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Resilient Session 5

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  1.         TheResilientGM  Sergeant Mauler calls our from the Chimera, "Orders are to disrupt enemy comms. We've got to make it quick before they attempt a counterattack."
  2.         TheResilientGM  Behind you, the Imperial armor skillfully maneuvers to create a protective corridor for the incomming APCs pouring into the wound you've punched through. Reinforcements begin to arrive, with Chimeras circulating in and out with squads of infantry.
  3.         Artem_Gusarov   "I don't like this. Too narrow an entrance. Feels like a meatgrinder. It's what your regiment is good at, I suppose."
  4.         TheResilientGM  "We're pushing past the enemy triage center, and onto their comms relay. It's likely their Company Command HQ is near, too."
  5.         TheResilientGM  Squads begin to flood in all around you. One of them going directly towards the destroyed artillery batteries, admiring the work.
  6.         Kass_Yonova     "Well I suppose the wounded enemy are their problem now." Indicating the other squads piling in.
  7.         Global  [LordLicorice] geddin movietime: LIFEFORCE
  8.         TheResilientGM  "We'll use the Chimera for as long as we can. Mount up."
  9.         Schneider       nods and gets on board
  10.         Kass_Yonova     nods and boards the chimera, buckling into one of the seats.
  11.         Victrus_Macharius       " think we're going to need the autocannon for this?
  12.         TheResilientGM  An enemy launcher fires in your direction, but misses you. Instead, it hits a disembarking squad.
  13.         Victrus_Macharius       climbs in
  14.         TheResilientGM  "Damn right we'll be needing it. Leave it linked to the APC, and we'll deploy when we need to."
  15.         Victrus_Macharius       "understood"
  16.         TheResilientGM  +We need to get out of here!+ Gordon transmits from his compartment
  17.         Schneider       pops out of the turret and aims at the offending heavy weapon's trooper.
  18.         Schneider       +Hold on a sec+
  19.         Victrus_Macharius       mans the autocannon on the apc
  20.         Schneider       squeezes off a round into the launcher carrier.
  21.         Schneider       scrambles down into the chimera and gets on the heavy flamer.
  22.         Victrus_Macharius       checks that the autocannon is full loaded
  23.         TheResilientGM  The APC rushes off, you can feel Gordon's maneuvers as you sway violently back and forth.
  24.         TheResilientGM  +I don't think I can take you much further, but you won't want to disembark with that machinegun emplacement up ahead+
  25.         TheResilientGM  Not a second later, you can hear the impact of the solid projectiles on the side of the vehicle.
  26.         TheResilientGM  "Victrus, make them regret that decision" orders the sergeant.
  27.         Victrus_Macharius       opens fire on the machinegun emplacement killing all three enemy soldiers as they tried to take cover behind sandbags
  28.         TheResilientGM  +Looks like that's all of them.+ reports Gordon
  29.         TheResilientGM  +Take us a bit further if you can+ replies the sergeant.
  30.         TheResilientGM  "Everyone else get ready to disembark!"
  31.         Artem_Gusarov   gets ready to disembark
  32.         Kass_Yonova     readies himself, hand hovering near the ramp release.
  33.         TheResilientGM  The Chimera comes to a stop. +This is going to be it, sergeant+
  34.         Victrus_Macharius       ducks back into the passenger compartment and gets ready to disimbark
  35.         Schneider       crawls back to the rest of the squad disappointed he didn't get to use the heavy flamer.
  36.         TheResilientGM  Mauler stands, +Thank you Gordon+
  37.         TheResilientGM  Sgt Mauler takes a few seconds to look around at the squad...
  38.         TheResilientGM  "Everyone out! Go, go, go!"
  39.         Artem_Gusarov   gets out
  40.         Victrus_Macharius       disembarks and detaches the autocannon from the back of the Chimera
  41.         Schneider       piles out of the chimera with Hector behind him
  42.         Kass_Yonova     follows everyone else out, keeping low as he jumps out.
  43.         TheResilientGM  Volgin helps Victrus with the autocannon, Vikk exits carrying medicae supplies and falls in with Kass.
  44.         TheResilientGM  Hector seems to look back at the attached flamer with some sadness before making his exit.
  45.         -->|    Gru_Persay (chatzilla@sux-110E7A47.lightspeed.sntcca.sbcglobal.net) has joined #resilient
  46.         TheResilientGM  "On me!" sergeant Mauler cries out, whilst bringing his chainsword to life
  47.         Victrus_Macharius       heads over to Mauler's position
  48.         Kass_Yonova     keeps his lasgun shouldered as he follows the sergeant.
  49.         TheResilientGM  He takes you past the sandbag position. He takes cover behind a pile of tracks, turret parts, and other vehicle parts.
  50.         Gru_Persay      motions Meat to follow him.
  51.         TheResilientGM  "I think that's the artillery crew's quarters up ahead," Mauler says to Kass.
  52.         TheResilientGM  +Light it up. Make it quick.+
  53.         Kass_Yonova     "No mercy, huh?"
  54.         Schneider       nods and heads forward with his flamer.
  55.         TheResilientGM  As you approach, you realize the structure has only one entrance... and one exit. You can hear chatter inside.
  56.         TheResilientGM  Hector moves up along Otto, covering his comrade.
  57.         TheResilientGM  +Everyone else cover the windows+
  58.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant positions himself a few meters away from one such window, lasgun at the ready.
  59.         Schneider       goes up to the door.
  60.         Gru_Persay      equips auto gun and takes aim.
  61.         TheResilientGM  Vikk looks nervously at Yonova
  62.         Kass_Yonova     Kass keeps his lasgun trained on one of the windows. "You okay, Vikk?"
  63.         TheResilientGM  "It's fucked up, Kass... fucked up."
  64.         Schneider       knocks on the door in a panicky manner.
  65.         TheResilientGM  "What's going on!" a man's hurried footsteps approach the door.
  66.         Victrus_Macharius       aims autocannon
  67.         TheResilientGM  "That you, Kael?" he opens up...
  68.         Kass_Yonova     "I know, man, I know. But we'll just have to deal with it, until then."
  69.         Schneider       aims the flamer at the door and fires through the doorway> "GOOD MORNING!
  70.         TheResilientGM  The entire structure is engulfed in flames, seemingly every opening ejects fire out.
  71.         Schneider       shouts over the woosh of his flamer "I HEARD IT WAS GONNA BE A SCORCHER TODAY!"
  72.         TheResilientGM  You hear the screams of the men inside, several of them panicking, jump out the windows.
  73.         Gru_Persay      +By the Omnissiah+
  74.         Victrus_Macharius       thinks to himself that he really glad that was not him in that building
  75.         TheResilientGM  Another man runs blindly in any direction... straight towards Vikk.
  76.         Kass_Yonova     Kass fires at the nearest man to defenestration himself, while on fire, and is able to land a shot in the mans back.
  77.         Artem_Gusarov   shoots him with his autogun
  78.         TheResilientGM  The man drops dead.
  79.         TheResilientGM  A last one simply rolls on the ground in desperation.
  80.         Gru_Persay      shoots the dying man on the ground and ends his misery.
  81.         TheResilientGM  "Stalker, you have magnoculars?" asks the sergeant.
  82.         TheResilientGM  Pointing to a point down a road, he asks, "Is that medicae staff?"
  83.         Gru_Persay      +I did it. I killed something. Praise the Machine God and this blessing.+
  84.         Kass_Yonova     "Well Vikk, at least we could put them out of their misery."
  85.         Victrus_Macharius       "good job Gur, you got a kill with a gun for the first time!"
  86.         Gru_Persay      "....I'm going to ignore that."
  87.         Artem_Gusarov   "Medics with wounded over there.
  88.         Artem_Gusarov   "
  89.         Victrus_Macharius       "ok then Gru"
  90.         Gru_Persay      "Kill the Medics! Spare no one."
  91.         TheResilientGM  "Triage center is a good sign. Let's follow them. Stalker up front, lead the way."
  92.         Kass_Yonova     slaps his helmet with his palm. "This damn Tech-Priest, Vikk."
  93.         TheResilientGM  "Schneider, cover his advance."
  94.         Victrus_Macharius       "calm down Gru we know you've got a thing for them Medics"
  95.         Schneider       nods and prepares to cover the Stalker with his longlas.
  96.         Artem_Gusarov   sneaks ahead
  97.         Victrus_Macharius       takes aim to cover Schneider's advance
  98.         TheResilientGM  As Artem advances, the sounds of a busy medicae center become louder. Once it comes into view, however, so does the sight of a guard tower overlooking it.
