MagiReco Main Story 7.11

May 12th, 2018
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  1. 7.11 Izumi Kanagi, Observing
  2. in the railyard in Artisan Ward
  3. Iroha: "Everone figured out what we were doing, I guess. I can't feel any signs of any magical girls..."
  5. 7.11.1
  6. [in the railyard]
  7. Yachiyo: "Nobody's here after all."
  8. Momoko: "Dammit, a swing and a miss..."
  9. Iroha: "Kanagi-san isn't back yet..."
  10. Yachiyo: "I'd like to know what's happening on her end..."
  11. [Iroha senses something and transforms]
  12. Iroha: "A witch!?"
  13. [Yachiyo transforms]
  14. Yachiyo: "But there was no trace of one until now."
  15. [she senses something else]
  16. Yachiyo: "No way, a second one!?"
  17. [Momoko senses something too]
  18. Momoko: "No! There are three of them!"
  19. Iroha: "If there are witches coming, then does that mean Alina-san is here?"
  20. ??? (Tsukuyo): *Annoying bugs come soaring into the quietly burning flames of magic.*
  21. ??? (Tsukasa): *If they perhaps do not burn, let us scatter them with our tones.*
  22. [the Amane Sisters show up]
  23. Tsukasa: "They sure fell for it, Tsukuyo-chan."
  24. Tsukuyo: "That's certainly correct, Tsukasa-chan."
  25. "This time for sure is our opportunity to clear our besmirched names!"
  26. Amane sisters: "Right!?"
  27. Iroha: "Tsukuyo-chan, Tsukasa-chan!"
  28. Yachiyo: "Those flute sisters brought the witches... We only managed to get pawns!"
  29. Tsukasa: "This is an antlion pit for those who know too much about rumors."
  30. Tsukuyo: "When you headed for the hospital, your fate was already sealed."
  31. Tsukasa: "We knew that you would soon be coming here."
  32. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  33. Tsukasa: "I'm sure you wanted to know where our base is..."
  34. "But unfortunately, you guessed wrong."
  35. Tsukuyo: "We will not let you interfere with release anymore."
  36. "Quietly follow the path to the other world!"
  37. Momoko: "They used a sneak attack at the Memory Museum..."
  38. "These Wings of Magius sure like their traps..."
  39. Yachiyo: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"
  40. Iroha: "For now, we need to beat the witches!"
  41. [she senses something]
  42. Iroha: "They're coming from over there!"
  43. [in battle]
  44. Iroha: "Even if this is not their base..."
  45. "Tsukuyo-chan and Tsukasa-chan might know something..."
  46. "About Tsuruno-chan, and about the rumor."
  47. [a familiar jibbers at her]
  48. Iroha: "Out of my way!"
  49. (We have to ask them!)
  50. [battle with creepy witch that makes baby crying sounds]
  51. [after battle]
  52. [the witch barrier dissolves]
  53. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  54. Yachiyo: "Iroha!"
  55. Momoko: "Iroha-chan!"
  56. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san! Momoko-san!"
  57. Yachiyo: "It seems everyone's all cleaned up."
  58. Momoko: "Yeah, it didn't take too much magic at all!"
  59. Iroha: "Yes!"
  60. "Now, let's ask those two about Tsuruno-chan and the rumor!"
  61. Yachiyo: "Yes, we'll make them give up and have them spit out all they know!"
  62. Tsukuyo: "I'm afraid things will not go as you wish!"
  63. Tsukasa: "The real deal is only just starting!"
  64. Yachiyo: "Wha-"
  65. Amane sisters: "Flute Flower Resonance!"
  66. Yachiyo: "Kuh... Again... the same as before..."
  67. Momoko: "Uah...aah! What the heck, the sound is ringing in my head!"
  68. Tsukasa: "Once we've defeated everyone, and protected the Magius's plans..."
  69. "We will be free to wait for release."
  70. Tsukuyo: "All that's left is Tamaki-san."
  71. Iroha: "I... can't take this many..."
  72. "But I have to..."
  73. "I can't run away!"
  74. Kanagi: "Mm, nice resolve."
  75. Iroha: "Kanagi-san! Please, help me out!"
  76. Kanagi: "Hmm..."
  77. "I'm sorry, Tamaki-kun."
  78. Iroha: "Wha..."
  79. Kanagi: "I'll just be watching for a bit."
  80. Iroha: "W-why!?"
  82. 7.11.2
  83. black feather 1: "By our hands..."
  84. black feather 2: "We will make you kneel..."
