WU,AH: Game 7 (DM: Egg) Session 2

Jan 26th, 2013
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  1. Jan 21 19:59:44 <Egg_Discord> Everyone here?
  2. Jan 21 19:59:54 <Writefag4> I am.
  3. Jan 21 19:59:56 * starlite raises a hoof
  4. Jan 21 20:00:03 <Globebutt> Sensors indicate a conspicuous lack of BC.
  5. Jan 21 20:00:34 * AngelGrace ( has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  6. Jan 21 20:00:45 <Egg_Discord> Aurora, you better ping BC29
  7. Jan 21 20:01:48 <Aurora_> Moment
  8. Jan 21 20:01:59 * BC92 (cgiirc@64AF97C.FBD51830.DD11E04D.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  9. Jan 21 20:02:36 <Egg_Discord> Alright, looks like everyone is here.
  10. Jan 21 20:02:46 <Egg_Discord> Sound off whenever you're ready to begin
  11. Jan 21 20:02:52 <Aurora_> I'm ready
  12. Jan 21 20:02:57 <Aurora_>
  13. Jan 21 20:02:57 <BC92> sure
  14. Jan 21 20:02:58 <starlite> Ready!
  15. Jan 21 20:03:01 <Aurora_> (Remember that thing)
  16. Jan 21 20:03:03 <Writefag4> 1 fort. Lets Roll!
  17. Jan 21 20:03:06 <Globebutt> (Here's last session, if anyone needs a refresher.)
  18. Jan 21 20:03:16 <Globebutt> Consider my roll called.
  19. Jan 21 20:04:07 <Egg_Discord> ALright, then let me begin
  20. Jan 21 20:11:33 <Egg_Discord> What was once appeared to be a dreamland may actually be a nightmare in disguise. Five people woke up in a strange hotel room, none of them having any idea as to what's going on: A Neo Nazi turned coffee loving mare; a woman with the wings, ears, tail and fur of a pegasus; A fat bearded man with Pink, orange and yellow hair; an unremarkable young man; and a muscular German man who appeared to be criminally insane.
  21. Jan 21 20:11:33 <Egg_Discord> After they woke up together, they called for help from the hospital, only to find out that this sort of thing had been commonplace, with people who end up like this mysteriously vanishing. The answers being within the new theme park Petopia, they set off for answers. Thanks to the German man's efforts, he has taken an employee hostage who seems to know quite a bit about what's going on while the Neo Nazi has to
  22. Jan 21 20:11:34 * Vinyl ( has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  23. Jan 21 20:11:35 <Egg_Discord> deal with his mind switching from the loyal supporter of the fourth reich to a caramel machiatto obsessed pony and back again. Will any of them return to normal? Will Gunther make his hostage piss his pants? Does anyone really care if someone like Fritz goes full pony? Most of these questions will be answered tonight in Amusement Park Nightmare.
  24. Jan 21 20:12:01 <Egg_Discord> Music to read by
  25. Jan 21 20:12:31 <Globebutt> (And what about Naomi?)
  26. Jan 21 20:12:35 <Writefag4> (I belive Laura and I had just gotten off the log ride? Are the sugar cuebs in my pocket still dry?)
  27. Jan 21 20:13:22 <starlite> (I care about Fritz... Why does no one else like him?)
  28. Jan 21 20:13:26 <Globebutt> (Excellent question. We had gotten off the log flume and found BC and that racist coffee horse, who suggested we at once head back to the hotel room, though, if my memory serves.)
  29. Jan 21 20:13:41 <Egg_Discord> (Naomi?)
  30. Jan 21 20:14:12 <Egg_Discord> When we last left off, Gunther was guiding his hostage to the tram as the rest of the group joined them, Fritz having regained control of himself
  31. Jan 21 20:14:18 <BC92> (i don't know why but it bugs me that I am being described as fat. i really am not THAT overweight...)
  32. Jan 21 20:14:43 <Globebutt> (Rotund? Chubby? Plus-size? Big-boned?)
  33. Jan 21 20:14:56 <BC92> (i can grab a picture if you guys need an idea)
  34. Jan 21 20:15:01 <Writefag4> I'm not exactly sure if I want to participate in a kidnapping.
  35. Jan 21 20:15:13 <Aurora_> Günther just stands at the tram then, waiting for it to guide his hostage to the hotel room. Arm tightly around the employee's shoulders
  36. Jan 21 20:15:22 <Globebutt> (I don't think we were ever told there was a kidnapping going on.)
  37. Jan 21 20:15:32 <Aurora_> (Nope, you weren't)
  38. Jan 21 20:15:45 <Aurora_> (As far as Günther told you, he's bringing a friend)
  39. Jan 21 20:16:08 <Globebutt> Just trusting the man with funny hair, I follow him and Fritz back to the tram.
  40. Jan 21 20:16:10 <BC92> (i think i am smart enough to know by how his "friend" was acting he was a hostage.)
  41. Jan 21 20:16:11 <Aurora_> (Coincidently, that's also what he told the hostage)
  42. Jan 21 20:16:13 <Writefag4> (Oh. Okay. I think Laura and I were just told we needed to get back to thotel.)
  43. Jan 21 20:16:21 <Egg_Discord> The employee whispers "Pease don't kill me."
  44. Jan 21 20:16:36 <Writefag4> Whats going on I don't want to stand in line again.
  45. Jan 21 20:16:37 <BC92> (btw, aside from the hair, this is what I imagine my character looks like
  46. Jan 21 20:16:46 <Aurora_> Günther whispers a response. "You funny man. I kill you only if run. No run, no kill."
  47. Jan 21 20:17:11 <Writefag4> "Why are we leaving the park. There better be a good reason."
  48. Jan 21 20:17:30 <starlite> "I just want to get out of here now!"
  49. Jan 21 20:17:48 <BC92> (are we on the tram?)
  50. Jan 21 20:18:09 <Egg_Discord> (No, you are just outside the park's exit right now.)
  51. Jan 21 20:18:22 <starlite> (Is the tram about to leave?)
  52. Jan 21 20:18:35 <Writefag4> (I think we'll be on the next tram.)
  53. Jan 21 20:20:34 <Egg_Discord> (Yeah, you're on the next tram. Just assume that the next tram is always waiting for you unless stated otherwise
  54. Jan 21 20:20:43 <Globebutt> "Yeah..." I rub the back of my neck. "What exactly *is* going on?"
  55. Jan 21 20:21:19 <starlite> *Fritz points a hoof at the scientist by Gunther* "Listen buddy, I want some answers and fast!"
  56. Jan 21 20:21:39 <Egg_Discord> (It's a businessman)
  57. Jan 21 20:21:43 <BC92> "well Gunther seems to have made a... 'friend'... and we are going back to the room to interrogate him apparently..." BC replies a bit nervously.
  58. Jan 21 20:21:47 <Aurora_> "Little horse, have patience. We will talk at hotel room!"
  59. Jan 21 20:21:57 <Writefag4> So everyone one one tram?)
  60. Jan 21 20:22:03 <Egg_Discord> (You are now)
  61. Jan 21 20:22:03 <Aurora_> (Yep, think so)
  62. Jan 21 20:22:21 <Globebutt> (Err, wait. Wait. I thought Guter and the scientist were one one tram, and we were all on another. But, whatever.)
  63. Jan 21 20:22:37 <Writefag4> (Fritz seems to have bent reality to his will.)
  64. Jan 21 20:22:47 <starlite> (Ignore my comments so far)
  65. Jan 21 20:23:00 <Aurora_> (Reality is overrated. That's why we're playing a game about turning into brightly coloured cartoon horses)
  66. Jan 21 20:23:10 <Egg_Discord> The tram arrives back at the Black Horse Hotel as you all get off and head back towards the room, ready to get some answers.
  67. Jan 21 20:23:27 <BC92> (poor fritz turning into a normal coloured horse =U)
  68. Jan 21 20:23:31 <Aurora_> Günther pushes the man into the bathroom and locks the door.
  69. Jan 21 20:24:31 <Writefag4> "Where... did you find this man?"
  70. Jan 21 20:25:16 <Egg_Discord> "Oh god, what are you gonna do to me?
  71. Jan 21 20:25:19 <starlite> *Fritz walks into the corner, facing the wall, muttering to himself under his breath* "My name is Fritz Amsel. I am a man, not a pony. I must keep my mind for the Fourth Reich. My name is Fritz Amsel..."
  72. Jan 21 20:25:28 <Aurora_> "Underground tunnels under park. They have old laboratory rooms there. I found documents about park owners buying old laboratories."
  73. Jan 21 20:25:38 <Aurora_> Günther bangs on the door. "Funny man stay silent until asked!"
  74. Jan 21 20:26:02 <BC92> "hey coffeebutt, still want this machiatto?" BC calls out to fritz, waving the machiatto enticingly in his direction.
  75. Jan 21 20:26:04 <Egg_Discord> Fritz is a silly name for a little pony.
  76. Jan 21 20:26:24 <Writefag4> PYou... kidnapped him?"
  77. Jan 21 20:26:27 <Egg_Discord> (Feel free to resist, Star. It makes this more interesting)
  78. Jan 21 20:26:27 <starlite> Hell no, I don't want that drink!
  79. Jan 21 20:26:31 <Globebutt> "..."
  80. Jan 21 20:26:57 <BC92> "if you insist, I'll just drink it myself then." he shrugs and takes another sip from it.
  81. Jan 21 20:27:00 <Egg_Discord> Are you sure your name is Fritz?
  82. Jan 21 20:27:18 <starlite> (Is this incharacter, or am I about to roll a 10 again?)
  83. Jan 21 20:27:22 <Egg_Discord> "What do you want from me?"
  84. Jan 21 20:27:25 <Aurora_> "He comes as friend. He say stuff about pet making and selling, I convince him to come talk to us and explain."
  85. Jan 21 20:27:39 <Egg_Discord> (In character, you can just flat out argue with the voice in your head)
  86. Jan 21 20:27:40 <Aurora_> Günther bangs on the door again "Funny man stay silent until asked or loses leg!"
  87. Jan 21 20:27:49 <BC92> "and... how... did you convince him...?"
  88. Jan 21 20:28:04 <BC92> (nix that. he just answered my question)
  89. Jan 21 20:28:17 * BC92 shakes his head in disbelief.
  90. Jan 21 20:28:18 <Aurora_> "I give him big hug, and we become friends at once. Is like taming wolf. Just need to show who is boss."
  91. Jan 21 20:28:28 <Writefag4> "You can't just kidnap people. We don't even know if he knows anything."
  92. Jan 21 20:28:33 <Egg_Discord> A high pitched squeal emits from the bathroom as the businessman stays quiet
  93. Jan 21 20:28:33 <starlite> *Fritz raises his voice* "My name is Fritz Amsel! I am a man, not a pony!"
  94. Jan 21 20:28:44 <Globebutt> I just silently sit down on my bed.
  95. Jan 21 20:29:02 <BC92> "certainly a strange looking man, coffeebutt." BC retorts as he takes another smug sip of the machiatto.
  96. Jan 21 20:29:36 <Aurora_> "I don't see why I can't. We were kidnapped and put in this room, why not return favour?"
  97. Jan 21 20:29:37 <Egg_Discord> Are you a man? You seem to be missing a couple of certain parts that men typically have.
  98. Jan 21 20:29:46 <Writefag4> "We don't even have any idea whats going on other than we woke up in this room and some of us have changes."
  99. Jan 21 20:29:47 <BC92> (I am not helping at all, but its fun =D)
  100. Jan 21 20:30:05 <starlite> "I am a man! I must keep my mind for the Fourth Reich! I do not want that damn coffee!"
  101. Jan 21 20:30:05 <Writefag4> "By kidnapping somone random?"
  102. Jan 21 20:30:17 <Globebutt> There's a German man interrogating some sort of... kidnappee? In the bathroom? There's a man on the other side of the door, listening in. There's a horse on the other side of the room, saying he's a man. And... shit, did... was he... Fourth Reich?
  103. Jan 21 20:30:25 <Egg_Discord> You sure? It tastes pretty good.
  104. Jan 21 20:30:55 <starlite> "I am Fritz Amsel, and I do not drink coffee!"
  105. Jan 21 20:31:10 <Globebutt> And this other guy... Ugh. They didn't set my purse with my clothes, did they? I could use some aspirin.
  106. Jan 21 20:31:40 <Egg_Discord> No luck with your purse, Laura
  107. Jan 21 20:31:40 <BC92> "I am BC, I do drink coffee. pretty damn good coffee too." he takes another sip, seems to be downing the thing pretty quickly.
  108. Jan 21 20:31:40 <Aurora_> "Take vodka, work better than aspirin"
  109. Jan 21 20:31:43 <starlite> "Shut up! You're not helping!"
  110. Jan 21 20:31:54 <Egg_Discord> What about Machiattos? That's not exactly the same as coffee.
  111. Jan 21 20:32:11 <Aurora_> Günther walks over to Fritz-Caramel and starts humming the WW2 German national anthem loud enough for Fritz to hear
  112. Jan 21 20:32:24 <BC92> "being angry and hateful isn't helping either. miz coffeebutt."
  113. Jan 21 20:32:27 <Globebutt> (And now the German's reading my mind! Not that I can hear him from the other side of the bathroom door and wall.)
  114. Jan 21 20:32:58 <Globebutt> (Aurora, I thought you'd closed the bathroom door.)
  115. Jan 21 20:33:09 <Aurora_> (Oh, shit, the aspirin was in your mind? Ignore that)
  116. Jan 21 20:33:13 * Writefag4 checks to see how the door is locked.
  117. Jan 21 20:33:23 <Aurora_> (And yeah, I closed the door, but I'm not in the bathroom with the captive)
  118. Jan 21 20:33:27 <Writefag4> (I belive he locked him in the bathroom. Somehow. How do you lock somone in a bathroom?)
  119. Jan 21 20:33:45 <starlite> *Fritz almost calms down at Gunther's singing before BC begins to speak again* "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"
  120. Jan 21 20:33:48 <BC92> (magic, *snortsnort*)
  121. Jan 21 20:33:50 <Aurora_> (I am assuming the bathroom door has a keyhole+key. If not, jam a chair under the handle)
  122. Jan 21 20:34:04 <Egg_Discord> What's so important about thsi Fourth Reich anyway, Caramel? Good little ponies don't need to worry about anything other than being good little ponies.
  123. Jan 21 20:34:20 <Egg_Discord> (A chair is indeed jammed under the handle
  124. Jan 21 20:34:34 <starlite> "My name is Fritz Amsel! I am not a pony! I must... I must protect the Empire..."
  125. Jan 21 20:34:44 <Aurora_> Günther starts singing for Fritz, "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Über alles in der Welt,"
  126. Jan 21 20:34:56 <Aurora_> More like a whisper, but still
  127. Jan 21 20:34:59 * Writefag4 slips the chair out from under the handle and sees if he can slip into the room unnoticed. He whispsers. "You in there? I'm coming in. That guys still out here so don't try anything."
  128. Jan 21 20:35:02 <starlite> *Fritz tries to calm down again at the anthem*
  129. Jan 21 20:35:32 <Globebutt> I hold my head in my hands.
  130. Jan 21 20:35:32 <BC92> (the room probably reeks of coffee, left the pot going when we left)
  131. Jan 21 20:35:51 <Aurora_> (You're just trying now, aren't you? :P )
  132. Jan 21 20:35:58 <BC92> (maybe =P)
  133. Jan 21 20:36:02 <Aurora_> " Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze Brüderlich zusammenhält."
  134. Jan 21 20:36:31 <Aurora_> Günther interupts his singing to reach out to Fritz. "Maybe little horse want help talk to funny man?"
  135. Jan 21 20:36:46 * BC92 sits down on the couch bed again, stretching his legs out.
  136. Jan 21 20:36:57 <starlite> "I am not a horse! I am a man! I am Fritz Amsel, a proud Aryan!"
  137. Jan 21 20:37:14 <Aurora_> "Okay little Fritz. You want to help talk to funny man in bathroom?"
  138. Jan 21 20:37:25 <Globebutt> Oh God.
  139. Jan 21 20:37:29 <BC92> "aren't aryans supposed to be blonde haired blue eyed? not a little brown furred pony with coffee on its ass?"
  140. Jan 21 20:37:33 * Writefag4 pushes his way into the bathroom, ready for the possiblity that the guy is going to try and either smack him over the head or make a break for it."
