"Gremlin Punch" Fighter Class

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  1. Fighter
  2. Starting Equipment: leather armor, sword, bow, 20 arrows.
  3. Starting Skill: See below
  5. A: Parry, +1 attack per round
  6. B: Notches
  7. C: Tricky, +2 Attack stat
  8. D: Impress, Cleave
  9. E: +2 crit range
  10. F: Riposte
  12. You gain +1 HP for each Fighter template you possess
  14. Parry: You can block with melee weapons. The enemy’s attack automatically hits and you subtract damage rolled by your parrying weapon. Dual wielding lets you roll both dice and take the highest. If the damage is 6 or more, you test breakage for your weapon. This makes you immune to critical hits. Once per day, you can block maximum damage.
  15. Notches: Each time you attain a total of 10, 20, 30, and 50 kills with a weapon type, you can unlock a special ability for that weapon, increase your critical range by one step, or +1 damage.
  16. Tricky: You get +2 to Combat Maneuver rolls. Additionally, whenever you attack and get exactly the number you needed, you may make an opposed Dex vs Strength or Dex (whichever is higher). If you succeed, you successfully execute a free Combat Maneuver.
  17. Impress: Whenever you win a fight against challenging foes, people who didn’t like you make a new reaction roll with a +4 bonus. This even works on people you just defeated, unless you caused them undeserved or disproportionate harm. Hirelings get a +2 to Morale or a new Save vs Fear.
  18. Cleave: After reducing an enemy to zero HP in melee, you can make another attack against another enemy within 5’. You can make a number of attacks this way equal to your level.
  19. Riposte: After successfully Parrying away an attack, you can make a counterattack or combat maneuver and add any excess damage blocked as a damage bonus (allowing you to deal damage with a combat maneuver). You can block maximum damage twice a day.
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