  85. "Let's go... Simultaneously!"
  86. [they attack Iroha]
  87. Iroha: "Uaah! pant... pant..."
  88. Yachiyo: "Iroha..."
  89. [they get flute attacked]
  90. Yachiyo: "Kuh... this... sound... alone..."
  91. Momoko: "It's getting into my ears and I can't get away..."
  92. Tsukuyo: "Mitsuki Felicia and Futaba Sana got away..."
  93. "It's too bad that they're not here..."
  94. "But it's enough that we were able to capture three of them."
  95. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  96. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  97. (I've gotta save Tsuruno-chan somehow!!)
  98. black feather: "Let's capture her..."
  99. Iroha: "!!"
  100. Kanagi: "I see, those are your true feelings, Tamaki-kun..."
  101. [whip sound]
  102. black feather: "Guh... ugh..."
  103. [the black feather collapses]
  104. Iroha: "Huh, Kanagi...san?"
  105. Kanagi: "It seems your real goal was indeed to retrieve Yui-kun."
  106. Tsukasa: "Kanagi-san... Why did you...!?"
  107. Kanagi: "I was pretty sure you were lying, but you picked the wrong opponent, Tsukasa-kun."
  108. [flashback to the lake in Daitou Ward with Kanagi and the Amane sisters]
  109. Kanagi: "Oh, so Nanami is aiming to take advantage of the chaos in the east and take my territory?"
  110. Tsukasa: "Yes... And we cannot let this rumor be erased, at any cost."
  111. Kanagi: "I see..."
  112. "So stopping the folks from the west will be in both of our interests?"
  113. "I understand, but will they really show up?"
  114. Tsukasa: "They were investigating the hospital, so without a doubt they're going to go to the railyard."
  115. [back to the railyard]
  116. Kanagi: "In times like these, I did think it would be very strange to be stealing territory."
  117. "And so, I will have you release the restraints on those two!"
  118. [whip sounds]
  119. Kanagi: "HAAAH!"
  120. Tsukasa: "Kyah!"
  121. Tsukuyo: "Ahh! My flute!"
  122. Kanagi: "If you lie to me, you'd better be lying deep down in the depths of your minds!"
  123. "Seeing you use such underhanded means makes me ashamed to be your senpai!"
  124. Yachiyo: "pant... pant... Thank you, Kanagi..."
  125. Kanagi: "No, I should be apologizing here, Nanami."
  126. "Thanks to Tamaki-kun's inner voice, I've learned your true intentions."
  127. Iroha: "Then..."
  128. Kanagi: "Yes, I will repay you in turn for the pain you have suffered."
  129. "I, Izumi Kanagi, will officially work with you."
  130. Yachiyo: "Then, we'll take on the black feathers."
  131. Momoko: "Kuh... Yeah, okay!"
  132. Iroha: "Kanagi-san, you take care of those two!"
  133. Kanagi: "Yeah, leave it to me!"
  134. [battle]
  135. [in battle]
  136. Kanagi: "I will allow you to choose one of several options."
  137. "Number one: Be effortlessly defeated as you are."
  138. "Number two: Honestly confess to everything, and you'll have it easy."
  139. "Number three: Stick out your butts and I'll let you off with a good spanking."
  140. "Now, choose."
  141. [you get to pick from the three options; it doesn't matter which]
  142. Tsukuyo: "I will choose the fourth option!"
  143. Tsukasa: "We will stop you as well, Kanagi-san, and our achievements will grow further!"
  144. [after battle]
  145. [Yachiyo attacks a black feather, who collapses]
  146. black feather: "Guh... ugh..."
  147. Yachiyo: "Well, we're all done here."
  148. Iroha: "Is everyone alright?"
  149. Yachiyo: "I didn't give them any life-threatening injuries, so they'll eventually be able to move again."
  150. Momoko: "But, what a large number of them..."
  151. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  152. "Now, all that's left is Kanagi-san."
  153. Momoko: "Well, it looks like she's almost done."
  154. [screen wipe]
  155. Kanagi: "Hah!!"
  156. Tsukuyo: "Kuaah!"
  157. Tsukasa: "Not yet!"
  158. [she plays her flute]
  159. Kanagi: "Another easy-to-read attack."
  160. Tsukasa: "AaaaAAAH!"
  161. "pant... pant... pant..."
  162. Kanagi: "You two are both so innocent."
  163. "Here I'd thought you'd grown up a bit, but you're still so naive."
