Cold Edge Anon Part 25

Jun 9th, 2014
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  1. > The top spins, wobbles, and the credits roll.
  2. > Frozen rubs her chin.
  3. "I think it would have been more interesting from Saito's perspective."
  4. > Huh.
  5. > Luna disagrees.
  6. "Twas good as it was, for Cobb was the very crux of the criminal enterprise."
  7. > She sighs.
  8. "If only dreams were so malleable."
  9. > That piques your interest.
  10. "Really? Aren't real dreams more unstable?"
  11. > Luna frowns.
  12. "Less... consistent, but more resilient. E'en shouldst thou dream lucid, it is wont to revert to subconscious control."
  13. > You glance around at your library.
  14. "Where does this place fit in? It's pretty stable."
  15. > Frozen is the one to answer.
  16. "We are within an astral plane local to your mind."
  17. > That- okay, that makes sense.
  18. "Makes as much sense as anything. So, do they all look like this, or is a library specific to me?"
  19. > Frozen looks to Luna.
  20. > The Princess clears her throat.
  21. "Libraries are common, as are houses. Not a few go so far as to have their villages as memory archive."
  22. > Well, much of Equestria is rural.
  23. "So what is yours like, Luna?"
  24. > She reddens.
  25. > Too intimate a question?
  26. "If it's not too personal, that is."
  27. > Luna shakes her head.
  28. "I hath ne'er shown it to another."
  29. > Oh my.
  30. "Do... do you want to show it to me?"
  31. > Luna looks down and scuffs the ground.
  32. > You wait.
  33. > Eventually, she glances at you nervously.
  34. "Methinks thou must become further acquainted with me ere thou goeth to that place."
  35. "That sounds good. It is a rather private place, after all."
  36. > Frozen smiles.
  37. "By that logic, you're quite the exhibitionist."
  38. > You shrug.
  39. "What can I say, I can't say no to a pretty lady."
  40. > Frozen nods stoically.
  41. "Useful information. Do you mind if I lick your memories of being lonely?"
  42. > What.
  43. "I- ... Go ahead?"
  44. > She nods and walks off.
  45. > You stare at where she was.
  46. "I do believe that mare is setting us up."
  47. > Luna draws closer.
  48. "Ah, twould be churlish to waste her efforts."
  49. > You nod cautiously.
  50. "What do you have in mind?"
  51. > She ruffles her wings.
  52. "Perhaps... A kiss?"
  53. You grin.
  54. "I'd like that."
  55. > She closes her eyes and stretches out her head towards you.
  56. > It still throws you that she only comes up to chest height, but now it's convenient.
  57. > You lift up her chin and close the distance.
  58. > You press your lips to hers, savoring the light stimulation.
  59. > She surges upward, twisting and prodding at your mouth.
  60. > Her hooves hook onto your shoulders as you return her passion as best you can.
  61. > She lets out a little moan as you accept her tongue.
  62. > You cup the back of her head, relishing the silky feel of her flowing mane.
  63. > Your other hand strokes her long neck, and you're rewarded with a low hum of pleasure.
  64. > Eventually, both you part lips, breathing heavily.
  65. > She gazes at you with eyes half-lidded.
  66. "Know ye this, I shall require this favor thee from time to time."
  67. > She brings one hoof from off your shoulder and trails it down your chest.
  68. "We cannot deny thy form is strange, but it is not unpleasant."
  69. > She stops at your belly, suddenly shy.
  70. > She glances down.
  71. "And perhaps another time I may examine the peculiarities of thy species?"
  72. > You grin and slide your hand from her neck to the small of her back and pull her close.
  73. "Far be it from me to hinder the advances of science."
  74. > She bops you playfully on your chest with her hoof.
  75. "Thou art incorrigible."
  76. > You seize her flanks and lift.
  77. > She lets out a startled eep, and flaps her wings to regain balance.
  78. > You look up at the flustered alicorn in satisfaction, her pelvis pressed against your chest.
  79. "You wouldn't have me any other way."
  80. > She squishes your cheeks with her hooves.
  81. "Thou hast had thy fun, now put me down!"
  82. > You reply as best you can.
  83. "As you wiss."
  84. > You set her down carefully, and she ruffles her wings again.
  85. "Methinks 'tis time to check upon my sister, it would not do to leave her alone too long."
  86. > You like how Luna doesn't say for whom it would be problematic.
  88. > When the two of you find Celestia, she is watching the end of Dragonshy.
  89. > She catches sight of you and stands up.
  90. "Anonymous, there is a shocking lack of princesses so far."
  91. > Agreed.
  92. "It'll get a little better as the series goes on, but don't expect too much. The problems of princesses tend not to fit the format too well."