  99.         Victrus_Macharius       but then realizes that its artem making the advance reaims
  100.         Artem_Gusarov   +Guard tower. Get some more people here.+
  101.         TheResilientGM  +Squad, move up+
  102.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant leads, moving up against the wall parallel to the road.
  103.         Victrus_Macharius       +understood+
  104.         Kass_Yonova     nods and moves behind the sergeant, making sure Vikk is following.
  105.         Victrus_Macharius       pushes autocannon forward
  106.         Schneider       +Want me to stay back and cover the squad?+
  107.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Assist."
  108.         TheResilientGM  Vikk is slightly behind, he helps move the autocannon.
  109.         TheResilientGM  "MASTER, YES"
  110.         Artem_Gusarov   +Affirmative.+
  111.         TheResilientGM  The servitor joins in. The autocannon now advancing at the same pace as everyone else.
  112.         TheResilientGM  Stopping at a half-way point, the sergeant takes a knee, while aiming ahead. +Schneider, move up+
  113.         Schneider       nods and follows.
  114.         Kass_Yonova     "Sarge, they just called for a change of guard. I can hear a group jogging towards the tower from down the street. I'd say squad-sized."
  115.         Artem_Gusarov   +Guard change, watch out.+
  116.         Kass_Yonova     nods as his intel is verified by Artem over the comm-bead."
  117.         TheResilientGM  +Set that autocannon as best you can. Prepare grenades.+
  118.         Gru_Persay      pulls out a frag grenade.
  119.         Victrus_Macharius       +understood+ "let get this in position now"
  120.         Kass_Yonova     Kass slings his lasgun over his shoulder and prepares a frag.
  121.         Victrus_Macharius       with the help of the other, the autocannon is moved into the best possible position
  122.         TheResilientGM  +Once they're all by the tower, call it in. Stalker, or Schneider. Whoever has a line of sight.+
  123.         Artem_Gusarov   +I have LOS+
  124.         TheResilientGM  The group approaches the tower. The guard manning the position salutes them from atop, and climbs down.
  125.         Artem_Gusarov   throws a frag at them
  126.         Kass_Yonova     Kass tosses his frag at the group of enemies.
  127.         Artem_Gusarov   shoots his arm out. His eyes go wide as he notices that he dropped his grenade as he pulled his arm back, then scrambles to pick it up and toss it while he dives for cover in another direction
  128.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant joins by throwing his own.
  129.         TheResilientGM  They all go off at half-second intervals of eachother. One in particular goes off uncomfortably close to the squad.
  130.         TheResilientGM  "FUCK!" Hector exclaims
  131.         Gru_Persay      switches to auto gun after seeing what happened to Artem.
  132.         Victrus_Macharius       "shit"
  133.         Kass_Yonova     "That was way too, close."
  134.         TheResilientGM  +You'll have to explain that to me later, Stalker+ Mauler comments
  135.         TheResilientGM  The troopers outside the tower have been killed, the explosion alerts a few of the enemy guardsmen protecting the medicae center.
  136.         TheResilientGM  +Everyone engage. Mark your targets+
  137.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant moves up to the tower and stands behind it, firing with his laspistol from cover.
  138.         TheResilientGM  The enemy scrambles to find cover. The medicae center is mostly composed of tents.
  139.         Kass_Yonova     moves up to one of the boxes near where Artem was earlier, and fires on the guardsmen furthest from the entrance to the medicae center.
  140.         Victrus_Macharius       opens fire with the autocannon
  141.         TheResilientGM  Sergeant Mauler manages to hit an enemy in the throat.
  142.         Victrus_Macharius       all the shots miss there target
  143.         TheResilientGM  The autocannon's rounds manage to hit a wounded soldier and his attending medic.
  144.         Victrus_Macharius       "well at least I hit something"
  145.         Gru_Persay      +Yes! Excellent work, Victrus.+
  146.         TheResilientGM  At the sight of what appears to be indiscriminate attacks, the enemy guards break and commence a retreat.
  147.         TheResilientGM  "Monsters!"
  148.         Victrus_Macharius       "well that was easy"
  149.         TheResilientGM  +Don't let up, fire and advance+
  150.         Kass_Yonova     takes aim and fires at one of the fleeing soldiers, as ordered, and misses.
  151.         Victrus_Macharius       reloads autocannon
  152.         Gru_Persay      tries to fire at the enemy, but the gun jams.
  153.         Gru_Persay      "Please, Omnissiah. Not now."
  154.         TheResilientGM  Sergeant Mauler reaches the medicae center, you hear him screaming for the staff to surrender.
  155.         Kass_Yonova     Kass moves up next to the sergeant and has a look around the medicae center.
  156.         Schneider       raises his longlas. "Surrender or I'll blow all your fuckin heads off!"
  157.         TheResilientGM  The enemy medicae staff all fall to their knees in surrender.
  158.         TheResilientGM  +Search the place for anything useful+
  159.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk, corral the staff, I'm going to have a look see in their supplies."
  160.         TheResilientGM  A friendly APC rushes down the road, straight in Gru's direction.
  161.         Schneider       "I'll search the tower."
  162.         Artem_Gusarov   "I'll help you clear it."
  163.         Gru_Persay      barely dodges out of the way.
  164.         TheResilientGM  Vikk nods, and pushes one of the men into a corner, with the rest.
  165.         Schneider       heads to the tower with Artem and Hector in tow.
  166.         Gru_Persay      "By the Omnissiah, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"
  167.         Gru_Persay      "You nearly damaged the machine."
  168.         TheResilientGM  Inside the tower, Schneider and Artem can hear, "The Emperor is our guiding Light, A beacon of hope for humanity in a galaxy of Darkness..."
  169.         Artem_Gusarov   "I... What the hell?"
  170.         TheResilientGM  "...as we serve Him, He is our greatest servant. As we pray to Him, His thoughts are only for us..."
  171.         TheResilientGM  "... And the in the Dark, when the shadows threaten, The Emperor is with us, In spirit and in fact."
  172.         Schneider       "The fuck?"
  173.         Artem_Gusarov   +Gusarov here, they are holding a service for the God-Emperor in here.+
  174.         TheResilientGM  +Secure the tower.+
  175.         Schneider       kicks open the door to the tower.
  176.         Gru_Persay      follows behind Schneider.
  177.         Schneider       begins clearing the tower room by room.
  178.         TheResilientGM  Inside a room, you find two guardsmen. They sit on the floor, backs against the wall. One holds a prayer book, the other holds his lasgun to the door.
  179.         TheResilientGM  He fires at Schneider as he opens the door.
  180.         Schneider       ducks and fires a shot back at the soldier
  181.         TheResilientGM  The round hits the soldier in the chest, dropping his weapon, and holding his wound.
  182.         Schneider       "On the ground now!
  183.         TheResilientGM  Meanwhile, from the APC pours out a friendly squad, one of the men, however, is unlike any soldier you've seen on this front.
  184.         Gru_Persay      aims his gun at the soldier.
  185.         Artem_Gusarov   "Oh, Emperor preserve us."
  186.         Artem_Gusarov   "Stormtroopers. Here to take all the glory, presumably."
  187.         Artem_Gusarov   "At least they have experience."
  188.         TheResilientGM  Vikk returns to Yonova. "Medicae staff secured"
  189.         TheResilientGM  Inside the tower, the two soldiers lay face-flat on the floor, in surrender.
  190.         Gru_Persay      kick the gun away.
  191.         Schneider       searches the room for anything important
  192.         TheResilientGM  A small dataslate falls from inside the prayer book.
  193.         Gru_Persay      "Let me take a look at that."
  194.         Schneider       "Go ahead"
  195.         Kass_Yonova     looks through the medical supplies and notes the amount, though quite large are somewhat sub-par compared to your own regiment's supplies. "Better to have more than needed than less." He takes as many extra vials and bottles of various drugs as he thinks safe to carry. And meets back up with Vikk.
  196.         TheResilientGM  On the floor above you, you hear Vox chatter.
  197.         Artem_Gusarov   "Vox chatter above us."
  198.         |<--    Ibram_Patronius has left irc.thisisnotatrueending.com (Ping timeout)
  199.         Schneider       gets his longlas ready and moves up
  200.         TheResilientGM  Gru identifies the dataslate as having in it schematics of the HQ. It includes detailed information on the comms facility, including power source, and location of backups should the main comms station fail.
  201.         Gru_Persay      shoots the two men and leaves to find Mauler.
  202.         TheResilientGM  On the second floor, a protable vox has been left behind. Presumably it was used by the guards stationed there.
