Enchanting Application

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  1. ♕ No Air

  2. birthname : Lee Jisue [이지수]

  3. other names? : Rachel Lee

  4. nicknames : 

  5. » Rachie; Everyone calls her this. It's her official nickname made by her twin brother.

  6. » Plushie; Only her closest friends call her this. They're the only ones who know about her humongous obsession with plushies and how she's as soft as one too.

  7. » Sooya; Only her love interest calls her this. She only allows him call her this and he made it for her, so it's feels really special.

  8. birthdate : 15/09/98

  9. birthplace : Sydney, Australia

  10. hometown : Sydney, Australia

  11. blood type : O

  12. zodiac sign : Virgo

  13. height : 163cm

  14. weight : 48kg

  15. ♕ I am YOU

  16. personality : 

  17. - Crackhead; She's a freaking bundle of hyperactive joy and idiocy. She's so entertaining, cheerful, playful and loud that she'll brighten anyone's day.

  19. - Sweet; She's extremely caring, soft and cheerful. She's always putting others before her and helping those who need it. She is extremely kind to everyone no matter what.

  21. - Cheesy; She's that cheesy type who loves fluff and shipping her friends who she believes will become a really good couple. She has the smoothest lines up her sleeves and is always easily flustered.

  23. - Hardworking; She's really hardworking. Whatever her goal is, she'll continue working until she achieves it. This is why she excels in academics and other areas, but it can be hazardous to her health when she works too hard with no rest.

  25. - Insecure; The worry of others opinions of her is constantly on her mind. She thinks that she's really ugly, untalented and unwanted. She finds it very hard to accept compliments.

  27. - Sentimental; She's a sentimental and sensitive person. She cries easily, whether it's tears of happiness or sadness. She always finds deep meanings to everything and is poetic with her words. She is also a pretty nostalgic girl.

  28. background : She was born into a rich family in Sydney as the oldest of her siblings right next to her twin brother who is 3 minutes younger. There's also her adopted brother who is a week younger than her and her younger sister who is 9 years younger. With these 3 to take care of as well as her studies and personal interests, she likes to say that she developed her crazy side from losing her sanity due to the heavy responsibilities.
  30. She lived a regular life until she and her twin turned 14 and discovered that they were unique when they made their presents levitate. Their parents didn't know what to do until they discovered about Sapphire High and transferred the twins in. Not Long after, their younger Brother joined too. She would've join the school dance team, but she was doubtful of her abilities and hides her talent with memeful dancing. However, Changmin and Hyunjin caught her dancing once. From that moment, they became good friends along with her other 4 closest friends.
  31. trivias : 

  32. - Orange Sherbet, Egg Nog, Lemon Custard, Changmin, Jisung and Hyunjin are her closest friends.

  33. - She has a pet corgi back in Australia called Yeoyo.

  34. - She's really grumpy when she's hungry or tired.

  35. - She has a dolphin laugh and scream, her voice can go really high.

  36. - She's really good at aesthetics, like everything she does is aesthetic.

  37. - Since she had been practicing since she was 14, she is excellent at magic. 

  38. - She loves singing and dancing, and when she does there's a beautiful aura around her which she never knew until Changmin pointed it out to her.

  39. - She has mild Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) but she only lets her closest family and friends know in fear of being judged or shut out.

  40. ♕ Boy

  41. slot : Burgundy Cherry

  42. backup slot : -

  43. face claim : Kim Chaewon (IZ*ONE) 

  44. backup : -

  45. love interest : Ji Changmin (The Boyz)

  46. backup : -

  47. love interest's personality : 

  48. - Loud; He's very dramatic and loud. He's always shouting or screaming in delight and his high pitched dolphin screech never fails to catch others attention. He also tends to get scared easily, which adds on to his jumpy screaming.

  50. - Cheerful; He's always bright and positive. His smile seems to be permanently on his face, whether just a slight one or a bright one. He's always cheering everyone else up and looking on the bright side of things.
  52. - Sweet; He's honestly such a cute and sweet gentleman. He has so much initiative and care for others. He is extremely polite and kind toward everyone and is pleasant to be around.

  54. - Determined; He's a really hardworking boy. Whether it's dance, studies or personal goals, he'll work his hardest with quality results. He's a good boy in school and no challenge is big enough for him.

  55. ♕ District 9

  56. what do you think about Sapphire High? : Sapphire High is actually an amazing school. I've loved it here since the moment stepped in. 

  57. which slot are you closest with : Lemon Custard | Egg Nog

  58. which slot are you not closest with : Vanilla | Black Walnut

  59. your first thought on your love interest : he seems like such an adorable and bright boy! UwU I hope I can get to know him better.

  60. his first thought : What a cute and fun girl! She's pretty good at dancing too. I want to be friends with her >.<

  61. do you want to end up together at the end? : Of Course!

  64. any requests or suggestions? : nothing~

thoughts about me? : you seem like a really nice and Creative person. I hope we can talk more and become friends uwu 

  67. did I forget something or what? : Nope!

✧ and you're done~

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