Uninvited Guest (AiE; Adult Babs Seed)

Jun 28th, 2014
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  1. >I want Babs to let herself into my house and refuse to leave
  3. >Day whenever in Equestria
  4. >Coming home after a long day tiling a roof
  5. >Pinkie had an exploding cake go off at the wrong angle and BonBon's house took the brunt of it
  6. >Hard labor but good money
  7. >Doesn't matter, in five minutes you'll be on your couch with a cold one in your hand
  8. >Missing your tv from back home
  9. >When you get to the door, you find it ajar
  10. >Strange, you're sure you locked it....
  11. >Push it open cautiously
  12. >"'ey munkey!"
  13. >There's an accent you haven't heard in a few years
  14. >Babs Seed, the little filly from Manehattan
  15. >Well, was a filly anyhow, now she's a chubby mare
  16. >Sprawled on your couch like she owns the place
  17. >A two empty bottles tossed haphazardly on the floor
  18. >A third one half full in her hoof
  19. >"Ain't ya missed me?"
  20. "Hey Babs...why are you here?"
  21. >The last time she was here she was a bit of a little shit
  22. >Not mean just pushy and generally a pain in the ass
  23. >She went out of her way to hang around you and it got old, fast
  24. >Now she's an adult you think she might have gotten a little less rough around the edges
  25. >"Why not? I'm in town till Wednesday, thought I'd visit ya. We ain't seen each uddas in awhiles"
  26. >She drinks your beer and covers her mouth to hold in a belch
  27. >Well that's something...last time she would have let rip with it
  28. "I did you get in?"
  29. >"Oh yea, ya door is broke! Had to kick 'er in"
  30. >The door was broken...?
  31. >You look back at your door with a little more scrutiny
  32. >Looks like you DID lock it afterall...
  33. "It was locked, Babs. I wasn't home"
  34. >"Pfft, come on, what loosah locks a door durin' da day?"
  35. >She winks and sticks her tongue out
  36. >You shake your head and go to the fridge
  37. >God help her if there aren't any beer left, you need one badly
  38. >Two beers left
  39. >You grab both
  40. >Down the first one like its hell week in college
  41. >That's better already
  42. >Make your way back inside, the last beer firmly in your hand
  43. >Babs smiles and taps her hindhoof on the little bit of the couch she isn't hogging
  44. >You plop down and recline
  45. >"You didn't have no food neithah so I ordered a peetz, it ought to be here in a few"
  46. >She smiles and takes another swig
  47. >You finally have a minute to look her over
  48. >Her mane is a little longer, still falling partially in front of one her green eyes
  49. >Her freckles were still there, age didn't conquer them
  50. >Nor did it manage to take off her baby fat, but for what it was worth she filled out nicely
  51. >Curves accentuated her body and her cutie mark drew your eyes right to her bubble butt
  52. >Her tail, no longer covering her blank flank, rested teasingly over her neithers
  53. >You swear she swished it slightly when she caught your eyes wandering
  54. >"Guess you is happy to sees me afterall"
  55. >She stuck her tongue out and you frowned
  56. "You could have met me in town...."
  57. >"Naw I didn't wanna bothers ya. An' I was too tired to be buggin' cousin Applejack. She'da saw me and put me ta work."
  58. >Sometimes you forget she's Applejack's cousin, how infrequently you see her
  59. >But now that you think about it, she certainly inherited the apple family hips
  60. >You take another swig of your beer and try to remember you're mad at her
  61. "So instead of bucking a few trees, you kick my front door in, drink my beer, and order a pizza?"
  62. >"Ya, sweet plan, right?"
  63. >"I'll get cousin Applebloom to fix it laytas, don't worry ya big head about it."
  64. >You groan and lay back on the couch a little
  65. >She gets up so she can turn around and flops facing you this time
  66. >You feel a little of her beer splash on you and the floor
  67. >Wonderful house guest, this one
  68. >She clinks her bottle to yours
  69. >"Cheers ta good friends!"
