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  1. Welcome to the Scattered Survival, a modded SCP: Secret Laboratory Server
  4. --Details--
  5. Scattered Survival focuses on SCP vs Human pvp.
  6. Scientists and ClassD are working together to defeat the SCP and Chaos.
  7. They will spawn randomly in Entrance and Light Containment Zone.
  9. SCP win if the player's lives reach 0. Lives are shared between class D and Scientists.
  11. There is a chance that a Chaos will spawn at the start.
  12. They automatically win if they set off the nuke. Stop them.
  14. You can not escape the facility. Decontamination is disabled.
  15. Over a hundred new item spawn locations and items spawn during the game. Search for loot and allies.
  17. SCP079 is disabled, however, when there are two or more SCP's and an SCP dies, they will attempt to respawn as SCP079 with 3x experience gain. (The computer does not need to be killed to win).
  19. Other plugins used:
  20. ZeroNeinSix - Better balanced SCP096
  21. 079Pro - Adds a couple cool tricks to the computer.
  22. 914 Custom Recipes - I add my own recipes and take out MicroHID.
  25. --Simple Rules--
  26. 1. Friendly fire is on, but try not to kill your own teammates!
  27. Teams are: 1 - Scientists and Class D. 2 - SCP. 3 - Chaos Insurgency.
  28. 2. Do not group up with other teams.
  29. 3. Don't harass other players. Instant ban.
  30. 4. Players found cheating will be recorded and reported for global ban.
  32. --Contact--
  34. server owner: Arith#7544
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