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  2. BefittingErectPanther37 Cutestone29O75ZA70
  3. BusyWigglyFinch27   Tinycake83NQR9M27
  4. FlawlessStrongBat63 Limeshoe10NI3Z302
  5. NaturalSmartGoat65  Bumpyroom109H54136
  6. UnwieldyAgreeableDinosaur44 Blacklock76J00IT90
  7. MundaneGreasyToad79 Bentsleep44ZUF2X38
  8. GrumpyEminentOtter00    Loudhat68PWO6005
  9. RegularJumbledNightingale78 Crazymatch22FKTBM39
  10. GaudyTrueLouse36    Giantgeese318SZSL54
  11. JumbledUnusualWoodpecker38  Lushwhale39LJHD208
  12. SymptomaticHushedGerbil33   Loudflower200T7L994
  13. BurlyMereMosquito97 Flatpie50QK6KU57
  14. WetShockingRail20   Noisyring16JUOD373
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