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Sep 24th, 2020 (edited)
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  2. https://pastebin.com/iXcYhgqD
  6. ⮞ http://www.mediafire.com/folder/4sfzh1mlsf1mq/GBG
  9. Legality of the situation (Check images "Articles" 1, 2 and 3 on mediafire)
  10. >https://www.echr.coe.int/Documents/Convention_ENG.pdf
  11. >https://treaties.un.org/doc/Publication/UNTS/Volume%20189/volume-189-I-2545-English.pdf
  13. ⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞ Ottoman/Turkish Genocides, Crimes & Violations ⮜⮜⮜⮜⮜⮜⮜⮜⮜⮜⮜
  14. >https://pastebin.com/wD5ptCBA
  17. >https://pastebin.com/cDYz4Te8
  19. >https://archive.is/8eEfC
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  25. ⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞⮞https://pastebin.com/MpfiJwPM
  28. ----------------------------------------- 24/09
  29. BREAKING: US ambassador to Turkey says Ankara is ignoring its debts to US pharmaceutical companies, which amount to over 2 Billion, and warns of US companies leaving
  30. >https://archive.is/jEQ4O
  31. >https://archive.is/ANmXq
  32. (unrelated) Turkish agent alleges MIT plan to assassinate Kurdish-Austrian politician. He told Austrian authorities that he had been ordered in August to kill Berivan Aslan, a Kurdish-Austrian politician and a member of Austria’s Green Party
  33. >https://archive.is/zWm8H
  34. >https://archive.is/eObjz
  35. (unrelated) Turkey bans press access to a case that implicates Erdogan Son in Law, Minister of Finance Berat Albayrak, in a major money laundering scheme with Reza Zarrab, who was arrested in March 2016 for breaking the embargo imposed by the U.S on Iran in which he opened a bank account for Zarrab
  36. >https://archive.is/pYJmQ
  37. Four protests are scheduled today in Thessaloniki, there will probably be more vandalism and clashes with the police and more arrests as it has been going on the past few weeks
  38. >https://archive.is/AM1pz
  39. The President of the Republic of Cyprus had a teleconference with the UN Secretary General, he talked about the Turkish threats to colonize Farmagusta which violates international law and their illegal operations in Cypriot EEZ, said that it is necessary to end Turkey's illegal actions and that Cyprus is willing to solve the issues but Turkey is not showing good will
  40. >https://archive.is/rF1UA
  41. >https://archive.is/u6ota
  42. Leftist groups in Greece have occupied over 200 schools, they have a list of demands that range from increase in cleaning staff, less students per class, permanent teacher appointments and absurd things like Greece not buying the French Rafale jets and not enlisting as 18 year olds
  43. >https://archive.is/qiSmr
  44. >https://archive.is/wN2yL
  45. Turkish Interior Minister, accused Greece of throwing a 6 month old baby into the sea and killing it, said that the ECHR ignored it and that the admiration of the west is what is wrong with Turkey
  46. >https://archive.is/R8e7I
  47. (unverified) The Greek Navy intercepts a ship with Lebanese bankers smuggling 3.6 billion dollars heading to Haifa. The ship was carrying 15 businessmen, including 6 Lebanese, 4 Cypriots, and 8 Israelis.
  48. >https://archive.is/Kmh9V
  49. Three arrested in counter-terrorism operation against urban guerrilla group in Athens. The suspects, two men aged 38 and 42 and a woman aged 36, are accused of possessing weapons and explosives
  50. >https://archive.is/U0opz
  51. >https://archive.is/I3No0
  52. >https://archive.is/K87qo
  53. Mayor of Iasmos, is suing journalists in Greece after being exposed for participating in a rally in Turkey, where he recited a poem to Turkish soldiers and made references to his region embracing Turkey and other anti-Greece remarks he made, he said he never lost his "Turkishness"
  54. >https://archive.is/zxH2Z
  55. A Turkish committee from western Thrace, with representatives of the ABTTF and BTAYTD, made a presentation claiming that there is "Hate speech" against the "Turkish" minority (muslims) in Thrace "Hate rhetoric against Turks in western Thrace is part of structural and systematic discrimination"
  56. >https://archive.is/0dHs2
  57. More images from Agios Georgios church in Moria, where immigrants had set up tents and vandalized the church after the Moria camp was burned by illegal immigrants
  58. >https://archive.is/lqP9B
  59. >https://archive.is/5bsQu
  60. Video of African illegal immigrant at Malakasa camp discarding food and complaining that the food is not good enough, that they have the right to eat something better. The food is given to them, for free, in perfectly good condition (video on mediafire)
  61. >https://archive.is/9uAGT
  62. Turkish Central Bank raises interest rates after new low exchange rates of the Turkish Lira and the negative outlook the country has been receiving from rating companies, it was raised by 2 points, reaching 10.25%
  63. >https://archive.is/Q77Ti
  64. >https://archive.is/LhBd1
  65. Turkish state bank starts trading in Chinese yuan
  66. >https://archive.is/dauVu
  67. Turkish Media turns its attention to the Seville Charter, which is used to define maritime borders in the East Med and that the Turkish media says Turkey can't accept because the Turkish EEZ "is too small"
  68. >https://archive.is/f8eGQ
  69. Thanks to the EU bureaucrats that went to Lesvos and the new proposition for immigration, rumors have started that the immigrants can leave Greece and that their Asylum applications will be processed by a country of their choosing because the Dublin regulation (immigration law) would be abolished (video on mediafire)
  70. >https://archive.is/y2CGX
  71. (unrelated) "Refugee" helpers demand free internet at the camps "for the well being" of the "guests"
  72. >https://archive.is/0RZse
  73. The Union of Officers of the Hellenic Army issued a statement in favor of the farmer in Evros that tried to stop a group of 8 Turks from entering the country illegally and has been charged for doing so
  74. >https://archive.is/9CIWF
  75. Illegal immigrant from Afghanistan attempted to r*pe (word censored by Pastebin word filter) woman in Ioannina
  76. >https://archive.is/5ThLS
  77. US State Department once again urges Turkey to stop its illegal operations inside Cypriot EEZ such as the drilling operations performed by the ship Yavuz and the seismic surveys performed by the ship Barbaros
  78. >https://archive.is/3cvBM
  79. Greek MP, Syrigos: European states will try to cancel sanctions against Turkey even despite its continued aggression towards EU member states and non-stop illegal operations inside Cypriot EEZ
  80. >https://archive.is/E2246
  81. Video exposing Erdogan's attempts to convince people that the Lausanne Treaty should be revised to redefine the borders between Greece and Turkey back in 2017, a political game he has been playing for a long time with the goal of expanding Turkey's borders even more
  82. >https://archive.is/N8g6Z
  83. IMPORTANT: Turkish Media came up with new maps, targeting 23 Greek islands and trying to influence public opinion and Government officials in Turkey and convince them that those islands must be demilitarized
  84. >https://archive.is/7hRfg
  85. The Cypriot president responded to the Turkish president's statement that Cyprus and Greece would be behind the tension in the East Med, the slammed Turkey for conducting illegal operations in Cypriot EEZ and threats to the city of Farmagusta
  86. >https://archive.is/M0jG0
  87. >https://archive.is/UNk2b
  88. Turkey issues yet another schizophrenic statement, stating that Turkey will "no longer make concessions" regarding their interests in air, land and sea, demanded Greek islands to be demilitarized and then once again said that they are in favor of "dialogues at every level"
  89. >https://archive.is/T8Hu8
  90. >https://archive.is/VTwY4
  91. Turkish journalist in Greece demands that Greece and Greeks apologize for what happened in Tripoli 1821 (city in Greek Peloponnese region) in which he claims that 10 000 Turks were killed in an uprising against the Ottoman empire
  92. >https://archive.is/NpK5T
  93. The Greek Prime Minister had a call with the Secretary General of NATO today. They discussed the de-escalation in the East Med after the withdraw of Oruc Reis. After the call, NATO's SG said "The situation must be resolved in the spirit of allied solidarity and in accordance with international law"
  94. >https://archive.is/A805J
  95. Turkish army accused of throwing Kurdish farmers from helicopter
  96. >https://archive.is/yKXZZ
  97. BREAKING: Illegal hostel for illegal immigrants busted in downtown Athens, the Greek Police is investigating the possibility that the illegal hostel for immigrants was part of a wider network of hideouts being provided by immigrant smuggling organizations
  98. >https://archive.is/djHyE
  99. Video of Pakistanis "protesting" in Greece, in favor of Islam and Kashmir (video on mediafire)
  100. >https://archive.is/NyCbc
  101. Picture of an Asylum visa from pakistani in Greece
  102. >https://archive.is/bgRPT
  103. Video of smugglers making video to advertise their "services" (video on mediafire)
  104. >https://archive.is/q3gNV
  107. ----------------------------------------- 25/09
  108. New protests have been announced by the residents from Kamena Vourla, against the sudden transfer of 39 illegal immigrants to a hotel in their city that is at a walking distance from a school for young children, local authorities are also against the immigrant's presence
  109. >https://archive.is/H2gfl
  110. The immigrants in Kamena Vourla tried to leave the hotel (24/09 at noon) that is being rented for them by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) NGO, and they started throwing things (unclear at who) and the police was able to defuse the situation
  111. >https://archive.is/HzhUg
  112. Video from what seems to be the immigrants in Kamena Vourla, who escaped the hotel they were staying in and apparently assaulted residents, a fight seems to have been about to break out and the residents were arguing with the police officers in the area (video on mediafire)
  113. >https://archive.is/tnQq7
  114. Joint meeting of the Greek and Cyprus Defense Committees on Turkish aggression. Prevention force needed to tackle Turkish aggression, committee members agree
  115. >https://archive.is/ffbkO
  116. A building that was being occupied by leftist activists since 2016 has been evacuated by the Greek Authorities, it will be sealed and returned to its owners. Gas masks and helmets were found inside the building
  117. >https://archive.is/px2tE
  118. Greek ministry of foreign affairs issues a statement that it supports Cyprus in its position that sanctions must be imposed to Turkey for its violations and illegal drilling operations inside Cypriot EEZ
  119. >https://archive.is/dxUwT
  120. Turkey is trying to set their own terms for the "negotiations" between Greece and Turkey, this time issuing a statement demanding the demilitarization of the islands days before the meeting that had been scheduled as the first "exploratory contact" to the negotiations
  121. >https://archive.is/XixdM
  122. As immigrants were transferred from Moria to Kara Tepe, so was crime, as reports start to surface about violence, robberies and people armed with knives committing crimes inside the new camp and neighboring area
  123. >https://archive.is/2CyBM
  124. (unrelated) Turkey arrested today prominent Kurdish politicians (video on mediafire)
  125. >https://archive.is/485u9
  126. >https://archive.is/Kqk4U
  127. Exiled Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt who lives in Stockholm was attacked today in Stockholm, he was beaten by 3 men who treatened cut his face and head before running away, he has been threatened even on Turkish National TV, with a man who encouraged the extermination of journalists critics and said his name among other journalists who live abroad (video on mediafire)
  128. >https://archive.is/pwkuc
  129. >https://archive.is/iEUhk
  130. Video from Kamena Vourla made by the immigrants accuse locals and police of beating them up while laughing, and they were supposed to be "unaccompanied minors", most of them dont look like minors, they vandalized the hotel they are staying in because they wanted to leave (video on mediafire)
  131. >https://archive.is/7TNCW
  132. Video by the immigrants inside Kamena Vourla hotel shows the police and locals in front of the hotel since protests are being held against their stay because it poses a threat to a school for young children that is at a walks distance from it (video on mediafire)
  133. >https://archive.is/KbxYf
  134. Greek Minister of immigration and asylum says that he regrets the protests in Kamena Vourla, saying that they should show solidarity for the 39 "children" that will stay there for only a few weeks before being transferred to other European countries
  135. >https://archive.is/3N6rB
  136. Pictures from the Algerian who made the video inside the Kamena Vourla hotel, he doesnt even resembles a minor
  137. >https://archive.is/1u0di
  138. IMPORTANT: Personal adviser for the High Representative of the EU. for Foreign Policy, Nathalie Tocci, says "Forget the sanctions on Turkey!" and "This is not the way to exert influence on Turkey", once again openly showing her bias and willingness to protect Turkey at all costs
  139. >https://archive.is/NaHEQ
  140. >https://archive.is/2jS04
  141. Greek and American Foreign ministers will have a meeting in Thessaloniki on Monday, they will discuss things such as the cooperations between the two countries in the energy field and also discuss the developments in he East Med
  142. >https://archive.is/i3Z8m
  143. After Nancy Pelosi makes a speech, criticizing Trump for not acting like he is in a democracy and uses Turkey as an example, the Turkish FM made veiled threats, called her "ignorant" and said that she "will learn to respect the will of the Turkish people"
  144. >https://archive.is/i2eFg
  145. >https://archive.is/PmJ0L
  146. Another video of illegal immigrants crossing the sea by boat, smiling and celebrating as they head towards Europe
  147. >https://archive.is/k8YBT
  148. More pictures of the illegal "unaccompanied minors" in Kamena Vourla show that they are pro-Erdogan and
  149. >https://archive.is/w5d4B
  150. Earlier this week Erdogan called Emmanuel Macron and asked him to stop his opposition to the sale of European made Air Defense systems (Eurosam’s SAMP/T) to Turkey, the request comes not long after the agreement for the sale of French jets and Missiles to Greece
  151. >https://archive.is/TRw28
  152. >https://archive.is/BKAbJ
  153. Article detailing what was talked during the Erdogan-Macron phone call, in which erdogan told Macron "It would be better if you spoke to us before making any statement", also that Erdogan was mad at the President of the EU Commission for saying that "Turkey is a neighbor of the EU"
  154. >https://archive.is/gLYhr
  155. (unrelated) Germany: The government will allocate over 64 billion euros for refugees by 2024. According to them 25.4 Bi will be destined for the "protection" of the immigrants, 22.9 Bi for social benefits and welfare, 8.2 Bi for "integration measures" such as language courses and 4.4 Bi for the expenses of the municipalities with them
  156. >https://archive.is/EtSoh
  157. Spokesperson for the Turkish presidency: "EU and Greeks should appreciate that Erdogan gives them an opportunity to negotiate!" and accused Greece of making Turkey stop the negotiations that were agreed to start a few months ago over the Greece-Egypt EEZ deal
  158. >https://archive.is/uQnB1
  159. The first 700 immigrants will leave Lesvos during the following days in the "Blue Star Chios" ferry. It is part of a measure to "decongest" the island and another 700 are expected to leave the island by next week
  160. >https://archive.is/MdmNg
  161. Erdogan: We will not accept the Aegean to become a Greek lake
  162. >https://archive.is/Tx8CT
  165. ----------------------------------------- 26/09
  166. BREAKING: Azerbaijan Releases Fake Document In Armenian To Citizens Of Artsakh To Be Ready For Emergency Evacuation. A very suspicious move since there are several reports that Turkey is sending mercenaries to Azerbaijan to "assist" them against Armenia
  167. >https://archive.is/SzpzT
  168. >https://archive.is/K6xej
  169. General Chairman of the Turkish BBR party: "When the time comes, both Western Thrace and Thessaloniki and the islands will return"
  170. >https://archive.is/aKV03
  171. BREAKING: New Turkish NAVTEX between Rhodes and Kastellorizo, the Turkish navy will perform live fire exercises until Sept 29
  172. >https://archive.is/HVr1m
  173. >https://archive.is/bqHo8
  174. >https://archive.is/y5p7D
  175. Erdogan and Turkish Defense Minister: "We will defend the blue homeland". Referring to the Turkish doctrine that they should own half of the Aegean and East med
  176. >https://archive.is/ph1Cv
  177. Erdogan made another speech in which he had his Neo-Ottoman delusions where he mentioned a battle (Naval battle of Preveza, 1538) from Ottoman times and he said that Turkey must keep strengthening their navy
  178. >https://archive.is/AeNsR
  179. Immigrants have filled the forest area of Soufli with trash, the image shows a passport from Iran. The immigrants usually throw their documents away so they can claim that they are from Syria and apply for asylum
  180. >https://archive.is/rS9Ps
  181. (unrelated) Image from an interview of the Turkish "TRT world" channel of a Syrian mercenary which has behind him a map of Turkey's neo ottoman aspirations along with a thread of examples of Turkish backed mercenaries that are also terrorist organizations
  182. >https://archive.is/TKh3P
  183. After the burning of a Turkish flag in Thessaloniki, Turks have thrown red paint over a Greek flag that was painted on a rocky hill in Kastellorizo, most likely using a (civilian) drone, one of which has been seen in Kastellorizo today playing the Turkish anthem
  184. >https://archive.is/KP18c
  185. >https://archive.is/otayy
  186. A fight broke out in an immigrant camp in Thessaloniki, in which two immigrants got into a fight and one of them was stabbed, being taken to the hospital and in critical condition
  187. >https://archive.is/9lo7z
  188. Video from a school "occupation" in Athens, the "students" inside seem to be destroying everything inside the classrooms due to the noise heard outside (video on mediafire)
  189. >https://archive.is/njOW9
  190. Meeting between Turkish and Greek FMs to talk about possible negotiations has been scheduled for after October 5. Also, before the Summit, the Danish and Dutch PMs and the Austrian Chancellor will go to Greece to discuss immigration policies and Turkish Provocations
  191. >https://archive.is/Edufs
  194. ----------------------------------------- 27/09
  195. (unrelated) Armenian PM consider recognizing Nagorno-Karabakh independence
  196. >https://archive.is/WPf8v
  197. After the issuing of a new NAVTEX by Turkey between Rhodes and Kastellorizo, Oruc Reis has left the port of Attaleia (Antalya), most likely for more tests and according to Marine Traffic, the Oruc Reis is already returning to the port
  198. >https://archive.is/fBakZ
  199. (unrelated) Armenians move missile systems to border. Erdogan indirectly threatens war, called Armenia "the biggest obstacle to peace and stability in the Caucasus"
  200. >https://archive.is/byZ5Q
  201. Social media and communications platforms restricted across Azerbaijan following clashes with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh; real-time internet measurement data show impact to cellular / fixed-lines
  202. >https://archive.is/m2hdt
  203. The second visit of the US Secretary of State to Greece comes with not only the discussion of East Med tensions but also proposals regarding American bases in Souda, armament sales and even proposals to build MMCS frigates
  204. >https://archive.is/48MKX
  205. (unrelated) The crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh is at its peak, with heavy losses of military equipment and personnel to Azerbaijan and martial law being declared in many areas. Armenia has shot down 4 enemy helicopters, about 15 drones and 10 tanks from Azerbaijan
  206. >https://archive.is/3uFBy
  207. (unrelated) The Armenian National Committee of Greece is dissatisfied with the fact that Greece is refusing to condemn Azerbaijan who is the attacking party and instead is calling both Armenia and Azerbaijan to stand down equally
  208. >https://archive.is/kbfME
  209. Video of Armenian forces destroying Azerbaijani tanks
  210. >https://archive.is/l6kxj
  211. (unrelated) Erdogan: "We call on the Armenian people to defend their future against their government, which is leading them to disaster, and to those who use them as puppets, and we call on the whole world to stand by Azerbaijan, which is fighting against occupation and oppression"
  212. >https://archive.is/ExKcl
  213. (unrelated) Image of Azerbaijani soldiers and population making the symbol of the Turkish pro-Erdogan group known as "Gray wolves"
  214. >https://archive.is/HmZ94
  215. Reports from how the Moria camp was burned reveal that a large group of people did it on purpose and many were openly shouting things such as "Burn here also"
  216. >https://archive.is/dHvvz
  217. >https://archive.is/kPTjH
  218. Syrian foreign minister says that Turkey is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the region
  219. >https://archive.is/umkdz
  220. Turkey vows to support Azerbaijan and said that they will help them strengthen their borders "by all means"
  221. >https://archive.is/fTxRu
  222. Greek Foreign Minister said that Greece is ready to assist Armenia if necessary
  223. >https://archive.is/gDtNP
  224. NATO calls for both Armenia and Azerbaijan to "immediately end the conflict"
  225. >https://archive.is/lfkIA4
  226. German Foreign Minister: "The resumption of Athens-Ankara explorations is particularly good, but the path remains difficult"
  227. >https://archive.is/wZzrt
  228. Clear support of Greece to Cyprus for targeted sanctions against Turkey
  229. >https://archive.is/JWIrM
  230. Saudi Arabia officially bans Turkish products
  231. >https://archive.is/gzWRD
  232. >https://archive.is/TC6ya
  233. Specialist claims that if Armenia deems that Azerbaijan has escalated too much, Armenia could attack Azerbaijan's SCPX pipeline that delivers gas to Turkey's TANAP and then to TAP (European Union's Southern Gas Corridor to the EU)
  234. https://archive.is/CcwW5
  235. Germany "saved" the Turkish ALTAY tanks, the Turkish tanks will be equipped with the German MTU of 1,500 hp engines and according to reports the first tanks will be delivered to the Evros border in the summer of 2021 and is now in full production
  236. >https://archive.is/ZZJtd
  237. (unrelated) Armenia: "As a result of the counterattack of the Defense Army 11 units of armor of the adversary have been captured along with other military equipment including BMP 3"
  238. >https://archive.is/OY48O
  239. >https://archive.is/ZpHfK
  240. (unrelated) Armenia estimates the losses of Azerbaijan's side as of 23:30. 27 Drones, 4 Helicopters, 33 armored vehicles including infantry transporters and Tanks and an additional 200 casualties are estimated
  241. >https://archive.is/Ve3cY
  242. (unrelated) According to Armenian intelligence , about 4000 militants from Syria take part in the hostilities unleashed by Azerbaijan. They have 81 casualties
  243. >https://archive.is/R64aT
  244. Turkish propaganda promoting their Blue Homeland doctrine that takes away half of the Aegean from Greece and doesnt recognizes Greek islands EEZ compares Greece and Western countries as Templars and Turks as Ottomans (video on mediafire)
  245. >https://archive.is/bvQrk
  246. (unrelated) Turkish trolls edited the wikipedia page of Armenia and switched the Armenian flag for a Turkish flag
  247. >https://archive.is/gZ653
  248. Video shows Azerbaijani forces launching missiles towards Armenian positions "Azerbaijan’i army started to hit the Armenia’n positions in Fuzuli very hard" (video on mediafire)
  249. >https://archive.is/EOJxq
  250. Video shows Azerbaijani forces being deployed to the border with Armenia (video on mediafire)
  251. >https://archive.is/W9qRV
  252. Image from 22/09 shows a large group of Syrian mercenaries being transported by what seems to be a Turkish C-130 cargo plane to Azerbaijan, reports indicates that a total of 1000 Syrian Mercenaries were to be moved to Azerbaijan by Turkey
  253. >https://archive.is/fYR0B
  254. (unrelated) US urges all sides of the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict to immediately cease hostilities
  255. >https://archive.is/bpvot
  256. (unrelated) Foreign Minister of Armenia: "Ankara provided the Azerbaijani forces with military equipment and we spotted Turkish planes near the Nagorno Karabakh region"
  257. >https://archive.is/pOKOm
  258. Turkish border guards shot and killed a young Syrian who was trying to cross the border into Turkey (video on mediafire)
  259. >https://archive.is/1thxR
  260. >https://archive.is/Njef8
  261. Image shows a small girl who lives in the Immigrant camp of Samos holding up a sign saying "Dont push our youths to become mercenaries in Turkey. Samos" with her father standing behind her for the picture, and another picture of a boy with a sign "Save us from hell, Samos" with the same calligraphy as the girl's sign
  262. >https://archive.is/zRlrE
  263. >https://archive.is/NwEVc
  264. Sparta, a few nights ago. NGOs transfer migrants to hotels in the middle of the night, so that locals don't see what's going on (video on mediafire)
  265. >https://archive.is/plqVq
  268. ----------------------------------------- 28/09
  269. (unrelated) An Armenian official claimed that the Azerbaijani used Turkish F-16s, that had been stationed in the country for about a month, "under the pretext of military exercises" and that the Azerbaijanis are equipped with "advanced weapons belonging to the Turkish army"
  270. >https://archive.is/rRZyC
  271. Man arrested last week with explosives and weapons, planned to make a bomb similar to what has been used by the leftist Greek terrorist OLA (Popular Fighters Group) group and he was only missing the container to make it and set it somewhere
  272. >https://archive.is/EkoKK
  273. (unrelated) Video from last night's conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the video shows several Azerbaijani soldiers who were killed by Armenian forces last night (video on mediafire)
  274. >https://archive.is/S2neZ
  275. A visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Greece is expected to focus on a deepening of bilateral military cooperation and Greece’s plans for defense procurements, while also evaluating tensions with Turkey and developments in the East Med
  276. >https://archive.is/54s6J
  277. Erdogan sent a letter to EU leaders, demands dialogues without conditions, in which he said that Greece and Cyprus are causing all the tensions, proposed sharing natural gas revenues in Cyprus between the occupied regions and the Republic of Cyprus, said there is no need to wait for a settlement of the "Cyprus problem" and that Greece wants to "imprison" Turkey out of the East Med with the Seville Charter
  278. >https://archive.is/4oAue
  279. (unrelated) Overnight the Armenian army carried out operations and took back control of lost positions over various parts of frontline with Azerbaijan
  280. >https://archive.is/mm1Ob
  281. The Turkish Lira has hit a new record low today, surpassing 7.73 against the dollar a few minutes after the market opened
  282. >https://archive.is/xEibZ
  283. Editor of pro-Erdogan newspaper calls for missile to be "accidentally" shot into central Yerevan.
  284. >https://archive.is/qKD0S
  285. BREAKING: Turkish Foreign Minister says that Turkey is on the side of Azerbaijan on the "table" support during negotiations) and in the battlefield, also said that this time Armenia will receive a response in the battlefield which could mean direct involvement
  286. >https://archive.is/JAb6Q
  287. Armenian official sources said that due to the high body count of enemy corpses it is hard for them to confirm if they have Prisoners of War
  288. >https://archive.is/xDWD8
  289. Yesterday morning Turkish TV channel was broadcasting live from Azerbaijan,having a reporter in vicinity of the contact line, preparing reports immediately. Another proof that today's attack against Artsakh was planned thoroughly and in advance by Azerbaijan
  290. >https://archive.is/Kimz5
  291. BREAKING: Greek Authorities have conducted an investigation and concluded that there is an international human trafficking scheme, involving at least 4 NGOs operating in Lesvos and over 30 of their members from 9 countries have been implicated in the investigations
  292. >https://archive.is/hmNRV
  293. (unrelated) Armenian weat farmers record what is left from a downed Azerbaijani UAV in Vardenis which is internationally recognized territory of Armenia. (video on mediafire)
  294. >https://archive.is/VM3CX
  295. (unrelated) Producer of Turkey’s Bayraktar military drones tweet about the Azerbaijan drone operations that hit Armenian targets.
  296. >https://archive.is/LJ7rO
  297. >https://archive.is/rCPah
  298. >https://archive.is/LJ7rO
  299. (unrelated) Video from Turkish news channel made yesterday as soon as Azerbaijan launched it's military actions against Armenia, proving that they were warned in advance
  300. >https://archive.is/OYOOq
  301. (unrelated) Partial mobilization in Azerbaijan - Armenian Armed Forces bomb Tartar city
  302. >https://archive.is/tUyWZ
  303. (unrelated) Russian sources claim that Turkey is preparing to send special forces units to Azerbaijan and already has a unit ready
  304. >https://archive.is/jbdLH
  305. (unrelated) Armenia to Russia: "If necessary, we will ask for military assistance!"
  306. >https://archive.is/lgxM5
  307. Turkish adviser: Armenia-PKK attack Azeris for distraction in Greece
  308. >https://archive.is/KTScr
  309. BREAKING: German officials told Cyprus that Turkey will most likely not be sanctioned over its aggression against Greece and Cyprus
  310. >https://archive.is/L400L
  311. (unrelated) Erdogan: "Armenia to leave Nagorno-Karabakh". He also stated: "I condemn again the Armenians who attacked the territories of Azerbaijan. Turkey will support Azerbaijan"
  312. >https://archive.is/zeAkZ
  313. >https://archive.is/P1SQC
  314. (unrelated) Joint statement by 4 Turkish parties: "Armenia is the biggest obstacle to peace". the only party that did not sign was the pro-Kurdish HDP party
  315. >https://archive.is/QXPwM
  316. Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum asks "Are children a waste?" referring to the immigrants in Kamena Voula who were met with protests by the legals and then exposed as not being minors or "children" as the Government stated
  317. >https://archive.is/6SIir
  318. Erdogan: "We are not guests in the Mediterranean, but owners", "There will be no peace in the Eastern Mediterranean, in any effort that leaves out Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots" and concluded with "Let us not pollute these waters with new hostilities"
  319. >https://archive.is/UvfXK
  320. Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict drops the Turkish Lira to another record breaking low value
  321. >https://archive.is/j8Am6
  322. President of the European Council "EU relationship with Turkey is being tested" stated that the Summit will focus on the adoption of a European strategic position for the East Med
  323. >https://archive.is/YFT0w
  324. Turkish media: "The demilitarization of the islands will be a priority in the talks"
  325. >https://archive.is/plTqz
  326. Defense cooperation with the United States strengthened and expanded - New naval base built in Souda for the Greek Navy. It will host ships and submarines of the Greek fleet on a permanent basis.
  327. >https://archive.is/5D2xV
  328. UAE-Greece Airforce joint exercises and training is still going on, the UAE F-16 Block 60 have been in Greece for exactly a month now and the cooperation between both countries grows stronger as well as the exercises that have become more elaborate
  329. >https://archive.is/rQEQQ
  330. Erdogan claimed today the US, Russia and France threatened his gov't over reports of Turkish arms/troops deployments against Armenia in favor of Azerbaijan, accused the Minsk Group of deliberately blocking the resolution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict (video on mediafire)
  331. >https://archive.is/TbhNW
  332. Video from the Pakistani who attacked the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo for their "Blasphemous" publications against islam, the video was shared by Pakistani accounts in Greece and many of which had comments celebrating such deeds and some even talked about fundraising for his lawyers (video on mediafire)
  333. >https://archive.is/TbhNW
  334. (unrelated) The president of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, Arayik Harutyunyan, said in Stepanakert on Sunday that not only Azerbaijan but also Turkey is at war with Karabakh
  335. >https://archive.is/IRn1x
  336. (unrelated) Armenian sources deny the claims made by Azerbaijani-Turkish media and governments that Kurdish PKK fighters would be supporting Armenia against Azerbaijan, an attempt by Turkey to justify direct interference
  337. >https://archive.is/e8mqQ
  338. (unrelated) Towards the south of the frontline, Azerbaijan launched a tank attack, however, meeting fierce resistance from Armenian tanks and Anti-tank units, Azerbaijan lost more armored vehicles
  339. >https://archive.is/WNE6l
  340. (unrelated) Images from attacks conducted by Azerbaijan, targeting civilian Armenian villages
  341. >https://archive.is/L4jU3
  342. (unrelated) Another Azerbaijani UAV shot down in the Armenian Spitakashen village
  343. >https://archive.is/hXCoz
  344. (unrelated) Videos showing solid evidence that Azerbaijan planned the attack against Armenia and tried to set up a scenario where it would appear as if Armenia started the conflict, from seizing of trucks to banning people from sharing images of military deployments at the border (videos on mediafire)
  345. >https://archive.is/9jBeF
  346. >https://archive.is/LLAQH
  347. Armenian sources report that 49 Azerbaijani drones, 4 Helicopters, 80 armored vehicles, 1 plane and 82 common vehicles (trucks and others)
  348. >https://archive.is/hN5Xn
  349. >https://archive.is/IRLjd
  350. Turkish Air Force Cessna 650 Citation VII reg. 004 departed Etismegut Air Base in Ankara heading east towards Azerbaijan
  351. >https://archive.is/wGjIl
  352. The Times: "US opens talks on moving airbase to punish Erdogan". A Defense Analyst in Athens say that it is unclear if the US wants to move all its assets to Greece, but that Pompeo's visit is a signal of a stronger partnership between the countries
  353. >https://archive.is/k0hhx
  354. Turks and Azeris in Constantinople are driving through the Armenian-populated quarter in Kumkapi with flags and honking to harass and intimidate the local population (video on mediafire)
  355. >https://archive.is/4zDNX
  356. Artsakh (Armenian) Defense Army units shot down Azerbaijani Air Force plane, the plane was identified as an Antonov AN-2 (Soviet era plane, produced between 1940s until 2001, used for transport), it was armed with bombs and heading towards Mataghis
  357. >https://archive.is/1SRDR
  358. >https://archive.is/fKbRe
  359. A German WWII mine was found in Samos near a school
  360. >https://archive.is/yj5jT
  361. DW News: "Azerbaijan is risking regional war amid a global pandemic. They've threatened to blow up Armenia's nuclear power station. This has not just regional but also global implications" (video on mediafire)
  362. >https://archive.is/dighr
  363. Restrictive laws against social media in Turkey set to come into effect in October 1st, The law requires companies to establish an office or assign a local representative who is accountable to the Turkish authorities both for legal and tax purposes.
  364. >https://archive.is/zDmnZ
  367. ----------------------------------------- 29/09
  368. Turkish presidency spokesperson: "Armenia must end the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh. That’s the only way for peace, security and stability in the region" (video on mediafire)
  369. >https://archive.is/4bD38
  370. Erdogan advisor: "I do not think Turkey will take part in the conflict by military means, there is no need for that, technical assistance is enough [...] But the way is open if the need arises"
  371. >https://archive.is/8mh6U
  372. 87 illegal immigrants were "rescued" by the Turkish Coast Guard after being stopped from entering Greek waters by the Greek coast guard
  373. >https://archive.is/mdCkh
  374. BREAKING: Investigation into NGOs involved in human trafficking finds evidence that the NGOs constantly monitored and recorded communications of the Greek coast guard, a raid (Mare Liberum) conducted seized maps, notebooks with detailed information and exposed their links to Turkey and more
  375. >https://archive.is/A6UsD
  376. >https://archive.is/xW9Xs
  377. >https://archive.is/prCBb
  378. BREAKING: Reports about the 4 NGOs involved in Human Trafficking operations state that two of the NGOs are related and share the same address in Berlin, the one in the center seems to be "Alarm Phone", the members of such NGOs are being charged with human trafficking and even espionage among several other charges
  379. >https://archive.is/i6l7J
  380. Erdogan: "Those who escalated the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean are representatives of the colonialist mentality."
  381. >https://archive.is/leRxs
  382. The EU considers sanctions on Belarus a matter of credibility, with Nicosia strongly resisting. But the diplomats are trying to find a formula and so they want to pass sanctions without the consent of Cyprus
  383. >https://archive.is/G0FZT
  384. Armenia moves S-300 to Nagorno-Karabakh, while at the same time Iran strengthens its forces on the border with Azerbaijan
  385. >https://archive.is/I5Z1h
  386. According to official sources, a Turkish F-16 jet stationed in Azerbaijan for "training purposes" shot down an Armenian SU-25
  387. >https://archive.is/8JkqD
  388. >https://archive.is/qJxdG
  389. >https://archive.is/sv8aI
  390. Armenia: Pending request for activation of "Article 4" of the CSTO. The CSTO is a military alliance between Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which states that member states are obliged to protect each other if attacked
  391. >https://archive.is/Lbj2F
  392. Greece has a legal right to not demilitarize Aegean Islands despite Turkey’s insistence
  393. >https://archive.is/J475M
  394. Hundreds of illegal immigrants have left 6 islands in the aegean and are expected to arrive today in Lavrio, mainland Greece, 724 from Lesvos, 63 from Chios and 39 from Samos boarded the Blue Star Chios ferry
  395. >https://archive.is/ikIbW
  396. Russia sent a message to all countries and made reference specially to Turkey, asking all countries to stop adding fuel to the fire and that every statement could make the situation worse, clearly referring to the several support statements made by Turkish government officials
  397. >https://archive.is/MzTv3
  398. After Armenian Government Officials announce that a Turkish F-16 shot down an Armenian SU-25, Turkey is trying to deny that information, said such information is completely false and "cheap propaganda"
  399. >https://archive.is/cubwF
  400. >https://archive.is/fCayK
  401. The Turkish government is angry over Pompeo's visit to Greece - Leader of Turkey's ruling party (AKP) made new war threats, saying that if Greece doesnt want to resort to diplomacy and wants to resolve issues in the battlefield that Turkey can do it and knows how to use force
  402. >https://archive.is/uv9MO
  403. >https://archive.is/htmPm
  404. Erdogan once again mentions Ottoman Sultans, say that they must claim their legacy, then he compared those who oppose Turkey as colonialists, and say they represent the same mentality that ended the "Ottoman peace in the Mediterranean" (video on mediafire)
  405. >https://archive.is/g2vve
  406. Turkish website reports that General Ziyad Haji Ubaid,commander of the Syrian National Army, confirmed they had sent troops to Azerbaijan to fight against Armenia:”with this step they are paying their debt to Turkey for support they have received in Syria”
  407. >https://archive.is/xelR9
  408. The NGOs involved in Human trafficking have been named, so far the information we have is that Mare Liberum, Sea Watch, FFMEV, Watch the Med and its members are being charged, more NGOs such as Alarm Phone and others might also be implicated in a near future
  409. >https://archive.is/iH2zS
  410. Azerbaijani president, when trying to praise his army, accidentally confesses that they initiated the ongoing clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, having a definite task, “Azerbaijani army is honorably fulfilling its TASK of restoring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan” (video on mediafire)
  411. >https://archive.is/vBEDZ
  412. Video shows the moment when two Azeri drones get shot down almost simultaneously (video on mediafire)
  413. >https://archive.is/lIXJz
  416. ----------------------------------------- 30/09
  417. Crowd of illegal immigrants gather in a square in Attica, according to the local residents most of them are drug users and some are dealers
  418. >https://archive.is/Qurud
  419. A boat with 70 illegal immigrants called for help south of Crete
  420. >https://archive.is/jfKVE
  421. (unrelated) Turkish Foreign Minister: Turkey will "do what is necessary" if Azerbaijan asks for help
  422. >https://archive.is/mbJdU
  423. Merkel: The tension between Greece and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean is serious. Insists on EU-Turkey cooperation
  424. >https://archive.is/gFG55
  425. (unrelated) Russia's warning: Turkish intervention in Armenia will not go unanswered
  426. >https://archive.is/Vc0Jv
  427. (unrelated) Armenia: "Azerbaijan has ceded control of its air military operations to Turkey"
  428. >https://archive.is/xmhhb
  429. Greek Foreign Minister: "Greece has requested a list of sanctions so that Turkey knows that if it continues its illegal actions, there will be consequences", Greece supports Cyprus decision to ask for sanctions on Turkey
  430. >https://archive.is/pKU7Y
  431. Austrian MEP: "The current Turkish leadership has long since abandoned the path of co-operation with the EU and is based on confrontation, leaving no doubt that these accession negotiations must finally be suspended forever"
  432. >https://archive.is/Pq5nO
  433. After several days of calm, 6 Turkish planes committed 39 violations and 4 violations of the Greek Airspace, while two virtual dogfights (engagements) were recorded in the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean. It is noted that two of the aircraft were armed.
  434. >https://archive.is/f5ESC
  435. Merkel praises Turkey for hosting refugees it created by supporting militants in Syria while condemning Greece
  436. >https://archive.is/K9I0v
  437. (unrelated) Russia denounces sending foreign troops to Nagorno-Karabakh after several reports surface of Turkey sending mercenaries to Azerbaijan
  438. >https://archive.is/q1pPe
  439. >https://archive.is/rTPzc
  440. >https://archive.is/OpaWt
  443. ----------------------------------------- 01/10
  444. The last survivor of the Greek Genocide, passes away aged 104
  445. >https://archive.is/qC2NJ
  446. Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio: "Turkey is an essential ally for regional stability".
  447. >https://archive.is/WMgeW
  448. Merkel's attempt to lower the tone towards Turkey, she made a speech yesterday saying that the situation is "complex" and "multidimensional"
  449. >https://archive.is/8vNR7
  450. A few hours away from the EU Foreign Council meeting, the Turkish Foreign Minister is once again focusing on the Greek island of Kastellorizo, during a teleconference, he said that Kastellorizo and other Greek islands must be demilitarized immediately
  451. >https://archive.is/0UrIU
  452. European Council meeting gets under way and Turkey seems to be one of the most important topics to be dealt with
  453. >https://archive.is/qxL8g
  454. Turkish FM once again makes provocative statements, talks about Greece's "Maximalist positions" such as the Seville Charter
  455. >https://archive.is/32qKZ
  456. Professor Mehmet Efet Çaman, PhD in Political Science: "DNA tests are banned in Turkey. Turkish government doesn’t open Ottoman ancestral archive records to keep the image of an ethnically homogeneous nation"
  457. >https://archive.is/GYODl
  458. >https://archive.is/KIfN8
  459. French Undersecretary of State for European Affairs: "The European Union must remain firm with Turkey, and that could mean sanctions", "In the short term, there must be signs of determination". "We will see if there will be sanctions"
  460. >https://archive.is/3ASk9
  461. >https://archive.is/u0NHx
  462. (unrelated) Azerbaijani president made a statement after Armenia published maps with Turkish F-16s operating in what seem to be bombings against Armenia. The statement was that if Armenians want to live in peace, they should turn against their government and not send troops against Azerbaijani forces
  463. >https://archive.is/Y7vd1
  464. Greek PM to meet with Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen, most likely to discuss the sanctions against Turkey and the numerous examples that Turkey is not trying to de-escalate
  465. >https://archive.is/jKXeY
  466. Turkey's President Erdogan rules out ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabagh conflict, says US, Russia and France ignored the problem for 30 years and claims time has come for Azerbaijan to take care of this.
  467. >https://archive.is/9pG0Y
  468. Cypriot agency says that the European Council summit today has resolutions regarding Belarus, the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, the use of chemical weapons against Navalny, China and a framework for EU relations but nothing about Turkey so far
  469. >https://archive.is/2GKBJ
  470. Erdogan: "We want to resolve the differences in the Eastern Mediterranean, but the ill-educated European Union, Greece and the Greek Cypriot side are holding us captive"
  471. >https://archive.is/lTRGc
  472. Macron at European Council Summit: "Solidarity with Greece and Cyprus is non-negotiable"
  473. >https://archive.is/tcuK3
  474. Merkel: "I would say that our relationship with Turkey is naturally complex and that the European Union is very interested to develop a truly constructive relationship with Turkey 'Despite all the difficulties'"
  475. >https://archive.is/QrL4F
  476. Video from news channel: Two Pakistanis r*ped (word censored by Pastebin word filter) a 20-year-old girl in Thessaloniki. They had a car which probably means they have asylum status. The locals also say that they dont allow children to play outside
  477. >https://archive.is/hyYmH
  478. Austrian Chancellor urges EU sanctions against Turkey
  479. >https://archive.is/UsaQI
  480. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other anti-Turkey Gulf states will likely be wiped out from the face of earth, said Turkish President Erdogan in his Parliament speech delivered today.
  481. >https://archive.is/FIOa3
  482. Greece finds draft of EU summit conclusions unacceptable
  483. >https://archive.is/iB0E4
  484. Officials from Greece, Cyprus, France, Germany meeting with EU’s Michel and von der Leyen in a bid to reach compromise over EU Council conclusions regarding Turkey
  485. >https://archive.is/wrzpl
  486. >https://archive.is/yyETP
  487. EU Summit: Which countries support Greece and Cyprus and which support Turkey
  488. >https://archive.is/XqhTK
  489. Greek Government Spokesman: Greece did not accept the draft proposed because it was not balanced and unreasonable
  490. >https://archive.is/gSA6n
  491. >https://archive.is/M79Ar
  492. Merkel said "NO" to the sanctions against Turkey: "It is in the interest of the EU, To develop a really constructive relationship with Turkey"
  493. >https://archive.is/xCIdF
  494. The meeting between France, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Charles Michael and Von Der Leyen has ended. A new draft has been submitted for approval and talks about it will continue tomorrow, so far the draft has a paragraph condemning Turkey's actions but not the word "Sanctions"
  495. >https://archive.is/Fmyav
  496. >https://archive.is/J6SST
  497. Fire at the forest of Dadia. In October there were no fires in Evros. Now a virg*n (word censored by Pastebin word filter) forest is burning that is home to hundreds of species of predators. The fire started from well-known passages of illegal immigrants in the mountainous area of Soufli.