  70. >You grumble and swig your beer
  71. >She laughs and takes a long drink, finishing her bottle
  72. >With no regard she tosses it over her shoulder
  73. >Sometimes you can't tell if she's being obnoxious on purpose or if she's really this unrefined
  74. >"So whatcha been up ta, skinny? They find ya a marefriend yet?"
  75. "No. I've just been working"
  76. >"Workin'? Like what?"
  77. >You tell her about BonBon's roof, and a few other odd jobs the ponies throw your way
  78. >Having hands and being the tallest thing in town gets you employed more than you'd think
  79. >Especially with how frequently the ponies have misadventures that cause property damage
  80. >"Das cool. I know you was checkin' out mah butt befores so ya know I got my cutie mark! Wanna know what I do?"
  81. >Not really but there is no point stopping her
  82. >She puts her forelegs on your lap and smiles a big toothy grin
  83. >"Am a mechanic, could ya believe it? Dey got me fixin' wagons and wheels and shit"
  84. "With a vocabulary like yours, I never woulda guessed"
  85. >"Shu'up!"
  86. >She punches you playfully in the shoulder
  87. >You try not to wince but the chubby mare is a lot stronger than she looks
  88. >Must come with growing up in the city and being their equivalent of a grease monkey
  89. >"You got a real chill place out heres, Anon. Real chill, I oughta come bys more often!"
  90. >She lays back on the couch and holds in another burp
  91. >Must be freezing in hell today
  92. "So where are you staying, your cousin's?"
  93. >"Naw dey dun know I'm here"
  94. >What...?
  95. >You cock and eyebrow
  96. >"I finally get a vacation in yeahz and ya think I'm gonna go to cousin Applejacks? She'da make me work the whole time! I need some Babs time, ya know whut I'm sayin'?"
  97. >She nudges you with her hoof
  98. >Your frown doesn't go away
  99. >"Ya place is pretty big, you wouldn't even--"
  100. "No."
  101. >She has a look of shock and anger and she shoves you as she gets up
  102. >"Whattyamean 'no'? Jus' like dat? Ya favorite filly ya throw out inta the cold?"
  103. >She stands on the couch, her forelegs digging into your thigh
  104. >Her glare would be intimidating if you didn't see the hint of sadness behind those green orbs
  105. >"I thought you was bettah then that, Anon!"
  106. "You can visit, I just don't want you to--"
  107. >There's a knock at your door
  108. >Well, there's a knock at the piece of wood hanging on the hinges
  109. >A pizza delivery pony, confused, peering into the house but politely refusing to actually enter
  110. >"We'll talk about dis latah, Anon! Go git the peetz, will ya? I can't affords it cause I gotta get bits for a motel!"
  111. >She smirked and got off your lap
  112. >You roll your eyes and go to the door and pay for the pizza
  113. >With luck she at least remembered you don't like pony-toppings and its plain
  114. >"Put it ovah 'ere, Anon, I'm starved!"
  115. "You're welcome..."
  116. >You drop the box on the coffee table and plop back on the couch
  117. >Babs nearly knocked you over to get to the pie
  118. >You want to tell her to take the pizza and get out
  119. >But you get the feeling there is more to her story
  120. >Plus your eyes wander again
  121. >Her tail is swishing back and forth in front of those bubbly orange cheeks
  122. >You can't help but stare
  123. >She certainly grew up
  124. >"Ey, Anon? Ya want a slice?"
  125. >She snaps you back to earth
  126. >She grins and lays a slice of pizza on the small of her back, right above her rear
  127. "Really....?"
  128. >"Come get it, loosah"
  129. >The smell of the pizza makes you hungry enough to play along
  130. >With a grunt you get off the couch again, reaching for the slice
  131. >Grease is already beginning to drip down her back along the swell of her rear
  132. >You grab a napkin from the table as you approach
  133. >Babs would drop that plump rear right back on your couch and leave a grease stain in a heartbeat
  134. >Not gonna happen
  135. >"Come Anon, dun be shy, we's good friends, amirite?"
