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  1. Name:A Helping Hand
  2. Repeatable:false
  3. Reset:false
  4. EditMessage:You are currently on a quest and cannot modify that.
  5. World:Mews Place
  6. Event:1:MessageEvent:100:(GreenPeas): Oh, hello there! Can you please help me? I told my family I would bring fish home for dinner but they are not biting! You think you could round up 6 raw fish for me? I would be willing to pay you $250.
  7. Event:2:SingleAreaEvent:25:0:-8354:62:2383:3
  8. Event:3:QuestEvent:2000:1
  9. Event:4:CollectEvent:1:349:6
  10. Event:5:RewardMoneyEvent::250
  11. Event:6:MessageEvent:100: (Greenpeas): Oh my! Your the best! Thank you so much. Now my family can eat tonight! Please, take this money for your efforts. It
  12. Task:0:1,2,3
  13. Task:1:4
  14. Task:2:5,6
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