  141. Jan 21 20:37:34 <Globebutt> "Ugh."
  142. Jan 21 20:37:52 <starlite> *My tries to ignore BC's comment, burning in rage* "Fine, let me at him!"
  143. Jan 21 20:38:06 <Aurora_> "To bathroom, come."
  144. Jan 21 20:38:15 <Aurora_> Günther starts making his way to the bathroom
  145. Jan 21 20:38:20 <starlite> *Fritz stomps off behind Gunther*
  146. Jan 21 20:38:30 <BC92> (shit is going to go down i feel soon)
  147. Jan 21 20:39:20 <Egg_Discord> "Funny man" is too busy shaking and quivering in the bathtub to bother trying to escape. He knows that Gunther could outrun him
  148. Jan 21 20:39:50 * Writefag4 locks the door behind me.
  149. Jan 21 20:39:58 <Aurora_> "Funny man! We coming to ask questions. You answer nicely and we let you leave again!"
  150. Jan 21 20:40:12 <Egg_Discord> You can hear him shaking and whimpering in fear
  151. Jan 21 20:40:27 <starlite> "No, I won't! He's gonna get it just as bad as me!"
  152. Jan 21 20:40:53 <Aurora_> "I never say we let leave without hurting."
  153. Jan 21 20:41:08 <Globebutt> "I'm going to the lobby," I mutter to no one in particular as I walk toward the room door with the intent of leaving. Room key and wallet are still in my pants.
  154. Jan 21 20:41:14 <starlite> *Fritz smiles darkly at Gunther*
  155. Jan 21 20:41:23 <BC92> "there really Isn't a need for violence, is there?" a note of concern in BC's voice.
  156. Jan 21 20:41:32 <Writefag4> "I say there's going to be no hurting unless you want to spend the next few years in a jail cell."
  157. Jan 21 20:41:33 <Aurora_> Günther tries to open the door to the bathroom
  158. Jan 21 20:41:51 <Writefag4> "And you can stay right out there. I don't think you're helping him calm down at all."
  159. Jan 21 20:41:52 <Aurora_> "Only hurting if he actually has something to do with horsing around."
  160. Jan 21 20:42:30 <Globebutt> I walk out the door, close it behind me and head to the lobby. Is there an overpriced convenience store near the front desk?
  161. Jan 21 20:42:37 <starlite> *Fritz tries to buck the door down*
  162. Jan 21 20:43:45 <Egg_Discord> Isn't there always one inside of every hotel, Globe?
  163. Jan 21 20:43:57 <Writefag4> "And you'll get better answers if the victim isn't fearing for his life telling you everything you want to hear."
  164. Jan 21 20:44:27 <Aurora_> "I think is time to open door. I will not hurt if he not involved in hurting us."
  165. Jan 21 20:44:28 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, you are not strong enough to knock down this door. In fact, you only succeed in hurting and embarrasing yourself.
  166. Jan 21 20:44:50 <Writefag4> "No. You can ask your questions from out there."
  167. Jan 21 20:44:56 <Globebutt> Most of 'em. I'm buying aspirin. Even if it costs me an arm and a leg, I think it may be use 'em or lose 'em at this point.
  168. Jan 21 20:44:56 <starlite> *Fritz shakes slightly as he rebounds off of the door* "I don't care! I'm going to take him down personally!"
  169. Jan 21 20:45:14 <Writefag4> I turn to the man in the tub.
  170. Jan 21 20:45:35 <BC92> "probably a good idea to keep that door closed, who knows what an adorable angry pony can do." BC says a bit sarcastically.
  171. Jan 21 20:45:38 <Aurora_> "I think you can do good with questioning funny man. I will be out here drinking good drink. You yell if need me to break arms."
  172. Jan 21 20:45:54 <Aurora_> Günther grabs a new bottle of rum from his booze bag
  173. Jan 21 20:46:05 <starlite> *Fritz turns to BC, furiously* "Shut up now, or you're getting the same treatment as him!"
  174. Jan 21 20:46:06 <Egg_Discord> You look at the store, Laura and there you see it
  175. Jan 21 20:46:20 <Globebutt> The aspirin?
  176. Jan 21 20:46:31 <Writefag4> "Look. Lets try to get this over with quickly. Faster you answer enough question the sooner you can get out of here an maybe find a new line of work."
  177. Jan 21 20:46:32 <Egg_Discord> A box of sweet, chocolate covered donuts.
  178. Jan 21 20:46:47 <Egg_Discord> It looks so good that you could just roll fort
  179. Jan 21 20:47:26 <Globebutt> ...In the hotel store? They're gonna be all nasty and prepackaged and full of high fructose corn syrup and transfats, though. (3)
  180. Jan 21 20:47:45 <Globebutt> Probably vintage 2008.
  181. Jan 21 20:48:13 <Writefag4> "Can you start with your name? Mine's Writefag. Or just Write."
  182. Jan 21 20:48:50 <Egg_Discord> That's true. You should probably see about finding some freshly baked ones later. You decide to ignore them and grab the aspirin. The clerk gives you a funny look before muttering something and ringing you up. Given your fuzzy appearance, it's pretty obvious what he's talking about.
  183. Jan 21 20:48:56 <BC92> (who name's their kid Writefag anyways =U)
  184. Jan 21 20:49:12 <Egg_Discord> "....Douglass." The businessman says
  185. Jan 21 20:49:37 <Globebutt> Actually? "Could you charge this to my room?"
  186. Jan 21 20:50:03 <Writefag4> "Okay Douglas. I assume you've seen how my compatriots look. The one with the pony body and the one who seems to have wings growing out of her back."
  187. Jan 21 20:50:07 <Globebutt> "I'm in 514."
  188. Jan 21 20:51:14 <Egg_Discord> "Alright, ma'am." He does so and says "Thank you and have a nice day"
  189. Jan 21 20:51:41 <Egg_Discord> "fugginfurry" he says quietly, but your pony ears catch this
  190. Jan 21 20:51:59 <Egg_Discord> (There, I've gotten it out of the way)
  191. Jan 21 20:52:43 <Globebutt> My ears fold back in shame as I frown. "...You too." I take my aspirin and head back toward the room.
  192. Jan 21 20:53:16 <Egg_Discord> "Y-yeah. Looks like this is what the big man was really working on."
  193. Jan 21 20:53:47 <Writefag4> "Big man? Lets start with people like them. Are they the first you've seen?"
  194. Jan 21 20:54:12 <Aurora_> "Clown hair man. How have you been doing? You enjoy time at park?"
  195. Jan 21 20:54:33 <starlite> *Fritz is pacing in front of the bathroom door again, seething in rage*
  196. Jan 21 20:54:36 <Globebutt> (I'll just wait a bit before Laura comes back; can't let myself pretend that transaction and trip to the lobby took no time.)
  197. Jan 21 20:55:17 <BC92> "hmm? oh..." BC frowns remembering his hair. "it would be more fun if i didn't look so ridiculous... Would love to get on some roller coasters and stuff.."
  198. Jan 21 20:55:28 <Egg_Discord> "Yeah. Our investors told us something like this might happen, but I never expected them to use unwilling test subjects."
  199. Jan 21 20:56:08 <starlite> *Fritz's stomach begins to growl and he looks away from the door* "Do we have any food left in here?"
  200. Jan 21 20:56:33 <Aurora_> "Why you have weird hair anyway? And I think you should give little horse food. Is your turn for make friendship."
  201. Jan 21 20:56:37 <BC92> (I haven't eaten anything, though since I am apparently "fat" I can probably get away with losing some pounds)
  202. Jan 21 20:56:51 <Writefag4> "Might happen? What was supposed to happen?"
  203. Jan 21 20:56:57 <Egg_Discord> (Fritz clearly has yet to notice his violet and purple hair, BC)
  204. Jan 21 20:57:11 <Aurora_> (Günther. Fritz is the horse)
  205. Jan 21 20:57:34 <Egg_Discord> (Right, sorry! It's hard to keep track, they both have German names)
  206. Jan 21 20:57:37 <BC92> "Hell if i know why my hair is like this, wasn't yesterday.... say... wasn't your hair a different colour earlier?"
  207. Jan 21 20:58:27 <Aurora_> "What you mean? How does my hair look?"
  208. Jan 21 20:58:44 <starlite> "You look like a technocolor fag party!"
  209. Jan 21 20:58:44 <BC92> "well its purple and violet..."
  210. Jan 21 20:59:07 <BC92> (we both do =U lucky you and your normal colours)
  211. Jan 21 20:59:10 <Globebutt> (Err. Star, we... Who all's where?)
  212. Jan 21 20:59:16 <Aurora_> "Silly man. My hair not supposed to be purple."
  213. Jan 21 20:59:32 <Aurora_> (Everyone except Write in the bathroom, I think)
  214. Jan 21 20:59:46 <Egg_Discord> "We were told that there was an option to make it possible for people to turn into pets and vice versa at will. Our investors were interested in this and decided to fund our theme park, as long as they were given control over the testing..."
  215. Jan 21 20:59:50 <BC92> "well take a look for yourself, there has to be a mirror out here right?" BC replies, finishing off his machiatto.
  216. Jan 21 21:00:44 <Egg_Discord> (Write and Douglas are in the bathroom, Fritz Gunther and BC are in the main room and Laura is about to come back into the room.
  217. Jan 21 21:00:54 * Writefag4 drums his fingers on his knee.
  218. Jan 21 21:01:06 <Egg_Discord> Try the bedroom, BC
  219. Jan 21 21:01:54 <Aurora_> Günther goes off to look for a mirror then
  220. Jan 21 21:01:58 <Writefag4> "So you're saying we're participating in some sort of experiment? Who were your investors anyway?"
  221. Jan 21 21:02:43 <Globebutt> I fight a ritual battle with the key reader on the door before turning the handle and entering back into 514.
  222. Jan 21 21:02:48 <Egg_Discord> "I'm n-not allowed to say."
  223. Jan 21 21:02:51 * BC92 gets up and searches for a mirror as well, dropping the finished beverage in a trashcan on his way to search the bedroom.
  224. Jan 21 21:03:09 <starlite> *Fritz simply waits in the kitchen, fuming silently and muttering his mantra again*
  225. Jan 21 21:03:18 * Writefag4 leans back against the toilet.
  226. Jan 21 21:04:00 <Writefag4> "You're saying you value your job more than the lives of some people or that there's something scarier than Gunther waiting for you if you say anything."
  227. Jan 21 21:04:07 <Egg_Discord> Come on, Fritz, what's so bad about being a pony? You'd never have to work again. You could have someone else do it for you! Then you'd basically have free money!
  228. Jan 21 21:04:26 <Egg_Discord> "I'm-I'm a dead man if I do."
  229. Jan 21 21:04:36 <starlite> "Shut up! I need to lead the Fourth Reich! I can't do that as a pony!"
  230. Jan 21 21:05:03 <Globebutt> I head to the kitchen and find the coffee horse shouting about the Fourth Reich.
  231. Jan 21 21:05:22 <Writefag4> w "Sounds like you should have looked for a diffrent line of work months ago."
  232. Jan 21 21:05:25 <Globebutt> I give him a strange, concerned look.
  233. Jan 21 21:05:29 * Writefag4 fixes Doughlas with a glare.
  234. Jan 21 21:06:03 <Writefag4> "In that case is there anything more you can tell me about the project. You said changing back and forth at will. I think our little Nazi out there might appreciate changing back."
  235. Jan 21 21:06:04 <Egg_Discord> "I didn't think we'd be doing this sort of thing. Besides, I don't even call the shots!"
  236. Jan 21 21:06:23 <starlite> *Fritz holds his head, unaware of the presence of others*
  237. Jan 21 21:06:27 <Globebutt> Even if he weren't a cute little mare, this guy'd be a head case.
  238. Jan 21 21:06:53 <Egg_Discord> "I don't know how the serum works! I'm not a part of the science crew."
  239. Jan 21 21:07:25 <Aurora_> (Does Günther find a mirror to check his hair?"
  240. Jan 21 21:07:28 <Aurora_> )
  241. Jan 21 21:07:34 <Writefag4> "Easy now. I get that. Departmentalization is a pain in the ass."
  242. Jan 21 21:07:35 <BC92> (i was searching too =U)
  243. Jan 21 21:07:36 <Egg_Discord> (Yes he does.)
  244. Jan 21 21:08:34 <Globebutt> I get out a cup and pour a glass of water, then open my aspirin and take a few pills. (Think two is the normal dosage.)
  245. Jan 21 21:08:51 <Aurora_> Günther takes a good look at himself in the mirror, waggling his eyebrows a bit to see if it's really him. "Huh. I actually have purple hair."
  246. Jan 21 21:09:07 <Writefag4> "Lets say we wanted to look into this. You said theres a Scientific division? Where would we find somone who knows more?"
  247. Jan 21 21:09:41 * BC92 comes up beside gunther, looking at himself in the mirror as well, "good lord, I went out looking like that? I see what you mean by calling me a clown..."
  248. Jan 21 21:10:01 <Egg_Discord> (Globe starts foaming at the mouth, and dies of overdose. Best ending. Jk jk)
  249. Jan 21 21:10:44 <Aurora_> "Is okay, maybe people think is fashion these days? Maybe you could buy big fancy hat?"
  250. Jan 21 21:10:47 <Egg_Discord> "I don't know. I can't really say anything about the science department either or they'll kill me."
  251. Jan 21 21:11:33 <BC92> "as much as a new hat would sound nice, I spent most of my money on the damn park ticket. lucky i had enough for that machiatto with how overpriced park food is..."
  252. Jan 21 21:12:20 * BC92 sighs. "probably one of my worse investments, that ticket."
  253. Jan 21 21:12:24 * Writefag4 eyes the man carefully. What kind of clothes is he wearing. Does he seem to have an ID badge of any kind?
  254. Jan 21 21:12:48 <Aurora_> "I think you should talk to Fritzpony. He seem very angry at you. Make friends with him, I do not think it good idea to sleep in room with feuding couple."
  255. Jan 21 21:13:08 <Egg_Discord> He's dressed like a typical business man.
  256. Jan 21 21:13:39 <BC92> "oh so we're a couple now?" a slight smirk on his face, " but yeah, I see what you mean... wish me luck, i believe i've riled him up quite a lot."
  257. Jan 21 21:13:39 <Globebutt> I head back out to the main/bedroom and lay down on my bed.
  258. Jan 21 21:13:45 <starlite> (My rolls weren't bad enough? You're going to get me to roll more?)
  259. Jan 21 21:14:19 <Egg_Discord> (maybe, maybe not)
  260. Jan 21 21:14:53 <Egg_Discord> (hold on, brb in a sec)
  261. Jan 21 21:14:55 <Globebutt> I roll over onto my side when I'm painfully reminded how it feels to lie on your back with big ol' wings.
  262. Jan 21 21:15:24 <Aurora_> Günther shrugs and goes to the main room as well. "Hello. Your name was Laura, right? How you holding up with half animal body?"
  263. Jan 21 21:15:38 <starlite> "The German Empire will reborn, and I will stand at the forefront on my own two legs with my Aryan brethren..."
  264. Jan 21 21:16:31 * BC92 heads back into the kitchen to confront the nazi coffee pony. "" BC nervously says as he kneels down to be on eye level with him.
  265. Jan 21 21:16:36 <Writefag4> "Well Douglas. I'm not sure how satisfied Gunther will be with those answers. Because you haven't really told us anything."
  266. Jan 21 21:17:10 <BC92> (perhaps we should wait for the DM to get back before we do much?)
  267. Jan 21 21:17:10 <Globebutt> "Ow, dammit," I mutter before sitting up.
  268. Jan 21 21:17:36 <starlite> *Fritz looks directly into BC's eyes* "You will not survive the rebirth of the Empire"
  269. Jan 21 21:17:41 <Egg_Discord> "OH god! Not him! Don't let him near me! He's crazy!"
  270. Jan 21 21:17:52 <BC92> (seems he is back then =U)
  271. Jan 21 21:18:13 <Globebutt> "Yeah. I'm Laura. I'm... I'm getting by."
  272. Jan 21 21:18:19 <Writefag4> "i'm inclined to agree. So is there anything you can offer us to at least point us in the right direction? Nobody has to know it came from you."
  273. Jan 21 21:18:31 <Aurora_> "Are you sure? You want bottle of vodka? I bought enough for all of us."
  274. Jan 21 21:20:17 <Egg_Discord> "I don't know! Most of what you want to know is classified info that will get me killed if I tell."
  275. Jan 21 21:20:29 <BC92> "oh really?" he says with a smirk, he quickly shakes his head to get back on track. "look, we all are in a bit of a situation here. I admit i've been teasing you a bit hard but its just my way of dealing with stress. I doubt you are going to be doing anything with this 'fourth reich' as a pony so lets put this behind us for now and work together, deal?"
  276. Jan 21 21:20:57 <Writefag4> "Most is the key word. What can you tell us?"
  277. Jan 21 21:21:26 <Globebutt> "Hrm." I just took aspirin. Can I drink after that?
  278. Jan 21 21:21:27 <starlite> *Fritz rolls his eyes, speaking with an edge of poison* "Fine, whatever. Just never talk to me again and don't get in my way when I try to get revenge on these freaks"
  279. Jan 21 21:21:45 <Aurora_> "I am sure it is safe. I always have drink before drug. And after drug too!"
  280. Jan 21 21:22:07 <Aurora_> Günther picks out a bottle of vodka and offers it to Laura
  281. Jan 21 21:22:18 <Egg_Discord> "I don't know. Most of it is limited to what we're allowed to tell the public."
  282. Jan 21 21:22:29 <BC92> "may I remind you the park employees believe you are my pet? despite our... disagreements... we might have to work together, fritz..."