  136. >She turns back to you again and grins, chewing what has to be her third slice already
  137. >Girl can eat, she's lucky her body manages the extra padding well
  138. >She has a perfect layer of extra chub on all the parts that count, no one part of her bigger or out of place than the other
  139. >For the first time since you found her here uninvited, you grin
  140. >You take the slice of pizza off her back and start wiping the grease up with the napkin
  141. >"Ey? EY! Whattya doin'? Dis is a show not a pettin' zoo!"
  142. "You got grease all over your ass, stay still"
  143. >"Ugh, whatevahs, don't get any ideas"
  144. >She swats at your arm with her tail, you indirectly massaging her rump while eating likely the only slice of the pizza you were going to get
  145. >Your fingers sink into her chub as you clean up the mess, feeling the tense muscle beneath
  146. >Babs definitely worked for a living, her leg muscles were strong under the extra layer
  147. >As you worked your way down her flank, she began to tremble a little
  148. >You couldn't tell if her breathing speeding up was cause of her speed-eating or your hand giving her a rub down
  149. >You finish up the grease and sit back down, eating your pizza quietly
  150. >A disappointed sigh comes from Babs
  151. >Her tail sways slightly to the side, giving you another peek at her goods, before she returns to the couch
  152. >She's licking her hoof and looking at you like you did something wrong
  153. >But she says nothing, just climbs on the couch next to you and pouts
  154. >There is a bit of an awkward silence for awhile
  155. >Babs sighing more than once, in between getting another slice of pizza of course
  156. >This isn't like her, somehow you touching her rear completely threw off the tough city girl personality
  157. >Or maybe she was beginning to feel sorry about how she reintroduced herself into your life.
  158. >Whatever the case it was starting to work and you cursed yourself for being such a pushover
  159. >Even with your front door hanging off the hinges, you felt bad for her
  160. >You think that's what it is anyhow
  161. >Not that you were looking for an excuse to grab her rear again
  162. >Couldn't be that
  163. "How long are you in town again?"
  164. >"Middle a next week."
  165. "You really rather stay here then your cousins?"
  166. >She tapped her hooves together and blew her mane out of her face
  167. >"I just wanna relaxin' vacation fer once. I'll see her and da uddah crusadas, but I dun wanna sleep in a barn, ya knows?"
  168. >You nod and pat her shoulder
  169. "You'll be safe here."
  170. >She smiled and sat up on the couch
  171. >"Ya means it? *ahem* I mean, yea, course, whatevahs, cheaper then a motel"
  172. >She glances to the pizza box
  173. >"Ya want the last one?"
  174. >That's about as big of a thank you you can expect, you wager
  175. >You shake your head and she goes for it
  176. >While she's by the box, her tail lifts again, dragging slowly along her plush rear
  177. >Maybe you were wrong about her way of saying 'thanks'
  178. >You get a longer show this time
  179. >Babs' tail keeping your eyes where she wanted them
  180. >Tracing the edges of her flank, spreading over the crease of her cheeks like a veil
  181. >Letting you see just enough to keep you wanting more
  182. >It felt like just yesterday you were buying this girl ice cream to get her to leave you alone
  183. >Crazy what can happen in three years
  184. >Just as her tail began to lift, exposing the beginnings of her marehood to your hungry eyes
  185. >She quickly spun around and blew her mane out of her face
  186. >Caught staring again, she winked and jabbed your leg with her hoof
  187. >"Whatcha grinnin' bout there, Anon? See something ya like?"
  188. "Maybe."
  189. >She chuckles
  190. >"Don' lie. I remembers when I was little you were always lookin' at da uddah mares butts when we were hangin' out."
  191. >You scratch the back of your head a little
  192. >Wasn't expecting her to have remembered that
  193. >"I think I got 'em all beat, dontcha think?"
  194. >You nod slightly, not terribly surprised she's as forward as she is
  195. >Its a little weird though, part of you still remembers that annoying little filly
  196. >Who filled out into an annoying big mare
  197. >"Well jus' think, ya got it all to yourself till next week! Jus' don't be getting too brave or I'll buck ya!"