  498. >https://archive.is/HIufi
  499. >https://archive.is/iwmHV
  500. After nine hours of negotiations, the EU summit has finally agreed on sanctions against 40 officials from Belarus and a few "hard words" against Turkey and their illegal actions even though no sanctions were imposed thanks to Merkel.
  501. >https://archive.is/yh4Af
  502. >https://archive.is/nRstj
  503. >https://archive.is/GaokI
  506. ----------------------------------------- 02/10
  507. Erdogan: "The fact that the Minsk Group is still seeking a truce (between Armenia and Azerbaijan) is unacceptable [...] for a solution to be found, the invaders (talking about Armenia) must withdraw from these territories." and " I warn those who support this bandit state"
  508. >https://archive.is/Hfb6b
  509. Erdogan's party has backed a call by his partner and MIR party leader Devlet Bahceli to close the Constitutional Court for the blocking of the death penalty. “If the Parliament in this matter takes a step towards a new structure in the Constitutional Court, then I will approve it”
  510. >https://archive.is/j8oAc
  511. Turkish official says EU sanctions would not stop Turkey: "We will continue our offshore program. Sanctions are not the right way [and] will not deter us to protect our rights [...]". Very similar to the points used by Merkel and German officials to say that they reject the idea of sanctions on Turkey
  512. https://archive.is/kzBsb
  513. Turkey registers Libya deal with UN Secretariat. Greek Diplomatic Sources“The registration and publication of all kinds of agreements submitted by states to the UN Secretariat is a formal and technical procedure which does neither confer legitimacy nor imply UN recognition”
  514. >https://archive.is/igvdS
  515. >https://archive.is/1zU2M
  516. >https://archive.is/SVTSS
  517. EU Commission President says that if Turkey starts provocations again sanctions would be imposed "We expect that Turkey from now on abstains from unilateral actions. In case of such renewed actions by Turkey the EU will use all its instruments and options available.”
  518. >https://archive.is/tH0Sp
  519. NATO Secretary General to visit Turkey and Greece on October 5 and 6
  520. >https://archive.is/2DHUv
  521. The fire raging in Evros seems to be out of control, consuming large areas of what is the forest of Dadia, a forest that had been preserved and considered a v*rgin (word censored by Pastebin word filter) forest. The fires in Evros start and spread from places where immigrants usually cross into Greece
  522. >https://archive.is/dMuuG
  523. Turkey issues two NAVTEX for areas near Kastellorizo and Crete
  524. >https://archive.is/SjN76
  525. >https://archive.is/3QgD4
  526. Turkish Foreign Ministry says the EU is "divorced from reality" and that they will keep exploring gas in Cypriot waters and that until an agreement to share the revenue of gas exploration inside Cypriot EEZ with the occupied territories of Cyprus, they will keep exploring gas in the region
  527. >https://archive.is/HAsWO
  528. Macron: "Dialogue without unilateral actions or sanctions, Turkey's two choices"
  529. >https://archive.is/1KWCG
  530. Turkish official: Aegean islands must also be on table for negotiations. The "issues" pointed out by said official included delimitation of Greek airspace, search and rescue operational limits, demilitarization of islands and the sovereignty of many islands and islets
  531. >https://archive.is/vyU4O
  532. Erdogan made another speech today, full of his inflamatory rhetoric, calling the actios taken by Greece, Cyprus and the EU regarding sanctions and other things as "ridicuous displays of power"
  533. >https://archive.is/d73pw
  534. Mayor of Iasmos, known for being anti-Greece demands the resignation of the President of the Cultural Association of Iasmos because the latter criticized the mayor, saying that he deprives people from cultural events because he has a personal problem with the institution
  535. >https://archive.is/j6Ikz
  536. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday an investigation has been launched into the alleged use of Canadian military technologies in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. Turkey has bought the Wescam gear from Canada in the past to use on their drones
  537. >https://archive.is/t5qtO
  538. Syrian recruit describes role of foreign fighters in Nagorno-Karabakh (disputed region in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict)
  539. https://archive.is/OaXif
  542. ----------------------------------------- 03/10
  543. During a press conference after the second day of the EU summit, Merkel said that she talks constantly to Erdogan, said that she wants to discuss a transition to a new phase of the immigration deal as well as issues of customs union and economic cooperation and also visa liberalization by December"
  544. >https://archive.is/7BbdK
  545. Turkey conducted their persecution of critics in Egypt amid diplomatic crisis documents show. Their modus operandi is still the same, implicating Turkish nationals who are openly critics and moved out of the country in bogus terrorist and espionage charges and investigations
  546. >https://archive.is/gKE1m
  547. Prof. Steve Hanke, Economist, said that he accurately calculated inflation in Turkey at 37.87% per year, while official reports from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey puts inflation at 11.77%, which the professor calls a bogus number once he calculated his number using high-frequency data and PPP principles.
  548. >https://archive.is/MARj0
  549. Turkish media: Oruc Reis is ready to set sail to the East Med once again. They claim that the next operations will be conducted south of Crete, in the region that Turkey claims to belong to their Turkey-Libya EEZ deal
  550. >https://archive.is/1uQx4
  551. Turkish Foreign Minister: "the European Union should not dare to impose sanctions on us"
  552. >https://archive.is/P8hKY
  553. Video of Afghan immigrants at the immigrant camp of Ritsona (North Eastern Attica) making improvised swords/machetes by cutting a metal sheet with a grinding wheel and then distributing them (video on mediafire)
  554. >https://archive.is/4HqTJ
  555. A large convoy of trucks has been seen moving from Turkey to Azerbaijan through Georgia, escorted by the Georgian Police. One of the trucks has the name "Bayraktar", the Turkish drone manufacturer (videos on mediafire)
  556. >https://archive.is/cStIy
  557. Turkey: "We reject shallow calls for a ceasefire"
  558. >https://archive.is/cTzPL
  559. Thessaloniki, Greeks rally for Nagorno-Karabakh - "Turkey has no history, has a criminal record"
  560. >https://archive.is/CwUe7
  563. ----------------------------------------- 04/10
  564. Microsoft to make massive €1bn investment in Greece for the establishment of its new activities in Europe, including cloud services.
  565. >https://archive.is/mXgAg
  566. (unconfirmed) Turkey to test S-400 air defence system in October
  567. >https://archive.is/JimGO
  568. Erdogan: "We are fighting day and night for our country in order to get the place it deserves in the overall world order. We stand by the oppressed everywhere from Syria to Libya, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Caucasus"
  569. >https://archive.is/1Biyd
  570. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 1,200 Syrians who had fought against Bashar al-Assad's regime were sent by Turkey to fight on the side of Azerbaijani forces. According to them at least 36 of the Syrian rebels have been killed in the past 48 hours, with 64 total casualties
  571. >https://archive.is/mTJD4
  572. Diplomatic sources in Brussels point out to a period from now until December, in which Turkey will have its behavior reviewed and it will be decided if they are making progress regarding de-escalation or if they are continuing with provocations, which would lead to sanctions by the EU
  573. >https://archive.is/lb5yt
  574. BREAKING: Greek government will but a brake at NGO activities in Greece and plans to complete the NGO registry with the certification of its members and NGO themselves by the end of the year
  575. >https://archive.is/40FWS
  576. Greek Undersecretary of Civil Protection: "NGOs that operate parasitically, will face Justice"
  577. >https://archive.is/wqBjg
  578. Turkish Media calls Greek NAVTEX south of Crete a "provocation" and an attempt to sabotage the upcoming exploratory dialogues between Turkey and Greece
  579. >https://archive.is/JZcsh
  580. A video of the clashes in the Ritsona camp between immigrant groups on the night of September 30 was uploaded by Afghans presenting the Arabs as attackers (video on mediafire)
  581. >https://archive.is/5fR42
  582. Turkey: "Armenia cooperates with PKK terrorists"
  583. >https://archive.is/gPRxc
  584. The German Mare Liberum NGO, found to participate in Human smuggling operations in Greece, apparently won a legal battle at the German courts after a minister had prohibited them from operating and their appeal ruled in their favor
  585. >https://archive.is/RMdNs
  586. NGO "Alarm Phone" also found to be working in coordination with other NGOs in human trafficking schemes calls the investigation a defamation campaign and say the real crimes are the deportations. They say that they wont be silent
  587. >https://archive.is/wTd6u
  588. >https://archive.is/12ADF
  589. Article detailing the finds of the investigation into NGOs involved in Human trafficking schemes. Some of their members even had access to Turkish government websites that require password to access and recruited immigrants to spy on Greek Navy/Coast Guard and FRONTEX
  590. >https://archive.is/EH0UL
  591. >https://archive.is/AWOgS
  592. Picture posted and then deleted by Azerbaijani official shows a man in military uniform using a Turkish Military insignia patch
  593. >https://archive.vn/m1Bzs
  596. ----------------------------------------- 05/10
  597. Articles reveal new information about the 8 month investigation that led to the arrest of 35 NGO workers. A co-founder of the NGO "Josoor Intrnational Solidarity" has also been caught trying to justify the burning of the Moria camp as the immigrant's only option (archived on 09/09 Pastebin 1/2)
  598. >https://archive.is/XOrow
  599. >https://archive.is/TmucD
  600. American Analyst says that there is a possibility that Turkey activated the radar of the S-400 systems in August to detect Greek F-16 jets returning from an exercise. There is also a possibility that they connected the S-400 to the NATO radar Systems, which could pose a (cyber) threat to NATO and Turkey's membership would be at stake
  601. >https://archive.is/au5iI
  602. School "occupied" in Kalamata (mainland Greece) has suffered extensive damage in the hands of the so called "students"
  603. >https://archive.is/3Woac
  604. The Turkish president described Cyprus, Israel and Syria as "criminal states", said Turkey is under economic attack and "We have been under siege for the last 10 years from the Caucasus to the Eastern Mediterranean, from the Balkans to Syria"
  605. >https://archive.is/ItHNC
  606. The Turkish drillship Yavuz has left Cypriot EEZ and is apparently heading towards Turkey, although it is not known if it is changing region or going to Turkey. Some European States (most likely Germany) are saying that this is a positive step towards de-escalation.
  607. >https://archive.is/JdDJX
  608. Azerbaijani president: "Turkey to participate in Nagorno-Karabakh peace process". "Turkey must undoubtedly take part in any forthcoming peace process. A peace process will certainly begin. "Conflicts will not continue indefinitely, so the sooner (the process begins) the better"
  609. >https://archive.is/zwXzm
  610. Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs suspends weapons exports to Turkey after reports of its participation in Azerbaijan "In line with Canada's robust export control regime and the ongoing investigation, I have suspended the relevant export permits to Turkey"
  611. >https://archive.is/xSuR6
  612. Azerbaijan admits using armed Turkish drones in the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict: “Turkish armed drones owned by Azerbaijan shrank our casualties. These drones show Turkey’s strength. It also empowers us” (video on mediafire)
  613. >https://archive.is/SgKKT
  616. ----------------------------------------- 06/10
  617. Kurdish Revenge units have started taking action inside Turkish Territory against AKP-MHP (parties) sympathizers, their collaborators, against drug traffickers and those who exploit children. Arson and armed attacks seem to be some of their strategies
  618. >https://archive.is/mBFfC
  619. The offices of the Central Asylum Service on Katehaki remain closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, however since this morning immigrants have created queues to be served, most of the times when this happens, most of them don't have appointments or their appointments should be in months but they still create a major problem with overcrowding and chaos generally
  620. >https://archive.is/ZivrX
  621. After today's meeting between NATO's Secretary General and the Greek PM, the Greek PM stressed that it is not known if Turkey's position is honest or not, but that de-escalation is necessary in the region
  622. >https://archive.is/vXyOy
  623. Erdogan had a teleconference with Merkel today. He criticized the EU's summit and said Europe is not ready yet to create an environment for dialogue, he then criticized Greece and said that European interests must not be held hostage by Greece and Cyprus
  624. >https://archive.is/gtSUS
  625. Yesterday there was also a meeting between Erdogan and NATO's Secretary General, on a Tweet, Stoltenberg said that the meeting was good and that they discussed "deconfliction" mechanisms
  626. >https://archive.is/UEWxK
  627. In Turkey's annual progress report, the Commission stigmatizes the lack of political progress and blames Turkey for illegal actions and provocative statements in the eastern Mediterranean.
  628. >https://archive.is/OsSHs
  629. The so-called "prime minister" of the pseudo-state of the Illegally Occupied Cyprus Territories went to Turkey today. His visit rekindled rumors of a Turkish move to Famagusta, one of the rumors is that Turkey is planning to reopen an area of Farmagusta and a possible settlement, which goes against international law
  630. >https://archive.is/expYN
  631. >https://archive.is/mzYZZ
  632. >https://archive.is/pHX14
  633. >https://archive.is/gvF7N
  634. Turkish President Erdogan accused Sweden, Norway, Germany France and others in Europe of encouraging attacks on mosques, Muslims and Turks, claimed perpetrators are protected by authorities and European media promotes radical views (video on mediafire)
  635. >https://archive.is/nVm42
  636. Facebook has told Turkey that it will defy a new law requiring social media companies to establish a formal presence in the country. Sets the stage for a showdown with President Erdogan’s government that could culminate in Facebook being blocked.
  637. >https://archive.is/GuMiJ
  638. Turkey to test S-400 air defense system October 5-16. The US is wary about the S-400 system collecting data on its F-35 stealth fighter jets and NATO's Secretary General spoke yesterday with Erdogan about the S-400 system and the threat it poses to NATO's Systems and allied aircraft technology due to possible interoperability
  639. >https://archive.is/uVg5x
  640. Residents of Lesvos, from the region of Lampos Mylos are showing opposition to news that the government wants to build a new immigrant camp in an area called Kameno Dasos.
  641. >https://archive.is/7B7hS
  642. 25 immigrants arrived to Lesvos today. 25 Africans, the crushing majority is of adult males
  643. >https://archive.is/ejid1
  644. Correspondent to SKAI in Turkey details the several provocative moves by Erdogan today, who attacked France's Macron "Arrogant and provocative", the tests of the S-400 systems and he also referred to the conversion of Hagia Sofia as very important for "creating a new era on the world political scene" and the decision to reopen Varosia
  645. >https://archive.is/Fevv3
  646. Images of paid ads in defense magazines, paid by the Turkish government to promote Turkey as NATO's "Deterrence Force". A good example of their propaganda strategies to simply stamp their supposed importance and strength everywhere
  647. >https://archive.is/wAul9
  648. The Cypriot President will denounce the Turkish provocations at the UN Security Council by opening part of the Varosia beach, which are in violation of resolutions 550 and 789 from the UN Security Council
  649. >https://archive.is/CdeOv
  650. >https://archive.is/MWzZN
  651. Greek Defense Minister: Turkish forces are still trying to find our submarines
  652. >https://archive.is/ytNDI
  653. Turkish government calls EU annual report "biased and not at all constructive" and said that "Turkey rejects criticism of its economy, democracy and courts but remains committed to the accession process"
  654. >https://archive.is/QWYLQ
  655. Erdogan will visit Qatar and Kuwait on Wednesday (October 7th)
  656. >https://archive.is/MtBEI
  657. Anti-Armenian sentiment increases in Turkey following Azerbaijani-Armenian clashes. Graffiti has been appearing in Armenian neighborhoods in Turkey while in August an Armenian cemetery was also desecrated
  658. >https://archive.is/DEiAw
  659. Greece condemns Turkish-Cypriot decision to reopen Varosha. “This decision is a blatant violation of the UN Security Council resolutions and Greece is going to step up all the relevant efforts made by the Republic of Cyprus” - Greek Foreign Ministry
  660. >https://archive.is/qwUju
  661. UN concerned at Turkish move to open up Cypriot beach. United Nations Secretary-General warned against "unilateral actions" that could heighten tensions and undermine chances for a resumption of peace talks and then urged "both" sides to enter talks and resolve differences
  662. >https://archive.is/TJqCU
  663. The first tests of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles by Turkey are expected to begin next week, according to a report by Bloomberg
  664. >https://archive.is/U4s96
  667. ----------------------------------------- 07/10
  668. Turkey's President Erdogan slams French President, accuses him of attacking on Islam and Muslims, says Emmanuel Macron is an ignorant man and predicts major domestic conflicts coming to France (vídeo on mediafire)
  669. >https://archive.is/zn34f
  670. Greece recalls its ambassador to Azerbaijan after unfounded and offensive claims that Greece tolerates militants on its soil, foreign ministry says. Earlier this year the embassador was met with hostile comments by the Azerbaijani president who even asked him what was he doing there.
  671. >https://archive.is/7UBLF
  672. >https://archive.is/vwTFb
  673. According to information, a spying manual has also been found at the computers of one the NGOs accused of human smuggling
  674. >https://archive.is/Xz2Dn
  675. Moria residents demand the government to restore the Olive Groves that used to be near the camp and also clean the area from all the trash and waste left behind by the immigrants who used to live there like bottles and trash, and also the burned camp itself
  676. >https://archive.is/nEzUI
  677. >https://archive.is/trzDN
  678. U.S State Department: Sanctions on the table if the Turkish S-400s are activated
  679. >https://archive.is/rNsuo
  680. Heavy machinery such as bulldozers have now entered the Varosia region in Farmagusta, Cyprus in an unprecedented attempt by Turkey to escalate the tensions in the region once again and in violation of international law as stated in the UN Security council resolutions 550 and 789 (video on mediafire)
  681. >https://archive.is/hN3fr
  682. >https://archive.is/KzmGS
  683. >https://archive.is/MEGIg
  684. Russian Foreign Minister: "Turkey's decision on Varosia unacceptable"
  685. >https://archive.is/UFugm
  686. The decision of Turkish President Erdogan and the candidate leader of the Turkish Cypriot community Ersin Tatar to jointly announce the expansion of the coastal front of Varosia has caused the "government" coalition of the occupied territories to collapse.
  687. >https://archive.is/JV844
  688. German Government Spokesperson said today regarding the Turkish decision to reopen Varosia: "[...] This is an unnecessary and challenging step [...] We are now inviting all parties to a dialogue and we will closely monitor the further development"
  689. >https://archive.is/cmXY3
  690. Diplomatic sources in Brussels say that the new Turkish escalations will most likely be an important subject at the next EU summit that is set to happen in October 15-16
  691. >https://archive.is/IvsAJ
  692. (unrelated) Azerbaijani soldier captive with Armenian troops (video on mediafire)
  693. >https://archive.is/iF7ry
  694. (unrelated) Azerbaijani tanks reportedly captured by Armenian forces as they were abandoned (video on mediafire)
  695. >https://archive.is/WUH0C
  696. (unrelated) France claims Turkish military involvement in Karabakh
  697. >https://archive.is/PgTiB
  698. After the conviction of the Golden Dawn party in Greece, the offices of the party have already been sealed in Athens
  699. >https://archive.is/HyOOR
  700. >https://archive.is/H8vut
  701. (unrelated) Azerbaijani reporter caught dressed up as a soldier and holding a weapon to stage an interview with what they claimed to be an Armenian woman, which she was not
  702. >https://archive.is/nryg9
  705. ----------------------------------------- 08/10
  706. (unrelated) ANNA NEWS reports the ID of the bomb used on the cathedral in Shushi is NATO-made.
  707. >https://archive.is/EsrSM
  708. (unrelated) Azerbaijan shelled Ghazanchetsots Cathedral, the symbol of Shushi, which had been restored and reconsecrated in the aftermath of the war in the 90s and Cultural House in Artsakh
  709. >https://archive.is/7dLkd
  710. >https://archive.is/9i5lB
  711. (unrelated) Leaked video recorded in Turkish-occupied Syrian Afrin city shows terrorist recruitment for Azerbaijan. (video on mediafire)
  712. >https://archive.is/IkmRc
  713. The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, had a telephone conversation with the President of the European Council, Charles Michel about the new Turkish provocation in Farmagusta
  714. >https://archive.is/CyM3m
  715. New Turkish Navtex on October 28 between Skyros, Psara, Evia and Chios, and another one near Rhodes, a celebratory day for Greeks known as "Oxi day" celebrating the Greek counter attack against the Italians in 1940. Turkey usually schedules these kinds of exercises and overflights during religious and national celebratory days in Greece
  716. >https://archive.is/i1brr
  717. Greek Government Spokesman: "Turkey must take a step back (from Farmagusta). If it does not, the issue will concern the EU leaders next week at the European Council of 15 and 16 October 2020 as it will be raised by the Republic of Cyprus and of course Greece"
  718. >https://archive.is/pnRP8
  719. Cypriot President: "I consider the decision of Turkey and the occupying regime to extend for use part of the coastal front of the besieged city of Famagusta as an illegal and blatant violation of international law and Security Council resolutions 550 (1984) and 789 (1992)"
  720. >https://archive.is/ys5R1
  721. Turkish Vice President: "I firmly believe that Varosia, the pearl of the eastern Mediterranean, will become the symbol of peace and prosperity as well as the revitalization of the Northern Cyprus economy"
  722. >https://archive.is/7j76T
  725. ----------------------------------------- 09/10
  726. Turkish seismic survey ship Barbaros was also withdrawn a few days after the Turkish drillship Yavuz, both operating inside Cypriot EEZ. Such actions seem to have been taken to compensate for the numerous calls for de-escalation after Turkey made several provocative statements and reopened part of Varosia in Cyprus, violating 2 UN Security Council resolutions
  727. >https://archive.is/MNyRp
  728. Trump sent a letter to the US congress, denouncing Turkey's actions in Syria and stating that the Turkish government poses a threat for the stability of the entire region
  729. >https://archive.is/PVxTu
  730. Turkish Parliament Speaker: US involvement in the Eastern Mediterranean does not serve the quest for peace and stability in the region
  731. >https://archive.is/7l30V
  732. >https://archive.is/IJC9a
  733. German Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "We are pleased that both sides have announced that there is a willingness to reopen a bilateral communication channel [...] Our goal is all the contentious issues in the Mediterranean to be discussed there"
  734. >https://archive.is/3oQDd
  735. >https://archive.is/a1Yfw
  736. Turkish Presidency Spokesman: "We will not achieve a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh without Armenia's withdrawal"
  737. >https://archive.is/DBgW8
  738. UN Security Council meeting to be held today following a request by Cyprus about the Turkish move to reopen part of Varosia, which violates 2 UNSC resolutions.
  739. >https://archive.is/53Rkd
  740. Turkish provocation of reopening part of Varosia might be added to the the EU Council of Foreign Ministers meeting that will happen on monday says EU source, "moves by Turkey like the one in Varosia do not help, There is a need for steady de-escalation moves"
  741. >https://archive.is/CkPJw
  742. (unrelated) After the assistant to the Azerbaijani president denied the presence of Turkish F-16 jets in the country, CNN confronted the Azeri president who confirmed that the jets are in azerbaijan but he denied that the jets are even flying (video on mediafire)
  743. >https://archive.is/VXocS
  744. Erdogan critics profiled by Turkish Embassy in Oslo included in terrorism indictment in Turkey
  745. >https://archive.is/uEba1
  746. Facebook has removed more than 1,000 accounts and close to 8,000 pages connected to Azerbaijan's ruling party. This comes wWeeks after the firing of an internal whistleblower who called for Facebook to crack down on a massive network of fake activity
  747. >https://archive.is/MLtAh
  748. The Turkish seismic research vessel Barbaros seemed to be going towards Turkey but its course has changed and it is heading a new NAVTEX issued by the Turkish authorities located at South Eastern Cypriot waters
  749. >https://archive.is/sKTDh
  750. >https://archive.is/wszkY
  751. >https://archive.is/2M4Gt
  752. U.S Secretary of State Mike pompeo lamented the Turkish attitude and said that "bullying and coercion" is no way to settle disputes and said that Turkey should reconsider the procurement of the S-400 systems and that Turkey should withdraw from it
  753. >https://archive.is/b7uQw
  754. >https://archive.is/zjfdW
  755. Gypsies that have been protesting for over 2 days, have now set up roadblocks and are burning things on the streets. They are protesting the death of an 18 year old Gypsy burglar who was shot and killed by the owner of the after invading the house to rob it
  756. >https://archive.is/RxedU
  757. U.S Senators have sent a letter to Trump, asking him to contact Erdogan and try to reverse the reopening of the Varosia region (in the Cypriot city of Farmagusta), they also said that the US must lead the UN initiative to solve the issue in Cyprus and implement the resolutions 550 and 789 of the UN Security Council
  758. >https://archive.is/J2Ape
  759. Three police officers injured after a man shot at them with a carbine or shotgun during the Gypsy protest in Menidi, Western Greece, against the death of an 18 year old Gypsy who according to some, was trying to burglarize a home when the homeowner shot him
  760. >https://archive.is/aTxVx
  763. ----------------------------------------- 10/10
  764. Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed on a ceasefire starting today, 10/10/2020 after a meeting of both countries Foreign Ministers in Moscow, contradicting several statements by Turkey that a ceasefire was not going to happen without Armenian withdraw from Nagorno-Karabakh
  765. >https://archive.is/6CUnL
  766. Smyrna's (Izmir) National Park of the V*rgin (word censored by Pastebin word filter) Mary is facing drilling on its land, as the Turkish Environment and Urbanisation Ministry removed its protected status
  767. >https://archive.is/5hYNR
  768. Turkish Foreign Minister says that a ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan will not replace a "lasting solution"
  769. >https://archive.is/dDgTp
  770. "I received threats from Turkey to withdraw from the "elections". said Akinci, the opposition candidate for the elections in the illegally occupied "Northern Cyprus", he opposed the reopening of Varosia supported by Erdogan and the current "president" of Northern Cyprus
  771. >https://archive.is/a9Von
  772. >https://archive.is/3yzfa
  773. Turkey responds to UN regarding Famagusta: "Take into account the real facts"
  774. >https://archive.is/71Wmi
  775. German Commerzbank analyst, Tata Goze says that although Erdogan has ruled it out, it is difficult to avoid something like an IMF bailout for Turkey
  776. >https://archive.is/1tfdM
  777. The UN Security Council meeting reaffirmed the status of Varosia (Farmagusta, Cyprus), as referred to in previous Council resolutions - including Resolutions 550 (1984) and 789 (1992) - and reiterated that no action should be taken on Varosia that is not in line with the texts.
  778. >https://archive.is/MvnvF
  779. After Greece issued a NAVTEX near the Greek island of Chios for military exercises, Turkey issued a NAVTEX claiming that Chios is violating the Lausanne threaty and that the island is militarized, something covered multiple times and debunked since it does not violate article 13 of the Lausanne treaty that allows partial militarization
  780. >https://archive.is/c54wq
  781. >https://archive.is/pKusn
  782. >https://archive.is/s2ILb
  783. Turkey issues NAVTEX saying that their NAVTEX for a seismic survey operation inside Cypriot EEZ waters is valid and that the Cypriot anti-NAVTEX issued in the region is invalid. The Turkish NAVTEX also states that they dont recognize Cyprus as a legitimate state
  784. >https://archive.is/HmFLM
  785. Egypt’s president ratified on Saturday a maritime deal setting its Mediterranean Sea boundary with Greece and allowing for both countries to seek maximum benefit from the resources available in an exclusive economic zone, including oil and gas reserves
  786. >https://archive.is/lkiJA
  787. Turkish Businesses Call on Saudi Arabia Not to Block Imports. They complained that Saudi companies had to sign letters committing not to import Turkish goods and that Turkish contractors were excluded from major tenders. They also complained of a tweet made by Council of Saudi Chambers Chairman, urging a boycott of imports from Turkey.
  788. >https://archive.is/sHSFS
  789. Greek border guards in Evros have acquired Sonic and Ultrasonic equipment, something that would have been extremely useful during the March crisis. The system produces very loud sound that can cause panic and disorient people in a certain area with a 4Km range
  790. >https://archive.is/ZZKCM
  791. Videos from 2013 and 2019 show more examples of Gypsies rioting in Greece after a Gypsy was shot and killed trying to burglarize a home in 2019 and the other video shows them shooting at the police after stolen goods were found at a Gypsy's home and he was arrested (videos on mediafire)
  792. >https://archive.is/JqW9B
  793. >https://archive.is/zKgY0
  794. (unrelated) Videos posted from Azerbaijan's side against Armenia in Artsakh shows Syrian mercenaries fighting against Amernian forces, in one of the videos they recorded the bodies of dead Armenians, calling them pigs. (videos on mediafire)
  795. >https://archive.is/5z2wk
  796. >https://archive.is/JW6S1
  797. (unrelated) Article from september talking about reports that the Azerbaijani police would be conducting mass confiscation of civilian trucks for "inspection"
  798. >https://archive.is/yAx5V
  799. Recently there has been an increase in the activity of Turkish troll accounts on Twitter, such behavior is well known and Twitter has launched investigations in the past that led to the suspension of over 7000 accounts. Recently they have been going after Greece, Armenia, Israel, UAE and people who are critics of Erdogan
  800. >https://archive.is/8WR8I
  803. ----------------------------------------- 11/10
  804. (unrelated) The town of Stepanakert, the regional capital of Nagorno-Karabakh, which is controlled by Armenian separatists, was bombed tonight, despite a ceasefire that has theoretically been maintained since morning. According to a senior Azeri official, the truce is only "temporary"
  805. >https://archive.is/PrMzf
  806. The "elections" of "Northern Cyprus" are happening today. What could change, who are the candidates and the UN's announcement to resume talks on resolving the Cyprus issue after the "elections"
  807. >https://archive.is/lXByR
  808. UAE Deputy Foreign Minister says that the Turkish military presence in Qatar is an element of instability in the Gulf region and that it contributes to creating a very negative polarization in the region
  809. >https://archive.is/gsDOq
  810. How Turkey tried to block the UN Security Council meeting to take a stance regarding the reopening of Varosia (in Farmagusta, Cyprus).
  811. Turkey initially tried not to have a meeting, then tried to ensure that no statement was issued and then instead of a presidential statement to have only information to the press.
  812. >https://archive.is/8AKPh
  813. Representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry responds to statements made by Greek officials saying that the reopening of Varosia does not violate international law, says Greece is not being honest with the dialogues and that Greece is increasing tensions
  814. >https://archive.is/xsnPc
  815. A boat with immigrants was located off the coast of Kefalonia as they tried to disembark from a boat in a rocky area in the Palliki area. According to information, among the 30 illegal immigrants were 6 children and 3 women . The 2 traffickers were also located and arrested
  816. >https://archive.is/13tB0
  817. The traitorous Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum said that the Greek Government has a new project to integrate the immigrants into the Labor Market and Society as well as improve their access to welfare. He also said that there are 82 000 Recognized "Refugees" in Greece
  818. >https://archive.is/zqDYc
  819. BREAKING: Turkey sends Oruc Reis to another NAVTEX south of Kastelorizo ahead of the first meeting that would reopen the "dialogue" between Turkey and Greece to resolve the "disputed" territorial waters
  820. >https://archive.is/KE7Za
  821. >https://archive.is/15D6B
  822. The new Turkish NAVTEX for Oruc Reis is at 7.5 nautical miles of Kastellorizo
  823. >https://archive.is/i6nhi
  824. >https://archive.is/5Xdxa
  827. ----------------------------------------- 12/10
  828. Azerbaijani President said today that he did not rule out the possibility of starting talks with Armenian Prime Minister amid tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh, but said the talks would not be fruitful at this time. He praised Turkey's role in the conflict
  829. >https://archive.is/joMxC
  830. Turkey blames Athens for suspension of 2016 exploratory talks, in which Greece stepped down after Turkey made several unreasonable demands while also demanding that Greece should not be able to impose conditions for the dialogues like it is doing today. Turkey is also demanding the same things as it did in 2016 such as questioning the sovereignty of hundreds of Greek islands and demanding a treaty to "fairly" decide who owns them
  831. >https://archive.is/Iozw8
  832. A de facto Saudi ban on Turkish goods has hit global fashion brands. Mango, the Spanish retailer, is among the casualties of the escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Turkey and might potentially affect other sectors
  833. >https://archive.is/NdQ6X
  834. The Greek Foreign Minister responded to the new Turkish NAVTEX for Oruc Reis near Kastellorizo as a major escalation, says that Greece will not be blackmailed and that Turkey is a threat for the stability in the region
  835. >https://archive.is/LNaCC
  836. Germany: "It would be ‘unwise’ for Turkey to restart exploration" (seismic surveys)
  837. >https://archive.is/3ryar
  838. Borrell: "Turkish drilling/surveys in the Mediterranean at the center of foreign ministers' discussions
  839. >https://archive.is/SptUN
  840. Greece issues counter-Navtex as Oruc Reis leaves port of Attaleia (Antalya)
  841. >https://archive.is/z4MAi
  842. Rebecca Sommer, a German artist and journalist that used to work with NGOs has become a critic of them in the past years and she has left Greece fearing that what she had found out would put her in danger, she describes a mafia-like cooperation between immigrants, NGOs, Companies and other groups
  843. >https://archive.is/mXojg
  844. The Turkish Defense Minister said that the Greeks are provoking and increasing the tensions in the East Med hours before Turkey issued a new NAVTEX for the Seismic Survey ship Oruc Reis extremely close to the Greek island of Kastellorizo
  845. >https://archive.is/V3CGi
  846. New French warning to Turkey about Oruc Reis: "At the European Council on 1 October, we made a clear call to Turkey to refrain from any unilateral action against the interests of the European Union [...] We expect Turkey to honor its commitments, to avoid new challenges and to show its willingness for a dialogue in good faith,"
  847. >https://archive.is/VI78Q
  848. Borrell: Turkey's behavior is "sad" - It leads to escalation
  849. >https://archive.is/FtKPJ
  850. German Foreign minister canceled his trip to Turkey .Germany sees no meaning in a visit of the German Foreign Minister to Turkey. He states that he will continue his efforts to start a dialogue between Turkey and Greece and Cyprus
  851. >https://archive.is/U7FZ8
  852. Cypriot president on the Turkish provocations: "Turkey's new challenges should create a crisis of appreciation on the part of Europeans who still believe that with stupidity there will be a retreat of Turkish provocation."
  853. >https://archive.is/WXslv
  854. A statement from the Turkish Defense Ministry said that Azerbaijan would not wait another 30 years for a solution to the conflict and that Turkey supported the attack launched by Azerbaijan "to retake the occupied territories"
  855. >https://archive.is/uO0X1
  856. Erdogan had a call with European Council President, and he said he was waiting for clear steps to convene an international conference on the East Med, also claimed that Turkey's approach in the East Med is in good faith and urged him that the EU has to meet its obligations. He also said that "Greece is increasing tensions"
  857. >https://archive.is/7HRUb
  858. Turkey: says Greece has no right to oppose Turkish operations 15km from the Turkish coast. Using the same rhetoric that simply by being close to the Turkish coast, everything should belong to them, one of their arguments to claim that they should own Greek islands
  859. >https://archive.is/V4lvP
  862. ----------------------------------------- 13/10
  863. Samos: Immigrants licked food in supermarkets and laugh
  864. >https://archive.is/yz4eO
  865. Spokesman for the Turkish AKP party: "The first issue is the soil. It is the territory of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan is the territory of the Turks. The invader here is Armenia"
  866. >https://archive.is/2VXTs
  867. Greek PM to Turkey: If you persist in aggressive behavior, you will suffer the consequences
  868. >https://archive.is/Vs5xS
  869. Turkish FM was extremely irritated with the Swedish FM when she said Turkey is violating the rights of Cyprus by conducting operations inside their EEZ and and about Syria, to which he responded angrily on live tv
  870. >https://archive.is/5FVrT
  871. Austrian Chancellor: We condemn the Turkish provocations with Oruc Reis and Varosia
  872. >https://archive.is/mUqPv
  873. Greek FM: "Exploratory contacts with Oruc Reis on our continental shelf cannot be initiated"
  874. >https://archive.is/Jyf0p
  875. Turkey lists six reasons why they sent Oruc Reis back to the east med, some of which included The joint Greek-US military exercises in Thrace, and that Greece is procuring Israeli drones to patrol its own borders like Turkey routinely does
  876. >https://archive.is/BMEAt
  877. German Foreign Minister: "The talks take place only in an atmosphere of trust and credibility, which does not apply at this stage with the departure of Oruc Reis"
  878. >https://archive.is/nTyT0
  879. German Foreign Minister: "We need direct talks despite the provocation from Turkey"
  880. >https://archive.is/SzW56
  881. The U.S State Department calls on Turkey to revoke the decision to open Varosia
  882. >https://archive.is/uJdDM
  883. German parliament: MdB Petr Bystron asks Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas about the German NGOs that brake the law in Greece and are even accused of spying the Greek authorities. His response was extremely bland
  884. >https://archive.is/ptNzm
  887. ----------------------------------------- 14/10
  888. Turkish President Erdogan vows to give Greece and Cyprus the response they deserve with new developments on the ground.
  889. >https://archive.is/3h03g
  890. Turkey's President Erdogan says ghost town of Varosha under Turkish military control in Cyprus belongs to Turks, calls on Turkish Cypriots to protect their territory.
  891. >https://archive.is/EmQ69
  892. EU summit to discuss the Turkish provocations on Friday, with sanctions being an option to be considered by leaders after they decided on October 1st not to sanction Turkey because it was de-escalating the situation and now it has changed its behavior
  893. >https://archive.is/m4ONl
  894. Germany: Reiterates call on Turkey to refrain from unilateral provocations: "to restore lost trust and create an atmosphere in which exploratory talks can be successful"
  895. >https://archive.is/yZiMX
  896. German source says that Germany will keep pushing for dialogues and does not want Turkey to be sanctioned just yet: "Germany is clearly opposed to the recent Turkish actions, but that does not mean we should automatically impose sanctions on any provocation"
  897. >https://archive.is/ctXpG
  898. The North Aegean governor demands immediate health blockade of the immigrant camp of Kara Tepe, Lesvos, and to ban the movement of all immigrants outside the camp due to the increased number of coronavirus cases. New riots by the immigrants might happen once again
  899. >https://archive.is/Aw4Tv
  900. Erdogan will pray at the Monastery of Chora after its conversion into a mosque
  901. >https://archive.is/u18ST
  904. ----------------------------------------- 15/10
  905. Afghan illegal immigrants at the Montenegro camp in Lesvos record themselves throwing food away, according to them, to protest the quality of the food, which is given to them for free (video on mediafire)
  906. >https://archive.is/fRUS6
  907. The Turkish government sees itself in a bit of controversy as a member of the constitutional court and the ministry of interior's account made tweets that made reference to the coup attempt from 2016, saying that the lights of their buildings were on
  908. >https://archive.is/RpJh4
  909. More images from Victoria Square, Downtown Athens. Once again, despite the denial by the authorities, it is clear that several illegal immigrants are living in the square once again, even after the several attempts to remove them from the area
  910. >https://archive.is/ftTps
  911. Saudi people started a huge campaign in Saudi Arabia to Boycott Turkey and it's products
  912. >https://archive.is/1QKqv
  913. European source regarding the EU summit this week, pointed out "that a timetable has been set by December, as well as an agreed methodology" to deal with the situation (regarding the Turkish provocations)
  914. >https://archive.is/3LPba
  915. After the Greek FM went to Iraq to talk with his counterpart and Kurdish representatives, the Turkish Government kept the Greek Government's plane in the air for 20 minutes over the border with open comms with the pilots because they refused to let the plane fly over Turkey after it already had permission from earlier
  916. >https://archive.is/ez7dT
  917. As tensions rise and the Turkish Lira hits record low values against both the Euro and Dollar, the Turkish Government said that it will reveal more gas reserves on Saturday, being this the third time they make such announcements in such conditions within 4 months
  918. >https://archive.is/2B6h5
  919. Video shows Armenian prisoners being executed by Azerbaijani troops with Armenian flags around their shoulders, a war crime
  920. >https://archive.is/cIECT
  921. Greek Government Spokesman says that the Turkish Government is not honoring its commitments since instead of scheduling a meeting between both Foreign Ministers to reopen the exploratory dialogues, Turkey has been making several provocations
  922. >https://archive.is/OHFTQ
  923. France and Germany today accused Turkey of continuing to challenge the European Union with its actions in the eastern Mediterranean and gave it a week to clarify its positions
  924. >https://archive.is/DYkIy
  925. Macron: We will return to the issue of Turkey in the light of recent developments
  926. >https://archive.is/F3EJW
  927. Turkey clears way to test Russian S-400 defence system this week, which could lead to sanctions from the US and maybe even NATO who have opposed the activation
  928. >https://archive.is/BiYtH
  929. The two illegal immigrants from Samos who posted a video of themselves licking products at a local market and putting it back on the shelf have been arrested
  930. >https://archive.is/MvhZ4
  931. EU Summit: They took mobile phones and tablets from the leaders so that MI6 would not "listen" to them
  932. >https://archive.is/ZxnRO
  933. Manfred Weber: It 's time to say it' s coming to Turkey
  934. >https://archive.is/cx5x8
  935. Turkish propaganda debunked once again, the Turkish media and sources said that Turkey had located a Greek submarine Type 214 (stealth underwater), but they only posted images of the submarine emerging and no information about if they had located it submerged
  936. >https://archive.is/PJ06v
  937. US Secretary of State criticizes Turkey for intervening in the Artsakh-Azerbaijan conflict by intervening and providing resources to Azerbaijan and finalized with "We hope that the Armenians will be able to defend themselves against what the Azeris are doing"
  938. >https://archive.is/zBl7V
  941. ----------------------------------------- 16/10
  942. Reuters: Turkey launches three S-400 missiles in Black Sea
  943. >https://archive.is/0Ckko
  944. >https://archive.is/UV2VQ
  945. Austrian Chancellor: Turkey will either comply or face sanctions
  946. >https://archive.is/T1RIM
  947. U.S State Department: If Turkey launches S-400, it will suffer. "If confirmed, we will strongly condemn the S-400 missile structure as incompatible with Turkey's obligations as a NATO ally and strategic partner of the United States,"
  948. >https://archive.is/U4wJt
  949. New Turkish provocation: The EU should not succumb to the ill-conceived demands of Greece-Cyprus
  950. >https://archive.is/0hPMW
  951. The proposal of an arms embargo on Turkey, proposed by the Greek PM seems to have been well received by EU leaders including French and German officials
  952. >https://archive.is/xdNg9
  953. EU Summit: Greece and Cyprus push for tougher EU response to Turkey
  954. >https://archive.is/RS0Lc
  955. >https://archive.is/rjJFG
  956. Turkish F-16 jets perform overflights over Greek islands of Oinousses and Panagia in yet again violations of the Lausanne treaty Article 13
  957. >https://archive.is/0eiQK
  958. Macron: We will not back down in the slightest in the face of Turkish challenges
  959. >https://archive.is/pvnfy
  960. Merkel: "the recent Turkish unilateral actions are sad and unnecessary"
  961. >https://archive.is/mxDuc
  962. One of the biggest hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia decided to stop importation from Turkey and working on getting rid of all Turkish products from all its branches, and its warehouses.
  963. >https://archive.is/vcI1u
  964. Erdogan had a phone call with Trudeau today, they discussed mostly trade, with Erdogan talking about bilateral trade deals and trying to convince Trudeau to take down the export ban of military equipment to Turkey that was put in place recently after the involvement of Turkey was made clear in the Artsakh-Azerbaijan conflict.
