Haylie Jay

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  1. Will only be used if the event happens. She will not be used as a normal character outside the event which explains why she's so powerful.
  2. NAME: Haylie Jay
  3. AGE: 9
  4. GENDER: Female
  5. SEXUALITY: Too young to think of that
  7. CANON PARENT: (Not compulsory).
  8. BIRTH PLACE: New York
  9. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. POWERS:
  12. | Main Powers |
  13.      <Absorption>
  14.      + When she kills a person, she can absorb that person to gain their powers.
  15.      + If on a symbiote, she can just rip part of the symbiote off to gain the symbiote's power.
  16.      + She could also spend about ten seconds touching the person to absorb their powers.
  17.      + Has no limit of how many powers she can absorb or how long she can have them
  18.      - Each time she absorbs someone's power, she grows more insane and power hungry.
  19.      - People who can't die won't be affected by this
  20.      - Gets the side effects of the absorbed powers as well
  21.      - Might be hard for her to kill people when she doesn't have powers
  22.      - Has to touch the person to absorb their power.
  24.        [2 Sub-Powers]
  25.              <Darkness Claws>
  26.              + Her entire hands can form almost any blade
  27.              + Attacking with them won't hurt her
  28.              + Can cut through steel
  29.              + Great tool to kill with to later use the absorption ability
  30.              - Once she gets a power, this one with most likely be switched out
  31.              - Easily blocked or dodged
  32.              - Can't protect her from stuff
  34. SKILLS: [Max of 8 Skills]
  35. Combat: Can hold her own in a fight against Spiderman without superpowers (due to power transfer)
  36. Aim: Can hit her target from about a mile away(due to power transfer)
  37. Quick thinker/great reaction time (due to power transfer)
  38. ASSETS:
  39. Whatever she gets from the person that she takes the powers from.
  41. She doesn't feel pain or much emotion while in battle which makes it easy for her to kill.
  42. Extremely focused.
  43. Keeps in mind the location of every enemy when she faces multiple people.
  44. WEAKNESSES: [Minimum of 4 REAL weaknesses].
  45. Deaf while in battle which can stop her from hearing incoming attacks.
  46. Possible to persuade her when she's calm or emotional.
  47. She has problems with seeing long distances cuz she needs glasses.
  48. She can't master the powers that she has absorbed right away as she hasn't trained with them but she does get an efficiency boost.
  49. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BACKSTORY: Haylie was a normal kid. She had a normal life and all that until one day when her family was involved in a car crash in the forest. This killed her parents instantly but she survived. She stumbled out of the car and into the trench below. She passed out there and nobody could find her, she was left there for dead, until an extra terrestrial being crash-landed nearby. It know that it couldn't survive but it had to transfer its power to someone. It found Haylie, woke her up using a power that it had absorbed, gave her the absorption power and told her "You must absorb as many powers as possible. A threat is on its way and only with the combined power of everyone on earth is it possible to stop it." This became her motivation to fulfill the goal the stranger had given her and so her journey started.
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