May 26th, 2015
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  1. >"What are you doing getting into fights without me? Here, Lie down. Lets get you out of those clothes. Have one of the other girls look after the thralls, my job is right here."
  2. >Take her clothes off
  3. >Wince at the damage
  4. >She flinches as you survey the damage
  5. >Torn skin, broken bones, a shattered ribcage, a punctured heart, still beating, pumping magic through her, not blood
  6. >A small seal covers the would, like a bandaid on a ruptured pipe
  7. >You can see inside
  8. >You eyes flow down her form
  9. >She's been utterly disemboweled. Under a thin film of abdominal muscle is just a gaping cavity. You can see the bed under her, her spine miraculously unbroken
  10. >She puts a calming, broken hand over your white, shaking fist.
  11. >"Who did this?"
  12. >"Please, do-"
  13. >"Who?" She flinches despite the near silence of the repeated question.
  14. >She mumbles an answer
  15. >It's the name of one of the paladin infested towns which had given her some trouble lately.
  16. >"P-Please, you haven't had to hold a sword in so long."
  17. >"Quiet. Your vocal chords are frayed." She bites her lip. An odd look when only half of it is left.
  18. >Whatever happened to her, the metal plating around her hips saved most her lower body from damage, bar the left leg, a portion of her calf muscles gone completely
  19. >Magic scented air flows from your lips as you breathe out, a power surging from within you, your eyes glint with the same magic which flows through her veins, and you lean down to begin repairing the damage
  20. >You put a hand on her cheek as you place a gentle kiss on her heart. The seal there dissolves as your greater power removes both it and the wound. It flutters for a moment, before setting into a regular beat. Looking at your wounded wife, you see a faint blush come across her cheeks.
  21. >With her heart healed, her body can autonomously take care of the rest.
  22. >Next, you run your hands up her right side, the skin there protected by the part of the breastplate which wasn't blown away
  23. >Her familiar softness is cool to the touch, the delicate, light pink nipple standing erect as her husband nurtures her
  24. >You plant a kiss upon it, as you massage the breast, and trace the kisses up the unmarred portion of her slender throat
  25. >Angling your head diagonally, you plant your kiss upon her broken lips, and close your eyes shut tight so you aren't blinded by the small amounts of spiritual energy you're able to directly manipulate.
  26. >When next you open them, she's gazing at you, love in her eyes, the wounds on her face healed, the damaged half of her neck healed too
  27. >"You don't have to... force yourself."
  28. >"Force myself?"
  29. >" I look... hideous, don't I?"
  30. >You smile as you brush her hair back and play with her fringe, your fingers coming to the base of her ear, massaging the cartilage, "Nonsense. You are always beautiful."
  31. >You direct your attentions down. Through her abdominal cavity you can just make out the tip of her womb. You wince.
  32. >"See? It is ugly." She turns her head from you, a frustrated tear in the corner of her eye, angry with herself that she's show such a sight before her beloved
  33. >You laugh softly at her reaction, "No it's not that. It's just... doesn't this hurt?"
  34. >"..."
  35. >You take a deep breath. Retaliation can come later. You can't let anger take control here, because holding her life this, she looks so frail.
  36. >As though you could break her with one foul move, and lose her forever. You could never forgive yourself if that were to happen. The world, the gods who rule it. All will pay.
  37. >Her hand comes to your cheek, "Calm down, love. I'm home, I'm safe. I'm not going anywhere."
  38. >She makes you smile gently, "Oh. And when did you learn telepathy?"
  39. >"Found a spell in a book called love."
  40. >"Corny."
  41. >"I'll always know what my dear is thinking."
  42. >Give give her a soft, deep kiss, before gently pushing apart her legs, knocking your knee against hers with one leg, gently lifting and moving the bones with your hands for the other.
  43. >Under the dim light of the room, you still manage to make out the slight glistening of her arousal
  44. >"Even like this huh? At least your body has its priorities in check."