  965. >https://archive.is/cFFpj
  966. REMINDER: Erdogan - 2017 "Europeans across the world will not be able to walk the streets safely if they keep up their current attitude towards Turkey"
  967. >https://archive.is/R0xWg
  970. ----------------------------------------- 17/10
  971. Saudi campaign to boycott Turkish goods and imports has been growing and it already has statements made by some of the largest hypermarket chains and other big companies in the country, something that will hurt the Turkish industry in the middle east
  972. >https://archive.is/SpGtp
  973. >https://archive.is/7jFHt
  974. >https://archive.is/laZUQ
  975. Turkey's President Erdogan declared today his prophecy that the European Union will cease to exist soon, vows to keep his long arm abroad functioning with all the resources his gov't has at its disposal.
  976. >https://archive.is/ji6yw
  977. Turkish Foreign Minister: Threatening language against Turkey can not work, called the EU biased for being ignorant to Turkey's arguments and not wanting "common interest politics"
  978. >https://archive.is/PfAqn
  979. DW: Nothing seems to stop the downward trend of the Turkish economy and the devaluation of the Lira. DZ Bank report blames President Erdogan for the negative economic developments.
  980. >https://archive.is/mbxUA
  981. NATO official: "Any test of the S-400 air defense system would be unfortunate"
  982. >https://archive.is/ogRVY
  983. Picture from the Evros border (Greece-Turkey) shows a boat of what seems to be a smuggler setting things up to cross the river with illegal immigrants so they could cross the border into Greece
  984. >https://archive.is/Et8d8
  985. "Berlin Protocols" revealed, and information about the talks initiated by the German presidency, where Greece and Turkey tried to get close to the resumption of exploratory talks, but which failed under the responsibility of Turkey.
  986. >https://archive.is/lqUSx
  987. video of illegal immigrants who tried to enter Bulgaria, sent to Greece and seen on a main road, waiting for the Greek Police to get them
  988. >https://archive.is/qmUMT
  989. The Greek Government had a large meeting with several ministers and representatives of both local and federal government to discuss the recent increase in the number of fires in Western Lesvos
  990. >https://archive.is/hIx48
  991. A massive departmental store chain in Saudi Arabia (Danube) has just announced that they will also be boycotting Turkish products. Also, Abdul Latif Furniture, a large furniture company in Saudi Arabia has also announced their boycott for Turkish products
  992. >https://archive.is/obWOm
  993. >https://archive.is/cQ9um
  994. Cooperative Societies Council in Saudi Arabia has just announced that they will Boycott Turkish Products in the kingdom
  995. >https://archive.is/Z0IOA
  996. Saudi Al Sadhan Markets announces the suspension of importing Turkish products and joins the Boycott campaign
  997. >https://archive.is/KMe24
  998. National market chain "Watania" from Saudi arabia joins the boycott campaign against Turkey
  999. >https://archive.is/VWM6l
  1002. ----------------------------------------- 18/10
  1003. Turkey has just released an arbitrary, illegal map of its expanded Search & Rescue (SaR) zone. The map goes against all established treaties and international law, cuts through 50+ Greek islands + Cyprus, and illegally overrides Greece's ENTIRE legal SaR zone in the EastMed. The image was released by the Turkish Minister of transport
  1004. >https://archive.is/krf9g
  1005. Erdogan: "We have ruined the games of others in the region; We will move where we want" he then said Turkey is against oppression
  1006. >https://archive.is/lIqcp
  1007. Article detailing some of the Turkish provocations that made the resuming of the "Exploratory Dialogues" impossible weeks before it was scheduled to happen
  1008. >https://archive.is/XFF0g
  1009. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has responded to Greece's comments on the new Turkish map expanding their Search and Rescue (SaR) area in the East Med which goes against international law, cuts through 50+ Greek islands, Cyprus, and illegally overrides Greece's ENTIRE legal SaR zone saying that "Turkey is the only country with operational capabilities to intervene in any incident in the region that could endanger human life"
  1010. >https://archive.is/qztfk
  1011. A new law signed by Erdogan was published, it changes some responsibilities of ministries and also include coordinate changes for the new Turkish Search and Rescue areas which are over the Greek Search and Rescue areas
  1012. >https://archive.is/VPx62
  1015. ----------------------------------------- 19/10
  1016. One of the biggest fast-food restaurants in Saudi Arabia just announced a boycott to Turkish products and changed the name of a burger called "The Turkish Burger" and will have instead "The Greek Burger"
  1017. >https://archive.is/JgPBS
  1018. An Islamic State spokesman today called on extremist groups to target Western civilians, oil pipelines and infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.
  1019. >https://archive.is/n3lns
  1020. Tensions are rising in the East Med as the Turkish seismic survey ship Oruc Reis gets closer to the Greek island of Kastellorizo. The Greek Armed Forces are on alert while the Navy has stepped up its presence in the area as they monitor Turkey's movements. 
  1021. >https://archive.is/6gzft
  1022. >https://archive.is/gHbmp
  1023. Construction of the new Evros border fence is advancing rapidly, says Greek PM
  1024. >https://archive.is/hGjqU
  1025. Egyptian Foreign Minister emphasizes to Germany: Greece and Cyprus are our allies
  1026. >https://archive.is/jabjA
  1027. Erdogan accuses US, France and Russia or arming Armenia, he also reiterated its strong support Baku , stressing that " praying " the Azeri forces to prevail in the conflict and prosecute Armenians from " the occupied territories".
  1028. >https://archive.is/R9lOe
  1029. Morocco seems to be joining the de-facto boycott campaign against Turkish Goods by increasing tariffs on Turkish imports, specially textile which have dominated it's market lately, the tax increase seems to be of 90% and Morocco used to import over 2 Billion in Turkish goods every year
  1030. >https://archive.is/9bwDZ
  1031. Germany says that it will keep mediating the talks between Greece and Turkey, "always with the aim of enabling direct talks on issues in the eastern Mediterranean"
  1032. >https://archive.is/3hR31
  1033. Turkey's Energy Minister: "We will send a drill ship if we find gas in the Eastern Mediterranean"
  1034. >https://archive.is/wgCaw
  1035. Turkish professor claims that Turkey will annex the illegally occupied "northern cyprus" after the new elections that resulted in a politician who is close to Erdogan winning the elections
  1036. >https://archive.is/3B03C
  1037. Image of an improvised hut of illegal immigrants in the mountainous area of Soufli (Evros region), where they rest at night. As soon as dawn begins.
  1038. >https://archive.is/86hIl
  1039. Article explaining the situation of the EU summit, which decided not to impose sanctions on Turkey. According to the article, 5 countries opposed the sanctions, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Malta
  1040. >https://archive.is/pE8Fa
  1041. Oruc Reis made a Turn, the distance from the previous course indicates that the ship would pass at 8 Nautical Miles from Greek islands and if it does another turn like that it would pass at under 6 Nautical Miles and inside Greek territorial waters
  1042. >https://archive.is/Q1w5m
  1043. >https://archive.is/h3MvX
  1044. Concentration of the Turkish fleet in the Gulf of Xiros, the Greek armed forces are on high alert both in land and sea
  1045. >https://archive.is/QpJoN
  1046. A Cypriot court ruling paves the way for the seizure of Turkish property in EU countries
  1047. >https://archive.is/8rHEW
  1048. German official says: "I can not evaluate this measure", regarding the new border fence in Evros. Stresses out that "the problem of asylum seekers arriving can only be solved in cooperation with non-EU countries, countries of transit and origin of migrants"
  1049. >https://archive.is/nHBlH
  1050. >https://archive.is/2eUY7
  1051. Video showing drone equipment from a drone taken down in Artsakh, the video shows the WESCAM-MX-15D tactical surveillance and target acquisition camera, produced in Canada and used in the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone, proving that Turkey is directly interfering (video on mediafire)
  1052. >https://archive.is/TZiAx
  1053. >https://archive.is/ydS9B
  1056. ----------------------------------------- 20/10
  1057. Greece requests the end of the EU-Turkey Customs Union, argues that not only is Turkey disrespecting the EU by making unilateral moves that escalate tensions in the East med but also that Turkey restricts the entrance of EU products and has tariffs against them
  1058. >https://archive.is/F5Yjv
  1059. After today's request to end the EU-Turkey customs union, the Greek FM also sent letters to EU Foreign Ministers in Germany, Spain and Italy requesting an arms embargo on Turkey, which had also been proposed during the last EU summit meeting
  1060. >https://archive.is/BYRcV
  1061. >https://archive.is/OUeJ8
  1062. Turkish Seismic Survey ship Oruc Reis got 9 nautical miles from Greek islands yesterday and is now moving away
  1063. >https://archive.is/4Qxq2
  1064. Turkish Defense Minister says that he is in favor of dialogues with Greece "but everyone should understand that no one can bend us with accomplishments, with intimidation and pressure"
  1065. >https://archive.is/iHREp
  1066. German Ministry of Foreign Affairs:"We have already stressed many times that a solution to the controversial issues in the Eastern Mediterranean can only be achieved through a dialogue between all those involved." regarding the new illegal map of Search and Rescue areas published by Turkey this week
  1067. >https://archive.is/0tSEr
  1068. The "truce" between Macron and Erdogan, who had agreed to not attack each other recently has ended as Erdogan accuses Macron of wanting to clear his image with Islam, Erdogan then attacked Western countries once again
  1069. >https://archive.is/fnRSv
  1070. >https://archive.is/ZLmDl
  1071. Erdogan says that Turkey has nightmares in store for those who want to exclude Turkey and "Northern Cyprus" from the East Med, he also showed annoyance over Greece's request to end the customs union between the EU and Turkey
  1072. >https://archive.is/v23Sb
  1075. ----------------------------------------- 21/10
  1076. 5 foreigners (4 Austrians, 1 German) were arrested by the Port Authorities in Mytilene, Lesvos for possession of drugs and weapons, being the weapons knives and a steel batton, they were arrested at a checkpoint at the port of Mytilene in 3 mini vans from Piraeus and Chios
  1077. >https://archive.is/riplL
  1078. New frigates that could acquired by Greece could be a joint production between Greece and the U.S.
  1079. >https://archive.is/wU9N7
  1080. Erdogan made another speech portraying himself and Turkey as the protectors of Muslims "from the Balkans to the Caucasus, from Asia to Africa" (video on mediafire)
  1081. >https://archive.is/7ZZR0
  1082. Turkey issues two new NAVTEX messages demanding the demilitarization of Lemnos, Samothrace and Ai Strati.
  1083. >https://archive.is/hUPxc
  1084. >https://archive.is/pVC5i
  1085. >https://archive.is/EPCjm
  1086. Tensions in the East Med are once again peaking as Greek and Turkish warships line up against each other as the Turkish Seismic Survey ship Oruc Reis got very close to the Greek island of Kastellorizo
  1087. >https://archive.is/PEhDL
  1088. Turkish Media says that after the current NAVTEX for Oruc Reis expires, the Turkish Government will issue another one extending the current NAVTEX area once again and continuing the search for gas
  1089. >https://archive.is/7CIXI
  1090. According to NATO's SG, "NATO is worried about the tension in the East Med", and "a mechanism has been set up within the Alliance to reduce tension - "We must minimise the risk of an incident or accident"
  1091. >https://archive.is/l0XtR
  1092. The new "president" of the illegally occupied Cyprus territories say that "options other than a federation must be discussed", referring to the possible solution to the current illegal occupation of Cyprus by Turkey
  1093. >https://archive.is/iFceR
  1094. Video shows a Turkish Coast Guard boat sailing around a boat full of immigrants heading towards Greece, on the contrary, the Turkish boat did not try to stop them and seems to be guiding them into Greece's direction (video on mediafire)
  1095. >https://archive.is/JkP63
  1096. Germany has responded to a Greek request that it suspend the export of military equipment to Turkey over its aggressive policies in the region, with the country’s Foreign Ministry reportedly saying that the federal government follows “a restrictive and responsible weapons exports policy.” and added that the weapons exports to Turkey is "very low" contradicting previous reports.
  1097. >https://archive.is/JxWX5
  1098. Turkish Government Agency "Anadolu" posted an article regarding the statements of Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Council who said that the Saudi boycott against Turkish products being among the biggest problems affecting their export sector this year
  1099. >https://archive.is/jNyGl
  1100. Turkish Vice President: "Not only for Greece but for anyone else, Turkey does not give anyone a shred of land, not a drop of water from its sea and much less the right of future generations. And this regardless of cost"
  1101. >https://archive.is/dc54J
  1102. Yesterday's post by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Twitter about the 193rd anniversary of the "Battle of Navarino" and the sinking of the Ottoman Fleet sparked controversy in Turkey as the media and government officials call it a "scandalous move"
  1103. >https://archive.is/VKOuc
  1104. >https://archive.is/gULMq
  1105. >https://archive.is/TNYgr
  1106. Turkish Vice President: Turkey to send troops to Azerbaijan if requested
  1107. >https://archive.is/YSNwh
  1108. Turkey issued another NAVTEX for Oruc Reis as predicted by the Turkish media, the NAVTEX will be in effect until October 27
  1109. >https://archive.is/24Td7
  1110. >https://archive.is/hF9nP
  1113. ----------------------------------------- 22/10
  1114. The Turkish Central Bank kept interest rates stable when a readjustment was expected by investors, the result was a rapid decline of the Turkish Lira that broke another record of devaluation against the US Dollar and Euro
  1115. >https://archive.is/Iffmq
  1116. >https://archive.is/aFIIy
  1117. The region of Western Lesvos completed a study on how to deal with the 16,000 cubic meters of "refugee waste" in the island, a direct result of illegal immigrants dumping Marine Equipment in the island after they arrived by boat
  1118. >https://archive.is/dmQqv
  1119. The Turkish government officially confirmed today that they have performed tests of the Russian S-400 systems
  1120. >https://archive.is/nv9ok
  1121. Article detailing the economic importance of Turkey to Germany, being responsible for enormous purchases of military equipment from Germany every year and expected to exceed 2019's purchases despite the German government saying weapons exports to Turkey are "very low"
  1122. >https://archive.is/FO5fJ
  1123. Turkish Foreign Minister: "There is no real cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean without the Turkish Cypriots", alluding to the idea that Turkey wants Cyprus to share its revenues from Gas Exploration with "northern Cyprus"
  1124. >https://archive.is/jjJSs
  1125. Turkish Defense Minister: "Turkey wants to discuss the problems in the regions and solve them, but, it is futile for third party countries to impose rules and expect Turkey to accept them"
  1126. >https://archive.is/lo3TQ
  1127. It is estimated that the Saudi Boycott of Turkish products will cost Turkey 20 Billion Dollars
  1128. >https://archive.is/JVbsz
  1131. ----------------------------------------- 23/10
  1132. Continuation of the Article about the new Lesvos project to dispose of the "refugee waste" that has been accumulating in the shores of the island since 2015, amounting to a total of 16 000 cubic meters of waste left behind by the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who entered Greece using boats
  1133. >https://archive.is/YQZDn
  1134. Turkey announced that after the Oruc Reis conducts its seismic surveys between Kastelorizo and Rhodes, they will issue NAVTEX for seismic surveys south of Crete
  1135. >https://archive.is/hqS52
  1136. Erdogan says that they dont need the US' permission to test the S-400 and questioned why the US does not complain about Greece having S-300 systems
  1137. >https://archive.is/VnSrM
  1138. The U.S suspended its consulates in Turkey due to terrorist threats
  1139. >https://archive.is/cnbHe
  1140. Greek Defense Minister said that there can't be dialogue between Greece and Turkey while Turkey keeps provoking and escalating the situation
  1141. >https://archive.is/iOOXm
  1142. A new ceasefire deal mediated by the UN was reached in Libya. According to it, all mercenaries and foreign fighters must leave the country within 3 months and military or security cooperation with foreign forces must stay frozen until a new government is formed
  1143. >https://archive.is/vkK5G
  1144. Reports suggest that Greece might be negotiating with Russia a possible upgrade for the S-300 systems in Crete after Turkey performed tests of its S-400 systems
  1145. >https://archive.is/Jb5i3
  1146. NATO to change IFF identification system due to Turkey having activated its S-400 systems and making it possible for Russia to acquire vital information about the radar signatures of allied jets such as the F-35 and F-16s among several others
  1147. >https://archive.is/yHWfV
  1148. Reports surface that Turkey could be recruiting and planning to send Syrian mercenaries to the Greek border
  1149. >https://archive.is/fx0zN
  1150. Pentagon warns Turkey of "serious consequences" for S-400. "An S-400 operating system is incompatible with the commitments made by Turkey as a US and NATO ally"
  1151. >https://archive.is/esxsr
  1152. Hours after NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Greece and Turkey had both decided to suspend scheduled military exercises in the Aegean on the eve of their national holidays, Turkey issued a new NAVTEX on the same dates. Stoltenberg had called the decision from both countries an advancement
  1153. >https://archive.is/bZbXp
  1156. ----------------------------------------- 24/10
  1157. Spanish ambassador to Turkey says that Spain opposed sanctions against Turkey in the EU because of Spanish interests in Turkey and says that the conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean should not poison other (from other European countries)
  1158. >https://archive.is/QXQ9V
  1159. Erdogan made new inflammatory and provocative statements today, targeted Greece, saying its a spoiled country and also directed his words to Macron, saying that the French President needs "psychiatric examination" due to his stance on islam
  1160. >https://archive.is/usvME
  1161. Turkish Defense Minister: "We will die like heroes but we will not give up our rights"
  1162. >https://archive.is/mg7pY
  1163. Canadian company Bombardier suspends delivery of aircraft engines used by Turkey to produce their military drones
  1164. >https://archive.is/Yw6ib
  1165. Turkish Defense Ministry regarding the S-400 system and NATO: "Our expectation from our friends and allies is to focus on discussing alternatives to the S-400s and on sensible technical measures that could be taken, instead of rhetoric leading to a deterioration in our relations"
  1166. >https://archive.is/w5psH
  1167. Mytilene, Lesvos: Immigrants fight with each other, two Moroccans and an Algerian, they had knives and one of them was severely wounded. Two of the three foreigners have been arrested and are in hospital, while the third is wanted.
  1168. >https://archive.is/fzAVY
  1169. Three arrests in Rodopi and Kavala for illegal trafficking of immigrants, some of the drivers were driving stolen vehicles and did not have a driving license
  1170. >https://archive.is/VJgfH
  1171. The Turkish Vice President went to Farmagusta, Cyprus. A city that was not supposed to be open for the public or settled according to two UN Security Council resolutions. The Cypriot president protested the move and called upon the UN to take a stance on the subject
  1172. >https://archive.is/uKxLi
  1173. After Erdogan attacked the French President today, he accused the German police of fascism after a raid at a mosque in Berlin (for fraud). He added that “European fascism reaches a new level with such attacks on their own citizens”
  1174. >https://archive.is/afdZ7
  1175. BREAKING: France recalls the French ambassador to Turkey after Erdogan said that Macron needs psychiatric examination due to Macron's stance on Islam and radical islamists in France
  1176. >https://archive.is/TaCln
  1177. >https://archive.is/JtWaM
  1178. >https://archive.is/JtWaM
  1179. Interview with lesvos residents: “We have been living in hell for 5 years, migrants burn houses, break into our homes, dump garbage everywhere”
  1180. >https://archive.is/oSYss
  1181. Video from Erdogan saying that Macron needs psychiatric treatment for his stance on Islam in France
  1182. >https://archive.is/8M9km
  1183. An Afghan illegal immigrant at the Kara Tepe camp, Lesvos, was arrested for throwing a stone at another Afghan (a minor according to the Authorities) today. Three days ago a similar incident took place when another immigrant also threw a stone at a woman inside the camp
  1184. >https://archive.is/HsTEW
  1187. ----------------------------------------- 25/10
  1188. Turkey just issued a new NAVTEX for Oruc Reis, this time near Crete
  1189. >https://archive.is/8WlXw
  1190. Greek Foreign Minister says that despite attempts to have good relations with Turkey, Greece will defend its rights against the Turkish escalations, that one of the ways Greece will defend its borders will be by expanding its maritime space to 12 Nautical Miles
  1191. >https://archive.is/1k6LB
  1192. The EU High Representative described as "unacceptable" the words of Tayyip Erdogan about Emmanuel Macron, in a post on twitter. The Spanish politician did not address the fact that Erdogan also made accusations towards Europe, calling it fascist for its treatment of Muslims
  1193. >https://archive.is/acyAz
  1194. Erdogan has for the second time called Macron crazy and suggested that he needs psychiatric examination. Yesterday's speech caused France to recall its ambassador to Turkey. (video on mediafire)
  1195. >https://archive.is/huuzI
  1196. Turkey's provocative letter to UN: sets conditions for dialogue with Greece and possible appeal to The Hague while blaming Greece for the tensions in the East Med
  1197. >https://archive.is/YRM0o
  1198. Greek PM: "The right to extend its maritime space to 12 Nautical Miles is a unilateral right of any country, our current government will be the first one to do it since 1995"
  1199. >https://archive.is/aoZ5I
  1200. The Greek PM had a very intense speech today, clarifying his position regarding the expansion of Greece's maritime space and also responding and exposing the leftist parties such as Syriza saying that they destroyed the banks and that their PASOK mentality is a problem among other things
  1201. >https://archive.is/f8sSB
  1202. >https://archive.is/U6Zn0
  1205. ----------------------------------------- 26/10
  1206. Turkey after France recalled its embassador: "Turkey, which has been fighting for years against all forms of terrorism and violence, is saddened by the assassination of Samuel Pati" (Samuel Pati, the French professor beheaded recently in France)
  1207. >https://archive.is/2Zi8t
  1208. REMINDER: Videos of the Turkish Interior Minister and the possible successor of Erdogan. he states in several speeches and interviews how mass immigration in Europe specially will change governments, destroy economies and crash the stock markets. Which according to him is how Turkey will be able to have control over the world. (video on mediafire)
  1209. >https://archive.is/wip/GS3Ce
  1210. Workers tell Erdogan about their severe economic problems in the midst of a years-long crisis. “We can’t bring bread home.” His response: “You’re exaggerating...Drink some tea,” throwing a sack of tea at them.
  1211. >https://archive.is/beXgS
  1212. Turkish president dares U.S. to impose economic sanctions: “Whatever your sanctions are, don’t be late”
  1213. >https://archive.is/2jEHG
  1214. Spokesman of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: on the NAVTEX near Crete, once again claiming that since its distant from mainland Greece and closer to mainland Turkey they should have rights over it, completely ignoring the Greek islands which are integral part of the Greek territory
  1215. >https://archive.is/QxEvH
  1216. While EU officials such as Borrell, Charles Michel and Ursula Von Der Leien express their solidarity to Macron after the two consecutive disrespectful comments from Erdogan, Merkel has not made any statement and is expected to make a "lukewarm" statement today
  1217. >https://archive.is/DDGTJ
  1218. BREAKING: Turkish Lira hits new record low and surpasses 8.0 against the US Dollar
  1219. >https://archive.is/S8MIE
  1220. During a press conference with the "president" of the "Northern Cyprus", Erdogan said he believed it would be a waste of time to start negotiations on a federation-only solution, while Tatar said "the proposal for a five-party summit is the last chance."
  1221. >https://archive.is/G1iPi
  1222. Erdogan increases tensions in Cyprus, during his press conference with the "Northern Cypriot President" he joked about having a picnic in Farmagusta, which they decided to reopen partially, going against two UN Security Council Resolutions
  1223. >https://archive.is/aPhhq
  1224. The Austrian Chancellor criticized Erdogan's comments regarding the French President, he also said that Turkey is showing everyone that it is moving away from the European Union and European values
  1225. >https://archive.is/l6xFe
  1226. New crescendo of Turkish challenges with 34 Airspace violations, overflights and virtual dogfights (without engagement)
  1227. >https://archive.is/2oGMA
  1228. French Commerce Minister Frank Rister said that despite the calls by Turkey to the boycott of French products, he said that the French government does not plan a reciprocal boycott on Turkish products and will continue talks and relations with Turkey and its president
  1229. >https://archive.is/cpvWM
  1230. Erdogan made a speech today calling European fascists for their treatment against muslims, said Macron needs psychiatric treatment and called muslims to boycott French products
  1231. >https://archive.is/XhMfC
  1234. ----------------------------------------- 27/10
  1235. Russian sources claim that Russia has taken down 9 Turkish drones near the border with Armenia using a jamming system called “Krasukha” or "Belladonna" in English at a military base in Gyumri, Armenia
  1236. >https://archive.is/i49kp
  1237. As tensions between Turkey and the US rise again, Turkish court sentences a staff member of US Consulate in Istanbul to 5 years in prison on charges of terrorism for supposedly aiding terrorist organisation
  1238. >https://archive.is/wMeg3
  1239. In NGO's vans in Lesvos, the police discovered drugs and a 17 cm bayonet from an AK-47
  1240. >https://archive.is/zUdi8
  1241. Russian Expert: "Russia must stop Turkey militarily, because Turkey has declared war on Russia, and the United States has not been able to achieve a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh"
  1242. >https://archive.is/0yrf5
  1243. A boat with 40 illegal immigrants was found off the coast of Karystos, a small coastal town at Greek island of Euboea
  1244. >https://archive.is/o7lbE
  1245. Turkish Parliament: "Macron is disrespectful, dangerous and the Westerners support him"
  1246. >https://archive.is/jQvbZ
  1247. France calls for action against Turkey at next EU summit, calling for decisions to be made to strengthen the EU's position against the Turkish provocations and escalations
  1248. >https://archive.is/9n7BX
  1249. The Greek Foreign Minister had a meeting with the Israeli and Cypriot FMs as the three countries discuss improving their relations to counter the challenges in the region and also to improve the cooperation among them
  1250. >https://archive.is/z3610
  1251. Turkish President, Erdogan announced a lawsuit Tuesday against the Dutch MP Geert Wilders over a cartoon portraying Erdogan as a Terrorist, Mr. Wilders responded to the lawsuit calling Erdogan a loser, while the Dutch PM called Erdogan's lawsuit unacceptable
  1252. >https://archive.is/spdWB
  1253. >https://archive.is/eEXBC
  1254. >https://archive.is/LTWeo
  1255. EU Comission: "Turkish President's call for a boycott of French products is "contrary to the spirit" of the diplomatic and trade agreements signed by Turkey with Brussels"
  1256. >https://archive.is/ki7Zd
  1259. ----------------------------------------- 28/10
  1260. Images from the Chora Monastery in Constantinople after the Turkish government decided that it would turn it into a mosque. The images show the before and after some of the changes, which for now are the coverings of the mosaics
  1261. >https://archive.is/7PF9w
  1262. Spokesman of the Turkish AKP party (the biggest and ruling party in Turkey), said that Greece is extremist and uses Turkish NAVTEX to create political conflicts, said that the doors are open for dialogue if Greece stops the provocations against Turkey
  1263. >https://archive.is/jrP6h
  1264. Frontex launches investigation into alleged illegal pushbacks of illegal immigrants in the Aegean
  1265. >https://archive.is/O2pvr
  1266. Turkey's President Erdogan claims millions of Muslims were forcibly converted by Christian missionaries, gives France and Germany as example (video on mediafire)
  1267. >https://archive.is/L8f9V
  1268. Video of the Turkish population beating Armenians in the streets of Turkey (video on mediafire)
  1269. >https://archive.is/D2xud
  1270. Erdogan: “The principles, which are called the European values and dictated to the entire world, are being violated by the very people preaching them”
  1271. >https://archive.is/H2Wgg
  1272. Turkish prosecutor's office is investigating the recent cartoon by Charlie Hebdo featuring Erdogan
  1273. >https://archive.is/4GLra
  1274. The Indian FM contacted the Greek FM in regards to the new tensions between India and Turkey over Kashmir "[...] They constitute a falsification of the past in order to serve the short-sighted pursuits of the present"
  1275. >https://archive.is/UZ5gz
  1276. A French official stressed that Turkey has an overall strategy of multiplying the challenges in all directions. Says France will push for possible sanctions and said that Europe has been naive for long enough
  1277. >https://archive.is/Or6XA
  1278. Two Swiss Muslim leaders convicted of spreading al Qaeda propaganda
  1279. >https://archive.is/JhZis
  1280. Video posted by Afghan immigrants shows them inside the back of a truck going to Germany as they smile and shout "Germany" (video on mediafire)
  1281. >https://archive.is/KUkYL
  1282. Turkish MFA condemned the burning of the Turkish Flag and images of Erdogan in front of the Turkish embassy in Beirut during a Pro-Armenia protest. They issued a statement calling the act "Heinous" and that they "expect the necessary actions to be taken against the ones responsible for it"
  1283. >https://archive.is/JZOdQ
  1284. According to the Syrian press, Adel Sahir, a prominent leader of the Turkish-backed Al-Hamza opposition groups in Syria (Syrian Al-Qaeda), was killed along with many of his fighters in a battle that took place a few days ago in Nagorno-Karabakh.
  1285. >https://archive.is/mRfeL
  1286. Turkey today summoned the French diplomatic envoy for explanations over a sketch published by the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo , the Turkish Foreign Ministry said
  1287. >https://archive.is/3a9Pd
  1288. Erdogan accuses European countries of wanting to start new crusades (video on mediafire)
  1289. >https://archive.is/Lp9ak
  1290. The Turkish media is enraged by the raising of a giant Greek flag at the Island of Kastellorizo that can be seen all the way from the Turkish coast. The raising of the giant flag always happens during Greek national days
  1291. >https://archive.is/WqrWS
  1292. U.S State Department official says that Turkey has already been kicked out of the F-35 program after buying Russian S-400 systems and that if Turkey further "operationalizes" the S-400 it could be prohibited for purchasing additional weapon systems from US and allies
  1293. >https://archive.is/bKWXd
  1296. ----------------------------------------- 29/10
  1297. Thousands of people made a pro-Armenia protest in Paris yesterday, in one instance, the protesters blocked a road and a Turk attacked them with a hammer and got beaten by them (videos on mediafire)
  1298. >https://archive.is/c9yaq
  1299. Last night in Lyon and Vienne, France, Turks marched through Armenian neighborhoods to intimidate them, several videos have surfaced and in many of those it is possible to observe Turks making the hand gesture of the Turkish "Gray Wolves" group (videos on mediafire)
  1300. >https://archive.is/pehqL
  1301. According to the Syrian press, the bodies of 20 more Syrian Mercenaries who were sent to Azerbaijan by Turkey to fight against Artsakh forces have arrived in Syria
  1302. >https://archive.is/wWJcb
  1303. UN calls for "mutual respect" regarding Charlie Hebdo's cartoons: "Insults against religions and sacred religious symbols cause hatred and extremism, leading to the polarization and fragmentation of society"
  1304. >https://archive.is/CspL9
  1305. Erdogan: "I heard that the immoral French magazine was targeting me. I did not see the sketch, I will not even look at it". He then claimed Western countries want to start a new crusade
  1306. >https://archive.is/KzVEM
  1307. The Greek Government has announced that it will expand the delimitation of its territorial waters to 12 Nautical Miles until the end of 2020
  1308. >https://archive.is/yZ1p5
  1309. Erdogan made a speech today, accusing Europe of being fascist and attacking mosques and muslims on a daily basis. He then reinforced his call for boycott against French products. He said attacks happen in Germany, Australia, France and called out Merkel
  1310. >https://archive.is/06lMC
  1311. Erdogan: "The voice of the Muslim world is raised against your sins". "Europe's insidious policy of invading Turkish territory for centuries has always manifested itself in the most ruthless way"
  1312. >https://archive.is/F0Ef7
  1313. Azerbaijani forces backed by Turkey have attacked a maternity hospital in Artsakh
  1314. >https://archive.is/9MvHi
  1315. The President of "Baraka City" Organization, closed in France for spreading "radical islamic ideas" has requested Asylum in Turkey for him and his team claiming that the French Government is spreading lies about them. He claimed that France is closing Humanitarian Aid Organizations and Human Rights NGOs
  1316. >https://archive.is/fYWPg
  1319. ----------------------------------------- 30/10
  1320. Turkey's President brands European leaders as fascists and Nazis who encourages violence against Muslims while accusing their security services of turning a blind eye on attacks on Islam/Muslims. For the 3rd time, he called Macron as looney who needs a treatment.
  1321. >https://archive.is/T39Ef
  1322. Today a very strong earth quake rocked the Greek island of Samos and after that caused extensive damage in the city of Smyrna on the Turkish coast where buildings collapsed and several people died. Shortly after a Tsunami also hit Smyrna (video on mediafire)
  1323. >https://archive.is/Gefl7
  1324. >https://archive.is/rBdJj
  1325. >https://archive.is/k2wAN
  1326. The island of Chios also suffered damage from the 6.7 Earthquake that hit Samos and Turkey today. Some older buildings were affected. One of them was the "Kokkalio maternity hospital" and in old buildings on Venizelou and Rodokanaki streets
  1327. >https://archive.is/Dlssc
  1328. Samos earthquake: Strong earthquakes are coming, Scientists warn - Residents should be careful. Two casualties have been reported in Samos as two teenagers were crushed by a wall in Samos and died
  1329. >https://archive.is/BoCer
  1330. >https://archive.is/27gFb
  1331. The 6.7 Earthquake that hit the island of Samos has also caused major damage to the Church of Panagia Theotokou as a big portion of the front wall collapsed
  1332. >https://archive.is/SbUJ4
  1333. Reports from locals in Samos state that after the earthquake and the mini tsunami hit the island, the store owners left their stores and several groups of immigrants left the camp in the island and started stealing everything they could from the stores
  1334. >https://archive.is/0YpHB
  1335. The port authorities of the city of Patras were attacked by illegal immigrants who daily try to enter trucks that are going from Greece to Italy, a few days ago another clash happened as the authorities tried to remove them from a building's roof. The authorities also suspect that many of them have occupied abandoned buildings located along the coast
  1336. >https://archive.is/cnsNk
  1337. Turkish article talks about the Turkish mentality of how non-muslims and non-Turks are blamed for their own persecution as it if was some sort of punishment that they deserve even if enforced by the government
  1338. >https://archive.is/P6gUE
  1341. ----------------------------------------- 31/10
  1342. (unrelated) Turkish tourist sings Turkish nationalist song at the memorial site for the Armenian genocide (video on mediafire)
  1343. >https://archive.is/038Sd
  1344. (unrelated) Turk makes video saying that he wants Armenians slaughtered, and that the government should either deport them from Turkey or kill them. Says Turks will slaughter them when time comes
  1345. >https://archive.is/Sp7Ij
  1346. Muslims in Athens protest against Macron. Images of Macron were burned during the protest (video on mediafire)
  1347. >https://archive.is/BTaVH
  1348. Russian FM: Russia will provide all necessary assistance to Armenia, in accordance with the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the two countries, provided that the hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh reach Armenian territory
  1349. >https://archive.is/rJwp1
  1350. Turkish man burns his car because it is made in France (video on mediafire)
  1351. >https://archive.is/M8FQp
  1354. ----------------------------------------- 01/11
  1355. According to the Greek ministry of Asylum and Immigration, 1000 immigrants have left the Aegean islands and were transferred to mainland Greece. According to the statement most of these were from "vulnerable" groups such as the said "minors"
  1356. >https://archive.is/2kucn
  1357. New Navtex from Turkey for Oruc Reis shortly after the deadly earthquake
  1358. >https://archive.is/FO8O6
  1359. Turks have vandalized a memorial for the Armenian Genocide in Dessen, France, writing "RTE" (Erdogan's name initials), "Gray Wolves" and other insulting terms
  1360. >https://archive.is/HUsQu
  1361. Turkish President Erdogan says that Turkey is on a holy campaign, that Turkey defends fairness and justice, he said that they will stand with the "oppressed" no matter the conditions (video on mediafire)
  1362. >https://archive.is/oS0XZ
  1363. Videos from last night shows immigrants burning the Kara Tepe camp in Lesvos, the camp was built after the immigrants from the Moria camp burned their own camp and they are now doing the same with Kara Tepe (videos on mediafire)
  1364. >https://archive.is/N8jTH
  1365. >https://archive.is/IKLzv
  1366. Turkey's Erdogan has just stated that all the Turkish soldiers who were killed fighting in Syria died to make "those lands a part of the homeland [Turkey]". Did Erdogan just let slip that Turkey is going to annex the parts of Syria it occupies?
  1367. >https://archive.is/7XZd5
  1370. ----------------------------------------- 02/11
  1371. Videos surface of another coordinated attempt by the illegal immigrants to burn the immigrant camp of Vathi, in the Greek island of Samos. A strategy widely used by immigrants when the Greek government is about impose stricter rules against them or when they want to be relocated
  1372. >https://archive.is/JtQ22
  1373. The fire that was started by the immigrants living in the Samos immigrant camp is now under control. Reports so far are that 15 tents have been burned completely
  1374. >https://archive.is/HMcXr
  1375. Three immigrants have been arrested for murder in the City of Larissa, Greece. The three men live in the immigrant camp in the region and got into an argument with the victim for unknown reasons which lead to one of the immigrants, a 34-year-old Iraqi man to stab the victim
  1376. >https://archive.is/9V4ga
  1377. Spokesman for the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited Greece for a dialogue and demands that Greece does not impose any conditions to such meeting to happen
  1378. >https://archive.is/qOjDe
  1381. ----------------------------------------- 03/11
  1382. After the Samos earthquake last week that caused a mini tsunami to hit the Greek island and the Turkish coast, several groups of illegal immigrants started looting stores since they were evacuated, one of them has been arrested but most managed to escape. An investigation is still underway
  1383. >https://archive.is/n6hYP
  1384. Turkish Defense Minister: "We are ready with 60 ships" and "on land, at sea, in the air, our aircraft (and fighters) are ready to defend our rights"
  1385. >https://archive.is/iZHfT
  1386. Creator of the Turkish "Blue Homeland" doctrine: "The earthquake in Samos proved that the island belongs to the Turkish continental shelf"
  1387. >https://archive.is/bok6G
  1388. Turkey's Islamist ruler drums up his self-declared campaign to challenge major powers, believes their doom is imminent and predicts his gov't would prevail with a series of projects being implemented beyond Turkish borders from Libya to Syria, from Caucasus to Mediterranean
  1389. >https://archive.is/CwBL6
  1392. ----------------------------------------- 04/11
  1393. Turkey issues another NAVTEX, this time for the seismic survey ship "Barbaros" to continue its operations inside Cypriot EEZ. This comes one day after the Turkish Defense Minister once again claimed Turkey wants a "rational solution through dialogue"
  1394. >https://archive.is/vuFX7
  1395. >https://archive.is/ApfXe
  1396. The Greek Coast Guard has "rescued" 42 illegal immigrants near the area of Karystos. out of the 42, 37 are men, 3 women and 2 children, most of them of Arab descent.
  1397. >https://archive.is/YFTjA
  1398. EU Comission: Turkey continues to create more tensions and mistrust
  1399. >https://archive.is/vrBw4
  1400. France dissolved the Turkish "Gray Wolves" movement in France after several attacks against the Armenian community and their overall behavior
  1401. >https://archive.is/JiVKr
  1402. Turkey's President, Erdogan: European Parliament plays three monkeys on hostility against Islam in Europe, European politicians must put a stop on France President Emmanuel Macron who suffers psychosis over hate/hostility against Muslims
  1403. >https://archive.is/dsOFg
  1404. Turkey's President Erdogan accuses the US and its allies of killing millions all over the world, claims his gov't was targeted because it stands by the oppressed and victims.
  1405. >https://archive.is/WaMls
  1406. Turkey threatens France with retaliation over the dissolution of the "gray wolves" movement in France by Government Order
  1407. >https://archive.is/inoEn
  1408. American company Trimble, producer of GPS Receivers discovered in Turkish Bayraktar drones - has responded to a wave of protests by affirming, in writing (Senior VP/General Counsel Jim Kirkland), that it has "discontinued any further sales to Baykar."
  1409. >https://archive.is/a3IVX
  1412. ----------------------------------------- 05/11
  1413. Turkey's President, Erdogan, clearly thinks himself as the Caliph and defender of Islam as he tries to downplay terrorism in the name of religion and promises to shed a blood to get what he wants as he says that Turkey is a symbol of Islam (video on mediafire)
  1414. >https://archive.is/7MiF9
  1415. French Foreign Minister: If Turkey does not change its stance soon then there will be sanctions
  1416. >https://archive.is/aJllN
  1417. Boat with 65 immigrants arrived in Greece, among them there were 20 Turkish Gulenist police officers and 10 PKK Kurds, a member of parliament and a journalist. The rest were mostly immigrants from Afghanistan and Iraq. The boat arrived in Katakolo, Ilia on Tuesday afternoon
  1418. >https://archive.is/nnpJT
  1419. >https://archive.is/UtX2G
  1420. Turkish owner of a boat that transported 42 immigrants to Greece has been interrogated and fined 5 000 Euros (too low of a fine) for his illegal entry in the country and transporting of illegal immigrants
  1421. >https://archive.is/mcCtq
  1422. Leading member of ISIS that was granted asylum status has been arrested in Greece
  1423. >https://archive.is/b1cuE
  1426. ----------------------------------------- 06/11
  1427. Turkey's Vice President Fuat Oktay admits drones manufactured by the company of Erdogan's son-in-law Bayraktar faces sanctions and embargoes on critical components, vows to overcome restrictions.
  1428. >https://archive.is/mV1KZ
  1429. Garmin issues a statement on its products being used in Turkish drones.
  1430. >https://archive.is/XgVSx
  1431. Beringer Aero has announced that it has suspended all deliveries of parts used in assembling Turkish drones.
  1432. >https://archive.is/a8f5U
  1433. Turkish F-16 Jets perform overflights above the Greek island of Samos, in violation of article 13 of the Lausanne Treaty once again
  1434. >https://archive.is/jQSzo
  1435. German CDU (party) politicians call for the abolition of the Turkish "Gray Wolves" organization in Germany
  1436. >https://archive.is/Ii4aq
  1437. More "greek" muslims in Thrace want to have the flags of "independent Thrace" to be raised at their mosques claiming that there is a historical responsibility since Greek flags and Byzantine flags are flown
  1438. >https://archive.is/bQ9oG
  1439. Athenians fleeing capital ahead of new 3 week lockdown to be imposed
  1440. >https://archive.is/27uhD
  1441. A mining company is on stand by for Armenia's defeat to explore Gold mines in Artsakh. One of Georges W. Bush's most trusted advisors John Sununu (son just elected Governor of New Hampshire) is reportedly the 2nd largest shareholder of Anglo Asian Mining PLC
  1442. >https://archive.is/mTAV0
  1443. >https://archive.is/BgJkW
  1444. >https://archive.is/9GyHP
  1445. Turkey’s Erdogan removes Central Bank Governor amid the Turkish Lira new record low. Erdogan named former Finance Minister Naci Agbal the new head of Turkey’s monetary authority
  1446. >https://archive.is/XaCzv
  1449. ----------------------------------------- 07/11
  1450. German Socialist "Die Linke" party also calls for the banning of the Turkish "Gray Wolves" organization in Germany following calls from the German media and CDU party members
  1451. >https://archive.is/AHrGP
  1452. Turkey's top religious figure pushes the narrative made by Erdogan that Islamophobia and Racism have been adopted by European governments against Muslims and to prevent islam from growing in Europe. He said Islam is the only hope for the human race for peace (video on mediafire)
  1453. >https://archive.is/Es452
  1454. Turkey's President Erdogan says they are present in Azerbaijan, just like in Libya and Syria, predicts a victory in Artsakh soon after talking to Azerbaijan President Aliyev this morning.
