Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 1 (AB/DL 3/4)

Apr 2nd, 2014
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  1. >Finally home sweet home.
  2. >Well not really, but the closest thing to home on this god forsaken place.
  3. >You got Applejack to go bring out tools for Dash.
  4. >The place desperately needs some old fashion hard work.
  5. >Dash is just staring off into space.
  6. >What a lightweight she is already buzzed.
  7. >Your canteen didn't really have all that much Hard Cider for her to steal.
  8. >Despite that the state of her diaper suggests otherwise.
  9. “All right Dashie-poo we finally arrived.”
  10. >”Finally can you get me out of this diaper now?”
  11. “Nope we been through this a hundred times, Fluttershy should be here in a few hours if you are lucky. Now let's get going.”
  12. >Dash struggles a bit in her seat
  13. >Looks like Dash is stuck in her Foal Seat.
  14. “Aw, does Skittles need me to help her out of her Safety Seat?”
  15. >”Y-yea... And I've told you not call me that”
  16. “Dash please, you are in no position to tell me what I can't call you, now stay still.”
  17. >You began to unbuckle Dash
  18. >Gross her diaper just leaked a bit on the Foal Seat
  19. “Oh hell no. Dash what the buck is wrong with you? You are getting your pee all over the seat.”
  20. >Her entire body goes stiff
  21. >”A-anon you idiot just get me out of this stupid chair already”
  22. “What do you think I'm doing? Just don't get any of your pee on me or else things will get ugly.”
  23. >Keeping yourself clean you manage to unbuckle Dash.
  24. >She instantly catapults herself out of her seat...
  25. >And crashes head first into the ground.
  26. ”Heh, nice one Crash.”
  27. >She just picks herself up and rolls her eyes.
  28. >You are going to have to do better then that if you want to get under her skin.
  29. “You know Rarity is gonna kill you for ruining that seat”
  30. >”Yeah, If I survive this”
  31. “Yeah... Good luck with that... Now let's put you to good use and get you working.”
  32. >”Even in this diaper”.
  33. “Yup, have fun broski and don't get a rash on me. We are just getting started.”
  35. >You grab yourself some more booze from your kitchen.
  36. >You look outside and sure enough Applejack is working Dash like a slave.
  37. >This should teach Dash to think twice about insulting family members in front of Applejack.
  38. >Dash couldn't look any more goofy.
  39. >She's just been dragging with a somewhat drunken stumble around old farming equipment around your property in a sagging diaper.
  40. >Her facial expressions are priceless.
  41. >You take a quick look around the room you set up for Dash's Punishment.
  42. >Time to check out the weapons Rarity supplied you.
  43. >High Chair.. Check
  44. >Daring Do Plushies... Check
  45. >Changing table... Check
  46. >Luna Night light... Check
  47. >Crib complete with Wonderbolts mobile... Check
  48. >Pacifier with Celestia's butt tattoo... Check
  49. >Ugly baby blue paint job with a Pinkie painting of Rainbow Dash flying alongside the Wonderbolts in a diaper... Check
  50. >10 pack of diapers... Check
  51. >That Foal Milk that Fluttershy dropped off... Check
  52. >You can't wait to show her, you just know she will fall in love with her prison.
  54. >Outside of Anon's place Applejack carefully watches Rainbow outside while Anon reflexes a bit.
  55. >“Applejack, come on, let me just have a small break. I'm starting to itch here and I'm sweating bullets.”
  56. “Quit yer yappin' you still got plenty of ground to plow and gardening left to do. I thought ya supposed to be fast Rainbow.”
  57. >”Not cool Applejack”
  58. “What is ain't cool rainbow is you're waterin anon's garden with your musky smelling pee while your complain. Get back to work.”
  59. >Rainbow looks down at her back legs and sure enough her piss is flowing down it.
  61. >It's now a little pass noon.
  62. >For some reason Applejack is keeping her distance from Dash.
  63. >She looks repulsed.
  64. >Rainbow Dash is sweating like a pig and her tongue is hanging out like she is a dog.
  65. >Whatever, she got a lot done and your property is looking a lot better.
  66. >She earned herself a 5 minute break.
  67. >You bring out some Jr. Wonderbolt Soda for Dash and bring some Iced tea for you and Applejack.
  68. “Alright Dash break-time. Make it qu-Sweet Luna it smells like something died on my property Applejack!”
  69. >Applejack just turns her head to Rainbow Dash.
  70. >”Yeah, tell me about it Anon.”
  71. >Dash just stands there panting like a dog.