  203.         Schneider       "Wanna check it out Gru?"
  204.         Gru_Persay      heads to the medicate tent and shows Mauler the dataslate.
  205.         TheResilientGM  "By the Throne... we need to transmit this information to Company HQ."
  206.         Schneider       heads downstairs with the Vox. "Gru I gotchya a present!"
  207.         Victrus_Macharius       +Hows everything going right now in there?+
  208.         TheResilientGM  +Victrus, push that autocannon to cover the road up ahead. Keep watch+
  209.         Gru_Persay      "Is it another burnt datasla.... oh?"
  210.         Schneider       sets down the vox caster and heads back up the tower to keep watch.
  211.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Come. Here." *activates his Mechadendrite*
  212.         Victrus_Macharius       +copy that+ "Auther, Meat, help me move this over to the road"
  213.         TheResilientGM  "MASTER, YES" the servitor says, ignoring the heavy gunner.
  214.         Gru_Persay      "Should we listen in or contact HQ?"
  215.         TheResilientGM  "Transmit this information first and foremost."
  216.         Victrus_Macharius       and Arthur move the autocannon up to the road as meat walks off towards Gru's position
  217.         Gru_Persay      "Understood"
  218.         Victrus_Macharius       +Autocannon in position+
  219.         Gru_Persay      transmits the information to HQ and ends the message with 'Praise the God machine.'
  220.         TheResilientGM  It takes a few minutes, but a returning transmission confirms the information, adding, "Your objective remains. We will send squads to take out the secondary comms positions."
  221.         TheResilientGM  Mauler approaches Yonova and Vikk. "Your call, here" he says as he looks around the medicae tents.
  222.         TheResilientGM  "We've got to wrap it up here, so be quick about it."
  223.         Gru_Persay      "The objective hasn't changed. They are sending additional squads to take out the secondary positions."
  224.         TheResilientGM  "You heard it, Gru, lead the way."
  225.         Kass_Yonova     "The prisoners can be secured by the squad that just disembarked here, sir. They're unarmed medical personnel."
  226.         TheResilientGM  "I don't care what you do, Corporal, but you heard the cog-boy. We have an objective to complete" he says as he exits.
  227.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Stand." *attracts the Vox to Meat.*
  228.         TheResilientGM  "MEAT, UP"
  229.         TheResilientGM  The servitor stands... awkwardly.
  230.         Kass_Yonova     "Aye, sir." Kass exits the medicae center and approaches the newly arrived squad. "Who's in charge of this squad?"
  231.         TheResilientGM  Hector begins to get restless.
  232.         Gru_Persay      "Sergeant Mauler, keep the data stale. I have the information imprinted into memory."
  233.         TheResilientGM  "Then get us there as quick as we can."
  234.         Gru_Persay      +Gentlemen, let's go! We are wasting time+
  235.         TheResilientGM  "Corporal Pierov" a guardsman identifies himself to Kass.
  236.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Assist. Victrus."
  237.         Schneider       comes down from the tower. "Maybe there will be more shit to kill at the next one."
  238.         Victrus_Macharius       follows Gru, with the autocannon in tow
  239.         TheResilientGM  "MMMMmm--" the servitor approaches the gunner.
  240.         TheResilientGM  The servitor attempts to lift the autocannon.
  241.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. No. PUSH."
  242.         Kass_Yonova     nods at his fellow Prithian. "My squad is moving up to fulfill our main objective, we have secured some prisoners in the medicae center. Orders are for you to hold them here until they can be processed."
  243.         Victrus_Macharius       "um meat, it easyier if you just push it"
  244.         TheResilientGM  The servitor pushes.
  245.         TheResilientGM  "Only until reinforcements arrive, I'm affraid. We're on stand-by"
  246.         Kass_Yonova     "I understand. Take care Pierov." Kass grabs Vikk and catches up with the rest of the squad.
  247.         Artem_Gusarov   "Noise. Some sort of generator, maybe?"
  248.         Schneider       "Hector gimme the melta."
  249.         Victrus_Macharius       "yea, I hear it to"
  250.         Gru_Persay      "Most Definitely a generator."
  251.         TheResilientGM  As you get closer, you realize there's also the sound of drills and hammering.
  252.         Artem_Gusarov   "Some kind of manufactora?"
  253.         Schneider       readies his melta.
  254.         Gru_Persay      "Shall we disable it? It's powering the comms station and the brig."
  255.         Kass_Yonova     "Well orders are to disable enemy communications..."
  256.         TheResilientGM  You reach the opening on the side of the road. If the schematics are correct, the generator should be on the next corner.
  257.         Schneider       "Should I hit it?"
  258.         Gru_Persay      "Around the corner. Up that path. We should be able to see it."
  259.         Gru_Persay      "There's building behind the generator from our position."
  260.         TheResilientGM  "Everyone, on point." calls the sergeant.
  261.         Gru_Persay      "Letting you know it's an open area with no cover."
  262.         TheResilientGM  He makes the turn on the corner, and motions you to follow.
  263.         Artem_Gusarov   follows
  264.         Victrus_Macharius       follows
  265.         Kass_Yonova     keeps his lasgun shouldered as he advances.
  266.         TheResilientGM  There appears to be a pair of technicians attempting to make repairs on the generator.
  267.         Schneider       follows along
  268.         TheResilientGM  +Fire and advance+
  269.         Schneider       +Melta or las Sir?+
  270.         TheResilientGM  Behind the generator, on the building, is a comms tower.
  271.         Victrus_Macharius       pulls out lasgun
  272.         Gru_Persay      "Disgusting creatures. Defiling a blessing."
  273.         TheResilientGM  The squad opens up on the enemy pair as they advance. The men collapse, immediately followed by a melta blast which destroys the generator.
  274.         TheResilientGM  The tower on the building ahead, is disabled... no longer usable. Neither by the enemy... nor by you.
  275.         Kass_Yonova     "Uhhhhh, Sarge?"
  276.         TheResilientGM  "Find us another tower, Tech-priest..."
  277.         Artem_Gusarov   "Emperor damn it, Schneider."
  278.         Gru_Persay      "... Schneider. You destroyed a blessing...."
  280.         Victrus_Macharius       "dam it"
  281.         Schneider       shrugs. "I thought we were supposed to disrupt communications so I am?"
  282.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant double-times it towards Schneider. "You keep the thinking to others, private. Melta fire only on my order, is that clear?"
  283.         Gru_Persay      "There's a tower in the Vehicle depo . South of the road then towards the east."
  284.         Schneider       "Yes SIr."
  285.         TheResilientGM  "Everyone, double-time. Leave the autocannon behind."
  286.         Schneider       nods and shoulders his melta and pulls out his longlas.
  287.         Gru_Persay      leads the path towards the next tower.
  288.         Kass_Yonova     "Aye sir." Kass follows at a run.
  289.         Victrus_Macharius       takes what ammo that is left from the autocannon and leaves it behind
  290.         TheResilientGM  As you cross the road, you spot to the far east end, an entire platoon running north.
  291.         TheResilientGM  "Seems they're tightening the defense" Hector comments.
  292.         TheResilientGM  "Or trying to outmaneuver our advance..." replies Mauler.
  293.         Kass_Yonova     "We'll see soon enough."
  294.         TheResilientGM  As you follow the road, you spot the comms antennae atop a roof. Outside lay parked transports waiting for service.
  295.         Victrus_Macharius       "think they got a tank up at that vehicle depo?"
  296.         TheResilientGM  The Stalker is able to spot the figures of 2 at-work technicians on the first floor of the depot, and a mass of 4 others on the second floor.
  297.         Artem_Gusarov   "More technicians. Two on the first floor, four on the second."
  298.         Gru_Persay      "There's a personnel entrance leading toward the 2nd floor where the comms station is. The main gate leads towards the 1ft floor for the vehicles. The Generator is past the depo towards the south. Exact location is unknown."
  299.         TheResilientGM  "Schneider and Gusarov, take the two on the first floor, everyone else, haul ass to the entrance and prepare to clear out the second floor."
  300.         Kass_Yonova     "Aye sir, frags?"
  301.         Artem_Gusarov   goes prone and aims at one
  302.         Schneider       nods and takes aim at the guard.
  303.         TheResilientGM  "Negative. Keep the facility intact for the cogboy."
  304.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant runs directly for the entrance.
  305.         Victrus_Macharius       follows
  306.         Schneider       fires off a shot and drops on of the technicians.
  307.         Kass_Yonova     keeps pace with the sergeant.
  308.         Gru_Persay      follows and signals Meat to follow.
  309.         Artem_Gusarov   shoots and misses
  310.         Schneider       quickly fires at the target Artem missed
  311.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant readies laspistol and chainsword as he enters the entrance.