  1455. >https://archive.is/1UKq9
  1456. European Council extends sanctions against two Turks for violating the Cypriot continental shelf
  1457. >https://archive.is/Fpo3S
  1460. ----------------------------------------- 08/11
  1461. The Greek and Turkish Foreign Ministers had a phone call today discussing a possible meeting between the two which would be part of the de-escalation measures and the dialogues that Germany has pressuring both countries to start
  1462. >https://archive.is/y0qxj
  1463. Greek Foreign Minister to German newspaper "Welt am Sonntag": Greece is being threatened by German weapons in Turkey's hands
  1464. >https://archive.is/vzIqS
  1465. Turkey: Confusion over resignation of Finance Minister and Erdogan's son-in-law
  1466. >https://archive.is/kQnfA
  1467. Artsakh forces took down another Turkish drone operating in Azerbaijan
  1468. >https://archive.is/cwu5h
  1469. In Marseille, France, turk-azerbaijani vandals are destroying Armenian cemeteries.
  1470. >https://archive.is/0pjf8
  1473. ----------------------------------------- 09/11
  1474. A Turkish al-Qaeda cell operating in Azerbaijan was led by the head of a Turkish-Azeri business association and founder of a controversial charity group (IHH), which has links to Turkish intelligence agency MIT
  1475. >https://archive.is/wi2uY
  1476. Greek fishermen say territorial waters in the northern Aegean are constantly being violated by Turkish fishing boats which engage in aggressive tactics to spread their nets over a wider area
  1477. >https://archive.is/gNA8c
  1478. Erdogan declared himself anti-imperialist on Sunday at a gathering of his followers, explaining why "they" (Europe and the west mostly) dont love him
  1479. >https://archive.is/649uv
  1480. Turkey's intelligence agency MIT is now executing and beheading people, says President Erdogan's advisor Mesut Hakkı Caşın on a public TV. (video on mediafire)
  1481. >https://archive.is/b4JOH
  1482. Having pretty much isolated his country from its allies and partners and facing huge problems in the Turkish economy, Turkey's Erdogan keeps talking about what he describes existential threat & hostility against Islam in Europe, vows to protect Muslims and Turks
  1483. >https://archive.is/wQFDh (video on mediafire)
  1484. Video reportedly showing a Russian Helicopter shot down by Azeri forces according to Sputnik Armenia (video on mediafire)
  1485. >https://archive.is/ztURb
  1486. >https://archive.is/89PTP
  1487. >https://archive.is/i0pNi
  1488. Erdogan issued a statement, saying once again that Turkey is against oppression and that it will protect its "brothers and sisters". Uses Pakistan, Bosnia, Somalia and Azerbaijan as examples that Turkey will not ignore and turn its back
  1489. >https://archive.is/Q0sdr
  1490. France to propose abolishing customs union between Turkey and the EU. EU accounts for 50% of Turkish total exports.
  1491. >https://archive.is/9p6pn
  1492. Bosnia and Pakistan signed an agreement for the deportation of illegal immigrants from Pakistan that have been stuck in the country during their attempts to enter reach Western Europe.
  1493. >https://archive.is/CTAj3
  1494. The Turkish government announced on Wednesday its decision to fine Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube 10 million liras ($1.175 million) each for failing to comply with a new internet law
  1495. >https://archive.is/fy0A9
  1496. Turkish official: "Greeks in Anatolia ate their slap, and from Smyrna poured into the sea. Some time passed and again they started to behave badly. In the Aegean they want to abolish any Turkish presence while with a small island they seek to close the east med"
  1497. >https://archive.is/wb3P3
  1498. Armed Syrian "refugees" in Turkey record a video of themselves driving by a police checkpoint in Turkey with their guns in hand. Meanwhile millions of Europeans still believe that these people are fleeing wars and are peaceful
  1499. >https://archive.is/lYwQk
  1500. Turks and Azeris drive around in Russia. Video from St Petersburg
  1501. >https://archive.is/ZU7az
  1502. Armenian PM Pashinyan Signs A Joint Statement With President’s Of Russia & Azerbaijan To End The War In Artsakh. He called it "unspeakably painful"
  1503. >https://archive.is/LAOB7
  1504. >https://archive.is/Be9mC
  1505. >https://archive.is/Tl4uc
  1506. Armenians storm the government building following a statement by the PM announcing an agreement in which he would hand over territories to Azerbaijan
  1507. >https://archive.is/ZfqZX
  1510. ----------------------------------------- 10/11
  1511. Azeri President: A Turkish peacekeeping force will be deployed in Artsakh
  1512. >https://archive.is/TImez
  1513. The speaker of the parliament in Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan has been hospitalized after being lynched by a mob protesting against the Armenian PM's statement of surrendering in Artsakh
  1514. >https://archive.is/9De0e
  1515. Armenian protesters stormed and overwhelmed the parliament, the whole building is under their control
  1516. >https://archive.is/jbrnc
  1517. The Turkish Foreign Minister reiterated Turkey's stance on the East Med situation and the negotiation to solve the Cypriot issue in which he stated that Turkey will not "relinquish its rights to the energy resources in the East med"
  1518. >https://archive.is/UWp6Q
  1519. The Azerbaijani president made a statement earlier today regarding the creation of a Turkish-Russian peacekeeping force to monitor the truce reached in Artsakh. Russia however says that there was no agreement on the deployment of Turkish peacekeepers in Artsakh
  1520. >https://archive.is/fNEkI
  1521. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) today convicted Turkey for detaining journalists in the opposition Cumhuriyet newspaper in 2016, whom Ankara accused of "propaganda" in favor of "terrorist" organizations.
  1522. >https://archive.is/vrzu7
  1523. Five arrests for illegal trafficking of migrants from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos.
  1524. >https://archive.is/KW0RT
  1525. Turkey committed 30 airspace violations over the Aegean, as per usual during celebratory dates in Turkey
  1526. >https://archive.is/sWswZ
  1527. Armenian National Security Service takes into custody those who attacked Speaker of the house Ararat Mirzoyan yesterday night in Yerevan.
  1528. >https://archive.is/8tC4r
  1529. "Ultimatum" from France to Turkey: "If there is no change of attitude, all options are on the table, including possible sanctions"
  1530. >https://archive.is/b4eTK
  1533. ----------------------------------------- 11/11
  1534. Greek Foreign Minister welcomes Egyptian President
  1535. >https://archive.is/zgLAl
  1536. Russian media reported the transfer of selected Turkish special forces to Artsakh via Kazakhstan, according to Turkey, for "military exercises".
  1537. >https://archive.is/zGcZe
  1538. After three Turkish CN-235 aircraft, which specialize in intelligence gathering committed 30 violations of Greek national airspace in the Aegean region, The French secret services gave the signal to Paris, warning about the possibility of a possible "Artsakh" situation
  1539. >https://archive.is/4u4YX
  1540. Erdogan wants to create a "Turkish NATO", being that a military bloc between the Turkish speaking countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
  1541. >https://archive.is/Xz7PT
  1542. Analysts commented that the problem with the Turkish Economy is not related to Erdogan's Son-in-Law or the head of the central bank, but the "sultan" Erdogan and his actions
  1543. >https://archive.is/qCoSA
  1544. A string of thefts inside the immigrant camp of Kara Tepe has led the Greek Authorities to arrest three immigrants who kept stealing from people living inside the camp.
  1545. >https://archive.is/BvlIx
  1546. A gang dealing drugs has been arrested in Athens, the majority of them are immigrants from Africa and some from Albania
  1547. >https://archive.is/yeSSP
  1548. This morning, a fire broke out in the morning at the immigrant camp of Samos. The fire was near the camp's restaurants and could have caused explosions but the fire brigade mobilized quickly and managed to contain the fire before it caused more damage
  1549. >https://archive.is/J9mSr
  1550. The German "Green" party is calling for an end to arms exports to Turkey
  1551. >https://archive.is/urULQ
  1552. Turkish FM: "Those who create instability in the Eastern Mediterranean will not seize our rights"
  1553. >https://archive.is/XMUST
  1554. Turkey issues new NAVTEX for Oruc Reis, the survey area is 12 Nautical Miles from the Greek island of Rhodes
  1555. >https://archive.is/pvzjD
  1556. >https://archive.is/BFfrp
  1557. Erdogan: "We can have a fair agreement with Greece if they stop being unfair"
  1558. >https://archive.is/xQRpb
  1559. Overflight of Turkish F-16s over Oinousses, violating once again Article 13 of the Lausanne treaty
  1560. >https://archive.is/MKQDf
  1561. Tomorrow there will be a tripartite meeting of the Ministers of Defense of Cyprus, Greece and Israel. They are expected to discuss the latest developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region
  1562. >https://archive.is/YBr8O
  1563. The abbot of the Dadivank Monastery, in Artsakh, says that he would not leave his monastery and would defend it with arms in hand, even at the cost of his own life. The territory must be evacuated in 3-4 days to be handed over to Azerbaijani as part of the trilateral agreement. (video on mediafire)
  1564. >https://archive.is/ezaKX
  1565. President Erdogan's security/foreign policy advisor challenges the US, says Turkey will build nationally manufactured combat jets and they do not care if the US do not deliver F-35s which was halted over Turkey's purchase of Russian S-400 long range missiles. (video on mediafire)
  1566. >https://archive.is/e8Rqz
  1567. Artsakh President spox calls on Kashatagh and Shahumyan region residents not to rush and take their belongins from their homes. He says the issue of "territorial concessions and the conditions announced in this context have not yet been discussed with the Artsakh authorities."
  1568. >https://archive.is/4R82v
  1569. Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia says that there will be no Turkish troops deployed to Artsakh for peacekeeping along with Russia
  1570. >https://archive.is/GbPGH
  1571. Video from Samos earlier today during the fire that started near the restaurant area inside the immigrant camp. Immigrants were once again celebrating the fact that theere was a fire in the camp because they hope it will grant them transfer to mainland Greece
  1572. >https://archive.is/zoFfy
  1574. ----------------------------------------- 12/11
  1575. After statements made by the Greek Foreign Minister regarding the illegal Turkish Seismic Survey operations inside Greek EEZ, the Turkish FM responded and said that Greece's statements have no value for Turkey
  1576. >https://archive.is/NRrBD
  1577. The U.S Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo will visit Constantinople next week to see the Ecumenical Patriarch, but will not meet with Erdogan, which has caused outrage in Turkey
  1578. >https://archive.is/BbjGe
  1579. Erdogan: Greece and Cyprus must end their “ill-educated attitude”
  1580. >https://archive.is/X3Hne
  1581. Armenians burning their houses down in Karvachar before the territory gets handed to Azerbaijan in the coming days. (video on mediafire)
  1582. >https://archive.is/CihWi
  1583. Turkish top diplomat: Armenia will 'pay price' if it violates latest cease-fire with Azerbaijan on Artsakh
  1584. >https://archive.is/LYX6T
  1585. Austria will make it a criminal offense to spread political Islam after the Vienna attacks
  1586. >https://archive.is/sF57Z
  1587. Turkey Reaffirms Plans to Use Russian S-400 Defense System Despite U.S. Objections. Uses Greece's S-300 systems as a justification, a very dishonest statement since Greece did not buy the S-300 systems, they were acquired to solve the Cypriot S-300 Crisis
  1588. >https://archive.is/YZivx
  1589. Erdogan reveals Canada imposed embargo on a critical parts for Turkish drones over Turkey's aid to Azerbaijan, says the parts were later produced domestically.
  1590. >https://archive.is/vshEF
  1591. Egypt's President message to Turkey: Egypt will stand by Greece
  1592. >https://archive.is/VthZO
  1593. Turkish Foreign Minister: "Greece's demands are maximalist - We call it to unconditional dialogue"
  1594. >https://archive.is/FdUGH
  1595. Turkish Defense Minister: "We will not remain indifferent in the relations between Greece and Egypt"
  1596. >https://archive.is/6Wy7r
  1597. Turkey issued another NAVTEX calling for the demilitarization of two more Greek islands, this time Tilos and Halki
  1598. >https://archive.is/BglK8
  1599. In a textile workshop in Turkey, a Kurdish young man who did not agree to participate in a minute of silence to commemorate Ataturk on November 10 was lynched at the workplace
  1600. >https://archive.is/VvMir
  1601. Greece will start testing prototypes for their first Greek-made drones. According to an interview by the the vice-chancellor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the prototypes will be tested in about 8 months
  1602. >https://archive.is/DNW1T
  1603. >https://archive.is/GVV3Y
  1604. >https://archive.is/R1bHX
  1607. ----------------------------------------- 13/11
  1608. Dadivank is an old Armenian monastery, one of the most majestic in Karabakh but located in the Kelbajar region, to be delivered to Azerbaijan on Sunday. Many people came to see it perhaps for the last time
  1609. >https://archive.is/AxvV0
  1610. Azeri/Turkish Soldiers destroying Armenian statues and monuments as predicted by many. (Video on mediafire)
  1611. >https://archive.is/5bT4r
  1612. 32,000 illegal immigrants who did not get asylum in Greece, suddenly "disappeared"
  1613. >https://archive.is/ZCk0q
  1614. Turkish Energy Minister: "No one will stop us in the Eastern Mediterranean"
  1615. >https://archive.is/PLpy6
  1616. The EU urges Turkey to respect Security Council resolutions on Varosha (Farmagusta, Cyprus) and calls on it to reverse its recent actions immediately
  1617. >https://archive.is/5CLoz
  1618. Today Greece’s coast guard towed a boat carrying at least 30 illegal immigrants to a port on the island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea
  1619. >https://archive.is/8KKqE
  1620. Crisis in the Turkish Navy: “Some are attempting suicide, others have resigned from the navy”
  1621. >https://archive.is/haZnD
  1622. U.S State Department confirms Pompeo will only meet Ecumenical Patriarch during his visit to Constantinople. News that angered the Turkish media and Government once the U.S Secretary of State wont meet with Turkish Government Officials or Erdogan
  1623. >https://archive.is/yNaG2
  1624. British documentary filmmaker Emile Ghessen is at the Armenian 12th century monastery, Dadivank in Karvachar which will be handed over to Azerbaijan in two days. Most of them feat what the Muslim state of Azerbaijan might do to the monastery (videos on mediafire)
  1625. >https://archive.is/FYJTv
  1626. Armenian troops bid last farewell to Lachin/Berdzor.
  1627. >https://archive.is/fxWBC
  1628. Video made by an Azerbaijani soldier inside an Armenian abandoned home, watching the old family videos left by the family that evacuated before parts of Artsakh are handed over to Azerbaijan (video on mediafire)
  1629. >https://archive.is/tpgOZ
  1630. Azeri breaks the bell from a cross and says: “I will hang it on your (Armenians) mother”s breast. If she’s dead, I’ll hang it on your wife, on your daughter”. (video on mediafire)
  1631. >https://archive.is/iED1I
  1632. During a speech, the megalomaniac Erdogan criticized the crowd for not applauding him
  1633. >https://archive.is/zH4JD
  1634. Azerbaijani soldiers have left some messages to Armenians on abandoned civilian cars belonging to fleeing Armenian civilians in Artsakh. Sumgait is a reference to the Sumgait pogrom when Azerbaijani civilian mobs r*ped (word censored by Pastebin word filter) and massacred 200 Armenians in Sumgait in 1988.
  1635. >https://archive.is/Lsjsw
  1638. ----------------------------------------- 14/11
  1639. Ylva Johansson: "the first meeting of the EU Comission expert group on views of immigrants already proved its value". She said she heard "fresh" ideas for inclusivity and looks forward to the group being a part of the action plan which will launch on 24 Nov
  1640. >https://archive.is/fJhZy
  1641. Analyst: Turkish intelligence chief reveals Erdogan’s true Islamist face
  1642. >https://archive.is/DSqIc
  1643. Turkey asks for change: It saw violations and harassment by Greek aircraft and ships. The Ministry of National Defence is annoyed about the presence of Greek ships on "islands with civilian status"
  1644. >https://archive.is/93rmk
  1645. The European Parliament puts a "brake" on the use of pre-accession funds by the Turkish government, following a proposal by KINAL MEP Nikos Androulakis, which was approved today by the plenary.
  1646. >https://archive.is/Lsr9D
  1647. An Azeri soldier climbs a church in Artsakh and apparently recites the call to prayer
  1648. >https://archive.is/TmbPl
  1649. Saudi Arabia adding Turkish animal products to banned goods list
  1650. >https://archive.is/iVZiv
  1651. The Turkish Foreign Minister heads to Varosia (region in Farmagusta, Cyprus), ahead of Erdogan's visit to the region that was supposed to stay uninhabited and not to be used according to two UN Security Council resolutions.
  1652. >https://archive.is/T9i91
  1653. Armenians in Artsakh have decided to take the bells from the 12th Century Dadivank monastery to Armenia before the region gets handed over to Azerbaijan tomorrow. Thousands of people went to the monastery to see it one last time.
  1654. >https://archive.is/WPLv5
  1657. ----------------------------------------- 15/11
  1658. Azerbaijani soldiers cut off the ears of a civilian who refused to move out of the house and go to Armenia (video on mediafire)
  1659. >https://archive.is/Pmb4N
  1660. Turkey's President Erdogan demands a separate Turkish state in Cyprus during a visit to divided island, says diplomatic talks with Greek Cypriots are futile (video on mediafire)
  1661. >https://archive.is/gdeOz
  1662. 8 people arrested in Athens for being members of a group trafficking immigrants in the wider area of ​​Omonia and Agios Panteleimon, some of which had pending arrest warrants from the German Police
  1663. >https://archive.is/hFld9
  1664. Bells of Dadivank monastery have been hung back according to this video. They were removed earlier to take them out of the monastery so that Azerbaijani vandals would not destroy them. But apparently the handing of the territory to Az was postponed by 10 days.
  1665. >https://archive.is/bNqns
  1668. ----------------------------------------- 16/11
  1669. After Erdogan's speech regarding his demand of having a two-state solution for Cyprus, his picnic in Farmagusta with the "president of northern cyprus" was ruined by a sudden storm
  1670. >https://archive.is/7jLb7
  1671. Erdogan said that Varosia (Farmagusta, Cyprus) has gained its rightful owners, and that "northern cyprus" has suffered too many injustices, that it is time for them to cut their own umbilical cord (video on mediafire - unsub)
  1672. >https://archive.is/ErnSi
  1673. The Greek Government is looking to acquire several F-35 jets from the US, the proposition is a 6 + 18 deal, being 6 delivered as early as 2021 and after a while the possibility of acquiring 16 more units. Whether the first 6 will be bought or leased it is not clear.
  1674. >https://archive.is/ogXqC
  1675. >https://archive.is/EdBFn
  1676. >https://archive.is/3QAwS
  1677. Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, is proud of Erdogan's rhetoric against Austria's PM. The Turkish President openly threaten Europe of consequences if Austria policies against Muslims continue. He warned of Crescent-Cross war. He called Germany to stop Austria (video on mediafire - unsub)
  1678. >https://archive.is/3zCVC
  1679. >https://archive.is/hqW8Z
  1680. Turkish newspaper: "Western Thrace can become like Karabakh"
  1681. >https://archive.is/ft6Ve
  1682. During a speech in "northern cyprus", Erdogan said that it is extremely unfair that Varosia (Farmagusta, Cyprus) continues being unused, he proposed that a Real Estate Commission will be formed to track down the owners of the property owners and buy (forcefully) their properties in Varosia
  1683. >https://archive.is/oM692
  1684. France considers economic sanctions against Turkey: "Turkey has chosen the path of systematic provocation and aggression once again"
  1685. >https://archive.is/14oBl
  1686. After Erdogan's provocative visit to Varosia (Farmagusta, Cyprus), his speeches calling for a two-state solution for the occupation of Cyprus, Germany showed its ineptitude and bias once again, avoiding issuing critics to Erdogan and simply asking Turkey to "refrain" from such actions
  1687. >https://archive.is/y64p5
  1688. Turkish ambassador to Berlin: Aegean is not a Greek lake, Macron pours oil on fire
  1689. >https://archive.is/JARVm
  1690. EU Commission spokesman: EU to decide in December how to deal with Turkey
  1691. https://archive.is/hSduC
  1692. Turkish storeowner brutally beats a Syrian kid begging money for Aid (video on mediafire)
  1693. >https://archive.is/OWjeB
  1694. Russia approves the idea of Turkish troops in Artsakh to "monitor the ceasefire".
  1695. >https://archive.is/EfNTN
  1696. The President of Armenia. armen sarkisyan addresses the nation says after thorough meetings his conclusion is that to avoid turbulence there should be snap elections conducted by a capable national accord government (video on mediafire)
  1697. >https://archive.is/u1oYz
  1700. ----------------------------------------- 17/11
  1701. There was a fire at the immigrant camp at the Botanical Garden, Athens. The fire was rapidly put out, but one person has been injured according to reports
  1702. >https://archive.is/DstIn
  1703. U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives in Constantinople for his meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in which they will talk about "religious freedoms" in the region. The Turkish government however is not happy that Pompeo wont meet Erdogan
  1704. >https://archive.is/E23VA
  1705. The Turkish media is angered by Mike Pompeo's visit to Turkey exclusively to talk to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and not with Turkish officials or Erdogan. Now the Turkish media is trying to frame Bartholomew claiming he is a Gulenist and linked to the 2016 coup attempt
  1706. >https://archive.is/9THop
  1707. The the High Representative / Vice-President of the Commission Josep Borrell sent a letter to the Greek FM, stressing that the EU is ready to use every option to protect the rights of EU members from Turkey's provocations
  1708. >https://archive.is/zwkH3
  1709. France to Upgrade Rafales to F3R Standard before Delivery to Greece
  1710. >https://archive.is/VjQ9W
  1711. Video of Azeri Soldiers looting an Armenian apartment (video on mediafire)
  1712. >https://archive.is/KJIBO
  1715. ----------------------------------------- 18/11
  1716. FRONTEX stated that border crossings through the sea in the Eastern Mediterranean have decreased if compared to 2019, but that the crossings through land have more than doubled. Nearly 3,500 were detected just this October
  1717. >https://archive.is/lkWIy
  1718. Turkey has expressed dissatisfaction, as Mike Pompeo on his second consecutive tour of the region does not include a meeting with Turkish officials in his schedule.
  1719. >https://archive.is/ukSk9
  1720. Turkish Defense Minister: "We are continuing normal research in the Eastern Mediterranean"
  1721. >https://archive.is/znZBx
  1722. Greek PM to NATO: "If Turkey does not agrees to dialogue, the EU will take measures"
  1723. >https://archive.is/O1ULW
  1724. Turkey reviews U.S. human rights record at U.N.: "We are concerned about America's racial tensions and antisemitism." (video on mediafire)
  1725. >https://archive.is/FfWb3
  1726. 30 Greek airspace violations by Turkish planes today, three CN-235 spy planes and one Drone committed the 30 violations over the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean
  1727. >https://archive.is/LW68c
  1728. Turkish Minister said there is no dissatisfaction by anyone regarding the conversion of Hagia Sofia. UNESCO, cowardly avoiding criticizing Turkey, said that they have launched an investigation on the impacts of such conversion and that its too early to draw any conclusions
  1729. >https://archive.is/nJ7Fk
  1730. German NGO, Sea-Eye, bought a new boat to transport illegal immigrants from the East Med to Europe. The new boat is the largest of the 4 boats owned by the NGO and its a 55 meter and 1000 tons boat
  1731. >https://archive.is/iayBj
  1732. Azeris vandalizing "Sparapet" Vazgen Sargsyan's statue in Shushi, Artsakh.
  1733. >https://archive.is/BR3V6
  1734. Gang of gypsies looted a closed factory in Ilia, Mainland Greece, for a week causing 500 000 Euros in damage. They stole embroidery, disassembled parts from machines and cars, transported in air compressors and they removed from a sealed area, paintings and jewelry, personal belongings of the family, which had been moved there due to an earthquake
  1735. >https://archive.is/jFuRn
  1736. Turkish mobster sent a handwritten letter threatening Opposition politician because he criticized Erdogan over his judicial reform
  1737. >https://archive.is/e6PkX
  1738. NATO will stop mediating the "technical talks" between Greece and Turkey, and apparently the direct hotline between both countries will also be deactivated
  1739. >https://archive.is/1H7UO
  1742. ----------------------------------------- 19/11
  1743. US Museum to return rare 10th century Gospel to Greek Monastery
  1744. >https://archive.is/gtjxd
  1745. UPDATE: Criminals arrested for smuggling migrants from Turkey to Kos
  1746. >https://archive.is/5uqFU
  1747. Greek PM: Greece and UAE are forming a “strategic alliance”
  1748. >https://archive.is/xc46E
  1749. German Parliament calls for ban on Turkish 'Gray Wolves' movement
  1750. >https://archive.is/IjKFS
  1751. Angela Merkel is pushing the Greek government to create a new migrant camp in Lesvos.
  1752. >https://archive.is/m7LAa
  1753. Authorities arrest suspected jihadist in immigrant camp
  1754. >https://archive.is/nRHwv
  1755. Video posted by illegal immigrants show them at the Evros region, they crossed the border between Greece and Turkey. In Lesvos island yesterday a boat with 26 Somalians came ashore (video on mediafire)
  1756. >https://archive.is/NNK0d
  1757. Azerbaijanis rejoice destorying Armenian monuments in areas of Artsakh which fell under their control. (video on mediafire)
  1758. >https://archive.is/D64PC
  1759. Report from Saint Minas & Tsitsernavank churches in the Kashatagh region of Artsakh which will be handed over to Azerbaijan on December 1. The Abbott voices his fear of these monuments getting vandalized by the Azeris after handover (video on mediafire)
  1760. >https://archive.is/jG3tJ
  1761. Turks have been mapping Varosia (Farmagusta, Cyprus) with drones recently, this comes after Erdogan visited the region and suggested that they will try to forcefully buy the properties from its original Cypriot owners because its not "fair" that they cant use it (after they invaded Cyprus)
  1762. >https://archive.is/2o09V
  1763. >https://archive.is/YogP1
  1764. The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Defense , Josep Borrell: The EU gap with Turkey is widening - We are approaching a turning point
  1765. >https://archive.is/Abhm9
  1766. >https://archive.is/yFD1n
  1767. The Greek FM underlined the position of Greece that there is no room for dialogue with Turkey, and that measures of its compliance with the European Union are needed, during today's Foreign Affairs Council, which took place in the form of a teleconference
  1768. >https://archive.is/F8wmX
  1769. >https://archive.is/w2WNd
  1770. German Foreign Minister: "It depends on Turkey what decision will be made at the EU summit in December" referring to the possible sanctions that had been previously proposed during previous EU summit meetings
  1771. >https://archive.is/KBTt5
  1772. "President of Northern Cyprus" on a channel in Azerbaijan: "It is important that we act together, in the logic of 'one nation, three states"
  1773. >https://archive.is/08eos
  1774. Former Turkish General expresses frustration over Greece’s interests in F-35 fighter jets
  1775. >https://archive.is/cOWa9
  1776. Turkish fishermen in Physkos (Φύσκος, Turkish: Marmaris) found a bronze statue of a woman, 2 meters long and 300 kilograms in weight.
  1777. >https://archive.is/FXVyn
  1778. Conflicting reports on the fate of 4th century Amaras Monastery which appears to be in Armenian hands as of today. At the beginning of the fifth century Mesrop Mashtots, the founder of the Armenian Alphabet, established the first ever school which used the script in Amaras.
  1779. >https://archive.is/05LPE
  1780. >https://archive.is/bNlxQ
  1781. Turkish "Gray Wolves" are distributing threatening flyers to people of Armenian descent, saying that the Gray wolves will get them and will not let them live peacefully in Germany
  1782. >https://archive.is/WN3Uu
  1783. >https://archive.is/VqUml
  1784. Two Syrian men tried to r*pe (word censored by Pastebin word filter) a 12 year old boy from Syria inside the immigrant camp in Thebes
  1785. >https://archive.is/7r6Gu
  1788. ----------------------------------------- 20/11
  1789. Merkel: The issue of Turkey will be raised at the December Summit. "Things did not turn out the way we all wished"
  1790. >https://archive.is/92U5p
  1791. Fourteen illegal immigrants were located and arrested by police officers of the Zakynthos Police Department, on a beach in the area of ​​Vasilikos in Zakynthos. According to the information, they come from Turkey , Kurdistan and Iran and planned to go to Italy
  1792. >https://archive.is/NW061
  1793. Russian ambassador to Cyprus: "Turkey's actions in Varosia unacceptable"
  1794. >https://archive.is/7N9Qi
  1795. four Turkish F-16 jets flew over the Greek island of Agathonisi, two hours later, a pair of Turkish F-16 aircraft flew over the Greek islands of Panagia and Oinousses
  1796. >https://archive.is/OR0m5
  1797. The Turkish Meteorological agency annexed "Northern Cyprus" as a part of Turkey
  1798. >https://archive.is/QXkot
  1799. Brawl between pakistanis leads to one of them being beaten to death in the region of Kaminia, Greece
  1800. >https://archive.is/Q32I0
  1801. Pressured by the economical crisis, Erdogan plans to create a wealth amnesty plan, for people to declare their "savings" from abroad and even inside Turkey and undeclared income to Turkey with no questions asked about its origins
  1802. >https://archive.is/3sUYW
  1803. Committee against Torture of the Council of Europe report calls out Greece over immigrant crisis violations. The report includes allegations of violence and abusive behavior against detained immigrants.
  1804. >https://archive.is/YXMoI
  1805. 25 illegal immigrants who arrived to Lesvos through Turkey were found in the forest area of Palios while a man suspected of being connected to the smuggling operation was arrested in a mountainous spot in Skala Sykaminias
  1806. >https://archive.is/nXTcg
  1807. Turkish frigates threaten to sink Greek fishing boat 14 Nautical Miles shouth from the Greek island of Rhodes, they also cut his lines as he was fishing in the area, causing 2000 Euros of damage
  1808. >https://archive.is/5QCwP
  1809. The failed attempt to set fire to the camp in Eleonas and the ensuing clash between Arabs and Afghans led to the arrest of a jihadist yesterday.
  1810. >https://archive.is/M2WRf
  1811. U.S State Department on Varosha: Erdogan's visit a 'step in the wrong direction'
  1812. >https://archive.is/r6qd5
  1815. ----------------------------------------- 21/11
  1816. New Turkish Navtex for Oruc Reis until midnight on November 29th
  1817. >https://archive.is/8QZhV
  1818. A few hours after the new illegal NAVTEX announced by Turkey, Erdogan called for a dialogue with the European Union and stressed that he never closed the door to diplomacy, calls on the EU not to discriminate against Turkey.
  1819. >https://archive.is/8wQik
  1820. >https://archive.is/8QZhV
  1821. Greek Defense Minister to NATO: "No dialogue with Turkey"
  1822. >https://archive.is/PS4lC
  1823. Ring trafficking illegal immigrants arrested at the Greek "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport. Three foreigners (members) were arrested and six more people related to it were also arrested, they were providing fake documents and escorted the immigrants to the gates
  1824. >https://archive.is/NWd7R
  1827. ----------------------------------------- 22/11
  1828. Erdogan's propagandist says Turkey must be ready for a war against the U.S and to defend their rights from them
  1829. >https://archive.is/xq6hZ
  1830. Saudi Arabia FM: "Our relations with Turkey are good, friendly". He said there was no evidence that there was an informal boycott of Turkish products
  1831. >https://archive.is/pDJoX
  1832. Erdogan again: Our first choice is the West
  1833. >https://archive.is/ExIC1
  1834. New French message to Erdogan: Statements are not enough, we are waiting for actions.
  1835. >https://archive.is/5XDZp
  1838. ----------------------------------------- 23/11
  1839. BREAKING: The United Arab Emirates and Greece signed an agreement on military assistance which includes a Mutual Military Assistance Clause in case of attack by a third party.
  1840. >https://archive.is/5ZsV9
  1841. Turkish DM: "The claims of Greece and Cyprus are one-sided and extreme"
  1842. >https://archive.is/xfVkZ
  1843. Turkish media complains that a Greek warship did not raise its flag while crossing the Bosphorus (not required), complaining that it was rude of Greece to do so
  1844. >https://archive.is/DvTo9
  1845. Turkey denies German frigate to inspect a Turkish cargo ship off the coast of Libya, the frigate was part of Operation Peace (IRINI) which tries to ensure the arms embargo to Libya is being respected. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said a Greek commander gave the order to inspect the ship and violated international law
  1846. >https://archive.is/RndCw
  1847. >https://archive.is/LRbuH
  1848. >https://archive.is/xG8cY
  1849. Adviser to Erdogan: "We will have 'dogs' who will build us nuclear missiles" (video on mediafire)
  1850. >https://archive.is/j8w3X
  1851. Germany: "Turkey's behavior is problematic in many ways" says Foreign Minister about the incident in Libya
  1852. >https://archive.is/EfPlu
  1853. German MP: "Turkey does not share NATO's values and has a problem with the rule of law"
  1854. >https://archive.is/AXfuP
  1855. Operation IRINI (Peace): Turkey demands explanations from EU, Italy and Germany
  1856. >https://archive.is/tlTlC
  1857. French Naval company: We will cooperate with Greece to build frigates and ensure Greek dominance
  1858. >https://archive.is/ZDdiM
  1859. Video from downtown Athens shows illegal immigrants gathering at the fountain of Omonia Square (video on mediafire)
  1860. >https://archive.is/8dlYD
  1863. ----------------------------------------- 24/11
  1864. Germany sold 1.5 billion euros worth of warships to Turkey in 16 years
  1865. >https://archive.is/yStb3
  1866. >https://archive.is/ljR22
  1867. Turkey issues NAVTEX over 6 Greek islands demanding their demilitarization while violating international law with overflights of Turkish jets over Greek islands and also their illegal NAVTEXs inside Greek and Cypriot waters for research and drilling operations
  1868. >https://archive.is/0A7CN
  1869. >https://archive.is/zrq18
  1870. Austria: Withdraw Turkey from EU candidate status along with suspending all pre-accession assistance
  1871. >https://archive.is/oAkSK
  1872. Turkish Foreign Ministry: "Athens does not want dialogue", says Greece will not achieve anything with threats
  1873. >https://archive.is/5cYxy
  1874. >https://archive.is/hLKwm
  1875. Turkish FM: "Turkey expects the EU to acknowledge its mistakes"
  1876. >https://archive.is/j6XLC
  1877. Africans protesting in Malakasa camp, near Athens. While the whole country is in lockdown, they want to be free to move as they wish (video on mediafire)
  1878. >https://archive.is/FjKUk
  1879. Cypriot president on the Cyprus occupation issue: "The goal is the reunification of our island"
  1880. >https://archive.is/4MP2X
  1883. ----------------------------------------- 25/11
  1884. Nouri Gokhan Nouri, a former member of the Special Forces Command, whose extradition Erdogan had requested during his visit to Ukraine, reveals Turkey's arms trade to several countries in conflict and also shipments of money (video on mediafire)
  1885. >https://archive.is/Vj22z
  1886. Turkish FM threatens with "retaliation" after a German soldier boarded the Turkish cargo ship
  1887. >https://archive.is/d88Do
  1888. Turkish media: "Greece sabotages Germany and NATO"
  1889. >https://archive.is/WkA2j
  1892. ----------------------------------------- 26/11
  1893. A man trafficking drugs and weapons from Turkey into Greece has been arrested today after he illegally crossed the border with the goods and sold them to an undercover police officer
  1894. >https://archive.is/ZTz5D
  1895. European Parliament votes in favor of tougher sanctions against Turkey, the result of the vote was 440 votes in favor, 193 against and 53 abstentions
  1896. >https://archive.is/tHyxL
  1897. Erdogan's party vice president: Turkey does not expect sanctions from Biden on purchase of S-400s from Russia
  1898. >https://archive.is/HySK8
  1899. The European Parliament condemns Turkey for the partial reopening of Varosia by 631 votes
  1900. >https://archive.is/IBxLP
  1901. Greek Government spokesman: "any last minute "goodwill" decision by Turkey is pretentious and should be seen as a sham"
  1902. >https://archive.is/NLjS6
  1903. Turkish Defense Minister responded to his German counterpart about the attempted boarding of a Turkish ship , claiming that everyone avoided taking responsibility for the "illegal investigation"
  1904. >https://archive.is/y3loR
  1907. ----------------------------------------- 27/11
  1908. The Turkish Seismic Survey ship Oruc Reis was today at a distance of 6.8 nautical miles from the Greek island of Kastellorizo
  1909. >https://archive.is/5LFng
  1910. Turkish MFA says the resolution approved by the European Parliament is "prejudiced" against Turkey and "disconnected from the realities of the cyprus issue", adding that if the EU maintains this mentality the Cyprus issue will not be settled
  1911. >https://archive.is/DVfYq
  1912. Turkish prosecutor targets Washington Post writer Davis Ignatius, cites his writing as evidence of a crime, it is important to remember that Turkey has arrested around 170 journalists and has called for legal action against many journalists in Europe and America
  1913. >https://archive.is/40GNm
  1916. ----------------------------------------- 28/11
  1917. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said: "Do we need to distinguish between terrorist activities and Islam? The term "Islamic terrorism" cannot be used
  1918. >https://archive.is/yphkf
  1919. The "temporary" camp of immigrants in PIKPA Leros is permanently closed
  1920. >https://archive.is/UUCHw
  1921. Panic and anger are running high in Turkey, following an EU report calling for Cyprus to join NATO, fears the end of the arms embargo to Cyprus
  1922. >https://archive.is/evpHM
  1923. Turkey-Quatar deal announced yesterday includes the sale not only of technology, military equipment but also 10% of the Turkish stock market as well as shopping malls and property where Qatar plans to build hotels, marinas, malls and mosques
  1924. >https://archive.is/gJdwN
  1925. >https://archive.is/wFRLy
  1926. The first two renovated special operations vessels Mark V Special Operations Craft (SOC) of the Greek Navy began maritime tests
  1927. >https://archive.is/XlRbB
  1928. Greek FM: Germany is failing as an EU leader due to its attitude towards Turkey
  1929. >https://archive.is/0AB1R
  1930. >https://archive.is/C2BDT
  1933. ----------------------------------------- 29/11
  1934. full scale prototype of the first Greek Military drone presented, development started in March
  1935. >https://archive.is/39t7T
  1938. ----------------------------------------- 30/11
  1939. The Turkish ship Oruc Reis docked in Attaleia (Antalya), it returned to a Turkish port today, less than two weeks before the European Summit that could impose sanctions on Turkey over its violations of international law, which might lead to Germany not agreeing with sanctioning Turkey again
  1940. >https://archive.is/6uW1y
  1941. Merkel: "Turkey in recent years has taken a path that provokes a lot of criticism in terms of our values, our beliefs."
