Jun 28th, 2015
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  1. I don't think of myself as a writer, or quite the journalist type. I'm not too keen on writing well, but what the hell I can try right? I guess I'm here to complain? I don't quite know... I'll be surprised if you clicked this link in the first place. Lately, I've been torn, between my parents, stupid relationships and just everything. I will say if I died..I'd die with oh so many regrets. I've made so many mistakes and I hate myself so much more than people hate me for them. They don't realize the true situation of my actions. I want to take it back, so fucking much.. Fuck me. God.. I just want to be happy, and sometimes I genuinely feel it but deep down I know I'm not getting any better. I'm a whore, a slut, a bitch, ugly, fat, a "cutter", a fuck-up. I honestly wouldn't mind ending it all, I could so quickly, but I raised my siblings... I could never ever leave them. Don't I sound like I'm just dying for attention? fantastic! I want to apologize to anyone who is reading this. You are the reason I wrote this. I may have hurt you in some way or form, I don't ask for your forgiveness, just I want you to know this is how I feel. Please don't contact me because I wrote this.. Leave me be. It's better off to be alone so you can't be hurt and you can't hurt others... I sound so damn pathetic. Im sorry and I guess this is it for the attention whore. Adios amigo.
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