  283. Jan 21 21:22:35 <Writefag4> "Tell the public? Something you were going to announce?"
  284. Jan 21 21:23:09 <Egg_Discord> "Only basic park information, how exactly the rides work, food ingredients, stuff like that.":
  285. Jan 21 21:23:35 <starlite> *Fritz frowns at BC* "When we're in public, fine. But no feeding me any more coffee or sugar, those are clearly drugged"
  286. Jan 21 21:23:54 * Writefag4 scowls.
  287. Jan 21 21:23:59 <Globebutt> I take the bottle and sniff it.
  288. Jan 21 21:24:12 <Aurora_> (Just vodka, normal vodka)
  289. Jan 21 21:24:18 <Egg_Discord> It smells of Mother Russia, Laura.
  290. Jan 21 21:25:10 <Globebutt> Of bears and common men? Hmm.
  291. Jan 21 21:25:42 <Globebutt> ...I shake my head and hand it back. "Too early for vodka."
  292. Jan 21 21:25:44 <BC92> "then its agreed, Though that machiatto i had was fine...." BC reaches out to scratch coffeebutt behind the ears before standing up.
  293. Jan 21 21:25:57 <Globebutt> (You evil bastard.)
  294. Jan 21 21:25:57 <Egg_Discord> Roll fort, Fritz.
  295. Jan 21 21:26:11 <Writefag4> ""Anyone else know about this project? The tiket taker didn't seem off put at all by our horsely friend."
  296. Jan 21 21:26:29 <BC92> (its so fun messing with him =P)
  297. Jan 21 21:26:31 <starlite> (Are any of my rolls appearing?)
  298. Jan 21 21:26:54 <BC92> (i don't see you in the roll thingy)
  299. Jan 21 21:27:18 <starlite> roll 8 of 10
  300. Jan 21 21:27:21 <starlite> (Seriously)
  301. Jan 21 21:27:33 <BC92> (lol nice nick =P)
  302. Jan 21 21:27:40 <starlite> (Thanks)
  303. Jan 21 21:27:55 <Egg_Discord> (I may have to start giving you second chance rolls if this keeps up
  304. Jan 21 21:28:09 <starlite> (You're rigging the dice, I know it)
  305. Jan 21 21:28:37 <Egg_Discord> (I have no control over the dice. If you want, I can link you to another online roll sight that you can use instead)
  306. Jan 21 21:28:43 <BC92> (i'll ease off of you as well, i've been making it tough i know)
  307. Jan 21 21:28:55 <starlite> (No, I'm kidding. It's just hilarious)
  308. Jan 21 21:29:12 <BC92> (indeed it is, hence why I'm doing it =D)
  309. Jan 21 21:29:30 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, you lean right into his hand, needing even more of that sweet ear scratching. You know what would be better? A belly rub. You know what would be even better than that? Rolling fort beforehand.
  310. Jan 21 21:29:54 <BC92> (feel free to be just as pushy to me if you get the opportunity to, i don't mind)
  311. Jan 21 21:30:01 <starlite> (Yes!0
  312. Jan 21 21:30:05 <starlite> roll 2 of 10
  313. Jan 21 21:30:38 <Egg_Discord> On second thought, better not push it. You're getting too into the ear scratch anyway.
  314. Jan 21 21:30:38 <Aurora_> Günther nods, and puts the bottle back where it was before. He then faces Laura again. "You know, if you need unstress, my normal dayjob was animal trainer and tamer." He waggles his eyebrows in the most seductive was imaginable and puts extra focus on 'Tamer'
  315. Jan 21 21:31:06 <BC92> (like them fuzzy, eh gunther?)
  316. Jan 21 21:31:06 <starlite> *Fritz shakes his head, a weird feeling in his stomach... On his stomach... He pulls away from BC quickly*
  317. Jan 21 21:31:56 <Egg_Discord> "Only those of us on the business and sience teams."
  318. Jan 21 21:31:59 <Egg_Discord> *science
  319. Jan 21 21:32:28 * Vinyl ( has left #AmusementParkNightmare (Leaving)
  320. Jan 21 21:32:49 <Writefag4> "hmm. Well what do you think I should tell him?"
  321. Jan 21 21:33:04 <Globebutt> I raise an eyebrow. "I, um..." As if there weren't enough guys hitting on me in my classes at school. Hell, they'd still probably hit on me if I went back like this.
  322. Jan 21 21:33:31 <Globebutt> "I'll keep your offer in mind; thanks."
  323. Jan 21 21:33:41 * Left_Elba is now known as L_E
  324. Jan 21 21:33:41 <Aurora_> "I did not hear a no. Maybe we find quiet place? Yes?" Günther waggles his eyebrows again and flexes an arm
  325. Jan 21 21:33:55 <BC92> "anyways, hopefully we can work together to figure this whole ordeal out." he stretches a bit as he stands up.
  326. Jan 21 21:34:03 <Globebutt> "...Nnnno thank you."
  327. Jan 21 21:34:11 <Egg_Discord> He shudders. "I don't know. Maybe if you look into the nightclub, but you didn't hear it from me!"
  328. Jan 21 21:34:48 <Aurora_> "Is okay. Drink whole bottle of vodka and maybe ask again. You know I treat you well." He makes a half-growling sound. Raawr.
  329. Jan 21 21:34:56 <starlite> *Fritz frowns, continuing his mantra under his breath*
  330. Jan 21 21:34:57 * Writefag4 puts on a hopeful smile.
  331. Jan 21 21:35:29 <Globebutt> Even the most forward engineers...
  332. Jan 21 21:35:43 <Writefag4> "Well. Then the question is what to do with you. Think you can make it back to your desk or perhaps you'll go home early?"
  333. Jan 21 21:35:50 <Aurora_> Günther raises his own bottle and takes a big swig
  334. Jan 21 21:36:09 <Egg_Discord> "I-I-I don't know. Maybe if I catch the tram soon enough."
  335. Jan 21 21:36:11 * BC92 heads back to his couch bed and lays down on it, staring up at the ceiling.
  336. Jan 21 21:36:15 <Globebutt> I go back to laying on my side, my back facing Günther.
  337. Jan 21 21:36:43 <Writefag4> :I'll talk with him. Hopefully he'll let you go. I can't promise anything though if this is all you're giving us."
  338. Jan 21 21:37:28 <starlite> *Fritz walks over to his bed and jumps up to it, curling up and constantly repeating his mantra*
  339. Jan 21 21:37:43 <Egg_Discord> "If it's any consolation, I'm sorry that this had to happen to you, and were it not for the circumstances, I would do everything in my power to make it up to you folks."
  340. Jan 21 21:39:36 <Writefag4> "Yeah well maybe you should think about quitting. If I have my way the whole park is going down. And if others have gone missing. We'll it won't look too good for you if you knew about it and didn't do anything."
  341. Jan 21 21:40:00 <Globebutt> I try to take a cat nap. Not that it's gonna work with Mr. Nazi over there chanting.
  342. Jan 21 21:40:09 <Egg_Discord> The guy looks at you and nods desperately
  343. Jan 21 21:40:41 <Writefag4> "Besides. Its not me you need to worry about apologizing to."
  344. Jan 21 21:40:47 * Writefag4 knocks on the bathroom door.
  345. Jan 21 21:41:51 <Aurora_> Günther puts a bottle of vodka on Laura's nightstand and moves to the bathroom door. "Yes? You ready with talking to funny man?"
  346. Jan 21 21:41:52 <Egg_Discord> (Take note that the night club is NOT in the theme park, but it is close by)
  347. Jan 21 21:42:10 <Writefag4> "He says he's told us all he can."
  348. Jan 21 21:42:40 <Writefag4> "Looks like we'll be taking a trip after he leaves."
  349. Jan 21 21:42:50 <Aurora_> "Is good then. What he say?"
  350. Jan 21 21:43:31 <Writefag4> "That we're part of some sort of science epxierment and people will kill him if he talks."
  351. Jan 21 21:43:45 <Aurora_> "I think you should tell him. If he not talk, I kill him instead."
  352. Jan 21 21:44:00 <Aurora_> (Imagine Günther saying that in a cheerfull tone)
  353. Jan 21 21:44:11 * Writefag4 looks to the man and shrugs.
  354. Jan 21 21:44:31 <Writefag4> "If there's anything else you might know a little butter goes a long way in greasing the wheels.
  355. Jan 21 21:45:55 <Egg_Discord> "A group of punks gather there. They've been banned entry into the park. Something about them being rebels, but maybe they know something there."
  356. Jan 21 21:47:39 <Writefag4> "Thats a lot of maybe mixed with quite a bit of if. You better hope we find something."
  357. Jan 21 21:48:41 <Egg_Discord> "I've probably told you too much anyway."
  358. Jan 21 21:48:55 <Writefag4> "As far as I can tell you haven't told us anything."
  359. Jan 21 21:49:53 <Egg_Discord> "I swear I won't squeal! Just let me go already!"
  360. Jan 21 21:51:34 <Writefag4> "Gunther. I think we can let him go."
  361. Jan 21 21:51:55 <Egg_Discord> Globe, you do indeed succeed in taking a nap, but you have a rather strange dream.
  362. Jan 21 21:52:10 <Globebutt> How strange is it?
  363. Jan 21 21:52:13 <Aurora_> "Is okay, if we need talk to someone again, I will go and find new friend."
  364. Jan 21 21:52:39 <Globebutt> (New friend!)
  365. Jan 21 21:52:57 <BC92> (yay, friends!)
  366. Jan 21 21:53:11 <Globebutt> (BC, you don't even know. :V)
  367. Jan 21 21:53:24 <Egg_Discord> You find yourself in a land where practically everything is made of baked goods and the place is filled with ponies. One of them walks up to you and says "Friend?"
  368. Jan 21 21:53:26 <BC92> (know what?)
  369. Jan 21 21:53:38 <BC92> (=P)
  370. Jan 21 21:54:04 <Globebutt> ...What's this pony look like?
  371. Jan 21 21:54:48 * Writefag4 opens the bathroom door.
  372. Jan 21 21:55:03 <Writefag4> "Just remember. Its on your concince now if we make it or not."
  373. Jan 21 21:56:03 <Aurora_> Günther looks at the man. Staring.
  374. Jan 21 21:56:09 <Aurora_> Silent, and stoic
  375. Jan 21 21:56:17 <Egg_Discord> It looks white with a teal mane and purple eyes. It has wings and appears to be a pegasus
  376. Jan 21 21:56:40 <Egg_Discord> Douglas takes one look at Gunther and runs off, mever to be seen again.
  377. Jan 21 21:56:53 <Globebutt> "...I don't think we've met."
  378. Jan 21 21:57:10 <Aurora_> "I think he will be silent. If not, I make silent."
  379. Jan 21 21:57:52 <Egg_Discord> "Of course we haven't met silly! Everypony here is a friend!"
  380. Jan 21 21:58:05 <starlite> (20 minutes AFK)
  381. Jan 21 21:58:25 <Egg_Discord> "Come on, new pony! Let's meet the other ponies!"
  382. Jan 21 21:58:59 <Globebutt> ...New pony? I'm not a pony...
  383. Jan 21 21:59:24 <Egg_Discord> A quick look at yourself says otherwise, Laura.
  384. Jan 21 22:00:23 <Globebutt> ...What? No. That's not right. I must be dreaming. I'm not a pony.
  385. Jan 21 22:02:25 <Egg_Discord> Are you? YOu don't have much time to think about this as the white pegasus takes you to meet the other ponies.
  386. Jan 21 22:03:17 * starlite has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  387. Jan 21 22:03:18 <Egg_Discord> ( quick note. here's the ponies being used in this session. Well, half of them are being used, anyway)
  388. Jan 21 22:04:12 <Globebutt> (brb foaming at mouth)
  389. Jan 21 22:04:21 <BC92> (If i'm guessing mine right, that ain't good, i'm allergic to bees.)
  390. Jan 21 22:04:37 <Aurora_> (Not as a pony you aren't)
  391. Jan 21 22:04:49 <Egg_Discord> (Aurora speaks words of truth)
  392. Jan 21 22:04:50 <Globebutt> (Laura's got bad vision, and Fritz doesn't drink coffee.)
  393. Jan 21 22:05:00 <Globebutt> (I fail to see what you're getting at.)
  394. Jan 21 22:05:10 <BC92> (until then I am, and also I have a phobia of insects.)
  395. Jan 21 22:05:27 <Aurora_> (Not as a pony you don't...Well, at least not after you start forgetting that)
  396. Jan 21 22:05:28 <BC92> (good luck getting me to be that pony =U)
  397. Jan 21 22:05:36 <Aurora_> (Ear scratching will find a way)
  398. Jan 21 22:05:42 <BC92> (we shall see =P)
  399. Jan 21 22:05:55 <Globebutt> So what happens as I'm introduced to the other ponies, then, if I'm a pony on a tour of Bakedgoodstopia?
  400. Jan 21 22:08:21 <Egg_Discord> The other ponies begin to talk all at once, excited and happy, but you can sum most of it up as "We're really glad you decided to be a pony! Master will love you!"
  401. Jan 21 22:09:16 <Writefag4> "So we're apparently some people have been kicked out of the park and they hang by the nightclub nearby. Pretty interesting considering its only been less than a week since the place opened.
  402. Jan 21 22:10:43 <Aurora_> "Maybe they turn into horses too, but fight it and win?"
  403. Jan 21 22:11:19 <Globebutt> "What? But I... I never asked for this."
  404. Jan 21 22:11:34 <Globebutt> And what's... who's... Master?
  405. Jan 21 22:11:48 <Writefag4> "Well I suppose when Laura here wakes up we can go."
  406. Jan 21 22:12:28 <Aurora_> "Okay."
  407. Jan 21 22:12:35 <Globebutt> I'm probably twitching in my sleep.
  408. Jan 21 22:12:38 <Aurora_> Günther walks over to Laura and starts shaking her
  409. Jan 21 22:12:41 <Egg_Discord> "Master is Master, silly! He's our master and he loves every single one of us! Master gives us food and belly rubs and he makes us feel just so happy!"
  410. Jan 21 22:12:50 <Aurora_> "Wake up pretty woman, we have idea where to go."
  411. Jan 21 22:12:53 <Writefag4> "I was going to let her rest."
  412. Jan 21 22:12:55 * starlite (~starlite@87FA0962.B3C6DFA.4C4C9892.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  413. Jan 21 22:13:10 <starlite> (Did I miss anything important?)
  414. Jan 21 22:13:21 <Aurora_> (What did you last see?)
  415. Jan 21 22:13:34 <BC92> (he quit just before the imgur i think)
  416. Jan 21 22:13:40 <starlite> <Egg_Discord> "Come on, new pony! Let's meet the other ponies!"
  417. Jan 21 22:13:41 <Globebutt> (How much of that do I hear, and was in intentional that they responded to something I didn't say dream-aloud?)
  418. Jan 21 22:13:45 <Aurora_> (Ah. )
  419. Jan 21 22:13:55 <Aurora_> (Thats the ponies involved)
  420. Jan 21 22:14:17 <BC92> (i'm a bit surprised both of the OC's i suggested got in =U)
  421. Jan 21 22:14:43 <Egg_Discord> (it was intentional, Globe.)
  422. Jan 21 22:14:55 <Egg_Discord> (You hear all of it and they hear your thoughts)
  423. Jan 21 22:15:36 <Aurora_> (Does my shaking wake her up?)
  424. Jan 21 22:16:04 <starlite> (Am I correct in assuming the guy left, Laura is asleep, and we're all in the room still?)
  425. Jan 21 22:16:10 <Aurora_> (Yes)
  426. Jan 21 22:16:24 <Egg_Discord> (Not yet, Aurora)
  427. Jan 21 22:16:33 <Aurora_> (Well, in that case)
  428. Jan 21 22:16:49 <Aurora_> Günther picks up Laura and hoists her over his shoulder. "She is ready. Will wake up on way there. Let's go."
  429. Jan 21 22:17:02 <Globebutt> (Do I feel that?)
  430. Jan 21 22:17:10 <Egg_Discord> "Don't you want to be master's pet, Chocolate glaze?"
  431. Jan 21 22:17:11 <starlite> (Does Fritz know where we're going?)
  432. Jan 21 22:17:18 <Writefag4> "You're not walking out of here with someone slung over your shoulder. We'll get arrested."