  312.         TheResilientGM  He whispers into the commbead +only lasfire... try not to damage the equipment+
  313.         TheResilientGM  He rushes up the steps, leading the squad.
  314.         Gru_Persay      +Anyone have a las pistol?+
  315.         Artem_Gusarov   gets up and draws his laspistol
  316.         Artem_Gusarov   "Only the one, sorry."
  317.         Kass_Yonova     keeps his lasgun in a ready-to-fire position as he follows the sergeant up.
  318.         Artem_Gusarov   runs to the steps
  319.         Victrus_Macharius       follows with lasgun at ready
  320.         TheResilientGM  As he bursts into the room, he digs his chainsword into the arm of one of the men standing in the room. "GET IN HERE!"
  321.         Schneider       follows behind the squad with his long las raised.
  322.         Victrus_Macharius       throws Gru the laspistol
  323.         Kass_Yonova     Kass fires at one of the technicians but misses, hitting the wall instead.
  324.         TheResilientGM  The techpriest tries to catch the pistol, but it hits him in the face, instead. It falls on the floor.
  325.         Gru_Persay      "01000110 01010101 01000011 01001011 00100001"
  326.         Victrus_Macharius       hits one of the guys wounding them
  327.         Gru_Persay      ducks and grabs the pistol.
  328.         Kass_Yonova     Kass takes aim again, and is able to get two las bolts through another technician.
  329.         TheResilientGM  The last technician takes aim and fires at the sergeant, hitting him in the abdomen.
  330.         Victrus_Macharius       fires at the last technician and kills him
  331.         TheResilientGM  "Fecking rebels!... SHIT!"
  332.         TheResilientGM  the sergeant falls to the ground, and shoots his laspistol repeatedly at one of the dead enemy
  333.         Kass_Yonova     rushes over to the wounded NCO. "Easy Sarge, lemme have a look at that. Take it easy."
  334.         Gru_Persay      "Medic!"
  335.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk! Get over here!"
  336.         TheResilientGM  "Shit! ON my way!" calls Vikk as he comes up.
  337.         TheResilientGM  He lays down the medicae equipment.
  338.         TheResilientGM  "No time to lose... shit... Cog-boy, scramble for the enemy Company's frequency."
  339.         Gru_Persay      heads towards comms console and uses it.
  340.         Kass_Yonova     Using the narthecium and medikit, Kass quickly cleans and bandages the wound with some synth-skin and bandages. "That'll leave a nasty burn-scar, sarge, but you should be fine. Though I'd get it checked out when we get back to our lines."
  341.         TheResilientGM  "Thanks..." the sergeant tries to get up.
  342.         Victrus_Macharius       goes to check on the wounded technician he shot moments ago
  343.         TheResilientGM  "Techpriest. Give them false coordinates."
  344.         Victrus_Macharius       "This guy is still alive."
  345.         Gru_Persay      scans the enemy frequency and transmits false information towards enemy lines.
  346.         TheResilientGM  "Now lock up their comms."
  347.         Gru_Persay      attempts to lock the comms.
  348.         TheResilientGM  Suddenly, the artillery batteries all fall silent.
  349.         Artem_Gusarov   "I think they realized we've taken over."
  350.         Artem_Gusarov   "We should probably skedaddle the fuck out of here."
  351.         TheResilientGM  As they adjust, you can suddenly hear the assault all around you.
  352.         Kass_Yonova     "Either way that can't be a good sign."
  353.         Victrus_Macharius       "Fuck, I hope not"
  354.         TheResilientGM  The batteries open up once more...
  355.         Artem_Gusarov   "Fuck!"
  356.         TheResilientGM  this is then followed by...
  357.         TheResilientGM  cheering.
  358.         TheResilientGM  You realize Prithians have pushed forward. They seem to be celebrating whatever behavior they observe in the enemy guns.
  359.         Gru_Persay      "When uttering the incantation, mark well that the rod is upon and not within the intake...."
  360.         TheResilientGM  "Tap into our own comms now" the sergeant commands.
  361.         Artem_Gusarov   "I... what the fuck is wrong with your regiment?"
  362.         Gru_Persay      connects to friendly comms.
  363.         Kass_Yonova     shrugs.
  364.         TheResilientGM  +... into the sea. All units procees with advance.+
  365.         Victrus_Macharius       "Your guess is as good as mine."
  366.         Gru_Persay      switches to speaker mode.
  367.         TheResilientGM  +Repeat, enemy is firing directly into the sea. All units proceed with advance.+
  368.         Victrus_Macharius       lets out a sigh of relief
  369.         Gru_Persay      "Sign off?"
  370.         TheResilientGM  Before the enemy can realize the mistake, and correct their coordinates, the compound is overrun.
  371.         TheResilientGM  One by one, you can hear the batteries silenced by Imperial troops.
  372.         Artem_Gusarov   "Wait, was that you?"
  373.         Kass_Yonova     "Seems some in our regiment aren't all that crazy, stalker."
  374.         TheResilientGM  Outside, you hear the panicked shouts of the routing enemy, trying to find refuge where they can.
  375.         Gru_Persay      "It was the God Machine's will."
  376.         Schneider       'Should we clear them out Sarge?"
  377.         Artem_Gusarov   "Not bad."
  378.         Artem_Gusarov   casually kills the downed man and gives Gru his looted laspistol
  379.         Artem_Gusarov   "There you go, slightly used."
  380.         Gru_Persay      "Thanks."
  381.         TheResilientGM  Finally, the transmission comes in. +Prithian Objectives complete. 2nd and 3rd Companies, mission complete. Return to forward base. Vonayan assets to report to Colonel Stieglitz and prepare for redeployment.+
  382.         Victrus_Macharius       "Gru, you still have my laspistol?"
  383.         Gru_Persay      "It's somewhere on the floor."
  384.         Victrus_Macharius       "Ok then I think I see it"
  385.         Kass_Yonova     "Well, glad that's over. You heading back to your unit then, Artem?"
  386.         Victrus_Macharius       picks up laspistol
  387.         TheResilientGM  As you find your way back to a transport, you hear that the enemy Captain was captured hiding in a medicae center. Once you return to the destroyed comms facility --site of the dreaded friendly-fire incident-- you see the Vonayans in full force, rallying up.
  388.         Artem_Gusarov   "Yeah. Don't think our regiments will be cooperating much, for obvious reasons."
  389.         TheResilientGM  Your operator stops the transport. +We got a Vonayan on board?+
  390.         Artem_Gusarov   "So I guess this is farewell, then. You guys did pretty good, for greens."
  391.         Schneider       "Ya didn't like our times together Artem?"
  392.         Kass_Yonova     "Take care of yourself Artem. You stalkers are an alright bunch."
  393.         Artem_Gusarov   "No, you guys were fine. Very competent, unlike your COs. I like that."
  394.         Gru_Persay      "Meat will miss you."
  395.         Victrus_Macharius       "Good luck Artem"
  396.         Artem_Gusarov   "Try not to let them fuck you over too much. You got a cogboy, ask him to cause 'malfunctions' if you have to."
  397.         TheResilientGM  Meat unnveringly stares at the Vonayan.
  398.         Kass_Yonova     "We'll keep that in mind."
  399.         TheResilientGM  "You're an indisciplined, rabble-like group, all of you." comments the sergeant
  400.         TheResilientGM  "But Emperor knows that if it weren't for the intel you gathered, we'll be all dead."
  401.         Artem_Gusarov   "Won't deny the undisciplined part, but we know our business. Later, guys. Try to stay alive for another campaign or two."
  402.         Artem_Gusarov   tosses Kass a small puch and walks off
  403.         Artem_Gusarov   pouc*
  404.         Artem_Gusarov   pouch*
  405.         Artem_Gusarov   It is full of rusty bolts
  406.         Artem_Gusarov   walks off into the sunset before they can ask what the fuck happened
  407.         TheResilientGM  "Vonayan currency, no doubt..."
  408.         Kass_Yonova     Kass graps the pouch out of the air, and looks inside. "Thanks?"
  409.         Gru_Persay      "Meat has something to much on."
  410.         |<--    Artem_Gusarov has left irc.thisisnotatrueending.com (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  411.         Kass_Yonova     pockets the bag of rusty bolts. "Souvenirs!"
  412.         TheResilientGM  The Vonayan disembarked, the transport continues.
  413.         TheResilientGM  As you arrive back at base, you realize it no longer is controlled by the Prithian companies. The skies are as busy as you've ever seen them.
  414.         TheResilientGM  The Aeronautica Imperialis has been ceded the archipelago as an operations base. No doubt, they'll remember your sacrifice.
  415.         TheResilientGM  As you disembark, a Prithian Commissar approaches you.
  416.         Kass_Yonova     shoulders his lasgun and then salutes the Commissar as he approaches.
  417.         TheResilientGM  Sergeant Mauler calls, "SQUAD AT ATTENTION!"
  418.         Victrus_Macharius       stands at attention
  419.         TheResilientGM  Vikk, and Hector both snap into line and salute.
  420.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Stand."