  1942. >https://archive.is/4NiVX
  1943. Turkey: Annoyance over the "Medusa 2020" military exercise, which started in Egypt today, counting with the participation of 5 countries which are Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, France and UAE
  1944. >https://archive.is/P6KmX
  1945. Turkish Defense Minister: "Our neighbors are stubbornly abstaining from negotiations and looking for other solutions. "They are wrong,"
  1946. >https://archive.is/iR3Oo
  1949. ----------------------------------------- 01/12
  1950. After Turkey withdrew Oruc Reis ahead of the next EU summit, it is possible that they would try to schedule a meeting to reopen the dialogue between Greece and Turkey to avoid getting sanctioned by the EU, but Greece has conditions for those to happen as Turkey is notorious for proposing things in a climate of blackmail
  1951. >https://archive.is/YoUxO
  1952. Confirmation of Greece being in talks with the U.S to acquire F-35 jets, 6 of which would be a fast delivery, since Greece said it needs them with urgency and possibly more in the future
  1953. >https://archive.is/OIend
  1954. Turkish media speaks of "scandal", revealing that behind Google there is a "Greek finger" - The allegations were started by a retired Admiral, considered the inspirer of the doctrine of the "blue homeland", because Google displays the Straits of Dardanelles and the Bosphorus with their Greek names
  1955. >https://archive.is/k1KyN
  1956. Erdogan attacks French media: "They promote Islamophobia under the guise of press freedom"
  1957. >https://archive.is/Zy4cd
  1958. Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman: "Turkey is open to dialogue, Greece is falling behind"
  1959. >https://archive.is/qe3Cg
  1962. ----------------------------------------- 02/12
  1963. European Commission presents Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion "for all"
  1964. >https://archive.is/wip/3T0Zm
  1965. Shipwreck of illegal immigrants in Lesvos ends with the death of a Somali woman, official reports state that the Turkish Coast Guard sent false information to the Greek CG and FRONTEX about the boat's location and witnesses that were rescued said that the Turkish CG sank them
  1966. >https://archive.is/qFp1r
  1967. >https://archive.is/uP34d
  1968. Greece will raise the subject of the suspension of Turkish funding, the reassessment of the customs union with the EU, the "freezing" of the transactions of Turkish companies and banks and the ban on the sale of European weapons systems to Turkey during the upcoming EU Summit
  1969. >https://archive.is/27pDt
  1970. Stoltenberg: we are strengthening the Greek-Turkish de-escalation mechanism
  1971. >https://archive.is/WFqPu
  1972. Erdogan cites incidents in Sweden, Norway, France, New Zealand, Canada, & US, and says Islamophobia is more dangerous than COVID-19, says it is spreading faster than the virus and that it is dangerous
  1973. >https://archive.is/RABzE
  1974. US and Turkey Foreign Ministers clash during NATO meeting
  1975. >https://archive.is/1QYpR
  1978. ----------------------------------------- 03/12
  1979. Inscription dedicated to Ancient Greek god of the wild found in Byzantine-era church in the Golan Heights
  1980. >https://archive.is/laNOR
  1981. NATO Missile Firing Exercise (NAMFI) concludes in Greece
  1982. >https://archive.is/J4chS
  1985. ----------------------------------------- 04/12
  1986. U.S State Department: Turkey to stop provocative actions in Eastern Mediterranean
  1987. >https://archive.is/DcdGp
  1988. US: Immediate sanctions against Turkey for acquiring S-400s
  1989. >https://archive.is/UbwVR
  1990. EU commission and the Greek Government have agreed to build a new immigrant camp in the island of Lesvos, which should be completed in September 2021
  1991. >https://archive.is/WgQXf
  1992. >https://archive.is/baQbj
  1993. Kavala: Nine injured after chase of vehicle illegally transporting immigrants
  1994. >https://archive.is/Hk6f5
  1995. 29 violations of Greek airspace by Turkish jets on Thursday, specifically, two F-16s and two CN-235 spy planes committed 29 violations
  1996. >https://archive.is/yd6K6
  1997. European Council President: The European Union is ready to impose sanctions on Turkey
  1998. >https://archive.is/bvJKg
  1999. Erdogan: "Macron is an obstacle - I hope the French get rid of him soon"
  2000. >https://archive.is/P23nG
  2001. Video from Samos island shows the devastating effects of mass immigration (video on mediafire)
  2002. >https://archive.is/WzY26
  2003. >https://archive.is/9k7jA
  2004. Turkish Foreign Minister accuses Greece of violating the Turkish continental shelf, says Turkey called for dialogue repeatedly and that they stopped Oruc Reis' operations twice to start dialogue but Greece did not welcome the dialogue propositions (due to the Turkish threats)
  2005. >https://archive.is/b3EWM
  2006. Greece getting bargain-priced U.S. armoured vehicles
  2007. >https://archive.is/WdI2y
  2008. Afghan immigrant living in the immigrant camp of Scaramanga is being investigated for molesting an 11 year old girl of Iranian origin, who made a statement saying that other girls have told her that the same man did the same thing to them
  2009. >https://archive.is/jahhO
  2010. German government official says that he does not wants to talk about sanctions against Turkey for now because the real debate will happen in a few weeks and he does not wants to form an opinion yet
  2011. >https://archive.is/jEFx8
  2012. Turkey issues NAVTEX for military exercises near Greek islands starting a day before European Council Summit
  2013. >https://archive.is/Y0RZk
  2014. An extraordinary meeting of the Council of the Community of Mantamados, Lesvos, was held in response to the news that the EU and the Greek Government would build a new camp in Lesvos, the statement made was that they dont want a camp in or around their region
  2015. >https://archive.is/u5PEO
  2016. German media: “Greece is moving away from Germany”
  2017. >https://archive.is/3BkIF
  2018. U.S State Department Adviser: Germany tends to be much more friendly towards Turkey
  2019. >https://archive.is/VkZuy
  2022. ----------------------------------------- 05/12
  2023. The Council of Europe has condemned the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque
  2024. >https://archive.is/FtjQ3
  2025. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an official statement today calling Greece of "Spoiled child of Europe", saying that Turkey will not back down and that Greece should engage in talks with Turkey sooner rather than later
  2026. >https://archive.is/MXHll
  2027. New Turkish NAVTEX for military exercises south of Crete
  2028. >https://archive.is/RQvRm
  2029. >https://archive.is/hU28H
  2030. Greek Foreign Minister: It is inadmissible for Turkey to behave with 19th century practices
  2031. >https://archive.is/nq5gw
  2032. Turkish Navy humiliated by Egypt when attempting to interrupt MEDUSA 2020 exercises, a joint exercise between Egypt, Cyprus, UAE, Greece and France, happening inside Egypt's maritime space. A Turkish frigate tried to enter the Exercise's area but fled after an Egyptian frigate rushed in, which could cause a collision
  2033. >https://archive.is/x8jqR
  2034. The agreement for the aquisition of 18 French Rafale jets will arrive at the Greek Parliament on 17/12, the agreement will cost 2.5 Billion Euros, the agreement also includes the purchase of Meteor missiles, and re-certify the Mica, Scalp and Exocet missiles
  2035. >https://archive.is/nenqZ
  2038. ----------------------------------------- 06/12
  2039. Erdogan echoes Azerbaijani President Aliyev’s recommendation after the French Senate adopted a resolution to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent republic. “If you love Armenians so much, you should give Marseille to them.” (video on mediafire)
  2040. >https://archive.is/eCQzI
  2041. Volkswagen cancelled Turkey plant for ‘political reasons’, says CEO
  2042. >https://archive.is/EngBh
  2043. Italy arrests 19 over Turkey-linked immigrant smuggling ring
  2044. >https://archive.is/T1bLG
  2045. >https://archive.is/TiXON
  2046. Azerbaijan appointed Rafik Danakari from its Udin minority as a priest at the Armenian Dadivank monastery, in a region now controlled by the Azeris in Artsakh. The Udin minority "Caucasian Albania" from Azerbaijan, which are like 4,000 people altogether in Azerbaijan
  2047. >https://archive.is/HlMFO
  2048. >https://archive.is/IorGv
  2049. One day after issuing a statement calling Greece a spoiled child of Europe and saying Greece should negotiate with Turkey sooner rather than later, Turkey made another statement saying that they were always in favor of good neighborly relations and international law
  2050. >https://archive.is/shya1
  2051. Turkish Forein Ministry spokesman: "Greece increases tensions in Aegean and Mediterranean, not us"
  2052. >https://archive.is/fH46v
  2053. The status of 152 islands in the Aegean is unclear, says architect of Turkey’s ‘Blue Homeland’ doctrine
  2054. >https://archive.is/L0OYU
  2055. Pakistani immigrant who r*ped (word censored by Pastebin word filter) an 11 year old girl in Karpathos causes outrage for his excuse of why he did it - "I did it because I thought she was a 20-year-old"
  2056. >https://archive.is/3Lm8E
  2059. ----------------------------------------- 07/12
  2060. Foreign Affairs Council: Sanctions against Turkey are on the table today
  2061. >https://archive.is/GKn0K
  2062. Turkish media posts drone footage from the Greek Coast Guard stopping boats full of illegal immigrants from crossing into Greek waters, which is precisely the Coast Guard's job
  2063. >https://archive.is/ZkIeJ
  2064. Turkish president again blames Eastern Mediterranean tensions in Greece and Cyprus and not Turkey and called on the European Union to stop going blind
  2065. >https://archive.is/CPmRs
  2066. Turkish professor: "In Turkey they build an identity with pride for barbarism"
  2067. >https://archive.is/URk7B
  2068. Creator of the Turkish "Blue Homeland" doctrine: "We want a continental shelf and 152 islands on the table"
  2069. >https://archive.is/7nhfV
  2070. NATO Secretary General: "There are concerns about Turkey, but it is an important partner"
  2071. >https://archive.is/9sBhj
  2072. EU High Representative: "All the ministers believe that we have not seen a fundamental change of direction in Turkey's behavior. On the contrary, in many respects, the situation has worsened"
  2073. >https://archive.is/zkMgY
  2074. EU: What sanctions can be imposed on Turkey - The sides, the arms embargo
  2075. >https://archive.is/Ex5kr
  2078. ----------------------------------------- 08/12
  2079. Greek Coast Guard on the latest Lesvos shipwreck: Turkish Coast Guard refuses to rescue immigrants
  2080. >https://archive.is/boL9b
  2081. Austrian Foreign Minister: The Eastern Mediterranean is not the garden of Turkey
  2082. >https://archive.is/znZo8
  2083. German NGO SeaEye said it would be teaming up with the private Maltese NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station to operate the brand new ship from SeaEye, the biggest ship on their fleet
  2084. >https://archive.is/QjLIo
  2085. >https://archive.is/sUe73
  2086. DEBUNKING: Analysis of video published by the Turkish coast guard, in an attempt to claim that Greece was pushing back boats full of immigrants (video on mediafire)
  2087. >https://archive.is/wBUPK
  2088. Greek FM hints to the EU imposing sanctions against Turkey after yesterday's summit of Foreign Ministers that discussed in depth the situation and Turkey's reaction to the EU's positive message sent by the EU in October
  2089. >https://archive.is/29QQj
  2090. A fight among immigrants living in the Vial camp in Chios ended with them stabbing each other. The reason why the two foreigners of different nationalities quarreled has not been clarified
  2091. >https://archive.is/BtqnO
  2092. Greek Immigration Minister: Turkey facilitates the smuggling of illegal immigrants.
  2093. >https://archive.is/DyKpc
  2094. Turkish Government wants an EEZ deal with Israel, ignoring the territorial waters and EEZ of Cyprus and the Greek island of Rhodes just as they have previously ignored the EEZ rights of Rhodes and Crete during their illegal agreement with Libya
  2095. >https://archive.is/8pnR1
  2096. Turkish Foreign Minister delusion: "Greece continued the "provocative" steps while Turkey preferred diplomacy"
  2097. >https://archive.is/qrl8a
  2098. Nine Turkish aircraft flew over Greek islands today, four of which were armed, Greek jets intercepted said aircrafts and escorted them out of Greek airspace
  2099. >https://archive.is/89jOm
  2100. Turkish President's advisor Mesut Hakki Casin says Turkey did not comply with the US sanctions on Iran despite pressure, but laments it did not get Iran's support when Turkey needed. (video on mediafire)
  2101. >https://archive.is/KG8dk
  2104. ----------------------------------------- 09/12
  2105. German Newspaper: "Turkey does not need any more bad news [...] The tragic thing, however, is that even these will not change Ankara's attitude"
  2106. >https://archive.is/OwCmL
  2107. The EU is going to launch limited and economically insignificant sanctions. to the detriment of Turkey, according to the analysis of the geopolitical research company Eurasia Group, in its analysis in view of the Summit of December 10-11
  2108. >https://archive.is/barxF
  2109. The French will possibly deliver the first two used Rafale by June 2021 at the latest, although Greece is requesting an even faster delivery, if possible in the spring
  2110. >https://archive.is/nXIyV
  2111. Erdogan's said the idea of ​​European Council sanctions against Turkey was disappointing and called on leaders to avoid it and that it would hurt the Greece-Turkey relations
  2112. >https://archive.is/k4DAN
  2113. Erdogan said during an interview that Turkey would not care about the possible sanctions being discussed by the European Council today even if they were imposed (video on mediafire)
  2114. >https://archive.is/Cu9Ie
  2115. IMPORTANT: As expected, the EU sanctions against Turkey are economically insignificant and focus on Turkish individuals and companies responsible for drilling in the East Med
  2116. >https://archive.is/UN5zD
  2117. >https://archive.is/mwJ0n
  2118. >https://archive.is/pEI2s
  2119. Turkey accuses Greece of being harsh on developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, but also on Euro-Turkish relations
  2120. >https://archive.is/kInAf
  2121. German media: "Germany's protective hand over Erdogan"
  2122. >https://archive.is/TqV1u
  2123. Reuters: The draft EU conclusions speak of an extension of sanctions, but not economically significant - It is still under negotiation
  2124. >https://archive.is/WyU3z
  2127. ----------------------------------------- 10/12
  2128. Pro-Turkish German policy and Merkel's brake on sanctions against Erdogan
  2129. >https://archive.is/oqbY3
  2130. Turkish Defense Minister: Unconditional (without Greece imposing conditions) dialogue with Greece because we are strong - We will die for our rights
  2131. >https://archive.is/Chwcq
  2132. Greek PM to Merkel: "Pacta sunt servanda" - "Agreements must be respected, we have decided that if Turkey continues its delinquent behavior there will be consequences"
  2133. >https://archive.is/rya08
  2134. Erdogan: Armenians must learn from their defeat
  2135. >https://archive.is/OgW3t
  2136. Greek Foreign Minister: "Where there is a problem, there is also Turkey"
  2137. >https://archive.is/DW3g4
  2138. Macron talks about a discussion that will happen during the EU Summit regarding several subjects including a "very sensitive" one that regards the relationship with Turkey
  2139. >https://archive.is/hSULM
  2140. Turkey and Italy discuss 30 billion trade deal
  2141. >https://archive.is/tuFG2
  2142. NATO's Secretary General talks about how the allies should realize how important Turkey is as part of NATO and as part of "the western family" (video on mediafire)
  2143. >https://archive.is/ruiw5
  2144. Turkish officials show annoyance regarding news that the U.S government seem to be ready to impose sanctions against Turkey due to the purchase of the Russian S-400 system
  2145. >https://archive.is/XyUEI
  2146. Reuters: U.S. is about to sanction Turkey over Russian defense system EXCLUSIVE
  2147. >https://archive.is/kSNhU
  2148. The battle for the sanctions against Turkey during the EU summit has been moved for the dinner meeting
  2149. >https://archive.is/OYsaP
  2152. ----------------------------------------- 11/12
  2153. The EU Summit reached a conclusion regarding the possible sanctions on Turkey, as predicted, no significant sanctions were imposed on Turkey, only sanctions against individuals and companies was extended, which never impacted Turkey in the least
  2154. >https://archive.is/H5guR
  2155. >https://archive.is/bZXhw
  2156. According to data from the Greek Ministry of Immigration, the number of illegal immigrants and "refugees" living in Greek camps has been reduced to less than 70 000, when in january the number was around 93 000
  2157. >https://archive.is/JlOFL
  2158. Turkish newspapers: "Greece occupied Antikythera militarily"
  2159. >https://archive.is/sNIii
  2160. Turkey published an interactive "blue homeland" map on Google Maps, slicing the Aegean in half and claiming that Turkey owns the sea around several Greek islands and also Cyprus, also showing the illegal EEZ deal with Libya and their ambition to have one with Israel
  2161. >https://archive.is/W079j
  2162. Turkish Foreign Minister: "Ready for talks with Greece without conditions"
  2163. >https://archive.is/J2dFU
  2164. Merkel after the EU Summit: "We hoped for a more constructive relationship with Turkey, developments are very disappointing". The following EU summit that will discuss possible sanctions on Turkey is scheduled for March 25 2021
  2165. >https://archive.is/UBjAt
  2166. Erdogan: The "reasonable" EU countries prevented efforts against Turkey
  2167. >https://archive.is/cJ0a9
  2168. Merkel on the request for an embargo on delivery of German submarines to Turkey: "I can not answer at the moment"
  2169. >https://archive.is/HI7rB
  2170. Germany and Bulgaria were the only two EU countries openly against sanctions on Turkey
  2171. >https://archive.is/C5u3K
  2172. U.S congress passes sanctions against Turkey for the acquisition of the S-400 system along with a budget of 50 million to build a military base in the Greek island of Souda
  2173. >https://archive.is/AetCV
  2174. Belgium Prime Minister says sanctions against Turkey correspond to Turkey's behavior (sanctions only target individuals and companies and are irrelevant), says relations with Turkey in many areas must stay open, gives immigration as an example
  2175. >https://archive.is/DdDjw
  2178. ----------------------------------------- 12/12
  2179. ID and passport forgers are now posting videos of how they make the fake documents being sold to the illegal immigrants in the EU (video on mediafire)
  2180. >https://archive.is/2E3Wl
  2181. Armenian monuments and cross-stones were vandalized and desecrated in Talish
  2182. >https://archive.is/hxhHj
  2183. Two Muslims from Thrace are accused of espionage in Rhodes, one is a cook on a ship operating on the barren line Kastellorizo-Rhodes and the other serves in a key position at the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.
  2184. >https://archive.is/kR0iK
  2185. >https://archive.is/ZpjWa
  2186. Erdogan: "Europe must be freed from Greek pressure"
  2187. >https://archive.is/W9KD3
  2190. ----------------------------------------- 13/12
  2191. Erdogan's advisor Mesut Hakki Casin threatens the US with base closures, says Turkey does not need to protect US troops deployed in Turkey, vows to invade Greece's north to chase American troops away from there while blocking access of US navy to Black Sea.
  2192. >https://archive.is/NC49C
  2195. ----------------------------------------- 14/12
  2196. 2,500 Somali illegal immigrants from Smyrna want to cross the sea to Greece
  2197. >https://archive.is/lFKzv
  2198. Muslim Greek citizen arrested for espionage: "I did not get money. I did it for my motherland (Turkey)"
  2199. >https://archive.is/4nIfH
  2200. The Turkish seismic survey ship Oruc Reis sailed from Attaleia (Antalya), the Greek Authorities and Navy have been following closely the movements of the ship since it could once again end in more provocations
  2201. >https://archive.is/peWtz
  2202. Adviser Erdogan: "In Alexandroupolis, two of our battalions will go in there and teach the Americans how to swim in the waters of the Aegean."
  2203. >https://archive.is/HgUJI
  2204. Washington has announced sanctions against Turkey for the S-400s and Turkey threatening Washington with retaliation after the sanctions
  2205. >https://archive.is/UFgB0
  2206. >https://archive.is/WKADo
  2209. ----------------------------------------- 15/12
  2210. After the U.S Sanctions against Turkey, the modernization of the F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force is canceled along with the production of at least 109 T-70i helicopters
  2211. >https://archive.is/Tlppu
  2212. Joint statement of 4 parties of the Turkish National Assembly against the USA: "Take back the sanctions!"
  2213. >https://archive.is/XOMwC
  2214. Plan for illegal arrivals of Somalis in Greece - What the data of the last two months show
  2215. >https://archive.is/0WLyH
  2216. Basilica Cistern in Constantinople on the verge of collapse, The Byzantine-built Basilica Cistern in Constantinople is on the verge of collapse due to Turkey’s continued subpar efforts to maintain historical Greek sites.
  2217. >https://archive.is/WKl2P
  2220. ----------------------------------------- 16/12
  2221. According to Erdogan, Turkey hopes to open "a new page" with EU, the immigration pact signed in 2016 between Turkey and the EU. can be a starting point for creating a more "positive" climate, but still accused Greece of not wanting to de-escalate things in the East Med
  2222. >https://archive.is/M8Gdj
  2223. A phone call happened between Erdogan and EU's Charles Michael at the request of Turkey, Turkey expressed a desire to start a "new page" with the EU, Charles Michael reiterated the importance to solve the Cyprus Occupation issue and that Turkey must resume talks with Greece
  2224. >https://archive.is/aNoVO
  2225. Turkish consul requested the return of a phone and a computer that were seized during the espionage investigation in Rhodes by two (muslim) Greek citizens, the consul states that the phone and the computer dont belong to him and were handed to him to perform his job
  2226. >https://archive.is/4ObCa
  2227. Greek mayor announced that his municipality would be part of a project funded by the Greek Government in Turkish, the same mayor has been involved in several scandals for his statements, always in Turkish, even said once that the municipality would embrace Turkey
  2228. >https://archive.is/gZDc2
  2229. Greek mayor announced that his municipality would be part of a project funded by the Greek Government in Turkish, the same mayor has been involved in several scandals for his statements, always in Turkish, even said once that the municipality would embrace Turkey
  2230. >https://archive.is/gZDc2
  2231. Three illegal Pakistani immigrants (men) arrested for kidnapping 8 illegal immigrants in Thessaloniki, 6 of which were men and 2 women from the Dominican Republic. The men were demanding money from the victim's families to release them
  2232. >https://archive.is/YDapr
  2235. ----------------------------------------- 17/12
  2236. Turkey's President, Erdogan said the US attacked his country's sovereign rights by sanctioning Turkish defense industry, says his gov't will double efforts to develop military/defense industries despite sanctions
  2237. >https://archive.is/u59yz
  2238. The Greek parliament will discuss today the terms of the French-Greek deal regarding the acquisition of 18 Rafale jets and when they should be delivered among other details
  2239. >https://archive.is/rIhiC
  2240. (unrelated) EU court sentences Hungary for deporting and arresting people that entered and were staying in Hungary illegally without going through the process that grants them the right to apply for Asylum or mere repatriation process
  2241. >https://archive.is/CyLzL
  2242. London-based Muslim-aid charity is accused of funding human trafficking gangs smuggling Somali immigrants into Europe via Greece
  2243. >https://archive.is/TiJZW
  2244. Turkish FM insists Turkey will not back down on Russian S-400s despite sanctions
  2245. >https://archive.is/LMtph
  2246. The "president of northern cyprus" received the map of the "Blue Homeland" (Turkish expansionist political doctrine) as a gift from the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of "northern cyprus"
  2247. >https://archive.is/jTzHO
  2248. >https://archive.is/Tl35o
  2251. ----------------------------------------- 18/12
  2252. Illegal immigrants traveled by private jet from Turkey to Paris, the 9 of them were arrested on Sunday at Orly Airport. The immigrants claim to be Kurds, were traveling on a plane belonging to an Austrian company, and said they paid 30 000 Euroos (each) for the flight
  2253. >https://archive.is/EyT89
  2254. U.S State Department: Contracts with Turkish Defense Industry will not be renewed, although current, valid and incomplete export licenses are not affected by the sanctions
  2255. >https://archive.is/QBRWo
  2256. Turkish FM accuses Greece of violating the Vienna convention and the European Convention on Human Rights after the arrest of the Turkish Consulate secretary under espionage charges, he also accused the Greek media of violating the "presumption of innocence"
  2257. >https://archive.is/nExK8
  2258. Erdogan had a call with Merkel, they discussed a possible update to the EU-Turkey refugee agreement, Erdogan stressed that "this is the key to a positive Euro-Turkish agenda", essentially asking for more resources
  2259. >https://archive.is/NRdif
  2260. German "embargo" due to Turkish operations in Syria has now caused the halting of production of the Turkish battle tank "ALTAY" since Germany halted the delivery of engines
  2261. >https://archive.is/K0bRq
  2262. Turkish defense minister once again makes provocative statements, demands the demilitarization of Greek islands and says that Turkey has no intentions of selling S-400 system, referring to recent U.S sanctions
  2263. >https://archive.is/yLdkm
  2264. EU High Representative says that Europe's relations with Turkey "have deep historical roots", but that actions taken by Turkey "seems to take it away from the EU", says there's high probability of strong measures against Turkey if nothing changes
  2265. >https://archive.is/Xj7fV
  2268. ----------------------------------------- 19/12
  2269. EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, says migration is normal and part of Humans' past, present and future, says immigrants are "needed and welcome", also said that "2-3 million people arrive legally to EU every year"
  2270. >https://archive.is/m5f61
  2271. Erdogan: "Those who threaten us with sanctions in the end will be disappointed"
  2272. >https://archive.is/wip/fbBEM
  2274. ----------------------------------------- 20/12
  2275. nothing relevant seems to have happened
  2278. ----------------------------------------- 21/12
  2279. Greek Authorities have 15 more suspects of espionage linked with the case of the Turkish consulate secretary and the Muslim Greek citizen from Thrace that had been arrested for espionage earlier this month
  2280. >https://archive.is/jqpzP
  2281. The EU wont send money for "refugees" directly to the Turkish government anymore to avoid that Turkey buys weapons with it, such as last time when Turkey used the funds to buy warships (video on mediafire)
  2282. >https://archive.is/WU4cy
  2283. Turkish FM: "Stop asking for help from others" tells Greek counterpart
  2284. >https://archive.is/fGYo2
  2285. Video of illegal immigrants in Greece being transported to Thessaloniki by smugglers (video on mediafire)
  2286. >https://archive.is/4XDdK
  2287. NATO ally Turkey's Islamist President vows to frustrate Americans amid sanctions imposed his government defense arm, saying his campaign would move forward with the help from God (video on mediafire)
  2288. >https://archive.is/fQR7U
  2291. ----------------------------------------- 22/12
  2292. German FM: "From a strategic point of view, I do not find the request for an arms embargo on Turkey right. This is not easy to do against a NATO partner"
  2293. >https://archive.is/oY6rd
  2294. "Turkey may as well arrest Greece's Consul General in Smyrna (Izmir) in response to the detainment of a local employee of Turkish consulate in Rhodes over espionage charges", says President Erdogan's advisor Mesut Hakki Casin
  2295. >https://archive.is/Ryo8P
  2296. Turkish F-16s fly over (Greek) eastern Aegean islets, once again violating international law
  2297. >https://archive.is/YGMWX
  2300. ----------------------------------------- 23/12
  2301. nothing relevant came up in the news today
  2304. ----------------------------------------- 24/12
  2305. Turkey's President Chief advisor Saadat Oruc accuses France President Emmanuel Macron's wife Brigitte of pedoph*lia (word censored by Pastebin word filter), suggests beheading of French teacher orchestrated to hunt down Muslims, predicts Muslims become a power to reckon with, will soon overtake Christians in Europe (video on mediafire)
  2306. >https://archive.is/ldoSn
  2309. ----------------------------------------- 25/12
  2310. The Greek Council of State approved the decree that extends Greek territorial waters of the Ionian region and Cape Tainaro, in accordance with UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea)
  2311. >https://archive.is/43IZ3
  2314. ----------------------------------------- 26/12
  2315. Turkish Foreign Ministry: "Greece raises tensions" - Turkish Foreign Ministry statement ends by calling on Greece to contribute to Turkey's peace efforts in the region
  2316. >https://archive.is/tfuIr
  2317. The Santa Ruins, archaeological site located in the province of Gümüşhane in northern Turkey has been registered as a “fragile area to be protected”, becoming another ancient Greek archeological site that is crumbling thanks to the Turkish government not taking care of historical sites
  2318. >https://archive.is/xZPqP
  2319. Turkish professor explains why most Turks (including the government) deny and consider that having Greek, Armenian or Kurdish ancestry is bad, thanks to their twisted historiography and the whole notion of a "Turkish identity"
  2320. >https://archive.is/arO2R
  2321. Hungary, one of the countries that were against the sanctions against Turkey during the last EU Summit has now announced the acquisition 40 armored vehicles, manufactured by the Turkish company Nurol Makina, while photos from their receipt were also published
  2322. >https://archive.is/qkWlq
  2323. >https://archive.is/Vj3BS
  2324. EU Commission to send 25 Million Euros to Lesvos, to assist hospitals that attend the illegal immigrants located at the camps and health structures in general that provide service to them, as well as buy fully equipped mobile units to provide healthcare to any of the camps
  2325. >https://archive.is/JwhWN
  2328. ----------------------------------------- 27/12
  2329. Last night 10 young Greeks attacked a camp for underage immigrants in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, using crowbars, knives and wooden sticks, one of the immigrants attacked was taken to the hospital
  2330. >https://archive.is/MiO1k
  2331. Americans are terrified of Turkish armed drones and had to change tactics for fear of strikes, claims Turkey's President Erdogan's advisor Mesut Hakki Casin (video on mediafire)
  2332. >https://archive.is/J3fJd
  2333. 8 illegal immigrants who stole hunting rifles from Greek citizens in the region of Evros have been arrested
  2334. >https://archive.is/1KJrU
  2338. ----------------------------------------- 28/12
  2339. Algerian ring providing fake documents to illegal immigrants and criminals in Greece has been dismantled, 850 passports were confiscated along with IDs and other documents
  2340. >https://archive.is/kcDlU
  2341. Greek-Turkish crisis: Pressures for exploratory talks from the USA and Germany
  2342. >https://archive.is/byCb0
  2343. The immigrants who stole rifles from Greek residents in Evros yesterday have been identified as being "palestinians" according to reports
  2344. >https://archive.is/tI4fM
  2345. Erdogan: “We will defend our sovereign rights in every area from the blue homeland to cyberspace”
  2346. >https://archive.is/HYNet
  2347. Greece’s 12 nautical miles territorial waters expansion in the Ionian Sea has come into effect
  2348. >https://archive.is/H7g16
  2351. ----------------------------------------- 29/12
  2352. Turkish Foreign Minister accused Greece and Cyprus for targeting Turkey, reiterating that Turkey wants to resolve the differences in the region through dialogue
  2353. >https://archive.is/SfLgW
  2354. Turkish Media: "The installation of a drone base in Skyros by Greece can cause a war"
  2355. >https://archive.is/ySoVK
  2356. Four Turkish F-16 fighters and three CN-235 spy planes, committed 45 violations of the Greek Airspace and in two cases the fighters' flights turned into "virtual dogfights" with the Greek F-16s that took off to stop them
  2357. >https://archive.is/PRIbc
  2358. Turkey’s defense minister upset about Greece’s weapons procurement: "You can buy as many aircraft, submarines and ships as you like; it won’t be enough"
  2359. >https://archive.is/lWFQG
  2362. ----------------------------------------- 30/12
  2363. U.S State Department denies the statement made by the Turkish Foreign Minister that the U.S would have created a team with Turkish officials to solve the S-400 issue, the DoS said that the U.S will insist in sanctions
  2364. >https://archive.is/5OmpX
  2365. Turkey's former head of military intelligence chief and Erdogan's ally Ismail Hakki Pekin threatened France, Egypt and UAE with a "bloodbath", openly said new proxy groups could be introduced to escalate violence in the entire region.
  2366. >https://archive.is/Ox5zf
  2367. Massachusetts teacher says she is “very proud” to have removed Homer’s classic from school curriculum
  2368. >https://archive.is/nVhxx
  2369. 10,000 police officers to be deployed on the streets for New Year’s Eve to make sure Greek citizens are complying with the lockdown measures
  2370. >https://archive.is/p0ByV
  2371. Greece and Israel agree on air force flight training centre in Kalamata
  2372. >https://archive.is/EUAMZ
  2375. ----------------------------------------- 31/12
  2376. Year-end pep talk by Turkey's President to Azeri and Turkish officers in Baku over phone of defense minister reveals a lot. Erdogan declares his military campaign will expand all over the world, describes it as holy fight, recalls Islamic Army of Caucasus from a century ago
  2377. >https://archive.is/wM97P
  2378. Turkish Defense Minister once again cries about Greek islands having some military presence and demands the demilitarization of 16 of them, saying such islands receive visits from military officers and that they have too few ships and planes to stand a chance against Turkey
  2379. >https://archive.is/1Mhoh
  2380. >https://archive.is/YlzhQ
  2381. the "President of Northern Cyprus" wishes that Cyprus would be divided in two sovereign nations in 2021, he also praised the decision to reopen the besieged city of Farmagusta, an act that was a violation of two UN Security Council Resolutions
  2382. >https://archive.is/nvVl7
  2385. ----------------------------------------- 01/01/2021
  2386. Turkish Vice President refuses to answer question of whether Turkey granted citizenship to Hamas operatives
  2387. >https://archive.is/KKX5a
  2388. Erdogan says that the "crown of 2020" was the conversion of Hagia Sofia into a mosque
  2389. >https://archive.is/r7xGj
  2390. Former U.S. diplomat: It is worth looking at restoring the Treaty of Sèvres
  2391. >https://archive.is/jQQUl
  2392. >https://archive.is/JnsZa
  2393. Diyanet professor celebrates the opening of Hagia Sofia into a mosque in 2021 as a proof that "islamic civilization continues to rise despite all difficulties"
  2394. >https://archive.is/5X8vy
  2395. >https://archive.is/jPsIV
  2396. Diyanet is a Turkish organisation that operates under the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs. Diyanet has 2000 outposts in Europe (1300 of which are mosques)
  2397. >https://archive.is/P3fJT
  2398. >https://archive.is/AY1e6
  2401. ----------------------------------------- 02/01/2021
  2402. Turkey issues two consecutive NAVTEX warnings for military exercises South East of Crete scheduled for January 4 and January 8. The Military exercises aim to once again raise tensions in the region as Turkey claims they have the jurisdiction over those waters
  2403. >https://archive.is/OwEX1
  2404. Neo-Ottoman group in Turkey claims that the descendants of the Ottomans are back, also said that no "ottoman grandchild" can celebrate commemorative dates of the Christian world
  2405. >https://archive.is/MSxOC
  2406. Anger and concern in Evros as hordes of illegal immigrants have proceeded to occupy and destroy uninhabited houses in the area, mainly in the mountainous area of ​​Soufli
  2407. >https://archive.is/aoMJu
  2408. New French proposal for the acquisition of the Belh@rra frigates by Greece, the original proposal was of 2 frigates costing 3.5 Billion Euros, the new proposal has 2 frigates according to the Greek specs (heavily armed, 1.4 Bi each) and 2 with French specs (lightly armed, 1 Bi each)
  2409. >https://archive.is/WMEEh
  2410. Lost ancient Sanctuary of Apollo found 100 years after being forgotten
  2411. >https://archive.is/Wf9m0
  2414. ----------------------------------------- 03/01/2021
  2415. Germany sells arms worth more than 1 billion euros to Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar
  2416. >https://archive.is/0Q4Bu
  2417. Illegal immigrants arriving at accommodation centre in Thebes demand to go to a luxury hotel
  2418. >https://archive.is/xTKqe
  2419. 2,500-year-old Greek Aphrodite Temple discovered in Smyrna (Izimir)
  2420. >https://archive.is/j2qcR
  2421. President Erdogan's number 2 man, Numan Kurtulmus, says serious differences on fundamentals exist between Turkey and its
  2422. NATO ally, the United States, and they are impossible to reconcile.
  2423. >https://archive.is/D6byc
  2424. The Turkish violations of the Treaty of Lausanne - Imbros and Tenedos islands (twitter thread)
  2425. >https://archive.is/LYviF
  2426. Greece to invest in weapons programs to deal with Turkish drones, Three small Greek armament programs with multiplier effect are going to start soon and concern the following weapon systems: UAS S-100, Sperwer, T-6A NTA Texan II
  2427. >https://archive.is/debok
  2428. Mytilene, Lesvos: illegal immigrant attacks police officer - Arrested and charged with serious charges
  2429. >https://archive.is/pl520
  2430. Saudi Arabia seems to be choosing Greece and the Greek Air Force to send fighters and pilots for the next joint training with the Greek "hawks" and the Saudis said they want to send F-15 Eagle fighters to the Souda base
  2431. >https://archive.is/Nf0TF
  2432. Spanish NGO ship with 265 illegal immigrants is looking for permission after "rescuing" them in the Mediterranean, it is trying to dock in Italy but has not yet received authorization to do so. Many of the people rescued are Eritrean nationals, the NGO said
  2433. >https://archive.is/jDJnk
  2436. ----------------------------------------- 04/01/2021
  2437. Turkish Defense Minister: "Greece deceives with lies and does everything it can to put pressure on Turkey"
  2438. >https://archive.is/TaUhX
  2439. Illegal immigrants make a fake video of them pretending to arrive in Evros, Greece, barefoot and without any sort of "winter clothes"
  2440. >https://archive.is/JVqZl
  2441. The Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Notis Mitarakis, had a meeting with government officials regarding the new immigrant camp to be built in Evros that will house around 800 illegal immigrants
  2442. >https://archive.is/Yg9s2
  2443. Desperate Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology made a statement saying Volkswagen was "It is losing a lucrative investment in the country" after VW announced that they would cancel the construction of a new factory in Turkey
  2444. >https://archive.is/6RDGK
  2447. ----------------------------------------- 05/01/2021
  2448. OpenSociety NGO worker criticizes Greek MP for exposing the fact that illegal immigrants are being moved to apartment buildings in a residential area, the MP said that "the constant unloading of populations in the overcrowded center of Athens is eroding social cohesion and peace"
  2449. >https://archive.is/T4LGZ
  2450. >https://archive.is/SATOj
  2451. >https://archive.is/NONCP
  2452. The Greek PM appointed as Deputy Minister for Integration (Migration and Asylum Ministry), Sofia Voultepsi, who once said that the immigrants are "unarmed invaders, weapons in the hands of the Turks" and that "The IMF inhabits its own economic world and Greece is not obliged to do what it says"
  2453. >https://archive.is/unUlr
  2454. Turkish AKP Party spokesman (Ruling party): "Anti-Turkey rhetoric is sabotaging EU’s future"
  2455. >https://archive.is/gFaSZ
  2456. video of the piles of hundreds of thousands of Life Vests discarded in Lesvos by illegal immigrants who had reached the island
  2457. >https://archive.is/4DC0Z
  2458. REMINDER: Erdogan said in 2019 that he would never accept the fact that other countries say Turkey cant have nuclear weapons, openly saying that Turkey intends to acquire nuclear weapons
  2459. >https://archive.is/DDuBl
  2460. Turkish Defense Minister: "We expect exploratory talks with Greece". An interesting change of position since yesterday the Turkish Defense Minister accused Greece of lying and not wanting dialogue with Turkey
  2461. >https://archive.is/PJie4
  2462. Cyprus and the US signed a declaration of intent to step up co-operation on border security
  2463. >https://archive.is/9EzMM
  2464. The Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church on Monday said it would defy the government lockdown order and open churches to the faithful during the Epiphany celebration on January 6
  2465. >https://archive.is/RjSsh
  2468. ----------------------------------------- 06/01/2021
  2469. Israel and Greece are set to sign a $1.68 billion defense deal that includes the procurement of 10 M-346 (Lavi) aircraft and the establishment of a flight school for the Hellenic Air Force
  2470. >https://archive.is/6BdN6
  2471. The Orestiada Bar Association created a petition so that Greeks could vote to cancel the creation/upgrade of a new camp for illegal immigrants in Evros, which could house up to 1500 of them
  2472. >https://archive.is/4yJDc
  2473. Turkish media: Greece-Saudi Arabia exercise 'threat'
  2474. >https://archive.is/oP0Q4
  2475. Book published by "Association of Culture and Solidarity of "Turks" of Rhodes, Kos and Dodecanese", funded by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, talks about "Turkish" culture and minority in Rhodes and Kos
  2476. >https://archive.is/e9kGt
  2477. Tension yesterday (at noon) in the area of ​​the Imia rocky islets when the vessels of the Turkish Coast Guard blocked Greek fishing vessels, according to reports Turkish CG boats did dangerous maneuvers and ended up colliding with 2 Greek Coast Guard boats
  2478. >https://archive.is/T8BLe
  2479. >https://archive.is/LLycA
  2480. >https://archive.is/JGebc
  2483. ----------------------------------------- 07/01/2021
  2484. Turkey raises its tones with a "barrage" of NAVTEX, most are near Rhodes
  2485. >https://archive.is/CJgYt
  2486. The mayor of Kalymnos describes how the incident between the Turkish Coast Guard, Greek fishing boats and Greek Coast Guard in Imia took place
  2487. >https://archive.is/ADWW5
  2488. Diplomatic Sources: UN Adopts Annual Report on Oceans and Maritime Law - Only Turkey Votes Against Report, justifies it by referring to the Convention on UNCLOS, which Turkey also does not recognizes
  2489. >https://archive.is/IZe2D
  2490. The Turkish Foreign Minister says talks with France to normalise ties going well and then said that if France is sincere, Turkey would be ready to normalize relations
  2491. >https://archive.is/bchJH
  2492. >https://archive.is/urahg
  2493. Turkey's President's chief advisor Yigit Bulut comments on U.S Capitol events on Twitter, brands it as a civil war, says the US and EU are in a rapid decline, predicts death of NATO and Turkey becoming one of three super powers in a new world order.
  2494. >https://archive.is/zRTZN
  2495. >https://archive.is/RJCZd
  2496. >https://archive.is/GHyJz
  2497. A propaganda TV network run by family enterprise of Turkey's President is having a field day over Capitol events, rooting for the collapse of the United States and its replacement by China
  2498. >https://archive.is/IvU9H
  2501. ----------------------------------------- 08/01/2021
  2502. Union of Retired Army Officers of Evros made a statement positioning themselves against the "upgrade" and expansion of the temporary immigrant camp of Evros to be turned into a permanent and bigger camp by the ministry of immigration, saying its a threat to national security
  2503. >https://archive.is/7pqz0
  2504. Turkish FM: Dendias (Greek FM) is my friend - There is a window of opportunity for a better dialogue with Greece
  2505. >https://archive.is/bPgKW
  2506. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will hold a teleconference with Erdogan tomorrow, Saturday. The news comes 24 hours after Turkish Coast Guard boats rammed Greek Coast Guard ships near Imia and the Turkish Government issued several NAVTEXs near Greek islands
  2507. >https://archive.is/OhgmY
  2508. FRONTEX has published a map of "detected crossings" of illegal immigrants to Europe through the mediterranean, saying that the crossings were reduced in 76% by sea to Greece and increased 154% to Italy
  2509. >https://archive.is/3BpPs
  2510. The German government confirms reports that Turkish "Gray Wolves" are trying to infiltrate government bodies and agencies in Germany, many members were candidates on the German party lists in the municipal and "Integration Councils" elections of North Rhine-Westphalia
  2511. >https://archive.is/rcBBL
  2512. Local governments in both Evros and Leros oppose the expansion of the current immigration camps proposed by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, the projects will be funded by the EU commission but there is pressure to prevent such projects from being started and concluded
  2513. >https://archive.is/pasYI
  2516. ----------------------------------------- 09/01/2021
  2517. illegal immigrant arrested in Soufli, Evros, he was carrying 3kgs of H*roin (word censored by Pastebin word filter) in his backpack, he crossed the border between Greece and Turkey the same day
  2518. >https://archive.is/VFF55
  2519. More information with Video of what happened in Imia between the Turkish and Greek CG when Turkish Coast Guard boats harassed Greek fishing boats and also the Greek coast guard, to the point where they even armed the weapons on board to intimidate the Greeks
  2520. >https://archive.is/6nYDO
  2523. ----------------------------------------- 10/01/2021
  2524. Josep Borrell: "We are ready to continue working for dialogue with Turkey". The EU High Representative expected to meet with Turkish Foreign Minister in Brussels
  2525. >https://archive.is/J7WlZ
  2526. A sailboat from Turkey arrived in the bay of Kouremenos, Sitia, Crete, four men, two women and their children are the passengers declared themselves as Gulenists and requested asylum in Greece
  2527. >https://archive.is/19UB8
  2528. UN Secretary General on Cyprus Jane Hall Lutte met today with the Cypriot president and the "president of northern cyprus" to prepare the ground for the convening of an informal conference to discuss the process that could lead to the resumption of negotiations
  2529. >https://archive.is/sPT2b
  2530. Erdogan advisor asks if Turkey started arming separatists in Qebec, Zapatas in mexico if that would be compatible with NATO values, because the US presence in Syria is a threat to Turkey according to him
  2531. >https://archive.is/45SUo
  2532. Hard lockdown extended in West Attica, Kozani, Rodopi and Kalymnos due to the increased spread of the coronavirus
  2533. >https://archive.is/20yS0
  2534. Hilarious list of a few groups considered as terrorists by Erdogan
  2535. >https://archive.is/VOD8G
  2538. ----------------------------------------- 11/01/2021
  2539. Turkish Foreign Minister urges Greece to restart exploratory talks in January, while also calling for Greece to be unconditional regarding such talks and not to impose any preconditions or terms regarding what could be negotiated or how
  2540. >https://archive.is/7lg5A
  2541. Turkey has announced that it is ready to activate the S-400s
  2542. >https://archive.is/pnflJ
  2543. Greek PM to Turkey: "We expect and hope for a productive relationship with Turkey and this will happen if Turkey changes its behavior"
  2544. >https://archive.is/PfLTf
  2545. French Defense Minister, Florence Parley: "Officially, Turkey is a member of the Atlantic Alliance, but Turkey has not been behaving like an ally for months and we have made it known"
  2546. >https://archive.is/sKqvY
  2547. Extension of Greek western territorial waters labelled a “historic decision”
  2548. >https://archive.is/e6wXF
  2551. ----------------------------------------- 12/01/2021
  2552. Illegal immigrant at the Samos camp robbed an immigrant couple inside the camp and stabbed one of them
  2553. >https://archive.is/CnjpZ
  2554. Video of immigrants clashing among themselves in the city center of Chios, the groups even grabbed sticks and other objects to beat others (video on mediafire)
  2555. >https://archive.is/ePi11
  2556. Turkish Foreign Minister: "If the EU supports Greece, we will do the same again"
  2557. >https://archive.is/02VF5
  2558. New provocative statements by Erdogan during a teleconference with EU officials, he accused Greece of airspace violations and illegal actions on islands while also demanding the EU to stop backing Cyprus
  2559. >https://archive.is/paCJF
  2560. Creator of the Turkish "Blue Homeland" doctrine: "If we talk to Greece about the eastern Mediterranean, we lose the Turkish-Libyan Pact"
  2561. >https://archive.is/Lltzu
  2562. According to Anadolu agency, Turkey wants to discuss 6 main topics with Greece during the "exploratory talks", most likely following their strategy of 2016 to demand so much that the negotiations would fail
  2563. >https://archive.is/7uyWd
  2564. A Pakistani man has been arrested for trying to r*pe (word censored by Pastebin word filter) a five-year-old girl in the greater area of Koropi, East Attica.
  2565. >https://archive.is/Yv3eR
  2568. ----------------------------------------- 13/01/2021
  2569. Turkish Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: "We see our future in Europe and wish to build it together. We are committed to the reform agenda. EU should support us instead of being an impediment"
  2570. >https://archive.is/qNIZk
  2571. Cyprus, UAE sign first military cooperation agreement
  2572. >https://archive.is/R3nla
  2573. US Ambassador to Turkey: "Possible Additional Sanctions against Turkey"
  2574. >https://archive.is/kk92V
  2577. ----------------------------------------- 14/01/2021
  2578. Two underage Algerians attacked an employee of the subway company yesterday in Athens, because he asked them to wear a mask like everybody else, he ended up with multiple ribs broken
  2579. >https://archive.is/cv6Ug
  2580. Turkish coast guard harassing Greek fishermen while being in Greek waters
  2581. >https://archive.is/Xu3NO
  2582. >https://archive.is/tvp9I
  2583. 13 New sea arrivals yesterday night at Stegna, Rhodes
  2584. >https://archive.is/8eoY6
  2585. >https://archive.is/Yl3Cx
  2586. Immigrant clashes in Thessaloniki lead to one immigrant wounded and transferred to hospital
  2587. >https://archive.is/4jiCl
  2588. Greece demands immediate return to Turkey of 1,450 illegal immigrants not entitled to international protection
  2589. >https://archive.is/mrZc1
  2590. Ilia: An illegal immigrant robbed another illegal immigrant in Zacharo
  2591. >https://archive.is/OaDDL
  2592. The Pakistani man who r*ped (word censored by Pastebin word filter) another Pakistani man and livestreamed it was found in Athens, he has been murdered by his victim. The body was found near the cabin where they lived, he was killed using a lath hammer (hatchet)
  2593. >https://archive.is/zh4kW
  2594. The illegal mosques of Athens. They were created due to the lack of official mosques in the previous years. Now that Athens has a really big one, they keep on operating with no regulations or licenses from the authorities
  2595. >https://archive.is/wip/bHWV1
  2596. A wanted 33-year-old Syrian was arrested in a refugee camp in Thessaloniki, in execution of a warrant issued by the Dutch law enforcement authorities according to the prosecution documents of the Dutch, is attributed to acts related to terrorism
  2597. >https://archive.is/SFNXO
  2600. ----------------------------------------- 15/01/2021
  2601. More cases of Turkish Coast Guard ships harassing Greek fishing boats near Imia, with the Greek Coast Guard interfering and sending the Turkish boats out of Greek waters
  2602. >https://archive.is/I6iCT
  2603. Turkish Foreign Minister reiterated the claim that all issues of concern to Greece and Turkey will be raised in the investigative cases
  2604. >https://archive.is/mAXfC
  2605. Erdogan on S-400: We do not accept anyone to tell us what to do to our defense industry
  2606. >https://archive.is/MYdBj
  2607. The Minister of Immigration and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke with the Executive Director of Frontex about the request submitted by Greece to return over 1400 illegal immigrants who crossed the sea from Turkey to Greece and are ineligible for Asylum
  2608. >https://archive.is/pqddl
  2609. Turkey has outdone itself, issuing NAVTEX warnings for exercise areas until December 2021, the area mentioned is also between Greek islands and mainland Greece
  2610. >https://archive.is/3XwQL
  2611. >https://archive.is/y94Mh
  2612. >https://archive.is/uGHE9
  2613. Turkey's President Erdogan vows to stick to the same policies during Biden administration, says 2nd batch of S-400 missiles purchase from Russia will move forward as planned.
