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  1. Crate:
  2.   Phantom_Crate: # Crate Name (This will be case sensitive when executing the command)
  3.     Broadcast: []
  4.     Material: "CHEST" # Set the material of the crate
  5.     Type: "ARMOR" # This is the fun bit. You can choose between ARMOR or UPGRADE
  6.     # If you picked ARMOR this crate will only give armor pieces from the set given below
  7.     # If you picked UPGRADE this crate will only give upgrades from the sets given below
  8.     # At random percentage rates.
  9.     Name: "&c&lPhantom Lootcrate &7(Right Click)" # Self Explanatory
  10.     Lore: # Self Explanatory
  11.       - '&7&nRight-Click&7 to unveal'
  12.       - '&7a Random &cPhantom Armor &7piece.'
  13.       - ''
  14.       - '&c&l[!] WARNING &7Make sure you have &n1 slot&7 available'
  15.       - '&7in your inventory before right clicking this item.'
  16.     Sets: # Here is where you put all the sets you would like this crate to use.
  17.      - 'Phantom'
  18.     Initial_Sound: "CLICK:5:30" # SOUND:VOLUME:FREQUENCY
  19.     Final_Sound: "LEVEL_UP:5:30" # SOUND:VOLUME:FREQUENCY
  20.     # Leave the Volume & Frequency at 1 if you don't know what they are.
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