  421.         Victrus_Macharius       salutes to the Commissar
  422.         TheResilientGM  The servitor keeps walking... aimlessly forward.
  423.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Stop."
  424.         TheResilientGM  "MASTER, YES"
  425.         TheResilientGM  The servitor collapses.
  426.         Schneider       salutes the commissar.
  427.         TheResilientGM  "You're Schoenfeld's men?"
  428.         TheResilientGM  "Yes, my lord" answers Mauler
  429.         TheResilientGM  "Then you'll finish up your Colonel's work before you leave. Come with me."
  430.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant stretches his tunic sligthly, and fixes his hair.
  431.         TheResilientGM  "Squad, left face! Forward March!"
  432.         Schneider       stands straight and marches.
  433.         Kass_Yonova     starts marching.
  434.         TheResilientGM  The Commissar takes you behind the prefab building familiar to Yonova... that used by the Prithians as a brig.
  435.         Victrus_Macharius       starts martching
  436.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Get. UP."
  437.         Gru_Persay      follows behind the squad.
  438.         TheResilientGM  The servitor fails to get up. It rolls towards his master instead.
  439.         TheResilientGM  As you approach the read of the building, a prisoner is brought forward.
  440.         TheResilientGM  He is allowed dress-uniform.
  441.         TheResilientGM  Another follows. He is not given the priveledge of the first... you recognize him as your former Lieutenant.
  442.         TheResilientGM  Storm troopers line them both up against the wall.
  443.         Kass_Yonova     "May the Emperor have mercy upon our fellow Prithians..."
  444.         TheResilientGM  Without a word being said, the sergeant knows exactly what his orders are.
  445.         TheResilientGM  "Squad, in single-file... HALT!"
  446.         TheResilientGM  He positions you parallel to the squad.
  447.         TheResilientGM  "Left face!"
  448.         Kass_Yonova     halts and turns left.
  449.         Schneider       follows Kass
  450.         Victrus_Macharius       halts and turns left
  451.         TheResilientGM  "Ready lasguns!"
  452.         TheResilientGM  The sergeant unholsters his chainsword.
  453.         Kass_Yonova     brings his lasgun to his shoulder, aiming it at the two prisoners.
  454.         Schneider       raises his lasgun
  455.         TheResilientGM  He looks at his squad, and reports, "Squad ready, my Lord!"
  456.         Victrus_Macharius       unholsters lasgun
  457.         TheResilientGM  "The good Captain shall be redeemed first" the Commissar calmly notes.
  458.         TheResilientGM  "On my command!"
  459.         TheResilientGM  "FIRE!"
  460.         Kass_Yonova     fires his lasgun, not staring directly at the man he's executing.
  461.         Schneider       fires
  462.         Victrus_Macharius       takes aim and fires while trying not to look into the man's eye
  463.         TheResilientGM  Your comrades follow. The body of the Captain in his Prithian blues slumps over and falls unceremoniously.
  464.         TheResilientGM  "Take aim!"
  465.         Gru_Persay      "Even though you called him friend, the Traitor has forsaken you. Show no mercy even if he begs it, for his soul is tainted and given the opportunity he will betray your trust."
  466.         Schneider       aims
  467.         Victrus_Macharius       aims
  468.         TheResilientGM  "Fire!"
  469.         Victrus_Macharius       fires at the other man
  470.         Kass_Yonova     fires again.
  471.         TheResilientGM  "Dismissed, Sergeant." nods the Commissar, and walks away.
  472.         TheResilientGM  "What the hell was that..." Mauler says to himself.
  473.         Kass_Yonova     "You mean the execution, Sarge?"
  474.         TheResilientGM  "Officers? This early in a campaign? Can't say I've heard of it in a Prithian regiment, is all."
  475.         Victrus_Macharius       "Why were we pick to execute them?" Victus says to Mauler
  476.         TheResilientGM  "I have more questions than answers, Private."
  477.         Kass_Yonova     "Well, sir, let's just say they deserved it."
  478.         TheResilientGM  "I'm sure of it, Corporal."
  479.         TheResilientGM  "Set up in the Prithian quarter of the Aeronautica base until we're sent out again. Dismissed."
  480.         Kass_Yonova     Kass salutes before moving off.
  481.         Victrus_Macharius       salutes and head off to the lounge to gets some R&R
  482.         Victrus_Macharius       before heading to the quarter master to gather up any needed supplies
  483.         Gru_Persay      goes into the Quartermaster's tent.
  484.         Kass_Yonova     Kass spends his down time helping CMO Feldmann with the wounded, as he promised he would.
  485.         Gru_Persay      approaches the QM and says "Hello."
  486.         TheResilientGM  "Tech-priests... whole lot of you now that the machines have made planet-fall."
  487.         Victrus_Macharius       heads to the quatermaster tent and ends up behind Gru
  488.         TheResilientGM  "What do you need?
  489.         Gru_Persay      "I require some Frag and Krak grenades. In addition, I need some ammo for my autogun, pistol, and shotgun."
  490.         Victrus_Macharius       heads to the mess hall to get something to eat before returning
  491.         TheResilientGM  "Take what you need, Techpriest.
  492.         Gru_Persay      takes 3 clips of ammo for each weapon and grenade type.
  493.         Gru_Persay      "Thank you."
  494.         Gru_Persay      leaves the QM.
  495.         TheResilientGM  The day finally arrives. Prithian elements are to be sent to 3rd Division's HQ on Fallwin Island. You are all rounded up, and prepared for an assembly prior to boarding your transports. In it, your squad is honored with the Cannonade Breachman's Medal, and recognized by 2nd and 3rd Companies for your service in leading the infantry assault on the artillery positions and comms centers of the
  496.         TheResilientGM  enemy HQ. You are also credited, having jammed the enemy communications for as long as you did, for disrupting the enemy Captain's attempted escape.
  497.         TheResilientGM  You are finally rounded up and transported off the Archipelago.
  498.         TheResilientGM  Upon arrival, you see a formidable emplacement. The HQ appears to be indestructable. You are quickly processed, and your merits recognized, resulting in reassigned roles on your service chits.
  499.         Schneider       looks slightly strange without the bulbous flamer tank strapped to his back.
  500.         TheResilientGM  You are finally given an assigned quarters, specifically for your squad. The Quartermaster has delivered your new equipment directly there, placed under guard until your arrival.
  501.         Victrus_Macharius       "So Schneider, no more Flamer then?"
  502.         TheResilientGM  "Please stop saying that..." Hector begs
  503.         Schneider       "Nope Hector and I are Jaegers now" He smiles widely.
  504.         Kass_Yonova     "Poor Hector, he must hate it."
  505.         TheResilientGM  As you get acquainted with your new home, you are approached by a squad of stormtroopers escorting a member of the Colonel's staff.
  506.         Victrus_Macharius       "I do missing that autocannon, but now I got this Bolter here. I think its going to make thing interesting."
  507.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Follow."
  508.         TheResilientGM  "Gentlemen, if you would please join us in the Command Bunker."
  509.         Kass_Yonova     snaps off a salute, "Aye, sir."
  510.         Victrus_Macharius       salutes, "Yes Sir" and follows
  511.         Schneider       salutes and follows.
  512.         TheResilientGM  Once inside, you realize it's more than a bunker. It's a rather large reinforced compound. You realize it's more heavily staffed than even Stieglitz's.
  513.         TheResilientGM  On one end of the compound, you spot Colonel Schoenfeld. He is surrounded by his many advisors, including one particularly odd fellow who approaches you as soon as he sees you.
  514.         TheResilientGM  "Men, this is Preceptor-Savant Lumis" the escorting staff member informs you.
  515.         TheResilientGM  The man's slim figure takes a slow bow.
  516.         Kass_Yonova     sets his jaw, and salutes the man.
  517.         TheResilientGM  "There have been reports that require the delicate attention of those more in-touch with the blessings of the Emperor" he begins.
  518.         Kass_Yonova     "That would be us, sir?"
  519.         TheResilientGM  "The vigilance of the Imperial Guard, I am affraid, is not enough. As such, I will ask that you provide aid to our good Colonel in this matter, and take with you my apprentice" as soon as he finishes the sentence, a man in a large tunic, covered in runes, enters your room.
