Anon - Trapped trap

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >You struggle against the vines that bind you but they do not budge
  2. >The plant that has you captive holds you still
  3. >You are Gemini and you were exploring the forest a few moments ago, that was until you came across a peculiar carnivorous looking plant
  4. >You were about to change direction but suddenly tentacle-like vines shot out from around the plant and you were caught
  5. >You give another panicked tug at the vines as the plants main body starts to move towards you, dripping saliva from its mouth
  6. >Is this how it’s going to end?
  7. >Finding nothing more you can do you close your eyes and hope that somepony suddenly saves you
  8. >You feel the plant giving you a lick on your front, from your crotch all the way to your chin
  9. >Oh no, it’s tasting you and soon it will gobble you up
  10. >A lone tear streaks down your face as you tremble and the beast give another taste
  11. >And then another
  12. >...
  13. >And more...
  14. >You open your eyes and look at the pant now
  15. >It’s licking you? And in your crotch area non the less
  16. >The plant seems to focus its wet sloppy licks from its tongue directly on your crotch
  17. >You can’t help but to blush as your member starts to react to the pleasant feeling of the monsters tongue
  18. >And sure enough, the plant focuses on your cock now and gives it some vigorous licks and gentle flicks with its tongue
  19. >”Ahh”
  21. >You can’t help but to shudder a bit at how good it feels
  22. >Suddenly the pant opens its maw open and you can see three tongues and a row of teeth’s
  23. >You close your eyes and yelp as the creatures mouth closes down on your member
  24. >But instead of pain, you feel pleasure which makes you eyes shoot open once again
  25. >The plant seems to be doing a somewhat milking motion with its mouth while you feel those three tongues work their magic on your shaft
  26. >”Umm... Ah!”
  27. >You are surprised at your own sound as you feel a surge of pleasure shoot trough you
  28. >Suddenly you feel a lot of the plants slimier tentacles rub your body all over
  29. >You start to pant and feel even more aroused by this
  30. >For some reason the plant seems to take notice of this and starts to suck on your cock slowly and sensually
  31. >You can’t help but to buck your hips a bit towards the plants mouth
  32. >Even the vines bounding you are starting to feel good, not letting your move your body as much as you want and holding you down forcefully
  33. > are a bad lewd little stallion...
  34. >And that turns you on even more ~
  35. >You feel one of the tentacles press against your hole and give it a few slimy prods
  36. >Your pulse quickens as your cheeks become even more flushed
  37. >You push your behind against the vine ever so slightly and the vine shoots forcefully inside you
  38. >“Hurgh-“
  39. >You give out a grunt as your body tries to twist in pain
  40. >The plants starts to ruthlessly work away at your ass while quickening the pace of the sucking
  41. >Your anus tires to clench down on the vine but it’s so slimy and slippery that it does nothing
  42. >But suddenly you start to feel something else
  43. >Mixed in the pain... is pleasure
  44. >”O-oh..OH!”
  45. >A sudden jolt of ecstasy shoots trough your body as if a switch was flipped
  46. >Your eyes roll to the back of your head as your bowels tense and squirm on the assaulting tentacle
  47. >Every time it slips deep into you you feel your cock give a strong twitch inside the plant monsters mouth
  49. >”W-Wow Aah~”
  50. >You can now hear the sloppy sounds of the tentacle slipping forcefully in and out of your anus at high speed
  51. >You move your body as much as you are able to and push against the vine so it can slip in deeper and with less effort
  52. >The plant starts to vibrate softly as it picks up the pace on the sucking as well
  53. >You bite your lip and hold in a moan as your whole body feels like it’s on fire
  54. >Suddenly you feel the plant retract the vine out with a wet pop
  55. >Some of the plants naturally oozed lubricant drips out from your gaping ass
  56. >And then you see what’s coming next
  57. >An ever thicker vine slithers towards you and rounds up
  58. >Aou can feel your body tense up from the anticipation as you feel the tip touch your gates
  59. >And it shoots in ruthlessly and starts to go at your ass even faster than the one before
  60. >”Ghh-Aaaaaahh! Ohhh~”
  61. >The plant wastes no time with this vine and pumps your ass roughly, making you feel your butt getting stretched
  62. >You can not take it anymore and you cum into the plants mouth as your body trembles and tries to twitch around, only to be restrained by the vines
  63. >Your bowels try to push the tentacle out of your ass but it fights against them, creating more of that painful but good friction and feeling of being violated
  64. >The plant drinks up all of your seed, but as your orgasm subsides you notice that the plant still keeps on going at it
  65. >Your body tries to move against your will and squirm under this sexual assault, but the plant does not let you
  66. >Your eyes suddenly roll to the back of your head as you feel another orgasm incoming, but this time it’s focused more on your anal area than your cock which is now resting inside the plants mouth, almost like you would have lost feeling of it due to the strong orgasm
  67. >This time your body does push out the vine as your bowels squirm in ecstasy, but the plant inserts it right back in, making you feel like you are being split apart
  69. >Every muscle and tendon in your body tenses up as you almost feel like loosing consciousness
  70. >But the plant keeps on going
  71. >It now feels almost like your body has relaxed everything down there to let the vine slide in and out more freely and faster
  72. >There is slime spraying out of your butt with each thrust deep into you
  73. >Your anus stings and burns but it feels strangely pleasant
  74. >Suddenly the plant starts to convulse and releases your cock from its mouth and gives out a screech
  75. >You feel the vine inside of you shake as it goes as deep as it goes, and then you feel something hot starting to fill you up
  76. >You can feel it shooting out of your butt past the vine as well as reaching in inside of you deeper than you thought was possible
  77. >It feels like the whole inside of your body is being stretched and it feels good as you pant with your tongue hanging out and let yourself be filled
  78. >After what feels like hours of hot gooey pleasure the plants tentacle pulls out from your ass, making a large puddle of milky greenish goo form beneath you as your bowels let it drip and pour out
  79. >The plant gently sets you down on top of the puddle and you lie there, panting and twitching
  80. >The puddle smells strongly like cum and you can’t help but to feel even more lewd and naughty as you lie in that puddle, letting it soak into your mane, tail and coat
  81. >You rub it on you in mirth as the plant seems to return to some sort of a dormant state
  82. >You lay there for a while, letting your body come down from all this sexual pleasure going trough it
  83. >Soon enough you get up shakily, your hooves feeling like they could give out from beneath you at any given moment
  84. >You glance at the plant which seems to be asleep for now
  85. >You make a mental note to remember where this plant was for future use
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