  433. Jan 21 22:17:21 * L_E is now known as Left_Elba
  434. Jan 21 22:17:27 <BC92> (is the couch bed in the same room as the other beds?)
  435. Jan 21 22:17:27 <Aurora_> (Fritz was in the room when it was mentioned. He should know)
  436. Jan 21 22:17:29 <Writefag4> How we're not already arrested I don't know.
  437. Jan 21 22:17:30 <Egg_Discord> (Fritz knows, and Globe, no you do not)
  438. Jan 21 22:17:34 <starlite> (Noted)
  439. Jan 21 22:17:55 <Globebutt> Belly rubs? Pet? Chocolate Glaze?
  440. Jan 21 22:17:58 <Globebutt> No...
  441. Jan 21 22:18:01 <Aurora_> "I am sure she will not mind. If asked, I just say I am scientist from park."
  442. Jan 21 22:18:15 <Aurora_> Günther starts walking out
  443. Jan 21 22:18:26 <starlite> *Fritz laughs dryly* "With me around, they'd probably believe it"
  444. Jan 21 22:18:44 <Writefag4> "I'm starting to think you two are more of a liability than a help."
  445. Jan 21 22:19:01 <Globebutt> "My name's Laura! I'm studying engineering, not..." Not belly rubs, or using a litter box, or whatever they're up to!
  446. Jan 21 22:19:27 <starlite> "I'm starting to think you're not going to survive when the Empire rises"
  447. Jan 21 22:19:51 <Writefag4> (Not aloud) And I'm starting to think I prefered him when he had lost his mind.
  448. Jan 21 22:19:54 <Egg_Discord> "Laura? Don't be silly, Chocolate Glaze! Master just wants to keep you and love you forever! There's nothing wrong with that!"
  449. Jan 21 22:20:46 * BC92 yawns as he still stares up at the ceiling, honestly given up in understanding the odd interactions between the two germans and the rest of the group.
  450. Jan 21 22:20:58 <Egg_Discord> At that point, Laura, you notice what appears to be a living silhouette behind you, saying "Ah, there you are, Chocolate! It's time to put on your new collar!"
  451. Jan 21 22:21:15 <Globebutt> What? No!
  452. Jan 21 22:21:35 <starlite> "Come on now, what are we waiting around for? If she won't wake up, let's just leave her behind!"
  453. Jan 21 22:21:40 <Globebutt> Duck into the nearest delicious edifice, dubious though its structural strength may be.
  454. Jan 21 22:22:12 <Globebutt> "I don't do collars!"
  455. Jan 21 22:22:25 <BC92> "try tossing some cold water on her face or something, my mother used to do that when i wouldn't wake up." BC mumbles from the bed.
  456. Jan 21 22:22:51 <Writefag4> "Or we could let her rest. I doubt the people are going to be hanging around a Nightclub during the day."
  457. Jan 21 22:22:55 <Egg_Discord> The silhouette picks up the doughnut you're under, saying "You silly pony! We can play hide and seek later. Besides, you know pets are supposed to wear collars." He picks you up, scratching behind your ears as he pulls out a beaituful teal collar that matches your eyes.
  458. Jan 21 22:23:27 <Globebutt> My twitching becomes more pronounced and my breathing heavier as I sleep through the dream.
  459. Jan 21 22:23:30 <starlite> *Fritz begins hoofing at the front door* "Let's go, let's go!"
  460. Jan 21 22:23:34 <Aurora_> (Günther is probably halfway down the stairs by now)
  461. Jan 21 22:23:35 <Globebutt> (Roll fort?)
  462. Jan 21 22:24:18 * Writefag4 lets Fritz out the door. I don't really care if the two leave without us.
  463. Jan 21 22:24:35 <Globebutt> +
  464. Jan 21 22:24:58 * BC92 grumbles as he sits up, "back out looking like a clown i suppose..." he walks over to the door and follows the pony and crazy german man. "I'll follow these guys, want to figure this stuff out as quickly as possible..."
  465. Jan 21 22:25:02 <Egg_Discord> (sure)
  466. Jan 21 22:25:07 <Egg_Discord> (Why not, Globe)
  467. Jan 21 22:25:18 <Globebutt> (I roll a 2.)
  468. Jan 21 22:25:23 <starlite> *Fritz stands at BC's side and rushes down the stairs*
  469. Jan 21 22:25:52 <Aurora_> Günther walks through the lobby, out to the tram, carrying a half-pegasus woman over his shoulder while seeming to think this is the most normal thing in the world
  470. Jan 21 22:26:34 <Writefag4> (I though he left us behind?)
  471. Jan 21 22:26:35 <Egg_Discord> (Continue on as normal, Globe. The collar does not affect your mind
  472. Jan 21 22:26:46 <Globebutt> (Nor the scratchies?)
  473. Jan 21 22:26:57 <Globebutt> (That's what I was really rolling against.)
  474. Jan 21 22:27:06 <Egg_Discord> (Nor the scratchies
  475. Jan 21 22:27:16 <Aurora_> Günther waits by the tram for the rest to catch up.
  476. Jan 21 22:27:34 <Writefag4> I suppose I plod after them if they're going to go out so brazenly.
  477. Jan 21 22:27:52 <BC92> "remember, ponies don't talk. keep it to private areas." BC whispers aside to fritz as they walk towards the tram after gunther.
  478. Jan 21 22:27:57 <Writefag4> Really as far as I know I'm not affected. I have half a mind to ditch this group and try a diffrent approach.
  479. Jan 21 22:28:20 <starlite> *Fritz nods furiously, trotting along at his side*
  480. Jan 21 22:28:36 <Globebutt> I break from his comforting scratches, back away, then turn tail and run. "No; I'm not a pet!" That collar's not "clothes", anyway.
  481. Jan 21 22:28:53 <Aurora_> "Ah, silly hair man. Fritzponymanhorse. Good to see you come already."
  482. Jan 21 22:29:01 <Egg_Discord> Remember when I said you'd never see Douglas again?
  483. Jan 21 22:29:04 <Egg_Discord> I lied.
  484. Jan 21 22:29:22 <starlite> (Dun dun dun)
  485. Jan 21 22:29:32 <Egg_Discord> You see a huge crowd and some police cars outside the building. It looks like a crime scene.
  486. Jan 21 22:29:59 <Aurora_> In that case, I'm going to assume Günther didn't walk out to the tram yet
  487. Jan 21 22:30:10 <BC92> "huh... whats that all about...?" BC mumbles distractedly as he peers over at the scene.
  488. Jan 21 22:30:11 <starlite> *Fritz hides a bit behind BC, swallowing his breath*
  489. Jan 21 22:31:13 <Aurora_> Günther shrugs, turns around, and looks for a back door.
  490. Jan 21 22:31:19 <Egg_Discord> You see a woman who is frantically talking about how this guy's head suddenly exploded with blood as he ran out of the building and waited for the tram.
  491. Jan 21 22:31:25 <Globebutt> (And what happens to "Chocolate"? Or real Laura?)
  492. Jan 21 22:31:56 <BC92> hearing this, BC decides to not take a closer look and follows gunther for another exit.
  493. Jan 21 22:32:19 <Egg_Discord> You find that the other ponies have jumped and piled onto you, holding you down.
  494. Jan 21 22:32:23 <starlite> *Fritz follows the two people unsuredly, keeping a safe distance from anyone in a uniform*
  495. Jan 21 22:32:35 <Egg_Discord> "Don't run, Chocolate! Getting a nice pretty collar is the best part!"
  496. Jan 21 22:32:36 <Writefag4> "Maybe we should go back to the room?"
  497. Jan 21 22:33:11 <Aurora_> "Sure, and then police come to room like they always do to ask question, and find talking horse and half horse woman. I think not good idea."
  498. Jan 21 22:33:30 <BC92> "I'm actually kinda worried laura hasn't woken up yet with how gunther is handling her... and what he said is also a valid point."
  499. Jan 21 22:33:38 <Globebutt> "What? No! Let me go! I don't want a collar!"
  500. Jan 21 22:33:42 <Globebutt> I struggle.
  501. Jan 21 22:34:06 <BC92> "I thought I was a deep sleeper..." BC mumbles under his breath.
  502. Jan 21 22:34:11 <Egg_Discord> It's no use, Laura. There are too many ponies. "Master" catches up to you, Laura as he bends over and puts the collar around your neck. "There you go. A pretty collar for a pretty mare."
  503. Jan 21 22:35:36 <Globebutt> Break free! Push them off! Take off the collar! It's not for me! I'm not Chocolate Glaze!
  504. Jan 21 22:35:44 <Egg_Discord> "Now who wants a belly rub?" The shadowy figure asks, prompting the other ponies to get off of you and expose their bellies. Makes you wanna roll fort, doesn't it?
  505. Jan 21 22:36:12 <Globebutt> (Fucking 9.)
  506. Jan 21 22:36:54 <Egg_Discord> Your body betrays you as you roll over onto your back, exposing your body. You can't move from this position no matter what you do as "master" gets closer and closer
  507. Jan 21 22:37:21 <Globebutt> No! No! Noooo! Get away from me!
  508. Jan 21 22:37:46 <Egg_Discord> The hand gets ever closer and closer until-
  509. Jan 21 22:37:52 <Egg_Discord> *Snap!* You wake up
  510. Jan 21 22:37:59 <Egg_Discord> (Roll Pone)
  511. Jan 21 22:38:07 <Globebutt> (4)
  512. Jan 21 22:38:38 <Globebutt> I struggle with renewed vigor.
  513. Jan 21 22:39:06 <Egg_Discord> When you awaken, Laura, there are no notable differences about your body.
  514. Jan 21 22:39:40 <Aurora_> (Does Laura struggle in not-dreamworld too?)
  515. Jan 21 22:39:55 <Globebutt> (Yes; I'm still struggling as I come to.)
  516. Jan 21 22:40:14 <Writefag4> "Well we should get going. Maybe we'll have to walk to the club on our own."
  517. Jan 21 22:40:14 <Aurora_> Günther will hold Laura, to make sure she doesn't hit any walls or people during her struggling. "Shh. Is bad dream. Günther is here for you."
  518. Jan 21 22:40:50 <Globebutt> "Let me go! I don't want my belly rubbed! I'm not Chocolate Glaze!"
  519. Jan 21 22:41:01 <starlite> *Fritz begins to speak to Write but cuts himself off, pursing his lips*
  520. Jan 21 22:41:28 <Aurora_> "I will not rub belly. You are Laura, pretty woman. Not candy thing."
  521. Jan 21 22:41:52 <Aurora_> (Holding on to her until she calms down)
  522. Jan 21 22:42:58 <Globebutt> But he's holding my belly! He's *trying* to rub it! And my neck. Oh God. Oh God. Is it still there? I feel frantically around my neck. Take it off. I'm not wearing no goddamned collar.
  523. Jan 21 22:43:40 <Aurora_> "Shh. Is okay. Nobody hurt you. Was just dream."
  524. Jan 21 22:44:07 <Aurora_> (I know you didn't say anything of that. Just Günther trying to calm Laura)
  525. Jan 21 22:45:08 <Globebutt> (How are you holding me, exactly?)
  526. Jan 21 22:45:24 <Aurora_> (Over a shoulder, one arm around your waist..I think?)
  527. Jan 21 22:46:42 <Globebutt> (Egg?)
  528. Jan 21 22:47:23 <Egg_Discord> (I'm waiting for you guys to do something first)
  529. Jan 21 22:47:38 <Egg_Discord> (You and Gunther work things out right now)
  530. Jan 21 22:47:38 <Writefag4> "Gunther. Just put her down."
  531. Jan 21 22:47:40 <Globebutt> (Well. I reached around my neck to try to take off a collar.)
  532. Jan 21 22:48:08 <Aurora_> Günther will put down Laura. Slowly. "Laura. Be calm. I will put you on legs now."
  533. Jan 21 22:48:44 <Globebutt> Huh? What? "Yes, good. Put me down. Don't touch me. Nobody touch me."
  534. Jan 21 22:49:03 <Writefag4> "I told you that you shouldn't carry her."
  535. Jan 21 22:49:09 <Aurora_> "Laura, are you okay? You just had a bad dream."
  536. Jan 21 22:49:30 <Egg_Discord> It takes a moment to get used to standing on your legs, Laura, but you manage to stay up.
  537. Jan 21 22:50:02 <Aurora_> (GOing to assume Günther took some booze)
  538. Jan 21 22:50:13 <Egg_Discord> (Well of course)
  539. Jan 21 22:50:23 <Aurora_> "Here. Have vodka. It helps make bad dreams go away" He offers Laura a bottle
  540. Jan 21 22:50:42 <Globebutt> I back away.
  541. Jan 21 22:51:04 <Aurora_> "Is okay. Alcohol make for dreamless sleep."
  542. Jan 21 22:51:10 <Globebutt> I shake my head.
  543. Jan 21 22:51:39 <Writefag4> "You think thats the solution for everything."
  544. Jan 21 22:51:41 <starlite> *Fritz pokes a hoof at BC, urging him to move on*
  545. Jan 21 22:52:16 <Globebutt> "I..." ...Shit. Where am I?
  546. Jan 21 22:52:26 * BC92 looks over at write, "where was this club again? I'd really like to get going on getting there and i'm sure fritz... does too"
  547. Jan 21 22:52:36 <Aurora_> Günther shrugs and puts the booze away again. "Your loss. When you see as much as I have, you know that alcohol is cure for most problems with life. I had carried you out of room. In good time, police outside."
  548. Jan 21 22:52:58 <Globebutt> "...What?"
  549. Jan 21 22:53:01 <Writefag4> Gunther thought it would be good to carry yourself outside before you woke up. We're heading to a Nightclub the guy mentioned. He's dead by the way."
  550. Jan 21 22:53:16 <Globebutt> ...
  551. Jan 21 22:53:22 <Globebutt> "...Give me that vodka."
  552. Jan 21 22:53:32 <Aurora_> Günther hands Laura the bottle
  553. Jan 21 22:54:02 <Globebutt> I quaff a swig and hand it back.
  554. Jan 21 22:54:28 <Aurora_> "You may keep bottle."
  555. Jan 21 22:54:48 <Aurora_> "I think is time to go out through back door. Visit nightclub."
  556. Jan 21 22:55:13 <Globebutt> "I don't have anywhere to keep it. Just... take the bottle and show me where we're going."
  557. Jan 21 22:55:22 <starlite> *Fritz rolls his eyes and nods at Gunther's words*
  558. Jan 21 22:56:06 <Aurora_> Günther shrugs and takes the bottle back
  559. Jan 21 22:56:08 <Globebutt> (Transition, GM?)
  560. Jan 21 22:56:45 <Writefag4> "Maybe we can flag down a Tram. Do they even go to the club I wonder?"
  561. Jan 21 22:57:33 <Aurora_> "I am sure we can walk if need to. Avoid police. I think we suspicious with funny hair colour"
  562. Jan 21 22:57:38 <Egg_Discord> No trams go by the night clubs. Your best bet is to walk
  563. Jan 21 22:58:03 <Aurora_> Günther starts walking, gesturing for the rest to follow. Going to go through a back door, if there is one
  564. Jan 21 22:58:08 <Globebutt> My hair's a normal color, but...
  565. Jan 21 22:58:16 <Globebutt> I follow the muscular German.
  566. Jan 21 22:58:28 <starlite> *Fritz follows Gunther, never straying more than a foot from BC's side*
  567. Jan 21 22:58:29 <BC92> "nothing suspicious about a traveling group of clowns and a pony, nope none at all..." BC smirks as he follows as well.
  568. Jan 21 22:58:45 * Writefag4 follows grumbling. Maybe I shouldn't work with this group.
  569. Jan 21 23:00:02 <Egg_Discord> There is a back entrance, and you go along it to the streets. Should be easy enough to find the club. Maybe you should get to know each other a little better while we're walking.
  570. Jan 21 23:00:20 <starlite> (Are there people around, or can I speak freely?)
  571. Jan 21 23:00:52 <Aurora_> "So, where have others been before this? We talk only briefly. I am of interest in knowing more."
  572. Jan 21 23:01:11 <Egg_Discord> You're good. Most of the people are in their rooms or outside
  573. Jan 21 23:01:32 <starlite> (But... aren't we outside?)
  574. Jan 21 23:01:53 <BC92> (I think he means at the crime scene, but I could be wrong)
  575. Jan 21 23:02:07 <Aurora_> (Yeah, he says we're good, so we're safe to talk)
  576. Jan 21 23:02:45 <starlite> "What more is there to know? My name is Cara... Fritz. My name is Fritz Amsel."
  577. Jan 21 23:03:16 <Globebutt> I mutter to myself. "I should have stayed home. I could have stayed with Charles and watched him run around. Got him a salt ring. Watched him gnaw on it. Silly little thing."
  578. Jan 21 23:03:24 <BC92> "I'm not too interesting, just a college dropout who barely gets by doing art. yes I am the cliche 'struggling artist'" he smirks at the last bit.
  579. Jan 21 23:03:25 * Writefag4 isn't particuarly interested in learning about the little Nazi pony.
  580. Jan 21 23:03:34 <Aurora_> "Well, Fritz, what did you do before being turned into tiny talking horse?"
  581. Jan 21 23:04:00 <starlite> "I already told you, I worked in a supermarket. I was on track to being assistant manager, too."