  2614. >https://archive.is/NMKRe
  2617. ----------------------------------------- 16/01/2021
  2618. Turkish Foreign Minister criticized the local government of Oslo, Norway, for putting up a sign that portrays female Kurdish fighters and uses a phrase by the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan regarding women's rights
  2619. >https://archive.is/7ECp2
  2620. Turkish FM: We will discuss with Biden as soon as he takes up the issue of S-400 - keeps insisting on a "joint team" to solve the S-400 issue
  2621. >https://archive.is/WVheK
  2622. A forensic physician has been labelled a "terrorist" by Erdogan for investigating the government's under-reporting of covid-19 case numbers in Turkey
  2623. >https://archive.is/MJRfY
  2624. >https://archive.is/kItKS
  2627. ----------------------------------------- 17/01/2021
  2628. Somali immigrants in Chios are staying in a seafront villa
  2629. >https://archive.is/HcTrS
  2630. >https://archive.is/Le3G1
  2631. Pournara immigrant camp in Cyprus, once again the immigrants are rioting
  2632. >https://archive.is/2emWt
  2633. Illegal immigrants started a fight among themselves in Chios, sometimes using bats against each other, and then entered a store and destroyed everything they could for no apparent reason. The police was able to arrest 2 of the perpetrators while one ran away
  2634. >https://archive.is/nkNiv
  2635. France-Greece defense cooperation against Erdogan - Rafale over Athens on March 25 to celebrate the acquisition of the jets - The latest developments regarding the frigates
  2636. >https://archive.is/lkrSn
  2637. Greece does not abandon F-35s - A new proposal is being prepared for the Biden government
  2638. >https://archive.is/1W5xb
  2641. ----------------------------------------- 18/01/2021
  2642. Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement condemning the Archediocese of Athens and athens because of a statement made by the Archbishop of Athens, Turkey said its a sign of racism and xenophobia in Europe and that it undermines the relations between Greece and Turkey
  2643. >https://archive.is/EROTJ
  2644. >https://archive.is/K7MXT
  2645. During a press conference, the Turkish FM openly threatened Greece while being right next to the German Foreign Minister, warning Greece not to perform military exercises wherever it wants otherwise there wont be an accident but Turkey will do what it has to do
  2646. >https://archive.is/91bqU
  2647. >https://archive.is/OfLZY
  2648. The Turkish government is selling a historical Armenian church in Bursa, the announcement on the website says it could be turned into an art/culture center or a hotel
  2649. >https://archive.is/bNMnW
  2650. (unrelated) Man sentenced for life in prison in Turkey because he and several others were administrators of a Twitter account, most were charged with "attempting to overthrow the constitutional order" and "Disclosing confidential information for espionage purposes".
  2651. >https://archive.is/zLeaN
  2654. ----------------------------------------- 19/01/2021
  2655. Erdogan: "As Turkey Gets Strong, Attacks Against It Increase"
  2656. >https://archive.is/UKHBJ
  2657. Turkey punishes Twitter with ban on ads, trying to force the platform to appoint a legal representative in Turkey so that such representative could be held accountable for the content posted on twitter that the government might not like
  2658. >https://archive.is/lqG1M
  2659. The number of illegal immigrants living in camps in the Mediterranean and Evros have been decreased by 63%, most of which have been transferred to camps near Athens or Thessaloniki
  2660. >https://archive.is/PeFtU
  2661. Turkish ministry reacts strongly to Greek FM’s remarks about stading by Greek minorities in Turkey, saying that ¨The Greek Foreign Minister should first look in the mirror¨
  2662. >https://archive.is/8kIFZ
  2663. >https://archive.is/zqu2M
  2666. ----------------------------------------- 20/01/2021
  2667. US (Biden staff) is considering additional sanctions on Ankara over S-400: "Turkey is not behaving like an ally" says US Secretary of State
  2668. >https://archive.is/FUZTd
  2669. More information came out regarding the Pakistani man that tried to abduct and r*pe (word censored by Pastebin word filter) a 5 year old girl in front of her mother in Koropi, his name is Ihtisham Ali, 19 years old
  2670. >https://archive.is/PBM06
  2671. >https://archive.is/nS8Am
  2672. (older news) Pakistani man in Athens held two minors captive, gave them drugs and sexu*lly (word censored by Pastebin word filter) assaulted them
  2673. >https://archive.is/bmtJb
  2674. Adviser of Turkey's President, threatens the US with a switch to anti-NATO alliance, calls Brett Mcgurk, US President Biden's NSA Coordinator for MENA region, as enemy of Turks, says Brett Mcgurk is a failed military guy
  2675. >https://archive.is/s6rDP
  2676. Turkish media: The statements of the Greek FM are a "Cause of war" regarding the expansion of Greek Territorial waters to 12nm east of Crete
  2677. >https://archive.is/z6lEk
  2678. Five overflights by Turkish F-16 over Greek islands, the Turkish jets flew over the cannibals and Round Islands and after a short while they flew over Oinousses and Panagia
  2679. >https://archive.is/0Mk4n
  2680. Extension of territorial waters to 12 nautical miles in the Ionian Sea ratified
  2681. >https://archive.is/oBGlh
  2682. Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:"No" to "unilateral" expansion of territorial waters in the Aegean
  2683. >https://archive.is/rR9aZ
  2686. ----------------------------------------- 21/01/2021
  2687. Theorist of Turkish "Blue Homeland" doctrine opposes the exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey, He described the position of Greece as "spoiled" which claims to violate Turkish "rights" in the East Med, "Greece leads nowhere and Greece saves time"
  2688. >https://archive.is/DZNvh
  2689. Turkish media accuses Greece of provoking Turkey 3 times in 7 days, cites provocations as being statements of the Archbishop of Athens, joint military exercise between Greece and US near Imia and statements by Greek Officials regarding the expansion of maritime space to 12 nm
  2690. >https://archive.is/vlMln
  2691. Erdogan Adviser says Turkey’s intel agency will feed Swedish-based Turkish journalist to the sharks, he had requested Twitter to locate the journalist but had no response, to which he added that the Turkish agency would find the journalist that has been exposing Turkey's government
  2692. >https://archive.is/zwqn9
  2693. >https://archive.is/xq6mL
  2694. Greek Foreign Ministry: The demilitarization of the islands will not be discussed. "We are not negotiating any issue concerning national sovereignty"
  2695. >https://archive.is/OqpCd
  2696. Illegal immigrants fight once again in Chios. According to information, two immigrants had an argument, which led to more immigrants showing up in the street and at some point they started to fight
  2697. >https://archive.is/4m3QY
  2698. After locals refused to lease their lands to the Greek government to expand an immigrant camp in Evros, the Ministry of Immigration will take an appraiser to the area, who will evaluate the land so that it could be expropriated and the camp built
  2699. >https://archive.is/lXtHh
  2701. ----------------------------------------- 22/01/2021
  2702. Theorist of the Turkish "Blue Homeland" doctrine wants the Turkish government to demand the demilitarization of Alexandroupolis (mainland Greek city)
  2703. >https://archive.is/GT81y
  2704. The Turkish FM said that Turkey has been invited for a conference regarding the Cyprus issue at the end of February and the beginning of March in NYC by the UN, he also said that that the EU will also participate in the meeting as an observer
  2705. >https://archive.is/6xtqU
  2706. French DM expected in Athens on Monday to sign Rafale jet deal
  2707. >https://archive.is/0IIeJ
  2708. FRONTEX posts on twitter a picture of a FRONTEX patrol and its officers in Albania, once again demonstrating its incompetence since Albania is not an EU country
  2709. >https://archive.is/3zn7H
  2710. (unrelated) Bosnia: riots break out in migrant camp near Sarajevo, after 'Prophet Muhammad is insulted'. Violence broke out between Sunni and Shiite migrant groups. More than 20 police vehicles were destroyed.
  2711. >https://archive.is/vh2yr
  2714. ----------------------------------------- 23/01/2021
  2715. Turkish FM: "Any restrictive measures against Turkey will destroy everything"
  2716. >https://archive.is/Y4kKW
  2719. ----------------------------------------- 24/01/2021
  2720. Video of Turkish FM saying once again that the Turkish Parliament took a vote several years ago, saying that Greece cant extend their territorial waters from 6 to 12nm or Turkey would declare war, even when most countries in the world have 12nm
  2721. >https://archive.is/Tr4xy
  2722. Video from Samos camp, showing that the crushing majority of such "refugees" are in fact adult men and not women and children
  2723. >https://archive.is/4bpIQ
  2724. The board of directors of the European border agency Frontex has decided to further investigate 5 of 13 reported cases of illegal immigrants pushbacks last year, with the alleged help of Frontex, from Greece into Turkish territorial waters, where they came from
  2725. >https://archive.is/vguZV
  2728. ----------------------------------------- 25/01/2021
  2729. The exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey that took place in Constantinople lasted for about three hours, the next round will be hosted in Athens, each side presented its own version of what they want to discuss while Turkey tried to include every possible issue including matters of Greek sovereignty
  2730. >https://archive.is/QcruF
  2731. Erdogan spokesman: "We want a solution for all problems and for the Aegean"
  2732. >https://archive.is/sEq6H
  2733. Greek PM regarding the exploratory contacts with Turkey: We are only discussing the delimitation of maritime zones
  2734. >https://archive.is/585Jq
  2735. BREAKING: Greece officially signs deal to acquire 18 Rafale fighter jets from France
  2736. >https://archive.is/0kkxf
  2737. German Foreign Office posts a tweet saying that the "positive signs" shown by Turkey to start exploratory contacts with Greece "should not be burdened by new sanctions now", once again showing how protective of Turkey the German government is
  2738. >https://archive.is/gdrPO
  2741. ----------------------------------------- 26/01/2021
  2742. Spokesman of the Turkish ruling party: "We expect a positive attitude from Athens - Be careful with the language they use"
  2743. >https://archive.is/3Z3EV
  2744. Saudi Arabia invites Greece to be involved in trillion dollar megacity project
  2745. >https://archive.is/9dmIo
  2746. Turkish President's security/foreign policy advisor says Turkey to keep Russian S-400 missiles no matter what the US does, vows to purchase more missiles from Russia
  2747. >https://archive.is/E6FbU
  2748. High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell: Reaffirmed with Ministers importance of engaging with Turkey to advance, consolidate dialogue and avoid returning to escalation. It is equally important to ensure restart of United Nations-led Cyprus settlement
  2749. >https://archive.is/Q09bw
  2750. Two Afghans arrested for drug trafficking in Athens - More than 4kg of h*roin seized (word censored by Pastebin word filter)
  2751. >https://archive.is/e0mrt
  2752. Greek scientists on the volcanic island of Lesbos said they have found a rare fossilized tree whose branches and roots are still intact after 20 million years
  2753. >https://archive.is/skPPI
  2756. ----------------------------------------- 27/01/2021
  2757. Greek Defense Minister: The defense upgrade plan is “very ambitious and extends into the future”
  2758. >https://archive.is/556vQ
  2759. "Greece is an irrational state" says theorist of the Turkish "Blue Homeland" doctrine
  2760. >https://archive.is/jpAKa
  2761. Erdogan Adviser: "Within two hours the Greek-Turkish issue will be resolved with the Ankara agenda"
  2762. >https://archive.is/Ezx2o
  2763. president of "northern cyprus": "Sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem only with the recognition of "northern cyprus"
  2764. >https://archive.is/Ttxgs
  2765. Looting of Orthodox Churches in Turkey continues unabated
  2766. >https://archive.is/Uwcg9
  2767. A normal day in post-migration Greece (video)
  2768. >https://archive.is/F24nd
  2769. Turkish top religious authority, Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) has come under fire for "spreading extremism" to Syria through giving children Islam courses in Azaz
  2770. >https://archive.is/Fkyl7
  2773. ----------------------------------------- 28/01/2021
  2774. FRONTEX: European Border and Coast Guard organization suspends operations in Hungary
  2775. >https://archive.is/kreQ7
  2776. Germany says "no" to the Greek request to halt the sale of 6 German made submarines to Turkey
  2777. >https://archive.is/42A2l
  2778. (unrelated) Erdogan takes revenge on VW for cancelling the construction of a new factory in Turkey: "Withdraws VW vehicles from government service fleet"
  2779. >https://archive.is/lqr85
  2780. Illegal immigrants and Greek communists/far-left, demonstrating today in Athens
  2781. >https://archive.is/wip/RqsW8
  2782. Scenes from the protests of the "immigrants" in the Pournara camp in Cyprus, one of the immigrants has a sign saying "I am H*rny" (word censored by Pastebin word filter)
  2783. >https://archive.is/wip/O2pRo
  2786. ----------------------------------------- 29/01/2021
  2787. US National Security Adviser calls for closer US-EU cooperation regarding China and Turkey
  2788. >https://archive.is/xBzVV
  2789. Turkish media: "The presence of American helicopters in Alexandroupolis is a provocation"
  2790. >https://archive.is/4tJ9y
  2791. Erdogan says Turkish culture is completely different because Turks use science to create technology that prevents suffering and inhuman things from happening while other countries use science as a force for destruction to build their superiority over others
  2792. >https://archive.is/L82O3
  2793. Malta: 120 illegal migrants relocated to other EU states
  2794. >https://archive.is/wip/QySZZ
  2795. Turkish FM: "Greece must stop these provocations"
  2796. >https://archive.is/AtKXB
  2797. By order of the Chief of the Hellenic Police, Lieutenant General Michael Karamalakis, the Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Security Forces will investigate allegations of police violence against immigrants detained at the Pre-Departure Detention Center for Foreigners in Paranesti Drama
  2798. >https://archive.is/iwLiI
  2799. Turkish FM once again makes provocative statements and accuses Greece of not respecting the European Court of Human Rights for not recognizing the "Turkish minority" of Thrace as being Turkish
  2800. >https://archive.is/lEKkN
  2803. ----------------------------------------- 30/01/2021
  2804. German parliament discusses arms embargo on Turkey. Greens and the Left have demanded the revocation of the submarine exports to Turkey and also seek to the imposition of an embargo by the EU - The government line did not change
  2805. >https://archive.is/viJl1
  2806. Turkey has withdrawn all research vessels from the Eastern Mediterranean, most likely to pose as a country that is willing to use diplomacy to solve issues and to pretend that Greece is the one making provocations, sadly Greece wont point out Turkey's provocations
  2807. >https://archive.is/U00CO
  2808. Video shows how NGOs are operating in Chios island, distributing materials to illegal immigrants to camp anywhere even when there are already camps dedicated to housing them
  2809. >https://archive.is/ytTMr
  2812. ----------------------------------------- 31/01/2021
  2813. Turkey once again is against a bi-zonal bi-communal federation in Cyprus as a solution for the "issue" of Turkey illegally occupying Cyprus, the Turkish FM will be in "Northern Cyprus" on Monday, they will once again propose a two-state solution and sharing of Cypriot gas revenue
  2814. >https://archive.is/HasIC
  2815. Illegal immigrant caught on tape in the island of Samos stealing a phone from a store clerk
  2816. >https://archive.is/6Pc3d
  2819. ----------------------------------------- 01/02/2021
  2820. The German and Turkish Defense Ministers will have a meeting, Greece and the East Med crisis will be one of the main issues to be discussed by them. The German DM will most likely cater to Turkey
  2821. >https://archive.is/siKWr
  2822. New message to Europe from Erdogan's spokesman
  2823. >https://archive.is/WxWgy
  2824. Turkey's FM made once again provocative statements regarding how the EU has "learned how to work with Turkey"
  2825. >https://archive.is/yZVSA
  2826. EU officials find that most of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees
  2827. >https://archive.is/wi9Iu
  2828. Spanish NGO posts a video of another one of their boats setting sail to the Mediterranean, according to them for a observation and surveillance mission
  2829. >https://archive.is/9NOld
  2830. Immigrants from a camp in Cyprus demonstrated for the usual, they want to "live free" (leave the camps at will) and want more benefits
  2831. >https://archive.is/oHNzh
  2834. ----------------------------------------- 02/02/2021
  2835. Turkish Defense Minister: "Yes to dialogue with Greece, but there is no change in our policy for the Eastern Mediterranean"
  2836. >https://archive.is/VTcP3
  2837. German Defense Minister: "Turkey was and remains an important partner within NATO" - as expected
  2838. >https://archive.is/9Kw3q
  2839. Turkish Foreign Minister: "We are only discussing a two-state solution in Cyprus, there is no need to discuss something that wont happen (bi-zonal bi-communal federation proposal)"
  2840. >https://archive.is/oEwhu
  2841. Video of illegal immigrants from an asylum center in Chios standing in an ATM line for Greek taxpayer money while Greeks struggle with their finances thanks to the abusive lockdowns
  2842. >https://archive.is/wip/mD7nI
  2843. Extensive searches to locate and arrest a Pakistani man who tried to rob and r*pe (word censored by Pastebin word filter) a young woman in Koliri, Pyrgos. The pakistani threatened the woman with a knife
  2844. >https://archive.is/AghcK
  2847. ----------------------------------------- 03/02/2021
  2848. U.S National Security Adviser: "S-400s undermine NATO cohesion - the Biden administration's desire to build constructive US-Turkish ties, expand areas of cooperation and manage disputes effectively"
  2849. >https://archive.is/QnaIe
  2850. The presence of German police officers at the exit gates of Greek airports Greece is considered a successful measure and will be extended. They have stopped over 5000 illegal immigrants from boarding planes to Germany from Greek airports
  2851. >https://archive.is/IjEgW
  2852. Chios residents protest against the creation of a new immigrant camp in the island, which goes against what the Immigration Minister had said about not building any more camps in the islands
  2853. >https://archive.is/kabKg
  2854. German opposition MPs stressed that the sale of the six submarines to Turkey will change the balance of power to the detriment of Greece, but also of Cyprus and will lead to a new arms race, they have called for the withdraw of the sale
  2855. >https://archive.is/XEQmZ
  2856. Turkish Defense Minister: "We hope that Greece will be more involved in the next discussions"
  2857. >https://archive.is/pnuNJ
  2858. France-Greece to the EU: Unified and decisive response to the Turkish provocations is necessary
  2859. >https://archive.is/rsOO7
  2860. US Ambassador to Turkey: "Varosia decision provocative and counterproductive"
  2861. >https://archive.is/GmN3b
  2862. A dinghy boat with 36 mostly African illegal immigrants arrived to Lesvos island this Wednesday (03/02)
  2863. >https://archive.is/392i8
  2864. Screenshots proving once again that the immigrants are not in Europe as "refugees" but as economic immigrants, posting videos about themselves sending money "home" among other things related to welfare and money in general
  2865. >https://archive.is/ObCBh
  2866. Smugglers post yet another video of the producion of fake documents with extremely advanced technology making them nearly perfect and capable to pass holographic and UV tests
  2867. >https://archive.is/eAEp4
  2870. ----------------------------------------- 04/02/2021
  2871. Greek PM: "I am not naive with Turkey [...] The threat of sanctions against Turkey must be credible, otherwise it will not work. "The European Union must be strengthened geopolitically"
  2872. >https://archive.is/C8Ydd
  2873. Turkish spy planes violate Greek airspace 31 times during Skyros 2021 exercise
  2874. >https://archive.is/EbDdU
  2876. ----------------------------------------- 05/02/2021
  2877. NATO: "We created a "platform" for resolving Greece-Turkey disputes"
  2878. >https://archive.is/O2wwy
  2879. US keeps Turkey on ice: No plans to set up joint working group on S-400
  2880. >https://archive.is/Q7QxW
  2882. ----------------------------------------- 06/02/2021
  2883. Ring of smugglers in Kos has been dismantled, the smugglers used a hotel as a safehouse for the illegal immigrants getting into Greece and then gave them fake documents so they could move to mainland Greece
  2884. >https://archive.is/yu1ll
  2886. ----------------------------------------- 07/02/2021
  2888. ----------------------------------------- 08/02/2021
  2889. Ocean Viking ship from SOS Mediterranee NGO "rescued" 424 illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean and set sail to Sicily, many of these immigrants are from Ivory Coast, Sudan and Mali. According to the crew 8 have tested positive for COVID-19
  2890. >https://archive.is/No0zp
  2891. The Greek government has built a new camp in Samos, announcing that the current one will be closed in the next quarter of this year
  2892. >https://archive.is/66vUc
  2893. >https://archive.is/4pJJ6
  2894. Illegal immigrants crossed into Greece from Turkey and used GPS coordinates to find a car the smuggler promised them
  2895. >https://archive.is/aFHOg
  2896. >https://archive.is/8AnMS
  2897. 97-year-old shipowner leaves his fortune to the Greek Armed Forces, he donated €83 million Euros to the armed forces
  2898. >https://archive.is/TLlqf
  2901. ----------------------------------------- 09/02/2021
  2902. Turkey performs provocative bridging and crossing exercises on the Evros river
  2903. >https://archive.is/cYzr0
  2904. Teleconference between Erdogan and Merkel to discuss "Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean"
  2905. >https://archive.is/e3Tto
  2906. German activist once again complaining about the living conditions of immigrant camps in Greece due to a video where there was a storm in Lesvos
  2907. >https://archive.is/mDt9v
  2908. Greek Migration Minister on his visit to Evros region, while crowds chanting "kick the mf out of here", after his decision to expand the region's immigrant camp
  2909. >https://archive.is/DCNoX
  2910. Turkish Defense Minister: Greeks militarize 16 of 23 islands that should be demilitarized, if you are talking about friendship, demilitarize the islands
  2911. >https://archive.is/EgQNA
  2912. Representative of Turkish ruling party responds to the Greek PM's statements on Cyprus and says the Turkish army is a peaceful force and not an occupying force in Cyprus
  2913. >https://archive.is/TaP1E
  2914. World Greek Language Day events were cancelled at Turkish University after endless threats were made on social media
  2915. >https://archive.is/qNcv0
  2918. ----------------------------------------- 10/02/2021
  2919. Speaking in Parliament, President Erdogan hurled threats against Greece, said Greek Prime Minister does know his place, deserted by allies, made it clear Turkey would respond to Greece in whatever way necessary when needed, and ruled out a unified Cyprus option for good
  2920. >https://archive.is/laSOY
  2921. Turkish Vice President during his visit to "Northern Cyprus": "We are only discussing a two-state solution"
  2922. >https://archive.is/vg0os
  2923. US to Turkey: Abandon S-400s. "The Russian S-400s are incompatible with NATO equipment, threaten the security of NATO technology and do not comply with Turkey's commitments as a NATO member"
  2924. >https://archive.is/6MnYr
  2925. US State Department responds to Erdogan over Cyprus issue, US continues to support bi-zonal and bi-communal federation solution for Cyprus
  2926. >https://archive.is/zxHpS
  2929. ----------------------------------------- 11/02/2021
  2930. Erdogan wants to Turkify the words "astronaut" and "cosmonaut" because they have Greek roots, he asked Turkish linguists to find a Turkish name for Turkish space travelers
  2931. >https://archive.is/PEHSE
  2932. Turkish Vice President: "Famagusta is ours. I wish you have a speedy recovery", he then said that Greeks and Cypriots should forget about the idea that the Turks would negotiate Farmagusta
  2933. >https://archive.is/StXQn
  2934. Turkish Defense Minister: "Greece to stop using threatening language against Turkey"
  2935. >https://archive.is/7nW4r
  2936. Turkey stretches the rope and responds to the US: "We are not going back to the S-400"
  2937. >https://archive.is/0PfVV
  2938. Pictures from Athens and Samos, showing food that was destined to illegal immigrants but that is discarded almost every time
  2939. >https://archive.is/LmZXu
  2940. >https://archive.is/CqfJe
  2941. Video shows illegal immigrants camping in front of the Iliochari Hotel in Lesvos, a hotel that was controlled by the International Organization for Migration and used to house jihadis from Moria as to protect the "refugee" narrative
  2942. >https://archive.is/pUjAU
  2945. ----------------------------------------- 12/02/2021
  2946. Turkey frustrated over Friendship Forum: “It is not possible for any forum to not include Turkey”
  2947. >https://archive.is/wuakh
  2948. >https://archive.is/PZ0s6
  2949. Second day of migrants protesting in Hagioi Theodoroi, near Athens, because they received asylum status
  2950. >https://archive.is/lKO8Z
  2951. Turkish Defense Minister advises Greek officials: "Go to the Aegean islands, but in moderation"
  2952. >https://archive.is/S7Zvb
  2953. Minority party of Thrace tries to legally label communities in Thrace as being "north macedonian" and "Turkish", saying that the such minorities are oppressed by Greek authorities
  2954. >https://archive.is/71YJf
  2955. French Strategic Analyst Bruno Tertre talks about the "return to normalcy" with Turkey and Erdogan resuming their aggressive rhetoric and threats after a short period of lower tones
  2956. >https://archive.is/rtWn1
  2959. ----------------------------------------- 13/02/2021
  2960. A 25-year-old mother from Ethiopia killed her six-month-old baby because she was crying and bothering her. The African woman had been granted asylum since 18/8/20 and lived in Ioannina
  2961. >https://archive.is/YvGwu
  2964. ----------------------------------------- 14/02/2021
  2965. no news this day
  2968. ----------------------------------------- 15/02/2021
  2969. Turkey announces new NAVTEX between Greek islands of Alonissos, Skyros and Lemnos
  2970. >https://archive.is/2wGuN
  2971. Illegal immigrants staying at the "Sparta Inn Hotel" in Sparta are saying that they wont hand over their room keys on the 28th of this month when the contract for their stay in the hotel expires, they want the Greek government to give them passports and documents
  2972. >https://archive.is/eH75F
  2973. >https://archive.is/C8ydB
  2974. The government, the NGOs, even the smugglers have issued weather warnings the last week, but some guys still try to pass from Turkey to Greece in the Evros region even with heavy snowfall
  2975. >https://archive.is/4wH6T
  2978. ----------------------------------------- 16/02/2021
  2979. Evros residents refuse to sell land for expansion of immigrant camp
  2980. >https://archive.is/t1HpJ
  2981. Greek Defense Minister: "The Greek officers who gave orders to Greek soldiers in Albanian were punished"
  2982. >https://archive.is/w9GrO
  2983. Doctor from Greek island of Corfu got paralyzed after second COVID-19 jab, first information says no link to vaccine
  2984. >https://archive.is/9BF3Q
  2985. 200 immigrants in tents in Eleonas/Athens refuse to go in heated containers (the accommodations at the camp) that the immigration Ministry has ready
  2986. >https://archive.is/ydpPT
  2987. >https://archive.is/ZV4gD
  2988. Yet another German activist in Lesvos posting video of a storm hitting the island which shall drop the temperatures demanding evacuation of the illegal immigrants. Meanwhile Germany sent federal police officers to Greek airports to stop immigrants from going to Germany
  2989. >https://archive.is/S4D3L
  2990. >https://archive.is/oFdsV
  2991. >https://archive.is/Hq7Fp
  2992. German NGO activist and "journalist" complains about illegal immigrants who got Asylum in Greece being homeless in Athens. After you receive Asylum status you have to work and get your own accommodation and the immigrants complain about being kicked out of the camps
  2993. >https://archive.is/yimHk
  2994. NGO members hid illegal immigrants in caves at the Greek islands of the Aegean to avoid detection by the authorities and facilitate their smuggling to other regions
  2995. >https://archive.is/HGjNz
  2998. ----------------------------------------- 17/02/2021
  2999. Lesvos: Immigrants stabbed another immigrant. These are two immigrants, who simultaneously attacked the victim, injured him and fled. One of which has already been identified
  3000. >https://archive.is/6VHWK
  3001. Hotel owner from Grevena beats deputy mayor in his office after the deputy mayor said he would vote against the continuation of the "the refugee accommodation program" in the city
  3002. >https://archive.is/lPHaO
  3003. The Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum visited the Immigrant camp of Lesvos in Kara Tepe which houses 7000 illegal immigrants, 130 of which are being transferred to Germany after receiving their Asylum status
  3004. >https://archive.is/nU1cc
  3005. Erdogan attacked the Western World for not supporting Turkey and not speaking out against terrorism
  3006. >https://archive.is/R1IIG
  3007. Greek businesses report loss of 41.6 billion euros in 2020 due to the lockdown and pandemic restrictions which affected the tourism and internal market almost equally
  3008. >https://archive.is/mqNLF
  3009. NATO Secretary General: There are problems with Turkey but NATO provides a platform to deal with them, referring to Turkey's S-400 issue. in previous discussions he noted "the possibility and opportunity that exists for NATO allies by providing alternative systems"
  3010. >https://archive.is/bxdjE
  3011. Trade between Greece and Turkey fell 24% in Jan-Sep 2020
  3012. >https://archive.is/eDqSD
  3013. EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson will travel to Albania this saturday (20/02/2021) for political meetings and to discuss cooperation on immigration as well as visit FRONTEX operations at the border with Greece
  3014. >https://archive.is/fOzGX
  3015. Turkish state owned TRT News showed a woman from a "Greek NGO" (FENIX Aid) that had found "unprecedented violations of refugee rights". Neither the woman or the NGO have Greek origin, once again pushing false propaganda claiming Greece mistreats "refugees"
  3016. >https://archive.is/HaCzi
  3017. >https://archive.is/sxAWu
  3020. ----------------------------------------- 18/02/2021
  3021. 21-year-old Somali immigrant found dead in the center of Athens. The death seems to be the result of a stab wound the immigrant had, he was found in his apartment in Victoria Square, Athens
  3022. >https://archive.is/8Jo0Z
  3023. The camp in Koutsochero, Larissa is in quarantine after several immigrants tested positive for COVID-19. Protests, riots and maybe even fires might follow as the immigrants usually do when they want to leave the camp but are not allowed to
  3024. >https://archive.is/cbir6
  3025. More than 40 arrests of illegal immigrants in Amarynthos, Evia after a "protest" by the immigrants due to the program of temporary accommodation in hotels through "Filoxenia" has been completed, while the lease agreement with hotels throughout the country is terminated according to the Ministry of Migration
  3026. >https://archive.is/9ivyb
  3027. >https://archive.is/DTWSQ
  3028. Evia, Greece (17/02/2021): illegal immigrants placed dumpsters in the middle of the road and protested because they want more money
  3029. >https://archive.is/hDNDJ
  3030. Erdogan: "Turkey has never been a tyrant and that throughout history it has been a protector of "law", sometimes of course staining "peaceful" moves with blood"
  3031. >https://archive.is/nEzzJ
  3032. Spokesman for Turkey's ruling party: "We will turn the dreams of the Greeks into nightmares"
  3033. >https://archive.is/oHeAq
  3034. >https://archive.is/oHeAq
  3035. Secretary General of Evros Border Guards : "the cases of migrants in real need are really few; they always come with expensive phones and lots of cash; they never have personal documents"
  3036. >https://archive.is/haPiE
  3037. Turkey allegedly placed road signs pointing to Greece for immigrants at the Evros border, seen near Adrianople (edirne), the signs have an emergency number/help-line and is written in 6 languages
  3038. >https://archive.is/aB798
  3039. Airports in Cyprus to open on March 1 with additional health measures/restrictions
  3040. >https://archive.is/5BUdS
  3043. ----------------------------------------- 19/02/2021
  3044. Greece asks Frontex and EU Commission to deport 519 illegal immigrants who came from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Iran and 20 other countries
  3045. >https://archive.is/qGZR8
  3046. Head of immigration camp fatally stabbed by Sudanese in Pau, France, after learning that his application for asylum had been rejected. The attacker is known to the police for acts of violence and had been to prison before
  3047. >https://archive.is/Eyj5v
  3048. Turkish ship that wants to carry out research in the Central Aegean area between several Greek islands has turned off its transponder and is not broadcasting its location while heading into Greek waters
  3049. >https://archive.is/4unzd
  3050. Turkey has hired an American lobbyist to return to the F-35 program after they had been kicked out for buying the S-400 System
  3051. >https://archive.is/oBFQK
  3052. Turkish Defense Minister: "What Greece is doing, apart from escalating the tension, is a work against the well-being of the Greek people and in vain as an effort (according to him to restrict Turkey's rights)"
  3053. >https://archive.is/vVIQQ
  3054. Cypriot president is getting ready for the UN meeting that is supposed to try to solve the illegal Turkish occupation of Cyprus. Nicosia said he will not accept a change in the "solution model" as Turkey is trying to push a Two-State solution once again
  3055. >https://archive.is/KgoGY
  3056. The camp of Kara Tepe in Lesvos was on fire this morning, the authorities will most likely rule as yet another accidental fire but past events set a pattern where this is always on purpose
  3057. >https://archive.is/9xs5M
  3058. There was also a fire in the immigrant camp of Diavata, Thessaloniki. Sources state that the circumstances of how the fire started were "uncertain"
  3059. >https://archive.is/w5ttK
  3060. >https://archive.is/6feMY
  3061. >https://archive.is/ZQMVb
  3062. Picture from protest in the Greek island of Rhodes, illegal immigrants were demanding Asylum once again, most males in military age as usual
  3063. >https://archive.is/jpOsl
  3064. Turkish organization calling itself "ASB team" is advertising their "services" to illegal immigrants who want to reach Greece by helping them cross the Evros river, they will transport people to the border by car and use a boat to help them cross the river
  3065. >https://archive.is/J5NSo
  3068. ----------------------------------------- 20/02/2021
  3069. five Bangladeshis arrested for smuggling cigarettes, later the police found 100,000 euros hidden in their homes
  3070. >https://archive.is/UxzAb
  3071. Greek human smuggler unloading illegal immigrants from a truck in Thessaloniki
  3072. >https://archive.is/zOO9W
  3073. Turkish Defense Minister complains that Greece’s rearmament program is “unfair”
  3074. >https://archive.is/5X4kY
  3077. ----------------------------------------- 21/02/2021
  3078. Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu says Turkey is in clash with the EU/West, reveals Erdogan has pursued stealthy policies for his long term goals without letting others notice his real agenda
  3079. >https://archive.is/qsNXJ
  3080. New challenge from Turkey: It says Cesme's (Turkish ship) research NAVTEX inside Greek waters is legal - Accuses Greece of escalating tensions
  3081. >https://archive.is/nkOVE
  3082. Greek National Defense Minister has ‘constructive’ meeting with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi
  3083. >https://archive.is/15zd8
  3084. Fine of 11,000 euros to a couple from Northern Epirus (Albanian region) who went to the hospital of Igoumenitsa (Greece)
  3085. >https://archive.is/ULaGb
  3088. ----------------------------------------- 22/02/2021
  3089. Ring trafficking travel documents (IDs, Driving Licenses, residence permits, etc) issued to "refugees" and immigrants dismantled
  3090. >https://archive.is/SeI0h
  3091. Erdogan makes provocative remarks regarding Greece once again, citing old battles and attempts to "make Turks captive in Anatolia" and also talked about a new drilling rig Turkey will buy
  3092. >https://archive.is/jlVij
  3093. Creator of the Turkish "Blue Homeland" doctrine: "Greece expands to the detriment of Turkey, implementing the Megali Idea"
  3094. >https://archive.is/lrfjH
  3095. Greek children's geography book made a map "learning about Europe" in which it stated that part of Cyprus belonged to Turkey, causing outrage online. The version was removed from the market rapidly
  3096. >https://archive.is/M9TKr
  3097. The US Central Command CENTCOM got a public message from Turkey's President's advisor Mesut Hakki Casin who threatened to kill US troops, bring their bases down on their heads in Syria.
  3098. >https://archive.is/uVUKt
  3099. Video shows illegal immigrants in Greece celebrating during the pandemic along with NGO workers while Greeks can barely leave their homes without the risk of being fined. The video also shows how they are transferred to mainland Greece sometimes to luxurious hotels
  3100. >https://archive.is/9tenT
  3101. Erdogan during his speech complained about Turkey not receiving more money than Greece to house refugees and accuses Greece of shameful acts in Evros by pushing illegal immigrants back to Turkey in March when Turkey sent thousands of them to the border
  3102. >https://archive.is/RAOiL
  3103. 4 out of 11 observation posts in the Greek side of the Evros border has been completed, it will work in conjunction with the new fence to prevent illegal crossings from Turkey, the observation posts have cameras and radar that can see 15 km inside Turkish territory
  3104. >https://archive.is/jRnV1
  3105. Anastasiades and Macron discuss Cyprus issue, Cypriot-French cooperation
  3106. >https://archive.is/5ULjm
  3107. Petrota village Evros: Illegal immigrants vandalized the renovated Surveillance Outpost (EF" Ω ") which housed hunters & nature lovers
  3108. >https://archive.is/Suip7
  3109. Turkey “fails to implement all agreements regarding migration towards Cyprus”
  3110. >https://archive.is/8YRRo
  3111. Desperate shepherd near Mavrovouni migrant camp in Lesvos, after his flock has been attacked by illegal immigrants from the camp
  3112. >https://archive.is/NiphT
  3113. >https://archive.is/ZFRCA
  3116. ----------------------------------------- 23/02/2021
  3117. Official Data: 76.5% drop in Greek tourism in 2020 - Just 7.37 million tourists and 4.28 billion in revenue
  3118. >https://archive.is/n9cOt
  3119. Turkey announces new exercise in Aegean, deploying 87 ships and several other forces. Meanwhile Turkey will also be conducting a seismic research in the Central Aegean while accusing Greece of provocations despite the several Turkish military exercises recently
  3120. >https://archive.is/OPcew
  3121. Turkish defense minister claims Greek jets harassed the Turkish research ship "Cesme" which will be carrying out an illegal NAVTEX in the central Aegean
  3122. >https://archive.is/QUwfU
  3123. Turkish Frigate Kemal Reis makes its first appearance 7 months after being rammed by the Greek Frigate Lemnos, pictures from the hull show what looks like a big patch where previous photos showed the damage to be
  3124. >https://archive.is/WSt5f
  3125. Turkish media has discussion about why Greece is buying more weapons and what the "harassment" of their research ship means. They discussed it for one hour and a half, pushing narratives and most likely trying to create a bigger climate of tension between the two peoples
  3126. >https://archive.is/mW1mA
  3127. The Mayor of Elliniko-Argyroupolis called a street artist to paint the central walls of the city, with heroes of 1821
  3128. >https://archive.is/EVsGx
  3129. A fire broke out in the immigrant camp of Haradinini, Thebes. A 6 year old boy died and the illegal immigrants attacked the fire brigade when it arrived to control the fire
  3130. >https://archive.is/vOtby
  3131. >https://archive.is/QFHpq
  3132. EU Parliament launches inquiry into Frontex
  3133. >https://archive.is/aGED6
  3136. ----------------------------------------- 24/02/2021
  3137. Written test for Greek citizenship to begin in May 16 for people who want to acquire Greek citizenship
  3138. >https://archive.is/FrZHD
  3139. 26 Pakistanis and Afghans failed to illegally enter Greece from Turkey, and now the Turkish Ministry of National Defense is pretending that they rescued them from Greece
  3140. >https://archive.is/MorZp
  3141. Turkish diplomats continue to spy on critics in Germany, Greece and Switzerland, secret documents reveal
  3142. >https://archive.is/c4rps
  3143. An 8 months pregnant, mother of two other children from Afghanistan burned set herself on fire inside her tent because the authorities told her she can't be transferred to Germany at the moment, as she requested
  3144. >https://archive.is/t3KEU
  3145. Erdogan talks about the New Zealand mosque attack bringing it up in his party convention, says he responded to the attack by converting Hagia Sophia into a mosque. He kept hailing Muslim Brotherhood Rabia sign, asking all to join
  3146. >https://archive.is/HU4Sh
  3147. Turkey is asking for explanations from Greece, for the "removal of an Ottoman cemetery in the area of Halkidiki, without due attention", according to an announcement of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3148. >https://archive.is/WO36l
  3149. Retired Turkish Admiral: "Does Greece want a war?". He talked about the hostility of Greek pilots towards Turkey, while he puts on the table the disarmament of the Greek islands of the Aegean
  3150. >https://archive.is/K23Um
  3151. Residents of Euosmos, Thessaloniki, protested against the new strict measures for the pandemic as well as for the possible creation of an immigration camp within their municipality
  3152. >https://archive.is/aGojI
  3153. Saudi Imports From Turkey Hit All-Time Low
  3154. >https://archive.is/7dzck
  3155. 122 illegal immigrants that got "refugee" status leave Mytilene, Lesvos, for Germany
  3156. >https://archive.is/29Dt5
  3157. FRONTEX spotted 9 boats with illegal immigrants in the Central Mediterranean with over 800 illegal immigrants on board, being as useless as FRONTEX is, they alerted and provided regular updates to all European national rescue centres in the area and NGOs
  3158. >https://archive.is/z8MmD
  3161. ----------------------------------------- 25/02/2021
  3162. Russian account in "northern cyprus" sells piece of marble floor from Ancient Salamis on Ebay, the Republic of Cyprus police, following a relevant request of the Department of Antiquities, has notified INTERPOL to stop the electronic sale
  3163. >https://archive.is/QOo7D
  3164. Turkish FM: "It is the fault of the Greeks that we have not found a solution to the Cyprus problem"
  3165. >https://archive.is/0u5ie
  3166. Turkish ship Cesme left its NAVTEX area in the central aegean before it was expected to, not clear wether it will go back or not
  3167. >https://archive.is/beqtw
  3168. Cypriot President says he wants a solution based on the Summit Agreements which is unified cyprus
  3169. >https://archive.is/lXLEO
  3170. Thirty airspace violations by Turkish fighter jets
  3171. >https://archive.is/Is615
  3172. Europol arrested 38 people in France, Romania, Moldova - who participated in an immigrant smuggling ring
  3173. >https://archive.is/Tcsdn
  3174. NGO claims Greece abducted, beat and then put Afghan immigrants into boats and pushed back to Turkey by sea
  3175. >https://archive.is/F43Wl
  3176. Illegal immigrants protest in front of a Hotel in Athens as the government contract for the lease of the hotel and the stay of the immigrants comes to an end, they of course demand documents and housing from the Greek government
  3177. >https://archive.is/TWn9I
  3178. >https://archive.is/c01qy
  3179. Athens-Abu Dhabi in full military cooperation: Greece-Cyprus-UAE-Israel-US exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean is coming
  3180. >https://archive.is/WyWhU
  3181. Greek minesweeper in the Dardanelles refused to raise the Turkish flag making the Turkish authorities angry despite the fact that Turkish ships never raise the Greek flag when in Greek ports or even NATO exercises
  3182. >https://archive.is/bsVvY
  3183. >https://archive.is/HDbAK
  3186. ----------------------------------------- 26/02/2021
  3187. Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum: "6,000 immigrants moved from Lesvos in the last 6 months"
  3188. >https://archive.is/Uv6y9
  3189. Turkish media: "Turkey condemns Dutch Parliament's call to recognise 1915 events as genocide, saying: "Parliaments aren't venues writing history; Dutch MPs want to gain votes; Dutch govt must observe rule of law; Dutch Parliament should focus on anti-Islam, xenophobia, discrimination"
  3190. >https://archive.is/YQZSE
  3191. The theorist of the "Blue Homeland" is one of the biggest proponents for Turkey to stop using the word Aegean and Mediterranean because they have Greek origin, the proposed name to replace it is "Sea of Islands"
  3192. >https://archive.is/xUSEa
  3193. Greek Foreign Minister: "Greece has the misfortune to be a neighbor of a systematically delinquent neighbor"
  3194. >https://archive.is/amSgc
  3195. President of the European Council: "Turkey is a member of NATO, it is an important element - It is no secret that in recent months we have had some difficulties with Turkey". There will be a debate on EU-Turkey relations and Mediterranean issues in March
  3196. >https://archive.is/z0cFy
  3197. Turkish negotiator for "Northern Cyprus" insists on a two-state solution for the Turkish occupation of Cyprus
  3198. >https://archive.is/NRwSV
  3199. Turkish F-16s flew over Agathonisi, Panagia and Oinousses, on 26/02/2021 13:22 two Turkish F-16s flew over Agathonisi in the Dodecanese. Shortly afterwards, at 14:29, two more Turkish F-16s flew over Panagia and Oinousses at 24,000 feet.
