Rarispider Loves You Very Much

Jun 24th, 2014
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  3. >I want Spiderpone Rarity to wrap her and me up in a luxurious cocoon spun from her own silk
  4. >to be just completely wrapped in something that was of her design and of her body
  5. >and I would cuddle my beautiful, white spider goddess in our cocoon suspended high in the trees above the Everfree forest
  6. >as we kissed, I would feel her venomous, delicate fangs graze across my cheek
  7. >and trust her so completely that I will not fear the thought of her biting down and killing me
  8. >her eight strong legs wrap me in the tightest embrace I will ever know
  9. >her eight shining blue eyes fix on my face
  10. >her completely alien face that somehow still expresses love as she purrs
  11. >I bury my face in her fluffy cephalothorax
  12. >and she slowly rocks me to sleep in her legs
  13. >just as I was drowsing away, on the edge of consciousness, I'd feel her weight shift
  14. >and her hot breath on my neck
  15. >and those powerful jaws tearing into my skin
  16. >as my body begins to enter convulsions I meet her eyes one last time
  17. >there is nothing but love there as she kills her precious mate
  18. >and looking at her blood-drenched maw, my last thought is elation
  19. >my beautiful spider bride pregnant!
  20. >and eating me will give her the strength to make the egg casing for our sons and daughters
  21. >our thousands of sons and daughters
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