  582. Jan 21 23:04:21 <Aurora_> "Ah. Right. Sorry. Alcohol make easy to forget."
  583. Jan 21 23:04:23 <Writefag4> I suppose I just live nearby working in a retail store which I hate while I try to get enough money for college.
  584. Jan 21 23:04:52 <starlite> *Fritz being to laugh loudly*
  585. Jan 21 23:05:07 <Aurora_> Hearing Laura mutter something, Günther offers the bottle again
  586. Jan 21 23:05:12 <Globebutt> "Beady little eyes. Cute little nose. Tiny little squeals."
  587. Jan 21 23:05:21 <starlite> Assistant manager. Right, like that'll happen now. My life is over...
  588. Jan 21 23:05:21 <Globebutt> I take the bottle and quaff once more.
  589. Jan 21 23:05:59 <Aurora_> "Fritzpony life isn't over, is just on hold until we find scientist to beat into giving cure."
  590. Jan 21 23:06:13 <Writefag4> "If it makes you feel better he said that they were supposed to be working on a way to change back."
  591. Jan 21 23:06:35 * Writefag4 has to wonder if Fritz had any swasticas tattooed on his body before he became a small pony.
  592. Jan 21 23:06:56 <starlite> *Fritz quivers* "I want him. When we find the guy that did this to me, I want to take him back home."
  593. Jan 21 23:07:15 <Globebutt> (Now imagining Carmel putting little swastika stickers on his flank. Make his own cutie mark.)
  594. Jan 21 23:07:29 <starlite> (Cute)
  595. Jan 21 23:07:47 <Globebutt> (In a perverse sort of way.)
  596. Jan 21 23:08:50 <BC92> "how far is this club anyways, i just feel so strange with this hair colour..." BC grumbles.
  597. Jan 21 23:09:22 <Globebutt> I chuckle absentmindedly and hand BC the bottle.
  598. Jan 21 23:09:30 <starlite> "Yeah. Must be strange to have changed so much in one night. Wouldn't understand that feeling at all."
  599. Jan 21 23:09:39 <Globebutt> "Just forget about it."
  600. Jan 21 23:10:02 * BC92 waves his hand dismissively at the bottle, "i don't drink, thanks though."
  601. Jan 21 23:10:25 <starlite> "Hold that for me, I think I really need a drink now"
  602. Jan 21 23:10:49 <Globebutt> Maybe I should just pour it on him.
  603. Jan 21 23:11:07 <Aurora_> "I would tell about my job. But all I know is am animal trainer and tamer. Rest is mostly vague details forgotten by drink."
  604. Jan 21 23:11:17 <Globebutt> ...No, no. Not drunk enough to think that's a good idea yet.
  605. Jan 21 23:11:38 <Globebutt> I walk alongside the awful horse and hold the bottle out for him.
  606. Jan 21 23:12:02 <starlite> *Fritz stares at the drink and wraps his lips around the mouth of the bottle*
  607. Jan 21 23:12:19 * BC92 mumbles something along the lines "liked him better all cute and cuddly." under his breath.
  608. Jan 21 23:12:43 <Aurora_> (Someone should reveal they have jewish heritage to the nazi pony)
  609. Jan 21 23:12:55 <starlite> *Fritz fortunately is too distracted trying to drink to hear BC*
  610. Jan 21 23:12:57 <Egg_Discord> (That would be pretty funny)
  611. Jan 21 23:13:16 <BC92> (be funnier if it were me, but nah I am not =/)
  612. Jan 21 23:13:28 <starlite> (Maybe I should say, "Hey, me too!")
  613. Jan 21 23:13:50 <BC92> (a jewish neonazi, i suppose i've heard wierder things)
  614. Jan 21 23:14:00 <Globebutt> (You're also not turning into a horse. Fudge the character if you want.)
  615. Jan 21 23:14:17 <Writefag4> "Lets just keep moving."
  616. Jan 21 23:14:20 * Writefag4 shakes his head.
  617. Jan 21 23:14:31 <Aurora_> (Unless people have other conversational topics, I don't think we're saying much. Just getting all of us drunk, I guess.)
  618. Jan 21 23:14:55 <Globebutt> (Shall we fast forward to the club, then, assuming nobody questions what I was muttering about?)
  619. Jan 21 23:15:09 <Aurora_> Günther takes out another bottle and cheers to Laura, drinking the new bottle down halfway in one go
  620. Jan 21 23:15:42 * BC92 stares a bit curiously at gunther, 'that man is a living alcohol dispenser' he thinks to himself.
  621. Jan 21 23:15:46 <Aurora_> (I would ask, but I already made Günther give the bottle in response to it, played it off as not hearing details, just mumbling)
  622. Jan 21 23:16:10 <Globebutt> (But I was holkding the bottle down for the nazi horse! I didn't have a bottle to toast with, really.)
  623. Jan 21 23:16:52 <Egg_Discord> You arrive at the Nightclub, called "Dumb Rock" It's already open, surprisingly, as you go up to the line at the entrance. A lot of people have some funky hairstyles, so Gunther and BC at least are in the clear.
  624. Jan 21 23:17:13 <Aurora_> Entrance? Who said anything about an entrance
  625. Jan 21 23:17:23 <Writefag4> "Did anyone bring a wallet?"
  626. Jan 21 23:17:39 <Globebutt> (>mfw guenther is kool aid man)
  627. Jan 21 23:17:39 <Aurora_> "I do not think I feel for paying and smuggling little horse inside. How about go in through back door?"
  628. Jan 21 23:17:47 <BC92> "still have mine here," he taps his front right pocket.
  629. Jan 21 23:17:49 <starlite> *Fritz mutters to BC a short distance away from any other people* "Something tells me they won't let me in here"
  630. Jan 21 23:17:53 <Globebutt> "I've got my wallet, though... Yeah."
  631. Jan 21 23:18:03 <Writefag4> "I'll be suprised if its not locked."
  632. Jan 21 23:18:15 <Egg_Discord> Maybe if you pretend to be a plush, Fritz, they'll let you slide
  633. Jan 21 23:18:31 <Aurora_> "Why would lock be problem?"
  634. Jan 21 23:18:33 <starlite> (Voice in my head, or GM talking?)
  635. Jan 21 23:18:40 <Globebutt> (Yes.)
  636. Jan 21 23:18:42 <Egg_Discord> (GM)
  637. Jan 21 23:19:27 <Writefag4> "Because if we're hoping people here can help us breaking and entering isn't the best solution.
  638. Jan 21 23:20:00 <Globebutt> I pull out my wallet, and show my driver's license to Write.
  639. Jan 21 23:20:11 <starlite> *Fritz again opens his mouth to say something and shuts it quickly*
  640. Jan 21 23:20:13 <Globebutt> "I don't think I can get in with this."
  641. Jan 21 23:20:19 <Aurora_> "If we caught, we have Fritzpony talk, BC tell joke and pretend be clown, you can try juggle something, and then I sneak up behind person who catch and take out."
  642. Jan 21 23:21:03 * BC92 covers his face with his palm for a moment before replying, "perhaps we should have agreed on a plan before coming here?"
  643. Jan 21 23:21:21 <Aurora_> "Or we can go find window."
  644. Jan 21 23:21:53 * Writefag4 stares for a moment.
  645. Jan 21 23:21:56 <Globebutt> (The picture on my license, for Write's reference, was of a woman with red-brown hair, freckles, and glasses. And a normal human face.)
  646. Jan 21 23:22:17 <Writefag4> "You can do whatever you want. Look I'm going in the front door. Maybe I can open up something for you."
  647. Jan 21 23:22:43 <starlite> *Fritz pokes BC's legs again*
  648. Jan 21 23:22:43 <Aurora_> "..Oh. I guess maybe that good idea too. We will go stand by fire exit and wait for you to open."
  649. Jan 21 23:23:02 <Writefag4> "Fire exits typically sound fire alarms when you open them."
  650. Jan 21 23:23:19 <Globebutt> I shrug. "I'll just wait with Gunter here."
  651. Jan 21 23:23:23 <Aurora_> "Then find back window or supply loading door."
  652. Jan 21 23:23:25 <starlite> *Fritz mutters quietly to BC* "I've read that seeing-eye ponies exist"
  653. Jan 21 23:23:28 <Globebutt> [sic]
  654. Jan 21 23:23:31 <Egg_Discord> As you get up to the bouncer, he asks you all for your license and registration
  655. Jan 21 23:23:33 <BC92> "i suppose we could try bringing coffeebutt in here casually... who knows what freaks frequent a club named as it is."
  656. Jan 21 23:23:44 <Writefag4> "Registration?"
  657. Jan 21 23:23:57 <Globebutt> I'm not going up to the bouncer.
  658. Jan 21 23:24:03 <Aurora_> Günther takes another swig of booze
  659. Jan 21 23:24:14 * Writefag4 shows his ID.
  660. Jan 21 23:24:15 <Aurora_> "So, Laura? You have any hobby?"
  661. Jan 21 23:24:33 <Egg_Discord> (forget the registration part)
  662. Jan 21 23:24:40 <Globebutt> "Not much time for one between work and classes, really. I've got a pet guinea pig, though."
  663. Jan 21 23:25:05 <starlite> (Can anyone guess Fritz's hobby?)
  664. Jan 21 23:25:13 <Globebutt> (Heiling Hitler?)
  665. Jan 21 23:25:20 <starlite> (Well done!)
  666. Jan 21 23:25:31 <BC92> (was going to say that but i am slow typer)
  667. Jan 21 23:25:36 <Egg_Discord> The bouncer looks at all of your IDs and clear you all. "Alright, you can go. Keep the pony close."
  668. Jan 21 23:25:45 <Aurora_> "Oh, pet pig. Is fun, eat anything. I have tried tame wild boar, but they not become tame easy."
  669. Jan 21 23:25:55 <BC92> (wasn't aware I was going in too, i'll roll with it though)
  670. Jan 21 23:26:04 * Writefag4 waves the others in with him.
  671. Jan 21 23:26:08 <Globebutt> "Err. Guinea pig."
  672. Jan 21 23:26:18 <Globebutt> I follow in behind Günther.
  673. Jan 21 23:26:36 <Aurora_> Time to go in then
  674. Jan 21 23:26:41 * BC92 gestures for fritz to follow close as he steps into the building.
  675. Jan 21 23:26:49 <starlite> *Fritz trots in at BC's side*
  676. Jan 21 23:26:59 <Aurora_> "Oh. Is also fun. Really tiny creature. Make for nice show when run in cage. Lots energy when not asleep."
  677. Jan 21 23:27:09 <Aurora_> Günther moves into the club
  678. Jan 21 23:27:37 <Globebutt> I nod at the German.
  679. Jan 21 23:27:51 <Globebutt> Now, what's the inside of the club look like? Or do I get stopped and carded?
  680. Jan 21 23:27:53 <Egg_Discord> As you enter the club, you notice that there is practically color everywhere. It's also loud, and everyone here is dancing and having a good time.
  681. Jan 21 23:28:08 <Globebutt> (What? Come on! Look at this facial hair! I'm obviously over 21.)
  682. Jan 21 23:28:20 <Egg_Discord> The floor lights up, lights shine down from the ceiling, it looks like the most badass club ever.
  683. Jan 21 23:28:44 <BC92> (i'm only 20 and I got in =U)
  684. Jan 21 23:28:55 <starlite> (Clubs are 18 in some places)
  685. Jan 21 23:29:11 <Aurora_> Günther decides the music is a good time to take a swig of his booze. He then turns to Laura and starts dancing. "Fit in. Come dance?"
  686. Jan 21 23:29:21 <Globebutt> Ugh. I think these ears are making the music sound even *louder*.
  687. Jan 21 23:29:32 <Egg_Discord> (Screw the rules, you have plot)
  688. Jan 21 23:29:54 <starlite> *Fritz keeps his head low, trying to block out the loud music and obnoxious lights as he stickcs by BC*
  689. Jan 21 23:29:59 <Aurora_> (And Günther is bringing in booze anyway. You won't need to buy any.)
  690. Jan 21 23:30:00 <Globebutt> "...No thanks. I... I want to find somewhere quiet to sit down." Never did much care for clubs.
  691. Jan 21 23:30:27 <Aurora_> "Is understandable. Probably more with all new things happen today. Have drink of alcohol, make easier forget."
  692. Jan 21 23:30:33 <Writefag4> "Yeah. We're looking for people."
  693. Jan 21 23:30:53 <Globebutt> Oh. Right. Looking for people. There's that, too, but...
  694. Jan 21 23:31:01 <Globebutt> "...I'll check the ladies' room."
  695. Jan 21 23:31:05 <BC92> "what do they look like? did you get that detail?"
  696. Jan 21 23:31:19 <Aurora_> "Okay. be sure call if need help. I will check by bar."
  697. Jan 21 23:31:37 <Globebutt> I move for the restroom, carying the vodka from earlier with me.
  698. Jan 21 23:31:39 <starlite> *Fritz tries desparately to keep from screaming out loud as he hears BC's question*
  699. Jan 21 23:32:23 <Egg_Discord> A strange man whose face is obscured by a hood comes up to you guys. "You have questions about Petopia, yes?"
  700. Jan 21 23:32:26 <Writefag4> "No. But I get the impression that they might be interested in us. I suppose we could look for anyone else with pony ears.
  701. Jan 21 23:32:42 <Writefag4> (Y Hello Thar)
  702. Jan 21 23:32:50 <starlite> *Fritz jumps slightly at the stranger's appearance*
  703. Jan 21 23:32:53 <BC92> "well that simplifies things, but is awfully suspicious." BC says with a smirk.
  704. Jan 21 23:32:59 <Globebutt> (Do I see this man, or does something else happen on the way to the bathroom?)
  705. Jan 21 23:33:13 <Aurora_> (I'm assuming we see him as a group, all together still)
  706. Jan 21 23:34:58 <Egg_Discord> "Not too many people have pet ponies just walking around. Follow me. We have a secret base beneath here."
  707. Jan 21 23:35:07 <Aurora_> G
  708. Jan 21 23:35:26 * Writefag4 nods.
  709. Jan 21 23:35:29 <Aurora_> Günther shrugs and waits for the rest to follow, going in last
  710. Jan 21 23:35:32 <Writefag4> "We don't really have much choice."
  711. Jan 21 23:35:44 <Globebutt> I stop walking toward the bathroom. "...As long as it's quieter down there."
  712. Jan 21 23:35:51 <starlite> *Fritz passes a wary glance at the stranger before following with BC*
  713. Jan 21 23:36:02 <Globebutt> I avoid splitting the party.
  714. Jan 21 23:36:07 * BC92 slowly follows suit, keeping close to gunther despite feeling not safe near him either.
  715. Jan 21 23:38:04 <Egg_Discord> You follow him to a door, where he utters a simple phrase, "The crow flies at midnight" and the door is opened. Beneath here, you find a place filled with humans, ponies and those who are half between. It appears to be "La Resistance" if ponies were involved
  716. Jan 21 23:38:37 <Globebutt> (>la resistance >invite in neonazi)
  717. Jan 21 23:39:27 <Egg_Discord> (As if they know you're a pony)
  718. Jan 21 23:39:31 <Egg_Discord> (*Nazi)
  719. Jan 21 23:39:54 <Globebutt> (He forgot to make his own cutie mark.)
  720. Jan 21 23:40:06 <BC92> (day 2: nobody knows I am a pony.)
  721. Jan 21 23:40:37 <Globebutt> I take in the scene in front of me.
  722. Jan 21 23:40:55 <Globebutt> ...and wait for the mysterious guide to speak.
  723. Jan 21 23:41:06 <Aurora_> Günther stays by the rest of the group and also waits
  724. Jan 21 23:41:21 * BC92 continues to hang back close to the crazy german, taking comfort in the knowledge that he is at least on his side.
  725. Jan 21 23:41:21 <Egg_Discord> You follow the hooded man to a table in this hidden room. "The leader will speak with you in a moment." He then disappears
  726. Jan 21 23:41:43 * Writefag4 sits at the table. These people seem to know a lot more about whats going on than we do.