  198. "You have a coltfriend I take it?"
  199. >She blushes from that and you could see her confidence falter a little
  200. >"No..cause..they...they can't handle all dis, ya know?"
  201. >She runs a hoof along the length of her body, special emphasis on her rump
  202. >You know that can't be why but you don't press it
  203. >She's cute when she's a little insecure though
  204. >"Am as single as your loosah face is!"
  205. >And there's the defense,right on time
  206. >Time for a little back-talk
  207. "So if I'm a 'loosah', what's that make you?"
  208. >Her cheeks twinge with a little more crimson and she snorts
  209. >"It makes me generous, dats what! Back in Manehattan, I wouldn'ta said nuttin' to ya cept 'shine my horseshoes'"
  210. >You rub your chin a little, amused at how quick she gets flustered
  211. >While a normal day you would have backed off, Babs' attitude made you a little bolder
  212. "So you're saying you only like me when you're in Ponyville? You didn't spend the last three years missing me?"
  213. >"Yea...I mean no! O-of course not!!"
  214. >She gets so embarrassed she covers her no longer blank flank with her tail
  215. >Hard to believe someone who busted her way into your house and drank your beer could be this adorable
  216. >Ponies tended to be cute even when they didn't want to be but Babs was doubly so
  217. >"I..I only...I only came heres cause'up!"
  218. >You earned another shot in the arm
  219. >Least she tried to
  220. >But Babs wasn't the most nimble earth pony
  221. >So her attempt to hop on the couch, hit you, and jump back off was less than graceful
  222. >She caught her leg on the couch cushion and stumbled face forward
  223. >Not looking to have your junk headbutted, you lunged and caught her
  224. >She was as heavy as she looked and combined with her momentum you found yourself on your back, arms wrapped around the orange pony
  225. >She was wide eyed, her nose a hair's width from your own
  226. >You could smell the garlic and beer on her breath, along with something else you couldn't place, but it was surprisingly pleasant
  227. >Her heart was racing, beating hard against your chest, and her breathing quickened like it did earlier
  228. >And she was warm, like a big thick blanket
  229. >It took a lot of willpower not to give her a squeeze
  230. "Babs...?"
  231. >She was still stunned
  232. "Earth to Babs? Hello?"
  233. >You patted her back, trying to get her to move
  234. >Slowly her look of shock faded and she shook her head to get her senses back
  235. >She blew a lock of mane out of her face
  236. "You umm...wanna get up?"
  237. >"Not really..."
  238. >She blushed and closed her eyes, smiling meekly
  239. >You poke her back, a little lower, by her tail
  240. >She yelps and sits up some
  241. >"Okay, okay, jeez! Don't be sucha baby!"
  242. >She starts to get up but deliberately takes her time
  243. >You feel her wiggle her rear with every movement
  244. >It would be sexier if it wasn't smooshed uncomfortably against your stomach
  245. >Still filled with a bit of confidence yourself, you reached up and rubbed her protruding belly
  246. >It was a little firmer, filled with the meal she devoured not that long ago
  247. >"H-hey, quit it!"
  248. >She began to wiggle and shake, her face contorting into an uncomfortable smile
  249. >You don't listen, running your fingers to the creases in her fluff, tickling the sensitive skin under her fur
  250. >She begins to giggle and squirm, now more intent on getting away from you
  251. >"Stah! Stah-hahahah!! You..loosaahahahah!!!"
  252. >She's overtaken with a giggle-fit and you press the attack
  253. >Enough of her weight off you, you lift the rest of her upper body up with your own and keep tickling
  254. >Her forelegs flail, nearly clocking you in the face, so you pull yourself between them
  255. >Your fingers assault the curve of her belly beneath her navel, where her hips began
  256. >She's nothing but laughter now, her forehooves beating against your back, begging you to stop
  257. "Gonna admit you missed me?"