  93. > She sighs.
  94. "I suppose."
  95. > She turns to Luna.
  96. "Have you asked him about it yet?"
  97. "Ah!"
  98. > Luna ruffles her wings nervously.
  99. "We were distracted."
  100. > Your new marefriend gazes at you soberly.
  101. "There hath been a series of induced nightmares in Ponyville. We require thy assistance in apprehending the cause."
  102. > You are confused.
  103. "I'll be glad to help, but I'm not sure how much use I'll be with dream magic."
  104. "Thy aid shall be more in the nature of winnowing possibilities. Thou might remember thy entrepreneurial venture in water supply?"
  105. > Well, crap, it very well could be something in the water you sold.
  106. "Ah, please consider me at your service."
  107. > Luna nods.
  108. "We shall."
  109. >...
  110. > The ensuing silence is broken by Celestia.
  111. "Shall we watch the next episode?"
  113. > About halfway through, Luna pulls you aside and your vision is filled with blue light.
  114. > You wake up with the sky still very dark out.
  115. > Space goes glass elevator, and you find yourself at the bedside of a blue pony with a two-toned mane.
  116. > Luna appears shortly after, and places one hoof on Colgate's horn, and the other on yours.
  117. > You suppress most of your thoughts about dual hoofjobs.
  118. > After a moment, Luna shakes her head, and Colgate groans in her sleep.
  119. > The Princess teleports you and herself to the street, a troubled expression on her face.
  120. "The seed is exceedingly subtle, and hath a similar flavor, but it is not of thy making."
  121. > Considering what you are, that's pretty worrying.
  122. "If it's similar to me, is there something I can do?"
  123. > She shakes her head.
  124. "Better that ye return to thy home and sleep. Thy presence doth muddy the currents."
  125. > You bow, and take a golden ticket back home.
  126. > By the time you lay your head on Frozen's side, your eyes are very heavy.
  128. > For once, you truly dream.
  129. > It starts out normally enough, with you walking into a vast dining hall full of ponies.
  130. "H-hello."
  131. > The ponies look at you blankly, then resume their conversations.
  132. > You walk carefully into the crowd, looking for familiar faces.
  133. > Despite your best efforts, you occasionally bump into a pony, and they sneer at you.
  134. > You feel a flood of relief as you spot Frozen.
  135. > You shoulder past two stallions, ignoring their reactions.
  136. "Oh Frozen, am I glad to see you!"
  137. > She gazes at you coolly.
  138. "I no longer need you. Go away, you sicken me."
  139. "I-"
  140. > The ponies make an aisle, leading back to the door.
  141. > You slowly back away, recognizing more and more ponies and dragons, each with their faces twisted in disgust.
  142. > You turn and run out the door, then slump against the wall.
  143. > Pinkie Pie pokes her head out into the corridor and winks at you.
  144. "Like what you see?"
  145. > Her mouth opens, and stretches, and becomes your world.
  146. > It is a world of writhing darkness and putrid sweetness.
  148. > You wake up, heart hammering like mad.
  149. > It's still dark out; you might have gotten an hour of sleep.
  150. > As your breathing becomes more regular, you find a heavy weight on your chest.
  151. > Your eyes clear, and report that a mature, midnight blue mare is perched on your chest.
  152. > Her black mane is streaked with silver, and gathered in a loose ponytail, resting on her right shoulder.
  153. > Her eyes glow a dim crimson.
  154. "Thanks for the meal."
  155. > You blink and she's gone.
  156. > You feel at your neck, which is nicely devoid of bleeding holes.
  157. > Well, one mystery solved.
  158. > You stay up awhile, trying to sense the flavor of her magic on you, but you just don't have the skill.
  159. > Eventually, you succumb to your weariness, and fall into a dreamless sleep, reassured by the loving softness of Frozen's presence.
  161. > Morning.
  162. "Can you sense anypony's magic on me?"
  163. > Frozen looks at you oddly.
  164. > It's not the first thing you said to her this morning, but it is odd coming after the usual greetings and endearments.
  165. > She sniffs you.
  166. "Mine, and that filly."
  167. "Filly?"
  168. > She strikes a regal pose.
  169. > She means Luna?
  170. "So, no nightmare inducing mares who might be ascendant?"
  171. > Frozen's jaw drops.
  172. > You would relish this new expression of hers, but the implications are a higher priority.
  173. "Someone you know?"
  174. > Frozen's gaze roves over your body.
  175. "She didn't... do anything?"
  176. "Aside from sit on my chest and give me a nightmare, no. Though there were similar incidents with different ponies in Ponyville."
  177. > She sighs.
  178. "What is she thinking?"
  179. > You sidle up beside your wife, and bump shoulders.
