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  1. sigafooToday at 3:45 PM
  2. Hey, just to clairfy as I'm trying to understand your post
  3. Are you suggesting to go to the ETF2L style with two maps per week with 30 minutes
  4. Or just one map, or is that just playoffs or what
  5. I'm probably just reading this and not getting it, but I was wondering if you could clairify that for me
  7. botmodeToday at 3:48 PM
  8. it's possible to do any of those things
  9. that's all in the survey as well
  10. personally I think playing with Rewind 2's ruleset and etf2l's 2 map per week would be sick but I would also understand if other people don't feel that way
  12. sigafooToday at 3:49 PM
  13. Which was that?
  15. botmodeToday at 3:50 PM
  16. rewind 2's ruleset is first to 5 30 minutes
  18. sigafooToday at 3:50 PM
  19. Yeah, that's what I wanted as well TBH
  20. I came in proposing to do the ETF2L style, but without the windiff
  21. like that
  22. but pretty much everyone else wanted to keep it the same
  23. It's a challenge right, if I come out with ETF2L then I get flak for trying to change things and if I come out doing the standard I get flak for not changing. So since it was NA and most other leaders wanted to keep it similiar to do it that way.
  24. I'm excited to see what feedback we get on our survey
  25. Looks like we had the same idea
  26. And if you ever want to chat about your document or about RGL stuff before this up coming season, let me know. I try to make time to help explian where ideas came from and open to new ones
  28. botmodeToday at 3:54 PM
  29. I plan on making the survey data public
  31. sigafooToday at 3:54 PM
  32. Awesome, yeah we'd do the same
  33. Anyway, GL with your survey and future league stuff, curious to see what the response is compared to what we get back or if they'll be similiar, and lmk if you ever want to chat about your concerns
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