Spank the Anon v1 (unfinished) by Anon

Aug 17th, 2015
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  1. Spank the Anon v1 by Anon
  3. ---
  5. (unfinished version, from this thread
  7. >You are Anon.
  8. >Well, you were Anon up until a few minutes ago.
  9. >Now you are a little filly thanks to book horse.
  10. >And on top of that, she made you go to a tea party.
  11. >You fucking hate tea.
  12. >Now you were being dragged through town listening to these kids prattle on about nothing.
  13. >Normally you wouldn’t mind them, but that was before you were stuck being a little kid like them.
  14. >You had better things to be doing right now.
  15. >Like being home…
  16. >Drinking…
  17. >So what it’s 10:30 in the morning?
  18. >Who the fuck are you to judge?
  19. >”So, what’s yer name?”
  20. “What?”
  21. >”Apple Bloom, that’s rude. Rarity says you should always introduce yourselves first, that’s proper manners. I’m Sweetie Belle, this is Apple Bloom and that is Scootaloo.”
  22. >The three girls smile and wave at you.
  23. “I’m An-“
  24. >Shit!
  25. >You can’t tell them your real name.
  26. >One of the last things you need is for them to know you’re Anon.
  27. >Then they’ll tell their sisters and then you’re labeled as a pervert.
  28. “I’m…”
  29. >Think of something genius.
  30. >You look down at your hoof and see the green fur.
  31. “Green…”
  32. >Shit, what goes with green?
  33. “Hornet?”
  34. >Goddamn stupid movie, why’d you have to think of that?
  35. >”Green Hornet?”
  36. >The girls look at each other then back to you.
  37. >”Cool!”
  38. >They all say together.
  39. >Good thing they’re stupid.
  40. >Before you know it you’re at Sweet Apple Acers.
  41. >”So we’ll be having our tea party over by the club house.”
  42. >”Then we can all try to get our cutie marks together. Won’t that be fun?”
  43. “Oh yeah, sounds fucking amazing to me.”
  44. >They all stop walking and stare at you.
  45. >”What did you say?”
  46. >Apple Bloom asks.
  47. “I said it sounds fucking amazing.”
  48. >”I ain’t never heard that sayin’ before. What’s it mean?”
  49. >You roll your eyes.
  50. “It means, it’s the greatest thing ever.”
  51. >You say sarcastically.
  52. >”That’s… that’s fuckin’ amazin’!”
  53. >Apple Bloom shouts.
  54. >”Yeah, I can’t wait to tell Rarity about it. It’ll be fucking amazing!”
  55. >Sweetie Belle chimes.
  56. >”I wish I had a family to tell.”
  57. >Scootaloo sighs dejectedly.
  58. >You all continue to the clubhouse and see Applejack working in the field.
  59. >”Hey girls! Oh looks like you have a new friend, haven’t seen you round here before.”
  60. >Apple horse greets.
  61. >”She’s a friend of Twilight’s.”
  62. >Sweetie states.
  63. >”Yeah, we’re going to have a tea party.”
  64. >Scoots adds.
  65. >”That right? Well maybe I’ll stop by later after I’m done with mah chores and give you girls some apple treats for the party.”
  66. >”That’d be fuckin’ amazin’! Thanks sis!”
  67. >Apple hick stops cold in her tracks.
  68. >”What’d you just say?”
  69. >”Ah said that’d be fuckin’ amazin’!”
  70. >Oh shit… looks like you’re about to get ratted out.
  71. >pokerface.jpg
  72. >”Where’d y’all hear that from?”
  73. >”From Green Hornet here.”
  74. >Sweetie says pointing at you.
  75. >”That true sugar cube?”
  76. “Uh, yeah…”
  77. >”Now girls, Ah want y’all to know that what you just said is a bad word.”
  78. >”You mean ‘Amazing’?”
  79. >Sweetie asks.
  80. >You roll your eyes.
  81. >Poor stupid Sweetie Belle.
  82. “She means ‘Fucking’.”
  83. >Apple Horse’s eyes widen again.
  84. >”Yes, that! Landsakes, do you know that’s a bad word.”
  85. “Yeah, and?”
  86. >Her mouth gapes open in shock.
  87. >”AND, y’all shouldn’t be saying it.”
  88. “Aw, shucks.”
  89. >You mock kick the dirt.
  90. “Well then ‘Ah’ recon I have to find something new to say since it’s a ‘bad’ word. Would ‘y’all’ mind if I say some things and you can tell me if they’re bad or not?”
  91. >You say clearly mocking her but since you’re a little filly now, you might just be able to get away with it.
  92. >She eyes you up a little wary but lets it slide before answering.
  93. >”Well… okay sugarcube. So long as it isn’t the ‘F’ word.”
  94. >You grin.
  95. “That’s okay, I can think of at least 6 other ones I can use. How about shit, piss, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. Any of those sound like good options?”
  96. >She has a look on her face like someone just told her apples were put on the endangered species list.
  97. “Oh wait, motherfucker has the ‘F’ word in it so I guess I can’t say that.”
  98. >You say putting a hoof onto your forehead a ’la Rarity.
  99. >”Good gravy girl! Where in Equestria did you hear that filth?”
  100. “Twilight Sparkle.”
  101. >You say without breaking a sweat.
  102. >Fuck her.
  103. >”Ah clearly doubt that, and I’ll have you know that sort of language is not welcome here. Especially around the other girls.”
  104. “Not welcome? And what’ll happen if I keep saying stuff like that?”
  105. >You can see she’s getting frustrated now.
  106. >”If’n you keep up with that kinda talk, y’all’ll get a paddlin’.”
  107. >The other girls gasp.
  108. “Yeah right.”
  109. >”Try me.”
  110. >She looks squarely at you, her face is dead serious.
  111. >Alright, looks like this is a battle of wills.
  112. >Part of you thinks you should quit while you’re ahead.
  113. >Probably be for the best anyway.
  114. >Not like you have anything to prove here anyway.
  115. “Whatever. Come on girls, let’s get out of here.”
  116. >You turn and start to walk away.
  117. >”That’s what Ah thought. Now you go and have fun at your tea party little filly and keep that mouth of yours clean like a good girl.”
  118. >You stop walking after hearing her.
  119. >What the fuck did she just say to you?
  120. >Normally you wouldn’t care, but goddamn she is just pushing your fucking buttons right now.
  121. >You turn your head and see a smug look on her face.
  122. “Eat a dick.”
  123. >Without even thinking you respond to her quip.
  124. >You start to walk away again but don’t get very far as a hoof steps on your tail preventing your advance.
  125. >You turn your head and see Applejack looking down at you.
  126. >”Apple Bloom… get ma paddle.”
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