  180. "She was eating, I guess. So who are we talking about again?"
  181. > Frozen rubs her eyes.
  182. "My mother, I think."
  183. > ...
  184. > She did have to come from somewhere.
  185. "Dark blue, and a black mane starting to go grey?"
  186. "That's her."
  187. > Frozen stomps on the ground for a bit.
  188. "I was right there! And she feeds on you, and doesn't even say hello!"
  189. > In-laws.
  190. > Although, you are including an empty patch of space in that category.
  191. > How does that even work?
  192. "Shall we track her down? She must have left some trace."
  193. > Frozen is dubious at the prospect, but agrees.
  194. > Apparently, she's gotten pretty subtle, after spending millennia feeding on bad dreams.
  195. > Frozen starts sniffing the air, meandering towards the door.
  196. > While you follow her, you ask,
  197. "So how does the whole dreams as food thing work?"
  198. > She makes her way slowly to the entrance of the mansion.
  199. "This isn't like her at all. It should have blown away by the time we were awake. To answer your question, the two traits an ascendant should have are immortality and power. There are many paths, but changing your diet is very common. It must be something that would be abundant throughout your development, if possible."
  200. "So she will keep causing bad dreams, and at an increased rate as she grows?"
  201. > Frozen shakes her head.
  202. "She feeds on fear."
  203. "My nightmare didn't get any less scary, especially towards the end."
  204. > Your wife's hoof disappears in thin air.
  205. "It's radiant fear, not conducted fear. Enough explanation, let's go."
  206. > Space is churned by a chocolate waterfall, and you end up in a slightly familiar bedroom.
  207. > Colgate yelps and yanks the blankets up around herself.
  208. > Thinking quickly, you manifest a badge out of ice.
  209. "Sorry ma'am, Dimensional Police coming through."
  210. > You flash the badge, then turn back to Frozen.
  211. "Please continue, officer Hart."
  212. > She nods, and inhales deeply.
  213. > Meanwhile, Colgate has settled down somewhat.
  214. "Who are you two looking for?"
  215. "The one who gave you a nightmare last night."
  216. > Her eyes go wide.
  217. "You're psychic..."
  218. > She gasps, and a blush comes to her cheeks.
  219. "Sorry officer, I couldn't help but imagine your... barrel. It won't happen again!"
  220. > You open your mouth, and she whimpers.
  221. > Before you can gather your senses, she speaks.
  222. "Sorry, it just sorta happened. Again."
  223. > Frozen pats her gently on the shoulder.
  224. "Don't worry, it happens to everyone."
  225. > You look down at your chest.
  226. > It's not that impressive, is it?
  227. > You run a hoof across it, trying to get a sense of scale relative to other ponies.
  228. > Frozen and Colgate blush prettily, at which point you decide it is time to get back to business.
  229. "So, do you have the trail?"
  230. > Your wife nods, and walks out of the room.
  231. > You nod at Colgate, and follow Frozen.
  232. > Just as your flank crosses the threshold, you hear Colgate whisper,
  233. "I'm not normally this frisky, I swear!"
  234. > You stop.
  235. "I'm not really psychic, you know."
  236. > Colgate nods.
  237. "I understand."
  238. > Then she winks.
  239. "Something to remember me by."
  240. > And just stares at you.
  241. > After a moment, you just smile and move on.
  242. > You find Frozen outside the house, and are greeted by the usual chorus of panicked screams.
  243. > You aren't sure why you keep forgetting about that.
  244. > Blue smoke rises like a haze from the streets, coalescing in front of you.
  245. > Finally, it turns into the mare from last night.
  246. "Ara Ara, what a fine meal! I really must thank your husband, he has such a delicious effect on the ponies here."
  247. > Frozen grits her teeth, but keeps a level tone.
  248. "Mother, what are you doing here?"
  249. > The nightmare comes closer.
  250. "If you think about it, my dear, it should be obvious. I may not have to feed again for four months!"
  251. > Frozen eyes the barren streets.
  252. "I take it the surges of fear marked by Anon's arrival in town drew your attention."
  253. > Her mom nods happily.
  254. "Well done, well done. Mind if I tag along with you two? I'm on the run from a sca~ry lady."
  255. > Frozen facehooves.
  256. "Really, Mother? Again?"
  257. > The other mare runs a hoof down the ponytail draped on her shoulder.
  258. "What a sad world this is, that a daughter would turn away her dear, sweet mother in her time of need."
  259. > Frozen waits until her mother gets rather antsy before replying.
  260. "Fine, follow me."
  261. > On your way to a handy seam, the older mare falls in alongside you.
  262. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mara, your mother-in-law. Please take good care of me."
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