  727. Jan 21 23:41:46 <starlite> *Fritz glances suspiciously at everyone in the room. Yes, even you.*
  728. Jan 21 23:42:09 <Aurora_> Günther keeps standing, making sure it's obvious how big he is
  729. Jan 21 23:42:59 <Globebutt> (He spreads open his coat and roars. Everyone roll fort against pissing yourself.)
  730. Jan 21 23:43:26 <Aurora_> (Serious roll or..?)
  731. Jan 21 23:43:43 <Egg_Discord> A cute pink pony suddenly pops up next to the table. "Hi!" she happily says, looking at you all, Fritz in particular
  732. Jan 21 23:43:48 <BC92> (I probably would after all that coffee.)
  733. Jan 21 23:43:51 <Aurora_> (Oh, derp, didn't check the name)
  734. Jan 21 23:43:56 <Globebutt> (I'm not the GM; I'm kidding.)
  735. Jan 21 23:43:59 <starlite> *Fritz backs away from her quickly*
  736. Jan 21 23:44:23 <Writefag4> (How pink? Could this pony be named Pinkie?)
  737. Jan 21 23:44:25 <Globebutt> I lean back in alarm, and take a back-step. "Oh!"
  738. Jan 21 23:45:04 <starlite> (And by 'backs away,' I mean scurries several feet as fast as he can)
  739. Jan 21 23:45:10 <Egg_Discord> (Maybe.)
  740. Jan 21 23:45:31 * BC92 flinches but remains fairly neutral, sliding an inch or two closer to gunther.
  741. Jan 21 23:45:32 <Writefag4> (Is there going to be a party!)
  742. Jan 21 23:45:40 <Aurora_> Günther just stands there. He doesn't really respond to the pink pony
  743. Jan 21 23:45:43 <Globebutt> (It's a club; there's always a party.)
  744. Jan 21 23:45:50 <BC92> (we are at a club, per... dat^)
  745. Jan 21 23:45:52 * Writefag4 waves to the pony. Could this be the leader?
  746. Jan 21 23:45:57 <Egg_Discord> "Wanna play with me? We can have so much fun!" THe question was aimed at Fritz, but she looks at you all, hoping you all would want to join in too.
  747. Jan 21 23:46:08 <Egg_Discord> (Everyone roll fort)
  748. Jan 21 23:46:25 <starlite> roll 3 of 10
  749. Jan 21 23:46:26 <Aurora_> 1D10 => 10
  750. Jan 21 23:46:30 <Globebutt> (2. Damn, if I was rolling like this in NV...)
  751. Jan 21 23:46:31 <BC92> (4)
  752. Jan 21 23:46:36 <Writefag4> (8, Lets get this party started!)
  753. Jan 21 23:47:34 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, Laura, BC, you turn down the offer. On the other hand, playing with this pony seems really appealing to Write and Gunther.
  754. Jan 21 23:48:07 <starlite> "Hell no, I don't!"
  755. Jan 21 23:48:16 <Aurora_> "Play? What game? Cards or something?" Günther takes a seat at the table, curiously looking at the pink pony
  756. Jan 21 23:48:28 <Writefag4> "Don't be rude. Well I suppose thats par for you isn't it."
  757. Jan 21 23:48:44 <Globebutt> I give the pony an apologeticly confused look.
  758. Jan 21 23:48:53 <starlite> "She's a pony! It's not possible to be rude to something like that!"
  759. Jan 21 23:48:54 <BC92> "eh... I'd rather figure out what is going on than play with cute adorable ponies..." BC gives a meek grin.
  760. Jan 21 23:49:00 <Globebutt> (Was expecting Guenther to pick up the pony and dance with her.)
  761. Jan 21 23:49:17 <Writefag4> "We have time you four."
  762. Jan 21 23:49:25 <Egg_Discord> The pony jumps when Fritz turns her down, looking like she's about to cry until she hears Gunther accept, which makes her immediately perk up. "Oh! Oh! We can play tag and fetch or maybe follow the leader!"
  763. Jan 21 23:49:25 <Aurora_> (He's described as a mostly stoic person. Even in the club, he only tried to dance to fit in)
  764. Jan 21 23:49:26 <Writefag4> "So what did you have in mind? What's your name?"
  765. Jan 21 23:49:44 <Egg_Discord> She looks so adorable
  766. Jan 21 23:49:55 <starlite> *Fritz turns away from her in contempt*
  767. Jan 21 23:51:01 <Aurora_> "Tag? Fetch? ..With me? ...An interesting idea. How do we play fetch? I am supposed to throw a stick for you bring back?"
  768. Jan 21 23:51:28 <Egg_Discord> "You could chase after the stick too, if you wanted mister!"
  769. Jan 21 23:51:45 * BC92 snorts at the idea of gunther chasing a stick.
  770. Jan 21 23:51:48 <Globebutt> (I run to the store and fetch us more drinks! Then we get drunk out of our minds!)
  771. Jan 21 23:51:58 <Aurora_> Somehow, that doesn't seem quite right to Günther. He is the animal trainer, and she's a pony..It's supposed to be the other way around.
  772. Jan 21 23:52:02 <Egg_Discord> The thought of catch is appealing, Gunther... Roll Fort again.
  773. Jan 21 23:52:19 <Aurora_> 1D10 => 7
  774. Jan 21 23:52:28 <starlite> *Fritz covers his ears with his hooves, hating the droning sound of the pony's voice and the idiodicy of her words*
  775. Jan 21 23:52:30 <Aurora_> It does seem like a worthwhile experience though.
  776. Jan 21 23:52:30 <Egg_Discord> The pink pony turns to you, Write. "I'm Pinkie Pie and I love making new friends!"
  777. Jan 21 23:52:48 <Writefag4> (Does MLP exist in this universe?)
  778. Jan 21 23:52:50 <Egg_Discord> You should ask someone else to throw the stick, Gunther.
  779. Jan 21 23:52:52 <Globebutt> (Remember; Gunther may be stoic, but when you fail fort... that's not so much Gunther.)
  780. Jan 21 23:53:03 <Globebutt> (Well, I mentioned I'd played with the toys when I was a kid, so...)
  781. Jan 21 23:53:04 <Aurora_> (Yep)
  782. Jan 21 23:53:21 <Aurora_> "...Okay. So how does that work? When do we play?"
  783. Jan 21 23:53:24 <BC92> (for the sake of the game i've nixed my character's knowlege of the show)
  784. Jan 21 23:53:28 <Egg_Discord> (The show does exist, but I'm betting none of these folks would recognize Pinkie anyway)
  785. Jan 21 23:53:48 <Aurora_> (Im kinda hoping Write would join in and throw the stick
  786. Jan 21 23:53:49 <Aurora_> )
  787. Jan 21 23:53:57 <BC92> (cuz I pretty much am playing myself, if i saw some neonazi being my OC then things would be really wierd)
  788. Jan 21 23:54:04 <Egg_Discord> "We can play right now! All we have to do is wait for someone to throw a stick and then we catch it!"
  789. Jan 21 23:54:18 <Egg_Discord> "Then we bring it back and they throw it again! Isn't that fun?"
  790. Jan 21 23:54:19 <Aurora_> (Günther is too drunk to remember watching TV most of the time. He won't know MLP)
  791. Jan 21 23:54:41 <Aurora_> "I..Think we could do that? Yes. That seem like much fun."
  792. Jan 21 23:54:58 * BC92 casually looks around for a stick, just to be stupid.
  793. Jan 21 23:55:03 <Writefag4> "You... want me to throw a stick for you?"
  794. Jan 21 23:55:04 <Globebutt> (I'd probably be reminded strongly of Surprise from G1, though.)
  795. Jan 21 23:55:14 <Globebutt> I clear my throat.
  796. Jan 21 23:55:35 <Egg_Discord> "Ooh, yeah! Throwing the stick would be a great idea, mister!"
  797. Jan 21 23:55:38 <Globebutt> "Were you the one we were supposed to talk to about... this?" I gesture to myself.
  798. Jan 21 23:55:55 <Aurora_> Günther is looking to Write, curiously now.
  799. Jan 21 23:56:01 <Aurora_> Hoping for a stick to be thrown
  800. Jan 21 23:56:07 <starlite> *Fritz mutters to himself* "Please say no, please say no..."
  801. Jan 21 23:56:07 <Egg_Discord> The pony cocks her head. "Talk about what? I just want to play with you right now."
  802. Jan 21 23:56:17 <Writefag4> "Er... Do you have a stick to throw?"
  803. Jan 21 23:56:43 <Globebutt> ...Where'd that man in the hood run off to?
  804. Jan 21 23:57:07 <Egg_Discord> "Oh! Hold on!" The pony reaches underneath you and pulls out a stick for Write. Write, Roll Fort.
  805. Jan 21 23:57:22 <Aurora_> (Quick, Laura! Distract Günther from the stick by giving him a lapdance :P )
  806. Jan 21 23:57:29 <Globebutt> (underneath whom?)
  807. Jan 21 23:57:29 <Writefag4> (2)
  808. Jan 21 23:57:43 <BC92> (that would only bring up a different kind of stick i fear =U)
  809. Jan 21 23:57:54 <Globebutt> (I never said what I did at work, but I don't think I'm a lapdancer!)
  810. Jan 21 23:58:07 <Globebutt> (Everyone roll against the urge to fetch Gu... Ahem.)
  811. Jan 21 23:58:09 <Aurora_> (Well, they can play hide and seek with that stick then)
  812. Jan 21 23:58:14 <Writefag4> I remember I have something in my pocket.
  813. Jan 21 23:58:17 <Globebutt> (Stick was under whom?)
  814. Jan 21 23:58:18 <Aurora_> (That was horrible, and I apologise)
  815. Jan 21 23:58:36 <Writefag4> "Oh. I just remembered. Would you like a Sugar Cube?"
  816. Jan 21 23:59:54 <Egg_Discord> You decide to play nice and throw the stick for them, Write, hoping that the pink pony will leave you alone. Gunther, you and Pinkie chase after it. Roll Pone, Gunther.
  817. Jan 22 00:00:12 * Writefag4 fumbles around in his pocket before snagging a cube between his fingers and exchanges one for the stick before throwing it.
  818. Jan 22 00:00:15 <Aurora_> 1D10 => 5
  819. Jan 22 00:00:27 <Globebutt> (To whom was the sugar cube offered? And would anyone else be enticed by it?)
  820. Jan 22 00:00:41 <Writefag4> (To Pinkie Pie for the stick.)
  821. Jan 22 00:00:46 <starlite> (Fritz is covering his ears, for the record)
  822. Jan 22 00:01:00 * BC92 does his best to stifle his laughter as he see's gunther chase the stick.
  823. Jan 22 00:01:15 <Aurora_> Günther gets up and tries to get to the stick, running after it before even thinking about what he's doing.
  824. Jan 22 00:01:31 <starlite> *Fritz shakes his head disgustedly at Gunther*
  825. Jan 22 00:01:45 <Egg_Discord> Gunther, as you chase after the stick, you feel something strange going on in your pants and on your hear. Suddenly, you can hear much better, while your pants are incredibly cramped.
  826. Jan 22 00:02:05 <BC92> (seems that other stick came up anyways =U)
  827. Jan 22 00:02:11 <Aurora_> (pffft)
  828. Jan 22 00:02:21 <Globebutt> (I've got a hunch it's only cramped on the *other* side.)
  829. Jan 22 00:02:34 <Egg_Discord> As BC, Fritz and Laura watch, the stick doesn't seem too bad. Roll fort again.
  830. Jan 22 00:02:38 <BC92> (maybe, we shall see =P)
  831. Jan 22 00:02:39 <Aurora_> (How about saying it's cramped on BOTH sides? )
  832. Jan 22 00:02:49 <Globebutt> (4)
  833. Jan 22 00:02:50 <starlite> roll 4 of 10
  834. Jan 22 00:02:54 <BC92> (10 =U)
  835. Jan 22 00:02:58 <starlite> (...)
  836. Jan 22 00:04:37 <Egg_Discord> Fritz and Laura manage to ignore it, but BC, now you want the stick too. You leap up out of your seat and go for it, only for Gunther to catch it in his mouth
  837. Jan 22 00:04:58 <Globebutt> And what's that look like?
  838. Jan 22 00:05:02 <Egg_Discord> (Yes, it is cramped in both sides, GUnther)
  839. Jan 22 00:05:03 <starlite> *Fritz jumps as BC exits the seat suddenly* "What's the matter with you?"
  840. Jan 22 00:05:10 <BC92> (i was standing but ok)
  841. Jan 22 00:05:20 <Aurora_> Günther blinks a few times, quickly snatching it up from mid-air and smiling as he triumphantly takes it from his mouth and holds it up before realizing what he did. "..." He blinks a bit and takes out a bottle of booze and finishes the bottle.
  842. Jan 22 00:05:47 <Aurora_> "I think I may have blood in my alcohol stream"
  843. Jan 22 00:05:50 <starlite> (*as BC moves over suddenly)
  844. Jan 22 00:06:23 <Globebutt> (Awaiting description of tableau in front of me.)
  845. Jan 22 00:06:23 * BC92 freezes, realizing what he just did. he shakes his head and grumbles before going back to where he was.
  846. Jan 22 00:06:41 * BC92 seems heavily distracted in thought now.
  847. Jan 22 00:07:01 * Writefag4 looks around for the pink pony.
  848. Jan 22 00:07:13 <starlite> *Fritz pokes BC* "Yo, you okay?"
  849. Jan 22 00:07:49 * BC92 flinches at fritz's poke. "oh um... sure.. yes... maybe..." he seems distracted.
  850. Jan 22 00:08:04 <Egg_Discord> At that point, two people come up to you. ONe of them turns to the pony and says "There you are, Pinkie. Let's take you back to see the other ponies." "Okay Mister!" Pinkie happily goes along with the first man. The second man sits down and says "I apologize for our little friend there. He was one of the unlucky ones who we'll hopefully be able to turn back once we get the cure."
  851. Jan 22 00:08:04 <starlite> "Whatever. Just don't lose your head"
  852. Jan 22 00:08:28 * BC92 nods in a dazed manner.
  853. Jan 22 00:08:46 <starlite> " 'Hopefully'? Do you not even have a plan yet?"
  854. Jan 22 00:08:51 <Aurora_> Günther stares at the stick, wondering what the stick did to him to cause him to act like that
  855. Jan 22 00:09:12 <Egg_Discord> This man, for he physically appears to be male, speaks in a feminine voice and has ears atop his head. He also has green hair done up in a pony tail.
  856. Jan 22 00:09:33 <Writefag4> "How long has this been going on for?
  857. Jan 22 00:09:58 <Globebutt> (Hee, a pony tail.)
  858. Jan 22 00:10:15 <Aurora_> (Real time? 4 hours)
  859. Jan 22 00:10:30 <Aurora_> (Oh, derp, asked ingame. Don't blame me, it's 6 AM here)
  860. Jan 22 00:10:33 <Egg_Discord> "Petopia's been in construction for about ten or so years. It wasn't until recently that they considered using gene altering serums.
  861. Jan 22 00:10:48 <Egg_Discord> (8, I guess)
  862. Jan 22 00:11:45 <Globebutt> "...And when did this start happening?" I gesture to myself.
  863. Jan 22 00:11:47 <Aurora_> (Well, that makes it evening..Ish already ingame. Assuming we got up later than usual from being kidnapped and probably drugged or otherwise kept asleep while they moved us)
  864. Jan 22 00:12:35 <Aurora_> (Actually, we got out at 10 roughly, so that makes it just 6 PM )
  865. Jan 22 00:13:33 <Egg_Discord> "You mean the people going missing, right?"
  866. Jan 22 00:13:59 <Globebutt> "...Yeah."
  867. Jan 22 00:14:35 <Globebutt> "It might have been nice to get a heads-up like the EMTs before I booked a trip here to Petopia."
  868. Jan 22 00:15:22 <starlite> *Fritz stomps a hoof* "No! No more banter! I need a cure for this and I need it now!"
  869. Jan 22 00:15:24 <Egg_Discord> "About three months. As you can see, some of us here have been affected, but most of us have been able to hold off the changes. The others... Well, you met Pinkie."
  870. Jan 22 00:15:43 <Globebutt> (Fritz, are you next to me?)
  871. Jan 22 00:15:50 <starlite> (Sure, why not)
  872. Jan 22 00:15:51 <Writefag4> "So they're just testing their serum at random?"
  873. Jan 22 00:15:52 <Egg_Discord> "Hold on there, little pony. That's what we're after too."
  874. Jan 22 00:16:11 <Globebutt> I kick Fritz lightly to get him to shut up.
  875. Jan 22 00:16:23 <starlite> *Fritz sprawls to the floor, gasping in pain*
  876. Jan 22 00:16:50 <BC92> (drama queen =U)
  877. Jan 22 00:16:56 <Egg_Discord> "Looks that way. You were here, and they decided to test it on you. We have inside sources stating that the government may be involbed in this."
  878. Jan 22 00:17:00 <Globebutt> Ego the size of his precious German empire.
  879. Jan 22 00:17:02 <Egg_Discord> *involved
  880. Jan 22 00:17:37 <Globebutt> "..."
  881. Jan 22 00:17:44 <starlite> *Fritz stands up again* "The German government would never do something like this. Just saying|
  882. Jan 22 00:17:51 <Globebutt> "...So what am I suppose to do?"
  883. Jan 22 00:17:56 <Globebutt> I kick Fritz again.
  884. Jan 22 00:17:57 * Writefag4 leans back in his chair.
  885. Jan 22 00:18:03 <Aurora_> Günther moves a hand up to scratch at some itching on his head, feeling his new ears he reaches back down, into a pocket of his coat, and pulls out a new bottle of booze, taking a swig before offering it to Laura. "Drink and pass along. I think we all need drink now."