  520.         TheResilientGM  "Brave guardsmen, I present to you, Animus."
  521.         Animus  "Hello Friends" he says with a smile and a bow
  522.         TheResilientGM  "Uhh" Hector struggles to keep his mouth shut
  523.         Victrus_Macharius       says to self "Dear Emperor"
  524.         Schneider       "The fuck"
  525.         Animus  "nice weather huh?"
  526.         Gru_Persay      "My circuits... they burn."
  527.         TheResilientGM  Storm troopers elbow Schneider on his side.
  528.         TheResilientGM  "Mind your tongue, trooper."
  529.         Kass_Yonova     "Right, well, welcome to the squad..." Kass looks at Vikk for a moment.
  530.         Schneider       gives the storm trooper a glace as if the guy is insane.
  531.         TheResilientGM  Vikk seems unable to look away... he doesn't blink, eyes darting back and forth between the psykers.
  532.         Animus  looks at Schneidar and smiles
  533.         Kass_Yonova     "With all due respect sir, is this a good idea?"
  534.         Schneider       looks at the psyker and scratches the stubble on his neck.
  535.         TheResilientGM  Lumis stares at Yonova, clearly annoyed.
  536.         TheResilientGM  The Colonel joins you, then, breaking the tension slightly.
  537.         Kass_Yonova     "M'lord." Kass goes instantly to attention.
  538.         TheResilientGM  "I'm sure your varied skills will complement eachother well on the battlefield."
  539.         Victrus_Macharius       swallows
  540.         Victrus_Macharius       his own words
  541.         TheResilientGM  Hector and Vikk snap at attention.
  542.         Kass_Yonova     "Uh, of course, sir." Kass fidgets a bit. Can't go against the Colonel.
  543.         Schneider       "Uh well there's a reason why you're in charge Sir so I won't question it."
  544.         TheResilientGM  "No. You won't." The Colonel sternly repeats.
  545.         Animus  continues to smile awkwardly at everyone before him
  546.         TheResilientGM  "Now, Animus, you are to be quartered with your new squad. We will have aides help set you up."
  547.         Animus  'Sounds wonderful"
  548.         Gru_Persay      "I believe I felt a cold chill down my spine. This is odd concerning I no longer have flesh."
  549.         Animus  "why do you feel this shiver friend?"
  550.         Victrus_Macharius       thinks to himself, man this guy got a creepy smile
  551.         Schneider       mumbles to Hector "Well this is going to be fun."
  552.         TheResilientGM  "Let me be clear," the Colonel says, "you WILL function as a unit. And you most certainly will not disappoint me. I will hear no more protests or reservations. Dismissed."
  553.         Schneider       salutes "Yes Sir!"
  554.         Victrus_Macharius       salutes
  555.         Animus  salutes
  556.         Gru_Persay      "I have no choice. This is the will of the Machine God."
  557.         Kass_Yonova     salutes, about-faces sharply, and exits the compound, heading back to his quarters.
  558.         TheResilientGM  As you find your way back to your quarters you spot a trooper laying on one of the bunks.
  559.         TheResilientGM  He gets up, and lays on another.
  560.         TheResilientGM  He's about to do this once more, before he notices your presence and stops.
  561.         Kass_Yonova     "Excuse me, what are you doing in our quarters? Who even are you, trooper? State your name and rank."
  562.         TheResilientGM  The trooper stops nervously and salutes.
  563.         Schneider       "The hell are you doing on my bed?"
  564.         TheResilientGM  "Sir! Private Koeln! Reporting for duty!"
  565.         Animus  "hello friend"
  566.         TheResilientGM  "I am to open fire on the mutant upon sign of daemonic possession, Sir!"
  567.         TheResilientGM  "Colonel's Order's, Sir!"
  568.         Schneider       "Well then make yourself at home!"
  569.         Animus  extends hands to the private"
  570.         Kass_Yonova     "Ah, you're his minder. Well have fun trooper, he's your responsibility."
  571.         TheResilientGM  "Y-yes, sir."
  572.         Animus  continues to extend hand for handshake
  573.         Schneider       turns to Gru, "Ya wanna do me a favor buddy?"
  574.         TheResilientGM  "Mind the distance, daemon!"
  575.         Gru_Persay      "Sure."
  576.         TheResilientGM  Vikk stares at the newcomer.
  577.         Animus  smiles and lowers hand
  578.         TheResilientGM  "I mean... I'm sorry."
  579.         Animus  "off to a great start."
  580.         Animus  walks over to corner and sits down
  581.         Kass_Yonova     "No offense, but your kind aren't exactly welcome, but orders are orders. Just don't do anything funny and we'll all be happy, I hope."
  582.         Schneider       "I need you to upgrade my new long las Gru, if you'd be so kind."
  583.         Gru_Persay      "What upgrades do you require?"
  584.         Animus  pays no mind to Kass
  585.         Kass_Yonova     shakes Vikk by the shoulder. "Stop staring at him, Vikk, it's bad for your eyes. See to the medical gear, I hope it's all here this time."
  586.         TheResilientGM  Inside the quarters, on the far end, has been placed a working station with the Adeptus Mechanicus emblem. A note is left, "gifts for Enginseer-Prime Gru".
  587.         Victrus_Macharius       heads over to his bed and lies down
  588.         Gru_Persay      opens the gift.
  589.         Schneider       gets out his long las. "Well it could use a longer barrel for more range, modify the stock and make a custom grip so it fits the hand better."
  590.         Schneider       "Oh and improve the trigger how could I forget!"
  591.         Animus  goes to quartermaster and requests some form of bedding
  592.         TheResilientGM  The guards refuse to let him in to see the quartermaster.
  593.         Animus  returns to the quarters
  594.         Schneider       "If you need me I'll be at the quartermasters."
  595.         Schneider       leaves and heads out to the quartermaster."
  596.         Gru_Persay      activates Mechadendrite and commands Meat to assist.
  597.         TheResilientGM  "Name, rank, assigned Company," the quartermaster unceremoniously demands.
  598.         Schneider       "Trooper Schneider 3rd Company Sir."
  599.         TheResilientGM  "Mhmmm..." he looks through a console.
  600.         Gru_Persay      begins upgrade on the Long Las.
  601.         TheResilientGM  "New arrivals at Division HQ?"
  602.         TheResilientGM  "Ah, yes... there you are. Brand new entry. What is it I can help you with?"
  603.         Victrus_Macharius       gets up from his bed and opens up the tent flaps to air out the smoke Gru is producing
  604.         Schneider       "I'm lookin for a laser sight. Got any of those?"
  605.         TheResilientGM  "None I can afford you, I'm afraid" he shakes his head.
  606.         Victrus_Macharius       leaves the tent to go to the QM
  607.         Schneider       "Damn, oh well maybe next time."
  608.         Schneider       leaves the QM
  609.         Victrus_Macharius       arrives at the QM
  610.         Victrus_Macharius       "hello"
  611.         TheResilientGM  "Name, rank, assigned Company..."
  612.         Victrus_Macharius       Victrus Macharius, Private, 3rd Company
  613.         Victrus_Macharius       "Victrus Macharius, Private, 3rd Company"
  614.         TheResilientGM  "Uh-huh..."
  615.         TheResilientGM  he looks through his console once more.
  616.         TheResilientGM  "And what is it I can help you with?"
  617.         Victrus_Macharius       "I need a weapon grip and also a fan"
  618.         TheResilientGM  "Weapon grip... well, what sort?"
  619.         Victrus_Macharius       "I mean I need a block of Polymer"
  620.         Gru_Persay      "In ancient times, men built wonders, laid claim to the stars and sought to better themselves for the good of all. But we are much wiser now."
  621.         TheResilientGM  "Oh, a craftsman, are you?"
  622.         Victrus_Macharius       "not really, our Tech Priest is needs it to create a custom grip"
  623.         TheResilientGM  The man walks out back, "Techpriest? Interesting..." he comes back with a block of polymer.
  624.         Victrus_Macharius       "yep"
  625.         TheResilientGM  "As for a fan..."
  626.         TheResilientGM  he fills out a requisition form, and adds his seal. He hands you the parchment.
  627.         Gru_Persay      starts polishing the weapon.
  628.         TheResilientGM  "Take this to the weapon's depot. They'll give you something."
  629.         Victrus_Macharius       takes parchment
  630.         Victrus_Macharius       "Thank you, have a good day sir"
  631.         TheResilientGM  The man nods.
  632.         Victrus_Macharius       heads off to the weapon's depot
  633.         TheResilientGM  The quartermaster eyes you oddly,
  634.         TheResilientGM  "Weren't you just here?"
  635.         TheResilientGM  "Listen, you've had your share. Unless you come in with a mission gear requisition form, you'd best stop wasting my time."