  164. Tsukasa: "Kuh..."
  165. Kanagi: "I'll grant you choice number five."
  166. Tsukasa: "..."
  167. Kanagi: "Come back to working under me and I'll be a little bit more forgiving."
  168. Tsukasa: "I won't... go back..."
  169. Kanagi: "Then I'll have you tell me where Yui-kun is."
  170. "Even if you don't say it physically, mentally is good enough for me."
  171. [she probes them with her magic]
  172. Tsukasa: "..."
  173. Tsukuyo: "..."
  174. Kanagi: "Ohhh? You've thoroughly mixed up your thoughts..."
  175. "So I have to do this forcefully, huh..."
  176. Tsukasa: "We'll never tell you! We won't fail anymore!"
  177. Tsukuyo: "If you're going to kill us, then go ahead and do it!"
  178. "Even if we cannot realize our own goal..."
  179. "If other magical girls can be saved, then that would be..."
  180. Kanagi: "Oh my..."
  181. "What strong resolve! I won't push any further."
  182. Momoko: "And that said, you looked anyway?"
  183. Kanagi: "Their thoughts were jumbled up and in disarray, so it wasn't easy..."
  184. "But their resistance was meaningless in the end."
  185. Tsukuyo: "Huh?"
  186. Kanagi: "These two don't know anything."
  187. "They were mere pawns waiting here for us."
  188. Iroha: "No way..."
  189. Kanagi: "However, I did learn one thing."
  190. Tsukuyo: "W-what was it!?"
  191. Kanagi: "These two tried on each other's uniforms..."
  192. "Apparently their chest sizes didn't match."
  193. Tsukasa: "Wha!?"
  194. Tsukuyo: "That's cruel, bringing up such private information!"
  195. Kanagi: "I don't want to be told that by a dirty liar like you."
  196. "Next time I won't hold back."
  197. Tsukasa: "!?"
  198. Kanagi: "Scatter."
  199. [whip sound]
  200. Tsukuyo: "..."
  201. [they leave]
  202. Kanagi: "Hmm..."
  204. 7.11.3
  205. [back in a restaurant]
  206. Yachiyo: "So in the end, the Magius are more skilled at working with rumors..."
  207. Momoko: "When you guys went to the hospital..."
  208. "They had already had an understanding of what we were doing..."
  209. Iroha: "Yes..."
  210. "And now we don't have enough time before the rumored amusement park opens..."
  211. "And Tsuruno-chan might... be killing a lot..."
  212. Yachiyo: "Based on what Felicia and Futaba-san said, it seems so..."
  213. Iroha: "But as a start..."
  214. Kanagi: "No, hold on just a moment."
  215. Iroha: "Huh?"
  216. Kanagi: "I didn't say it in front of the twins, but..."
  217. "I was able to read something else as well."
  218. Yachiyo: "Kanagi... is that..."
  219. Kanagi: "Yes, it's true."
  220. "Those two didn't know the contents of the rumor..."
  221. "But they did know about Yui-kun's current status and location."
  222. Iroha: "Where is she!?"
  223. "What happened to Tsuruno-chan!?"
  224. Kanagi: "Well, this isn't exactly easy to say, but it seems Yui-kun is still under the effects of brainwashing."
  225. "In order to protect the rumor, apparently she became part of the rumor."
  226. Iroha: "Part of... the rumor!?"
  227. Momoko: "What does that mean?"
  228. "To protect the rumor, Tsuruno became a rumor...?"
  229. Yachiyo: "And, where is she?"
  230. Kanagi: "Mm, she's on my own territory, the Ferris wheel field in Daitou Ward."
  231. "The lingering remnants of an unfortunate public works project."
  232. Iroha: "That's..."
  233. (...where Tsuruno-chan became a rumor, and where the rumor of the amusement park is...)
  234. (Tsuruno-chan is at this Ferris wheel field...)
  235. Momoko: "This is bad..."
  236. "If the rumor of the amusement park happens to be Tsuruno..."
  237. Yachiyo: "Everyone will be killed by Tsuruno..."
  238. [battle]
  239. [insert image of the flower-shaped coasters]
  240. Sana: *(Our matching coasters...)*
  241. *(We all bought them to give to Yachiyo-san as a present...)*
  242. *(We all hoped they would be a symbol of us becoming a team...)*
  243. [in Yachiyo's house]
  244. Sana: (No, I'm sure I... As one of a group of friends...)
  245. (Wanted one more symbol of this being the place I belong...)
  246. (But... I went and destroyed that...)