  886. Jan 22 00:18:04 <BC92> (the irony in that statement...)
  887. Jan 22 00:18:04 <Writefag4> "So what are our options?"
  888. Jan 22 00:18:07 <starlite> *Fritz again hits the floor hard*
  889. Jan 22 00:18:24 <starlite> (BC: I've been throwing statements like that around a lot)
  890. Jan 22 00:18:33 <BC92> (yep =P)
  891. Jan 22 00:18:44 <Globebutt> I shake my head and drink from the vodka I've been keeping.
  892. Jan 22 00:18:53 <BC92> (partially why i've been giving you such a hard time)
  893. Jan 22 00:19:01 <Aurora_> Günther tries to pass the bottle futher to Write then
  894. Jan 22 00:19:16 * Writefag4 takes the bottle and sets it on the floor.
  895. Jan 22 00:19:20 <Egg_Discord> The man glares at the pony. "You know, I can stick you in with the ponies who have given in completely and just neglect to cure you later on, you now."
  896. Jan 22 00:19:24 <Writefag4> "Its not doing any of you any good."
  897. Jan 22 00:19:44 <starlite> *Fritz stands again* "Look, we both know that if you did that, these guys with me would tear you apart"
  898. Jan 22 00:19:47 <Globebutt> "Not hurting, either."
  899. Jan 22 00:19:47 <Egg_Discord> (He knows what Fritz meant)
  900. Jan 22 00:20:09 <Globebutt> I can hardly feel my fingers or toes.
  901. Jan 22 00:20:10 * BC92 shakes his head as he starts to come out of his thoughts. his eyes becoming more focused on whats around him.
  902. Jan 22 00:20:16 <Writefag4> "As long as you don't need to make any important decisions... Oh wait."
  903. Jan 22 00:20:24 <Writefag4> "And I could care less if it matters to you."
  904. Jan 22 00:20:35 <Egg_Discord> "Before I go on, would any of you mind if I put the Neo Nazi in the Pony Room shuold he continue to misbehave?"
  905. Jan 22 00:20:51 <Writefag4> "I would. It would be mean to the other ponies."
  906. Jan 22 00:20:59 <Aurora_> "I have better idea. Get little Fritzpony drunk and make pass out from alcohol."
  907. Jan 22 00:21:03 <starlite> *Fritz looks at Write bitterly*
  908. Jan 22 00:21:21 <BC92> "he probably can be good, just give him a chance..." BC mumbles, reaching out to scratch him behind the ears again.
  909. Jan 22 00:21:40 <Globebutt> Write makes a compelling pojnt.
  910. Jan 22 00:21:42 <Egg_Discord> Fritz! Your Pony sense is tingling! Roll fort
  911. Jan 22 00:21:52 <starlite> roll 9 of 10
  912. Jan 22 00:21:59 <starlite> (Wondering when that'd happen again)
  913. Jan 22 00:22:12 <Aurora_> (You were safe for a while. And then that)
  914. Jan 22 00:23:02 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, you lean into his hand, needing scratchies. After all, that's pretty much all you need to be happy.
  915. Jan 22 00:23:19 <Egg_Discord> You start thinking happy thoughts once again. Looks like Caramel's back to play.
  916. Jan 22 00:23:45 * BC92 smirks, "see? when he isn't being a total douchefag he is kind of adorable don't you think?"
  917. Jan 22 00:23:50 <starlite> *Caramel smiles and nuzzles into BC's hand. That's odd, why was she tempted to bite at him? That didn't sound like her...* "Thanks!"
  918. Jan 22 00:24:07 <Aurora_> "I still think we should make Fritzpony drunk."
  919. Jan 22 00:24:30 * Writefag4 hangs his head.
  920. Jan 22 00:24:30 <starlite> "Ponies shouldn't drink..."
  921. Jan 22 00:24:32 <Egg_Discord> Fritz? Who's that, Caramel?"
  922. Jan 22 00:24:46 <BC92> "i suggest coffee, she seems to go crazy over that."
  923. Jan 22 00:24:53 <Writefag4> "Look. Lets just keep talking about our options. Looks like most of you seem pretty safe down here."
  924. Jan 22 00:25:01 <starlite> *Caramel's ears perk up* "Coffee?"
  925. Jan 22 00:25:20 <starlite> "Do we have coffee here?"
  926. Jan 22 00:25:22 <Aurora_> "I have question. Why did I feel like catch stick, and why I have horse ears now?"
  927. Jan 22 00:25:43 <Egg_Discord> "We've stayed safe because the government hasn't found us yet. If they did, they'd use most of us as test subjects in their private labs."
  928. Jan 22 00:26:04 <Writefag4> "How have you managed to stay under the radar with such a large group down here?"
  929. Jan 22 00:26:11 <starlite> "Wait a minute..." *Caramel hoofs at BC's side*
  930. Jan 22 00:26:42 <starlite> "You promised me a double caramel machiatto with extra syrup!"
  931. Jan 22 00:26:59 <Egg_Discord> "That's a good question. We've discovered that the serum causes people affected to act more like pets when things relating to pets come up. These also progress the changes, which explains why you now have ears."
  932. Jan 22 00:27:16 <starlite> (And yet you let Pinkie mingle)
  933. Jan 22 00:27:28 <Egg_Discord> (He hadn't noticed just yet)
  934. Jan 22 00:27:44 * BC92 looks down at coffeebutt, still a bit dazed from his earlier actions but alert nonetheless. "I did I even had it for you but... you ran off.. I'll get you a fresh one when time permits. sorry coffeebutt."
  935. Jan 22 00:27:57 * Left_Elba is now known as L_E
  936. Jan 22 00:28:15 <starlite> *Caramel pouts at BC* "But... but you promised... I need a coffee!"
  937. Jan 22 00:28:21 <Egg_Discord> "Pure luck. Right now, they're more focused on the success of the park. If it fails, they'll abandon the gene altering serum and leave the park folks to clean up the mess. If it succeeds, the people they've captured will be sold as pets."
  938. Jan 22 00:28:38 <Aurora_> "More question. Why does Fritzpony have coffee on butt?"
  939. Jan 22 00:29:01 * BC92 frowns and looks over at gunther, "you wouldn't happen have some kahlua stashed away would you? thats coffee flavoured right?"
  940. Jan 22 00:29:08 <starlite> "Oh, another pony with a coffee cutie mark?" *Caramel scans the other ponies in the background
  941. Jan 22 00:29:36 <Aurora_> "Sorry, I do not drink coffeedrinks. Just good alcohol."
  942. Jan 22 00:29:46 <Globebutt> Cutie mark. That's what they're called. Right.
  943. Jan 22 00:29:54 <BC92> (kahlua is alcohol, usually used for mixed drinks.)
  944. Jan 22 00:30:10 <Globebutt> (See also: Irish coffee.)
  945. Jan 22 00:30:12 <Aurora_> (I know. Screw those mixed drinks. Drinking it pure)
  946. Jan 22 00:30:24 <starlite> "I don't see her! Where's 'Fritzpony'?"
  947. Jan 22 00:30:27 <BC92> (alrighty then,)
  948. Jan 22 00:30:30 <Aurora_> (Günther has no time to mix drinks)
  949. Jan 22 00:30:38 <Aurora_> "..You are Fritzpony, little horse."
  950. Jan 22 00:30:53 <starlite> *Caramel stares at Gunther* "Sorry, are you talking to me?"
  951. Jan 22 00:30:54 <Egg_Discord> "Apparently, these ponies take after the show "My Little Pony," where ponies have a picture on their flanks representing their special talent. The coffee on your friend's flank means that he likes coffee. Aparently, the special talent of whatever pony you're turning into also serves as a stimulus. In other words, coffee seems like a bad idea for the Neo Nazi."
  952. Jan 22 00:31:20 <BC92> "or a good idea. he is quite a bit more bearable like this..."
  953. Jan 22 00:31:38 <Aurora_> "Yes. You are Fritzpony. And I think it is time for you to stop drink of coffee."
  954. Jan 22 00:31:47 <Globebutt> "I think BC's probably right. Just... keep me away from doughnuts."
  955. Jan 22 00:31:51 <Writefag4> "So what do we do about it? I mean I'm not even sure I'm affected or not. Is there anything we can do?"
  956. Jan 22 00:32:09 <starlite> "No, I'm Caramel Roast!" *Caramel smiles and extends a hoof* "And I love to make new friends! What's your name?"
  957. Jan 22 00:32:24 <Globebutt> (My wings are so pretty!)
  958. Jan 22 00:32:35 <Aurora_> Günther begins to loudly hum the WW2 German national Anthem for Fritzpony
  959. Jan 22 00:32:51 <starlite> *Caramel smiles and hums along, doing a small dance*
  960. Jan 22 00:33:07 <Egg_Discord> That anthem does sound a bit familiar, Caramel...
  961. Jan 22 00:33:10 * BC92 smiles down at the pony, "caramel roast eh? nice to learn your name, I am called BC." he reaches out and shakes her hoof.
  962. Jan 22 00:33:31 <starlite> *Caramel stops dancing suddenly, a pained expression on her face*
  963. Jan 22 00:34:06 * L_E has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  964. Jan 22 00:34:07 * BC92 frowns
  965. Jan 22 00:34:42 <Globebutt> (It's your Alama Mater!)
  966. Jan 22 00:34:51 <Egg_Discord> "Well, we've been trying to get into the theme park and find the serum but we've had no luck. Everyone we sent has been caught. I wish there was someone who was pwerful and crazy enough to get in there and figure out where they're keeping the serum that will heal us."
  967. Jan 22 00:35:05 <Aurora_> "Fritzpony? I think maybe Fritzpony has too many drinks."
  968. Jan 22 00:35:10 <Globebutt> (Or wait... was it Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken? Yeah. Nice hymn.)
  969. Jan 22 00:35:13 * BC92 points at gunther at that last part of the sentence.
  970. Jan 22 00:35:24 <Egg_Discord> Come on, Star. Don't you want to dance>
  971. Jan 22 00:35:27 <Writefag4> "You think it exists then?"
  972. Jan 22 00:35:36 <starlite> "No, my name's Caramel! Not 'Fritzpony'!"
  973. Jan 22 00:35:50 <starlite> (We're sitting at a table, right?)
  974. Jan 22 00:35:54 <Egg_Discord> (Yes)
  975. Jan 22 00:35:55 <Aurora_> "Fritzpony drink too much."
  976. Jan 22 00:36:09 <starlite> *Caramel jumps on top of the table and starts dancing wildly*
  977. Jan 22 00:36:20 <Aurora_> "I did go in and find business man in tunnels. Take along to hotel room and talk to. He dead now."
  978. Jan 22 00:36:22 <Egg_Discord> Why does he keep calling you that, Caramel?
  979. Jan 22 00:36:35 <Globebutt> ("Carmel, get off of the table.")
  980. Jan 22 00:36:40 <Egg_Discord> The man just sits there, slackjawed at you, Gunther.'
  981. Jan 22 00:36:54 <Egg_Discord> A long pause follows before he asks you "...How?"
  982. Jan 22 00:36:55 * BC92 continues to point at gunther.
  983. Jan 22 00:36:56 <starlite> *Caramel shakes her head, trying to rid it of that awful voice. Maybe she just needs another coffee*
  984. Jan 22 00:37:15 <Egg_Discord> Yes! And maybe a belly rub too! Roll fort!
  985. Jan 22 00:37:27 <starlite> roll 4 of 10
  986. Jan 22 00:37:48 <Aurora_> "Just walk in, enter tunnel and find man to take along. Then threaten with breaking all limbs until he quiet and helpful."
  987. Jan 22 00:38:12 <Globebutt> My God. Wh...
  988. Jan 22 00:38:17 <Globebutt> I finish my vodka.
  989. Jan 22 00:38:32 <Aurora_> "He come willingly"
  990. Jan 22 00:38:50 * BC92 throws his hands up in the air in a 'now you know what i mean' type of gesture.
  991. Jan 22 00:38:56 <Egg_Discord> You ignore the desire for a belly rub. Something seems vaguely wrong with this, but you can't figure out what, Caramel. Roll fort again.
  992. Jan 22 00:38:56 <starlite> *Caramel begins to hum loudly*
  993. Jan 22 00:39:05 <starlite> roll 5 of 10
  994. Jan 22 00:39:45 <Egg_Discord> You decide nothing's wrong. In fact, you decide that you should roll over for a belly rub. Maybe BC will give you one!
  995. Jan 22 00:40:07 <starlite> *Caramel jumps off the table onto BC* "BC! BC!"
  996. Jan 22 00:40:18 <Egg_Discord> The man stares at you Gunther. "...No one else has gotten far enough to be seen and made it back. We could use you, if you don't mine, Mr..."
  997. Jan 22 00:40:24 <Aurora_> "Fritzpony. Sit down. We are of havings important conversation."
  998. Jan 22 00:40:30 * BC92 falls over as the pony lands on him. "gah! what?!"
  999. Jan 22 00:40:40 <starlite> "But I won the quiet game earlier... Don't I get a prize?"
  1000. Jan 22 00:40:49 <Aurora_> "My name is Günther. You need me to go in and find new man to take out?"
  1001. Jan 22 00:41:41 * BC92 blinks. "right yes you did... um... how about more ear scratchies? or a belly rub?"
  1002. Jan 22 00:42:09 <Egg_Discord> "...sort of. We need evidence that a government branch is backing this up and the true nature of this theme park. It won't be easy, but I'm sure that someone such as you will have no problems.
  1003. Jan 22 00:42:20 <starlite> *Caramel's ears perk up* "Yesyesyesyesyes! A belly rub please!" *Caramel rolls over on BC's lap, her belly facing upwards*
  1004. Jan 22 00:42:51 <Writefag4> "Tact isn't his strong point. I'm not sure how he even made it as far as he says without getting stopped by security."
  1005. Jan 22 00:42:56 * BC92 smiles stupidly, "you are just too god damn adorable, caramel."
  1006. Jan 22 00:43:06 <starlite> *Caramel beams at BC*
  1007. Jan 22 00:43:12 <Aurora_> "Fritzpony. I am havings conversation. Sit down." Günther turns his attention back to the man. "What count as evidence? I bring out important looking man?"
  1008. Jan 22 00:43:28 * BC92 rubs her belly wth one hand as he scratches her ears with the other.
  1009. Jan 22 00:44:00 <starlite> *Caramel melts in BC's grasp, twitching a foreleg*
  1010. Jan 22 00:44:00 <Globebutt> "Gunther, she *is* sitting down. Not like she's dancing on the table any more."
  1011. Jan 22 00:44:19 <Egg_Discord> Oh god this is just too much for you to handle! It's so bucking good! Your tongue hangs out as your eyes roll back into your head. Roll Pone.
  1012. Jan 22 00:44:33 <Globebutt> "She's bein' a good girl."
  1013. Jan 22 00:44:34 <starlite> roll 4 of 10
  1014. Jan 22 00:44:59 <Aurora_> "She is sit on BC and being loud. I think maybe not good idea treat like pet."
  1015. Jan 22 00:45:20 <BC92> "aw come on, you can't deny this is too freakin cute."
  1016. Jan 22 00:45:39 <starlite> *Caramel laughs goofily at BC's touch*
  1017. Jan 22 00:45:51 <Egg_Discord> "Well, a person wouldn't talk. We tried that once, and it didn't end well. WE'll need a recording of them testing out the drug on people, records showing the formula, a sample of the drug itself. Physical evidence."
  1018. Jan 22 00:46:16 <Egg_Discord> It is pretty adorable Gunther, even by your standards
  1019. Jan 22 00:46:44 <Writefag4> "That is a tall order."
  1020. Jan 22 00:47:00 <Globebutt> I'm sure not goin' in there.
  1021. Jan 22 00:47:09 <Aurora_> "I am not saying is not cute. I am saying it is maybe not safe."
  1022. Jan 22 00:47:34 <Aurora_> "But okay. I will of into park again and beat up scientist until give formula."
  1023. Jan 22 00:47:52 * Writefag4 makes hand gestures as if to say, see what I mean.
  1024. Jan 22 00:48:03 <BC92> "but what about evidence? perhaps a more tactical approach would be better?"
  1025. Jan 22 00:48:37 <Aurora_> "What do you suggest?
  1026. Jan 22 00:48:38 <Aurora_> "
  1027. Jan 22 00:49:09 <Egg_Discord> "I think that a tactical approach is a bit better. We need solid proof so that we can show it to the police and gain their support in shutting this down and exposing this scheme to the public.
  1028. Jan 22 00:49:16 <Egg_Discord> "
  1029. Jan 22 00:49:25 <BC92> "hmm..." BC's expression goes pensive for a moment as he continues rubbing the pony in his lap. "... how about computers? they have to have data stored somewhere."
  1030. Jan 22 00:49:49 <Aurora_> "Okay. I will into facility and take computer here."
  1031. Jan 22 00:49:54 <Egg_Discord> Computers? Something clicks in your head at that, Gunther. Roll Fort.
  1032. Jan 22 00:50:05 <BC92> (bueno =P)
  1033. Jan 22 00:50:08 <Aurora_> 1D10 => 5
  1034. Jan 22 00:51:14 <Egg_Discord> The thought of computers gets you excited. You certainly do like computers. At least you think you do...
