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Grinder/Sigmund by Aoae

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Jan 30th, 2021
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  1. The minotaur collapsed to its knees, their torso stained red with blood, before slumping lifelessly to the ground. Sigmund sighed as he flickered back into sight, his scythe blade now stained red with blood. Wiping his brow, he took a look upon the adventurer who he had just eviscerated. It seems they were yet another berserker, as evidenced by the crude hand axe in their tight grasp and the tattered leopard skin that they had be wearing. Sigmund stared at the corpse of his quarry, eyes burning with disgust, as he kicked it in the abdomen to confirm its death.
  3. "Yoo-hoo!" A cheery, annoyingly squeaky voice rang from the corridor to which the scythe-bearer had turned his back from. Sigmund looked behind to see a little beast of a monster, with ashen grey skin and wearing a beige garment that loosely covered her body. The deformed body of the imp, as well as the crude knife clutched in her grip, provoked a sense of annoyance in the old man's sight.
  4. With a curt expression, Sigmund addressed his co-worker, who had been freshly hired from Tartarus just a few days ago. "Oh, it's just you, Grinder. I've already dealt with the... rubbish that has intruded on our dungeon today. For what reason have you come here?"
  5. "Oh, nothing much, my dear friend. I'm just here to chat about the weather." Grinder smiled with an impish grin much befitting the shadow imp's wile. "How was the fight?" "They fell as easily as usual." Sigmund pointed at the corpse of the minotaur with his scythe, before beheading it with a swift motion. The head dropped onto the floor of the dungeon with a sickening thud. "It seems that the fools above haven't gotten the message yet. Until then, they shall pay for it by pouring out the lives of their young men and women." With a smooth motion, he sliced off one of the minotaur's limbs, causing blood to spray all over the dungeon floor.
  7. Grinder grinned with admiration at Sigmund, taking the weathered human aback. "I see, mister theatrical! You've definitely demonstrated how excellent your scythe skills are." Her expression turned to one of frightening glee, as if about to submit a tengu to some torture racks. "Your blade could surely slice through even the most heavily armoured of foes. But I have a different approach." Her knife seemed to glisten in the dim dungeon light. "Through the precision and sharpness of my blade, I have no need for the power of a scythe to kill." Sigmund's brow furrowed as he narrowed his crimson eyes. "Silence, you fool. I have slain hundreds of warriors, mages, and knaves. Are you trying to challenge my authority over the early dungeon?"
  9. He suddenly realized that the shadow imp had moved in next to him. "Wait, what are you doing-" With a wicked cackle, Grinder laughed as she moved her arms to cast a hex on the old man. "Wh-" Sigmund muttered in shock. "What are you doing? Cease this insolence now, you fool." The great slayer of the dungeon's limbs trembled as he found that they were completely stiff and tensed up, unable to move more than an inch. "Could this be... paralysis magic?" "You're quite the observant old man, huh! Consider me impressed!" Grinder smiled as she looked upon Sigmund's stance, taking the moment to scan his hardened figure with her beady eyes. "And now, it will be my turn to impress you." She walked closer to the old man.
  11. Sigmund glared at the shadow imp, his eyes still able to move, as she approached him. "Damn you, you insolent brat. If you slay me or torture me today, Zot will wreak such great punishment on you that you'll- wait, what are you doing?" He noticed that instead of cutting him, the shadow imp had reached for the clasp of his ornate crimson robe. Despite the horror of the stiuation, Sigmund felt a strange sense of thrill rise through his heart. Usually, it was him in control. It had been a while since anyone had been able to take control of him like this.
  13. Grinder moved her left hand up to her mouth, making a shushing motion with her hand while looking into Sigmund's eyes with a piercing stare, filled with desire and malice. "Calm down, my dear friend. I'll only be scratching the surface of your skin. And... I will be getting to know you well." As Sigmund's robe came loose, falling to the floor with a rustle, Grinder gazed upon the exposed body of the human, well-built and toned after many tough battles, protected only by his undergarments.
  15. "That's right. Really well."
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