verification Pipeline

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  1. Game Boy/ Game Boy Color Console Verification Pipeline
  3. Needed - A Game Boy Player and Game Boy Interface (GBI).  An SD Media Launcher, modchip, or some other method is needed to load GBI and the input movie.  These methods are -only- used to load the GBI homebrew software and interact with the Game Boy Player, they do not in any way modify the behavior of the official Game Boy Player hardware.
  5. Use BizHawk interim builds and an interim prereq install:
  9. Write your TAS using the Gambatte core.  Make sure to force the GBC platform and GBA as GBC mode for exact GBP timings (GB->Settings->Console Mode GBC, CGB in GBA to True).  Use the LUA script linked below to dump the inputs to a file that GBI can use.  There are some indications that it is faster and more accurate than the GBHawk core at the moment.
  12. rename your timestamp output to yourmoviename.txt and optionally gzip it
  13. put the movie file on an SD card with GBI or GBI-HF, both inside a folder named GBI (for example E:\GBI\gbihf.dol and E:\GBI\yourmoviename.txt.gz)
  14. create a CLI file in the same directory name gbi.cli or gbihf.cli respectively to pass your input movie to GBI, the cli should contain an argument --movie=yourmoviename.txt.gz along with any other arguments that you use to tune GBI.
  16. Run GBI or GBI-HF from the SD card.  I do this using Swiss, which I rename to autoexec.dol and place on the root of the FAT16 formatted SDHC SD card.  From swiss it's easy to choose which version of GBI to load to load other homebrew.
  18. Watch as GBI plays back your console-accurate TAS!
  20. Credit to Extrems, AlyoshaTAS, Natt, Gifvex, Entrpntr, and Sinamas for their help with getting console verification to where it is.
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