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Nov 16th, 2014
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  1. (5:28:45 PM) Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: was fun flying with the doods who dont pretend to be females but actually have a 2 inch dick. cant stand doods who suck another doods dick i jsut cant have respect for a fag like that, and im sure most of you feel the same way. regardless, my test bros, yall doods are cool as shit always will be. june ting wants to reset nofux, so we reset sound to make him happy, looks like we will be resetting evryone if we listen to june tings faggot ass. all my doods u know who u are be my homies whether neutral or not. including u dodo
  2. (5:28:54 PM) Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: june, youre still a cock sucking faggot
  3. (5:29:01 PM) Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: and youre a man not a woman-so is your boyfriend
  4. (5:29:04 PM) Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: coupel of fags
  5. (5:29:09 PM) Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: go report me bitch lol
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