  636.         Victrus_Macharius       "oh shit. Um. Bye"
  637.         Victrus_Macharius       walk out as fast as possible to the vehicle depot
  638.         Schneider       returns to the squad. "Gru how's it going did you finish it?"
  639.         Victrus_Macharius       arrives at the vehicle depot, "hello, anyone here?"
  640.         Gru_Persay      whispers to the weapon "Toll the Great Bell Once! Pull the Lever forward to engage the...."
  641.         Gru_Persay      "Oh? Yea, it's finished."
  642.         Gru_Persay      gently hands Schneider the weapon.
  643.         Schneider       looks at it closely. "Nice nice! Good work buddy!"
  644.         Schneider       slaps Gru on the back.
  645.         Gru_Persay      "Use this Omnissiah's blessing well."
  646.         Schneider       "Oh I will."
  647.         Victrus_Macharius       looks around the vehicle depot for anyone
  648.         TheResilientGM  "Can I help you?" a man dressed in the tunic of a Prithian Tank Commander asks.
  649.         Victrus_Macharius       "Hello, I was told by the Quarter Master to come here and to bring this to someone here" pulls out the parchment
  650.         TheResilientGM  "I'll have a look at that" he approaches.
  651.         Kass_Yonova     has been lying in his bunk, reading a worn out adventure novel he's borrowing from the CMO.
  652.         Victrus_Macharius       hands him the Parchment
  653.         TheResilientGM  "Sir..." private Koel interrupts the medic.
  654.         TheResilientGM  "Sir, which bunk may I take?"
  655.         TheResilientGM  The Commander looks over the parchment, slightly confused. "Fan?"
  656.         Kass_Yonova     looks at the trooper. "Any that is available. I'm curious though, why were you lying in each bed before we came back? They're all the same."
  657.         Victrus_Macharius       "yea we need one for our Tech Priest, when he has his Mechadendrite turned on, it begins to produces lots of smoke"
  658.         TheResilientGM  "Erm... you can use this. It's powerful, though. You may want to build it a shield."
  659.         TheResilientGM  He points to one of the ventilator ducts in the warehouse.
  660.         Victrus_Macharius       "well we will improvise then, Thanks"
  661.         Victrus_Macharius       heads over and grabs on of the Ventilator duct and heads back to the barracks
  662.         Victrus_Macharius       returns to the barracks, "Hey Gru, I got a block of Polymer so that you can make a custom grip for my bolter if you can, and this Ventilator Duct"
  663.         TheResilientGM  "Ventilator Duct..." Hector comments
  664.         Gru_Persay      "That was a lot of infor....A Vent Duct?"
  665.         Schneider       "Looks like our venting problems are solved and it won't get hot in here!"
  666.         Gru_Persay      "What's the vent duct for?"
  667.         TheResilientGM  "Doesn't look safe," Vikk calls from his bunk.
  668.         Victrus_Macharius       "yep, though you are going to have to make some sort of shield to it doesn't kill some one or take off Meat's head or something"
  669.         Schneider       "So we can breath while you release all that gas."
  670.         Animus  pushes into the mind of the creature, and remembering earlier comments sends the thing straight for schneiders nuts
  671.         Gru_Persay      "Might as well head to the scrapyard and find something to use as a shield." Gru heads to the Vehicle Depo.
  672.         TheResilientGM  Schneider is able to spot the incoming mammal, but not before it climbs on his foot.
  673.         Schneider       throws his knife at the offending animal impaling it to the ground. "Hey look Hector we have dinner tonight!"
  674.         Victrus_Macharius       places the Vent Duct by the Work Station and the block of Polymer on the Station
  675.         Animus  walks over to gru and asks if he could be of assistance
  676.         TheResilientGM  "Oh? Hey, nice!" he excitedly comments
  677.         Gru_Persay      arrives at the Vehicle depo.
  678.         Kass_Yonova     "Is the mess hall not good enough for you, Schneider?"
  679.         Schneider       turns to Animus holding up the dead creature. "Dinner!"
  680.         Victrus_Macharius       goes back to laying on his bed till Gru comes back
  681.         Animus  smiles " good kill friend!"
  682.         Schneider       "Mess hall food gets boring after a while. Plus Hector is a pretty good cook."
  683.         Schneider       "Isn't that right?"
  684.         TheResilientGM  Upon arrival, the Tank Commander stops Gru.
  685.         Kass_Yonova     "Can't say I'd want to test that." He finishes before going back to his book.
  686.         Gru_Persay      "Hello."
  687.         TheResilientGM  "Look, you already sent enough techpriests today. Enough of the rituals."
  688.         Gru_Persay      "I'm just looking for some scrap like a vehicle grill."
  689.         TheResilientGM  "Oh..." he looks back.
  690.         TheResilientGM  "Look back there. Help yourself," he points.
  691.         Gru_Persay      "Thank you."
  692.         Gru_Persay      grabs the share grill and heads back.
  693.         TheResilientGM  Meat is rubbing his face on the work station.
  694.         Gru_Persay      heads to his work station and begins to modifies the Vent.
  695.         TheResilientGM  "MMMeeeeaaaattt"
  696.         Schneider       "I'll go get some firewood you skin that thing."
  697.         Animus  walks over to gru
  698.         Animus  "need a hand friend?"
  699.         Gru_Persay      "Sure."
  700.         Animus  "how may i be useful?"
  701.         Gru_Persay      points to his tools.
  702.         TheResilientGM  Hector brings out his Prithian huntman's knife. "Will do, Otto."
  703.         Gru_Persay      "Hand me those when I call for them."
  704.         Animus  brings the tools in a swirling mass around the tech priest, bringing them within a second of his command
  705.         TheResilientGM  You can hear, from several kilometers away. The all-too-familiar sound of artillery batteries opening up.
  706.         Kass_Yonova     sits up quickly. "Oh feck. WE GOT INCOMING!"
  707.         Schneider       "Son of a bitch!"
  708.         Kass_Yonova     "Find cover, now!"
  709.         Victrus_Macharius       sits up "Shit, what is it"
  710.         Animus  releases his concentration and lowers the tools
  711.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Sit."
  712.         Kass_Yonova     rolls off the bed and goes prone.
  713.         TheResilientGM  Koeln jumps up. "No, no! It's okay! Calm down!"
  714.         Kass_Yonova     "Something you wanna tell us, Trooper?"
  715.         Victrus_Macharius       drops to the floor to take cover
  716.         Schneider       grabs Koeln and pulls him down. "Get down ya idiot."
  717.         TheResilientGM  "Colonel has artillery open up every evening. He's hammering enemy positions as they return from their patrols."
  718.         Gru_Persay      "Thank you, Animus. I can finish it from here."
  719.         Animus  "anytime, nice to be able to practice."
  720.         TheResilientGM  "I know you've... had experiences with artillery, but we're safe here. Friendly guns!" he giggles nervously.
  721.         Animus  smiles awkwardly at him
  722.         Kass_Yonova     "Well shite, I wish someone had told us that." Kass gets up and dusts off his tunic.
  723.         Gru_Persay      "Try being blasted by friendly Valkyries then say that."
  724.         TheResilientGM  "You... you were there?!" his eyes open wide.
  725.         Schneider       pulls Koeln up by his collar."
  726.         TheResilientGM  "The friendly fire incident?"
  727.         Kass_Yonova     "Literally. Some of the men under my command went deaf."
  728.         Victrus_Macharius       "Same" Victrus says as he gets up from the floor
  729.         Kass_Yonova     "The blast was so large some of us learned what it was like to fly...unfortunately."
  730.         Schneider       "You're gonna see some shit man."
  731.         Kass_Yonova     "Isn't that right, Vikk?"
  732.         Gru_Persay      "Meat lost his face and a part of his arm."
  733.         TheResilientGM  "Oh..." his eyes dart back and forth between you.
  734.         Schneider       "Don't forget that mortar platoon I took out single handedly!"
  735.         TheResilientGM  "It's ugly business boy" Vikk adds.
  736.         Animus  "what incident?"
  737.         TheResilientGM  "Really? How?!" he excitedly asks Schneider.
  738.         Gru_Persay      "Tell him about the trial and execution."
  739.         Schneider       "I shot a mortar and PAEKOWWWW!"
  740.         TheResilientGM  "Boom!" he echoes in excitement.
  741.         Gru_Persay      finishes the vent modification.
  742.         TheResilientGM  "Wow... can't wait to get in the front..." he reflects, betraying his lack of experience.
  743.         Gru_Persay      "What's this polymer being on my station?"
  744.         Victrus_Macharius       looks over to Gru, "seems like you got it fnished"
  745.         Kass_Yonova     looks at the Psyker. "Let's just say an officer got real uppity and decided to call in Air-support danger close. We lost men to that. The officer was executed for it."
