Waiting at the Office

Sep 22nd, 2018
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  1. Waiting at the office, waiting for my time
  2. How did I get to this point in my life?
  3. Do I blame myself or blame society
  4. Sometimes the worst regrets you can never recover
  6. I’ve always been strange, always been this way
  7. Even as a child I never smiled much
  8. One parent always yelled, the other never there
  9. So that Sunday I set outside to find myself a home
  11. I found the abandoned mansion, the place Where I belonged
  12. picked up witchcraft, studying long hours all day
  13. The world hated me so I made abominations of nature
  14. One day I hoped to change the world for the worse
  16. I needed help from the realms of the other world
  17. So I summoned an imp from the fires below
  18. Small, helpful, maniacal red
  19. My worst regret was I never gratified him
  21. He was rash at first, but then a faithful assistant
  22. He was the great provider and a shapeshifter too
  23. Spells, hexes, and curses we made
  24. And I realized I made my first friend
  26. But as I grew older, the magic faded
  27. I would go weeks looking for my friend
  28. The broom that was him never turned back
  29. And I knew he had forsaken me
  31. After that I stopped witchcraft and burned the books
  32. But the hole in me never repaired
  33. I went days without sleep or food
  34. My life was nothing without my friend
  36. So I fashioned a bomb hidden in me
  37. I’m waiting at the office lobby, taking in my thoughts
  38. Feels sort of sad, but nice to have closure
  39. I’ll visit my friend very soon
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