Sayaka Miki's Magical Girl Story 2

Feb 5th, 2018
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  1. Sayaka Miki's Magical Girl Story
  2. translation by Minunlike
  4. Chapter 2: The Cuteification Plan
  6. Part 1
  7. ------------
  9. Sayaka: 'Welp... here we are!
  10. It's the Shopping District!'
  12. 'This seems like the ideal spot for finding nice outfits, but... let's see, which shop should we try?'
  14. '... Whatever! Let's just go around and look at a whole bunch of different shops!'
  16. 'If there's something I really really like, it'll be fine if I just go ahead and buy it!
  18. 'LET'S GO~!"
  20. Sayaka: "Ah, that one-piece swimsuit sure is cute. Of course, aqua blue would be a fitting color to go with, huh."
  21. Sayaka: "Oh, and this long skirt looks really mature! But it's brown, isn't that kinda plain...?"
  22. Sayaka: "Ooh, this skirt over here has frills on it! S-So cute..."
  23. Sayaka: "... Aaagh! I can't choose any of them! Which one would look the best on me?"
  24. Sayaka: "Hmmm..."
  25. ------
  26. Emiri: "Sniff sniff... sniff sniff..."
  27. Emiri: "This fragrance... sniff sniff..."
  28. Emiri: "Myaako-senpai!"
  29. ------
  30. Sayaka: "Gyaah! Huh!? What the heck!?"
  31. Emiri: "Myaako-senpai, I Fooound you! ...wait, huh? You're not senpai?"
  32. Sayaka: "Who the heck are you!?"
  33. Emiri: "Likewise, who're you!?"
  34. Emiri: "This fragrance, it's the same as the ones Senpai makes when she mixes perfumes together in her experiments."
  35. Sayaka: "Fragrance...? Aah! That perfume!"
  36. Sayaka: "So then, are you... friends with Miyako Hinano-san?"
  37. Emiri: "Yep! Myaako-senpai!"
  38. Emiri: "Have you met Myaako-senpai? You must have if you've got her perfume!"
  39. Sayaka: "I just kinda ran into her a little while ago, but... Ah, are you friends with that girl?"
  40. Emiri: "I have a very... unique relationship with Myaako-senpai, you could say!"
  41. Sayaka: "H, Huuuuuuh!?"
  42. Emiri: "I'm just joking!"
  43. Sayaka: "Oh, you're just joking! Ahahaha, jeez..."
  44. Sayaka: "If you just mistook me for her, then I guess that mystery's solved!"
  45. Emiri: "Eh? What~?"
  46. Sayaka: "Oh no, it's nothing. Just kinda letting out my inner detective, I guess."
  47. Emiri: "Ahaha! You're so weird!"
  48. Sayaka: "I guess I am, huh. But I gotta get to shopping now..."
  49. Emiri: "Shopping? For what?"
  50. Sayaka: "Uh, just clothes?"
  51. Emiri: "Hahaaa. Right on the money! It's dating attire, isn't it?"
  52. Sayaka: "W-What makes you say that!?"
  53. Emiri: "I'm just that super-perceptive, yeah!"
  54. Sayaka: "Okay then... but it's not actually a date, though..."
  55. Emiri: "A Date! Heck Yeah! Alrighty then, leave it to meee!"
  56. Emiri: "As I aim to be the Cutest in the World, I will coordinate your wardrobe!"
  57. Sayaka: "H, huh...? Did you even hear what I said!?"
  58. Sayaka: "Speaking of which... we didn't even introduce ourselves yet, did we!?"
  60. Part 2
  61. ------------
  63. Sayaka: ‘I came to Kamihama City hoping to buy outfits for a date, and ran into a certain girl.'
  65. 'Kisaki Emiri, who’s apparently aiming to become the Cutest in the World.
  66. She offered to help me pick out clothes, and we’re doing that together now, but…'
  68. 'When she introduced herself, it quickly led to a shocking revelation!’