  247. (Not just for Iroha-san and Yachiyo-san...)
  248. (If I had managed to keep my senses... maybe Tsuruno-chan...)
  249. [flashback to a grocery store]
  250. Tsuruno: "Don't worry, just say if there's anything you want."
  251. Sana: "B-but..."
  252. Tsuruno: "We're like a family, you know?"
  253. "Hmf hmf!"
  254. Yachiyo: "I'm the one who controls the finances though."
  255. "Don't just say whatever you feel like."
  256. Tsuruno: "That's not it."
  257. "Sana-chan said that she wanted boiled yellowtail for dinner tonight."
  258. Yachiyo: "Ah, that's what you mean?"
  259. Sana: "Uh, but... there might... be people who don't like that..."
  260. Yachiyo: "You don't have to worry about that."
  261. "Lately, Felicia has been selfishly asking for meat all the time."
  262. Tsuruno: "See, you only have to ask. Yachiyo will hear what you have to say."
  263. Sana: "Yes... thank you very much..."
  264. [back in the house]
  265. Sana: (Tsuruno-san...)
  266. (I can't take this anymore...)
  267. (I want to fight this time...)
  268. (And so this time, I'll show my selfish side...)
  269. Felicia: "This pisses me off..."
  270. "I can't sit still..."
  271. "Why do I have to go to sleep?"
  272. "Ugh..."
  273. [flashback to the grocery store]
  274. Felicia: "nnGah..."
  275. "I only got this Disciple Myoutou Decagon Ball sticker..."
  276. Tsuruno: "I-I got him! Master Kuushinsai!"
  277. Felicia: "Ehhh? How nice..."
  278. "This is my third Myoutou..."
  279. Tsuruno: "Oh my."
  280. "If that's the case, then your big sister Tsuruno will trade with you!"
  281. Felicia: "Really!?"
  282. Tsuruno: "Yeah, in any case I think I'll get one again sometime."
  283. "And also, I always try to be nice to my disciples!"
  284. Felicia: "Huh?"
  285. "Since when am I your disciple!?"
  286. Tsuruno: "Then the trade is off."
  287. Felicia: "Ehh!?"
  288. Tsuruno: "Just kidding."
  289. "Here you go."
  290. Felicia: "Uwoaaah! You're the best, Tsuruno!"
  291. [back to the living room]
  292. Felicia: "Tsuruno... Tsuruno... Tsuruno!"
  293. "AAAARGH!"
  294. Sana: "Eek!? F-Felicia-san!?"
  295. Felicia: "I'm not waiting anymore! This is enough!"
  296. "Let's go, Sana!"
  297. Sana: "But, we don't know where to go!"
  298. [a phone rings]
  299. Felicia: "I'm leaving!"
  300. Sana: "W-wait just a bit! I've got a call... from Yachiyo-san!"
  301. [in Kaede's room with Kaede and Rena]
  302. *slap!*
  303. Kaede: "Ahh!"
  304. "Wh-what are you doing, Rena-chan!? That hurts!"
  305. Rena: "That's my line!"
  306. "Momoko and I even bought a fruit tart for you!"
  307. "We thought you would cheer up!"
  308. "You're always so... wishy washy wishy washy..."
  309. "All the time!!"
  310. Kaede: "Bu-but!"
  311. Rena: "No ifs, ands, or buts!!"
  312. "I don't care anymore!"
  313. "I hate the way you're like that!"
  314. "Like how you're always so timid, but when it comes to yourself, you always get so excited!"
  315. "Or how you're always seeking help from people!"
  316. "Or how you go 'Auu' or 'Fuyuu' all the time!"
  317. "Or how you don't understand idols!"
  318. "Or how you keep reptiles!"
  319. "I know about five grain rice now anyway!"
  320. "We're... we're... through! We're breaking up now!"
  321. *slap*
  322. Rena: "Ow!"
  323. Kaede: "The second half doesn't even matter, and then you said we're breaking up again!"
  324. Rena: "What about it!?"
  325. Kaede: "Oww, don't pinch me!"
  326. Rena: "Nuugh, even if you pinch me back, it doesn't hurt!"
  327. Kaede: "!!"
  328. Rena: "!!"
  329. [pause]
  330. Rena: "Pft, I'm glad..."
  331. "If you have that much fight left in you, then you're fine."
  332. Kaede: "!?"
  333. "...Rena-chan..."
  334. "Rena-chaaan..."
  335. "Fuyuu... I'm sorry..."
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