  258. >She shook her head "no" inbetween gasps of air
  259. >Frowning playfully, you moved your fingers lower, right where her thighs met her hips
  260. >Her hind legs begin to buck into the couch, her laughs more like shrieks now
  261. "How bout now?"
  262. >"Ahright!!! AHHAAHAHAHANONQUITIT!!"
  263. >She's beginning to cry she's laughing so hard
  264. >With one last flick of your fingers, you release her from the torture
  265. >She wiggles free and pushes you away with all four of her hooves, panting and swearing in between leftover giggles
  266. >"Dat was dirty fightin', Anon!"
  267. >Not about to lose this moment you press on
  268. "How bad did you miss me?"
  269. >"Huh! I didin't!"
  270. >You wiggle your fingers and grin
  271. >"Ohkays! Okay, a lot alright? When we hung out I was thinkin' bout it all the time!"
  272. >She lowered her head a little
  273. >"I never stopped thinkin' bout when we had ice cream togethas.."
  274. >That surprised you but she wasn't finished
  275. >"You was so nice and ya didn't care bout my blank flank or nuttin'. An ya let me order whatever I wanted! Dat means a lot to a little filly, ya know?"
  276. >You remembered the ice cream trip a little differently
  277. >She had been tailing you and bugging you the entire day
  278. >Finally to get her to shut up you took her to Sugar Cube Corner for ice cream
  279. >You let her order because you couldn't risk getting the wrong thing and having her complain
  280. >While she shoved the ice cream down and smiled at you, you spent most of the time hitting on Pinkie Pie
  281. >She was another one with thick hips and a nice ass
  282. >Come to think of it, all the mares you have made passes at were all well endowed past the midsection
  283. >Babs wasn't boasting when she said she trumped them all
  284. >"Goin' back home all I could think about was next time I visited cousin Applebloom an' then before I knews it I got my cutie mark an' started workin' an wells...."
  285. >She looked up with happy green eyes, blowing a lock of mane out of her face
  286. >"I was glads you were still on the market, ya know?"
  287. "Why didn't you just say so?"
  288. >"Cause I'm sick'a always havin' to be the one to make the moves! Back in Manehattan all the colts is worried I'm too tough for em so they always is scared! I know you'd be different!"
  289. >You hold off telling her if this had been her idea of being passive you don't wanna know what aggressive is like
  290. >"And you was. You ain't scared a me"
  291. >She moves a little closer and lays her forehooves on your lap
  292. >Poor Babs, her tough girl personality frightened all the men away, explains why she has been so sloppy and crude about her advances
  293. >You ruffle her mane a little, scratching behind her ears
  294. "How could I be scared of a cute girl like you?"
  295. >"Hey come on, I ain't a pet!"
  296. >She swats your hand away
  297. >But she's blushing and has a goofy smile
  298. >You reach with your other hand and give her mane another tussle
  299. >"Quit it, Anons! For real!"
  300. >You stop messing her hair up and settle into petting her from the top of her head down the back of her neck
  301. >She smiles and scoots closer to you, leaning against your body and sighing
  302. >"Dats bettah, don't treat me like a little kid"
  303. "How do you want me to treat you, then?"
  304. >"Oh...ya know...I wantcha to look at me like I saw ya lookin' way back then"
  305. >You let your hand run further down her neck and settle on her shoulder
  306. "You gotta be a little less obvious about it, Babs"
  307. >"Whattya mean? I was giving ya the eyes and showing ya my--"
  308. "I know I know, but I mean you don't wanna just throw yourself at a guy. What if he's a jerk?"
  309. >"If he's a jurk I'd buck him ta next weeks. I ain't worried bout that. Sides, you ain't a jerk"
  310. >She grinned
  311. >"Bit of a loosah but you ain't gonna do me wrong"
  312. >You had to admit, her forwardness might have been unorthodox but it was a breath of fresh air
  313. >A lot of the mares in town weren't all that keen on being hit on by a human
  314. >The ones who put two and two together anyhow
  315. >Pinkie had been so oblivious you didn't even bother after the third attempt
  316. >So why would you be so eager to dodge the one mare who's throwing herself at you, abet a little sloppily?