  70. Sayaka: “Huh!? A Magical Girl!?”
  71. Emiri: “Yaay! Right you are~”
  72. Sayaka: “For real… Meeting two of them in one day…”
  73. Emiri: “It's not unusual when you're in Kamihama. There's tons of magical girls here~”
  74. Sayaka: “Heh, you don't say… Kamihama’s a pretty awesome place.”
  75. Emiri: “Hey, hey! Now how do you like this one-piece!?”
  76. Sayaka: “Ooh! That one’s super cute!”
  77. Emiri: “Right, right? Incidentally, it's this year's new color!”
  78. Sayaka: “New color… isn't it Salmon Pink?”
  79. Emiri: “NO! It’s not Salmon Pink!”
  80. Emiri: “It's Sweet Pink!”
  81. Sayaka: “Sweet Pink… is just this kinda color?”
  82. Emiri: “It’s this year’s new commodity. I’ve watched it grow super popular.”
  83. Sayaka: “This sweet pink color?”
  84. Emiri: “It’s for Sweet girls~! It’s the fashion of little devils!”
  85. Sayaka: “Huh… but still, I… don’t feel like pink looks that great on me…”
  86. Emiri: “I’m telling you, that’s not true.”
  87. Emiri: “See, put this hat and… this bag together…"
  88. Emiri: “And you’ve got the total Sweet Pink look!”
  89. Sayaka: “That's pretty bold, isn't it!?”
  90. Emiri: “It looks really nice on you! Sayakyan, you’re so super cuuute!”
  91. Sayaka: “You think so…?”
  92. Emiri: “Let’s go get you some pink shoes! And then lipstick, and nail polish!”
  93. Emiri: “It’s already turning into a Sweet Pink Festival!”
  94. Sayaka: “I think I’m better off with an outfit that’s more… subdued.”
  95. Emiri: “Something subdued…”
  96. Emiri: “I gotcha~. That gives me an idea~.”
  97. Emiri: “Alrighty, come over here!”
  98. Emiri: “This one!”
  99. Sayaka: “It’s just more Sweet Pink!”
  100. Emiri: “No, no! This is Bitter Pink! A more subdued, adultlike sort of pink!”
  101. Sayaka: “Eeeh!? I don’t get what the difference is…”
  102. Emiri: “Come on, put it on put it on! The path to Cuteness is a trying one!”
  103. Sayaka: “Uugh… this is a little Too trying…”
  105. Part 3
  106. ------------
  108. Sayaka: 'Somehow, Kisaki Emiri-chan talked me into trying on a bunch of things, one after another.
  109. But they don't look good on me at all...!'
  110. Sayaka: "Sorry, Emiri-chan... I give up."
  111. Emiri: "Huh!? Why, why!?"
  112. Emiri: "We've still got loads of outfits left to try on?"
  113. Sayaka: "Mmm, even if you say that, it's just that for me..."
  114. Sayaka: "I can't help but think that cute just isn't my thing..."
  115. Emiri: "I told you that's not true at all~."
  116. Sayaka: "Still, telling me something nice like that... made me pretty happy!"
  117. Sayaka: "But if I can't truly get myself into it, I'll just be restless and uncomfortable all through my date..."
  118. Sayaka: "And besides..."
  119. Emiri: "Besides?"
  120. Sayaka: "The person I love..."
  121. Sayaka: "Isn't into fancy Western clothes... or outward appearances..."
  122. Sayaka: "Because I believe they prefer to see people for who they genuinely are inside..."
  123. Emiri: "... I see! They sound like a nice person!"
  124. Sayaka: "Yup, and they're a real music-loving music nerd! Ah, but that part of them is really cool."
  125. Emiri: "Kyaaa! Lovey-dovey Sayakyan is so Cyuute!"
  126. Sayaka: "Hey, don't make fun of me...!"
  127. Emiri: "Sorry, sorry."
  128. Emiri: "Then to wrap this up, I'll take you to a secret, special place!"
  129. Sayaka: "Special?"
  130. Emiri: "When you're talking dates, don't you think the location's a big part of things too?"
  131. Emiri: "So, take 'em to a place where a girl's purity erupts and totally knocks the guys dead!"
  132. Emiri: "When two people go there together... it'll make guys fall head-over-heels in love!"
  133. Emiri: "When I take you to this spot, you'll be all like Wow!! So Gorgeous!!"
  134. Sayaka: "D-Does that kind of place really...!?"
  135. Emiri: "Yep! This Super Romantic spot is the real deal!"
  136. Emiri: "You wanna know it? Huh? You wanna know it?"
  137. Sayaka: "I do wanna know it! Please, you've gotta tell me!"
  138. Emiri: "Aye Aye Sir!"
  139. Emiri: "For Sayakyan's sake... I'll spill the info on this secret spot!"
  140. Sayaka: "Secret... spot?"
  141. ------
  142. Sayaka: "Hold on... how far are we going...?"
  143. Emiri: "The top of that tower."
  144. Sayaka: "T-Tower?"
  145. Emiri: "Okay, from here you gotta close your eyes!"
  146. ------
  147. Sayaka(?): 'H, Hey, wai-!'
  149. Emiri: 'We're heeeere!'
  151. Emiri: 'Now, try turning back around!'
  152. ------
  153. Sayaka: "Back around...?"
  154. Sayaka: "Ah, wow..."
  156. [a lovely view of the nighttime cityscape]
  158. Emiri: "This is the number one spot in Kamihama! You can get a great view of the beautiful night sky from here!"
  159. Sayaka: "Number one... Whoa! It really is beautiful!"
  160. Emiri: "Right?"
  161. Emiri: "Come up to this Romantic spot together as a couple and..."
  162. Emiri: "Your guy won't have any choice but to fall head-over-heels in love with you!"
  163. Sayaka: "... Heheh."
  164. Sayaka: "Really, whether they fall in love with me, or they don't..."
  165. Sayaka: "I already thought to myself that I want to see it with them, even without that kind of relationship."
  166. Sayaka: "... Thank you, Emiri-chan. I'll bring them here with me for sure."
  167. Emiri: "You really are pure, Sayakyan! Good luck out there!"
  168. Emiri: "Sayakyan's Cyuteness is up to standards! I give you my Quality Assurance!"
  169. Sayaka: "Mhm, thanks! I'll be trying my hardest!"
  170. Sayaka: "... Wait, is it this late already!?"
  171. Sayaka: "I seriously need to get back ASAP!"
  172. Emiri: "Okeydoke."
  173. Emiri: "Well then, I'll take you back to the station."
  174. Sayaka: "You sure!?"
  175. Emiri: "But of course!"
  176. Emiri: "An adorable lady requires an escort, doesn't she?"
  177. Sayaka: "Emiri-chan... thanks a ton!!"
  178. Emiri: "Welp, let's get going!"
  179. Sayaka: "Mhm!"
  180. ------
  181. Sayaka: 'The perfume from a magical girl I met in Kamihama ended up leading me to another encounter.'
  183. 'And I met a new magical girl who told me about a beautiful place.'
  185. 'With my love supported by the magical girls of Kamihama, I... I'll do my very best!'
  186. ------
  187. Sayaka: "Even though I told them that it wasn't anything like a date...!"
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