  3200. >https://archive.is/QZvU0
  3201. Documents reveal that the total cost for the preparation, transportation and distribution of meals in immigration camps is around 102.959.200 Euros per year
  3202. >https://archive.is/w17ml
  3205. ----------------------------------------- 27/02/2021
  3206. Dutch parliament passes motion calling on government to recognize the Armenian, Syriac, and Pontic Greek genocides of 1915
  3207. >https://archive.is/QCUmB
  3208. Greece and Russia strengthen relations on Civil Protection issues
  3209. >https://archive.is/mwcP7
  3210. Two foreign men (31 and 33) arrested in Greece for human trafficking, the two were holding a foreign woman which they brought to Greece and forcing her into prostitution for 2 years, moving her to brothels, apartments and other places
  3211. >https://archive.is/lSDGs
  3212. Turkish Defense Minister: "The Greek people will suffer from the increase in tensions with Turkey"
  3213. >https://archive.is/Zc22s
  3214. After the mayor of Nea Makri (city near athens) said he would not receive even a single immigrant, a bus full of immigrants arrived to a hotel in the city bringing several of them
  3215. >https://archive.is/Au3q1
  3216. Ancient Roman Aqueduct in Lesvos is in danger as a recent storm took down metal supports that had been installed to prevent it from collapsing in previous years
  3217. >https://archive.is/W8SBV
  3218. Retired Turkish Colonel Yalim accuses Greece of occupying the 20th Turkish island in the Aegean because two churches have been built in the island which have Greek and Byzantine flags
  3219. >https://archive.is/UPMnC
  3220. Agricultural-Fishing Association of Mantamadou, Lesvos: "we continue the fight for no camp on the island"
  3221. >https://archive.is/CUaT9
  3222. Turkish Defense Ministry published video of immigrants accusing Greece of ill-treatment
  3223. >https://archive.is/R22sl
  3226. ----------------------------------------- 28/02/2021
  3227. Turkish Defense Minister: "The purchase of aircraft and ships by the Greeks was a waste of money"
  3228. >https://archive.is/GdV5u
  3229. The Turkish "Cesme" ship carrying seismic research in the Central Aegean left the region once again today due to strong wings according to sources
  3230. >https://archive.is/Ijf6S
  3231. Locals in Lesvos today protested the creation of one more immigrant camp in the island with a caravan that had hundreds of vehicles
  3232. >https://archive.is/0mEig
  3233. >https://archive.is/TNW9K
  3236. ----------------------------------------- 01/03/2021
  3237. Illegal Immigrants attack police officers at the Kara Tepe camp, Lesvos
  3238. >https://archive.is/v3FHz
  3239. This morning, Gerald Knaus went on Turkish State tv and blamed Greece for pushbacks and inhumane practices. He is the author of the EU-Turkey immigration agreement, but he didn't even care to speak about the Turkish practice of smuggling people into Greece
  3240. >https://archive.is/jOHav
  3241. A 36-year-old illegal immigrant was arrested for theft, drug trafficking and posession of illegal weapons, he is suspected of 2 thefts
  3242. >https://archive.is/Yl0NV
  3243. >https://archive.is/55vcU
  3244. Victoria square, downtown Athens. Migrants camped there again, after being evicted from hotels
  3245. >https://archive.is/LeCwT
  3246. The Greek government decided to withdraw the decision to expand the migrant camp in Evros, after locals protested about it for weeks
  3247. >https://archive.is/C1OeY
  3248. >https://archive.is/24evm
  3249. Former Turkish General illegally crossed the border between Greece and Turkey and was arrested, the Turkish media is trying to label him as a Gulenist and the others with him as PKK members as they usually do to discredit them
  3250. >https://archive.is/Okux1
  3251. Leftists have vandalized the mural that portrayed the faces of several Greek War Heroes. Bouboulina, Papaflessas and Kolokotronis were targeted
  3252. >https://archive.is/vrws9
  3255. ----------------------------------------- 02/03/2021
  3256. Turkish analyst on CNN Turk: "We can enter Athens in 12 days and Thessaloniki in 4"
  3257. >https://archive.is/C8FgC
  3258. Greek police evacuated today a building that had been invaded by illegal immigrants and drug addicts in Agios Panteleimonas
  3259. >https://archive.is/gDjTl
  3260. All six members of a human smuggling ring were arrested, they also provided fake documents to the illegal immigrants
  3261. >https://archive.is/4Pyeg
  3262. Illegal immigrants complain about the living conditions in the camps not being good enough for them and not as they had imagined, complain about not getting enough free clothes and the accomodations not being as big as they wanted
  3263. >https://archive.is/U8R3F
  3264. Corinthian Warrior’s helmet dated to Persian Wars found in Israel
  3265. >https://archive.is/jVcEi
  3266. The mayor of Mytilene and other elected representatives of Lesvos who participated in the protest on Feb 25-26 trying to prevent the construction of the new camp in Lesvos have received a notice that they will be investigated on charges of obstructing police forces and illegal violence in the area
  3267. >https://archive.is/ApL5z
  3270. ----------------------------------------- 03/03/2021
  3271. Pakistani sexu*lly (word censored by Pastebin word filter) abused dogs and horses in the village of Skala, Cephalonia
  3272. >https://archive.is/aKtmn
  3273. Video from German NGO "Sea Watch" smuggling illegal immigrants from Africa to Europe, they "found" over 300 people in the mediterranean
  3274. >https://archive.is/BqsMq
  3275. Magnitude 6.3 earthquake wreaks havoc in Thessaly (mainland Greece) on Wednesday afternoon with eight strong aftershocks all above 4 in magnitude, then a second earthquake a few hours later of 5.2 magnitude, followed by a second 3.9 earthquake later that evening
  3276. >https://archive.is/eU7o9
  3277. >https://archive.is/v5KiI
  3278. >https://archive.is/HgilZ
  3279. >https://archive.is/sDCg2
  3280. >https://archive.is/gRB43
  3281. >https://archive.is/iWV6r
  3282. CNN Turk: "In one night all the Greek islands will be Turkish"
  3283. >https://archive.is/g0rqx
  3284. Greek FM: "Sanctions against Turkey to remain on the table as a deterrent"
  3285. >https://archive.is/Uu53g
  3286. The head of the Turkish Defense Industry Directorate said that Turkey "not necessarily aims to return to the F-35 program"
  3287. >https://archive.is/KOpSF
  3288. French President Macron: "Turkey has stopped insulting us but action is still needed"
  3289. >https://archive.is/oi4vo
  3290. Greek director Dimitris Lignadis has been detained after several accusations of sex*al (word censored by Pastebin word filter) abuse by minors, mostly illegal immigrants, who attended his theatre classes, according to a Cypriot actor, Lignadis had an accomplice that worked as a mediator
  3291. >https://archive.is/PSx2N
  3292. >https://archive.is/qbeue
  3293. >https://archive.is/2yJrQ
  3294. The management of the Sparta Inn hotel, on Wednesday 3/3/2021, filed a lawsuit against the now illegal tenants, a fact that led to the intervention of the police. The illegal immigrants then started to hit the windows of the hotel in anger
  3295. >https://archive.is/SgA8x
  3296. >https://archive.is/VN1zv
  3297. For the 3rd day in a row, Afghans in the Ritsona camp, north of Athens, are protesting the delay of asylum interviews, the protests are instigated by NGOs while the Afghan SYRIZA MEP candidate, G. Mohammadi, was also present.
  3298. >https://archive.is/GuAWy
  3301. ----------------------------------------- 04/03/2021
  3302. New earthquakes in Thessaly leave villages without electricity and cause big rocks to fall from Meteora mountains, one of the new earthquakes reached 5.9 points on the richter scale
  3303. >https://archive.is/suR81
  3304. >https://archive.is/jQQY7
  3305. >https://archive.is/XlvBQ
  3306. Cypriot President contacts Merkel and High Representative of the EU for the forthcoming EU Conference that will discuss EU-Turkey relations, he also mentioned the UN conference set to discuss solutions for the Turkish occupation of Cyprus
  3307. >https://archive.is/q9t3Y
  3308. US ambassador to Athens: "The US is ready to sell F-35 fighters in Greece"
  3309. >https://archive.is/b5b5x
  3310. High Representative of the EU: "The solution to the Cyprus problem will not come from outside; The responsibility for finding a solution lies first and foremost with the Cypriots themselves"
  3311. >https://archive.is/Kd7kO
  3312. American troops deployed to and from Europe via Alexandroupolis
  3313. >https://archive.is/mF6WQ
  3314. France seems to be pushing towards a new drone project similar to "nEUROn", called EURODRONE
  3315. >https://archive.is/Gc1s3
  3316. Turkey's Chief Public Prosecutor's of Office of Ankara launched an investigation into an advertisement at New York's Times Square that read "Stop Erdogan"
  3317. >https://archive.is/SZzEM
  3318. >https://archive.is/U4TGa
  3319. Turkish President advisor Mesut Hakki Casin declares on a national TV that neither the US nor other states can save Greece from the wrath of Turkey
  3320. >https://archive.is/KlyuS
  3321. Illegal immigrants from Afghanistan in Ritsona camp (north of Athens) keep protesting because of the delay of their Asylum interviews, being this the fourth day in a row of protests demanding IDs and passports for all illegal immigrants
  3322. >https://archive.is/qegdl
  3323. Public prosecutor's office charges German sea rescuers from “Jugend rettet” as well as “Save the Children” and “Doctors Without Borders” NGOs in Italy
  3324. >https://archive.is/Lf1L9
  3327. ----------------------------------------- 05/03/2021
  3328. "Sunshine" group (iliaktida) controlled by a Syriza politician received 10 million Euros between 2018 and 2021 and reported an spending of only 24 000 Euros
  3329. >https://archive.is/mAVuQ
  3330. "Sunshine" group (iliaktida) controlled by a Syriza politician received 3.8 million Euros in 02/03/2021 to rent 600 apartments and houses for illegal immigrants in Greece
  3331. >https://archive.is/OjzVA
  3332. German message to Turkey: "We are on the side of Greece, if threatened there will be a response"
  3333. >https://archive.is/vROIH
  3334. Merkel's teleconference with Cypriot President: "Merkel expressed her intention to make efforts to avoid any actions on the part of Turkey that would escalate the climate before the UN five-party conference set to discuss solutions for the Turkish occupation of Cyprus"
  3335. >https://archive.is/k8txp
  3336. Greek member of the National Parliament Manousos Voloudakis, spoke today about the proposed new EU Migration Policy Agreement
  3337. >https://archive.is/S53oK
  3338. Cyprus, Israel, and Greece will sign the trilateral agreement for the EuroAsia Interconnector on Monday. The MoU will be signed in Nicosia by the Energy Ministers of Cyprus and Israel, with the Greek Energy Minister joining in by video-conference
  3339. >https://archive.is/q5Ixd
  3340. Borrell tells Turkey to stop ‘two-state rhetoric’ regarding Cyprus occupation solution
  3341. >https://archive.is/cVFfu
  3342. The Greek Government has decided to lease land in Zervou, Samos to "expand" the current immigrant camp. The region also has olive groves and farms, which will most likely be destroyed by the immigrants from the camp
  3343. >https://archive.is/eZdNM
  3344. Despite the Greek government saying that the immigrant camp in Kara Tepe and contracts to rent apartments and houses in cities of Lesvos will be closing down because a new one outside urban centers will be built, money keeps being sent to maintain such projects
  3345. >https://archive.is/CxebK
  3348. ----------------------------------------- 06/03/2021
  3349. VP of the EU Commission for the Promotion of the European Lifestyle: "Europe stands by Greece", referring to the project of building a new camp in the Greek islands of Leros, Samos and Kos completely funded by the EU Commission
  3350. >https://archive.is/U7z9y
  3351. >https://archive.is/TAbkG
  3352. >https://archive.is/UtFr2
  3353. >https://archive.is/YFK9S
  3354. Human Smuggling ring dismantled in Evros, 6 people arrested, 3 of them were Greeks and the other 3 were foreigners
  3355. >https://archive.is/KoeYg
  3356. Greece: Afghan NGO makes kickboxing courses. Unknown NGO with migrants as board members donate equipment. A public park is used as training area
  3357. >https://archive.is/yjvHV
  3358. New pictures from border fence in Evros shows the stage of completion of the project
  3359. >https://archive.is/go0lF
  3362. ----------------------------------------- 07/03/2021
  3363. Victoria square, Athens. The meeting place for illegal immigrants, NGOs, delinquents once again full of them while Greeks are being threatened by the government to stay home, some are also camping in the square once again despite several attempts to remove them
  3364. >https://archive.is/2xLlL
  3365. >https://archive.is/X4oeD
  3366. Merkel during conference with Erdogan: "both sides must have an open mind and willingness to compromise"
  3367. >https://archive.is/jUoY9
  3370. ----------------------------------------- 08/03/2021
  3371. Egypt denies Turkey’s statements of talks about an EEZ deal to be made in the East Med, says it is committed to Greece
  3372. >https://archive.is/6Lmcj
  3373. The German government is complaining that illegal immigrants who receive asylum in Greece and other countries are then moving to Germany on their own
  3374. >https://archive.is/gmJXC
  3375. >https://archive.is/1XuxJ
  3376. >https://archive.is/uINZa
  3377. Islamic State (IS) auctions captive Yezidi women to Turkish men on the internet
  3378. >https://archive.is/V1001
  3379. High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell: "It is also important for the wider Turkey-EU relations"
  3380. >https://archive.is/u2WYL
  3381. Turkish Defense Ministry spokeswoman Pinar Kara: "Greece continues to deploy ships to demilitarized islands in the eastern Aegean and send warships to Megisti, just a few miles away from Turkey"
  3382. >https://archive.is/zdA1x
  3383. The "Prime Minister" of "northern cyprus": "Turkish Cypriots do not want EU involvement in the Cyprus issue"
  3384. >https://archive.is/Clz3C
  3385. Another image of human smugglers advertising their services to smuggle illegal immigrants into Europe from Turkey
  3386. >https://archive.is/aHSuj
  3387. Greece, Cyprus and Israel have signed an agreement on the electrical interconnection of the three countries
  3388. >https://archive.is/a85mi
  3389. Greek PM regarding the solution for the Turkish occupation for Cyprus: "Prerequisite for a solution is the complete withdrawal of the occupying troops"
  3390. >https://archive.is/ODJY1
  3391. There was a phone call between between British PM and Erdogan on Monday (08/03/21), they discussed East Med issues. Erdogan raised the "two-state" solution for Cyprus again but Boris said that the only solution is unified Cyprus
  3392. >https://archive.is/QI30p
  3393. Leftists have once again vandalized a statue after another one of their protests, this time the statue of Kolokotronis, considered the biggest hero of the Greek war of independence
  3394. >https://archive.is/103dK
  3397. ----------------------------------------- 09/03/2021
  3398. The earthquake in Thessaly has damaged several XVI and XVII century churches
  3399. >https://archive.is/yX45l
  3400. Cyprus and Israel are launching a joint commercial exploitation of natural gas fields
  3401. >https://archive.is/NIEPv
  3402. Cypriot FM: "Good EU-turkey relations depend solely on Turkey and its will to sincerely adopt measures to solve issues and cease its illegal operations in both land and sea"
  3403. >https://archive.is/2CD3z
  3404. During leftist protests in Greece, leftists have attacked a man on a bike that was carrying a religious portrait destroying it
  3405. >https://archive.is/MngKs
  3406. >https://archive.is/62Rwb
  3407. Spanish NGO operating in Lesvos, Greece offers "emotional support with flower essences to refugees", this is their promotional video
  3408. >https://archive.is/2jUZd
  3409. During the leftist riots in Athens a police officer was attacked and beaten by leftist extremists, luckily he did not suffer serious injuries, 4 other police officers also suffered light injuries during the protests at night
  3410. >https://archive.is/WrCQQ
  3411. >https://archive.is/C4gvE
  3412. >https://archive.is/S0UKp
  3413. >https://archive.is/7h3El
  3414. Another fire happened in the Kara Tepe camp, Lesvos, once again the cause of the fire is unknown
  3415. >https://archive.is/U247h
  3418. ----------------------------------------- 10/03/2021
  3419. As Greece looks for more armaments and weapons systems, France has issued new proposals for the purchase of 4 Belh@rra frigates, two with the standard French FDI specs and 2 with the modifications asked by the Greek navy, it also includes the SCALP missiles with 1000 KM range
  3420. >https://archive.is/XM2FI
  3421. >https://archive.is/ZBo5Q
  3422. Germany has also made an offer regarding frigates, they have offered Greece options to have 4 A-200 frigates or 2 A-200 and 2 A-300, while also hinting to the possibility of building two more Submarines type 214
  3423. >https://archive.is/dsJjd
  3424. Greece is looking into buying Israeli weapons systems, which include "Rampage EXTRA (Extended Range Artillery)" and the SPICE guiding system. Sources also report on negotiations regarding 5 Mobile Radars worth 12-15 million each, which offer protection from ballistic missiles
  3425. >https://archive.is/QXnVW
  3426. Shops to be built over "Armenian and Catholic" cemetery remains in Ulus, Turkey. The Chamber of Architects is resisting the construction and has filed petitions with various state institutions
  3427. >https://archive.is/OdvAY
  3428. >https://archive.is/DuapG
  3429. There was another protest at the Ritsona camp, immigrants keep demanding passport for all of them along with IDs and Asylum status, the protests are happening because the interviews for their Asylum applications have been delayed
  3430. >https://archive.is/L4EDo
  3431. Spokesman of the Turkish ruling party, AKP regarding the Turkish occupation of Cyprus: "The Greeks should stop using the same rhetoric and the same style [...] Only with a fair solution with Turkey, Greeks will feel safe"
  3432. >https://archive.is/sHiic
  3433. >https://archive.is/EazpP
  3436. ----------------------------------------- 11/03/2021
  3437. 82 more recognized "refuges" relocated from Greece to Germany. A total of 426 recognized refugees have flown from Mytilene in the last 20 days, part of the deal that sees to transfer 1,553 of them to Germany
  3438. >https://archive.is/00sOc
  3439. An illegal immigrant in the camp of Kara Tepe, Lesvos, stole the phone from another illegal (woman) who also lives there, the victim and her friend (also a woman) who warned her about the thief were injured by him with a stone after they tried to get the phone back
  3440. >https://archive.is/oLDwQ
  3441. US Secretary of State: "Turkey violates international law with its actions against Greece"
  3442. >https://archive.is/d2ily
  3443. Turkish Foreign Minister: "No one will forbid us to buy defense systems from different sources"
  3444. >https://archive.is/sWhzC
  3445. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister to the US: "Threats will not work"
  3446. >https://archive.is/HQgNG
  3447. Turkish forces fired shots at the direction of a Frontex patrol car
  3448. >https://archive.is/45x7i
  3449. Two young Afghan illegal immigrants got sentenced to five years in prison for Moria fire
  3450. >https://archive.is/IDn8m
  3451. The base for Greek drones in the Greek island of Skyros is ready
  3452. >https://archive.is/KIH9K
  3453. New joint training exercises between US and Greek forces as the U.S Aircraft carrier arrived to Souda, Crete
  3454. >https://archive.is/1Vr4g
  3455. >https://archive.is/SeLTF
  3456. The paradox of the Turkish mentality in two images
  3457. >https://archive.is/EP4tw
  3458. >https://archive.is/wuMnY
  3459. One of the people who attacked an elderly man on a bike carrying a religious portrait and destroyed it during the leftist riots in Athens turned out to be a teacher of the Department of Sociology, from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  3460. >https://archive.is/ceEKX
  3463. ----------------------------------------- 12/03/2021
  3464. Greek FM: "The European report on Turkey should include the prospect of restrictive measures and sanctions"
  3465. >https://archive.is/2IGme
  3466. Turkish FM on the Cyprus issue: "The world wont end if there is a two-state solution"
  3467. >https://archive.is/RZlaW
  3468. Turkish Defense Minister: "We are constructive, while the Greeks are provoking"
  3469. >https://archive.is/S10bD
  3470. While the Greek Government talks about the influx of illegal immigrants being lower this year, NGOs are now transporting illegal immigrants to a recently built apartment building in Patisia, Athens
  3471. >https://archive.is/ML17t
  3472. The Greek media wont show certain things, such as this police officer being attacked by a leftist activist while he was making an arrest during the riots in Athens
  3473. >https://archive.is/cpmwP
  3474. The Syrian Abdul Hadi AlBa'aj kidnapped and killed a 20-year-old Palestinian woman in Istanbul. After the the Turkish police to arrest him, he managed to flee to Greece. He was recognized in Thessaloniki by Palestinians, who handed him over to the authorities
  3475. >https://archive.is/1F1lx
  3476. >https://archive.is/PMXha
  3477. After another incident of Turkish forces shooting in the general direction of a FRONTEX patrol vehicle patrolling the Greek side of the border, Open News made a report showing more images of Turkish forces assisting illegal immigrants cross the Evros river into Greece
  3478. >https://archive.is/JBV4r
  3479. Cruise ship catches fire off Greek coast of Corfu (Kerkyra)
  3480. >https://archive.is/HrGVr
  3481. Italian Parliament unanimously ratifies Italy-Greece agreement on delimitation of maritime zones
  3482. >https://archive.is/w51FW
  3485. ----------------------------------------- 13/03/2021
  3486. EU expresses concerns over Turkish troops firing in the general direction and up in the air in the presence of FRONTEX forces, says Turkey to respect its immigration agreement with the EU
  3487. >https://archive.is/f42aR
  3488. "Northern Cyprus" launched a "Love Erdogan" campaign in response to the "Stop Erdogan" sign seen in Times Square, several of such "Love Erdogan" signs have been vandalized even leading to arrests connected with it
  3489. >https://archive.is/igpaT
  3490. >https://archive.is/klJch
  3491. >https://archive.is/ga49v
  3492. 6 Saudi Arabian F-15 jets arrived in Cyprus today for the Joint Exercises Falcon Eye-1 between the Royal Saudi Air Force and the Hellenic Airforce
  3493. >https://archive.is/eXPke
  3494. >https://archive.is/mq3dF
  3495. >https://archive.is/L4nC1
  3498. ----------------------------------------- 14/03/2021
  3499. Egyptian Foreign Minister says there are contacts between Egypt nd Turkey, but dialogue is limited, said only words by Turkey are not enough to normalize relations
  3500. >https://archive.is/clu6C
  3501. Germany is negotiation a new immigration deal with Turkey, Handelsblatt writes
  3502. >https://archive.is/ftt8H
  3505. ----------------------------------------- 15/03/2021
  3506. Lesvos shepherd that had many of his animals slaughtered by illegal immigrants from Kara Tepe camp has once again been the victim of the illegals who went to his property and stole all of his sheep after he went home for 3 hours that day
  3507. >https://archive.is/cc1iZ
  3508. Turkey sends Greece, Israel, EU diplomatic note demanding they seek its permission for activities involving its East Med continental shelf
  3509. >https://archive.is/2l5RF
  3510. >https://archive.is/gdp42
  3511. Owner of "Aegean Boat report" NGO talks about how illegal immigrants have the right to have their claims analyzed individually when they try to enter Greece, he is investigated in Greece for smuggling and espionage along with several other NGOs and its members
  3512. >https://archive.is/hf45J
  3513. >https://archive.is/kn37O
  3514. Erdogan Advisor sees Pope's visit to Iraq as a new Christian Crusade
  3515. >https://archive.is/zh3lS
  3516. Erdogan says peace in Syria depends on Western support for Turkey, sounds like another Turkish blackmail campaign on the way
  3517. >https://archive.is/eR1ZZ
  3518. EU High Representative Joseph Borrell: "We must work for safe, fair and smooth immigration"
  3519. >https://archive.is/9Xr0S
  3520. Vice President of the EU Commission Margaritis Schinas: "The new Pact on Immigration and Asylum is a new beginning with a significant external dimension"
  3521. >https://archive.is/pT6fD
  3522. A deputy in the Turkish National Assembly applauds key figure in the Armenian genocide as the "Great Talat Pasha", calls Armenians who killed the genocidal Ottoman leader "terrorists"
  3523. >https://archive.is/nMjFr
  3524. Saudi Arabia has closed Turkish schools operating in its territory
  3525. >https://archive.is/dK8Xo
  3526. Turkish Defense Minister: "Greece undermines good neighborly relations"
  3527. >https://archive.is/QXNli
  3530. ----------------------------------------- 16/03/2021
  3531. FORBES: “Due to operational difficulties only 9 active Turkish squadrons are remaining following the closure of some bases and squadrons due to operational concerns"
  3532. >https://archive.is/w9fRW
  3533. The 62nd round of exploratory talks between Turkey and Greece has been completed in Athens
  3534. >https://archive.is/UXgq4
  3535. As thousands of Iraqis acquired a Turkish visa, many of them are preparing to illegally immigrate to Europe, sparking yet another wave of mass immigration
  3536. >https://archive.is/VPGa2
  3537. 68 ancient Macedonian silver coins were discovered in a Romanian village. They date back to 158-150 BC. They bear the Greek (and not "Macedonian") inscription "ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ ΠΡΩΤΗΣ", meaning "of the first (province) of the Macedonians"
  3538. >https://archive.is/EHS7X
  3539. Turkish media claims 44 illegal immigrants were pushed back into Turkish waters by the Greek Coast guard, not asking the most important question which is "where did the boat come from"
  3540. >https://archive.is/nykBM
  3541. Turkey's President, Erdogan, thinks he can drive a wedge between Egyptian people and President Sisi, says Egyptians can never oppose to Turkey's policies with regarding Greece, describes problems are temporary mistakes, questions Saudi Arabia's motives in the East Mediterranean
  3542. >https://archive.is/cOZqu
  3545. ----------------------------------------- 17/03/2021
  3546. Erdogan claims Saudi Arabia wants to buy Turkish drones, an old strategy used against several countries which have denied several such statements from Turkey
  3547. >https://archive.is/lUfcc
  3548. >https://archive.is/Bfrif
  3549. New EU Pact on Immigration and Asylum, FRONTEX has strengthened its presence in Albania, thus preventing illegal immigrants from leaving Greece and reach Western Europe while at the same time Turkey fails to fulfill its part of the deal and lets immigrants through
  3550. >https://archive.is/dP1Fc
  3551. NGO "Aegean Boat Report" says that they will not share with Greek authorities the locations of the illegal immigrants they bring into the country. The NGO has been involved in several scandals regarding human smuggling and even in a big case of espionage by NGOs
  3552. >https://archive.is/fVlGA
  3553. >https://archive.is/tAE98
  3554. >https://archive.is/KzYpA
  3555. Spokesman for the German Government talks about Germany's intention to strike a new immigration deal with Turkey, says how important Turkey is as a very trustworthy ally thanks to EU funds
  3556. >https://archive.is/7tIyb
  3557. Turkish Defense Minister had a teleconference meeting hosted by Germany and attended by countries contributing troops to Afghanistan’s Northern Region, which comes under the responsibility of Germany. Meanwhile Germany wants other countries to show "solidarity"
  3558. >https://archive.is/KYnaU
  3561. ----------------------------------------- 18/03/2021
  3562. Egyptian sources: "No agreement will be concluded with Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean before its border problems with Greece and Cyprus are resolved"
  3563. >https://archive.is/78Qkc
  3564. Greek Navy to evaluate the frigate proposals handed over by both European countries and the U.S in the coming weeks, the proposals are: American Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC), French Belhara, Dutch Sigma, British Arrowhead, Italian Fremm, German MEKO and Spanish F-110
  3565. >https://archive.is/EFmpw
  3566. Von der Leyen, Charles Michael and Erdogan will have a teleconference on the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean ahead of EU Commission meeting that will discuss among other things, the EU-Turkey relations
  3567. >https://archive.is/sTmdx
  3568. New EU-Turkey deals seem to be on the way, being them regarding immigration and the customs union while the sanctions have been lifted and according to EU sources the situation on the East Med is better than before, so more sanctions are unlikely
  3569. >https://archive.is/OLtY0
  3570. EU halts sanctions on Turkey oil executives as ties improve
  3571. >https://archive.is/ABqHh
  3572. "EULesvos" NGO associate says setting fire to camps has absolutely minimal risk of injury and is a "Petty Crime"
  3573. >https://archive.is/jjont
  3574. >https://archive.is/XQH0T
  3575. EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson: "Good cooperation and good results. I am looking forward to visiting Lesvos 🇬🇷 on 29 March, to see progress on managing immigration, and identification of new reception centre site"
  3576. >https://archive.is/QflRG
  3577. Immigrants advertise homes and apartments for rent in Athens
  3578. >https://archive.is/Fv0Go
  3581. ----------------------------------------- 19/03/2021
  3582. The NGO vessel OpenArms sails out for its 83rd mission to search for African boat migrants near the coast of Libya
  3583. >https://archive.is/s9n8w
  3584. Ring of smugglers arrested in Imathia, Greece, transporting 34 illegal immigrants in 4 vehicles
  3585. >https://archive.is/W5Qoh
  3586. Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum claims the influx of illegal immigrants is "virtually zero", which is contradictory given that the Greek government is currently building and expanding over 6 camps all over Greece
  3587. >https://archive.is/X8voY
  3588. U.S ambassador to Turkey: "the S-400 issue is not an issue that can be resolved in a cunning way. The solution can only come if Turkey abandons the S-400s"
  3589. >https://archive.is/0dPqm
  3590. Despite the Greek Government having announced that they would cancel the expansion and building of a new immigrant camp in Evros, the Government has now stated that the camp will be expanded and built, the lease contract for the lands has already been published
  3591. >https://archive.is/aErxi
  3592. Video shows graphs of immigration to European countries in recent years, showing an increase in recent months, contradicting what both the EU Commission, FRONTEX and politicians claim
  3593. >https://archive.is/K2w3b
  3594. Underwater research sheds light on Crete’s ancient city of Olous
  3595. >https://archive.is/qgfGK
  3596. >https://archive.is/F0TbG
  3597. Greek government fines hotels and restaurants in Mykonos for illegal construction projects being performed inside such businesses. The fines were worth hundreds of thousands of Europs, amounting to a total of 1.200.000,00 Euros
  3598. >https://archive.is/kpI1t
  3601. ----------------------------------------- 20/03/2021
  3602. Greek Police recover ‘exceptional’ ancient statue from a smuggler
  3603. >https://archive.is/ERCNK
  3604. Video shows illegal immigrant from Afghanistan that has been moving illegally to several countries in Europe in 6 months
  3605. >https://archive.is/UOg2v
  3606. Turkey planned to invade 131 Aegean islands, islets, formations that were considered "disputed" by their government
  3607. >https://archive.is/nzAtW
  3608. >https://archive.is/J4VRd
  3609. The Greek government forbids Greeks to celebrate the 200 years anniversary of the liberation from the Ottomans, on March 25. Greeks are not allowed to pay their respects to the war heroes. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants today, in Athens
  3610. >https://archive.is/n5Kdm
  3611. >https://archive.is/E43sO
  3612. >https://archive.is/oNUGB
  3613. Protests by illegal immigrants and KEERFA also happened in Patras today
  3614. >https://archive.is/2OnuT
  3615. Greek flag of 4,000m² placed in Ymittos by the Municipality of Glyfada
  3616. >https://archive.is/4bbvb
  3619. ----------------------------------------- 21/03/2021
  3620. Video from Soufli, Northern Greece, near the Greek-Turkish border. Illegal immigrants waiting for cabs that will take them to Thessaloniki.
  3621. >https://archive.is/PIcim
  3622. Cyprus issues anti-NAVTEX for Turkish activities in Morphou. Military exercises with live fire, which violate the sovereignty of the territorial waters of Cyprus, have been planned by the Turks
  3623. >https://archive.is/gobIp
  3624. A group cut barbed wire from the Green Zone in Cyprus and placed it near the office of the Cypriot Ministry of Interior, their statement is that the barbed wire represents racism and used in the "Pournara concentration camp that imprisons the immigrants"
  3625. >https://archive.is/F1v7L
  3628. ----------------------------------------- 22/03/2021
  3629. The largest Greek flag will be waved in Santorni on March 25
  3630. >https://archive.is/4KoZF
  3631. To celebrate the 200 years of independence, Greece has released the drachma of 1832
  3632. >https://archive.is/4NAn0
  3633. Immigrants worldwide send back to their countries $500 billion, it is a significant amount of money that could be used to improve the countries that they have moved in/invaded but the money is instead sent abroad and the host country's economy weakened
  3634. >https://archive.is/Ud8VA
  3635. In Athens, NGOs have been leaving clothes to illegal immigrants in clean trash bins so that they could collect them and use the images on their marketing campaigns of victimization pretending to suffer
  3636. >https://archive.is/TBgRD
  3637. Pakistani that tried to rape a woman in Lerapetra, Crete, last friday (19/03/21) has been arrested.
  3638. >https://archive.is/vH4Qv
  3639. >https://archive.is/FmZx0
  3642. ----------------------------------------- 23/03/2021
  3643. Smugglers once again advertising the transport of illegal immigrants through Europe, this time from Greece to Austria, from which the immigrants will most likely go to Germany
  3644. >https://archive.is/1Cc6Q
  3645. EU Commission warns Greece against allowing vaccinated Israeli tourists visit the country saying that there is a ban on letting people from other countries visit EU-Mmeber States. Meanwhhile the EU is gladly accepting arabs and Africans, many testing positive to COVID
  3646. >https://archive.is/vqbyY
  3647. Borrell presents his report to the EU Commission regarding the actions of Turkey regarding Greece and the overall EU relations, the report was not favorable to Turkey. Unfortunately Germany is pushing for a new Immigration Deal with Turkey and claims ties have improved so nothing will change
  3648. >https://archive.is/gdtgy
  3649. Turkish NAVTEX for a live fire exercise between Chios-Samos-Ikaria. The exercise area is only 7.8 nautical miles from Chios only 8.6 nautical miles from Ikaria and 8.6 miles from Samos. Scheduled to take place on March 27th and 28th
  3650. >https://archive.is/jlsiD
  3651. Cyprus rejects and Greece protests the draft conclusions forwarded to the EU Commission regarding Turkey once it is far from the report presented by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell and favorable to Turkey
  3652. >https://archive.is/kn7jk
  3653. By the beginning of 2022 the first Turkish submarine of class 214 will be launched, the submarine is operational but its launch will be scheduled at a later date
  3654. >https://archive.is/IcJKH
  3655. NATO Secretary General says he cant deny that there are problems with Turkey but adds that NATO should be used as a platform for "consultations and discussions" to solve issues
  3656. >https://archive.is/lHonq
  3659. ----------------------------------------- 24/03/2021
  3660. Just a day before the EU summit of March 25, where a list of sanctions against Turkey will be discussed, Turkey “arrests” 18 ISIS/Daesh terrorists. Before the Feb. 20 summit, another 14 terrorists were arrested, before the Dec. 7 summit, 20 were arrested, and so forth
  3661. >https://archive.is/4i2KA
  3662. CDU president and perhaps next German chancellor: "As Europe, we must support Greece"
  3663. >https://archive.is/KNhPe
  3664. Cyprus on the EU summit: "Preliminary draft conclusions on Turkey should better reflect the content of the report by EU High Representative Josep Borrell"
  3665. >https://archive.is/0JV3Z
  3666. Turkish Defense Minister: "Germany is our most important ally in European security policy"
  3667. >https://archive.is/rpVt2
  3668. Erdogan begs investors to "Trust the prospects of the Turkish economy" after the crash caused by his decision to once again remove the head of the Turkish central bank that caused the Turkish Lira to lose almost 15% of its value last Friday (19/03/21)
  3669. >https://archive.is/fDVh3
  3670. French President Emanuel Macron: "Turkey will try to influence the French elections"
  3671. >https://archive.is/iLUj8
  3672. The French government accuses the city of Strasbourg of subsidizing mosques
  3673. >https://archive.is/97Tae
  3674. Aegean Airlines had one of its planes to fly on a "200" path over Greece to celebrate the 200 years of independence
  3675. >https://archive.is/TQoQa
  3676. >https://archive.is/6E32Q
  3677. >https://archive.is/jtJfw
  3678. In his party convention today, Turkish President Erdogan ordered his party leadership, delegates to flash 'rabia' sign he borrowed from the protests of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
  3679. >https://archive.is/FQWm1
  3682. ----------------------------------------- 25/03/2021
  3683. Macron vows to help Greece to protect its borders even more
  3684. >https://archive.is/u9SDC
  3685. Cypriot President: "Turkey should prove by deeds its sincere intention to engage constructively with all member states, away from threats and blackmail"
  3686. >https://archive.is/8Exgl
  3687. The EU has once again postponed the date in which it would decide if sanctions against Turkey will be imposed, the next meeting set to discuss it will be held in June and the EU Commission says they will watch closely Turkey's actions until then
  3688. >https://archive.is/mvRtI
  3689. >https://archive.is/aJRhJ
  3690. Turkish drones fly over the border in the area of ​​Evros once again, sources claim their objective seems to be analyzing the new fortifications set up to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into Greece
  3691. >https://archive.is/vA5vB
  3692. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz: "I will continue to support the suspension of the European Union accession negotiations with Turkey"
  3693. >https://archive.is/NbQTL
  3694. Greece and Cyprus satisfied with some changes to the EU Summit draft conclusion text that now makes clearer distinctions of what conditions Turkey will have to comply to receive a more positive treatment from the EU and that any progress with Turkey is reversible
  3695. >https://archive.is/PhaU9
  3696. Angela Merkel: "Our prosperity in Europe is only possible through good relations with our neighbors outside the EU"
  3697. >https://archive.is/28u8w
  3698. Smugglers once again are advertising their services to take illegal immigrants to Austria, this time for 6000 Euros each and another one advertised their services from Turkey to Greece for 2000 Euros
  3699. >https://archive.is/dV55x
  3700. >https://archive.is/PMDyR
  3703. ----------------------------------------- 26/03/2021
  3704. Turkey indicts four people from the Charlie Hebdo newspaper for the crime of insulting the President, one Cartoonist and four publishers have been named
  3705. >https://archive.is/POvZf
  3706. >https://archive.is/5Lad0
  3707. Cypriots vandalized a mosque in Limassol, writing pro Greece slogans in it and paining Greek flags. Erdogan and the Turkish government called such actions a "challenge and provocation that wont help solve the 'Cyprus issue' "
  3708. >https://archive.is/guvpi
  3709. Erdogan says Cypriots always attack mosques and that is a way of provoking Turkey
  3710. >https://archive.is/mDet9
  3711. German Press claims the EU is trying to ensure "peace" in the aegean by upgrading its deals with Turkey including the customs union
  3712. >https://archive.is/tjaBY
  3713. Ylva Johansson announced that 155 Million Euros will be used to build new and bigger immigrant camps in Lesvos and Chios while 121 Million Euros will additionally be used to build smaller camps in the islands of Samos, Kos and Leros
  3714. >https://archive.is/XFryi
  3715. >https://archive.is/Fcgqa
  3718. ----------------------------------------- 27/03/2021
  3719. An uprising took place in a "Pre-departure detention center" (detention center for people who should be deported), in Corinth, by Pakistanis mostly prisoners when a 24-year-old man was found dead. Takbir-Allahu Akbar chanted during the incident, they also set fire to the building but it was put out by the authorities
  3720. >https://archive.is/MaTcx
  3721. >https://archive.is/6ibt4
  3722. >https://archive.is/VyQiM
  3723. >https://archive.is/9qav9
  3724. >https://archive.is/XEaka
  3725. Illegal immigrants started an "accidental" fire in Soufli, Evros, near the border with Turkey, they invaded a barn and some speculate that they tried to warm themselves by lighting a fire
  3726. >https://archive.is/h4bF3
  3727. >https://archive.is/FCb31
  3728. Woman caught on tape ripping off a Greek flag from a restaurant, she is now wanted by the Greek authorities as the restaurant owner seems to be willing to press charges
  3729. >https://archive.is/sVE67
  3730. Human smugglers once again advertise their "services" all over social media, with several European countries as their destinations
  3731. >https://archive.is/Dd8Yh
  3732. Erdogan's advisor says Greece plans to invade Turkey with US and France backing, warns Crete will be wiped out in case of war, calls Greek Prime Minister 'stupid guy' for visiting USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier that docked at Greek port
  3733. >https://archive.is/zMoeh
  3736. ----------------------------------------- 28/03/2021
  3737. Ursula Von Der Leyen talks about EU's intention to have a new immigration deal as well as upgrade other deals with Turkey
  3738. >https://archive.is/zIWvy
  3739. As Ylva Johansson announces her trip to Greece, the head of IOM (International Organization for Migration) and the Greek minister of Immigration talk about their meetings with Ylva and their projects to receive more illegal immigrants and build more camps
  3740. >https://archive.is/Ihlr8
  3741. >https://archive.is/9W92o
  3742. >https://archive.is/VsgFm
  3743. Turkey-Greece relations in 3.5 minutes
  3744. >https://archive.is/uFUsD
  3747. ----------------------------------------- 29/03/2021
  3748. Syrian "refugees" posing as an Ukranian Volleyball Team arrested in Greece trying to embark into a flight to Vienna
  3749. >https://archive.is/FQCWQ
  3750. >https://archive.is/UKCaU
  3751. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel will travel to Turkey on Tuesday (April 6th) to meet with President Erdogan
  3752. >https://archive.is/9EBoY
  3753. The "president of northern cyprus" presents "solution" model of two states in Geneva meeting, also called the reopening of Varosia a pioneering and "historical move"
  3754. >https://archive.is/XSBcZ
  3755. A team of the Belgian counter-terrorism agency travelled to Athens to arrest 3 Iraqis accused of being members of a gang that manufactures fake passports and smuggles immigrants into European countries
  3756. >https://archive.is/UNNzf
  3757. Regional governor of North Aegean is cancelling meeting with EU commissioner Ylva Johansson, he received standing ovation from Lesvos protestors, and said "I will not show up at all". He is against new Camp
  3758. >https://archive.is/Qkqr7
  3759. Ylva Johansson posted pictures of her visit to the camp that is being built in lesvos
  3760. >https://archive.is/cvhhW
  3761. Greeks from all over the country are hyped to crowdfund the building of a church near the new immigrant camp in Evros
  3762. >https://archive.is/gWSVY
  3765. ----------------------------------------- 30/03/2021
  3766. Cypriot president says that he expect EU officials to be present at the informal UN five-party Conference to solve the issue of Turkish occupation in Cyprus
  3767. >https://archive.is/E8dS2
  3768. Turkish Lira falls again after the dismissal of the deputy governor of the central bank by Erdogan less than two weeks after he also fired the head of the Central bank which caused the Turkish Lira to lose almost 15% of its value in a few hours
  3769. >https://archive.is/8Wcla
  3770. Erdogan considers picking Tansu Ciller, a former Turkish President as his government's next Foreign Minister as she is known for having good relations with the US, although she has a dark past with Greece, being behind the Imia crisis
  3771. >https://archive.is/Zfwaz
  3772. >https://archive.is/QBu0F
  3773. Nearly 129,000 people probed for 'insulting' Erdogan in 5 years
  3774. >https://archive.is/oZWb8
  3777. ----------------------------------------- 31/03/2021
  3778. Greek minister of Asylum and immigration caught telling Ylva Johansson that he only told the Greek public that the new camps would be "closed" to avoid major incidents, they both laughed but the minister gets startled when he realized he was being recorded
  3779. >https://archive.is/jmOr6
  3780. Smugglers once again advertise their products, selling passports from European countries and Canada, offering official additional documents such as citizenships and others
  3781. >https://archive.is/U6jMR
  3782. Turkish F-16 jets performed overflights over the Greek islands of Makronisi and Cannibals(Anthropophagus)
  3783. >https://archive.is/SKQdd
  3784. A 46-year-old Iraqi illegal immigrant threatened to burn his wife and child in an immigrant camp located in the region of Ioannia after his second application for Asylum was denied
  3785. >https://archive.is/Mb84H
  3786. Greek Minister of Immigration Notis Mitarakis signed a document ordering that the "expansion" of the immigrant camp in Evros be fast tracked and ordered that it does not need to abide by any general or special urban planning or other provision
  3787. >https://archive.is/niqNE
  3790. ----------------------------------------- 01/04/2021
  3791. Cypriot President: "I think it is now clear that no one accepts its demands Turkey for the creation of two states. Therefore, what we should be, is consistent in the principles and positions and in what was unanimously agreed in the UN Resolutions"
  3792. >https://archive.is/TgthR
  3793. Evros group lobbying against the expansion of the current Orestiada immigrant camp points out how the Greek government has been ridiculing the region of Evros to expand the camp, even using legal resources as asking for a bigger deadline for a final proposal while already running the construction process among other things
  3794. >https://archive.is/3G5oN
  3797. ----------------------------------------- 02/04/2021
  3798. Turkish coast guard pushed 4 boats with illegal immigrants into Greek waters and performed aggressive and dangerous maneuvers near a Greek coast guard ships off Lesvos, the Turkish media claims that the Greek CG was the one pushing immigrants into their waters
  3799. >https://archive.is/EwR1D
  3800. >https://archive.is/6fwsn
  3801. >https://archive.is/Jrr0K
  3802. >https://archive.is/NUO7S
  3803. >https://archive.is/2OOlW
  3804. >https://archive.is/hINz0
  3805. Erdogan reiterated Turkish policies signaling that Turkey's stance wont change because they "won in Artsakh, Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean"
  3806. >https://archive.is/aqau9
  3807. A total of 575 churches and orthodox monuments have been destroyed in Turkish occupied Cyprus region after the Turkish invasion of 1974
  3808. >https://archive.is/RfSTi
  3809. Smugglers advertise their services using a Greek phone number
  3810. >https://archive.is/r3LJN
  3811. Samos residents went to an area where Ylva Johansson and the Greek minister of Immigration were planning to go during their tour to check on the building status of the new giant immigrant camps being built in Greece
  3812. >https://archive.is/IoMZ3
  3815. ----------------------------------------- 03/04/2021
  3817. ----------------------------------------- 04/04/2021
  3819. ----------------------------------------- 05/04/2021
  3820. Over 100 military officers arrested in Turkey for signing a letter agains the islamization of the armed forces by Erdogan, including an officer who is a co-creator of the Turkish "blue homeland" doctrine. They are accused of trying to start another coup
  3821. >https://archive.is/XFNRR
  3822. >https://archive.is/olNhU
  3823. >https://archive.is/0NMTW
  3824. Turkish F-16 jets performed overflights over the Greek islands of Panagia and Oinousses
  3825. >https://archive.is/rtMjZ
  3826. Erdogan makes a statement saying that the letter signed by the retired admirals arrested on Sunday (04/04) implies a political coup
  3827. >https://archive.is/3VLV1
  3828. Law firm in Greece advertises services for illegal immigrants on Facebook.
  3829. >https://archive.is/ty6ln
  3830. >https://archive.is/reeDY
  3831. >https://archive.is/CHvLB
  3832. >https://archive.is/J8CD5
  3833. German Die Linke politician (communist party from Eastern Germany) talks about Greece's request for reparations after Greece once again demanded reparations for the German invasion of Greece during WWII, saying that Germany should be held accountable for it
  3834. >https://archive.is/vEqmL
  3835. A Turkish patrol boat crashed onto a Greek Coast Guard boat near lesvos twice
  3836. >https://archive.is/LA4Bw
  3837. There was another fire on a camp in Chios this morning
  3838. >https://archive.is/HwrNz
  3839. Cyprus: A Nigerian illegal immigrant tried to commit suicide in public at the "Pournara" camp in Kokkinotrimithia. The case looks a lot like what happened in Corinth, Greece, where illegal immigrants rioted after one of them committed suicide
  3840. >https://archive.is/ZZCVH
  3841. The well-known Syrian mercenary jihadist "Abu Tow" who in a recent interview stated that he would fight against Greece, a hug with the Turkish soldier Batuhan Gocer who declares himself an separatist of Western Thrace.
