0xOmar New Update - 1

Jan 12th, 2012
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  1. Hi
  3. Russian intelligence closed my email, so I have created this one.
  5. I saw some stupids said, they've found me, one in Mexico, one in Riyadh, one in Dubai, look, let me explain my method, as I know no one can find me, I easily explain it:
  7. I create an exploit page using a browser based exploit, I email URL and put hidden iframe to my exploit page, I infect a lot of PCs around world with my bot, my bot is coded in C++ all by myself, it have a functionality in addition to all features of other bots, it has an encrypted SOCKS5 protocol, I can see live bots in my administrator server, I use them to connect to other and from there to another and ... I do it sometimes 2 times, sometimes 4 times, it depends on my hurry. ISPs doesn't store details of connections on those ports, so don't waste your time, it's for Mossad.
  9. I use a really complicated hand-made method for hiding myself, so if you reach to Dubai, Mexico, Riyadh, Minsk, Helsinki, New York, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Tokyo, Moscow, etc. excellent! You found one my my poor victims.
  10. Ok? Enough said? So stop telling my bots location to media and infecting media with false details.
  12. My other message is to Gazza hackers who have hacked stupid Dany Ayalon's website and put a foot on his face and sent me a message.
  14. From here, I invite all hackers of world from Islamic world to come together, it's not matter what you think, I invite all Muslim hackers to unite against Israel, the big enemy of all Muslims.
  16. I invite all Arab-Muslim Hackers to unite against Israel and join this war. I also invite great Turkish hackers which hack a lot of websites daily and notify them to zone-h. Do you remember Gaza flotilla raid? Do not stay silent as you didn't stay before, let's do something in return. Let's fight for ourselves, for what we believe.
  18. I invite all Muslim hackers to fight in two methods:
  19. a) Hack Israeli military, intelligence and their contractors to extract sensitive and hidden information and publish them in internet. It could be even Israeli people data like what I did to credit cards
  20. b) Hack Israeli important sites and publish your message on them
  22. I shout to Israeli authorities and people, you are not safe from me and Muslim hackers. We'll fight all of our live against Israel, we'll harm you in any way we can.
  24. From now, I shout to all Israeli people, daily I'll publish 200 credit cards of Israeli people. All people who's interested in fresh working credit cards, join our movement, subscribe to our page to receive daily 200 credit cards. Using this method, Israeli banks shred all sites in a day and people will be able to purchase all they want.
  26. So my last message to world, let's destroy Israel and have a free Palestine without enemies.
  30. My message in Arabic:
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