  317. >A quick look from the door, to the bottles toss around the floor, and the empty pizza box reminded you exactly why
  318. >Babs was cute but she was also obnoxious and a bit of a slob
  319. >Plus under all that she had feelings and you didn't want to break her heart either
  320. >What to do?
  321. >"Ya alright, Anons? Yoos all quiet all ovasudden!"
  322. "Just thinking"
  323. >"Well if ya ain't thinkin' bout me I need ta work harder!"
  324. >She brought a hoof to your face and nudged your cheek
  325. >"Stop dinkin' so hard"
  326. >Her eyes were warm and inviting
  327. >Her chubby little nose brushing yours
  328. >You knew where this was going and she was right
  329. >Time to stop worrying so much
  330. >You lean the rest of the way and bring your lips to hers, cupping your hand to her cheek as she closed her eyes
  331. >There's no romantic or beautiful way to put this, so its best to just say it and move on
  332. >Babs Seed was a terrible kisser
  333. >Your mouths part much quicker than they met, the slow romantic connection cut short when she attempted to jam her tongue in your mouth while sucking at your lips
  334. >She opened her eyes, the blush fading from her cheeks as quickly as it appeared
  335. >She blinked a few times and then frowned
  336. >"Wassa matter Anon? Wut you change your mind an--"
  337. "Where did you learn to kiss?"
  338. >She coughed and snorted, socking your shoulder with her hoof
  339. >"Whatddya mean, I'm a great kissah! I kissed all kinds of colts! You're just a loosah who don't know a good mare's mouth if it bit him on the--"
  340. >You shhhh her and put your finger on her mouth
  341. >You know damned well that might have been her first kiss and her eyes give away the embarrassment she's trying to mask with anger
  342. "Everything is cool, let me show you how, ok?"
  343. >She nods and you see the flush on her cheeks slowly return
  344. >Leave it to the brash Babs to find this somehow arousing
  345. >You stroke her cheek softly, pushing that ever present lock of hair away from her face
  346. >She smiled and giggled a little when you spend a few seconds pushing it behind one of her ears
  347. >Best or worst kisser, nothing ruins a good makeout like a bunch of hair
  348. "Now, just follow along, OK? It's just like dancing, let me lead"
  349. >"I don't dance..."
  350. >She whispered as your lips neared hers again
  351. >This time, when they met, she didn't try to nibble or suck your lips and her tongue stayed in place
  352. >You decided to take it slower than even you're used to, planting small, closed lipped kisses against her pursed lips
  353. >You brushed her cheek with your fingers, drawing sensual lines along her jaw and neckline
  354. >Despite everything you knew about Babs, she shivered from the affection, showing no sign this was dull or boring to her
  355. >Guess there was a needy mare inside her afterall
  356. >Each kiss lasted longer, every time you teased at her lips with your tongue more and more
  357. >Each time she did her best not to repeat her first performance, but you felt her tongue pushing against her lips when you teased, wanting so badly to mingle with yours
  358. >She was breathing heavily through her nostrils, her hot breath blasting you in the face over and over
  359. >Her forehooves pushed and clumsily felt along your body as she tried to climb on top of you
  360. >You were too focused on kissing her to appreciate how adorably inexperienced she was
  361. >It was finally time to move things along, your hand slipping from her shoulder down to the small of her back
  362. >As your fingers tightened around the tense muscles, you pushed your tongue against her lips, parting them and entering her warm mouth
  363. >Pony tongues were wider and flatter than yours, and Babs to her credit was still keeping her excitement restrained, allowing you to slowly trace the tip of your tongue along the edges of hers
  364. >She gasped and squirmed from both the new sensations on her back and the tingling in her mouth
  365. >You made sure not to go too low on her back, dragging your fingers slowly along the sensitive spots on her back but never reaching further than the dock of her tail
  366. >The nice guy inside you knew this was likely her first time in every sense of the word
  367. >You wanted it to be special, to fulfill whatever fantasy she built around you