  72. >She smells like an odd combination of Vomit Piss, and Sweat
  73. >You never smelled anything worse in your life.
  74. “You know what Applejack, forget Fluttershy we are giving her the hose now. Dash get over here now!”
  75. >Dash is too tired to argue
  76. >She stumbles on over to you.
  77. >And drops on the ground from exhaustion.
  78. >Oh well she is close enough to the hose.
  79. >You turn on the hose full force and you blast it full force on her.
  80. >She was not happy about that last part.
  82. >It's now late in the afternoon.
  83. >You are inside your place with Applejack and Dash
  84. >You did manage to force a new diaper on Dash and get her to do a bit more work on the property
  85. >She did not make that easy on you.
  86. >It was like trying to put a diaper on a very angry rabid cat.
  87. >She still smells bad despite that you got her out of that soaked diaper and hosed her down.
  88. >Thank Celestia you have plenty of air freshener.
  89. >You just spray it on here whenever you smell something you don't like.
  90. >Still you won in the end and you notice that Fluttershy has arrived.
  91. “Hey Fluttershy. Whatcha got there?”
  92. >She is holding a potato bag in her mouth.
  93. >Fluttershy is crying for some reason.
  94. >” Mr. bungle had an a-accident I think you should take him for your p-problem.
  95. “Oh geez not again, but hey, at least this will help with that problem of mine”.
  96. >You take the bag and look inside sure enough it's a dead chicken.
  97. “And thank you Fluttershy I really appreciate it, I know how hard it is for you every time these accidents happens.”
  98. >”You're welcome Anon, it's okay as long as you are healthy. Well, goodbye Mr. Bungle I will always remember you.”
  99. >You give Fluttershy a warm smile.
  100. >Well that went better than usual.
  101. >You kinda did tell Fluttershy that if you didn't eat meat you would go berzerk and create chaos around the forest.
  102. >Ever since then her Chicken's have been having “accidents” every once in a while.
  103. >RIP Mr. Chirps, Maid Marihen and Mary Peepins you were all Delicious.
  104. >”Anon, Is Dash ready for me to take care of her?”
  105. “Yeah she is inside waiting for you downstairs, please come in.”
  107. >You direct Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash
  108. >Her eyes go bright when she see's Rainbow Dash
  109. >She runs over to her and affectionately rubs her Mane like a mother.
  110. >“Isn't she just precious like this?
  111. >Dash scowls at this
  112. >“Oh come on Dashie don't give me the frowning treatment. Cheer up and this won't be so bad.”
  113. >Dash face looks even more in pain now.
  114. >Fluttershy walks off to chat with Applejack.
  115. >”Anon hey, I know you are still mad at me. But can your bro a small solid? I did all that work on your property and endured my punishment.”
  116. >Here we go again it's Rainbow Dash once again and she is giving you here pleading treatment.
  117. >She never learns anything
  118. “Make it quick and maybe I will consider it if you are lucky.”
  119. >”I was hoping you could be my buddy a bit and stick around while Fluttershy”
  120. “It won't be so bad Dash. Fluttershy is a childhood friend and Everyp0ny knows she makes a good Foal Sitter.”
  121. >”Well she does get a little weird when she wants to be a mother.”
  122. >No kidding, to put it lightly.
  123. “Yeah, I see your point Dash.”
  124. >”Also your assertiveness training with Fluttershy has been making things worse”.
  125. >What a load of nonsense.
  126. >You have Iron Will's seal of approval for your assertiveness techniques.
  127. “I would've considered it if you didn't add in that last part.”
  128. >”Oh come on. Really?”
  129. “Yeah, plus you forgot the part where you stole all of my Hard Cider. Applejack doesn't make that stuff often.”
  130. >”Cold anon, real cold”
  132. “I'm doing this for your own good bro I lost count how many times I have warned you not to go overboard with your drinking and to not be like how Gilda can be around others.
  133. >Dash just looks down at the ground.
  134. >She looks absolutely pathetic just standing there in her oversized foal diaper.
  135. >She knows you are right she just will never admit it.
  136. >You grab your camera and take a picture.
  137. >Snap
  138. >Dash tries to give you a dirty look but it doesn't work out so well in her Foalish attire.
  139. “Also you kinda smell bad again, here let me help you.
  140. >”Please anything but the air freshener again!”
  141. “Would you prefer I use the hose?"
  142. >"Fine go ahead."
  143. >Once again you spray the air freshener on her.
  144. “Honestly I feel like I've treated you too much like an adult. Now lets go up stairs.”
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