  45. >She pouts and turns away, "Sh-shut up. You know how it affects me when you get all... gentle."
  46. >Even if you can't actively control the entirety font of power your wife blessed you with all those centuries ago, you still know what to do with it.
  47. >You lower yourself, and slip a hand under her perky butt, cradling the wright of her hips, as you lick and kiss the inside of her thigh, tracing higher, until her womanhood lay before your eyes, almost weeping for you.
  48. >Your tongue slips from your lips, and you prod into her folds, drawing your tongue upwards, catching on her clit, making her gasp, electric sensation coursing through her muscles, only certain parts of her lower body twitching, the other sensations lost along broken nerve endings
  49. >With her taste on your lips, you don't stop there. You lay another kiss on her hard clit, circling it with your tongue, and teasing it with your teeth.
  50. >You put a hand to the inside of her thighs, and stroke her there, the other slipping a finger in to her tight pussy.
  51. >In fractured contortions it twists, almost begging to take you in
  52. >With an intimacy which can only be born of long happy years together, you ease her into orgasm, immediately attacking the most sensitive spots within her delta that you can reach with your fingers
  53. >It's like playing an instrument almost. You feast on the sweet cadence or her ecstatic cries, allowing muscle memory to take over as you lose yourself between your wife's legs.
  54. >Before long, the leg with muscles to move, presses your head into her woman hood, enough order slipping through her nerves to make her buck up against you, as you tongue her depths, coiling around you, her climaxing cunt threatens to crush the muscle.
  55. >Her body is already working to heal itself, the most whole of her lungs already healed
  56. >Her chest rises as she pants in post-orgasm
  57. >With your loved one under you, your own arousal isn't even a question
  58. >You move up her body, and place a hand next to her head, bracing your weight
  59. >You look down at her, her eyes misty with adoration, her white teeth nibbling at the edges of her lip
  60. >"Don't chew it up, I only just fixed it."
  61. >Her lips curl in a smile, and she lets a laugh out
  62. >"Are you ready?"
  63. >She nods
  64. >With your free hand, you angle your cock down to her tight lips, and part them with your head, braced upon the precipice
  65. >She shifts under you, a testament to how far the healing has already come. Her stomach is still empty, the ribs broken still, yet you can no longer see the bed under her
  66. >You suck in a deep breath through your nose. She'll be okay. Of course she will.
  67. >"You were and idiot for doubting me."
  68. >"Of course I was. Do me a favor?"
  69. >She looks at you, curiously, and you take her hand in yours, and put it to your cheek. Her fingers brush away the stinging wetness which had clouded around your own eyes, "Continue to make me the fool. I don't ever want to be right."
  70. >Her emotions tangle and coil around themselves, something akin to motherly bleeding in, "You'll always be that scared little boy, won't you?"
  71. >You nod into her hand, and she blinks as a single hot drop of rain falls upon her cheek.
  72. >"Yeah."
  73. >You thrust in to the hilt, her cool depths as welcoming as ever and she has enough control now, to hook a leg over your hips, locking you inside her
  74. >You take her hand from your cheek, and curl your fingers through it and push it behind her head, making her stretch under you. You worry for a moment it might be uncomfortable, but when she arches her back to be closer to you, you know that those are just wasted thoughts
  75. >Locked inside her now, you can only manage short, deep thrusts, you shudder as pleasure coarses through you, the glans grinds into her cervix and you gasp as her walls milk you
  76. >You look at her, and she's smirking smugly, "Even like this I can still milk my husband's love."
  77. >You grin back, and lose yourself in the act, the hand not behind her head on her breast groping and rolling the flesh, pulling and toying with the sensitive nipple
  78. >She moans, and arcs her back further, to bring her lips up to yours.