  368. >She finally became a little less restrained with her tongue, accepting the playful licks from your own as the invitation to follow
  369. >In stark contrast to before, she was so careful and tentative with it, somewhat scared she would make a mistake and this exchange would end
  370. >But when your fingers reached the top of her back and began to drag back down, the sudden jolt of excitement pushed her to be a little bolder
  371. >Her body pressed into yours harder, her hips rose and fell with every tease of her back
  372. >Before you knew it, Babs found her earlier confidence
  373. >Her kisses were more aggressive, but at least now that she knew what she was doing, and with a few abrupt pushes she was on top of you
  374. >Her body, big as it was, was still small compared to yours, and her rear rested neatly in your lap
  375. >You slid your hand from her face, joining the one on her back and tracing gently up and down from her dock all the way to the beginning of her neck
  376. >She whimpered and moaned, her body shivering and squirming from the teasing
  377. >Pinning your shoulders with her forehooves, she assaulted your mouth, her tongue grappling with yours for some sense of dominance
  378. >But the more she tried to assert herself, the more you reminded her who was in charge
  379. >Your hands slipped past her tail, the palms resting on the cutie mark she was so proud of
  380. >Your fingers curled in, slowly taking handfuls of her plush rump
  381. >With a squeeze, you sunk into flesh of her rear, every fingertip pushing deep into her flesh till you felt the tense muscle beneath
  382. >Babs' entire body tenses, her forehooves pressing down harder on your shoulders as you kneed the sensitive muscles beneath her flanks
  383. >You relax your lips to let her tongue in, conceding the battle above to focus on the one below
  384. >Her hips rocked and trembled with every squeeze and fondle of your hands
  385. >She used her weight to press her rear down on your hips, grinding the bubbly cushions into your pants
  386. >You began to feel dampness where her hips dragged on your pants, as if her arousal wasn't obvious enough
  387. >She breaks the kiss, looking down at you with half lidded eyes, he face flushed with lust
  388. >Her forehooves move from your shoulders and attempt to undo your shirt buttons
  389. >You, on the other hand, take a deep breath and bring your hands from her plush bottom to her forehooves, pulling them away
  390. >"Huh? Whut's da mattah? Ain't you...liking dis?"
  391. "It's not's just...well.."
  392. >You look around, the empties, the discarded pizza box, your position on the couch
  393. >You hadn't seen Babs for three years and you were moments from rutting her in the middle of the day in your living room
  394. "Babs you...were really thinking about me all those years?"
  395. >"Y-yeah...what's wrong with...?"
  396. "Nothing you really want this to be how you....ya know, with me? Your first time?"
  397. >She lowers her head and reflexively covers her rear with her tail
  398. >That will never get old
  399. >" I mean, I didn't really...think this far an'...once ya started kissin' was really nice..."
  400. >You run your hand under her chin and lift her head up
  401. >Her cute green eyes meet yours and you smile warmly
  402. >She does the same, the thoughts of rejection leaving her as quick as they appeared
  403. "Lets not rush this. At least let me take you somewhere. Ya know, on a date?"
  404. >"R-really? You an' me?"
  405. >She rubs the back of her head and chuckles a little nervously
  406. >"I'm...I ain't a candles an' sparklin' wine kinda gal..."
  407. "I know, but you're a movies and ice cream kind. I think we have enough time to catch the evening film and Pinkie Pie keeps the store open late on Fridays"
  408. >Babs beams and gives you another long kiss
  409. >You give her the squeeze you wanted to earlier, a reassuring hug with just enough caressing of her lower back to keep her wanting more
  410. >Oh the heck with it, you grab her butt too
  411. >She jolts in your lap, but quickly socks your arm with her hoof
  412. >"Hey, I thought yous wanted to wait!"
  413. "Just a little reminder what we're going to do later"
  414. >You winked and stuck your tongue out
  415. >She snorted and pushed her hair out of her face
  416. >"You's such a loosah, Anon."
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