  746.         Animus  looks to the kid " war is no party"
  747.         Animus  "Emperors justice"
  748.         Gru_Persay      "Yea". He heads Victrus and fan.
  749.         Schneider       "The hell it is! Hector and I have been having a blast since we've been here."
  750.         Victrus_Macharius       "Gru I need you to make a custom handle for my bolter, if you can out of that block of polymer"
  751.         Gru_Persay      "I'll see what I can do."
  752.         Victrus_Macharius       hands Gru the bolter and takes the fan and places it so that it will air out the tent
  753.         Animus  "need help again friend?"
  754.         TheResilientGM  "Well, I... if I can say, I mean..." he looks for the right words. "I'm glad to be assigned to people with that experience."
  755.         Gru_Persay      "Sure."
  756.         Victrus_Macharius       plugs in the fan and turns it on
  757.         TheResilientGM  It spins slowly, at first.
  758.         Animus  resumes levitating the tools
  759.         Gru_Persay      , MEAT, and Animus begin working on the Bolter modification.
  760.         TheResilientGM  Then it suddenly springs to life, the "industrial power" becoming suddenly clear, as it spins pushing enough air to knock it on its back.
  761.         Animus  "maybe we should make a shield for it."
  762.         Gru_Persay      "Set it on low, Genius."
  763.         Victrus_Macharius       "oh, thats what that knob is for then"
  764.         Gru_Persay      "There's a shield on it. Don't worry."
  765.         Schneider       comes back with a bundle of firewood,
  766.         Gru_Persay      finishes the weapon modification.
  767.         Victrus_Macharius       lifts up the fan and turns the knob down to the low setting
  768.         TheResilientGM  The fan settles down, pushing a subtle, and caressing breeze about the tent.
  769.         Gru_Persay      "Here's your Bolter."
  770.         TheResilientGM  "There we are. Clean as you'd like" Hector comments, observing his work. The mammal skinned in its totality.
  771.         Victrus_Macharius       "there we go, also thanks Gru and Animus"
  772.         Animus  "No problem friend."
  773.         Gru_Persay      "Keep the blessing safe."
  774.         Schneider       starts a fire outside the tent. "Well bring it over and let's get this thing cooked."
  775.         Kass_Yonova     "Try not to use that to piss off the Commissar." Kass comments as he continues to read.
  776.         TheResilientGM  Hector, smiling, brings the animal out, lip on his lips.
  777.         Gru_Persay      disables Utility Mechadendrite.
  778.         Victrus_Macharius       "Whats for dinner Schneider?"
  779.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Rest. Mode."
  780.         TheResilientGM  The servitor collapses.
  781.         Schneider       "Dead what ever this thing is! It's small so there's not enough for everyone."
  782.         Animus  stays inside, and lays on the floor
  783.         TheResilientGM  The artillery fire intensifies for a moment.
  784.         Victrus_Macharius       "I'm going to go to the mess hall to get food, anyone what to join me?"
  785.         TheResilientGM  Animus spots a low-flying mammal, it circles the tent again and again.
  786.         Gru_Persay      grabs a chair and moves it toward the entrance of the tent. Gru takes a sit near the opening.
  787.         TheResilientGM  Vikk gets up from his bunk, and taps Arthur on the back, "We'll join in."
  788.         Victrus_Macharius       is joined by Vikk and Arthur to head over to the mess hall
  789.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk! Grab me something on your way back!" Kass yells out as Vikk leaves.
  790.         TheResilientGM  "On it!"
  791.         Animus  "would you like to go to the mess?" he asks Koeln
  792.         TheResilientGM  "And leave you here?" he looks at Kass to 'check' if it's alright.
  793.         Kass_Yonova     waves him off, still reading. Fuck when was the last time he got to enjoy a book.
  794.         Animus  "I more meant you escort me like the hired executioner you are." he then smiles
  795.         TheResilientGM  "Oh... you're hungry. What do mutants eat?"
  796.         Animus  "Food."
  797.         Animus  "Surprisingly."
  798.         TheResilientGM  "We'll just see what they have in the me-- WHAT IS THAT?!" he ducks and points up at the circling flying mammal
  799.         Animus  "Charles."
  800.         TheResilientGM  He looks at the Psyker with an expression of deep concern.
  801.         TheResilientGM  "What?"
  802.         Gru_Persay      pokes his head through the tent to see what the noise is about.
  803.         Animus  "I'm having him take a look around for me."
  804.         Gru_Persay      "What's going on?"
  805.         Animus  "I'm being interrogated."
  806.         TheResilientGM  Koeln gets up, rather upset, "HE has THAT for a PET!"
  807.         Animus  "Don't like it?"
  808.         Gru_Persay      points to Meat and says "I have that as a pet."
  809.         TheResilientGM  "Just... follow me" he makes his way to the Mess Hall
  810.         Animus  stands and starts towards the mess hall.
  811.         TheResilientGM  At the Mess Hall, a few of the nightly patrols are arriving.
  812.         Gru_Persay      closes his eyes and softy starts chanting.
  813.         Animus  gathers some food for himself, but leaves out meat
  814.         Victrus_Macharius       arrives at the mess hall, grabs what food there is, and finds a table to sit and eat
  815.         TheResilientGM  The men discuss their patrols, as they sit and relax for a while.
  816.         Animus  proceeds to feed Charles
  817.         TheResilientGM  No drinks are served save water, so they improvise with a particularly resourceful squad member and his 'reserves'.
  818.         TheResilientGM  The attending Mess cook, stares at the psyker and his new pet.
  819.         Animus  "problem?"
  820.         TheResilientGM  He appears hypnotized until a Guardsman asks for a third time to be served.
  821.         TheResilientGM  "An extra serving, I said..."
  822.         TheResilientGM  Vikk is annoyed to have to repeat this again.
  823.         Victrus_Macharius       looks over toward the cook who was looking at Animus and back to his food
  824.         Victrus_Macharius       "/Hey Arthur, what do you think of our two new 'friends'?"
  825.         TheResilientGM  "No, not a trooper. Corporal, in fact. Senior Medicae Officer, moreover" Vikk persuades the uncooperative cook.
  826.         TheResilientGM  "Friends, Victrus? I don't think I'll be sleeping much, on my part."
  827.         TheResilientGM  Vikk succeeds and secures double rations.
  828.         Victrus_Macharius       "Yea, I am not sure either, we will have to see where this all goes over the next few days then."
  829.         Animus  walks to the nearest exit and releases the mammal
  830.         TheResilientGM  Vikk eats up his rations quickly, as he's become used to, and takes those set aside for his Comrade back to the tent.
  831.         Animus  returns to the tent and sleeps in his cot
  832.         Gru_Persay      "A man may die yet still endure if his work enters the greater work... Time is carried upon a current incepted by forgotten deeds..."
  833.         Victrus_Macharius       and Arthur finish there food and head off back to the tent
  834.         TheResilientGM  Vikk returns to the tent.
  835.         TheResilientGM  "Hey, Kass, got some chow for ya."
  836.         Victrus_Macharius       and Arthur return to the tent and lay down in their beds
  837.         Gru_Persay      "...and events of great moment are but the culmination of a single carefully placed thought..."
  838.         Kass_Yonova     "Ah Vikk, if you were a girl I'd kiss ya. Thanks." He starts to chow down.
  839.         Gru_Persay      "... As all men must thank progenitors obscured by the past, so we must endure the present so that those who follow may continue the endeavor."
  840.         Animus  starts chanting in hopes of terrifying his overseer\
  841.         TheResilientGM  "Want to keep it down, Cog-boy?" Hector complains from outside.
  842.         TheResilientGM  "Corporal, does this count as evidence of daemonic possession?"
  843.         Gru_Persay      "Hmm? These are the words of our God Machine."
  844.         Kass_Yonova     "Above my pay-grade, trooper."
  845.         TheResilientGM  "Keep it down, mutant" trooper Koeln demands
  846.         Animus  "Hmmm? A prayer to the God Emperor is daemonic?"
  847.         TheResilientGM  Hector shows Otto the skin he kept, "It could even make a nice pouch, just look."
  848.         TheResilientGM  He folds it up in the intended shape.
  849.         Gru_Persay      sits on the bed and starts a prayer.
  850.         Schneider       nods "Pretty nice, I bet we could trade it to the other Jeagers for some good shit."
  851.         TheResilientGM  "Good idea. I'm getting some shut-eye, though. I'll make our friend here into a pouch tomorrow."
  852.         Kass_Yonova     "Animus, if you're praying, warn Trooper Koeln."
  853.         Animus  "Understood."
  854.         Gru_Persay      makes the symbol of the Omnissiah.
  855.         TheResilientGM  Hector walks inside and lays on his tent.
  856.         Schneider       heads to bed.
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