  79. >The two of you kiss passionately as you match your motions, so smooth the bed under you sways rather than shakes with the movement
  80. >Just as you know her, she knows you, and with her nibbling the tips of your ears, kissing your neck, and licking at the inside, she brings you to orgasm just as quickly as you did her
  81. >As you bottom out, and your throbbing cock widens with the load of your seed, she screams out in orgasmic bliss.
  82. >It feels like a furnace inside her as she takes in your energy and feasts on it
  83. >You begin to pull out when a second soft leg joins the first and now with you utterly trapped within her, she tightens with her fresh muscles, and pushes you back in.
  84. >You twist to kiss her armpit, trailing kisses up the lissom flesh, her tight trim muscles flexing as you worship them
  85. >You thrust into her womb, the seed you'd sown already harvested
  86. >Well, you knew you'd have to fill her up
  87. >Her body prioritizes the joints and hands, and her other arm, healed in parts she grips the back of your head
  88. >With a might heave, she pushes you back on your ass, her legs wrapped around your hips, your thick cock, throbbing so hard it almost bounces in her depths.
  89. >She comes to sit in your lap, and bounces up and down, her long silky hair flows as her legs work to thrust you inside her on the down stroke
  90. >She takes your head and presses you into her bosom, moaning as she nuzzles her cheek into the top of your head, hugging you into her as close as she can.
  91. >You know when she gets like this, there's little to do but lose yourself with her, and your hands wrap around her, coming to grope her perky ass as it slaps into your legs as she bounces up and down, your crotch becoming a wet girl-cum slicked mess as she rides through consecutive orgasms, not faltering an inch.
  92. >With her breast right before you, you catch her nipple in your teeth, and begin to suckle
  93. >Nothing comes, of course. She hasn't the strength to manipulate her body like that, but she all but squeals none the less as you nibble and suck at her breasts
  94. >It prompts more that orgasmic babble to slip through her lips, and as she rubs her cheek against your head, words begin to form, jolted by the forceful riding and the ragged breathes
  95. >"Y-you...Love... Love you. Love you. Love you. I love you."
  96. >She repeats this like a mantra as she holds you to her with a force almost crushing
  97. >Your heart lurches and burning words surge out of your throat, compelling you to join in her chant
  98. >The room resounds with wet slappings and mumbled nothings, interspersed with words of 'I love you'
  99. >She twitches and tightens, as she milks you through another orgasm, and another soon after. Time blend in, marked only in new sensations of your wife
  100. > A lithe, soft belly grinds against your own
  101. >A second breast forms
  102. >The love you sink deep inside her coarses throughout and it isn't long until she tops bouncing, exhausted.
  103. >Exhausted
  104. >And whole once more
  105. >Her legs untangle from around your hips, as you finally soften, and a backwash of cum seeps from her tight depths
  106. >You relax and lie back, giving a startled cry as you slip off the edge of the bed and fall hard on the stone floor, winding yourself, taking your wife down with you
  107. >She laughs immediately, "You idiot, what are you doing?"
  108. >"We need a bigger bed"
  109. >"Are you okay?"
  110. >"Y-yeah." Ruefully, you rub at the back of your head
  111. >"Here," She pushes your hands away and bends your head down to kiss the wound. "Better?"
  112. >"Better."
  113. >"And our bed it plenty big, you should have looked first."
  114. >"Yeah, yeah."
  115. >You both fall into a quiet bout of laughter, and she settles down, naked atop you, running her fingers across your chest.
  116. >Frozen tears stick to your skin
  117. >"Love?"
  118. >"S-sorry. I'm just..." she wipes her tears away, and you kiss her, her eyes going wide, before softening, misting up again
  119. >You let these tears fall. They don't seem too sad
  120. >After a long moment the chill of the stone floor sets in, and you realize you can't lie here forever
  121. >You pat her ass, "Come on. Get dressed."
  122. >She climbs off you, and you pick yourself up "Dressed?"
  123. >"Yeah. It's been a while since I last wore my armor." You grin savagely, "Lets see if it still fits."
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