  3842. >https://archive.is/d59he
  3843. >https://archive.is/K16Lr
  3844. >https://archive.is/Duhyq
  3845. The Greek government is waiting for the last two frigate proposals from the countries of Spain and Italy to close the cycle and analyze the proposals and reach a conclusion
  3846. >https://archive.is/gRSiL
  3847. The president of Cyprus said he will not hesitate to veto the new EU deals with Turkey if Turkey does not fulfill its commitments and changes its behavior
  3848. >https://archive.is/UGkne
  3851. ----------------------------------------- 06/04/2021
  3852. Greece, Serbia and Cyprus agree to collaborate in the Mediterranean region
  3853. >https://archive.is/ImMgp
  3854. Smugglers make another video showing the quality of the documents produced by them
  3855. >https://archive.is/xtF3m
  3856. The immigrant market is a very lucrative one, once again foreigners and possible smugglers advertise apartments they have to rent in Greece in areas that have growing numbers of immigrants moving into
  3857. >https://archive.is/Zckt6
  3858. Four German NGOs on the sights of the Greek Intelligence Agency
  3859. >https://archive.is/FOX8U
  3860. >https://archive.is/v8hYj
  3861. EU President Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michael were in Turkey to meet with Erdogan following the EU summit's intention to renew and improve deals with Turkey, Ursula said the meeting with Erdogan was very good
  3862. >https://archive.is/L4Wc4
  3863. >https://archive.is/NBDWe
  3864. Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michael made a statement of full condemnation of any action by Turkey that would affect Greece and Cyprus given that both are EU member states
  3865. >https://archive.is/PcVe9
  3866. Smugglers are sending illegal immigrants to the Eidomeni region, Greece, hoping to cross into North Macedonia. In most cases the police forces of countries such as Bulgaria, Albania and North macedonia usually arrest the illegals and send them back to Greece
  3867. >https://archive.is/yNiFj
  3870. ----------------------------------------- 07/04/2021
  3871. Video from the meeting between Erdogan and EU President Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michael shows that Erdogan tried to Humiliate Ursula von der Leyen by leaving her without a chair
  3872. >https://archive.is/eqYGy
  3873. >https://archive.is/gwiHW
  3874. >https://archive.is/53U7U
  3875. Erdogan tells critics that the project for the Constantinople Canal will move forward whether others oppose it or not and that the work for the opening of the canal might start in the Summer. The project is estimated to cost 75 billion Turkish lira (9.2 billion USD)
  3876. >https://archive.is/4KivX
  3877. >https://archive.is/ApgF5
  3878. Cypriot president reiterates that the resolutions of the Turkish Occupation of Cyprus are not under negotiation and it has already been unanimously agreed by and stipulated under UN resolutions
  3879. >https://archive.is/6PCxl
  3880. Turkish citizenship granted to eight ISIS members, meanwhile Germany and the EU insist that Turkey is n "important ally in the fight against terrorism"
  3881. >https://archive.is/V6hl3
  3882. Christian Expatriate Faces Charges in North Cyprus for illegally importing Christian literature into the region
  3883. >https://archive.is/03lDN
  3884. >https://archive.is/SdjJ4
  3887. ----------------------------------------- 08/04/2021
  3888. Turkey's Foreign Ministry summons Italian ambassador to Turkey for explanations after the president of Italy, Mario Draghi, called Erdogan a dictator. The Turkish Foreign Minister
  3889. >https://archive.is/dgHoS
  3890. >https://archive.is/QLl1B
  3891. Turkey's Foreign Minister claimed Ursula von der Leyen, the European commission’s president, was snubbed with chair gaffe during her visit to Erdogan's office because the EU asked for such an arrangement. Blames EU for "sofa gate" hashtag on social media
  3892. >https://archive.is/YvbYr
  3893. French MPs start calling for the end of Turkey's accession process into the EU and others said they will quit the "friendship group" with Turkey after the chair fiasco with Ursula von der Leyen
  3894. >https://archive.is/1Da0w
  3895. >https://archive.is/uourX
  3896. Turkmen separatist militia in the northern Syria, affiliated with the Syrian National Army militias raising the Turkmen flag and placing the ISIS flag and the Turkish flag on their military uniforms
  3897. >https://archive.is/Ng6YY
  3898. Illegal immigrant arrested in Lesvos for assaulting guards of the camp, it was later found that he had 7 improvised paper packages with drugs
  3899. >https://archive.is/jrm3K
  3900. 3 illegal immigrants (2 men and 1 woman) arrested at the Mytilene airport, Lesvos, for breaking quarantine and for trying to travel without documents
  3901. >https://archive.is/kt14r
  3902. Landscaping works to begin at the castle of Mytilene, Lesvos.
  3903. >https://archive.is/K91uu
  3906. ----------------------------------------- 09/04/2021
  3907. Cypriots sign letter to Cyprus president urging him to reinforce and outline that the only solution for the issue is Unified Cyprus as it has been decided by the UN Security Council unanimously and to reject the "bridging solution" (between unified and two-state) proposed by the UK
  3908. >https://archive.is/9eFQQ
  3909. Russia makes statements opposing Erdogan's plans to withdraw from the Montreaux treaty and build the Constantinople Canal to profit. The Kremlin made it clear that the treaty is essential for the stability of the region and Russia's strong support of it
  3910. >https://archive.is/dpjTC
  3911. >https://archive.is/JiCm8
  3912. European Council President Charles Michel said that there will be a "window of opportunity for EU-Turkey relations, if Turkey stops unilateral actions and hostile rhetoric towards European states" since there will be another EU summit in June to evaluate their behavior
  3913. >https://archive.is/5NXKp
  3914. Illegal immigrants hit and rob elderly woman in front of her son in Thessaloniki, Greece
  3915. >https://archive.is/YcBBc
  3916. Pressured by sanction threats, negative reserves and financial troubles, Turkey's President, Erdogan tries to push the idea of establishing a mega Islamic bank among Muslim countries, expand D-8 bloc, trade with barter and in local currencies
  3917. >https://archive.is/ijTSJ
  3918. Video from Evros shows once again a large group of illegal immigrants that crossed the border with Turkey waiting for transport to get further into Greece
  3919. >https://archive.is/r0z3k
  3920. Lesvos NGO talks about how they give assistance to illegal immigrants in Greece, but their annual report shows that they have been receiving donations even from a Greek hospital that GIVES them supplies paid for with taxes from the Greek people
  3921. >https://archive.is/1kADh
  3924. ----------------------------------------- 10/04/2021
  3925. 70 illegal immigrants arrived yesterday morning (09/04/21) to Tsonia, Lesvos
  3926. >https://archive.is/Cjelq
  3927. Another illegal immigrant died trying to cross the Evros river in the hopes of crossing the border from Turkey into Greece
  3928. >https://archive.is/wNcdB
  3929. Turkey posts a video accusing Greece of harboring terrorists shortly after the Greek Foreign Minister announced his trip to Turkey for the continuation of the exploratory talks between the two countries
  3930. >https://archive.is/9fbPD
  3931. >https://archive.is/MJQsm
  3932. 26 year old Syrian immigrant arrested in Thessaloniki, Greece, for smuggling illegal immigrants, after police found out he had hid two of them in his car's trunk
  3933. >https://archive.is/fu9TN
  3934. Small park in Cyprus dedicated to martyrs of 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War
  3935. >https://archive.is/Ga9jQ
  3936. The Greek ministry of immigration published at midnight of Friday (09/04/21) a decision to build a tunnel connecting the two sides of the Evros camp which is already going to be expanded
  3937. >https://archive.is/0BaFJ
  3938. Images from Churches in occupied Cyprus
  3939. >https://archive.is/H6d4v
  3940. Turks in the occupied northern part of Cyprus organized a Techno party in Surb Magar Armenian Monastery
  3941. >https://archive.is/qu68u
  3944. ----------------------------------------- 11/04/2021
  3945. Erdogan freezes the purchase of 10 Italian helicopters after the Italian PM called him a dictator
  3946. >https://archive.is/eOx2U
  3947. Austrian Prime Minister calls once again for the end of Turkey's accession process into the EU and said that Turkey uses immigration to capitalize, that Europe should not accept this blackmail
  3948. >https://archive.is/SjcFD
  3949. Addressing to UID members, Turkey's proxy group in the West, Erdogan says Europe is having a nightmare as Muslims/Turks advance their status, accused EU leaders of harboring hostility against Islam, branded criticisms against him as Islamophobic
  3950. >https://archive.is/pY56b
  3953. ----------------------------------------- 12/04/2021
  3954. Smuggler arrested trafficking illegal immigrants and and one and a half kilos of hashish from Turkey
  3955. >https://archive.is/lMrZK
  3956. Three illegal immigrants in Chios arrested smuggling cannabis into the island
  3957. >https://archive.is/b5LO9
  3958. French forces searched a Turkish cargo ship in Libya for weapons. There was no reaction from the Turkish government yet
  3959. >https://archive.is/xfI7n
  3960. Turkish media report angrily about the deals between the United States and Greece in which the U.S will donate 1200 armored M1117 Guardian vehicles to Greece which according to them will be deployed in Aegean islands and Thrace
  3961. >https://archive.is/YYnx7
  3962. Military agreement between Greece and Saudi Arabia that will deploy Greek Patriot anti-aircraft units in Saudi Arabia is set to be signed on April 20
  3963. >https://archive.is/Eymce
  3964. Greek Ministry of Immigration has added more proposals to the tender for the distribution of meals to illegal immigrants in Greek camps, the estimated cost is of over 823 Million Euros, and could most likely cost more due to the increase in immigration
  3965. >https://archive.is/bujGr
  3966. Canada cancels all export permits (29) for drone technology to Turkey
  3967. >https://archive.is/MZFwB
  3968. >https://archive.is/CxhWz
  3970. ----------------------------------------- 13/04/2021
  3971. 17 illegal immigrants left in a stolen boat near the Greek island of Corfu while the smugglers fled
  3972. >https://archive.is/V4Irz
  3973. Russia warns Turkey "Do not sell weapons to Ukraine"
  3974. >https://archive.is/Llngh
  3975. Erdogan meets with Libyan Prime Minister, reinforcing the Turkish-Libyan EEZ deal. The Libyan PM also urged Turkish companies to conduct research in the region (south of Crete)
  3976. >https://archive.is/Mn2gY
  3977. Erdogan tells Turks who hold foreign citizenships in his regime's overseas proxy group UID meeting: "Turkey changed war paradigm; You fight abroad, we fight inside; Our civilization rising, our holy campaign goes on; Turks who oppose me are infidels"
  3978. >https://archive.is/mrYNg
  3979. >https://archive.is/OJYlL
  3980. "president of nothern cyprus" said that a proposal for a two-state solution for the Turkish occupation of Cyprus will be submitted in Geneva during the UN meeting set to discuss a solution once again
  3981. >https://archive.is/qVlUo
  3982. Illegal immigrants who had taken over an old building in the Greek island of Rhodes were evicted by the police
  3983. >https://archive.is/zgDZW
  3984. >https://archive.is/RWUfh
  3985. Recently, several social media accounts have been incentivizing and creating fake rumors about favorable conditions for crossing the Greek borders and trying to convince illegal immigrants to go to Greece and they target several regions, not just Evros
  3986. >https://archive.is/pzXPl
  3987. The economic crisis in Turkey is affecting the population severely despite Erdogan's expansionist ambitions and overall propaganda of a growing nation
  3988. >https://archive.is/Drh2I
  3991. ----------------------------------------- 14/04/2021
  3992. Two immigrants working rural jobs (with working visa) in the Greek region of Ilia were arrested smuggling tobacco and cigarettes into the region
  3993. >https://archive.is/AOSBD
  3994. As the economic crisis grows in Turkey and more people have difficulties feeding themselves, Erdogan ordered the government to distribute potatoes and onions to poor families in Turkey
  3995. >https://archive.is/EZwEp
  3996. The Turkish Foreign Minister once again claims that there is a new era of relations between Turkey and Egypt despite Egypt having denied Turkey's recent claims of normalization and EEZ deals. Turkey has appealed to Egypt by expelling journalists critics of Egypt and offering to deport Muslim Brotherhood members
  3997. >https://archive.is/5Fv4s
  3998. >https://archive.is/RZQ23
  3999. "president of northern cyprus" said he represents not only Turks in Cyprus but also Turks abroad and that the only long lasting solution would be two states, he also complained that Cyprus wants to reunite with Greece
  4000. >https://archive.is/JaaHb
  4001. On 13/4, a total of 170 illegal immigrants tried to enter Lesvos and Chios. Of these, 53 managed to land at Korakas, Lesvos, under the guidance of the German "Alarm Phone" and Norwegian "Watch the Med" NGOs, known for their participation in Human Smuggling operations
  4002. >https://archive.is/ztuwA
  4003. New images from the Greek side of the Evros border show that the border fence/wall separating Turkey and Greece in critial areas used by smugglers has been almost completed, the fence is now 27Km long and a few other reinforcements are being made
  4004. >https://archive.is/ci94p
  4005. Video of German "Sea Watch" NGO in Spain shows that they still have an ANTIFA flag flying in the boat's bow, they will set sail for the Mediterranean to look for illegal immigrants shortly
  4006. >https://archive.is/pMOlZ
  4007. Erdogan makes speech talking about the reinforcement and signing of the Turkey-Libya EEZ deal, says Turkey aims to conduct seismic surveys and drilling in the areas of the agreement and that they are ready to intervene in Cyprus once again if their rights are usurped
  4008. >https://archive.is/ixmFt
  4009. Turkish mother in Rotenburg, Germany, throws her 4 year old son off a bridge because after hospital workers were suspicious of burn injuries the boy had, she was afraid she would lose his custody and he would grow up as a christian and not as a muslim
  4010. >https://archive.is/GL7Br
  4013. ----------------------------------------- 15/04/2021
  4014. Greek Ministry of Immigration announces that they will be ending the financial assistance to illegal immigrants who are not hosted in official structures/camps until the end of July
  4015. >https://archive.is/XDQjJ
  4016. Turkish Seismic Research Ship Barbaros set sail to southern Turkey and then to international waters shortly after Erdogan made a speech regarding their right to perform research and drilling inside Greek EEZ after the illegal agreement with Libya
  4017. >https://archive.is/61NpY
  4018. The Greek and Turkish Foreign Ministers met today in Ankara, Turkey, After provocative statements by the Turkish FM, the Greek FM responded in kind and exposed Turkey's lies, which angered both the Turkish minister and the Turkish media
  4019. >https://archive.is/bcrsK
  4020. >https://archive.is/KdIYl
  4021. >https://archive.is/WgGLA
  4022. >https://archive.is/APLR6
  4023. >https://archive.is/kS7Dl
  4026. ----------------------------------------- 16/04/2021
  4027. Cyprus president: "The creation of two states has no place in the solution of the Turkish occupation of Cyprus"
  4028. >https://archive.is/Itptc
  4029. One day after the talks between the Greek and Turkish Foreign Ministers, Turkey issues an Anti-NAVTEX south of Crete as opposed to a Greek NAVTEX in the area because Turkey claims to have authority over the region due to their illegal EEZ agreement with Libya
  4030. >https://archive.is/89oTf
  4031. >https://archive.is/liJta
  4032. >https://archive.is/mlotR
  4033. >https://archive.is/cEIjg
  4034. The Turkish media is reporting that Italian sources told them that the Italian Prime Minister refused to retract his comment of Erdogan being a dictator when urged to do so by the former Italian ambassador to Turkey
  4035. >https://archive.is/m0I6C
  4036. In recent days, 1100 illegal immigrants were moved from Lesvos to Mainland Greece and 370 more moved to mainland Greece from other islands
  4037. >https://archive.is/0vnJl
  4040. ----------------------------------------- 17/04/2021
  4043. ----------------------------------------- 18/04/2021
  4044. For the first time, the Chios camp of Vial is hosting less than 1000 illegal immigrants, although new camps are being built in several islands. The camp was built to house 1015 people but had over 6000 people living there in March 2020
  4045. >https://archive.is/mXO6v
  4046. Ring of human smugglers dismantled in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thirteen people were arrested, all were of non-Greek origin
  4047. >https://archive.is/tdNaF
  4048. Smugglers caught with five and a half kilos of heroin crossing the Evros border into Greece from Turkey
  4049. >https://archive.is/ugsbm
  4050. Pakistanis attacked police officers in Peania, a suburb of Athens
  4051. >https://archive.is/tJBme
  4052. Two illegal immigrants attacked another, stabbed and robbed him at the Lesvos camp
  4053. >https://archive.is/NQTDL
  4054. A Syrian illegal immigrant caused damages to parked police vehicles in the center of Athens, because he wanted to revenge the police officers for arresting him
  4055. >https://archive.is/dbuYL
  4056. Company owned by Greek Politician received 200 000 Euros to feed illegal immigrants for 3 months
  4057. >https://archive.is/ii945
  4058. Three Pakistanis arrested in Greece for making and selling fake passports, they charged up to 1500 Euros
  4059. >https://archive.is/E5s3C
  4062. ----------------------------------------- 19/04/2021
  4063. Muslims of Thrace reject the Turkish FM's remarks saying that muslims in Thrace have a Turkish identity, the president of women's cultural union said during an interview that they consider themselves as Greek citizens which are muslims
  4064. >https://archive.is/xk6r0
  4065. >https://archive.is/3eoVw
  4066. Dozens of Turkish officials with diplomatic passports went to Europe on official visits and appeared to have used this opportunity to flee Turkey
  4067. >https://archive.is/4g3Wd
  4068. Article details why the Greek FM reacted the way he did during the last meeting with his Turkish counterpart, sources revealed that Turkey tried to bring up every single subject possible to the negotiation to create a propaganda storm and force Greece to recognize them
  4069. >https://archive.is/ja3ah
  4070. Cypriot president: "We will not turn the whole of Cyprus into a province of Turkey"
  4071. >https://archive.is/w2nnE
  4074. ----------------------------------------- 20/04/2021
  4075. Big criminal network in Greece provided fake football player's licences to illegal immigrants, so that they get a residence permit. It is estimated that thousands have gone through this process
  4076. >https://archive.is/gsZL3
  4077. Video emerges showing the smugglers who were recently arrested for kidnapping also torturing their victims with hot irons
  4078. >https://archive.is/hvEMK
  4079. Turkish Foreign Minister says Turkey is opposed to designation of Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, claims anti-Egypt videos were shot in Turkey but broadcasted from abroad, admits pressure was exerted on Egyptian dissidents in Turkey to be not so much critical of Egypt in an attempt to show good faith towards Egypt
  4080. >https://archive.is/6MjBs
  4081. 43-year-old Egyptian man who was arrested in Kos is being charged with espionage
  4082. >https://archive.is/KgYeb
  4085. ----------------------------------------- 21/04/2021
  4086. U.S and 8 more countries from the F-35 project sign a new agreement abolishing 2016 deal formally excluding Turkey from F-35 program
  4087. >https://archive.is/xcIVG
  4088. Greece use diplomatic resources to once again protest the Turkish NAVTEX which claimed that the French research ship "L'Atalante" was in Turkish jusrisdiction, Greece once again reminded that under international law the ship was inside Greek EEZ
  4089. >https://archive.is/H4xUB
  4090. Erdogan replaced the Trade Minister and established two more ministries in Turkey, a move criticized and seen as a proof that his government is crumbling
  4091. >https://archive.is/uddHe
  4092. Erdogan told by the opposition that he could end up as one of the former leaders of Turkey who was persecuted and killed, he then replied that he is not afraid of death
  4093. >https://archive.is/xlcJj
  4094. >https://archive.is/PU6bY
  4097. ----------------------------------------- 22/04/2021
  4098. Austrian MEP: "Turkey's EU membership is unthinkable"
  4099. >https://archive.is/YD4dj
  4100. Erdogan protests U.S officially recognizing the Armenians genocide, says Turkey will fight for the truth against slander
  4101. >https://archive.is/gF2ts
  4102. Video shows the Greek Coast Guard immobilizing a boat trying to smuggle illegal immigrants into Europe, one Moroccan and one Egyptian smuggler were arrested
  4103. >https://archive.is/bSaOS
  4104. Greek pins down immigrant who tried to rob him and calls the police as other immigrants in the crowd complain that the man under him could not breathe
  4105. >https://archive.is/Dy3Mw
  4108. ----------------------------------------- 23/04/2021
  4109. Libya wants to restart discussions with Greece for the delimitation of maritime borders since Greece has also found massive fields of natural gas in the Aegean in 2019 and some areas are disputed by both countries since there is no agreement on maritime borders
  4110. >https://archive.is/TumVE
  4111. >https://archive.is/n2Iti
  4112. Israel and Greece signed a defense agreement
  4113. >https://archive.is/fPUbn
  4116. ----------------------------------------- 24/04/2021
  4117. Lesvos NGOs oppose the closure of the current illegal immigrant camp in the region of Kara Tepe
  4118. >https://archive.is/gB5PM
  4119. Turkish FM calls on U.S president to "correct his serious mistake" of recognizing the Armenian genocide. Erdogan's spokesman said Biden is only repeating the accusations of those who want to create hostilities against Turkey and said Biden should look into America's history and present
  4120. >https://archive.is/hEKQt
  4121. >https://archive.is/T6Ksv
  4122. >https://archive.is/Nkg64
  4123. >https://archive.is/Dj7iL
  4124. Israel and Greece sign record defence deal
  4125. >https://archive.is/lDe4s
  4126. 4 immigrants arrested in Greece with over 30 fake/stolen documents such as passports, ID cards and others
  4127. >https://archive.is/0ctfW
  4128. Turkey's Central Bank Governor admits Turkey’s military is unsustainable
  4129. >https://archive.is/9IT9O
  4130. Residents of the island of Chios protest against the creation of another illegal immigration camp in the island
  4131. >https://archive.is/jx372
  4132. French proposal for the acquisition of frigates by Greece becomes even more tempting as France adds RAM system to protect the frigates against missiles and says the temporary ships given to Greece while the project isn't concluded will be for free unlike other proposals
  4133. >https://archive.is/icku8
  4134. G
  4137. ----------------------------------------- 25/04/2021
  4140. ----------------------------------------- 26/04/2021
  4141. Turkish Defense Minister on the U.S recognition of the Armenian Genocide: US distorts historical facts - Recognition of Armenian Genocide "careless"
  4142. >https://archive.is/P6zA2
  4143. One of the founders of the Turkish DEVA Party, targeted the HDP with its statement on the Armenian Genocide and shared "I hope your ancestry will die out in a short time". The DEVA party is seen as a pro-Western and pro-Democracy party in Turkey
  4144. >https://archive.is/rda71
  4145. The vandalized churches and cemeteries of occupied Cyprus
  4146. >https://archive.is/F7al5
  4147. After Turkey was excluded from the F35 program, Erdogan wants to build his own fighter jet, going as far as posting announcements on newspapers looking for engineers
  4148. >https://archive.is/KhOoR
  4149. >https://archive.is/6M9L8
  4150. Man (of foreign origin) arrested in Athens with a "Lee Enflied" rifle, complete with tripod, ammo, magazines and scope
  4151. >https://archive.is/KhOoR
  4152. Turkish media report as good news that Germany will deport the Turks that fled the country to Europe using government issued passports
  4153. >https://archive.is/aXNOU
  4156. ----------------------------------------- 27/04/2021
  4157. Ukrainian interior minister calls for Armenian genocide recognition on a Facebook post, a statement that will most likely cause a reaction in Turkey and could affect the relations between the two countries inclusing military deals
  4158. >https://archive.is/98i8T
  4159. NGO files lawsuit against Greece at EU Court for ‘Massive Pushback Operation’
  4160. >https://archive.is/3bAwJ
  4161. "president of northern cyprus" says that he wants the sovereignty of "northern cyprus" to be recognized during the UN meeting that was set to discuss a solution for the Turkish occupation of Cyprus
  4162. >https://archive.is/j1v16
  4163. The Turkish National Assembly today adopted a resolution condemning US President Joe Biden 's announcement of recognition of the Armenian genocide, a move that lawmakers say will have a negative impact on US-Turkey relations
  4164. >https://archive.is/yihEm
  4165. 46kg of cocaine hidden in cargo ship seized near the Greek island of Corinth
  4166. >https://archive.is/oBBtL
  4167. 57 members of criminal immigrant gang arrested in Athens
  4168. >https://archive.is/03A5N
  4169. Speech by MEP Francois-Xavier Bellamy at the European Parliament, as part of the debate on the follow-up to the EU-Turkey meeting in Ankara
  4170. >https://archive.is/g0fky
  4171. Germany offers to pay for the expenses of thousands of illegal immigrants who after being granted Asylum traveled to Germany and applied for Asylum there, Germany proposed to pay for their expenses for as long as they remain in Greece
  4172. >https://archive.is/9oTbl
  4173. Turkey’s banks shy away from Erdogan’s ‘crazy’ canal connecting the black sea to the Propontís sea
  4174. >https://archive.is/Jf2ED
  4177. ----------------------------------------- 28/04/2021
  4178. UN Secretary General reportedly told the "president of northern cyprus" that a Two-State solution such as the one that they and Turkey were proposing is out of question because nobody would agree with it and it would also mean that all the effort put up to solve the occupation would have been in vain
  4179. >https://archive.is/4qzpi
  4180. Photograph of an Turkish/Ottoman official mocking hungry Armenian children with a loaf of bread in his hand, 1915
  4181. >https://archive.is/6vTqG
  4182. Turkish TikTok couple arrested and then released on parole, banned from leaving Turkey according to a ruling by a Constantinople court house to face charges for "insulting the Turkish passport"
  4183. >https://archive.is/J0x3p
  4184. Images surface from the new camp in the island of Leros which will be built in a preservation area which was partly native forest and reforested, the new camp will have an area of 63 acres
  4185. >https://archive.is/L5R4N
  4186. Video from Lesvos immigrant camp
  4187. >https://archive.is/PdQ6S
  4188. >https://archive.is/EuvVA
  4191. ----------------------------------------- 29/04/2021
  4192. Turkish newspaper reaches a new level of delusion and claims Armenians Gangs were behind the great fire of Smyrna in 1922, a fact that has been celebrated by Turks for almost a century now as a feat they had done themselves to exterminate and expel Greeks from the city
  4193. >https://archive.is/mjQ04
  4194. The UN meeting aimed at solving the Turkish occupation of Cyprus failed again as Turkey and "northern cyprus" did not agree to anything
  4195. and instead insisted in the "two-state solution" which goes against UN Security Council resolutions
  4196. >https://archive.is/BdQe8
  4197. >https://archive.is/0RaEu
  4198. >https://archive.is/quu3Q
  4199. More screenshots of how rampant and open the phenomenon of illegal immigration to Europe is
  4200. >https://archive.is/C0rca
  4201. >https://archive.is/PO6oQ
  4202. >https://archive.is/xuo4l
  4203. >https://archive.is/nNITK
  4204. >https://archive.is/Pwnku
  4205. An Afghan illegal immigrant tried to escape from Lesvos to Piraeus inside a suitcase, but was discovered by the Greek Coast Guard
  4206. >https://archive.is/hxKPA
  4207. Illegal immigrants move freely through Orestiada, Evros. Meanwhile the Greek authorities and FRONTEX claim that the influx of illegal immigrants has been reduced and is almost zero
  4208. >https://archive.is/9b7cb
  4209. In a very diverse area of Athens, an immigrant of Georgian origin stabbed his brother and a police officer in broad daylight
  4210. >https://archive.is/Zvq1A
  4211. >https://archive.is/UCgXI
  4214. ----------------------------------------- 30/04/2021
  4215. Erdogan says he does not trust Cyprus because they are liars
  4216. >https://archive.is/xGSjj
  4217. Erdogan issues decree appointing himself as the Head of the country's 'Human Rights Action Plan' announced by him in March, under the title of “Free Individual, Strong Society: A More Democratic Turkey"
  4218. >https://archive.ph/L0tL3
  4219. EU Commission freezes the approval of the FRONTEX budget due to more allegations regarding their participation in "pushbacks" of boats with illegal immigrants
  4220. >https://archive.is/0sbKK
  4221. Illegal immigrants in Evros once again go out undisturbed in the region after crossing the border with Turkey, gathering in the streets while Greeks could be fined for doing the same
  4222. >https://archive.is/rc72e
  4225. ----------------------------------------- 01/05/2021
  4228. ----------------------------------------- 02/05/2021
  4229. Smuggling group from Turkey has crossed 110 people into Greece since April, they openly post pictures and videos of their operations on Telegram and other social media as a form of advertising
  4230. >https://archive.is/3noNF
  4231. Smugglers post videos once again of their making of fake documents to illegal immigrants who want to go to Europe
  4232. >https://archive.is/yd2gu
  4233. While Turkish officials accuse Greece of being inhumane towards illegal immigrants trying to enter Greece through Turkey, Turkish Guards have chased and shot a van with Syrians at its southern border, which caused it to crash and seriously injured the elderly driver
  4234. >https://archive.is/HBZmJ
  4235. Turkish President's advisor lashed out at US President Joe Biden over Armenian Genocide statement, describing him as a child who did not have a coming-of-age experience. He called Biden as Greek militant with a name of Biden-opoulos
  4236. >https://archive.is/IEEnq
  4239. ----------------------------------------- 03/05/2021
  4240. Erdogan accused of losing 159 tons of gold by Turkish Central Bank
  4241. >https://archive.is/d4tAU
  4242. U.S Ambassador to Greece says they expect to welcome Greece in the future as part of the F-35 program
  4243. >https://archive.is/EKs0X
  4244. Greece's "Special Warfare Command" becomes autonomous, this decision has changed the structure of the Greek armed forces to something that they believe will make the special forces units more effective
  4245. >https://archive.is/IU63J
  4246. Video from the over 180 illegal immigrants "rescued" from a yacht in Greek waters being processed and registered by authorities
  4247. >https://archive.is/rlLAO
  4248. >https://archive.is/yMSti
  4249. Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu: "All Foreign Forces and Mercenaries Must Withdraw From Libya"
  4250. >https://archive.is/syFSe
  4251. Muslim Brotherhood thanks Turkey for helping persecuted members
  4252. >https://archive.is/kEAEF
  4253. Azerbaijan removes the dome of the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shushi something also done by the Turks in the Holy Temple of the Transfiguration of the Savior, in the village of Tsita ton Sourmenon in Pontos, which today bears the name Dirlik
  4254. >https://archive.is/7S6Qk
  4255. Egypt signs new deal with France for the purchase of 30 Rafale Jets
  4256. >https://archive.is/KhU31
  4259. ----------------------------------------- 04/05/2021
  4260. After the arrival of 180 illegal immigrants to Greece, "rescued" from a drifting yacht, screenshots emerge showing the clear link between smugglers and NGOs operating in the mediterranean, the journeys to Europe cost over 4000 Euros to illegals
  4261. >https://archive.is/QYb3I
  4262. Turkish Coast Guard ship harasses Finnish and Swedish FRONTEX ships patrolling Greek waters. The spokesman of the Turkish AKP Party (Erdogan's) accused FRONTEX and Greece of blocking immigration and thus turning the mediterranean into a cemetery
  4263. >https://archive.is/vvvG8
  4264. >https://archive.is/0l89X
  4265. Inger Stojberg, a Member of the Parliament of Denmark, and ex Minister for Immigration & Integration, wrote an open letter to Syrian refugees: "Dear Syrian refugees. Now it's time to go home again"
  4266. >https://archive.is/l8Yv8
  4267. >https://archive.is/mRuxe
  4268. Turkey accepts new financing agreement with the EU on condition of keeping refugees in its territory
  4269. >https://archive.is/Aokc9
  4270. Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of minority issues will be visiting Greece and meet with "leaders" from the pseudo Turkish-minority
  4271. >https://archive.is/3t8b2
  4274. ----------------------------------------- 05/05/2021
  4275. German "Greens" official twitter account shared a tweet that was lamenting the fact that recently only 5 illegal immigrants had arrived to Greek islands through the sea, the party's account wrote that it was "sad"
  4276. >https://archive.is/4ByXf
  4277. Modified grant agreement for the construction of new camps in the Greek islands of Samos, Kos, Leros, Chios, Lesvos. 155 million € additional EU funding (cost of structures on Lesvos and Chios). Total budget of the 5 structures 269,230,663.55 € Date of delivery of the camps: March 31, 2022
  4278. >https://archive.is/uc7Tv
  4279. Erdogan had a videoconference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he called Greece provocative and said Greek pushbacks against illegal immigrants violate international law and "conscience"
  4280. >https://archive.is/VC3fT
  4281. New report shows in more details the attempt by Turkish Coast Guard ships to harass and even provoke a colision with Finnish and Swedish FRONTEX ships patrolling Greek waters
  4282. >https://archive.is/N1G6G
  4283. Albanian taxi driver tried to rape a 20 year old woman in Athens inside his Taxi, he locked the doors and parked in a dark alley, the woman screamed and as people took notice, the driver let her go and fled
  4284. >https://archive.is/iSkzv
  4285. After meeting with "leaders" of the Pseudo Turkish minority in Thrace, the Turkish deputy foreign minister demanded that a mosque be built in Thessaloniki
  4286. >https://archive.is/TWO5x
  4289. ----------------------------------------- 06/05/2021
  4290. Smuggling groups that had been prevented from entering Greece through the Evros border by Greek Border Guards eventually made it through and are now posting videos and pictures of their success, from videos at the Evros forest to photos of bus tickets
  4291. >https://archive.is/iPDp8
  4292. In two days Germany had to high level meetings with Turkish officials, being those of Merkel with Erdogan and today both Foreign ministers had a conference in which the German FM talked about "dialogue" being the only way to find a solution in the East Med
  4293. >https://archive.is/djBij
  4294. >https://archive.is/zOWFA
  4295. With no clear progress, Egyptian and Turkish officials concluded Thursday two days of talks in Cairo aimed at restoring ties between the two countries
  4296. >https://archive.is/KJBuZ
  4297. Turkish Foreign Minister said during a conference with the German FM that Turkey supports the withdraw of troops and mercenaries from Libya, BUT that Turkey had an agreement with Libya and that they dont want Turkish forces confused with mercenaries
  4298. >https://archive.is/foVjH
  4300. ----------------------------------------- 07/05/2021
  4301. Turkish FM during meeting with German FM: "We do not have as good relations with neighboring countries as we do with Germany"
  4302. >https://archive.is/OAdvs
  4303. FRONTEX report confirms that Turkish Coast Guard ships invaded Greek waters to harass FRONTEX ships that were patrolling the Aegean and also confirmed that Turkey pushes boats of illegal immigrants from within Turkish waters into Greek waters
  4304. >https://archive.is/vaJ9j
  4305. >https://archive.is/7EQMi
  4306. Ylva Johansson claims her meeting with the Turkish FM was an "important and frank" exchange. Must be noted that while she was a minister in Sweden, she lied about crime statistics committed by immigrants and later admitted it
  4307. >https://archive.is/9KaNG
  4308. Erdogan: "It saddens me to see Egyptians in solidarity with Greeks"
  4309. >https://archive.is/AqadJ
  4310. >https://archive.is/zEsOi
  4311. Turkey claims that it will have an engine ready for their own 5th Gen fighter get in 2023 and that by then it will be fully operation for its maiden flight
  4312. >https://archive.is/zaNnv
  4313. Armed militia invade the residence of the Presidential Council in Tripoli, Libya, the President escaped through a backdoor before the militia arrived. The group is asking for the removal of the Foreign Minister and the intelligence chief which asked Turkey to withdraw its forces from Libya a few days ago
  4314. >https://archive.is/bw82o
  4315. >https://archive.is/NY8Eq
  4316. >https://archive.is/EistP
  4317. >https://archive.is/STIDx
  4320. ----------------------------------------- 08/05/2021
  4321. Founder and only volunteer of Norwegian "Aegean Boat Report" NGO says that he consults with the Turkish Coast Guard up to 10 times a week regarding immigration and also "pushbacks" by Greek Coast Guard ships
  4322. >https://archive.is/lU7tB
  4325. ----------------------------------------- 09/05/2021
  4326. Turkey says it will seek compensation for the money spent in the F-35 project now that they have been officially removed from it
  4327. >https://archive.is/P9L8W
  4328. Turkey puts up a light sign saying "there is no God but allah" in Hagia Sofia for two days in a row
  4329. >https://archive.is/SnzXX
  4330. >https://archive.is/H5rEE
  4331. Turkish Government Owned "Anadolu Agency" shamelessly published an article saying that "Promoting Greece as bastion of American interests in the region contradicts the historical facts and would severely undermine NATO alliance"
  4332. >https://archive.is/tsp1Q
  4335. ----------------------------------------- 10/05/2021
  4336. The French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle has arrived to Cyprus and is currently in Limassol
  4337. >https://archive.is/VmbfX
  4338. Somali "refugee" woman in Chios gave birth to her sixth baby, she was supposed to be monitored during her pregnancy by an NGO since she was living in an apartment complex for free under such NGO's care
  4339. >https://archive.is/m4PGH
  4340. >https://archive.is/cluvp
  4341. Images expose the connections between illegal immigrant and activist Parwana Antifa and NGOs including the ones currently investigated in Greece for espionage such as Alarm Phone and others based in Germany also investigated
  4342. >https://archive.is/1B9j7
  4343. >https://archive.is/wbtDP
  4344. >https://archive.is/SGO06
  4345. EU Council of Ministers: There can be no change in the basis for a solution to the Turkish occupation of Cyprus
  4346. >https://archive.is/sh8Ka
  4349. ----------------------------------------- 11/05/2021
  4352. ----------------------------------------- 12/05/2021
  4353. Greek Defense Minister says that there might be a defense agreement between U.S and Greece in about 2 months
  4354. >https://archive.is/wip/04J6o
  4357. ----------------------------------------- 13/05/2021
  4359. by Lesbro!0xf0VquEG2 & BrazilBro!6IAJm088WA
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