  1035. Jan 22 00:51:50 <BC92> "hm... that might work.. unless the data is stored on like a network drive or something..."
  1036. Jan 22 00:52:09 <Aurora_> Günther sits there in thought for a moment, wondering what more he can do with computers. Surely he doesn't know how to use one if it's not his own. He doesn't know this technology that much, but it's strangely interesting to him
  1037. Jan 22 00:52:45 <BC92> (prepare to get nerdy real fast mister crazy german dude =P)
  1038. Jan 22 00:53:00 <Egg_Discord> You can help with that Gunther. If you can get at one, maybe you can hack into the system's database and pull up everything you guys need to crack these losers-er, tiny men.
  1039. Jan 22 00:53:04 <Aurora_> (Just what we need. A powerful brick wall German that can hack computers)
  1040. Jan 22 00:53:35 <BC92> (surprisingly useful in this situation)
  1041. Jan 22 00:54:19 <Writefag4> "This is great and all but do we have any idea of where to even start?"
  1042. Jan 22 00:54:24 * BC92 glances down at the pony in his lap. "uh... you doing okay there? you look a bit dazed..."
  1043. Jan 22 00:54:25 <Aurora_> "I think I can get to network drive. I think will try anyway."
  1044. Jan 22 00:55:46 <BC92> (i can imagine caramel just sitting there drooling =U)
  1045. Jan 22 00:55:56 <starlite> *Caramel sits there drooling*
  1046. Jan 22 00:56:10 <BC92> (exactly =U)
  1047. Jan 22 00:56:39 * BC92 shrugs, at least he isn't going on about germany this and fourth reich that.
  1048. Jan 22 00:57:02 <Writefag4> "You... know about computers?"
  1049. Jan 22 00:57:02 <Egg_Discord> Caramel, do you remember that Pinkie pony from earlier?
  1050. Jan 22 00:57:08 <starlite> (Voice in my head?)
  1051. Jan 22 00:57:35 <Aurora_> "...I do not know. I feel like maybe know about computers. I will be needing help in any way, so not go in alone."
  1052. Jan 22 00:58:03 <Globebutt> "...I don't want to get near any labs if..."
  1053. Jan 22 00:58:07 <Globebutt> I shake my head.
  1054. Jan 22 00:58:16 * BC92 looks over at gunther. "i suppose I could accompany you, i'm not great with computers but I know at least a little bit."
  1055. Jan 22 00:58:28 <Egg_Discord> (Yes it is, Star)
  1056. Jan 22 00:58:40 <Writefag4> Really. I'm not sure how the rest of you are going to get past anyone watching for people like you.
  1057. Jan 22 00:59:06 <Globebutt> They say the government's in on it? The fucking government? Fingers aren't feeling good, anyway. Like I've got arthritis or something. Been off all day, really. But I'm not risking it.
  1058. Jan 22 00:59:09 <Aurora_> "Is there problem?"
  1059. Jan 22 00:59:24 <starlite> *Caramel jolts alert under the bellyrub, remembering something. A flash of pink, a stick flying through the air... A friend!* "Where's Pinkie?"
  1060. Jan 22 00:59:37 <Egg_Discord> Caramel, you should find your friend.
  1061. Jan 22 00:59:58 * BC92 stops rubbing at the pony's jerk, flinching himself. "hmm?
  1062. Jan 22 01:00:11 <starlite> *With some reluctance, Caramel leaps out of BC's lap and begins to run around the base, looking for Pinkie*
  1063. Jan 22 01:00:47 <Writefag4> "I have to wonder. The park has cleaning staff right? Would is be possible for me to infiltrate that way?"
  1064. Jan 22 01:00:55 * Mr-Jared ( has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  1065. Jan 22 01:01:01 <starlite> "Pinkie? Pinkie, where are you?"
  1066. Jan 22 01:01:13 * BC92 frowns for a moment, a bit disappointed the adorable pony left him. he shrugs though, probably safe here at least.
  1067. Jan 22 01:01:34 <Egg_Discord> You run off and find the man who left with Pinkie earlier, Caramel.
  1068. Jan 22 01:01:41 <Egg_Discord> Mayeb he knows where your friend is.
  1069. Jan 22 01:01:44 <Egg_Discord> *maybe
  1070. Jan 22 01:02:01 <starlite> *Caramel gently pokes a hoof at the man's leg* "Hi, I'm Caramel Roast! Where's Pinkie?"
  1071. Jan 22 01:02:29 <Egg_Discord> "...Oh. Pinkie's this way.
  1072. Jan 22 01:02:46 <starlite> *Caramel smiles and follows* "What's your name?"
  1073. Jan 22 01:03:00 <Aurora_> "I think will try go into park for evidence tomorrow. Is there objection to this?"
  1074. Jan 22 01:03:03 <Egg_Discord> "I'm Bill."
  1075. Jan 22 01:03:13 <Writefag4> "I might want to try tonight."
  1076. Jan 22 01:03:19 <starlite> "Hi Bill! I love making new friends, what about you?"
  1077. Jan 22 01:03:21 <BC92> "no objection here, I'd suggest now but it might be a bit late."
  1078. Jan 22 01:03:33 <Egg_Discord> "Sounds like a good idea. IN the meantime, you folks better stay down here. We've got room and board for everyone you see here and more."
  1079. Jan 22 01:03:38 * MrJared has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  1080. Jan 22 01:03:48 <Aurora_> "Do you have any alcoholic drink?"
  1081. Jan 22 01:04:11 <Egg_Discord> "I kind of like making friends, but not as much as you do, I guess."
  1082. Jan 22 01:04:26 * Writefag4 thinks to himself.
  1083. Jan 22 01:04:32 <Globebutt> "...Err, um. I."
  1084. Jan 22 01:04:38 <Egg_Discord> "We have some at the bar up top. Just flash the ears and it's on the house."
  1085. Jan 22 01:04:42 <starlite> "Do you want to sing with me while we walk?"
  1086. Jan 22 01:04:53 <Egg_Discord> "No thanks, Caramel. We're here anyway."
  1087. Jan 22 01:05:06 <starlite> "Ooh!" *Caramel leaps up in excitement*
  1088. Jan 22 01:05:06 <Globebutt> I tug on my shirt. "Could anyone run to get my clothes from the hotel I was at the other night?"
  1089. Jan 22 01:05:23 <Egg_Discord> The man leads you to a rainbow colored door that he opens. "Be careful. You don't want to lose yourself in there, little fella." He has a worried look on his face, but what's to be scared of Caramel?
  1090. Jan 22 01:05:38 <Globebutt> (Running out of coffee.)
  1091. Jan 22 01:05:44 <Egg_Discord> "Which hotel would that be, Ma'am?" The leader responds."
  1092. Jan 22 01:05:46 <Globebutt> (Going into a motel and finding there's no coffee maker.)
  1093. Jan 22 01:05:48 <Egg_Discord> (IRL?)
  1094. Jan 22 01:05:48 <starlite> *Caramel nods a bit in confusion* "Lose myself? Is it a maze?"
  1095. Jan 22 01:05:57 <BC92> (worst. Possible. Thing. lack of coffee)
  1096. Jan 22 01:05:59 <Egg_Discord> "...Never mind. Have fun."
  1097. Jan 22 01:06:11 <Globebutt> (BC, you don't even know. ...I'll show/tell you later.)
  1098. Jan 22 01:06:27 <starlite> "Oh, okay!"
  1099. Jan 22 01:06:32 <Globebutt> "The Knight's Inn. It's room 117."
  1100. Jan 22 01:06:35 <BC92> (I am confused by what you mean but k...)
  1101. Jan 22 01:07:19 <Writefag4> (Maybe start to Call it? I was thinking Write might try to infiltrate the cleaning staff but that could wait.)
  1102. Jan 22 01:07:37 <starlite> *Caramel rushes into the room, her face barely able to contain her smile*
  1103. Jan 22 01:07:50 <Globebutt> (Planning on going to bed soon could work.)
  1104. Jan 22 01:08:14 <Aurora_> (It's 7 AM here, and I kind of want to try sleep still today)
  1105. Jan 22 01:08:29 * Mr-Jared is now known as Mr_Jared
  1106. Jan 22 01:08:43 <BC92> (its only 11 PM for me but if you guys want to stop thats fine)
  1107. Jan 22 01:08:56 <Aurora_> (Europe)
  1108. Jan 22 01:09:02 <Egg_Discord> As the door closes behind you, Caramel, you see a ton of other ponies inside, Pinkie included.
  1109. Jan 22 01:09:03 <BC92> (i know =U)
  1110. Jan 22 01:09:21 <BC92> (am I the only american here i wonder?)
  1111. Jan 22 01:09:23 <starlite> "Hi everyone! My name's Caramel Roast, and I want to be your friend!"
  1112. Jan 22 01:09:34 <Egg_Discord> Let's finish this scene up and then we'll call it quits
  1113. Jan 22 01:09:35 <Writefag4> (Nope. Midnight for me.)
  1114. Jan 22 01:09:38 <Egg_Discord> *()
  1115. Jan 22 01:09:41 <Aurora_> (Sounds good)
  1116. Jan 22 01:09:47 <Globebutt> (1:09 in Ohio.)
  1117. Jan 22 01:09:50 <BC92> (alrighty then)
  1118. Jan 22 01:10:01 <Writefag4> "I don't suppose there's any chance they're hiring at the park is there?"
  1119. Jan 22 01:10:17 <Egg_Discord> All the other ponies light up at the sight of their new friend and simultaneously say happily "Hi, Caramel Roast!"
  1120. Jan 22 01:10:46 <starlite> *Caramel beams and runs towards her new friends for cuddles and hugs and fun and laughter and games and songs and dancing*
  1121. Jan 22 01:10:54 <Egg_Discord> "That's no problem, ma'am. We'll get Joe to grab your things for you. And as for hiring, no, I don't think they are, sir."
  1122. Jan 22 01:11:37 <Writefag4> "Hmmmm. Not even for janitorial staff? Still. Might be able to look enough like one if I could get one of their uniforms."
  1123. Jan 22 01:11:43 <BC92> "speaking of grabbing things, could you get my stuff from the motel six down the road? i'd like to have some fresh clothes...."
  1124. Jan 22 01:12:22 <Aurora_> "I am forget my old hotel room. Will settle for any extra clothing and money for alcohol."
  1125. Jan 22 01:12:35 <Egg_Discord> "In the meantime, mi casa es su casa. Make yourselves at home here. If you need anything, just call for me, Alex."
  1126. Jan 22 01:12:56 <Egg_Discord> "I'll have Joe grab your things too, in that case."
  1127. Jan 22 01:13:10 <BC92> "right, thanks. its room 19."
  1128. Jan 22 01:13:26 <Writefag4> "Are you sure its safe? The guy who told us about this place seemed to imply that they knew about it."
  1129. Jan 22 01:14:50 <Egg_Discord> "All they know is that we hang out here. They don't know that we're keeping people here. Besides, as far as they're concerned, we're just a bunch of punks who are no threat to them. Our previous attempts have only solidified that belief.
  1130. Jan 22 01:15:58 <Writefag4> "Alright. I guess I'll try to get some sleep."
  1131. Jan 22 01:16:25 <BC92> "any idea where coffeebutt might have run off to?"
  1132. Jan 22 01:17:05 <Globebutt> "Huh?" I look around.
  1133. Jan 22 01:17:26 <Aurora_> "Fritzpony walk out door, I think."
  1134. Jan 22 01:17:30 <BC92> "yeah, she jumped off my lap a while ago saying something about that pink pony from earlier." I shrug.
  1135. Jan 22 01:17:31 <Egg_Discord> "Elesa can show you the bedrooms. As for you friend, it's likely he went to hang out with the other ponies who are lost. He'll be fine there for now. Once we get the cure, we can return everyone to normal."
  1136. Jan 22 01:17:51 <BC92> "can we keep him as he is? much more pleasant.
  1137. Jan 22 01:17:57 <BC92> "(enter =U)
  1138. Jan 22 01:18:10 <Aurora_> "Is not right to be keeping as horse without him agree."
  1139. Jan 22 01:18:46 * BC92 smirks as he finishes that sentence but frowns at gunther's response. "i suppose... but seriously he is much more adorable as he is..." he grumbles
  1140. Jan 22 01:19:26 <Egg_Discord> "No offense, Mr. Gunther, but I think that it's for the best that he remains as he is for now. Seeing that he's not a very pleasant person anyway, if he were to return to normal, he'd only impede progress."
  1141. Jan 22 01:19:44 <starlite> (You're breaking Fritz's heart)
  1142. Jan 22 01:19:55 <Aurora_> "When cured, we can let Fritzpony decide if want be pony or human. Maybe prefer pony. He not seem like happy man, but it wrong to not give choice."
  1143. Jan 22 01:20:04 <Writefag4> (His cold cold heart carved from icy coal.)
  1144. Jan 22 01:20:07 <Globebutt> (>implying he has a heart for anything but Hitler)
  1145. Jan 22 01:20:18 <Egg_Discord> (He's an asshole, as if any of us really like him enough to want him changed back)
  1146. Jan 22 01:20:23 <starlite> (Well, he loves butterflies, but you didn't ask!)
  1147. Jan 22 01:20:38 <Globebutt> (German butterflies are best, of course.l)
  1148. Jan 22 01:20:40 <BC92> (I for one prefer the coffeebut over naziasshole)
  1149. Jan 22 01:20:50 <Egg_Discord> (Me too)
  1150. Jan 22 01:20:58 <Egg_Discord> (Shall we stop here for the night?)
  1151. Jan 22 01:21:00 <starlite> (Fritz feels unloved...)
  1152. Jan 22 01:21:02 <Globebutt> (Good thing for Bea this never happened to her.)
  1153. Jan 22 01:21:12 <Aurora_> (Günther would turn Fritz back. At the very least to give him the choice)
  1154. Jan 22 01:21:17 <starlite> (For the record, is Fritz dead for all intents and purposes?)
  1155. Jan 22 01:21:46 <BC92> (/me is not so secretly hoping to keep coffeebutt)
  1156. Jan 22 01:21:46 <Globebutt> I shrug and stand up. "I'd rather worry about what to do with the resident neo-Nazi in the morning. Ms. Elesa?"
  1157. Jan 22 01:22:08 <Egg_Discord> (Not yet. Fritz still has a chance to return to normal)
  1158. Jan 22 01:22:17 <Aurora_> "I agree. We should be getting sleep. Have big day tomorrow."
  1159. Jan 22 01:22:57 <Egg_Discord> A woman covered in Yellow fur with blue hair and tail pops up. "Right this way, please." She leads you all to your beds
  1160. Jan 22 01:22:58 <BC92> "I'm not tired, i've been drinking coffee all day." BC says quickly. "I could try and sleep though. need to have at least some rest."
  1161. Jan 22 01:23:40 <Egg_Discord> (Of course, I'm not done with Fritz. Not by a long shot)
  1162. Jan 22 01:23:42 <Globebutt> Oh! Shocking. But yes, off to my bed I go.
  1163. Jan 22 01:23:48 <starlite> (Yay!)
  1164. Jan 22 01:23:52 <Aurora_> Günther doesn't go to his own bed. He stands in the doorway to Laura's bedroom, offers her a bottle of vodka, and waggles his eyebrows. "You know. There is chance I not return after tomorrow."
  1165. Jan 22 01:23:53 <Aurora_> ( :P )
  1166. Jan 22 01:24:03 <Globebutt> (You're not calling anyone master, so you're not past 8 yet.)
  1167. Jan 22 01:24:21 <Globebutt> I get up and hold the door in one hand. "Good night, Gunther."
  1168. Jan 22 01:24:24 <Globebutt> I close the door.
  1169. Jan 22 01:24:41 * BC92 lays in his bed and stares up at the ceiling. "wonder if they have any books or something I could read to pass time until i fall asleep." he mutters.
  1170. Jan 22 01:24:45 <Aurora_> Günther sighs, puts the bottle of vodka down by the door, and goes to the bar instead
  1171. Jan 22 01:24:46 <Globebutt> I go back to my bed and snuggle down beneath the covers.
  1172. Jan 22 01:25:04 <starlite> *Caramel doesn't sleep, and instead has fun with the other ponies*
  1173. Jan 22 01:25:40 <starlite> (Wait, does Caramel have any source of coffee here?)
  1174. Jan 22 01:25:53 <Aurora_> (How about we end it for the night? 7:30...)
  1175. Jan 22 01:26:00 <Egg_Discord> (We'll get back to Caramel next time. For now, it is time to brign this to a temporary close)
  1176. Jan 22 01:26:07 * L_E (~Booper@65ED5B57.9A217E2F.AF91919B.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  1177. Jan 22 01:26:13 * L_E is now known as Left_Elba
  1178. Jan 22 01:26:14 <Egg_Discord> (Good game everyone)
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